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The Interior Journal
Pxwr wHI stop whM time Is up.
Watch the itate wi ywr labH
and Bcnew Promptly, j
FOUNDED 1800. Md YEAR. NO. 82
John Savior, L. & N. Foreman at
Crali Orchard. Kills His Wife
And Then Himself.
Tlio third tragedy in which n man
killed his wifo mid thru himself, to
bo enacted in Liiculn count v within
a period of lees than u ciir, took
place lit Crnh Orchard Wedtiesduv
niehl nlioiit half past seven o'clock
when John Snvhrr, nn L. fc .. lore
man shot his wifo to death mid then
sent u bullet through Ins own luain.
The fiit of thin series of fearful
event wns wlicti the notorious ncirro
Anderson Cnrr, killed his wife mid
then committed Miiciric, after being
nrrestcd for thn citinc. Thi9 was
carlv in the veur. A week ngo Matt
Singleton it turned to his home in
the hoiitheru end of. the coiinlv. and
tdexv hU divorced wife, who, ho had
henrd. was iihout to marry ngnin
Savior shot his wife to dentil at
Hie home of his hrothcr, Jim Savior
in Crnh On hard, vxhcio she Imil fled
ufti-r he had gixen her n severe whip-
pine that morning. He returned to
hi lioine after hi-, day's work unit
not finding her thcie. went to the
home of Iih brother, where she had
Kiinc with their fie weeks old bnhy.
lie nsWd her. it is Mild, u sue in
tended to return home with him. Sho
milled thnt she would not go with
lutn unlesn he w.mld promise to
treat her right. Thereupon Snxlor
pulled n pistol out of In- poikrt and
fired point hlank lit hor. The bullet
struck her in the throat, and she
fell oxer dead intnntlv.
Thn husband looked nt her n min
nte, nnd asked if fhe was dead. On
being told tluit sho wns. he turned
(he pistol to lit-. temple nml fired. Ho
lived n few hours olilv.
The trncedv occurred in the pres
ence of Savior's need mother nnd
his hrothcr. who, it is -aid. sought
n Khirlil the woman from his at
tack. The mother i f-nitl t hnxc
ntlemplcd to catch his nun us he
pulled the pistol, but he was too
ilick for her, nnd thieatened to kill
Jier. too. if she interfered, lie then
riTiit. nml when the other member
of the famitv lil'-hed to the hide of
the victim. In oily ii-kcd if she
wiu dind and then ended his own
Savior nnd bis wife had been mnr
ricd but n A ear or no. it is said. He
i (.aid to have been married before
to a Ctrl from Oklahoma, but thev
separated nnd she went back to her
lioine. The wife whom he blew was
ftom Williamsburg.
Cotoner (lew. I. Rnslit went to
Crnh Orchnrd earl Tiiurstlnv inoru-
inir nnd conductid nn imiitc-t oxer
the bodies of the man nml Ins wile
and had u jur return a verdict in
.nccordunce with the fact-.
Ncvx une lrom I.exiiigton Tues
day tluit .Mr. Charles K. Wheeler, of
this cit came neai being serioiislx
v.ouudcd in an mitomobilii accident.
While louung out of nf the gntage.
his car wus strin k b U pa-.ni!:
stleet mi. Mr. Wheeler was biuised
scratched nnd hhnki.ii up consider
sblv and it -a- swesary to have
fmii doctors with him. Hi car
was dntmiged to the iimount ol
Mr. Mason Cooke, of Kuoxille,
Mopped off tor u isit tn his croud
niotbei, Mrs. A. It. McKiune. who
li.is bien ill lor a few weeks.
Mr. Janus Hull is xisiting his
'tdster. M.-. William Wolfe, nt Cin
Mrs. Hill Spalding and little Kuth-
rine. retuiiied with Ml. hpalilm;
.Monday, after a lrngthv u-.it lor
the little ones here to Dr. Alcorn.
Miss Itlitek (iixcns. vi-itcd her
sister Mis. I'.b Keniudx, at Stan
ford Thurndiiy.
Mrs. ('. It. McCormack and win,
3dUs Com floode, visile,! friends at
Danville Sunday.
Miss Rachel Lvon camo down
fiom Juiictioii OH, where hhe is
teaching, to be with the hometolks
until Moiulav.
Rex-. C. R. Rhiiu. of the Piesbv
terian cliuieU will be "one nxxnv on
ji visit foi thlee weeks nml theie
s.xill be no serxices ut the iliiirch
slurinu his nb-eiii c.
lr. mid Mis. Tom Jackson. Mr.
ai ml Mrs. Mitchell, ol HurroiNbun.',
motored to this cit Siiiidnv ufter
vioon. Miss Hettie Harnett isited Mia.
liellu llaruetto hixt week.
