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The Interior Journal.
inc. utnitti ur nni
I Witch Hi fMff m vtw Itktl I
and Henew Prowntly.
FOUNDED 18C0. G3d YEAR. NO. 81.
rack Maupin Shoots James Farris
To Death on Street and Then
Cuts His Throat
Richmond, Ivy., Oct. 7. Hi tick
Muupiti, olio of tliu best-known fnr
incrs in Madison comity hltut and
killed James 1 'a iris, of Luvvrciiee
burg, hero thin morning. After 1 'ar
ris had lnllen with three bullets in
Ins body, Muupiti in his mnducss
sprung onto his victim with u pock
et knife nnd besides cuttiuir hit
throat trnin cur to nr, stubbed him
in severnl places before bystanders
could get him off. Tunis' deilth
wan apparently iiisiiiutuucotis,
Mnupiu: immediately himcmU'icd
to officers and wns nil.) wed to utity
in the pul corridor under guard of
hii friends.
He would not make u statement
for tli.j press, but tlm trouble it un
derstood to lie the result of mi old
The dead man foimeily lived in
ttii-4 count v, where lie owns a Inri'c
farm near Kingston, but movcil to
Law renccburg homo U'nrs ngo, where
bo had been encased in the Tcvciiue
Lincoln County Man Describes
The Murder as he Saw it.
Several Lincoln county men who
were in Richmond, .Monday, which
wtid court day there, saw the killing.
For u while the reort was current
here tlint the man killed wiib former
Senator George Furris, of Lancas
ter, who is now special messenger
for Governor MeCreury at Frank
fort. Hut this report wus soon
found to be untrue.
Wm. Mnupin, of the Dripping
Springs section, and who bay, he is
n second cousin of the man who
lid the killing, returned to Stanford
from Richmond on the 2:40 tram,
nnil gave u full description of the
unfortunate affair, of which ho was
an v witness. He said that he
did not personally know Hrack Mnu
jin, but knew him to be his cousin.
He described tho t rowdy to a croup
of intcre.Ucd listeners when he cot
oft the train here. Mr. Maupin
said: ,.
'I was Rtar.d:r.s r.csr the livery
stable ju-,1 this side of the court
liou-e, when 1 heard Hrack Maupm.
who wns standing near inc. iov
'There he goes now. 1 guess this is
about as nod n chance as I will
have to net l'im. With this re
mark, he ran his hand into his tup
IHicket and pulled out a pistol, first
lircukinir it to if it wns loaded.
lie walked "l behind the man who.
1 wns afterward told, was named
Fnrn-, and jerked him around. Far
ris threw up his hands mil exclaim
ed: "'For God's sake don't kill me
Hrack '
'However, Hraek's only reply was
to pull the trigger and shoot Far
ris once m the chest. Farris then
started t.i run, and Hrack fired
jigmii four times nt his back. Far
ris fell to the pavement, and Maupin
then went up to bun. and looked at
him and Miid 'I may not have fin
ished vou. so I'll just make sure of
it,' and with that he j-rU.l ' knifo
out of bis pocket' and jabbed the
binds through Fairis' throat.
4 ''TJeie wus n bin crowd on the
streets, und four pnliei-iiiiii uuiek
ly went after Hrack Maupm. lie
fought them off with the butt of
his revolver, and cot away from two
f them, while tning to reload his
pistol, but thev were too many for
liim. and overpoweied him.
"Theie was a b crowd on the
streets, mid I reckon lis many as
two or three bundled people who
-were in that part of Richmond at
I lie time must have ceii the killiiitr.
The intense excitement prevailed
for n while after the killing, as few
were able to discover what the tiou
ble between tho men had been. 1
know nut him: of the trouble between
them; in fact I had known neither,
jilthough o"nirant of tho fact that
Hrack Maupin was mv second cou
sin." The Muupins mo mi id to bo a
Inrge nnd influential faniilv in that
section, and it is said will make u
hard fight to get Hrack Maupin out
of the trouble. Just what the old
grudge between him and Funis was.
has not been denied up Vet, but is
is said to date back ten or twelve
9 ears, to tho timo when Farris liv
ed iii Madison, and it is reported
thnt the two nam had home disiigiee
incnt over u boundary fence.
