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We are offering you this week some extra special bargains in factory built vehicles, including Surreys, Phae
tons, Road Wagons, and 2 Pony Wagons. Fair prices on Rubber Tires for the three days of the Danville Fair.
As a special advertisement we are offering Goodyear, Wing Rubber Tires at $12 and Firestone Tires at $14.
The regular prices on these are $14 and $16. Gasoline at 15c a gallon!
R. M.
Personal and Social.
Mr. V. .Saunders is ut Crab
Orclmnl Spring.
Mm. i'uilrr & In Kin f IsIiikIoii,
irt licio viilUiK relatives nnil fricudtf.
Mr. Virgil Vinnii of Cini'iiiimtl,
U Wtiii),' -Mm Lena l'lilnier.
Mrs. Ailn Moliley U tlio jrui-st of
Misrt Kliziilwtli Mulian, at Danville.
Mr. Ocojvc Hnunvr rair.o down
fnini Ciali Orelianl Saturday to te
Mr. iiimI Miy. Hay Foxier, urn
Dr. anil O. 1'. XuekoN.
Miss Klir.aletli Feenv ,of lixini;
Um, U tli jnift f Mn. T. A. Hire.
Mr. Maurire Farris, Jr. of Dan
illp, wnH lierc for n short tirno Mon
day, with Homo f his old friend.
Mm. A. I). Dillion, of Liberty, is
uniling her Mtcr Mrn. 1M Wilkin
son. Mrs. J. N. Saunders and daughter
Sophia, ar HpendinK this Meek at
Orali'Oreh'ant rspnnp.
Mr.. MnrRiirrt Jium, of Crab
Orehatd. s here visitui); Mr. Mary
Unrrh fciid dnuuhtcrs.
Mi.s Kffie Haujtlimiin has return
rd. home from Owcnsboro, after u
ixit to Mrn. Kewman Uirk.
Mrs. K. SliiiBrrt in MeKiii
neV ut the Itedxide of her fniiin
Mr. K. I.. Tanner, who is quite ill.
Mr. M. F. rjkin enme orr from
IxitiRton Saturday for a nhoit
Mr. Adelia Woods and daughter
Miss Minyjo are apcnduii: fevenil
daw at the Crab OrchaTil Springs.
Mi Kiooio Henxley is visitinc
her sistpr. Mrs. 1". (.! Sandidce at
Shelby City.
Mis .lopphnie Bt-iirlcy has re
turned home fronv Ashland, where
xhe had been xisitmu her aunt, Mrs.
W. T. lb bee.
Mr. K. ('. Walt.m is in Lexinutoit
vi-itinsr his brother, Mr. W. I'. Wal
ton. Mrs. Annie Peiiee, of .Marshall,
Mo., who hax been visiting Mm.
Walker, left Monday for Iiueaster.
to vix.it other lelatives.
Mrs. Artluisii MoAIUter, of Way,
M!n., eaiiie Saturday to make n vis
it to her s.m. Mr. J. It. Foster and
other relatives.
Mrs. Mnnnirot Warner has 10
tunied to he hojue nt Iildianap.dis',
after a visit to Mm. T. I). Itanoy
and other relatives.
Miss Susie Snundcrx and iter.
Mm. .1. J. Cornelxon. of I.ouiille,
parted throncli here Saturday in
their wav to Crab Orchard Spring
to renmin seernl da vs.
Mrs. Will ltiffe, of Iiustonvillo. is
nt the Crab Orelianl Springs. Her
little son Daniel is tho guest of his
grandmother, Mm. Jessie Stngg.
Mrs.. S. M. -Allw. iiiul .iliil.Jrwu Imvu
rotui nod home nt Jlillerxburgr. Mcw
ilruniw K. I Woods and Airs. Aniiio
Kiiglottmu and little 1'earl Kinhrv re
turned with her to remain pcxrrnl
.Mr. ICate Jones nnd daughteis,
Miss Martha Wallaee and Pauline,
of Kansas City, who have been vis
iting her brother, W. P. Oritncn went
to l.anenster Sntunlay to ixit Mm.