Mix. Hattie 6rr. of Coxinaton, is
-the Kiieht of Mrs. W. 0. Speed.
Mr. mid Mis. Chailie Mortis, of
IvJexiiiL'ton, nie the iruest of l'rof.
nnd Mrs. S. S. Robinson.
Messrs. Muck Himhes. of Dnuxille
nnd Slonn l'listhind. of llnrrodsbifti;
jittended the Ilnruuy I.eiuh halo horc
Mr. und Mrs. I. C. Hmwne, of
Pnnxille, and Miss llehsle Held, of
'California xisited Mr. and Mrs. Cnlo
llrowne Inst week.
Mrs. John McKiniicr of Mt.
finlem, xisitcd Mix. It. M. Tate, on
Mix. Rodman Kcenon, of Hnrrods--Tiurg
is the Kuet xif hor sister, Mix.
David Newbern and brothers, Mes
ir. A. J. ind P. W. Adams.
Dr. v. J. C lulders lias movea nw
officii from over Adams Bros,' store
to the rooms oxer the Peoples Hank.
Mn. Siiinn Sihlec has returned
to lier lioine in Loitisxille after n
tsit to Mrs. W. 0. Speed.
Miss Allio Ymitis, of Lanonslcr,
is the cuest of Miss Ilessin Riffe.
Miss IMdio T. Carpenter visited
relntixcs at Morelnnd last week.
Mr. V.. V. CnrHiiii, wlm has been
ill for n foxx1 weeks, is much better.
Mr. Urinh Dunn left Sundiiv for
the South, xx here ho will remain
(brunch the winter.
Mm. John Sandnlco is xisitinc her
dnuchter, Mrs. Luke Carpenter, nt
Ncxx- Cnslle.
MIk l,ri"',i,lu Nevbcrn is vts'.tir.c
her sis(or, Mis. Joe McKcown, ut
Mr. nnd Mrs. R. M. Tote arc is
itmc friends nt Jiuksou.
Mr. Tom Now hern left Mondiiv for
Somerset to accept u positiou xxitlt
Ihc Western Union Telegraph Co.
Mrs. John Rout has leturned from
Danxillc, W here she xisitcd Mrs.
Jean l'opc. " ("
Mesdames J. C. Ilarkcr nnd S.
Newton were in Dnuxille shopping
Thnt distres-cs nnd ihciisters nr
alwins endemic has ncnin been em
phasircil. The panic of dipthenn
Imil Hcareelx subsided when nexvs
of Admiral l.ucien Yoiiiib'h sudden
dentb cast a pall oxer this the he
roV lnMitiod home.
The fishcnnin lutxe been iupirid
by success of tho adxance cuard,
this fall nnd almost daily exeurMons
to (Irccn rixer nro the tinier.
For Prominent Hustonville Man
When Street Car Hit His, Auto
Charles K. Wheeler, the well
known merchant of Hustonville had
a narrow cscnpc from being killed,
when ti street car struck his uuto
irobilo us ho was comiiic out of n
L'lirace in Lcxincton Tuesday. As it
wus, he was thrown out and ery
scrioiislx bruised mid hurt, while his
tar was smashed uiln Lindliii;: xod.
One of his hips was broken and he
was otherwise hndlv hurt.
Ouitc a number of people witnessed
tho urcidetit, nmonc them heiuc Mr.
W. W. IIiijs, of this utj, who was
standiuc in miother caruce close bx',
and siixx- Mr. Wheiler as his car was
strut k. Mr. Wheeler was cixeii
uudiinl attention nt once, mid was
able to ret in u home, hut wns bud
1) cnnttiM'il nnd shaken up.
The l.exiucton Lender bad this
storx of the accident to Mr. Whccl
ir: Mr. Chnrles Wheeler of Hu-don-xille.
Kv.. father of Dr. C. L. Wheel
ir. ir 187 West Third street, sux
tnuicd u fractured hip Tuesday af
ternoon as a result of n Chestnut
mid Deuces street inr colliding xxith
mi uulomiihilii xx Inch Mr. Wheeler
w.ir drixing, going cast. The acci
dint occiii red on Last Mam trnt.
opposite the I'lmenix gai.icc which
.lr. Wheeler hn,l left inunedintclx
bcfoie the collision. The citv enr
was iu t'hurcc of Motoriiuin llollmiil
und Coiiilm tor Doggius. both of
whom claim the automobile cume
out of the enrage ut a inpid rate,
1 1 1 nl thnt it was impossible to Mop
the tar in time to avoid the lollis-
loii. I lie mitomoliilc was ilemolislicil
nnd was mined about fiftv fiot af
ter being stnuk by the ulv cor.
