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to death while out
I Birds, Rabbits, Etc., Etc.
with our shell. Winchester Leaders and Repeaters
ere the best for field and trap. Let us quote you
prices en the best shell on the market
PENNY'S, The RexaD Store.
twc mrtiwts wmwAU wrtm, kpitkiy tuemav. ktim t mi
Over Coats
These frosty mornings re
mind you that OVER COAT
season is coming.' Your old
one has beenpackedaway. Get
it out and see how it has held
its own with the ravages of
time and moths. If it needs
pressing or repairing, bring it
to us. If you need a new one,
come see what we have.
Silk Lined Dress Coats at
Kerseys and Cassimeres, long
and belted, stylish and service
able, at $15.oo and $20.oo.
Gabardines, they are hand
some, they are light weight,
they are good, they are sup
posed to be waterproof. We
show you two beautiful coats
-one at $15, the other $20.
These are the SPECIAL
THINGS we have and cannot
be gotten everywhere.
Of course we can furnish you
cheap coats from $5.oo up.
The Farmer's Friends
Superior andlPeoria Grain Drills
Call and seethe new stock
. Stanford, Ky.
The Interior JodrnaL
It a hub rrmiOTLT in advanci
Knltrti l IW pntltt at SUnfari M He
4 eUn mU nadir
rr r. fntiuos. n. maksuall
Tt VtmUh't AtlfX. V. FURTEAR
Far ttrrtrfl CMr J. F. IIOLDAM
Tar MagirtTUt W. M. FIELDS
Far JfafUfralt If. C NEWLAND
PefHIeal AmwncMiMts
Th a&aonnetintiiti in thli tolnms ara ol
tandldatoi for offlff, rabjrtt to Ik attloa of
n uiiaoeraut pnmarj. na annoaBcemeau
win bo made, tiltH paid for In adtanct:
Tar Rtprtttntatirt.
V1K01L atcatULLIN.
Far Sharif
tar County Judaa
Far JaUtr
for Auaaaar
B. M. OWKN8 '
William C. Lone,
Taft's Brand of Prosperity.
ScnntoT-elect Ollic James, who is
one of the democratic mainstays on
the stump in the debatable states,
made a telling speech at Vinccnnes,
Indiana, this week, in which he made
this telling point: "Tnft is left
handed in both hands. He has
furnished the most melancholy ad
ministration in the history of the
American people. He is the only
President in the history of this prent
republic that ever vetoed a bill that
cheapened clothing to the shivering
I J.
The moit remarkable price change ef
the automobile epoch will come fate
operation October 1st, 1912. It has
been made possible by the gigantic in
crease in Ford production. And it
brings the matchless Ford well within
reach of the average income.
Runabeut $525
Teurins Car Ml
Town Car IN
Thce new prices, f. o. b. Detroit.with all equip
merit. An early order will mean an early delir
cry. Gel full particulars from
Stanford, Ky.
Judge Kerr, of Lexington, in com
menting on the Lane case at Dan
!!1h. fiv he iudevs husbands must
be worth only $300 in Kentucky
now. Some we know around here
won't appraise over 30 cents.
The Bull Moosers registered 100
more votes in Danville than the
Tnftites. It's a toss-m which gets
the most votes in Kentucky.
Cause of Hiph Cost of Llvlnq
The Republicans nnd the Bull
Moosers try to make t ho' people bc
Jicvo that there is no connection be
tween the excessive tariff nnd the
high cost of living. Moody's Maga
zine, nn authority on economics,
prints a table to -Iiow that iu ten
years prices only increased 7.7 per
cent, in Europe, while in America
the average was 34.3 per cent, with
the prices m some nrtiel s increas
ed over 100 per cent. The tariff
and the trusts are chiefly responsi
ble for the high cost of living. Vote
for Wilson, Marshall and the Dem
ocratic nominee for Congress with
assurance of a reduction of the one
nnd the subjection of the others to
the laws of the land, instead of be
ing a law unto themselves.