Southern Railway Popular Excursion
Sunday Oct. 20th, Sunday be
tween Louisville, Lexington, Dim
ville, Georgetown, IxivvTcuceburg,
lurrodsburg, Shelbyvillo and Ver
sailles and intermediate stations in
both directions. Last of the seas
son. 5-1.00 between Lexington, Dan
ville, Georgetown, and Louisville,
for the round trip; tickets limited to
return on date of sale. Proportion
.ntely low rates between intermedi.
nte stations. Consule nny Soutlt
ern Hallway ngent or write H. C.
Kingf OTA, Lexington, Kv. H. IL
lTodd, DPA, Louisville Ky. J. C.
Beam, AQPA, St. Louis, Mo.
Lincoln Hens Take Third Prizes
Tho Louisville Post's big egg lay
ing contest, which hns been in pro
gress for the past six months, caino
to mi end Saturday. Tho two Lin
(stlii county eontestunlh won third
honors in each of the classes in
which they exhibited. A. C. Al
ford's eii of White Leghorn hens
weio third 421 eggs laid, to fiOU for
tlm winner nnd -loo for the second
pen. Mrs S. J. Hmbry's tion of
Huff Orpingtons vrcro nlso third,
liijing 'J!)0 eggs to 381 for tho winner
und 327 for the second pen. Hoth
pens made excollcnt showings, till
things coiisideicd. Their owners are
two of the most piuinuieiit poultry
fanciers in Lincoln county, and feel
well repaid for making the exhibits.
The enntert was held at the Iitrg"
farm of Senator l'ayntcr near
Thirty Candidates Baptized
Thirty candidates were hnptircd
at tho lake in Crab Orchard Suiiduv
hv Itev. Dnnohoo, pastor of tho
Christian church. They made the
gooil profession at revival services
which were held ati tho Christian
church there by Rev. Christophcr
son. pastor of the Chestnut btreet
Cluistiaii church of Lexington, who
t reentry nlso held'u fine meeting ut
Tnmeisville. The Cnib Oi chard
church was greatly enthused and
uwnkeued by the splendid meeting
A large number of people witnessed
the baptismal ceremony.
Garrard Younq Couple Wed.
Vnrd Mnrsce and Miss Sallic
llamm, of Mnrksbury, were married
in Danville Saturday afternoon. The
ceremony wns performed bv Dr.
Cecil V. Cook, pastor of tho Haptist
church. Hoth have many friends
who extend heartiest congratula
tions. Charqed With Horse Steallna
George Adams, a negro, of Casev
county, was nrrestcd by Sheriff W.
I.. MpCllrti, between Ilustonville,
nnd Moretnud, Moiiuuv ufteruouil
and charged with stealing it horse
from Mr. It. II. Hohou, of Huston
ville. He was brought here nnd
placed in jail until his trial, which
is set for Thursday.
High School News.
(Hy James Coier.)
Mr. Kwult (livens '13 was absent
from school a few days last week
on account of sickness.
The tir.-t month of our school this
term has passed, and much bus been
uccomiilishcd in our room ami just
us much in each one of the grades.
Societies of all kinds have been
formed, and many new things have
lu'n t'dded to our school. The suni
tarv dunking cups which have been
placed in i-ach room leceutly are
tisetul us well us healthful. Our
school will always welcome nny pa
trons who wish to (-nine nnd see for
themselves the new udditioiis to our
Miss Maude Arnold, '10 was out
of school some hist week.
Miss Llirabcth Ilium and Miss
Hcssie Hrackett both of class 'Iti.
did not attend school for u day or
two last week.
A mci-r.v crowd milked out to Miss
Verna Koat's home last Friday
niuhr, and enjoyed themselves very
much. Miss Koiit is the hostess of
ninny eutcituiumcnts and each one
is enjoyed more than the former one.
The lirst meeting uf the Debating
Society was held last Fiiduy and it
wa fully enjojed by each member.
The societv was opened by u slurt
speech from the piesident, Mr. Jos
eph Hill, 'HI, followed by the lead
ing of the minutes by the secictary.
Miss Joephiiio Cniponter, Ml. Mr.