Mi. Wheeler wn-. thken to the
home of his son. where mulicul at
tention wns lendeicd. His condition
is icgarded as muioiis. Mr. Wheel
er, nccompniiied bv his xvife hud tuo
toicd to Lexington TiipmIiiv.
What John R. Yeaaer. of Bovle says
John R. Ycnger, a well known
IJoxle farmer, odxertised n farm for
tent in the Interior Journal a shoit
while ago. He was in St tin find the
other day und remarked to the edi
toi: "You people must linxc the big
cost circulation of uuv paper any
where. I hud aiisweis to inv uilxer
tisemcnt from Wisconsin, irgmin,
ArkutiMis mid West Yirgiuin. be
sides stones ltom Kentucky points,
mid they nil said they had seen the
'i, in the Interior Journal. 1 haxe
(akin the I. J. for muiiy curs and
uImuxk look for it litst tor 1 find
our In i in and stock news column
mi intcies'ting fcutuic. und not to be
found in other papets."
And it's title. TheieV piobobl.x
mi (ouutry paper in Kcutiukv thnt
(divers nnj thing like Uib tetritoiv
thnt the I. J. leaches and exeiv man
who bus something to sell, und is
onto his 'ob, is going to take ndxan
tuge of its immense (iiciilatlon.
Miss ITiznbelh Fov, dauh,"i' of
Mr. nnd Mrs. I. J. Fox. of Lincoln
i-onntv. stole a inureli on her patents
mid she nnd Mr. James Daughcitv
also of this county, were mniried in
Cincinnati last week. Rex. Plein
tilings pronouncing the ceremony.
The bride is u oung ladv of rate
accomplishments, desemsWy popu
lar, while tho groom is u sober, mor
al young muu, isnineeted with the
0. & C, railroad. They will make
their home in Danville, and have
the best wishes of many friends. i
N, Y. Herald Straw Votes Show Him
In Lead All Over Country.
Ncxv York, Oct. 7. Struxv votos
taken by tho Ncxv York Herald, ap
proximating 70,000, and gathered in
twent'-ninc States, taking in only
Missouri, Kentucky and Oklahoma
of tho Southern croup, put Gover
nor WiUou easily in first pliuc. In
txventy-threo of tho twenty-nine
states he is leading. Roodcxclt
leuiU in fixe und 1'rcsident Tuft in
one. The grand total of ballots col
!cLlfd by the Herald up to this time
Wilson, 30,201.
Koo&cxclt, 20,718.
Tuft, KI.OoJ.
Debs. 1,082.
The Herald state-, thai its piep.ircd
table, which it pi nits, showing tho
indicated maioiitics in the twenty
tunc Stoics, js uiiidu up fiom tho
best votes tnken by its canvassers
and is not meant as a guide to what
will happen in Nox ember. It states
thnt the campaign is noxv in its for
mulutixe Slate and changes nro oc
curring duilx. 1'ollownn; are ,tlio
iiidicuted pluralities in the Statu us
shown ut this time:
New York for Wilson, plumlitx,
7S.7U0. Roosexelt second.
I'euiisIxmua for Wilson, pluruli
IJ, .'10,710. Tnft second.
Illinois for Rooscxclt, plurulity,
102.007. Wilson second.
Ohio, fur Wilson, plurality 250,
oOj. Tuft bccoud.
Indiana for Wilson, plurality 40,
GIU. Roosoxelt second.
Missouri for Wilson, pluivlitv
ISO.LIO. ltoowexelt second.
Miihiguu lor Roosexelti tilurnli
f,708. Wilson second.
Iowa for Wilson, plurality, 51,
812. Roooclt second.
Wisconsin lor Wilson plurality, 01,
!).7. Roo-oelt second.
Minnesota tor Wilson, plurality,
01,271. Rooscxclt second.
New Jersey for Wilson, plurality,
10L15S. Roosexelt second.
Connecticut lor Re-ee!t, plural
ity. IbO. WiUon second.
Mnrlund for Wilson, plurality,
17.L11!. Roosexelt second.
Kansas for Wilson, nlurali'- 87,
loO. Roosexelt second.
