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The Interior Journal
f P wW st whM tlmt k up.
Watch the date m yaw laktl
and Renew Promptly.
FOUNDED 18C0. 53d YEAR. NO. 80
1 lJ,
I .i7.riO
avers Here From Over The State
And Satisfactory Prices Were
Realized on Offerlnas
Iluyers from nil over tlio stuto
wern present nt tlio third nnnunl
uale at J. II. I'aimliinuii here Wed
ncsilav. Mr. Haughmnn, ns iimml,
lmil cotton together n very choice
nnd desirable, hiiiich of livestock nnd
Almost cvcrythini' hu offered was
Mintmi'il nti in n Imrrv. Knnin nf
the stuff brought extra good prices,
while othorH sold well at market
figures. Col. I. M. Diinii, of Dan-
ville, and Col. Gomgo Speaks, of
Paris, were the auctioneers and the,
snlo was held at Nunnelley s stock
yards. The sales made during the
day were ns follows:
Mnro mule colt J. II. Woods $50
Si ear-old mare Win. Tucker,
Mare mule colt J. II. Woods
Hay mare S-yenr-vM II. 13. Davn
Home mule colt
-T. 0. Nunnelley
it Mnro tnnti. roll T. O. Nunnellev
IIoic mule colt T O. Nunnellev
Sovon-vcnr-old marc A. T. Nun
iiclley. $00.
Horse mule colt J. W. Bnughmnn
Six-year-old mare Will Adams,
125. '
Eight-venr-old mare W. II. Dud
crar. $07.50.
Horse mule colt T. O. Nunnelley.
Four- ear-old ponv C. & C.
Ruble. of Garrard. ..
Yearling draft fillv-J. F. Dud
icrnr, $117.50.
Four-enr-old mare Hose & Jef
fries, of Frankfort, $55.
Yearling fillv J. F. Dudderar,
1'air mares. U and 8 years old
V. II. Diulilernr. $322.50.
Pair t)-venr-old mares Tilford
Alexander $310.
l'air 3 nnd I venr old marcs W.
A. Todd. $255.
I'nir 5 and 0 vcar-old marcs
Sam MeKinncy $322.50.
Shetland pony Win f red Duncan.
Five-vear-old mares M. S. Burn
side. $105.
Six-year-old mare W. I. Grimes
Su-venr-old mare pony J. T.
Lester. $17.50.
Two-venr-old pony C. &
C. Ru-
Five- ear-old pony C.
Lie. $-17.50.
Five-vcar-old mare Jas
Six-year-old marc A.
iiclley.' $07.50.
Two-war-old fillv M. S.
C. Riu
T. Nuu-
Twn- ear-old
fillv same. $35.
1 illy fame $35.
ISIiifk uinro George
Ruble, of
Gnrrntd. $37.50. (
Six-vcnr-old mine II. C,
.Jl 15.
Siv-year-old marc Mime 5 1 1 0.
Fair 4 and 5-enr-old march
N. W. Rogers $202.50.
Four-war-ohl male E. T. Fence.
Sr.. $112.50.
Grev marc II. I. lloltzclu"- $20.
Twn-vear-old fillv R. D. Holtz
elnw $37.50.
Two-vear-old ponv II. I. Holtz
eluw. $40.
Fio-.wnr-ohl male . 1. Kin
enid. $125.
Grcv man It. I). lloltzeluw.
Two-ear-old maio M. S. Biiugh
luan, $15.
Six-ycni-obl marc 1. D. lloltz
eluw, $50.
tkvon-vcar-oM wart Jim Hughes
Hay iimn Win. McCornmck. $.0.
Fie-wur-old marc J. K. Hangh
inan, $135.
Two- car-old Shetland stallion.
A. T. Nunnelley. $07.50.
Six-vcnr-old mare J. II. Woods,
4213. ..
Fair 3:Veur-olt mares vtiu. uus-
e1l. $100.
Fair mules Win.
Fair 3-venr-ohl
Tucltei- $385.
Fair mule- Win.
Fair 1-year-old
Russell. $305.
mule.-. T. 1..
Russell $100.
mules II. L.
IVancis. $412.50.
Fair mules M. Kite. $105.