Ireland acted as judge of the de
bates. The subject of the debate was:
"Hesolied that Longfellow was a
(heater Writer than Teiinvsoii. Miss
Annie Milhuiii was the first debater
on the uffirmative .side, while Miss
Flla Wnrren wns the first on tho
iicgutive side. Then Mr. William
Gi lines spoke as the second affir
mative followed by Mr. Clinton
Coleman on the negative side. Mr.
Thomas (oleman wus the thiid af
fiimutive and Miss Marion Giimcs
third negative, Miss Sallio M. Craig
was the la.-t speaker on the uffiimu
tive and Mr. Harry lteinhavt was
the Inst, on the negative side. Mr.
Iieland's decision wns the negatives.
II points and tho affirmatives lb.
All the debates were good, and eu
eiijoycd by all.
The Literary Society was called
to onler at -:'M on last Fiiday af
ternoon by 1'iesident Jew Hocker.
The roll ha vine I'1'11 eulled the whole
sorietv sung America. We were
then fuvored with a levitutinn by
the talented Miss Gertrude Gaines.
The musical numbers of the program
wero all enjoyed. The debate: Ho
solved that Immigration is Detii
mental to tho If. S. was not unite
as interesting as it would have been
if one of the contestants had not
been absent, consequently no judges
were appointed. A few visitors
wero present at our opening program.
President Btato Normal School at
Ittcbmond Ky.
And who is Probably the ablest
Ldiicator in Kentucky Todav.
Father and Son Meet After 20 Years
P. M. Itobitinon, a prominent en
gineer on the Peiins.vlvimin railroad,
has recently returned home, nfter a
delightful visit to his father, John
I'. Kobiiison, of this county. This
wns tho first time that father nnd
son had been together in 120 years,
and it was u happy reunion. The
elder mnn recognized his son the
minute he saw him notwithstanding
their long separation. The young
Mr. Robinson lives in Indianapolis.
Whitley City Wins County Seat.
The motion to flisnh-n tlm ;,..
junction in the McCreary county
seat contest wus overruled by Chief
Justice Ilobson of the Court of Ap
peals, winch means that Whitley
City wins the contest for the county
Kev. J. J. Thompson, who began
n revival nt the M. K. church, re
ceived n message from his home
at Georgetown stilting that his son
wim seriously ill. ir. Thomnson
hft Monday for his home, and Hev.
J. V.. Roberts, the pastor, failing to
scenic the services ot additional
help, felt movtd to close tho ser
vices. This siiis most unfoitimate
since the meeting was beginning to
make some headway and enthusiasm
was inciciising with n fiiiitful liar
vest in sight.
Mrs. William Nnyor continues
.Miss Carrie Anderson, daughter
of .Mr. nnd Mrs. I). M. Audeison, is
lit oi throat trouble.
Little .Miss Allie May Thompson
has lei-ovcied fiom tho iniiinos.
Ollic Carpenter und wife left Inst
Friday lor their home ut Red Rock,
Okla.. after a protracted visit to ie
la lives here, Lancaster and else,
whoie in this section.
Nat Wilmott, of Rockcastle, visit
ed his mothci'-iu-Iaw, Mrs. Mm. J)n
vul. '
Jones L. Anderson and family
have ariivcd from St. Cloud, Via",
und he is prospecting for ti farm.
Miss M.uude Mauiiels, of Flat
Wood, has been the guest of MisS
( orn Hrynnt.
Howard Holtzcluw is under the
weather with Job's trouble.
Services ut Heech Grove Haptist
church Sunday the Gth.
Revival nt Preachersville Haptist
church begins October Kith. Don't
Mrs. Onu Nuylor visited Mrs. J.
J. Thompson.
Miss Lillian Gnruer, of Cedar
Creek, visited Miss Nell Newlaud
last week.
Mi Carrie Nuylor visited Miss
Coin Hrvmit.
Sim Miildleton, of Crab Oichard,
was lieie Monday on business,
Kichmd Williams, wife nnil ehil
dien, of Lunciister, weie visiting W.
II. Cummins und wife.
Hot ii, to the wife of Mr. Jim
Shaw, of White's Mill a lU-pouud
Bull Moose Sneaking
lino. Ivini Stu-nne. of Danville.
Ivy., will address the votois of Lin-
coin county at the conn iioikc pi
Stanford on Saturday afternoon.
