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The Interior Journal
'1 r
Mr WM ftp WnM TOUT
flikiicUltii f mlfii bbIbjBi
Yw Date ami Renew PramaWy
V wpy
"Dtfo 1W0 W'YEAR.
NO 88
Ltncetn Demecrats Ta le Held
Here Saturday Afterneen.
Tho fihnl rally of (ho floats of
Democracy will bo held nt tho court
house hero on Sulurday afternoon
lit 2 o'clock. Evary democrat in
Lincoln county should bo present
and hear the appeal and discussion
ot those issuos which nro of bo much
importance to their country.
As announced in tho Inst issue of
tho Interior Journal, Judge John W.
Ilugbes, of Hurtodsburg. will bo the
principal spcuker. Many Lincoln
citueus huo hud tho pleasure of
f heating the Judge on previous oo-
casious and will of course uvuil
themselves of the opportunity to do
bo again. Ho is an educated man,
has made n study of tho practical
and necdlul think' of Hfo and is
as fino a tnlker as can bo found in
this section of tho state. It is not
oftwn that the voters htivc the op
portunitv of hearing the pructical
funuer, the successful business man
tho ublo lawjer and finished speaker
all in one. Hut such will lw beard
in Judge Hughes. For years be bus
owned mid successfully Vondiictcd n
law farm in Mercer county, finding
time alwuys to ruiso bis oico in
defense of democracy and is now os
ho bus been for a long time. Judge
of Mercer county.
Let next Saturday bo a gnla day
for Wilson and Marshall. let it bo
ouo long to bo remembered' and let
(h tirowd which assembles here
then, prove u record breaker in sue
and in its enthusiasm. See to it
that yu "re here at 2 1'. M. and
see to it that your neighbor comes
along with his neighbor's neighbor.
You will profit by ouriresencc and
be entertained by Judge Hughes.
And Miss Carrie Navlor Has Nar
row Escape Frew Death
PrnnMrnrtvillp. Kv.. Oct. 31 MisS
Curne Naylor, voungest duui'htcr of
Mr. and Mrs. John ruylor. uuu u
mmi inir.iciiloiiH escape from uu
Htnnt death, Inst Sunday el cuing
while on her way to church, when
wlbin tlPIl
Prttus. when thv heard tho gallon
ing horses and being apprehensive
f duiiL'er. crowded close to the
fence in' hopes of escaping injury.
Almost immediately the running
horses, one of which was ridden by
Virgil Jones, was upon them. At
this time Mr. Navlor was walking
behind his sister and wu-, knocked
over bv the Ballard boy's horse
which also struck tho young lady in
the back, knocking her unconscious
..mi iiriinp uiHtn the gmund.
She was hurndly placed tu a bug
gy and taken to her Home wnere
lu-r iiijuries received attention.
There were quite u lot of bruises
about lift body n deep gash in her
head but luckily no bones were brok.
en. Some idea can bo bad of how
lo-e the call when it is known that
one of tho tiling hidv's simpers and
hide tombs wert. thiown home dis
tnnec uwav. her belt cut in two
pieti's, her hair ribbon knocked oft
and a gush cut in her head, which
most likely was nude bv the calk of
a horse shoo. Had the noting lady
been two inches taller ir bad the
hor-e inndo his leap that distance
shorter, she would have in nil pro
bability been kilttil.
Sam Owens' Sate.
Tho sale of S. M. Owens, near
McKiunev, Tiiedav nttoriioou did
not draw as well as Mr. Owens had
expected nor like the ilns of stock
which be had, would deserve. A
number of handsome mares with
colts at their sides weie tnken down
because of small bids and several
geldings, sound and well bioke. and
the best horse blood tu the state,
were led bock to their Malls for the
mi mo reasons.
Light eulves went t A. L. Ran
kin at J" and 'J yearling steers nt
$1.80; ('. R. Brawner bought one
hteer ut i-4.40; 2 calves went to Vir
gil (Vimphcll at 48.50: milk cow to
0. W Kogor lor 3.2o; one to Jack
Goer for fill: one to (ireelov Lutes
for -1sl8; r heifers were bought by
J. 1). Ends & Sous ut 10.25; pair
yciirling mules to "Viigil Cuinpbell
iit 55 each; horse mule to same
party nt 50; -l-ear-old initio to J.