Mattie Duneaii. Mixs Marrow
(Irimes went with them nml will be
tho cuext of Mm. Duncan.
Shcllhorn Lady Suffered a Great
Deal, But Is All Right Now.
Shcllhorn, Ala. In n letter from this
flace. Mrs. Carrie May Bays: "A short
time, bro, I commenced to havo wenk
epclls and headaches. I felt bad nil
tho time, nnd soon grew so bad I
couldn't stay up. I thought I would dlo.
At last my husband got me a hottlo
of Cardul, and It helped me; so he got
somo more. After I had taken t-j
ccond bottle, I was entirely well.
I wish every lady, suffering from
womanly trouble, would try Cardul.
It Is the best medicine I know of. It
did me moro good than anything I ever
Cardul Is a woman's tonic
strengthening mcdlclno for women,
mado from Ingredients that act spe
cifically on tho womanly organs, and
thus help to build up the womanly con
stitution to glowing good health.
As a remedy for woman's Ills, It has
a successful record of oyer CO years.
Your druggist sells It Pleaso try It
N.D HWteto Ulln Advisory P.M.. Chalts
foutt MrJKInt Co.. Chittiiiuxi, Trnn.,lur tvtctal
irutrurficfii, and M-rxjt took, Horn Trtstmaal
hr Wosua," MM la plain wrtwer, en i equal.
Misxes Mary nnd Khabeth IIir
Siiis won tho guests if .Miss Mary
McKoWrts Sunday.
Prof, and Mm, .1 W liclnud and
littlo daughter, l.ueilo were in Dan
ville, Friday.
Mm. W. M. .Malum, of l.ifneaxter,
has been visiting her hiter, Mrs.
St Jilt near How laud.
Mr. .1. T. Menefee has returned
to Kimwille after a visit to his par
ents, Mr. nud Mrs. J. X. Menefee.
Mr. mid .M,s. ,1,Imi Smith, of Liiti
ciiMur, an- isiting Mr. nud Mm. J.
T. Spoomimore.
Miss Anna Waireii spent Sunday
with her sister, Mm. C. F. (InrmU
at Crnb Uiehnrd.
Mr. Uradley Uourno, of Lancas
tet, has been the recent guest of Mr.
Joe Warner.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Feeny, of Lex
ington, have returned homo after a
visit to Mesdntnes T. A. Hire and
Joe Hicp.
.Mr. S. Albert Phillips, Assistant
Cashier vf the State Honk & Trust
Co., Is xiK'iiding several days with
Immefolks, nt London.
Mm. H. F. Miller and Miss Kiniiiii
anSiekle, of Danville, nere the
guests of Miss Anna Chancellor iev
erat days last week.
Mrs. Jessiu Stagg and daiighteM
have U-turned hoinu from lliisloii
ille, where they have been visiting
u-latiw and lneinls.
Mr. and Mre. C. II. Carter and
daughter, Elizabeth, havo jus' re
ttuiicd from a pleasant visit to rela
tives nud iriendx in Adair county.
Mm. ,1. W. locking, nud daiigh
teM, Mism-s Kutli and Margery, of
M Kinney, and their isitoM. Miseex
Ueilim Grimes, Annie May True, of
FaJiiioiitb, wrru in town ti sliort
lime .Monday.
Mr. and Mm. E. T. Iteazkv and
daughter, Sadie Woodeot-k .will at
tend the oMiulles Fair this week,
hey will be the guexts of her father
Mr. K. II. dray.
Mis. Elia Holtxelaw and daugh
ter iuivo returned from northwest
ern Kanas and will make their
home hi Lannister.
James Turner.
The Ixingtoii Leader Sunday
said: Mm. Annie W. James, of Lex
ington and Louisville nutMiiiicus the
engagement of her daughter, Mar
garet Wood, to Mr. Hobert O. Tum
or, of Aioadui, Florida.
The marriage will be celebiated
this mouth.