Kentuckv for WiNon, plurality,
07,712. Reosexclt second.
West Yirgnua for Wilson, plural
ity :iS,701. Roo-eclt sceoiid.
Nebraska lor WiNon, plurulity,
KI.107. Roscxclt second.
South Dokotu for Wilson, pluinl
ity. .'tS.OO.L Kooscxclt second.
Washington for Kooscxclt, plurul
ity. 1.008. Wilso,, second.
Jdaho for Roosoxelt, plurality,
2,,22J. Wilson second.
Delaware firr WiUon. ilur.ilit v,
1o,I7."j. Roosexelt sceoiid.
Oklolioiua f.ir Kilsein plurulity,
10.177. Itoosexclt s(Mond.
I'tnh for Tuft, plurality, 10,000,
Wilson second.
Wxoming for WiNon. plurality,
l.'llO. Tnft second.
Califoinm for Wilson, plurality,
:12.2.I8. It.uexelt second.
Annum for WiNon, pluialitv. !,-
(ill. Roos(,it seeoml.
New- Mexico for Wilson, plurality,
1.070. Tuft -econd.
Ncxniln fir WiNon.. iilurnitx. 1.-
0S(l. liooscxlet seeoiid.
Colin ado, for Wilbim, plurality,
11,104. Tuft see ond.
Lincoln Court is Affirmed
Tho Court of Appeals has affirm
ed the judgment of the Lincoln Cir
cuit Court in the case of Mollie C.
Vaughn's' ndministnttor against the
Modern Ilrothcrhood of Amcricn.
YiiiiL'hn eorriful n tinlii.v In lli l..
cietv for $11000 foi tho benefit of'"l,CI" '''ey will be nt homo after
his wife, who died a fexv months be
fore Vnuglin did. When the rnpstion
in use n n to who wus entitled to the
policy the society paid the money
into eomt nml it wus ml indued that
Mts. Vaughn's iclatixcs xxero not
entith'd to nnv part of the 'money.
The Billinq Trophy.
C. K. (1. Hillings, of New
York, the muu who, at his oxxu ex
pense, took the World's Champion
Tiotteis to Ruiope nml exhibited
llicm without icmuncrutiou for the
puiposo of showing loieigners the
merit, of the Aniciieuu hotter, bus
gixen to the Kentucky Trotting
lloie llieedeis Association a mag
nificent gold i up, which will be pie
seated to the owner of the hoiso
dotting the tustcst heat iu a race
dining the Lexington Meeting. Oct.
8-10, uud this prize will piohably
go to the horse who wins the Trail
sxlxuuia, The October Prin or tho
Fice-for-nll. Lust xear it was
won bv Cluuley Mitchell 2:111 1-4.
after which the horse wus sold to
Mr. Hillings himself. The muu who
owned the winner lust .xcar is now
the owner uf Radon, one of the
grandest mio horses the world ever
iixx', mfd if he wins this cup two
.Xenix iu succession, it will bo some
thing that fexv men haxe accom
plished in the history of racing.
A member o fthe Ohio legislature
made n full confession of the wholes-ale
bribery of members, xvhihc has
been going on for years.
Q Ncxv C'nstlo. Kv Oct, 8.
.I. C. W. Hcckham to nu immense crowd hero jestenlny. State ip
Seiintor W. II. Moody predicted that Mr. IJcckham would bo tho 0
t Next Democratic Senator from Kentucky. Ho spoke of tho 0
0 primary, in which the pcoplo named Mr. Deckhnm, and then told ip
0 v)f the nllianee of tho whisky Democrats, which ended in tho 0
V election of W. O. llrndlev, saing: p
0 "The pcoplo gae this honor to Ilcckhnm. and they will re- 0
store it in August next, when the primary is held. For eighteen ig
8 ilnH Mr. lleckhnm was deprived of election by u coalition of
0 whisky Democrats with tho Republicans, nnd family four men 0
Q winl oxer und Mr. Urndlcy was elected. Now hU term is
y snon to expiie-, uud the tieoplc of Kentucky will se-c that Cripps ti
?, Kcckhmu is gixcn his sent in the Semite. During the dendlock 0
Heckham could haxe won at any time had he sacrificed his i&
j honor to mnko n deal with tlio whisk v men. Ho refused to 0
0 stultifv himself nnd xvns beaten. (Orcnt Applause.) 0
O "The xoters will noxv hnc an opportunity to rectify thnt $i
0 wrong, nnd I predict thnt he will be nnnied bv the primary 0
0 next August nnd triumphantly elected by the Legislature.'' 0
O Mr. Reckhain then spoko for tip hour, nnd was gixen bent- 0
i ty nnplniiso throughout.