Fair mults Tilford Alexander,
Horse, mule M. Kite. $130.
Horse mule Geo. Spoonnmoie.
$177.50. ,
Fair 2-vcar-old mules II. II. Da
vis. $320.
Horao mule Chus. Riinkin $175.
Two-year-old hoiso inulu A. R.
Jfiitlioiiv $187.50.
I!or..o mule 11. V. llniwn. $127.50
Ilorso mule M. Kite, $135.
Three-year-old horse inulo W.
11. Gaines $125.
Three-year-old mare mule C. &
J. Ruble, $120.
Three-year-old horse mule Win'.
Porter. $137.50.
Three-venr-old mure mule R. D.
Iloltseclnw, $145.
YenrliuK mare mule Go. Ruble,
Tliree-vear-old horso mule--M.
Kite $120.
mnro undo If.
Kite, $127.50.
Horso mule J. II. Woods. $142.50
Two-veiir-old horse mulc--C. .
C. Ruble, 00.
Four-venr-old wnlking horse
Woods Walker $100.
Fivo-vcnr-old mare J. N. Christ
mnn, f215.
Four-yoiir-old horse Hogc &
Jeffcrs, $177.50.
Four-venr-old horse J. II. Sar
tnin, $1)0.
Threc-vear-old horse N. W.
Rogers, $127.00.
Four-venr-old Iiorst II. D. Holtz-
cinw. yi.i.i.
Throo-yenr-old horse A. T. Nun-
nclloy. $155.
I Pair 5-yeor-old mares S. M.
Noel, of rrnnkfott. .?.I00.
Four-venr-old horse
-R. S. Scud-
,1r, 1I10.
Fair 1 nnd (1 year-old mares W.
0. Walker, $290.
Colt. W. F. Grimes $87.50.
Sis-venr-old mnrb E. T. Fence,
Sr.. $107.50.
Six-vcnr-old mare Henrv Raugh
iiiiiii. $235.
Six-vcnr-old mnre II. I). Holtz
claw, $37.50.
Eiuht-year-old mure W. A. Todd
Nine-vcnr-old marc II. D. Holtz
claw, $12.50.
Fair 5-vcnr-o1d mules J. II.
Wo..ds. $135.
Six-year-old mnro mule Geo.
Ruble. $205.
Scven-yenr-old mnre W. A. Todd
Thrcc-yenr-old mule II. C. Ilrown
Horse mule Jas. Mcsser, $150.
Fair 3 nnd 4-venr-old mules S.
II. lliimjlimim, $205.
Seven-year-old marc S. M. Noel.
Thiee-vtar-old liorsti mule John
Cress $110.
Thrre- car-old horse mule Houe
& .Tcffcrs. $185.
Tlirce-ycar-old mule John Cress,
Ilrown marc T. W. Hutchison,
Hi own mare samo $132.'50.
I'dur-vonr-oM mure I. D. Holtz
claw, $115.
Six-vcnr-old mare II. D. Holtz
clnw, $110.
Four-year-old mare E. W. Watts
Six-vcar-ol.i mnre E. W. Watts.
Six-year-old mare J. L. Heazlcv.
Eiylit-year-old mure T. W. Jones
Seven-venr-old inare-H. D. Holtz-
clnw. $120.
Pair two-year-old mules Rich
ard Cobb. $417.50.
Eiuht-vear-old marc II. II. Da
vis. $110.
Eii:lit- ear-old mnre J. II. Woods
Fair two-vear-old mules W. C.
M.wrs $340.
Eiuht -vcar-old marc II. D. Holts
claw, $52.50.
Scven-yenr-old mare II. 11. Da
vis, $105.
l'air (i-vear-ol,l males II. II. Da
vis $237.50.
Fair, marc and horse II. 1).
Holtzclaw. $200.
Hav mare. 4 r 5 cars II. D.
HolUclaw. $55.
Si.'-enr-old marc E. T. Fence,
Sr.. $07.50.
Fie-U'ar-o1d mine- II. C. Ilrown
Gri'v marc -II. I). Holtrrluw, $00.
So en- vcar-old mine-rJtdin Ooi;
Kin. $117.50.
Scvcn-cnr-olil mine T. II.
Wood. $150.