Oct. Iii, nt 1:110. Mr. Swope comes
highly leconimcnded us mi orator
nnd is cousidetcd one of tho nb'est
speakers of tho Progressive party
. ! ....... ..I .. B1
111 lCIUMII. u,--.
If you have young children ou
have peihiips noticed that disorders
at tlu stniiincli urn their most com
mon ailment. To conect this vuu
will find Chamberlauis's Stomach
and liver Tablets excellent. They
nre easy mid plensont to take, nnd
mild and gentle in effect. For sale
by G. Ik Penny.
State Will Make Addresses at
Blq Rally In Crab Orchard.
One of tho most noted gatherings
of educators held in this part of
the state in a long while, will be nt
Crab Orchard 1'ndny, the 11th, nt
tho big educational rally, which has
been arranged by Supt. G. L. Lv
erett, of the Crab Orchard schools,
Among the lenders in the education
ul awakening in Kentucky who will
be there mid 8 cak arc former State
Suiioiintciidcnt J. G. Crnbbe, now
president of the State Normal
School nt Richmond, Supt. Hnrksdule
Hmnlett, Commissioner of Agricul
ture J. W. Newman, mid others
Teachers nnd others interested in
the gtcat educational work from all
over Lincoln und other counties are
expected to bo present. The com
plete program which has been ar
ranged for the day is ns follows:
Welcome address.
Address J. S. Dickey, President
Howling Green Husiiiess lf diversity.
The value of n consolidated high
school to nu ugTiculturnl commum
ty J. W. .New man, Commissioner
of Agriculture.
Address Harksdalo II n ml ct,t,
Sunt, of Public Instruction.
What n consolidated high school
means to n town, nnd how to becuro
it. McIIenry Rhoads, State High
School Supervisor.
Tho possibilities in our boys nnd
girls J. G. Crnbb, President East
ern Kentucky State Normal.
Each person in the county inter
ested in education should attend this
Fell off High Bridge.
J. H. ("Ruck") Powell, u painter,
of Wilmore, Jessamine county, top
pled backward over tho steep cliff
besido the bridge which spans the
Kentucky river, nt the station of
High Bridge Sunday afternoon nnd.
plunged down u distance of 250
feet, was crushed into n shapeless
nuiss ii ron the rocks at the water's
edge. There was an excursion nt
High Hridge Sunday and Powell had
gone down with n party from Wil
more. He was on the edge of the
precipice when he suddenly fell
backward. He struck feet foremost
on a ledge about twenty-five feet
down and, bouncing off, turned over
and plunged hentlforemost to the
glotind, 23(1 feet below.
C. U. Preps Here Friday
The C. U. Picp foot ball team of
Danville, will meet the Stanfoid
High School eleven on the grounds
li.re next Friday afternoon. The
n'nl bovs have u much better line
ui) this season than bad been ex
pected, since most of the stars of
the past two or three seasons had
left school. It seems likely that
Stanford is going to have a very
fair giidiron representation, and
some good work is expected.
Thurmond Thomas
Miss Helen Thurmond, who Used
to live here und who has many
fiieuds in this city and countv. was
married in Louisville last week to
Mr. A. T. Thomas, of Horse Cave,
this stiiti. The lirule is no excep
tionally fine .Miung lady, while her
liusiiailil is sain in no u line imsi
uess man nnd a gentleman in nil the
word means.
Enjoyable Dance Friday Niqht
The young people gave nu enjoy
iibb. dance nt the Stnnford Opera
House Friday evening, where some
fifteen couples tupped tho light fan
tastic until u late hour. Fish's or
chestiu furnished splendid music.
Breathe Hyomel and End Catarrh
If you really want to get rid of
vile eiitarih why not give Hooth's
11YOMEI treatment u fair tiiul.
G. L. Penny is authoiized to re
fund your money if you think you
have not been benefitted, and on that
basis every catarrh victim in Stan
foul ought to stmt to banish Cntanh
this very day.
HYOMEI is a soothing, healing
antiseptic air made from Austrailaii
Euculvptus and other uiitisepiie;it
kills Catanh genus und contains no
lioisouoiis drugs. Simple instruc
tions for use in each package. Com
plete outfit. H extia bottle 30.
