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: J
of Live
Horses, Mules and Cows
At 10 o'clock, Tuesday, October 15,
1912, 1 will offer for sale to the
highest bidder, at my place in Crab
Orchard, Ky., the following live
stock :
2 aqed brood mares, bred to Preston
I 8-year-eld brood mare, bred to a
horse. '
3 6-year-old brood mares, bred to
I 6-vear-old brood mare, bred to
I 3-year-old saddle horse
I I -year-eld horse
I 6-year-old pray qelding.
I 8-year-old Roan werk horse.
I 3-year-old breed mare by Preston,
bred to High Cleud.
I 5-year-old brood mare by Preston,
first dam Katie Maley, bred to
Rex Peavine.
I Aqed brood mare, bred to lack.
I 6-year-eld way draft mare, bred
to lack.
I 5-year-old harness mare, by Pres-
I 3-year-old qeldlnq. by Preston.
I 2-year-old horse, by Preston
I 2-year-old mare, by Preston.
1 4-year-old walkinq horse, extra
2 Svcklimi horse colts, bv Preston.
I Suckling mare colt, by Preston.
I Srav harness qelding
I aged work herse.
I 5-year-old harness mare, by Dor-
Terms Made Known on Day of Sale.
Crab Orchard, Kentucky.
J. P. CHANDLER, Auctioneer.
For Kent. 20 acres of wheat
land. M. B. Lytle, Phono 109 Y.
For Sale. Aberdeen Angus cat
tle both sexe3; mules from colts to
four year olds; thoroughbred bonis
ready for service. K. II. Crow,
Shelby City, Ky, Ky., phone 8 two
rings, Junction Ex. CO-tf.
Advertise your sale in the I. J.
More farmers read it than any
othpr country paper in the state.
Tor Sale. One nice, coming three
y ear vld, Peacock filly, beautifll bay
with two white feet and star; good
size. Cull ou r uddiesS. Mis. Sim
Owens, Moreland, Ky.. 8t-p.
hMMHIH fit (3 I 9 1 A 1 1 mAU
If I had only saved my money
I could have accepted this offer and spent
my remaining days in comfort. But
Now, It is teo late! too late!!"
This man did not tavo his money, thiiiLing a chance to use
It would neer come. When a splendid opportunity came he haU
no money and doomed himsvlt to lie in ocitv for the iet of
his life blaming hims-elf eerv lemainuig moment for his folly
uiul drawn out misery. '
YOU w ill one day have such an oppor
tunity. Tuke heed. Start saving HOW
Come in nnd talk it over Today.
Capital $S0,O00. Surplus $500 Stanford, Ky.
. L. PCNNY, V. Ptn.
cu RrtlHrtntt
2-year-old horse, by Ashland
l-vear-old horse, by Ashland
mare and colt,
pair sorrel horse mules 15 3-4
hands hiqh, 4 and 5 years old.
Aoed pony.
pair horse mules, 16 hands high,
pair 5-year-old black mules, 16
hands hiqh.
pair 3-year-old mare mules. 15
hands high,
pair aqed horse mules, 16 hands
pair 5-vear-ord black mare mules.
16 hands hiqh.
pair 4-year-old black horse mules,
15 1-2 hands hiqh.
4-year-old mare mule, 16 hands
aged lack, proven to be a good
family horse, buquy and harness.
Jersey cow and calf: I Jersey cow
Durham cow a qood milker
two-horse wagon and harness.
Every stock buyer in Lincoln nnd
most of them in the surrounding
counties reads the Interior Journal.
You can coter five counties com
pletely by advertising your sale in
For Rent. My farm of l'JO ncres
on llnniiing Fork. Mrs. Jessie
Stagg, Stnnford. 78.
l'pr Sale. Three extra nice Duron
Jei'.ey boars, subiect to register. D.
E. Proctor. Stnnford. Ky. 80-2p.
For Side. Uou.e and two acre
of land, 4 1-2 miles from Stnnfotd
on llustouvillo pike, 5-room house:
good barn nnd other outbuidings:
f.ver lasting spring on plnco; fruit
tree1? and fine garden. Q. E. Lutes.
Stnnford. 79-8.
J. D. EADS, V-Ptn.
J. S. RICE, V. Pre.
For Rent. My farm of 230
ncres 35 ncrc-j lor corn, jo ior
whent or onts, 00 ncres in mentlow,
bnlnnco in prnss. Also lins Rood
dwelling house, barn nnd nil out
buildings. For further information
nddres Mrs. Geo. Logan, Stanford,
Ky., West Main street. 74tf
For Sale -Near Stanford, well
imnroved 200 ncre blue rrnss farm.
good two story houso biir stock
barn with silo, plenty of everlasting
Bpnnc water, tor further jiuorraa-
tijn sco and write Adoluh NonQrue
nignn, Stnnford or Fred VonAllrann,
34 nnd Rank street, Louhvitlc, Ivy.