0 "
-a -m- .. -a. -- . A. -- ..a. -- .. -- -m .A.
Popular Younti Couple Wed At Home
of Brfde's Parents Thursday.
One of tho prettiest wedding cere
monies seen iu this section recently
wus that solemnized nt tho home of
Mr. nnd Mis. Lnfu Morgan iu the
Sauflcy section out on the Somer
set (like, Thursday afternoon when
Miss Mxrtlc Morgan, the beautiful
xoung daughter of this prominent
family became tho bride of Itev. Os
enr L. Minks, of Morelnnd, Rex. II.
F. Surlcs, pastor of the llustouxille
Itaptist church, said tho words which
niudo tho twain one in the presence
of members of the families and a
fexv other intimate friends.
Row Minks i3 n son of Mr. and
Mrs. Abe Minks, of Morclund, nnd
is u most promising and popular
oiing Duptist minister. Ho is the
pastor of the churches nt Rock
Ford und Friendship, and those who
know him say that he has u great
future ot u-ctulucss iu the vinexard
of the Master. His bride is a
sweet and attrnctixe young lady, of
loxcly disposition, and churm, and
popular with nil who knoxv her. A
host of friends mid loxcd ones join
iu wishing tho joung couple cxeiy
Traylor Davnev.
Miss Alpha Troxlor and Mr. Hoxv
nrel Daxnev were quietly married ut
the home ot the bride's pjients.
Mr. G. T. Asbloek. at Ellisburg, Oct.
fl, bv Hex-. F. L. Jcftcrs. the bride
is one 1 the most poulnr xoung
Indies ol Lincoln county She i, the
se'cond daughter ot Mr. und Mrs.
A. K. Tun lor, of Stmilonl. The
groom is the only son of .Mr. nnd
Mrs. 1,'ichnnl Dawicv nnd is u ery
popnlai xoung man of Klhshiirg. All
wish him and his bride much huppi-ne-ss
and siicicss thivugli lite.
Carpenter Watkins
Mis- Xinn Carpcutcr an, M"r.
How in el C. Watkins, both of Wash
ington. D. C. xxeto mm i led Tuesday
exeniiig. at 8 o'clock, nt the home of
the bruli's patents. .Mr. uud Mrs J.
A. Caipeuter, on Springfield nxenuc.
in I'enjnille, Hex-. W. T. Oveisticet
perloimcd tho ccreniuiiy, which wns
witnessed by only n fexv lehitixcs
and friends. Mi, Mniv Hope Cm
penter. the bride's sister, was the
only attendant. After tho ccrenioiix
supper wns served, after which the
pair left for Chicago, where thev
will spend some xieeks xisiting Mr.
Watkins' le'lntixes, bcfoie ictuining
to their now- homo m Washington.
utt-niucr uin. ine onile is u
daughter of Postmaster and Mrs.
J. A. Cuipenler und has made her
homo iu the Capital City for about
elcxcn xenrs. Mr. Wntkiiis is u na
tixo of Iowa und holds u goxernment
position, being a chemist by proles
sion. Dnuxille Advocate.
XT I ,.l .... . .
Mt. Moriah
The protracted meeting bus come
to ti close nt this place, but we wcic
tluiiiktul for the time it went on
mid the good it done.
This is unite u bitsv time with the
funnels here cutting com und hous
ing tobacco.
Little Chiicuce lleirv while tiding
u hoiso n few daxs ago. fell off and
In ok" his aim, but the little felloxv is
Inking his pain casilx.
Mrs. Mvitlo Skidiuoic is icioic
ing oxer n flue gill nt her home.
Mr. Wright, of this nlaee is build
ing his stole loom lnigcr.
Mr, Pcdio Giccn has leturned
home fiom Cuutidn. He now is go
ing to stmt his stoic mid biuksinith
shop. Huiiiih for Pedro.
Mi. Robert Hatfield camo iu last
Saturdnx night from Illinois.
Sain Roone uud Chnrles Dunnwav
were culling on their best girls lust
Stiiid.iv iitternoou near Neal's Cieek
Miss Muhd Wright has the
Fifteen men in Rreathitt cniiutv
hn-e been iudictod for the murder of
the noted feudist, Kd CallaJu.
In introducing former Ooxernor
-" - - - - r 0
-a. ft S .1. . Aft. B .fl. .- . .. .m A .
D. W. Hilton With Late F. J. Camp
bell Started Present Paper.