Four-venr-old maic J. C. Eu-
lianks, $130.
Four- ear-old pony
II. Woods. $70.
stallion J.
Walter. $100.
Yearling pou Jl.
Yeailiu..' filly II.
Yearliui; horse II.
pony Wallace
S. Ilaughman,
II. Davis $35
D. Holtzclaw,
horse S. M. Noel. $35,
pony J. II. Woods .$80.
Horse colt J. II. Woods. $42.50.
Fillv colt H. I). Holtzclaw $00.
Itav mnre J. II. Woods. $42.50.
Fillv et.lt- S. M. Noel. $37.50.
Resolutions of Resoect
Whereas, brother Frank Cordier.
departed this life on the 30th day
of September, 1012, lenvinir surviv
imr him a widow, one daughter and
three sons and innumerable friends
who mourn his loss, therefore, be it,
Rcsolxcd, that Stanfoid lodire, No
l"i0. has lost u true ami urood broth
er Odd Felow, a splendid exemplifi
cation f what is just and honorable
his family a trim nnd loving head,
nnd the community in which he liv
ed one tf its truest and best citi
zens. That Stanford Lodge feels a dis
tiui't nnd enduring loss in the death
of brother Cordier, and to his fam
ily we extend our sincere heartfelt
sympathy in this their snd hour of
sorrow. That u copy of these reso
lutions bo furnished the widow of
our deceased brother, a copy sent to
the Interior Journal, for publication,
nnd it copy spread upon the minute
book of this lodge.
Rospect fully Submitted
Doc Dryo spont Inst week nt Lib
erty. Mr. nnd Mrs. Russell Rrown were
horj for few hours Tuesday.
A series of meetings will begin ut
the Ilaptist church on the 13th of
October. Row T. J. Porter, of Leb
anon, will conduct the services. All
nre cordially invited to attend all
the services.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Clinrl-- Pylc, nnd
son attended the Liberty fair last
w cck.
Robert Nave, of Mercer county,
collected a bunch of nice mules about
here at liberal prices.
Mr. llillio Uurton and Dr. Pontius
of Lancaster, passed through here
Friday returning to Lancaster from
the fair nt Liberty.
Afessrs. Hugh Snndidirp. .Tnmra
Ha!!, Janes !!.-,nsi,, u (ended (he
circus nt htnnford on Snturdny.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Rnndolph Illnine
nnd children, of Louisville, nro the
guests of C. R. Illnine nt Hotel
Mr. Lewis Hoggs, of Lnwrnncc
hurjr, visited Mr. Walter McKinney
last week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Cnrlton Elkin, were
here for u few hours Monday.
Mr. John Illaiii nnd the Misses
Illniii attended the circus nt Stan
ford Saturday.
Mr. Gabc Walters, of Lancaster,
was in this city Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Trnvlor were
guests of relatives here Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. II. Woods nnd
family, of Stnnford, spent Sunday
with relatives here.
Mr. Spalding Ilill motored to this
citv Sunday.
Dr. nnd Mrs. Tim Pennington, of
Stnnford were visiting Mr. and Mrs.
A. J. Adams.
Mr. and Mrs. Colo Ilrown, of
Danville, are visiting their uncle,
I ale Ilrown, of this place.
Powell and Depp sold H. G.
Fox, one horse inulo colt nt $85.
S. P. Stephenson wdd to Powell
nii Depp 43, black faced ewes at
$4.50 per head. Powell nnd Depp
bought of R. M. Dumron. 3 calves.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jeffers and
little daughter, Mary Ophelia have
leturned from a short visit to Louis
ville. Mr. John Coffey, of Columbia,
was here last week buying horses.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Riffe have
moved to their new homo on Main
street recently occupied bv Mr. nn,l
Mrs. J. O. Curpcntcr.
Miss Ilettic Carter, of Moreland,
visited Mis. R. M. Ross Tuesday.
Friends will be glad to know Mrs.
S. II. McKinney is doing so nicely
and will be out a"inn in a few days.