Call For Stock Law Election
Himiilnr lorm Lincoln county
court, held August 12th. 1912. Hon.
James P. liniley, Judge, piesiding.
The petition of E. J. Tanner nnd
ctlieis wns this day filed in open
court, nnd is now noted of record,
praying for u subuiiss-iuii of tha
(lucstion whether cattlo generally
fhull be permitted to run lit large on
tho public highways nnd unenclosed
lnnds of Hustoiuilie iMnisienui
District No. 4. of Lincoln county,
It appearing from n consideration
of fruid petition that it has Uecii sigu
ed by more than twenty legal oters
.,.i... ,-.,;.in iii nml ii r i electors in
said Hustouville Magisterial Dis
trict. No. 4, that nt the time me
...,i;ii,.rw ilnnositrd with the county
n.nirt ii sum of motiev siiffiiceut iu
the judgment of the court to defrny
the expenses ot said election; mm
by nn older of the Fiscal court of
t". in ffinntv now in force the
magisterial district is tixed as the
unit in such elections m L.wcom
county; that it is more than bixty
,ifn-a until tlif npt rccillar election
to be held in said district, the court
is of the opinion nnd orders anil au-
iudges that tue petitioners are en
:tt.i in hnv the nrnvcr o the
.t..t;i.n irrmitpil. which is done, and
nn election is hereby ordeied to be
held on the 5th Uny ot xsovemuir
1912, the regular day, in tue lour
viii nrpoiiicts of Ilustonville
Magisterial District. No. 4 of Lin-
I ... l...,..n1 . frf tlin llir. I
CJ1II COUIlli, IVVIUIH.IWJ, iw"v. ,'"
poe of nssertiuumg the will ol me
vntors of said district, upon the
wiil of the question whether ur not
they wish cuttle generally to run at
large on the public highways and
ininiicliiid lnnds of Ilustonville
Magisterial District No. 4, of Lin
coln county, Kentucky, mm tr in
purpose of holding this election for
said Magisterial District are direct
ed to open u poll on the date aboc
named iu each of the four voting
m-priiirts. embraced in said Magis
terial District, mfmelv IIustonille
otmg precincts Nos. J, -, J, and 4.
The cleik ot the Lincoln county
court is directed to cnuse to be
printed on tho ballots to be used
in this election the question
"Are you in fnvor of making it
unlawful for cattle generally to run
ut large on the public highways nnd
unenclosed lnnds of Hustonwlle
magisterial district No. 4, of Lin
coln county?"
Notice of this election must be
published twenty days beforehand
in the Stanfoid Interior Journal, the
only nowspaper published in Lincoln
comity, which notice must apnear
n. at least four issues of said news
paper. This election shall bo held bv, and
polls thereof compared and the re
sults nnuouueed in the mnnner, nt
the time, nnd by the persons auth
orized to hold elections and com
pare the polls and declnie the re
siilU in elections held for count'v
officers, nnd the result shall be
sirren.l upon the record of this
court nt iU lu-xt tegular term lifter
the result is declared.
The clerk of the Lincoln county
couit, the Sheriff of Lincoln, nnd
the officers of the election iu the
seveinl voting places embraced in
llntonille Magisterial district No.
4, of Lincoln county, Kentucky, nre
diiected to do nnd perform all of
tho tcspcctivo duties of them by the
luw.s of this Commonwealth iu ad
vertising nnd conducting said elec
tion, in the preparation utfd preser
vation of the ballots nnd iu can
vassing and certifying tho result of
the otc. u ml it is diiected that said
election be held in all tespects its
required by law governing such
elections and the general election
law in bo far as ib applies to this
vhaiacter of election.
Attest O. II. Cooper, Clerk, Lin
coln county court.
In obedience to tho foregoing or
der of the Lincoln county court, an
election will bo held in tho four vot
ing piccincts of lliihtouille Magis
terial District No. 4, of Lincoln
County on the fith day of No ember
1912, iu all icspccts as 'escribed
in fcnid older, for tho purpose of
ascettainiiig tho will of tho otor of
Hustonwlle Magisterial District, No.
4, of Lincoln lonnty upon tho ques
tion whether or not they wish cat
tlo gcnciallv to run nt huge on tins
Diiblic highwns nnd uneueIoed
land of said llustouvillo Miigixter
ial Distrii t No. 4. O. It. COOPER,
Clerk, W. L. McCarty. Sheriff 70-4.
Posted Huntlna Forbidden.
We, whose names are signed be
low, positively forbid anv hunting
or fishing upon our premises:
W. F. Semonis. Wm. J. Beck, Fred
VonQrueuigan, O. Daumann, Chas.