Mr. D. W. Hilton, who with I he
late F. J. Campbell founded tlio In
tel mr Journnl In 1872, died iu
Louisxille u few duvn since rftcr n
lingering illness. Jlr. Hilton hud
been in the insurance business since
he sold this piper and up to some
ten or twelxe 'xenrs ngo used to come
to Stanford occasionally und al
wn paid this office a call. He
und Mr. Cunipbcll, had a struggling
time to make buckle and tongue
meet, as did Col. . P. Walton, who
bought them out. Sexernl efforts
had been made to run n paper suc
cessfully heie hut without avail, nnd
the people having groxx'n tired of
puing for n paper and having it go
"up the flume'' in a short ".xhile, tho
gentlemen fouifd it difficult to find
many who would plank down their
money for what they deemed an tin
Mr. Hilton dexised n scheme, hoxv
excr, and ho placed collateral
umouuting to sex-cral thousand dol
lars iu one of the banks here and
ndxcitised the fact that should the
paper go under subscribers would
get their money hack. This gac the
public moie confidence and he sue
i ecded in getting a sufficient number
of siibscrihus to run on.
A fexv jenrs Inter, about 1S75
Col. Walton bought the plant,
which wns it xery small one, nnd he
sunk sexeial thousand dollars bo
fore he got it on n firm foundation
Out people nro no doubt ucminiiitcd
with the history of the paper since.
A traxcling man who was hcio re
picseiititig Diem iv. Wing, one of
C incmnuti s big paper houses, Wcd
nesdax told the writer thnt he trav
els iu scxcrol stales nnd that the
Interior Journnl has tho largest cir
culation and the leputatiou of being
the best mlxeitising medium of nny
paper in his knowledge'. Ami ho
might haxe tiuthfully added that it
is the host countix newspaper and
nexxspapei proposition in this part
of the e ouutry. OLD FKILN'D.
Somerset Hotel Burns Down
Somerset, Kx.. Oct. S. The Cand
ler hotel, one of the oldest in the
citv. w:u tlcstroxcd bv lire after last
midnight with most of its contents.
The hotel was ciowded to its capa
city on annual of the Grand Lodge
of Odd IVlloixs, which is in session
heie this week and one or two ot the
occupants hud iiurrow escapes. ThU
morning Poliicmuu John Waddle ur
lested, nnd placed iu jail Charles
Candler, son of Mi. Candler, who
owns tho building, ami Karl Grov
und John Walton, on a charge of
being implanted iu the burning of
tho hotel. The building was iiisined
but the furuittitc, most of which
belonged to the lessee, J. 1.'. Craig,
wn.-, not.
A Treatment That Costs Nothing If
It Falls.
We want xou to tiy thice laigo
bottles of Rcxall "0.1" Hair Tonic
on our pci-oiia! guarantee thnt the
1 1 111 1 will not cost xou a penny if it
docs not give j 011 ubsoluto sutistac
tioii. That's pioof ot our faith iu
this reined , and it should indis
putably demonstrate that we know
what we ate talking about when we
hiv that Reuill "!KI" lluir Tonic,
will ictaid baldness, oxeicome sculp
uud Imir ailments, uud if mix human
ngi'iicx cun uccomphsli this icsiilt,
it may be also relied upon to pio
mole 11 new giovvth of hair.
Rt member we me busing our
statements upon what has ulrcadv
been iiceoinplisheil bv the Use ot
IicmiII "0.1" Unit Tonic, and we linxc
the light to assume that what it has
done toi thousands of otlicis it will
do for j 011. In nnv exent you can
not lose nnv Hung by giving it u trial
on our liberal guarantee. Two sites,
r0( und , Remember, von can ob-
tain Ruxnll Remedies in this com-
inunitv only nt our store The Rex-,
nil Store, Penny's Drug Stole.
Prominent Stanford Physician Weds
Crab Orchard Girl
Tho wedding of Ih M. M. Phillips
of Stanford, mid Miss Frances Redd
of Crab Orchnrd, which wus solemn
ircd at the bride's home Thursduy
evening, wns tho cause of consid
erable surprise to the many friends
ot both joimg people, us thev hnd
Kept their secret well und no p-.ior
uiinouncemcnt hud been made.
Tho ceremony f xx-as said at the
homo of the bride n parents, Mr. and
Mis. C. A. Redd, only a texv leln
tixes and intimate friends beim.
piesent. Rex-. D. M. Wulkcr. pas
to rof the Stanford Christian church
ri'onnej the marriago service, at
8 o'clock. The bride wus handsome
ly ntttrcd iu u traxcling suit of gray.