Julian Riffe has n persistent re
mainder of baseball streiiuousness in
a few sure ligaments which keep
him pciiodicnlly in hospital, and his
return to Harrodsburg is anxiously
October at Hustonville was in
augurated with first white frost of
the season. It remains for some
savant to decide which stage is
light of the moon befoic many can
determine probable damage to sweet
Two of Lincoln's big sales con
fided 2nd inst, and only the acci
dent that the state's spellbinders.
Ike Dunn and Tom English were rival
ittlructious assured u division of
ciowd and spirited scrambles for nil
bargains at both.
The political ipiiet of this end i
funciial. Not a bellow of the Hull
Moiit, nor a trumpet of G. O. P.
elephant has been heard, and occas
ional bray of democratic donkey
savors lump of u satisfied soliloquy
or babble .if a pleasant dream than
ot boastful defiance.
A held of 200 cattle from Cum
berland and Adair counties was
driven through heie last week en
route to Lexington. Two davs lat
er Robert Yonnjr, of I oluinhui,
reached our southern suburb with u
mixed held of 200, which were eas
ily sold to greedy buyeis.
Last Monday evening Rev. Wil
son, of Sulphur. Henry county en
teitained an nudience at the Chris
tian chinch with his brief caiecr, as
missiomuy along me i ovjgo in iwicn
Mr. Wilson presented very feelingly
the capabilities of the natives and
their enthusiastic response to civ
ilizing influences. He exhibited
niiiiiv curios illustrativo of their
lint baric fashions and customs, and
implement, and fabrics mnnifestins
much skill nnd taste. Equatorial
swamps and their unsanitary ac
companiments nnd ptoducts rapidly
wicck health of even comparatively
robust specimens of of our climate,
nnd the missionary' sojourn is
either shmt or final.
Hustonville Neo.ro Gets Life Term.
George Unblock, the former Hus
tonville negro, who killed hi- wife in
Danville, was given u life term in
the pen bv a Doyle county jurv this
week. Six of the jurors held out
for severnl hours for the death pen
ulty while the remaining six stoot
for life sentence.
If you know of tho renl value of
Chamberlain's Liniment for lame back
soreness of the muscles, sprains and
.rheumatic pains, you should never
wish to be without it. For sale by
G. L. Penny.
Buyers Pay Good Prices For Jersey
Cows, Brood Mares and
Mules Offered Them
One of the most satisfactory sales
held in this section this season was
tlmt of W. C. Shanks, conducted nt
his f a nil. a half mile enst of this
city, on I ho Crnli Orhcard pike
Tuesday. Col. J. P. Chandler cried
the sale and kept things moving. Mr.
Shanks offered a lot of extra clas
sy sUiff, and the buyers did not let
any of it go begging. The list of
the snlcs made is ns follows:
Jersey cow nnd calf, C. E. Tate.
Jersey cow. Tons Jackson, fil.
Jersey cow, Andy Gooeh, $40.
Jersey cow, J. C. Eubnnks, $53.
Jersey heifer. Hen Mnrtin, $25.
Jersey heifer calf. W. N. Lnne $25
Jersey bull cnlf, E. T. Pence. $31.
Jersey heifer, Andy Gooch $38.
Jersey heifer, Herman Detzler, $40
Jersey heifer, Snm Hell, $20.
Jersey heifer, C. E. Tnte. $20.
Jersey heifer, S. J. Embry, Jr.,
Jersey heifer. C. E. Tnte. $15.
Jersey heifer, C. E. Tnte. $13.
Jersey heifer, C. E. Tnto, $21.
Jersey heifer, C. E. Tnte, $22.50.
Jersey heifer, C. E. Tnte. $20.
Jersey heifer. J. II. Woods. $20.
lllack mnre, J. II. Coffey, of Col
umbia, $01.
Colt of blnck mate, Tom Pence,
I!av mnre nnd horse colt; S. M.
Noel,' of Frankfort. $131.
Seven-year-old mnre, Mat ""ors.
Colt of same. Tom Rice, $50.
Seven-year-old mare, Snm Embry,
Seven-year-old mare J. II. JlcKce
Western fillv W. N. Lane. $4..
Two-year-old mnre mule, Hogc
Ilrown, $70.
Seven-venr-old blind mare. A. I.
Nunnellcv. $20.
Spotted sorrel mnre, Granville
Cecil, of Danville. $00.
Three-yenr-old mare, S. M. Noel.