A Prophet Without Honor
President Taft says that the
Democratic policy as to the tariff
will put nn end to prosperity, shut
down the mills nnd factories and
produce a panic worse than that of
1907. But this prophet of evil is
joined to his idol of a high protec
tive tariff, which he claims is the
caiwe of the country's' great pros
perity, whereas, as a mntter of fact
it is in suite of it. Prosperity is
due to record breaking crops and
other natural causes. To tax the
people for the benefit of the trusts
nnd not to pay the ciin-n?? tf the
government economically adminis
tered is n crime. The people have
stood it ns long as possible and have
determined to punish those respon
sible for it by electing a Democratic
president nnd a democratic Congress.
The belief is general that Wilson
nnd Marshall will be elected. This
confidence however, may prove our
Undoing. Democrats should not,
however, be confident to the extent
of relaxing any effort. Get busy
and keep very busy 'until the elec
tion booths close.
General apathy has lost many a
fight. Kentucky can give the Dem
ocratic ticket 100,000 plurality, but
frho won't do it if the voters take
anything for granted. Let every
Democrat don his fighting clothes
nnd pxnpin on guard until the ev
ening of Xovember 5th.
Wilson Stands For a Principle
Will You Stand By Him?
Woodrow Wilson is a vastly different order of man than you find among the ranks of many good men Ifl
practical political life.
Woodrow Wilson is not among the great majority of politicians and business men, otherwise estimable
characters, who believe that the end justifies the means, who are honest in a commercial or political sense.
The candidate of the progressive voters of the country not only does not believe in the doctrine 4
"anything to win," but he insists on plain old fashioned honesty in every detail of his campaign.
Woodrow Wilson proposes to win on the merits of his candidacy and platform or not at alL
"Clean hands or no fight" is Wilson's ultimatum to his supporters throughout the country.
No Tainted Money For Wilton
Not a dollar of questionable money will be spent to elect Woodrow Wilson.
The Democratic National Committee is heart and soul in accord with the candidate's views.
And the corrupting influences, with no political faith, casting about to win a foothold in the new govern
ment with bribes of ill-gotten gains, have despaired of reaching Wilson or his campaigners.
They have gone to the enemy, whoever that enemy may be. matter of common knowledge that
the "Interests" are using all their politic! fundi tu dcfc.it WiUun.
This makes it your fight.
What the American People. Need to Know
The people have constantly made the mistake of believing that this is a mortey-ridden nation.
Such is only the case insofar as the People fail to get toother and so permit the few to control the dishonest
representatives they, by mistake, elect to office.
The actual money power of the People is still greater than that of the Interests.
The Progressive People of the country, if they get together, can buy and sell the Corrupting Influences
and destroy their financial power.
So Woodrow Wilson and his managers believe that not only is it the only clean method but the most
practical method for the Progressive People of the country to supply the Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund.
The People to Fight With THEIR Dollars
This year a popular president is to be elected with the People's money.
The Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund is to be collected from the rank and file of the Progressive Voters1
of the country.
The bills of the Democratic National Committee are to be paid, not with the thousands of the Interests,
but with the individual dollars of the earnest, eager voters who desire clean, efficient government and who are
willing to help Wilson as he wants to be helped.
Money thus needed is not spent in improper ways or In any manner similar to the way In which the funds of the
Interests are disbursed'
But we baveio tell the voters of the country about Woodrow Wilson. We have to tell them what he hat done.
We have to tell them what he stands for. We have to point out to them the important planks in his platform. All this
means that to hold up our end we will be obliged to spend at much money as those who oppose us.
This means that every man or woman wbo believes in Wilson should be willing to contnbute to bis cause.
Let the supporters ol Wilson help ut to tpread the Wilson gospel to the four winds. "
Let the Progressive Voters battle this year with their pocketbooks as well as their ballots.
We Solicit Popular Subscriptions Can You Give From $1 to $20)
Of course, you can and you are glad to support the cause in this way.
Practically every voter can afford to give $1 to aid the Wilton Campaign. A great many can give t2. A great
many can give to. And there are lots and lots of progressive voters who will be eager to donate from 110 to 120.
