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rsfisl The Interior Journal
Paper WW WIim Ymn
Subscription Expires Watoh
Your Date ami Renew PYMtptfy
FOUNDED 18G0. 53D YEAtt.
NO. 00
Hunfry Democrats Will Get ts Pie
Counter and Many WHI be
With n complete chango of ndmin
istrati.tn Hi Washington, n clean
sweep in expected as a mnttor of
Course, to bo mnde la nil federal of
fices. Candidate for ostmastors
are thicker than beos on a num
nier'a day, 'and the new president
wilt find bis bands full, aud unj
doubtedly his offioo full of office
Makers when ho take his seat on
the 5th of March.
Democrats are casting longing
eye on the postoffice at Stanford,
which Postmaster Floronco hag held
down so well for the past 10 years.
A great many are said to be pros
pective applicants and Congressman
Harvey Helm, who will have tho mo.
jor portion of apportionment of the
patronage In tho Eighth district, is
going to havo bis hands full. Among
those being "prominently mention
ed" for the postmnstership in Stan,
ford, Lancaster and Danville, are:
Stanford Judge James 1. Bailey,
W. A. Carson, George P. Bright,
Miss Mary Bruce, John V. Rout and
Lancaster. J. B. Mount, M. D.
nughes and others.
Danville. II. H. Roberts, H. C.
Bright and others.
The Louisville Hcrnld gives as
prospective apirants for the position
of Collector of Internal Revenue at
Danville these: Col. B. O. Evans,
Judgo C. R. McDowell. Logan Wood,
John Nichols, nil of Danville. T B.
Bobinson, of I.nnenKtor. nnd Shclton
M. Saufley of Stanford.
Resigns as Cashier of McKtnney
tank to go North.
McKiuney, Ky., November 7th.
Mr. B. II. Metcalfe and family
wdl leave this eotniug week for Cis
ero, Ind., to make their home. Mr.
Metcalfe will take charge of a bank
t that place. Mr. Metcalfe and
family have a large number of
friend, who regret to give them up
but feel that our toss here is their
.gain. Men like Mr. Metcalfe arc
hard to find and the people of this
lowti realize their loss very keenly.
Jliss Lena Beck will go with them
jind remain there with her sister
through the winter.
Grant Metcalfe, of Paint Lack,
has been elected cashier of the Mr.
Kinnev Deposit Bank hero to sue.
:ccd liis brother. It. H. Mctcnlf, who
reined. Mr. Grant Metcalfe comes
to us highly recommended and wo
feel sure he will wake u siicecss us
cashier. . . ,
Miss Butli Tanner is usitws bur
aiiut, Mr. H. C. Nunuclley at Wm
Chester thU week.
Mis Clara Lindboliu, of Kcwanee,
111., leturned to her home this week
niter a few days' wit with her
w-ter, Mrs. Chas. Beck. Miss Lmd
liohu'rt mother luturned with her.
Mis. Hibler nnd atliaotive dnugli
ter, Mi1- Biuee have retuvned to
their homo in Blooiiiiiigton, 111., nf.
tir n several da visit with Mr.
King Huston mill sister of this jvlac
TIim Democrats of tin- place ore
wearing n .mill" '" ,,u'"' liut" ldr
the hist tew dajs tlmt will not come
Prof. Caldwell of the Rimlcd
xhool went up to Beien to east
oto for Roosevelt.
Mr. P. M. Wme, one of our lunl.
imr niirch.inls, hoie went to Lou:;
-villo tins week to buy new uoo.K
Mihs Belle Gomb has been visiting
her brother-. Clay and Stroud Gooeh
nit Someiset this past week.
Willie Murphy, con of J. S. Mut
phy. of near town enlisted with tho
stiindiim min i't Somerset last
week nnd is now stationed at t olum
bus, Ohio.
Mr. John Elliott, of near town is
lnup.iously ill nnd not I'Mtcd to
live, but n httle while. Mr. hlliolt
1ms been hick for some time.
Brother Oabbeit will fill bis legu
Enginehouse , ..