Drown mnre, Sam Embry. $25.
Six-vear-old mare J. T. Jesse.
Sorn4 mare. W. P. Kincaid $80.
Yearling filly, J. II. Woods. $70.
bellow marc. C. E. Tate. $40.
Hay fillv, W P. Kincaid, $31.
Six-vear-old black mare mule Tom
Rankin $105.
Five-vear-old horse, Tom Rankin.
Six-vear-old mare, Sam Embry.
Four-venr-old horse. Sam Embry
Four-venr-old horse. Sam Embrv.
Pair horse mules. Mat Myers. $19.
F.lnck Jack. I. C. Ilrown. $201.
Pair horso mules. Mat Mvers.
Pair horse mules Mat Mver. $200
Pair same Mat Myers. $200.
Dorse mule. Mat Mvers. $100.
Dorse mule. Mat Mvers. $90.
Other Stock
Hay horse pony. W. P. Kmcaid.
Spotted ponv, Jim Ilolmnii. $101.
Spotted ponv. S. M. Noel. $52.
By Boreinq Land Company For Bio
Tract of Mountain Land.
A meeting of tho directors nnd
stockholders of the Cumberland
Vnllev Land Co., was held ut their
office in the First Nntional Hank
Wednesday afternoon. Considerable
routine business was transacted af
ter which the following officers weio
elected for the ensuing year: J. S.
Hiieker. Pres dent. J. Vt . Alcoili.
Nice President, J. W. Hnydeu see
ictnry and Treasurer. The direc
tors of this company which has val
uable coal and timber holdings in
Harlan uud adjoining oeuntics, are:
J. A. Craft, of Louisville, James .
Fox, of Dig Stone Gap, Vn., J. W.
Invdeii. of Paris, J. S. llockor. and
J. W. Alcorn, this citv, R. Hoyd and
Jiiines Horeing, London, Dr. J. M.
Williams Knoxville, and Horace M.
Fox, of Virginia. All were present
except the first named.
A your " so ugo the Cumberland
Valley Land Co., sold to tlie Holing
Land & Mining Co., which has its
hendquniters nt Rowland, some 3,
500 acres of their holdings. This
company has the same officers as
tho above and the following direc
tors: J. A. trail, J. H. Foster, J.
W. Alcorn, James W. Fox. R. Hoyd,
J. W. llayden. J. S. Docker, H. E.
Fox, nnd J M. Williams. At the
meeting of this company, the samo
day an offer of $70 iter acre for a
good boundary of their laud was
discussed and was turned down by
a voto of four to tliieo They hold
it at $100 jier acre mid believe thev
hnve a good chunco to sell ut that
price. Tlw lands owned by these
two companies are very rich in coal
and timber and are much sought af
ter by miners nnd timber men. J
V .
i$ Honor Roll of
4 Lincoln Democrats
In response to tlio appeal to pub
lic spirited citizens to co-opcrntc
with Woodrow Wilson in his inlcn
fion to accept no money from self
seeking interests, in tho financing
of the campaign, the I. J. has open
ed nu Honor Roll of thoso citizens
who ure willing to nssist in the good
fight. Checks should be made pny
nbleto W. 0. Davis, Trcas., and nil
leceived will be neknowledgcd by
the I. J. in these columns and for
warded to the enmpnign treasurer.
Contributions so fnr received arc:
... $25.00
. 1.00
, 1.00
... . 1.00
, 1.00
, 1.00
Mrs. Clyde Rnmsey, of Monti
cello, has returned after n visit to
her aunt, Mrs. Jonah Marsee.
Mr. Emmet t Desmond, of Louis
ville, is visiting the family of Mr.
Noah Marsee sold to Clay Clark,
n team of work mules for $275.
N. II. Hogie. of Lexington, was the
guest of Mr. John Royston a few ev
enings ago.
Mrs. Partin, of Middlesboro. who
enme here sometime since to' visit
her sister, Mrs, Jonnh Marsee has
been quite sick since her nrrival.
but was able to return to her home
last week.
T. D. Chestnut sold a field of corn
at $2 per barrel.