She was attended by her aunt, Mis.
Knle Potter, of Manchester, while
the only attendant of tho groom was
Mr. Mack Fisher, of this- citj.
Afterwards an elegant wedding
supper was scixed at the bride's
home, nml tho hnppy pair then took
u Wuiii for Louisxille and Chicago,
where Dr. Phillips will tuke a special
medical course, before returning to
Kentucky to resume his practice.
A bust of friends will extend con
gratulation, nnd good wishes. The
bride is the xciy attractive and lo--
nble daughter of a prominent East
F.itd family, while the groom is one
of the best known young phvsiciaus
in this part of the state. His lion
is in Lomlou He enmc to Lincoln
several .cars ago, locating for a
time at Crab Orchnrd and ufterxvnrd
coming to Stanford where ho has
been associated with Dr. K. J. Uroxvn
for seiieral jcars iu tho practice of
his profession, in which he has made
nn cnxinble leputatiou. Dr. Phillips
is Grand Junior Dcneon of the
Grand Lodge of Masons of Kentucky
nnd is highly esteemed and regard
ed by all who knoxv him.
Will Be Made By Maupln Who Killed
v Farrls at Richmond.
News comes from Richmond thhf
Rreck Maupiu xxho shot James Fnr
ris to death on the street there
IMonduv, xxill make n strong defence
xx hen his case tomes to. trial. It is
said by friends of Man pin thnt he
had iiitcifeptcd certain letters from
lunis to a member of his family
and had xxamed him against shoxving
his luce in Madison county again.
telling bun that ho would kill him
if he did se.
It wns aUo said that tho xery
dnv of the killing Maupiu had enter-
icpted another letter, nnd that he
came to town, deteimineJ to take the
laxv into his own hands upon the
mnn, xxho, his friends say, was en
deaxoiing to xxieck his home. Mau
piu wns oideied to jail bv Judge
Pciiton, until his examining trial
could be held.
Mr. Willie Denhum'.s family has
nuxed to Danxillc.
Mis., Lizie Snxder is xisiting
Miss Ixn Reed.
Mrs. Adams is still impioxiug. Mr.
mith Adams is on the sick list.
.Mi. lleibert Smith uud family
weiu the guests of Mr. tils Witters
at Lofiisxillc hist xxeek. Mis. Lu
liiidu Smith fiom King's Mountain,
is xi-itiug Mis. Alice lhock.
Miss Mxrtle M'ontgomery is xisit
ing her sister. Mis. Fffio Maggie nt
Mrs. Lena Reed, Miss Thelma
Adams, Miss Ix-u Reed, Miss Ressio
Adam-', William Delk, Miss Neomn
Delk. Miss Virginia Reed. Curlis
Smith, Nnncie Reed, Manford, Smith
Mniy Delk mid Mviu Adams went
grape hunting ftatpidaw
Mis. Maud Snxder is xisitiug Mrs.
Lena Reed.
Green Briar.
Theie is going to be 11 Rox Sunner
ut Green Rrinr school house Satur
day night, Oct. 19. Kxer.xbodv is
invited to come mid bring a box.
Girls, don't forget to bring boxes.
Roxs, don't forget to bring -"Mir
pocket books. Now don't forget the
date. Oct. IPtli. The monev will go
for the benefit of the school.
Saturdav. October. 18. 1912
Iluxing lentcd mv farm for the
j car 1013, I will, on tho uboxe date
nt mv lesidenie 1-2 mile from Mid
dlcbuig, offer lor wile my p-rsonul
pioneitv consisting of:
House and lot' iu Middlcbiirg
known us the I). A. Wiggins piop
iut 0 head of horses, 4 head of
mules, II heiiil if cattle, about 700
hub's of hn, 2 stacks loose huv, 150
hands 1 01 11, 1.1 shocks cane, Cement
tiling iiuiebiiie, 2 horse wagon. Ruck
board, Phaeton, Short, shafti tint,
Rock Island hay louder, lot of other
farming implements. Household und
kilcheu furuitme.
Sale hour 10 n. m. Terms rea
sonable and made known on day of
wile. J. W. RiaaiNs,
Middleburg, Kv.
Henry Thomas, Auctioneer. 82-2.
Judae Sam Wilson, of LeximitM.