Crab Orchard No. 1
Ciab Oielmrd No. 2
Hustonvillo No 1
Hustonvillo No. 2
Hustonville No. U (Turiiersville) ..
HiiMonuHe No. 4 (McKtmioy) ....
Wuynosburg No. 1
Wavnesbunr. No. 2 King's Mtn. . . .
Wuyiiosbarg, No. 3. (Highland)....
lar appointment at tho Christian
church on Sunday morning nnd night
also Christian Endeavor at 0:30,
leader, Herman Gann.
Latest Election Figures
Woodrow Wilson will go into of
fico with tho largest electoral ma
jority ever returned. Coincident
with his personal victory the latest
returns give tho democrats a ma
jority of 149 iu the next House of
Representatives, and an assured
majority in the senate. No less than
19 republican governors have boon
deposed and democrats elected to
their places. Wilson will nave 4dU
votes in the electoral college to 77
for Roosevelt and 12 for Taft, and
Wilson may even got Wyoming when
the count is comnloted. Wilson car
ried every state in the union except
Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania,
South Dakota and Washington, all
of which went for Roosevelt, aud
Idaho. Utah and Vermont which are
in the Taft column, and with Wyo
ming still doubtful.
State wido prohibition won in West
Virginia and lost in Colorado.
Kansas, Arizona, Oregon and
Michigan adopted woman suffrugc
at tho election Tuesday. Wisconsin
defeated it decisively.
There are 11 counties in this dis-
trier, Iu six of them Tuft got more
votes than Teddy while Teddy beat
bim in file.
Wilson. Roosevelt nnd Taft is the
way they finished in tho nation but
Taft bent Roosevelt a few thousand
votes in Kentucky.
Illinois, at first claimed for
Roobcvelt by 100,000, was found to
lo iu the Wilson column, too, when
all tho returns were in.
Seavy, tho Progressive, ran a bad
Inst for Congress iu tho lltb, Pow
ers winning by about 12,000 over Ben
Smith, the democratic, candidate.
Nick Longworth, Teddy's son in
law, running as regular republican,
was beaten by a democrat for re
election to congress from a Cincin
nati district.
And old Joe Cannon, for jonrs
the Speaker Crar of the House,
vent down in the land slide. A
joung democrat and ex.KenUickian,
took his measure for re-election to
The Taft connties were Anderson
Mercer, Jessamine, Shelbv, Madison
and Spencer. Roosevelt led him iu
Adair, Casey, Lincoln, Garrard and
Boyle. Wilson, of course, led in all
of them, while Helm ran far abend
of the national ticket owing to his
great personal popularity.
The showing Roosevelt made in
Lincoln surprised everyone. Much of
the credit for it is due to tho untir
ing energy of County Chainnnn, W.
P. Kiucnid who worked morning,
i oon nud night for the Bull Mooso
ticket ,nnd wns ably seconded by
Judge John Mcnefce, John Chnppcll
and others.
The Prohibition party got 84 votes
in Lincoln county, a gain of 27 over
tho last election when only 57 were
enst. Several Socialist vole;! were
cast lint tho judges foigot to certify
the number in several precincts.
Jtulilf. I'nrroll. for Court of Appeal,
I'. V. Puryear for Commonwealth's
Attorney, and J. P. Holdnni fir Or
riiit Clerk had no opposition mi no
Inliiilntion was mode of their vole
which was li'.-li! along with the nn
liiinnl tieket.
Mix-up in Stock Law Election
Altlionuh the vote on the stock
low t lection in the Hustonville ningi
teiial distiict has one majority for
the law on the returns ns mnde, no
lepuii wns mnile on the vol( t'lom
the McKiuney rrecinct mid do the
election, although apparently carri
ed, may ho inviilidiited. The officers
of election lit McKiuney if they
counted the xtoik law- vote foigot to
give the letunis on the letuin sheet
mid so .McKiuney is not, counted up
in the vote below:
For Agnin-t
Hustonville No. 1 Mil KIS
Hustonville No. 2 71 02
Hustonville No. It 0.1 7(1
Wil Taft Ted. Helm Dins
20.-1 7.'1 40 20!) 47
lf)0 B18 3o lf.O X
l-r0 10!) (il ',l(i:i f(i
10!) I.'i 81 108 r'O
l.r4 81 lit" Hit) lltl
147 4(i l.VJ 147 l.YJ
204 71 7.' 208 7t1
8!) (14 51 80 51
80 07 III) 00 30
172 47 07 175 07
108 41 84 170 82
1.18 04 70 142 75
82 35 92 80 90
180.1 851 909 1897 980
Big Gathering of Sportsmen Expected
Next Week Local Dogs To
Be Entered.