-Mis, JamoK is mm attraclhc Lex
ington gill who moed to Louisville
about a c.it ago. She is u fine and
hiuhl.v cultured musician, nnd wns a
stitilont of the University if Cbii-jijo
She hiii just concluded a visit tp
Lexington fi lends,
.Mr. Turner is from a prominent
family of Richmond, Virginia, and
nt i Florida sumetime. ao to
take a position in a bank, at Ai
cadia, whole the bridal eolipte will
go t i housekeeping in their own home
just built, after their wedding jour
ney to Itichmond, Washington nnd
r- " k.
Spe-ial 10 eent cigars nt Penny's
the Itoxnll Store. CO-'J.
In.re with the leadlnq com
panies. Fish & Bromley represent
them. All lines.
The costumes and songs of Ye
Oldc Ikes, Concert, opera house,
Aug. 0.
Special Notice.
$150 buu n $130 piano, II years.
Use. Lo.iving for tho West must be
sold at once. You havo to hurry to
gel t.. great bargain. Phono 111 or
wnto . A. Itrummett, City.
Our best soloists ut Ohio Folke'
tVjicert, ojior.i house, Aug. (I.
Cnniii Mid hoar our best talent, in
t-l-ornxes, -Hinds, quaitetts, duets
and los , crn house Aug. (I.
srtn: or Ohio cm or Iolido. i
L c col sit. f
rK 1 CHKNIT mikH ottta Out l la trnloi
Mrtnrf oi ibt inn ol V. J. OiiNtr A Co, douui
Lul3 I- I Cllr ol Tolnlo. CUUDty uj Btle
alorw "-! that wkl firm IU )r if turn ol
O.NU H".M)nU) IJOLLAHS lor rch and ttty
nw ol CiTiiui Hut canuot be cured by the UM ol
,UU..C.T"CX,U, rnAN,K j cucxEV
Forn to Ufora me d eubarrilx-d In wy rteuce,
thu (ill day ol December, A. 1.. lua.
. i A. W. OLEASO!.
I iilil I Nomr I'llUC
Uallt Catarrh Cure la taken IntemaUr and acta
directly upon l tie bksxl and uucoua urlact vt tuo
li item. Seutf lor IretlmouUla. free.
' r. J. CIlLNtV CO, Toledo. O.
Sold br all DruiiUla. 15c.
7aae llall'a Faiullv 1'Ula Inr toutlpatlcc
D.m't forget the Old Folks' Con-1
eeit, Tuesday Aug. (i. oktii house.
Ailuissuii .'I.'), I'.'t and I'm-.
Yon will want to hear .Miss Esth
er lliiieh at the Ohio F.ilkes' Conceit
opera house Aug. (I.
A dink red steer, weighing nbout
700 pounds, left inv place this week.
I Finder Mill pleaf-o notify Fox Dud
derar. Just icceived by impress line of
Xiinnally's oandit-s. Penny's the
IfeMill Stole. (10-2.
The tax books for J'JPJ have been
leaily for xomn time, pleaso call and
settle. W. L. MeCarLy Sheriff. OJ-U.
Loxt A tan eont, between llowen
(loode's place on Ilustonville pike
and Crab Orelianl. Pleaso return to
this olllce. It
For Sale Privately. Farm of 103
acres, in high state of cultivation,
and well located. Address Lock Uox
'J 10, Staufoid, Ky.
The name of W. A. Cnnon was
iiimhirtcntly omitted from the list
of eni.didalc for jailer in Friday's
pii"cr. Mr. Carson w still in the
inco nnd snya he's making the pace.
For Salt 3-room cottage; good
barn; chicken house; gnideu; sever
al fruit trees; possession Jan. 1st.
Dud lloldcrmnn. Gl-'J
The I. J. acknowledges with
thanks u complimentary "to the Mt.
Vernon fair which will bo held next
Sei vices at tho I"resbytcrian
church on Sunday Aug. -I, Uihle
school at 0:30. Morning service nt
11 o'clock, Subject "Thou Shnlt Not
Steal. The saeredness of Property.
The Presbyterian Urotherlwod will
meet at 4 o'clock. Young Peoples'
Meeting at 7 o'clock.
At Ye Oldc Folkcs Concerto you
will hear the songs we nil love and
the children should hear. At oM?ra
house August (!th.