B. Ilouuker for $120; 5 enr old
mule to same party tor IHI; bay
gelding to Ben Pencil for 00; nair
4 .vear ld luaro mules to J. 11.
Honakcr for 375; Inood luaro to
W. L. Law son for .155; cailiug
fillv to V. II. Murphy foi ".".
.Mr. Owens hnd ndvertised his
beautiful fnim ot 12(15 aeies, for
sale, but bidding was so unsatisfac
tory on his other ptopoity that he
did no offer tho place publicly, sav
ing, however thai ho would be glad
to show it to anyone privately who
contemplated buying land.
I have lost two hounds, one medi
iura sized white and black female,
and one (food sized Hack and tan
dog. Finder will get reward. "J.
hos. Hockley, Jr. M-3.
she was run over bv a horso nuaen
by Master Frank Ballard. She will;
her brother, Thomas Navlor. was
p tlm rcMtieiicv ul
Over Lincoln For Democracy Enqen
jfat Much Enthusiasm
Some splendid work for tho dcra
ocrntic ticket was done in tho first
day's whirlwind uuto campaign over
Lincoln county Thursday. Two
cars full of speakers left town
promptly nt nine o'clock. Hon.W.
B. Smith, of Riclmiotid, enmo over
the night before, nnd the nutoists
met Hon. J. W. Newman, State
Commissioner of Agriculture, nt
Junction City, nnd both did the
principal speechmaking during the
day. Congressman Hancv Helm
also took his turn nt tho bat. and
those who hoard him say that ho
made the best speeches of his cn
rcer, his effcort nt Moreland being
particularly effective.
From Sbclbv City where tho first
stop was tnnite, the nwing was to
MiHedeoville, tficn to Mnrclnud and
Hustoiuille, nnd on to Mt. Sclem
and MoKiuney, and from thcnci to
Turncrsville. At each point good
crowds weie present nnd greeted the
sM'iil.ers with enthusiasm. The' last
slop of the dav wns at Hubble, but
the democrats there hnd become con.
fused ns to the date and tunc, and
so the crowd wius the smallest of tho
day. Everywhere much enthusiasm
wiis inel ii Nil if, indications amount
to iinv thing, Lincoln is going to give
the henviest vote in her. history for
n demooratic candidate for presi
dent. Accompnnving the spenkets were
V. 8. Burch. K. S. Alcorn, II. R.
Simflev. J. I Bailcv. S. T. Harris
who did tho introducing nt different
tops, and tho two ear were driven
by Crimes Bcnrlev and Will Hocker.
A prompt stnrt wns made Friday
for the second day's campaign tho
itinerary beiii" ns follows:
Ionve Stanford 8 A. M., arrive
Wnynesburg 9:30.
Leave Wayiiesburp 10 A. M. nr
rive Kings villo 10:40.
Ijavc Kingsvillc 11:30 A. M. ar
rive Higblnmi 12.
!.cave Highland 1 P. M. nrrive
rreachersville "230.
Inve I'reachersville 3 P. M. ar
rive Crnfc Orchard 3:30.
Leave CrnbOrchard 4 IML nrrive
Ottcnhcim 7.
Democratic Speaking Appointments
Wnynesbnrg, Saturday nftcrnojn,
Nov. 2. J. B. Pnxton, T. J. Hill and
Virgil MeMullin.
Ellison's School House Saturday
night, Nor. 2, Virgil MoMulliu and
Herbert Reynolds
Great Meeting at Valley Oak
The Rev. C. T. C'launch. 6l Mid
dleburg, conducted n glorious meet
ing nt Vnllev Oak, resulting in 2(1
additions. It was the greatest re
vival we have over hnd.