L. F, Mollce, ii merchant of Mid-
dlesboio, wns drowned iu Fein Lake
while lcturuiiig from a hunt with
Thomas Perry, The boat was unset.
Perry reached the shoie.
A splendid audience promises to
gu-et the first Lvceum number on
October 23. Season tickets and ie
served sents at Penny's Ding Store.
.T. W. I'mtfitimil. rif lliillmi. Olli.i.
purchased u buttle of Chambeiluiu's
Cough Remedy for his boy who had
a colli, anil be to re tho bottle was
nil used the boy's cold was gone. It
that not better than to pay a five
dollar doctor's bill? For sale by G.
L. Penny.
Johnson N. Camden.
Chnirmnn of the Democratic State
Campaign Committee, nnd who is
the Father of the Kentucky Dem
ocratic Editorial Association.
Lincoln Man's Brother-in-Law Killed
Wm. Franklin, a piomineut young
farmer, out on the Danville pike, is
much distressed over the tragic
death of his brother-in-law, Traccy
Duncan in Harrison county recent
ly, lie was set upon by three men
in his store nnd stabbed to death,
If! gashes being found in his body.
The assailants of Duncan are said
to have become enraged nt him over
a difference in the price made in
selling flour. They were held to
the grand jury without bond.
To Urqe Phillips Bros
To Complete Concrete Pavements
At U meetin-' of the citv pnnncit
Thursday night considerable rou
tine business was transacted und n
committee wns appointed to urge the
completion of the conciete pave
ments by Phillips Hros. It is hoped
that they will get busy and finish
up the work ns the toin up pave
ments cause much inconvenience to
pedestrians and give the town a most
unsightly appearance. And, too, cold
weather is not far off nnd it might
get too cold to do the work before
spiing, if they do not get a move
on themselves.
Enjoyed Chestnut Hunt.
Some twenty-five or thirty mem
ber,, of the eighth guide of the Stan
ford Graded School spent Saturday
chestnut hunting iu the Coffey
school-house section. They all went
out in u two-horso wagon nnd spent
tho day most eiiiovablv. Each of the
voung people took n lunch and when
all the lunches veic put into one
big one it was a repast fit for the
Gods.' They got all the chestnuts
they wanted to eat but very few of
them lemembeied the folks nt home
with even u -mull sample.
New Cashier for Waynesburg Bank.
Mr. E. L. Gadberry, a well known
and capable joung man of Casey
county, has been elected cashier of
the Waynesbuig Deposit Hunk to
succeed young Mr. Moblcy, who had
to give up the place on account of
his health. Mr. Gadberry was con
nected with the Middlehuig Hank
for several years nnd is said to
know the banking business thorough
ly. Garrard Fratricide Surrenders.
Percy linger, who shot nnd killed
ris brother, William linger, east of
Iliyantsville, in Gnrraid county,
siiireiideied to the sheriff nt Lnn-
enster last week. His oxumining
trial wns held bcfoie Judge A. I).
Ford nnd the accused wns icleused
on u bond of i-1,000.
Good Meeting
Rev. J. W. Rudy, of Indianapolis,
who has been conducting u meeting
nt tho Christian church iu Lunciis
ter for thu past two weeks, hns
brought it to n close. There were
fnrtv additions to the church nnd u
general uwiikening of its members.
Holm, the 3-enr-old son of Mr.
and Mis. Lindsay Reynolds, died
near Niehohisville from the effects
of n kick hv u colt.
lien. i. n woman who sneaks from
personal knowledge and long experi
ence, viz: .Mrs. i'. ii. nrogan, oi
Wilson. Pa., who says, "I know from
Yiniiiice thnt Chamberlain's Cousll
I Remedy is fnr superior hi nnv other.
For proun theie is nothing that ex
cels it." For sale by G. L. Penny.
Chas Durham Shot by Rebels in
Nicaraqua, while In U. S. Navy
Junction City, Oct. 7. Cnut. R.
W. Durham received a telegram
from the Navy Department Saturday
mini ming of the fuel that bis son,
Charles Hays Durham, who has
been serving- in tho U. S. Navy, had
met his denth in Nicarnuguii on Oct.
4th. Charley Durham wns born and
raised iu Junction City nnd had
muny friends among tho younger
clnss. He wns but 21 years of age
Much sympathy is felt for tho be
reaved parents nnd for the brothers
nnd sisters of tho dead man.