Announcement has bocn mado
thnt the National Hunters' Assoc!
tion will hold its annual meet at)
Crnb Orchard Springs during the
week beginning November 11, and
extensive preparations are being
riuido for the gathering. From pres
ent indications more members of the
Association and persons interested
in tho chase, and more and a better
class of dogs will be in attondanco
at the meet this year than ever be
fore in the history of the Associa
Col. Jack Chinn is President of
the Association, and Gen Roger D.
Williams of Lexington, nastor of
bounds, nnd both have received as
surances from the leading fox bun-
tors of tho country that they will
attend and bring with them their
best dogs. Crab Orchard Springs
will be tho official headquarters of
the Association during the meet, and
it is expected that quite a number
of enthusiasts of tho chase from
Lexington nnd other towns of Cen
tral Kentucky will attend. If the
weather is favorable some tine sport
is looked for.
This meeting must not be confus
ed with the State meeting, which
was held at La Grange, Ky., and
which was not well attended, owing
to the unfavorable weather and lack
of giving it due publicity.
Quite a number of Lincoln Fox
hunters will go up to the Springs
for the meet nnd will enter their dogs
in the stakes.
Popular Junction City Druggist
Comes Out on Top.
Wi. A. Reynolds, the popular drug
gist, of Junction City, won an impor.
tant legal victory last week, when
the court of Appeals at Frankfort
affirmed the case of Administrator
of Maim against the Reynolds drug
company. It will be remembered
thnt administrator brought suit for
$20,000 against Mr. Reynolds,
charging that he, by carelessness
had sold Mnuii the wiong medicine,
which wns poisonous and resulted
in his denth. Tho trial was a great
legal battle nnd every step was hot
ly contested in the lower court. Rey
rolds was represented by Attorney
Bin lings nnd Bngby, of Danville,
while tho plaintiff's intcicsts were
looked nfter by Harding and Hnrlnn.
Reynolds won tho enso in tho lower
Court nnd this decision was affirm
ed. There isn't a nicer or better lit
tle drug store anywhere than tho
Reynolds & Evans pharmacy at
Junction City, and the many friends
of the two popular proprietors will
congratulate them on their victory.
Marshall Newland Wins.
Tho victory of Marshall New land,
the popular young democintic Squire
in tho Crab Orchard distnct, was it
source of much gratification to hi-,
many friends over (lie lotinty. The
Vllto VMIs,
Precincts New land Billion
C. O. No. I 172 143
C. (). No. 2 108 115
. 82
New hind's Majority,
To My Friends
Having sold my inteiest nud good
wi'l iu the insurance nuency of Fish
it Bromley to A T. mid 1). S. P.iom
lov, 1 dcsiio to wi to the insuring
public mid my friends generally that
I "hull Mill be connected with this
olllcc mid earnestly solicit your ('ou
tturn il good will mid p.ttroimue both
for the new film ami m.wir, and we
shall emleni.ir to seivo joh iu a
piompt and sutisluctotv manner.
No More Grav or Faded Hair.
Women mid men who use PARIS.
IAN SAGE can bo sure their hair
'vill fever turn cr.iv.
PARISIAN SAOP. will preserve
the imtimil color of the hair: stop
it f i om bicomin; faded and lifeless,
ami liv iMiiiishim: the hair mot uive
to the hair a lustre mid radiance
thnt compels iwlmirntion.