Porto Dice's New Wander
From far nwav Porto Rico come
report of n wonderful new discovory
that is believed will vastly benefit
the people. Rnmnn T. March.-.", of
Barceloneta, writes: "Dr. KiugV
New Discovery is doing splendid
wot I: here. It cured me about five
tunc-, of U'rnblo coughs and colds.
iiNo mv brother of u sevcro cold in
his chest nnd more than 20 otheis.
who used it on mv advice. We hope
this great medicine will vet be sold
in oveiv drug store in Porto Rico."
For throat nnd lung troubles there
is nothing better. A trinl will con
vince ou of its mnits. 50 cent &
il.00. Trial bottle free, fliiaiuu
teed bv nil druggists.
Quickly relieves Rheumatism,
Neuralgia, Backache, Headache and
other pains. A reward of 100 will
be paid if it fails and the purchase
price is not refunded. Try it nnd
sic. 50 cents nt nil dealers.
f. .. . "Ti"" ir r ji i ' t'M m "I'll' ; i r;;' ipi - ' . .! ' 1 i '" '. n'ji 'iumMdr I tPHWlMMI
VbV IUB BBLl' .flVXt - BBrf BBflSSia BBBMru tAsQkHF BhBhVbV 'BMBV"Hftt',''' "'"tCC
1 1 li'Bll Bb I i I V MMJ I m ' I m 1 VBbBk mm Wc 91 WbTBb MmwBB 11 1 .'llBWJBl 11',iWm i liB
BBJBBl YJHYJbT- TKWflVi .BJBJl VVM " -BBf w4Br'"t-''"wW i'WJ V V V J -rc
BBJBBJ .flsJ BBj i. tBJBV wvVBV ; BjBT .iBLBi vJBaiM .BBT BjbT -flTAT Tv
BBmbSiBBB'' h ii iiiBBBMwBBBMUfelfcfcAdKiiAawMMaMfii miiri'i AJJKX3tkj&mtjBHBtBAZA
Hi l l..v
Husband ef Former Stanford Girl
Murdered In Oklahoma.
News hns been leceived by friends
llero of the murder of W. E. Harlan,
nt Wngoncr, Oklahoma. As Mr.
Harlan mnrriod Miss Ada Shelton,
formerly of this city, the details of
tho unfortunate nffnir are of much
interest hero nnd her mnnv friends
will extend henitiest condolences in
her hour of trouble. The Courier-
Journal minted this m.nnnnf nf Hi-.
killing of Mr. Harlan, as he wns u
former Louisville mnn:
The body of William E. Harlan, a
f..n.ii. .:,i,ni ..c n.: ..:... i.
.'.il. iLniurill ..,. Illl Wll, Willi
wns muidered by a negTo employe,
on his farm, near Wagoner. Okln..
last Thursday, will nrrive in Louis.
viile this moniing nnd will bo token
to the chapel of Leo Cralle. under,
taker. The funeral will be held nt
the Walnut street Bantist church.
rinrd, and St. Catherine Streots. '
this nfternoon ut 2 o'clock. Burial
will be in Cave Hill cemetery.
Mr. Harlan wns prominent res
ident of the section m which be re-
.( , , ,. , ,.
Hided and according to press dis-
"' " . "'-' '"" nuixKogee,
I llltrn IU tniwtlt ratiilitirr nirninut tlm
" " , , V .."'";, """;
negro who shot him. .Mr. Harlan nt
he time of his dentil was justice of
... ,...-i-, i-.i-.-ii.... ,..s,.c.i.it mm tampHicn out of the riot of mud
ownor of two largo pioccs of farm- slinging with which Roosevelt began
ing property in vNugoncr count v. I(i
He wns shot while driving one of
his ungons. The negro, to whom he
laid udvnnced money on wages, np
pronciied and asked tor an nililitiou.
nl sum. He wns tPld to wait until
the end of the month for his wnges.
whorenpoii he is snid to have fired
upon his employer. He escaped but
was nrrested later.
Mr. Harlan was a native of Sul
phur, but most of bis life wns spent
in Louisville. He left this citv
three enrs ngo for Oklahoma. He
formerly was emplovcd bv the Louis
ville & Nashville railroad. Ho is sur
vived by bis widow, who formerly
was Miss Ada ShelUui. of Stanford,
n daughter, his mother. Mrs. Ida
Harlan, nnd n sister. Mrs. Harrv
Trent, John Hnrlnn, who is connect'
cd with the Tenth street stntion of
the L. & N., is an uncle.