The box supper given at the Ma
son school bouse for the purposo of
repairing the building was a suc
cess. Mr. Edmond Sutton, who sold
the boxes made them bring good
Mr. Hruuer arrived to day to begin
the work of installing an acetylene
plant at the church.
Mrs. George Honer, of Nicholas
villc, has been the guest of Miss
Man- Clicstnut.
Jese Perkins, of Louisville, came
a few days ago to visit his mother,
Mrs. Uelle Pel kins.
Mr. W. F. Jenkins is expected
Wednesday night to hol.i a series of
meeting with the pastor, J. W. Mn
hnn. A prayer service is being held
uverv evening, bv Rev. MnUin,
awaiting the arrival of Mr. Jenkins.
Paint Lick Man Wins Autoraobila.
C. C. McCluie, a prominent farm
er and stockman of the Faint Lick
section of Garrard county, and lor
merlv of the East End of this coun
ty, won the nutomoniile given away
bv Cummins & Wcareii. the gents'
furnishers of this city. Mr. Me
Clure held No. 7494 which drew the
machine, and came in Thursday to
claim his prize. He had about 70
tickets in all on the car, as he does
most of his trading in Stanford. Iti-
stcad of tho car, however, he took
a check for $500 which had been of
fered in lieu of it by the firm which
gave it away. Several rather clever
attempts weie made to "work' the
firm with forged tickets containing
the right number, but they detected
them each time. Mr. McClure has
bcu a life long subscriber and read
er of tho I. J.
Eternal Vigilance is the Price of
Luxurant and Radiant Hair.
If dandruff germs are devouring
the nourishment that belongs to the
hair, it will soon begin to full. Fur
theimoio it will lose its life nnd
lustio and will become dull, fuded
and even gray.
If you have any signs of dandruff
go light to your druggist t)odny uud
get a 50 cent bottlo of PARISIAN
SAGE. This delightful linir tonic is
guaranteed by 0. L. Penny to kill
dnudrutf genus, clean the head of
flit by dandruff, stop fulling hair,
and itching scalp, and pieserve the
color uud beauty, or money back,
and it dnos just what it is gnarau
toed to do and that's whv its sales
are so ennrmoiu the country over.
PARISIAN SAGE is tho favovito of
refined women. One bottle proves
its superiority. ,
II. C. Carpenter . . .
Sliclton Saiifley . . .
Kcndrick Alcorn ....
W. S. Ilurch
T.J. Hill. Jr.
JL F. North
G. H. Cooper
Jus P. Hniley ...
W. L. McCnrty
T. N. Aldridg'e ...
R. S. Scudder ....
C. T. Chatham
J. R. Powell
T. A. Rice
II. D. Aid ridge ....
I. T. Moser
E. C. Jordan
G. L Penny
.. II. Engleinau, Sr.
W. A. Carson
M. S. Haiighmau . . .
H. W. Givens
T. D. Newlnnd ...
L. R. Hughes
J. W. Ireland
J. II. Pnxton ,
W. C. Shanks
J. C. Reid
J. F. Holdam
lln Flqht at McKinney and Taxes
Must Be Paid Now.
McKinney, Ky Oct. 2. The court
decided tho question concerning the
tax of tho graded school hero in
fnvor of tho graded school and
those who refused to pay their taxes
will hnve to do so now nftcr a long
wait. Tho fcchool is progrcsisng
njecly and tho trustees are plan
ning to cnll nn election to take a
vote on the Hond Issue nnd if they
ure siiccc.ssiui in putting Hint tnrougn
and we know they will, the trustees
tlien will Iny plnns for n two story
brick building for tho school. This
is ono of the best locations for a
graded school anywhere and the peo
ple slioud push this to a. finish
Mr. and Mrs. G. Fred Gooch, nnd
little son have returned from a vis
it to relatives in Springfield nnd
Tutum Springs.
Mrs. W. A. Coffey, of near town,
has as her guests this week, Miss
Nora Coffey, Miss Emran Foglc, of
Yoeniilc, and Mrs. Archio Riffe, of
Ludlow. ,
Murguret and Ruth Heck left this
week for Paris, whore thev will en
ter Houibon College for this term.
Mrs. J. W. Davis, of Somerset,
visited her father, Mr. J. L. Heck,
on last Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Minnie Goode has returned
from Cincinnati and will remain here
for some time.