PARISIAN SAGE stops falling
hair: banishes ilmnliuff; makes the
scalp clean and flee fiom itchiness
mid promotes a (Mowth of heavy
Lnrro bottle 50 cents at denleis
everywhere. Sold liv G.t L. Penirv
on money back is dissatisfied plan.
Lost A feather tick, between
Stanford nud Lancaster. Finder will
please notify C. G. Hand at Lan
caster. 001p
After Marali 4 WNI Be the
Flret LUy In (He Land."
Beat Dallies With Election News
Four to Six Hours.
The city dailies arc all talking
about how each got out first with
tho news of the election, but the I.
J. pulled off a little stunt of its
own on the morning after the elec
tion, and gave the news first to quite
a large community in this part of
tho state. Tho regular Tuosdny is
sue of the paper was delated until
Wednesday morning. By the assis.
tance vif its very effiicent force, who
worked all of the election night, the
I. J. was out by four o'clock Wed
nesdny morning with full details of
the election, showing the tabulated
vote in Lincoln county, n tabulation
of the vote of most of the counties
in the state and a comprehensive
survey of the landslide to WiNon in
the nation.
In addition to going out on the
early morning mails to its 4,000
subscribers, news boys caught the
five o'clock trains to Danville, Lan
caster, Richmond nnd Lebanon nnd
nil intermediate points, giving the
people of thosc cities tho news from
four to six hours earlier thnn they
were able to secure it from the
Louisville. Lexington or Cincinnati
dailies. People in those towns seem
ed to appreciate tho enterprise of
the I. J. in being tho first to servo
tho news, for tho papers sold like
hot enkes everywhere, and it pioved
a splendid advertisement for the
I. J., already about tho bet known
country paper in tho state.
Big Fire at Lebanon Junction
Lebanon Junction. Ky.. Nov. 3.
The Hoeler Hotel, a lame two-tory
finme structure, containing neatly
foity looms, us destroyed liy lite
Into this ittteinooli. While the loss
imiiiot lie definitely stated at this
time, it is believed that it will be at
least i-20,000 and may be mine. This
includes both building and contents.
Tim hotel was on nod and conducted
by S. K. Clink, who bought it fiom
It. M. Hoeker. who oneinted it for
iniiiiy jenrs. Mr. Clark did not
canv anv insurant e and at the time
of the file wju making many sub
stantial improvements. The build
iug stood lieu" the railroad station,
which for n time was-in due danger.
The fire wits tho lesiilt of the e
plosion ot mi iicetyliue plant ued
in lighting the hotel. During the in
llieie wns a second blaze, which sen
ously burned It. L. Mudd, a local
City Supervisors Appointed
The regular monthly session of
the Stnufoid City Council was held
Thuisday night. A Bonid of Suji
eivisois consisting of II. It. Saulley.
John S. Bauglimaii and W. C.
Shanks was iti)oiiit(d to go over
the property listed by the city ns
scssor. The bo.nd will begin its
healings on the Hist .Monday iu De
i ember.
Claims to the amount of about
.t2,000 weie allowed dilleient con
timtois on the cimciele sidewalk
work which has been done in the
city during the jtiist summer.
Kor Snle. Pine bred white Ply
mouth Rock cockerels nnd nllets.
Also Buff Orjiingtou cockerels and
pullets, pure stiiiin. Mrs. II. It.
Snufley, Stanford, 2t.
itt.tr iwmin rm iwHtito
Murh Work Done In Circuit Court
This Week-Allen Walker
Sent to Pen. '
The regular November term of tho
Lincoln circuit court convened Mon
day morning with Judge C. A. Har
din on tho bench. Judgo Hardin has
been ill with malarial fever for near
ly a week and suid it was with some
difficulty that he came to Stanford
this time. His voice betrayed his
feeble condition though he spoke
with vigor in his charge to the grand
jury. Especial stress was laid upon
violation of the election laws. He
oallrd attention to the deep interest
taken in the campaign just closed;
using it and the desire which citi
zens hnd shown to get nt tho root
of the alleged evils, ns an object
lesson to the grand jurors, whereby
they might get at the root of all law
violations; and thus eliminate the
high rate of criminally.