One of Ablest Democrats Ora
tors to Ooen Campaign
Tho first gun iu tho campaign to
roll up uu unprecedented majority
for the democratic ticket in Lincoln
county, will be fired hero Monday
uftcruoou nt the courthouse when
Judge Samuel M. Wilson, of Lexing
ton will be hero to speak for tho
V.'i!?cn and Miushuii ticket.
From then on until the campaign
is closed on election day, n xigorous
campaign will be waged, lead by
Chairman W. L. McCurty, and it is
bclicxcd thnt Lincoln xxill return in
this election, the largest xote ex'er
gixen a democratic presidential can
didate. Judgo Wilson is one of tho ablest
and most convincing sneakers in
Kentucky today, mid nil who desiro
to henr tho issues of the campaign
presented by such a man should hear
him. Ho is u hullinnt man, in fact;
und no elenrer exposition of tho
good old democratic doctrine will be
gixen on the stump heie iu tho pres
ent campaign. - J
F.xor where the tide has set in
irristibly toward the democratic
ticket in this campaign. It is con
ceded till oxer the country that Wil
son mid Marshall aro certain wrin
ncts if the democrats will only jo to
the polls on election duv and regis
ter their otes. Judge Wilson will
gixc ample reasous why every citi
zen xvho xvnnts to see better tilings
should be on guard, nnd sco that his
vote1 and that of his neighbor are
put in the box on Nox ember 5th.
Judge Wilson will speak at the
court house, beginning at half past
one o'clock. Ho will be introduced
by Congressman Harx'ey Helm and
a big crowd of demcrats is expected
to be in to hear him. It is interest
ing to note that Judge Wilson was
01115 of the original Woodrow Wilson
men in Kentucky, nnd bus been his
ardent champion throughout the
whole campaign.
- McKlnney.iJ
Mr. Harry Jacobs, wife and little'
duughlei, Ada nro spending a few
d.ijs ut Henderson. They will be
gone until ubout tho 18th.
Mr. Coulter White, of Morelnnd,
bus been here this week receiving
wheat from the farmers of the Tur
ncr&xille section.
Mr. J. L. Dawson was here this
week bujing several cars of lumber
from the bpotswood Lumber Co.
Mis. Charlie Owens uud daughter
aie xisiting friends here.
Ri other Gubbert will till his regular
uppouiliuent ut the Christian church
on Sunday moining nnd night.
Miss Christine Meteult of Paint
Lick, is tho itltiuctixo guest of her
biotheis. If. II. una Grant Metcalf.
Miss Itutb Coffey, ot Shelby City,
is visiting her grandmother, Mrs.
Kate Coffey this week.
Mr. Chuiles Coffey, from Okla..
is visiting the family of Dr. Glider
this week.
It.ny Tanner, who undeiwcnt nn
operation at Reua last week i, do
ing very nicel now und will soou bo
able to take up his studies again. '
Mrs. Minnie .McDonald, of Junc
tion City, who has been visiting her
sislei, Mrs. L'. J. Tuuiier heie bus
returned to her home.
The Christian Endeavor will meet
at the Christian church on Sunday
i-ight at 0:30 o'clock. MUs RutU
Tanner will lead the meeting and
there Will be un iutciestillg uronnm
Mr. John Elliott, near town is
very sick, and it's very doubtful
about his recoxery. He bus been
sick exer since Junuuiy. He got
some octtor una his many friends
hoped he would soon be well again
but this week he had a hemorrhage
of the bruin and is very low.
Uncle Josh Qruxcs, a Rood old
coloicd man o fneur toxvn, is -at the
point of denih. Undo Josh bus a
lot ol friends, xxho will be sorry to
1 car of his illness.
Frank Moblev, ot near town, xvho
has been sick for suxer.il days with
tvphoid fever, is doing very nicely
and if no further complications set
iil ho xxill soon be uble to get up mid
mingle with his friends.
Stop Hair Falllnq Today
It won't cost 11 tent to pioxe that
you can stop falling hniv and pie
vent baldness for G. L. Penny vrill
supply ou with a bottle of PARIS
IAN SAGE and if jott are not satis
fied with the icsiilt he will letuud
the full purchase price.
The wiiiie guarantee nppliv to
d.iudiuff, splitting hair, faded hair
or scalp itch.
PARISIAN SVGE is the most de
lightful, refreshing and invigorat
ing hair cliesiug iu the woild. It
picserves the natural color of tho
hair and imparls to it 11 glossy ap
peniume that all admire.
Large bottle M cents nt deulera
oxerxwheie. The girl witJi the Au
burn Hair 011 every package. .
Nice line of felt hats for fall iwfc
received. Misses Straub.

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