G. M. llerry with the Lo": Stix
Co., of Cincinnati, was calling on
the merchants here this week.
Miss Archie Moore has returned
to her homo in Washington Citv af
ter a visit of threo week here with
the family of T. W. Walker.
Don't forget tho Christinn endeav
or at the Christian church on Sun
day night nt G30 o'clock.
Hro. Fleming will fill his regular
appointment at the Baptist church
Sunday morning and night.
bam Beck has gone to Somerset.
to accept a position with the Col
umbia Single Tree Co., of that place.
Mrs. Freeman, of Somerset, form
erly of this place died at her home
there and tho remains weie brought
here on No. 0 nnd iuterred in the
McKinney cemetery. Mrs. Free
man was the widow of Mr. Ed Paul,
who died several years ago. She
was a good woman and has a large
number of friends to mourn her loss.
She leaves a husband and a grand
son. Mrs. T. II. Singleton, entertained
the Embroidery Club on Tliurednv
afternoon from two to four. Re
freshments were served and all re
port a Rood time.
With Noted Workers on Program to
Be Held at Crab Orchard
To the teachers, trustees and pa
trons of Lincoln county. As elec
tion time approaches each party is
holding conventions, rallies and
The campaign is on for beUcS"
citizenship in Kentucky. There is
i great onward movement for better
-cliool houses, and more efficient
teachers. The ical vital question
with us is not "progrcssiveness"
nor "stnndpntisin" "what me we
going to do with the Kentucky boy
and girl?" If yon are interested in
their welfare come to Crab Orchard
on October 11th, nnd listen to stir
ring educational addresses delivered
by some of the most noted educat
ors in the state.
The following program will be
rendered, beginning at ten thirty:
Welcome address.
Address J. S. Dickey, President
Howling Green Business University.
The value of a consolidated high
school to an agricultural communi
ty J. W. Newman, Commissioner
of Agriculture.
Address Darksdale II n m I e t, t,
Supt. of Publio Instruction.
What a consolidated high school
means to u town, and how to secure
it. McIIeury Rhoads, State High
School Supervisor.
Tho possibilities in our boys nnd
girls J. G. Crnbb, President East
ern Kentucky State Normal.
Each person in tho county inter
ested in education should attend this
$25.00 In Gold Given Away
R. M, Newlnnd, the Life and Fire
Insurance agent here, will give a to
bacco show on tho '-'ml Monday in
December, court daw
Prizes as Follows:
$15 in gold for the best six hands
of lugs to weigh not less than four
$7.5(1 for tho second best.
$2.50 lor the third best.
No trash leaf or red sonsidered.
A. King, Danville, Kv Judge.
Talk with me about your fire and
lifo insurance. R. M. NKWLAND.
W. II. Underwood sold to Woods
Walker, of Garrard, a weanling mare
mule colt for $115. It was a pre
mium one.
1 t
Precinct Chairmen and Committee
men Named te Brlmi Out Vote
For WHson.
Democratic chairman. W. L. Mc
Cnrty, for Lincoln countv Im ap
pointed Precinct Chairmen in every
precinct in the county to bring out
tho democratic vote on election day.
Active working democrats hnve been
named who will be expected to see
that thoir severnl precincts mnke tho
showing tlint is expected of them. K.
S. Alcorn nnd W. S. Burch have
bcecn named to net ns nn advisory
capacity to tho county chairman,
and the work of organization will
be pushed fniiu now until election
day. Chairman McChrty hopes to
be nble to secure severnl sponkere
of the nation wide reputation in
Lincoln during the campaign. A larjro
crowd is expected to bo here court
day, October 14th whon the first
speaking will be lind here. Tho list
of precinct chairmen and their com
mitteemen in each precinct, in tho
county is ns follows:
Stnnford No. 1. Sam Harris, Jr.
chairman; Committeemen Sam J.
Embry, Henry Hester, Lesley Sloan;
Harry Frve, John Blanks, and R. T.
Stnnford No. 2. R. B. Woods,
chairman; Committeemen: Win.
Harney. P. L. Beck, Will Pullinm.
II. R. Sauflcy. Robert Lay, W. E.
McAfee, and J. Ben Bryan.