His charge bhowed some research
of the criminal history of the coun
try and statistics which he recited
discloEi the lamentable fact thnt
crime is on the increase. The pith
and moment of bis charge to the
ciand jury was to get at the foun
dation of the evils and the punish,
went of the criminal should be ex
actly what the law jirescribcd and
thus deter in tie future the younger
generation from jiclding to the temp
tations to violate law because of tho
punishment which they feel such will
lollovv. Following is a list of those
who compo-e tho grand jury: C. II.
("niter; K. G.,ISaugh, J. T. Dudderar,
.Mutt Ilotman, Frank Bobbitt, J.
Ware, D. R. Adam, W. D. Johnson,
R. (. Arnold, Stanley Stephenson,
C. M. Young and Georgo Hogue. The
petit jury is as follows:
George W. Martin, George Rankin,
Georgo V. Perkins, J. H. Woods, J.
L. Benley, W. C. Manuel, C. W.
Ihinl.ip, T. J. Hill, H. D. Aldridge,
Tlieo. Nolnnd, II. F. Newland, J. A
Gil ens, W. F. Dishon, W. F. Shoe
luiiker, W. T. Holdnm, O. P. Huffman
H. U. Campbell, John Beck, R. M.
Newland, Sam Chandler, Joe McAlis.
ter, J. I1'. Shaw, Wilson Alexander,
T. L. Carpenter. CourU then ad
journed until Wednesdny in order to
allow all to indulge in the right of
Circuit Court convened Wednes
day morning with Judge Hat din
ready for business. The first case
mlled wns that of the Common
wealth against Timothy Joidan,
chaiged with shooting on the pub
lie highway. He war fined $50 mid
the costs. Thomas Chajipell was
given a 'KiO fine for a hi each of the
jienee. liven hnnded justice is being
meted out to the illegal whisky ven
ders, Chtuley Ranchman, known as
the most jieisistent liquor seller in
Stanford, wn-. given ffiO nnd costs
in one ease and Incle Som has ii.it
vet had his turn iu a niimbw of
coses which come under jurisdiction
It. Sims cmiUht it to the tune of
foO for tin f f icing iu liquor and Wm.
.Murray in one case caught it for
ylUO and 40 dnvs in jail aud iu t75
and 40 da.vs in another. Mis. Mur.
i.iv will also siieud ten days with
Jailer Dink Farmer for a similar of
feiise. Tol Builesou, a .oung man
fiom the southern mrt of the conn
ty, was convicted of selling whisky
and win jiunished by two fines of $75
which he is lading out in jail. The
offender is a son of the )Ostmaster
nt uueslnug. The International
Huivester Company was assessed a
finu of $1,250 for violating anti
tiiist lows of Kentucky. Allen Wul
ker, tho negro jxuter, nt George 11.
Fm i is gi needy store, was sentenced
t.i one jenr in the pcnitcntiuiy fw
jierjuiy. Walker had sworn at the
Coiouer's inquest over the lemains of
the lale Audeisun Can's wife that
he hnd not been in Cmrn house at
all on tho day that Carr killed his
wife. At his trinl Wednesday wit
nesses were produced who said that
Walker had been seen nt Cair's
house on the day of tho minder
iiml Walker himself on taking the
stiind admitted that ho bad been
there and that Carr had confided to
him that ho had killed his wife and
wonted him (Walker) to help sjiirit
nvvliy the body. The negro gnvo as
his reason for dening his presence
at tan's house wns his fear tlmt
Pair, who was kno'wn as a desper-
te nego. would kill him if he gave
away the murder. It will be roiiiem.
bored Hint Cair committed suicide
slim fly nftev the coroner's jury hud
remanded him In jail clanged with
tho murder. The penalty in such
cases is from one to five jears, hut
the juiy nil id that "under the pecu
liar ciicunistonces" it believed that
Wnlkor's punishment should be fix
ed at tho minimum.
Dr. John Cook, tho well known
colored vetennnrian, was charged
by Bud Rowo, also colored, with bav
ing forged his namo to n contract
in connection with some livestock.