Mrs. Mary E. Hmikla and Miss
Lucy llankla visited Mrs. R, II
Hnrhcrsoii near Perryvillo on Sun
Tho wife nnd family of Mr. S. T.
Jangle expect to lo.ive Tuesday for
llrotnliurg, where ?.Ir. Lmglc has ac
cepted the ngency of the L. & N
railroad. The 'Jiimerous friends of
this fnmily will wish them God's
speed on their departure.
Mr. nnd Airs. L. C. Rankin have
nroved into the house occupied by
Mrs. Mair.io Dennis.
Mrs. Miter nnd son, Miss Corinc
Rnyly and Miss Sue Shindler, of
bhelbyrille, motored over Sunday
and visited Mrs. W. A. Reynolds
and Miis Anna Davis. Mr. Hiter
drove the American, a car for which
hn has tho agency, nnd made a
quick trip us well as a delightful
Misses LnVinia McGraw and Lucy
llankla visited Danville Wednesday
on a shopping tour.
Mrs. Margaret HaTrold has re
turned to Stnnford after visiting
Mrs. AY. T. Richardson.
Mrs. J. P. Green nnd daughter,
Miss Lina, have returned from n
visit to relatives in the West End of
the codnty.
Miss Sara Richardson has return
ed from a delightful visit to rela
tives nnd friends in Richmond.
Mr. J. R. Osborne has bought n
moving picture outfit and gave u
couple of performances nt Macca
bee Hall last week. He expects to
give performances in this and ad
joining towns.
The Cumberland flrneorv Co., i
having n porch built to their fruit
houe. This company will be unable
to start on their new building this
fall, because of the fact that one of
the railroads refuses to build the
necessnrv switch.
Mr. Frank Powell, of State Col
lege, Lexington, visited his mother,
Mis. Sabrina Powell, over Sunday.
Mrs. Liniicy McDonald left Sat
urday for McKinney, where she is
visiting her sister, Mrs. E. J. Tan
Mr. W. D. LunsfonJ sold to Mnce
Knox the Will Lmisford farm White
Oak, consisting of about 130 acres,
for ?u8.
Mrs. W. R. Cakey and children,
of Coibin. nre visiting tho former's
mother, Mrs. Mnry Frances Wells.
Dr. Cook, of Danville, begins n
protrncted meeting nt the Haptist
church iu this city this Monday ev
Wins Silk Umbrella, in The Rich
ardson Store's Big Contest.
Miss Lucv McCord won the silk
umhielhi oifeicd in the RichuTdsou
Store's big diamond ring contest at
Junction City last week. An offer
of u pair of silk hose to every con
testant who polls 23,000 votes is
made this week. The standing ut
the hist count wns as follows:
Miss Georgia Wells 171.830
Miss Lucy McCord 171,800
Miss Annie Atkins 100,530
Miss Hullio Leigh 87,980
Miss Alma Cosby C8.850
Miss Flora Minor 05,700
Miss Hluncho Dunn (13,230
Miss Lmiru Kellcy (11,900
Miss lieue Lyons 49,400
Miss Siisio Roberts 40,700
Miss Pnulino Tnylor 40,430
Miss LaYinia McGraw 43,830
Miss Grncie Jeffries 40,200
Miss Donnbelle West 43,230
Miss Alice Durham 43,100
Miss Mniuio Jones 30,300
Miss Hcssie Wi ight 33,730
I Join McAnely 30,500
Miss Mnry Heck 30,400
Miss Lula Sow ell 30.050
Miss Annb Piuitt 25.400
Miss Mnry Claiksou 23,800
Miss Christine Noska 23,900
MjsS Elsie Allstott 21,750
Miss Grncie Luvvson 15,200
Miss Clnrn Martin 13,800
Miss. Elizabeth Curia 10,100
Fredin Seltsmer 10,000
Josie Walker 11,000
When you huve u bad cold you
want the best medicine obtainable
so us to cure it with us little delay
ns possible. Here is u druggist'.)
oninion: "I huve sold Chnmber
Iain's Cough Remedy for fifteen
jenrs," soys Enos Lollar, of Sara
toga, Intl., "and consider it the best
on the market." For sale by G. L.