Stnnford, No. 3. Henry Fields,
chairman; Committeemen: John
Hooker. J. B, Bailcv. Sam Matheny.
Lognn Stephens, Dr. J. T. Morris,
Lafe Morgan.
Stnnford, No. 4. W. G. Gooch.
chairman; Committeemen: W. P.
Logan, George W. Deborde. Georfo
Unit, Mat Mnrtin, nnd Sterling Cur
tis. Crab Orchard. No. 1. J. C. BaJ-
ley, chninnan; Committeemen: P.
E. Parrish, D. J. Rigsby, Lige King,
J. M. Reynolds. Ed Edwards, Thos.
Crab Orchard No. 2. W. E. Per
kins, chairman; Committeemen:
Sam Magee. Ward Moore, John Wil
son, W. D. Wullin. Dr. Bradford
Wnrron, Chns. Trob. C. A. Reed,
John Jufer, J. P. Chandler.
Wayncsbursr No. 1. R. Y. Bal
lard, chairman; Committeemen;
Granville Jones; W. M Hanson, F.
W. Cnldwcll. Virgil McMuliin. D. W.
Caldwell, Mack Eubnnks, Cyrus Es
tes. Milt Warren. T. S. R -ynolds.
Wnynesburg No. 2. J. W. Thomp
son, chairman; Committeemen: Y.
C. Alford, John Scnrbrough. Wm.
James, Ben Vest, Hugh Jaoobs, Kit
Brown, M. F. Ryan.
Wuynesburg.. No. 3. D. R. Adams
chairman; Committeemen: Dave
Burton, Albert Stampfly, John Car
ter, John Miracle, C. B. Peck. Hen
Baugh, Wm. Butts, John Lutes.
Hustonville, No. 1. W. S. Drye.
chairman, Committeemen: Wm.-. Ma
gun, Joe E. Wright, George Dunn,
Tom Best, Rud McCormack, Andy
Feistrutor, Dr. J. C. Parker.
Hustonville No. 2. Wm. tforth.
chninnan. Committeemen: W. G.
Cowan. W. G. Wentherford. John
McKinney, Burdctto Powell, Dr. Ed
Hustonville, No. 3. Sam Hel
Chnirman. Committeemen: Dave
Kennedy. J. N1. Cash. Jesso Rout.
John Carter. Waller Martin.
Hustonville. No. 4. Sam Owens.
cbniiman; Committeemen: Ton
Walker. R. S. Scudde- II. M. Yocura
R. II. Givens. W. T. Earles. John
Murphy, Claude Butler, Wm. Dun
can. Miss Sue Beth James Weds.
Friends nnd relatives here have
just learned of the marriage of Miss
Sue Beth James to R. D. Tavlor. of
Bristow, Oklu., where tho 'happy
young couple nre making their home,
the groom being engaged extensive
ly in the oil business Miss Jpmes'
was in Lauderdale, Miss., but she ia
tin ov-Lincoln countv girl, nnd often
visited her aunt. Sirs. J. F. Holdam.
nt Crab Orchard, and was . fluite a
belle whenever she came to the Blue
Grass state.
Mrs. Lucy Hamilton Dies Suddenly.
Mi's. Lucy Hamilton, relict of
Isaac Hamilton, died suddenly lit her
homo in Rowland at 7:30 last ev
ening of heart trouble She. was
'57 years of nge and is survived by
two children. The burial will take
pluoe in tho Goshen cemetery at 2:30
tomorrow, Saturday afternoon. Mrs.
I In mil ton was n daughter of Mr.
David Pcppels and was n snlendid
Christian woman. Her denth is u
severe blow to her many friends nnd
Relief In a Few Seconds
Yes, an itching, burning, irrigated
skin relieved the moment Zemo
touches it. Zemo is a clean, soh
ing. healing wash, composed of Thy
mol, Glycerine, Witch Hazel, Bor
ncio Acid and other medicinal heal
ing properties. Zemo relieves and
cures every form of skin and scalp
eruption, nnd if you nre not entirely
satisfied with results from the very
first bottle, druggists will refund
your money. Endorsed and sold ia
Stanford by Penny's Drug Store.
' A
St t-JSt.,

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