No More Gray or Faded Hair.
Women nnd men who use PARIS
IAN SAGE epn lw sure -t lmir
will fever turn gray.
PARISIAN SAGE will preserve
the natural color of the hair; stop
it from becoming faded and lifeless,
nnd by nourishing tho hair root give
to the hair n lustre nnd radiance
that compels admiration.
PARISIAN SAGE stops falling
h.iir; banishes dandruff; mnkes the
scalp clean nnd free from itchiness
nnd inomotes a crowth of heavy
Lnrge bottle 50 cents nt dealers
everywhere. Sold by O. L. Penny
on money back is dissatisfied plan.
A Good Woman Gone
Mrs. Arthusa Purr, wife of Win.
Furr. aged about 40 vcars, died at
her home nt Flat WVhmI, Gairnid
lounty, Monday nfter a short illness
of pneumonia fever. Deceased be.
fore her marriage was Miss Arthusa
Clovd anil u school teacher. Mrs.
Fuir was u consistent member of
the llaptist church and n Godly wo.
man with a huge circle of friends,
who inouiu her lo-s. She is suiviv
cd by her husband and tin t-o small
children. Bmial occuricd nt Cinb
John Miiaelc. of Varillu. Bell
county, was killed bv falling from n
moving freight trnin tm which he
was working. Miracle had been iu
the employe )f the L. & N.. ns a
brnkemnn and lost his foothold nnd
fell between Hie cms.
Influential Republican Paper. Asks
, Its Readers a Leading Question
Tho Chicngo Post, nn influential
independent. Republican newspaper,
propounds this question to Repnblu
"Wb.v not Wilson 1
"This question is addressed pnr
ticularlv to Republicans.
"Oovernor Wilson suits the Dom.
ocrnts down to tho Round, suits all
Democrats who are worthy to be
hled Democrats. But) in an emer
gency like tins, wliy should not Wit
h0" suit a ,',."fC "urt of lho epublt
,nns as wciu
"Why not Wilson?
. ""er.r ""'
)?n American gc
l!r. "? .a.c"d9,.lt ol
"Oovernor Wilson is a thorough-
gentleman, not only
oi mrtu. mu in ui
i,'." '.", M
,f''" "J0"1''
T"1 "l ccl
every ideal, impulse nnd nnnciplc.
bo the first require.
cry presidential candi
"(bvcrnor Wilson is u tried and
trucworthy executive. His brilliant
rccotd as Oovernor of New Jersey
proves that.
"n.iVnriKii VV'iluntt ia i.n nminandii
MUlWillU. Mitiuii .-. hi, uluiiii;ii,it
hal,c nilJ solls,ble man. He h au
eminently honorablo man. He has
. ..
uigniiied every place wiucii lie lias
llcIli. Hc lms pcrfor,ed a splendid
,,ulic hcrvit.c ,,y ift;c the ,)rescllt
-'In every personal characteristic,
Governor Wilson is equipped to bo
nnv imn's president, without regard
to whether that initi is a Demoerat
or u republican. What, then, of his
political qualifications f
"Gov et nor Wilson is nnd always
ra been n sensible Demoerat, but
be is pot and never has been u silly,
"Governor Wilson stands for honor
nnd efficiency in federal ndminis.
trution. So do ull save those who
protit bv graft nnd inefficiency.
"Governor Wilson stands for the
cubing of trusts and monoplies. So
ilo nil, except monopolists nnd their
defender, Theodore Roosevelt.
"Governor Wilson stands for a
prompt it ml steady downward revis
ion of tho tariff. So do nine tenths
of the people of the United States.
"Governor Wilsou believes in a
more radical tariff revision than do
u large number of the rank and file
of Republicans. But Governor WiU
son i" the only candidate who, if
elected, will permit the revision of
the tntiff at all."