"Were all medicines as meritori
ous us Cliambei Iain's Colic, Cholora
nnd Diairhoea Remedy tho world
would bo much better off and the
pcicciitngo of suffering greatly do
creased.' writes Lindsay Seott, of
Temple, Ind., for HnSo ! IYhiijV
Ding Stoic.
9, 10, 11, 12,
Kentucky State Fair
Daily Races Free Attractions Clean Midway
Farmer Boya School Encampment
Mt For Information, Entry Wonka, Catalogue, Audiraa m
For Information, Entry Wonka, Catalogue, Addiraa
For Every $1 Purchase
at our store from Aug. 1
to Aug. 5, we will give a
ticket to Moving Picture
Show at the Springs.
L. L. SA1EKS, Crab Orchard, Ky.
A. M. Iliatt, Seeietary of the
JtocKeiistie oouiity lair urodiicaii,
UV., Ulltos Hint llm nntpingues t'L
their eoiuing exhibition, uie lemly
for distribiitMii, and that he will be
glad to mail ntivone u eatnloguo that
will Kindly drop him a raid.
Thoo wishing to see me. will liud
me nt my old plnco mm Liincnster
street. W. A. Cnrson. (i:l-'-'.
Mid-week service ut the Pre-by-terinn
chinch Wedne-day evening
Aug. 7. Subject, "Jeus Success ns
a Teacher."
A vast amount of ill health is due
t. impaired digestion. When tho
stomach fails to perform its func
tions moncrlv the whole system be
comes deranged. A few doses of
Chiiinberlain's Tablets is all you
need. They will strengthen your di
gestion, invigorate jour liver, uuu
regulate your bowls, entirely doing
nway with that miserable feeling
due to faultv digestion. Try it
Many others havo been jiennnncntry
cured why not you? For sale by
Penny s dnig store.
Ilev. W. S. Willi.-, of Hustonville,
nnd Kcv. D. M. Wulker, will ex
change pulpitu Sunday morning Aug
A force of enthusiastic workers
have been biwy this week -on tue
track at the fair grounds.
All-roads lend to thn grpfit IHl
villo fair this vteek, A great exhibi
tion is promised.
For Sale or Rent.
A fine blue grass farm four miles
from Stanford, Ky., in high state of
cultivation, adaptable to raising
hemp and tobacco, corn, hay and all
kinds of small grain. This I'm in
has on it a nice new cottage, a huge
tobacco and stock barn nud nil
necessary outbuildings. Plenty of
everlasting water, is on good piko
one mile from church house nud
store, and four miles each way from
the railroad, and in a good neigh
borhood. The land lnys fo-ell, in
fact you can stnnd in the jnrd and
soo nenily nil over the farm. It
contains 141 ncios. If sold we will
give veiy liberaT terms. If not sold
by August 'JOth, will rent for jenrs
1013-1 1. For further- information
onll on U. D. Carter. Stanfoid. Ky.,
sr write C. L. Cartel, Gieensuoio,
K. C. GO-l'J
13, 14, 1912
Danville, Ky.
v , There never was a
OvI 77 tliirst that Coca-Cola
r fri cou,dn,t satisfy-
"V a T J gcs. straight as an ar-
4&r vf I row' t0 e dry sPot
Ttjjp 1 VI I And besides this,
scs.vTiJirwaii .- m
i$Wrfk DeHcious
ii faryYB-TMT"' I 1
winner linKnWf'L'i &' I
you m an EK.'Hi''KrI a. J
Arrow dink 2HiBPiJH KS
ef Cmli.1CsJr;JP":Jy
r Our new booklet, telling of Coca-Cola
Jh f)Q indication at Chattanooga, for the
cskint;. W
( ij I-.''' ' ifftIAtl! - tt,.,-
Straw Hats
Cummins fe earen
Stanford. Kentucky
Home of H. S. & M. All Wool Clothes
satisfies to a T the call for
something purely delicious
and dcliciously pure and
N w"uis
p J Thirst-Quenching
Demand the Gcrraine as made by
THE COCA-COLA CO., Atlanta, ca.
XV '
' - N
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