These are the kind ol contributions we want. "
And we will be proud to receive from thousands, who can only afford tl, their II contributions. We want to bear
from every man who hat a dollar to give.
This year the man with the dollar must defeat the government traducer who spends bis thousands.
Get Club Subscriptions
If you knew many Wilson men, if you work among many Wilson men, head a list with yoor name and money and
get the others to join you with their subscriptions.
Then tend your list with the money to C. R. Crane, Vice Chairman, Finance Committee, Democratic National
Cessmittee, 900 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
No loyal Wilson man can do more than this to assure Wilson'tvictory at the polls In November. I
How to Contribute to the Wilton
Campaign Fund
Sim ttat Coupon oppmIm and nil In lb aaows yon fir.
TbM attack roar mootr to this Coupon tod mall toter to tat
dorott ilTtn on tbt Coupon.
tatao al abaca, away mil aao aaUraaa H flriljHM
UCLOw, Vict Cbairaua. Flaw C lw . DmocretU
MtMmil Caaaitte, 900 Micbitta Anut, Caicot.
TbM writ Ittur to tbit sptr etflBf yosr name u a eon
trtbttor and tlatlng your rcuooa h yon bllvt Woo4ro
Wllteo tbould b (lecwd PrMlatat ot lb UnltM BUM. In tblt
way yon will bo Hated u Wilton contributor. A Bouienlr ft.
colst, bondoomriy lltboinpbtd.wtll worth f runlet, will b toot to
you. Your Utur will belp In tb tint by MoourMlaf yonr trUndt.
MSPtlca far .tfeo pooaO vbo do tb work aad tbtltaj W tfce
Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund
TtB.IL tJUttL Vtet Wltwn, rtMOt llllll.
Ai t ktUtrt r la Ut precTMfltt itMlf of tnrawal fpttmmut la tat oak
ttUrj tt Wwtr Wllaoa for fmldtal f Caltit tteuc ,ut U tat taal
fct ny UtlU) ,In ft n-huttt, aatnmatwt, ut obllftltt tt aaat til la
awtlt tl Ut tttttry, 1 with t ttatrlbttt tkrttfk yta Ut tut tf t..MMMM
tt wt Ut tiptMtt tt OtT. WUtta't cutaalfa.
sme i.i.iiiiifttiiitiittiiii(i.tfi(iiti
Address ,,.,, ,,,,
.Li., , .wtate, ..,.,..,,..,,,,, ,,
Endorsed by The Interior Jwrnal, Stanford, Ky.
" ,rili Age But Mni ii W
The FinST NATIONAL BANK, of Stanford it tha oldt Insti
tution in this section of tha state, having been organised March 9,
1854. A bank tj have stood the panics that have occurred in tha
past C8 years must be all right. This bank today is stronrer and
better than it ever was.
While old in age it I modem in methods. Oar patrons, and
they are many, will testify to the fact that we take care of them
in a manner both pleasing and satisfactory.
Yonr patronage is respectfully asked. Remember onr pledge
of courteous treatment and honorable dealings.
Our directory includes some of the most prominent business
men and farmers in this section of the county. Try us.
J. S. MOCKER, Pres. H. C. IAU6HMAN, Cathler.
S. T. HARRIS. Vic Pre., W. W. SAUNDERS. Ind. Keefer.
J. R. HARRIS. Ikkefftr.
i ' J5"1" A t)
'"iilsSIJSJfik M
-A," "V. w jrGR I x UsT v it -WWBslsaP K
LaA Hi yn slHVjftTatrl
aBsV'letVBvv SkEK'"
Jl VTT -'X.CywBSV'
" )laf
Look at This Englisb Style !
Ufa Ones That Are Selling
We are showing the above in Bluet, Tans, Greys and
the New Two-Toae. They are all wool and
are decidedly "the thing" for Fall.
Let Us Press You Once!
Sam Robinson
School Shoes
for Boys and Girls.
Parents, it will pay to look
at our line before baying1. We
have been selling shoes for 35
years. Why not profit by our
Crab Orchard, Ky
Sunday, ocToiEttmi
Lvs. JUNCTION CITY 5:35 a.m.
'. !'

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