Came Home to Vote for Wilson
Joe B. Williams and wife have re
turned for tlu winter from Ochil
tree. Texas. MrT Williams is a West
End democrat and came all the way
from his Western property to vote
for WiUon nnd Marshall. He says
that Texas will roll up the largest
majority next Tuesday it has ever
given. Crops of every description
he says, are the best in years nnd
the wheat so far is excellent. Time
ly rains have brought it forward and
the farmers nre in fine shape to go
through the winter.
$1 for the Lamest Potato
Several large Irish potatoes have
been brought t the I. J. oftiie re
cently, and so much friendly compe
tition has been moused as to who
has the l.ngcst that the I. J. will
give n dollar bill to the one who
brings iu the largest potato by couit
day, which U NoveimW 11th. On
that day the potatoes will be take!
to the store of T. I). New land nexfa,
door and weighed .and the one prov
ing the heaviest n'H get tho dollar
bill. Potatoes entered for this prize
will become the piopeilv of the I. J.
Snm H. Nichols has been elected
cashier of the Bovle Bank and Trust
Co., to succeed the late Henrv G.
Bond Inue eaten In Rockcastle
rdiuin iu umain IWO iniTUS
The good roads bond issue elec
tion in Rockcastle county Saturday
lost uv lniittre to obtain tho requir
ed two thirds majority vote. The
advocates, of the bond issue got a
baro majority for the proposition,
the vote standing 1.171 for to 073
against. And so Rockcnstle will have
to put up with her dirt roads a
vvhilo longer.
Dr. Owen S. Williams attendod the
banquet given in the honor of the
Blue Grass Dental Society, by Drs.
Letcher nnd Taylor nt tho Hotel
Gilcher in Danville Saturday night.
II r. Carroll Reid has returned
from Lcsington and Louisville where
ho spent several weeks.
Mn J. P. Ends bus returned from
u visit to relatives and friends at
Mrs. Jimmic Carpenter has re
turned from Louisville.
Misa Sallie Burdotte visited Miss
Culiudu uve last week.
Mr. Charles Rogers, of Louisville,
joined his wife here Sunday, for a
few days visit to Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
Mr. M. E. Allen is in Danville for
a few weeks, buying cuttle.
Mr. L. L. Bomres, of Lawrence-1
burg, is with Walter McKinncy for
a few dns, ere he sails ior Manila,
P. 1.
IMisJs Eliza B. Rout visited her
sister, Mrs. Eugene Pope, at Dan
ville lust week.
Mrs. John McKinney and daugh
ter, were iu this city shopping Sat
uidny. Mr. Sylvester Newton and Mis?
Roe McCormack were in Danville
Miss Elizabeth Vermillion, of
Dan Mile, visited her sister, Mrs. Ro
land Bishop this week.
Mr. Bertie Carpenter left Monday
tor Louisville to attend the State
Medical Society meeting.
Some of the out of town people
who attended Mr. Josinh Bishop's
sale were Messrs. J. L. Murphy.
Harry Baughman, Ed Nelson, Billy
Burton, Smith Baughmun. T. J. Hi 1.
Jason Talor and others.
Mrs. C. R. McCormack and son
visited Mrs. Jason Taylor at Dan
ville this week.
Mrs. James H. Yowell and sou
visited Mr. nnd Mrs. Mitchell Tay
lor Tuesday.
Mr. Sara Eastman, of Harrods-
burg. was registered at the Hotel
Wcathorford for dinner Sunday.
Mr. Walter Vanarsdole. of Dan-
ville. visited her parents here this
w eek.
Mr. nnd Mr-. J. L. Murphy and
children of Hedgevillc were here
Inst week visiting friends and rela
Dr. Ed Alcorn is in Louisville
this week t see his littler grand
daughter, who has been very ill.
Mr. James Hall visited friends nt
Dnnvi'le Tuesday afternoon and ev
euiug. Miss Llla Rigney has returned
fiom n visit to ie1atives at Stan,
The protiacted revival services at
the Baptist chinch i-.une to a close
Tuesday night. There were twenty
odd confessions,-besides seveinl re
hiiuutioits am! no doubt much im
seen good has been done. The com-
lu'initv in genei.il will receive u mor-
nl benefit nnd the churches n spirit
u.il uplift. Rev. E. B. English, who
so faithfully conducted the services
will administer the rites of baptism
nt I P. M today, Wednesday, at
White's Mill . Rev. English nt close
of meetings highly complimented
our poople on good orderv and punc
tual attendance.