Cook had gono on Rowo's bond and
had taken from Rowe a written cor.
tract to turn over certain livestock,
in case tho bond was forfeited. Cook
bud t.) jiay tho bond nnd Rowo
had sought to avoid his responsible,
ty to Cook by charging that his
name had been forged to the eon
tiact, but n jury found Cook not
Wm. Schooler, a negro, whose
home is in Boneyvillc. was acquitted
of the charge of breaking into tho
More of J. B. Wade, near Walnut
Flat last summer, He had been in
jail since the robbery nnd when the
jury set him free, ho almost shouted
with joy. Wm. Tinsley, a white boy
was fined $150 for cutting Geo. Ks
tes nnd Joe Lane caught u $10 finn
for breach of the peace.
The case of tho Commonwealth
against Clarence J. Sipjile, charge 1
with false swearing, is now occupy
ing the attention of tho court. The
regular panel of jurors was ox
hausted nnd Judge Hardin ordered
the sheriff to summon 20 more men.
Nearly all of Friday morning was
consumed in securing the jury, on
account of the extended acquain
tance or relationship of Sipplc, or
men having expressed opinions in
the case. Attorneys E. II. Johnson
and . J. Hnzelwood, of London, are
here to assist Attorney K. S. Al
corn in the defense of Sipplc.
Cupid is busy in this little town.
Miss Ada Dunn Pruitt nnd Mr.
James Hanson eloped to Tennessee
Inst Friday and were married.
They started to go to Danville to
attend a house paity, but decided to
take the train at Junction City for
The bride is the oldest daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. George Pruitt, the
furniture dealer. She is a very
beautiful and accomplished young
The groom is the youngest son of
Mr. and Mrs. Hanson, and is a pop
ulur farmer of this community.
They will visit relatives in Virginiu
for a week or more and return home
nnd go to housekeeping at once.
They have the hearty congratula
tions of every one.
Miss Mnttie Mae Bishop and Sir.
Madison Snndidge diove to Stan
ford hist Wednesday and were made
nitin nnd wife. The bride is the
beautiful daughter of Mr. Sam Bish
op and the groom is the oldest son
of Mr. Mat Snndidge nnd an excel
best wishes of all.
Miss Carson and Mr. Babo Wells,
of Libcity, took the train here Hal.
low e'en night for Tennessee there
tiny were mnrried.
Dr. nnd Mrs. M. Lee Pijies and
son, James left Tuesday for Texas
and other Western points. They will
be gone about two mouths.
Mr. and Mrs. William Reynolds
and Mr. and Mrs. Cyius Estcs, of
Wajnesburg, were the week end
guesfs v)f Mr. and Mrs. William
Moser last week.
Miss Gcrtiude Richardson of
Junction City, has been the guest
ot Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Richardson.
Prof. Gooch resigned the school
at this place mid has accepted an
important positions in North Caro.
linn. Miss Fannie Spears is going
to fill his vacancy. t
Born, to the wife of Mr. Riley
Viiught a girl.
Mr .Sampson, a native of Indiana,
lectured at the Methodist church
last Sunday night. His speech was
enjoyable, us woll us instructive. Ho
is attending school at Wilmoie.
Hio. Wyntt 'Montgomery will be iu
Lexington holding 'n meeting on the
thiid Sunday iu this month. There
will be no preaching at the Chris
tian church that day.
Mrs. John Moser and Hon. Walter
weie in Danville shopping and ha v.
iug some optical work done last Sat
m day.
Miss I.elia Bello Jones has arriv
ed home after mi extended visit to
Stnufoid, Winchester nnd other
Master Ambrose While and Ran
dolpli IIuuii have been very ill with
Bazaar at Hustonville.
The ladies of the Presbjterinn
church, of Hustonvillo, will hold
their minimi Bazaar on December
11. They juomiso n large collection
of useful articles for Xmas presents
nud household use. Please remem
her the date. The bazaar will be held
nt the Euijwrium Flat. Ladies of the
Presbyterian Church.