T. Willson, Ed Oooch. Lutes & Myers
C. M. Allen, Ed Ballard.
has come the price of Ford cars to a
point where you can no longer afford
to be without one. With this reduction
the Ford ceases to be a luxury and be
comes a necescity.
Runabout $525
Tourlnq Car 600
Town Car 800
These new price, f. o. b. Detroit, with nil equip
ment. An early order will mean nn early dcliv
cry. Get full particulars from
Stanford, Ky.
State to Help Farmers.
it., tin. .n.iixrntinn of the United
States fio eminent nnd the Stute of
Kentucky through the College of
... itiir.. r tin. Ktnte University,
llplltuiitni. "- " r I'll
plans hae been M.rfoetcd by winch
a system of instruction in ngncul-1
turo can he eMiiuitsiieu m !"
county nnd the fnrmcrs be tuught
modern method without leuwng
their own homes, iiineeu uie r;
pertinents nnd demonstrations will
be made ou the farms tliem-eies
nnd the fanners can thus have the
problems of udvnntngc nnd inteicst
i, iitni worked out iiDon his own
place, nnd to the improvement of
his own property. It is thought
thnt by fnr the most effective meth
ods of improving agricultural con
ditions in Kentucky will he uy iiius
bringing the instruction to the farm
er's own door, inteml ot iy menus
of lectures nt special points arid
through communication" by mail,
which have been the only method
heretofore employed.
It is sought to put the system of
iigriemtiiutl iii-ttiu-tion practically
on the basU of the present public
r-chool pvstcm, and each county can
have nn ncriculturnl instructor who
will devote his attention exclusively
to that count, and each group of
twelve counties will have a supei
li.nr l whom the instructor- re
port and the supervisors will in
turn report through one ot tho tnreo
main divisions into which tho work
lins been divided to the director of
agricultural extension nt the College
of Agriculture nt the Stnte Univer
sity. Prof. Fied Mutehler, of Bowling
Green, will hnve charge of one of
the three divisions, nnd other ev
pelts will be chosen soon to direct
the wtitl: of the other two divi-iuns
Bv the plan which has been perfect
ed nnv county which will raise a
comparatively small share of the
expense will be fnrnHicd with an
liistiuitor and hnvo all other nd
vantnges of the syMcm, the ngricul
tuial extension division npi'viug the
bulk of the cost from the laigc fund
provided bv the State and atiohal
Governments. The nmount required
from tho ounties is so small that
it believed that all of them will take
advantage of the svstem as soon ns
the oppoituuity becomes known, ami
already MndUnu nnd Henderson
counties hnve been placed upon the
roll. Pianl; Montgomery, an agri
iMiltural expert, has taken ihnrge of
the woik iu Madison county, find
arrangement, have been completed
f Jr an instructor to bo sent to Hen
derson county.
Bull Moose Sneakina
Hon. King Swope, f Danville,
Ivy., will address the votois of Lin
coln county nt the court house in
Stanford on Saturday nftcrnoon,
Oct. 12, nt 1:30. Mr. Swope comes
highly lecommended us nn onit.tr
and is cousideied one of tho ablest
spenkers of the Progressive party
in Kentucky. 81-2.
Southern Railway Popular Excursion
Sunday Oct. 20th, Sunday be
tween Louisville, Lexington, Dan
ville, Geoigctown, Ixiwjenceburg,
Iliirrndxhurg, Shelby villo mid Ver
sailles and inteimtdiate stations in
both directions, l,;ist of the sea
son. l.f0 between Lexington. Dan
ville, Georgetown, and Loiiisille,
for the Kiiuiil trip; tickets limited to
ictiira on dnto of sale. Pioporlion
ately low rates between iutei medi
ate stations. Consulo any South
ern Railway agent or write II. C.
King. (TA, Lexington, Ky. B. II.
U'odd, DPA, Louisville Ky. J. C.
Beam, AOPA, St Louis, Mo.
And buy you n smnll place. I hnve
01 iicies I will sell at a bargain and
on easy terms. There is a small
house ou the plnco and I will build
uny kind of improvements desired,
It is good tobacco land, corn or
wheat. All is in blue grass except,
seven and one half acres. Write or
phone 83 1-2.
78-4F. W. F. Dlshsn, Stanford.