Roosevelt Carries Casev, Savs Mid-
rilhnrn R.nnrt.r
Middlcburg, Oct. 31. The big
republican t "blow out" nt Liberty
Sa tiirdny is snid to have- been a
"blow out" sure enough. There is
said to havo been a fairly good
crowd present but it wns composed
mostly of Dull Moosern, who were
there for the "loaves nnd fishes"
that were promised to be more plcn.
tiful than on one occasion whon our
Savior fed five thousand. E. T.
Pranks und Bob DavidSou were the
only big guns present, nnd it is snid
tjie- did not shoot very accurately,
us the applause was not at all gen
oral, only coming iu spots nnd small
spots nt that. Senator Bradley was
billed for a speech but did not show
up, perhaps ho had not forsrotten a
former occasion when he wns down
for a speech nt this same Liberty.
That right on the eve of tho mom
ent he had a severe attack and had
to run awav. Anyway he would
have done but little good hnd hc
been thero as the breach between
the Moosers and the Standpatters
seemed to have been widened und the
betting is two to one now that
Roosevelt carries the count v over
Mrs. O. L. Wilson, of Tallahassee
FJa.,is visiting her father and other
Dr. C. C. Weeks and brother L.
D. Weeks, of Washington, D. C,
are here visiting old friends.
The band went to Liberty Satur
day and played for the Republican
rally, and was the best part of the
whole thing, so say thoso who were
The protracted meeting at the
Baptist church, announced some time
ago, began Saturday night. Rev.
Dotson, of Hopkinsville, arrived
Saturday afternoon and is doing the
preaching. Good crowds are in at
tendance at night services, and the
meeting is starting off well. Rev.
Dotson is a fine preacher nnd is
preaching interesting sermons. Hc
is a man with a big mouth, and he
calls things by their right names.
He seems to be a very earnest man,
and doesn't shun to declare the whole
counsel of God. The meeting will
run for two weeks or more.
"Two Merry Tramps."
"Two Merry Tramps.", that famil
iar musical comedy, will be played
at the Stanford Opera House. J. K.
Vetter is sending this truthful nnd
DODular entertainment on its oleventh
seasons' travels and has limited its
presentation to one company, which
in its personnel represents a judici
ous distribution of the various
characters; among those who have
shown their superiority in previous
cast of this play, J. A. Weaver as
Artie Voevline alias Prince New.
foundland, who is mistaken for a
real live prince and who is on a
lark, retains his humorous imper
sonation, ably assisted bv Billy
Stanford, as Clarence Banjorine.
Opera House Tuesday, Nov. 5.
Carpenter Williams
Preachersville, Kv., Oct. 31.
Pendleton B. Williams, of lLancas
ter, and Miss Fannie Carpenter, of
this place, drovo to the Methodist
pnisomige anturdav evening where
Rev. J. E. Robeits snid the magic
wolds which made two fond hearts
one. .Mr. Williams is a son ot JUr.
and Mis. John Williams, of Gar.
lard, who lived near hero last year,
while his bride is n daughter, of Mr,
nnd Mis. S. 1). Carpenter and quite
handsome. We know the groom to
be a haul woiking, industrious
voting man nnd wish to congratulate
him on winning so fine a companion
for life.
Col. Jack Chinn has moved from
Mercer to Woodford and bought a
farii nnd country store.
Charped With Fearful Crime. It
Fehiniihi Insanity.
Harrod-iburg, Ky Oct. 31. Tha
trial of Thomas Doviue. charged
with n crime ngainst his daughters,
which was to have begun yesterday
was postponed until the April term
pf tho Mercer, Circuit Court, as one
of tho most imoortant witnesses ia
unablo to appear. This witness wan
Miss Eva Freeman, aged 19, who lir
ed at Rose Hill, near the home of
the Devincs. She was present Mon
day in perfect health, but met with
a serious accident when returninu
home iu a buggy with two others,
The horse shied nnd upset the ve
hicle, throwing the occupants out.