Ed S. Elam Scratched or Bitten IV
Negro And Develops Rabies,
Physicians Say.
Ed S. EJiim, n prominent vottujf
farmer of the Spniuey section, ot
GniTiird. county, died at his homa
Sunday morning, of whnt many of
tho physicians who saw him diag
nosed as a virulent enso of hydro
phobia. Tho young man is said to
have becii bitten or scratched by a
negro in an altercation in which the
two became engaged nt tho farm vif
Davo Duddcrar, near the Lincoln
countv hue. about two weeks ago.
Little attention was paid to tho in
jury nt tho time.
About a week ago, however, the
early symptoms of rabies developed,
it is said, though tho physicians did
not nt the time suspect that it was
such, incicly thinking that the
young man was doveoping n heavy
fever. When it was too late to give
the Pasteur treatment, it was re
cognized as rabies, and the death of
the young man is said to have re
moved nil doubt as to the character
of the ailment of which ho was a
Calvin Elam, n biother of the un
fortunate boy, was killed by a live
wire iu Paris a short time ago.
Young Elum was just 21 years of
age und wus well cstepmed and liked
by nil who knew him. He wns the
son of Mr. nnd Mrs- W. C. Elam.
Tho nffnir with the negro farm hand
is said. to have been a trifling af
fray, and nothing wns thought of it
nt the time. When he first became
sick, it was thought (lint he was suf
fering from n severe fever, nnd he
was given every attention by the
physicians called nud the most care
ful of nursing. When the infection
became fully developed, a number of
the physicians, still thought that it
was a sort of blood poisoning, but
the most of them diagnosed it as an
undoubted attack of rabies. Several
Stanford physicians were informed
of tb- symptoms by their brethren
of Lancaster, and sny thnt from
what they were told they believe
that young Elam was the victim of
The funeral of the young mnn was
held from the family residence Mon
day afternoon, with interment in
the Goshen cemetery. The parents
have the sympathy of a large num
ber of friends in their grief.
Danville Woman Who Killed her
Husband Gets Off Easy.
Danville, Ky., Oct. 5. Tho jury
trying Mrs Helen Lane for the kill
ing of her husband brought in a ver-
jdict Saturday afternoon, fixing a
Hue ot !JU0 ugaiust her. Guilty of
manslaughter was tho verdict re
turned by tho jury.
Lano secured u divorce from a
former wife at Somerset on the
morning before the killing, and the
killing und the trouble thnt led to
his death enme up over the discov
ery of tho Mrs. Lane at Somerset
on (he pari of Mrs. Lane in Dan
ville. Nine of the jurors stood for
aciuittnl and three for a peuiten
tiaiy sentence nt last.
Mr&. Lane told her story on the
stand Friday night. Iu an effoil to
support herself when she first
came to Danville, she hud sold sil
verware about the city, canvassing
trout house to house. Later she
rented tho little cottage on Hentty
avenue near lieddow's restaurant
und engnged iu taking roomers as a
means of earning m living. Last
April Charles 1one took u room with
her. He soon proceeded to stake
love to his landlady, and iu June
they were unitod iu mairiuge in Lex
All the while Lnne had another
wife nt Somerset, to whom he was
married eight years ago and with
whom ho lived only two days. She
filed suit for divorce upon his mar
ringo to his hist wife and when the
sheriff of Hojle county served ft
summons on him to appear iu the
Puluski cncuit court, he told his
lust wif.3 thnt ho owed some old
costs nt Somerset nud would have
to go theie and settle same. While
theie his Somerset wife secured a
I'pon his leturii to Danville ho
told Mrs. I.nne they would have to
be married again. He fuither told
her that he had just gotten a divorce
from his other wife nt Somerset and
that ns a mutter of fact they had
never been legally married. This
enraged Mrs. I.nne and she declared
sho would take her marriage ceitifi
ente to Lawyer Harding nnd see
what could be done. then Lane
cursed and nbiised her, according to
her btory, and threatened to kill her.
He wns trying to take the pistol
nwuy from her when she shot him.
Both Mrs. laine ami .Mr. i.nne usea
very vile epithets. She claimed that
she was compelled to kill Lane to
save her own life and to protect her
honor mid virtue.

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