Arbor Day Exercises to be HM at
State Capital Cretmds m
November 13.
November 13th has been chosen a
Arbor Dny for Kentucky, On thai
occasion a tree will bo planted on
tho capitol grounds at Frankfort for
every county in tho state. As y
no tree has been sent in froa tdiu
coin county. The Interior Journal '
is in receipt of a letter from Stmt
Forester J. E. Bartoh requesting
that a tree bo sent in from this,
county, and this paper wilt Under
take to sec that the tree is safely
sent to Frankfort to be planted, it.
some goad fnrmer will bring k
young sprout of gome tree which wiH'
make a good showing for old Lin
coln. The exercises which will be held
on Arbor Day at Frankfort will b.
appropriate. The exercises will b
held on the rear portico of the Cap-
itol, overlooking the arboretum, and
will begin at 11 o'clock.
It was decided that in addition to
the planting of a tree by represen
tatives of each connty, Governor
McCrenry will plant a burr oak for
the state at large at the junction of
the automobile drives, in a plat by
itself. This tree was selected be
cause of it sturdy growth and mag'
nificent proportions. The program
follows :
Invocation The Rev. James
Welcome to the City Mayor Jas.
n. Polsgrovc, of Frankfort.
Welcome to the Capitol Gover
nor James B. MjcCreary.
Antiquity of the Memorial Tree
Planting nnd Its Sentiment Attor
ney Genernl James Garnett.
Arbor Day and Forestry State
Forester J. E. Barton.
Plnnting of trees by Public
Schools President Barker, of State
Address Lieutenant Governor E.
J. McDermott.
Forest Planting in Future H.
F. Hillenmeycr, of Lexington.
At the conclusion of the program
representatives of each county win
go to the tree designed for his coun
ty nnd complete the formal planting
in the name of his people.
Hustonville '
Mr. W. O. Speed is able to be
out after a severe seige of blood
There will be a candy pulling Fri
day night Nov. 22 at, the Newton
Buliding. All are invited to come
nnd enjoy a social hour. A small
amount will be charged, proceeds
going to the club.
Misses Pattio Mason, Ella Bare
netto and Florence Spragens were
in Danville chopping Monday.
Miss Flo-ssic Taylor has returned
to her home- at Danville after a short
visit to Mrs. J. H. Yowell.
Mrs. T. L. Carpenter has return
ed fiom a visit to Mr. nud Mm.
Mrs. Luke Caqientcr (it Newcastle,
Mr. King Caijionter and sister,
Mrs. Allie Burris visited relatives in
Danvillo Sunday.
E. McCormack is in Cincinnati
this week with u car of hogs and
Mr. Sylvester New son and chil
dieu, of Somerset, motored to this
city Wednesday for a short visit to
Mrs. A. Newton and family.
Miss Lena Russell was the week
end visitor of the Misses Girdlers.
Misses Susan Blaiu visited Miss
Annie Gay Lutes Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bishop nnd
little daughter left Monday for Dan
ville, vvhero they will make their fu
ture home. Their many friends regret
to see them leave.
Misses SctuqiiRihcarotaoniununn
Messrs. Clms. Adams, R. A. Lipps
and Miss Jessio Powell were in Stan
ford Monday afternoon.
Messrs L. M. Reid nnd N. II.
Snow camo over from Mitchellshurg
Tuesday to cast a voto for Wilson.
Miss Ada Alcorn delightfully en
tertained tho Forty Two Club Sat
urday afternoon fiom 8 to 4.
Rev. C. R. Blnin, Mrs. James G.
Woatherford, Mrs. John A. Blnin
and .AGs,. Bettio V Logan attended
tho Conference ut Danville last
Messis. Stanley Stevenson, F. L.
Carpenter, Will Flojd were in Stan
word Monday,
Messrs. G. I). Weatherfoid and M.
G. Cowan weio iu Stanford Wed
nesday. Mesrs. Silvester Newton and
James Hall weie in Lexington for a
few days this week.
Mrs. Cariton Klkin, of Lancaster,
was here Monday ett route to Lib
erty, , . ,

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