Miss Freemnn lodged on ft sinnn
fenco and physicians say her baclb
bone was fractured and that there
Is only a bare chance of her recoV
ery. Her death may occur1 at any
hour. With the excention of her
head and fingers her body is com
pletely paralyzed.
It required five special Deputy
Shoriffs besides the Jailer to get
Devme from his cell into the court
room nnd back into the jail. ,
When the caso was called the
question of the prisoner's sanity
was raised and it was decided first
to have a jury summoned to inquire
into his sanitj. At 1 o'clock a crowd
of several hundred people had as
sembled in front of the opera house
to get sight of the prisoner. On
Hearing the court room door Devine
made a final desperate effort tore
sist being taken inside. He was
seized by six stronp men, lifted off
the ground, carried into the house
and placed in a chair facing the
jury, with a guard on each side hold
ing him. A Juror passed' oo
near the prisoner, and Devine gare
him a vicious kick.'Vhich case'ear
sending the juryman to th floor.
Drs. M. L. Forsvthe, Horace With"
erspoon, Carroll Price. T. O. Mere
dith and John RoBards, all of this
city, composed the medical staff of
witnesses, and about a dozen other
citizens also testified. All during
the proceedings officers took tarn,
about holding Devine in his chair.
The jury rendered a verdict after
a few minutes' consideration that
Thomas' Devine was sane, thus veri.
fying public opinion. His two daugha
ters charge him with the parentage
o their children. 1-'
Quarantine en Horse Stock
Live Stock Inspecjor Bledsoe
Bailey has received official notifi
cation from the state authorities of
a quarantine against horses, mutes
or jacks from Kansas And' Nebras
ka, where there has been a Con
tinued spread of the disease Some-,
what similar to cerebro-spinal men
ingitis. Veterinarians are unable1 to
handle the situation there, the buL
letins to the local iuStelor savs
and nre unable to nay positively
whether the trouble is contagious or
not. This quarantine is ordered
ngainst the stockyards of St. Louis,
Kansas City. South St. Joe, Chiea
ga, and East St. Louis, nnd Indian
apolis, and the shippers of all stock
into Kentucky must male affidavit
that such stock has not been in or
pased through Kansas or Ncbras..
ku within u period of CO days.
Vice President Sherman Dead
After a long illness, growing acute
in the past few days. Vice President
James Schoolcraft Sherman died of
Brights disease nt bis home in Utica
N. Y., nt 9:42 Wednesday. IIe had
been sinking since early morning,
bute rallied about 7 P. M. the eppar
ent improvement being of short dur
ntion only. Mr. Sherman was the
twenty-seventh Vice President and a
candidate on the Republican ticket
for re-election.
FlaMed Train With Shirt
Tearing his shirt from his back
an Ohio man flagged a train and
saved it from a wieck. but II. T.
Alston, Raleigh. N. C. -once prevent
ed i wreck with Electric Bitters. "I
wag in a terrible plight when I began
to use them." he writes, "my stom
ach, head, back and kidneys were
all badly affected ond ray liver was
in bad condition, but four bottles of
Electric Bitters made me feel like
n new man.'' A trial will couvince
you of their matchless merit for any
stomach, liver or kidney trouble.
Price 50 cents ut nil druggists,
Rov. J. G. Livingston will preach
ut Mt. Ziou next Sunday morning
and night.
$25.00 In Gold Given Away
R. M. Newlnnd, the Life nnd Fire
Insurance agent here, will give a to
bacco show on the 2nd Monday in
December, court dav.
Prizes as Follows:
$15 in (fold for the best six hands
of lugs to weigh not less than four
$7..r)0 for the second best.
$2.50 for the'third best.
No trash leaf or red sonsidered,
A. Wk King, Danville, Ky., Judxe.
Talk with me about your fire aad
life insurance. R. M. NEWLAND.
' 80-tf. '
i ,
-- J

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