Has Cured Worst Cases and You
Can Try it At Our Risk
Yea trv Zomn. That's all VOU
need do to get rid of tho worst case
of eczema, lou take no chance, ii
h no experiment. Zcmo is positive
ly guaranteed to stop itching rash,
raw, bleeding ccicma make a pim
pled face hiuooth and clean. Zemo
is n wonder nnd tha minute applied
it sinks in, vanishes leaves no evi
dence, doesn't stick, no grease, just
a pure, clean wonderful liquid nnd
it cures. This w guaranteed. Zcmo
is put up by the E. W. Ilose Medi
cine Co., St. Louis, Mo., nnd sold
by nil druggists throughout Ameri
ca, und in Stanford ut Penny's dmg
For Sale Small Country Farm
I desire to sell privately my home
situated about 3 1-2 miles from
Stanford, Ky., on tho Rush Branch
pike, nnd jiivifU"JJ ''"' '""d of
Mrs. O. C. Oivcns ana carson uov
er. This place contains ten nnd
one-hnlf acres of good land, well
fruited. Upon it there is a new
dwelling house of ai rooms, two
binnll halls nnd porch Toom, a new
cistern ,two everlasting springs nnd
all necessary outbuildings. For par
ticulars call utwn or write to P. M.
McRoberts, Altv. nt Stnnford, Ky.
A Severe Sickness Leaves
The Kidneys Weak
After recovering lrom a severe
t.,ll .if cwt'iiess somo time ago. 1
was all run down and suffering lrom
poor blood. I would hav pains in
my b.ick and hips un my kidneys
bothered be all the time I started
taking Swamp-Root upon tho re
comm;iidatioii of a friend and found
it was just what I needed. My
Mood became all right and nftei
taking a few bottles, I was surpris
ed nt tho effect it hnd on my kid
nevs. They were entirely cuicd uud
I hnvo much to be thnnkful for that
vour grent remedy did for me.
Yours very truly
Phcnix City, Ala.
Sworn to and subscribed before
me. this tho 14th day of July 1009.
W. J. Birs, Justice of tho Peace.
) Letter to 'l
Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Binqhamton, N. Y. I
Prove What Swamp Root Will Do
For You.
Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Ding
hnmton, N. Y., for a sample bottle.
It will convince anyone. You will
also leccive a booklet of valuable
information, telling all about the
kidneys nnd bladder. When writing
be sure to mention the Stnnford In
terior Journal. Regular fifty cent
nnd one-dollar size bottles for sale
at all drug stores.
To The Farmers or Lincoln County
We will have our annual corn show
some time in November nnd will offer
somo nice picmiums oil both white
nnd yellow corn, so you enn Imvc
jour ecs turned in that ilnectQou.
Will publish the picmium list soon
uud name the time. With the very
best wishes, vour truly, Stnte Bank
& Tnut Co.
The Texas Wonder cures kidney
and bladder troubles, removing gmv
el.' cures diuLctes, weuk unu lume
back-4, rheumatism, nnd all irregu
Inrities of the kidneys and bladder
in both men and women. RcgulutC3
bladder troubles in hildrcn. If not
old by your druggist, will.be sent
by mail on receipt of $1 : One small
bottlo is two months' treatment, and
seldom fails to perfect a cure. Send
for testimonials from Kentucky and
other states. Dr. E. W. Hall. 2920
Olive street, St. Louis, Mo., Sold by
Shugars and Tanner.
MIL FARMER ."Make vour home ns roodprn for vour family as a nice
residence, nnd place vounsclf iu n position to cct the latest market quota
tion nV nnv time. This can be accomplished bv mcnim of our telephone
ficrvico which vou and vour nchrhbors enn cct for n mim thnt i small com
pared with tho benefit reccied. Call or nddreis our nearest office or
writo direct to henduunrtcra. Nashville. Tcnn.. for information regarding
our mieeinl "Farmers Lino" inte If vou are not nt present cnioying tele
Dhono nervice. we can immediately interest von. Our lines cover tho States
Nr Kentaekv. Tennessee. Mississippi. Louisiana nnd the Southern portion
of Indiana and Illinois. CUMBERLAND TEL. & TEL CO.
Weber's Prize Ilnnd of America
Headquarters for Tablets,
Pencils and Ink
L. I SAW, Crab IMaril, Ky.
We have another shipment of
Alcorn, Price $2 per 100- lbs
while the supply lasts. Do not
overlook slopping your hogs on shipslufll
.Best and most economical Iced to start your
feeders on. Price $20.00 per ton.
J. H. Baughman & Co.
Phone 11
Stanford, Kentucky.
When you want first-class
and at right prices, call on
opposite Court House
J. C. McClary
Office Phone 167. Home Phane 3
V ire in oltlon la da all kind of con
rrttinr, tuch lllock WurW, I'tuinciiti, slid
in (act, can makt nthlnr (rout houu
down to a froc l.t. Call and fft our prlcci
Wfcit you laj your maUritl at Itait.
PHILLIPS IROS., Stanford, Ky.
8 TO 19
Tlll'llSDAY, OCT. 10
H. B. Northcolt
Daalar In
Poultry, Eggs,
Produce, Salt,
Lime & Cement
PHONE 153.
Stanford, Ky.
gljEfl WORLD'S)
HHQ ,Est
.4... .
Tj.HLm '"

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