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( gas i The Interior Journal (
Papr WM Hf WhM Ymt
Yew Date ami Ifencw PriwyWy
FOUNDED 18C0. 63D TEAR. NO. 01.
National Association of Fox Hunt.
ers leflns Annual Meeting
at Crab Orchard
1'ritb Orchard, Ky Nov. 12.
The ll'lli niiiuiiil incctliiK f 'I"' N"'
ionul Fox Hunters Association be
tin it session here Momliiy morn
ing nt historic old Crab Orchard
Spring" lil''i will' sportsmen mid
,poitwomen nml their blooded utiL
liuilrt present from lmlf n i1o7.cn
tulcs. The iirrny of hound nt
this meeting i siiid to he thn finest
that has been seen in n number of
ltevcrsiug tlic uunl onler of the
program, the nil nged stnkc was
i-iinli'd before the Derby for tbo 1
pie nt this year' meeting, so tbo
filler dogs were led out for the first
licnt Monday. About .' entered in the
Jnilinl race, the priiiclpnl entrants
being Oen. Itoger Williams, Lexing
ton three hounds, Col. Jnrk Chiiin,
Wood foul county, three; Arch Wnl
kcr of Giurnrd two; George He, of
St. Paul, Intl., two' T. (t. Jumos of
Mississippi' Uo; J. II. Lime of Ala
lianui four; doe II. Smith, of Lc.xinp.
ton tlireo; T. 11. Sontt, of Camp Nel.
Ann one; Sam (1. Storey, of Geor
gia, two? J. II. Wilder, of Vincent,
Aln., four; Dr. Cusper, of Louisville,
two; V. K. Ilerrin. of Chirks villc,
Miss., one W. J. Iavill, of Camp
V..1-.1. iu-h; (. I'. Miiunin. of Mudi.
ou county two; Stanley Plnkc, f
Cynthinnu. four.
Tli.. first run was made through
-what are known as the Cedars on
ii... ..!! Cook nlaee towanls the
knob-. A fox was started mmiii uf.
tor the chuso but no capture was
mnde. A rather i-tirr wind irrcvoui
.n..r Hum fair work being ac
complished by the dog-, and tbe
chase was not couiwueii mug.
i- cXKctvd that, all of threo days
limy be required for decisions in the
Aged stake, by the judges wbo nre
It. .. .Moss uf Camp Nelson. Hay
lcn Unveil, of Lancaster, Peyton
Parrib, of Preachcrsville, L. D.
Dieker-tui, of Nicholosvillo, and Win
rurnnr. f Wiuona. Mi. They fol
lowetl the do;.' clooly Monday and
look many note of Hie pcrtorman
. 'i'!;t. indoor feature H'" meet
the annual bench show will be held
nt tli.. SntiiiL's on Wednesday. That
evening the iiuiuial hop will bo given
which is always maile u iieligniiui
...;.! v i.vi'iit. The derby for the
tuingcr hound i expected to be
tdnrtcd Tliurstlay.
Girl Who Often Visited Here Hurt
Mi., Mabel Diiiiii, of N.ililesville,
liid wbo has visited Mis Anna
t'hanrc-liur for several week in thp
Miniiiwr was ,hot ami very seriously
voiiuded last Friday night. She
v.ns viMlitig Mr. ami Mr. George
Owen- at Mnysvillo. A patty of
voiitit: men and women went out in
ii'ilo .in u coon hunt, and while
paiug Do-l (limit place near .Mur
vithvville. he mistook them for Hal
loweVu matitudeis ami shot nt
litem, tbo biJI fluid; Mi.-s Diimi in
the back, ciu through ti sweater
ami itnbedcd itself in her bieast. The
last news icceivcd here wa thnt
flic was thought to he improving
ilnw ly.
First Confederate Pension Here
The t'.rst pension to be. .'ranted to
:i ('onfeileriite soldier in Lincoln
couutv, was awuitleil to (Jeorjje P,
Itiiht, of tin city, by the State
Pension Hoard last week. Quite n
number of applications are in from
Lincoln, but the board is con-itler-in
them alphabetically, and bis was
the His' iiamu reached.
Will be paid to anv person having
iiny kind of imin or uche, if Sliini'
Oiiicl: ltelief Liniment fails to i-'ive
instant relief ami the purchase, price
is not refunded. Trv it and see. f0
cents at all Dim.'uists.
Catarrh Sufferers Astonished
Hooth's 11YOMKI, the soothing,
henliup, perm destroying nir Rives
iustntit relief.
If you already own a HYOMEI
bard rubber inhnler you can cet a
bottlo v)f HYOMEI for only GOe, Tho
eompleto outfit, which included m
linler, is $1, and is bold by 0. L.
l'cnnv on money back plnn.
With overy bottlo of HYOMEI
comes n small booklet. This book
tells how easy and simple it is to
kill Cntnrrnh irorms njul end Catarrh
by just breathing into tho Iuiiks over
tlio cntnrrh infected membrane the
powerful yet pleasant antiseptic air
of Eucalyptus lroui tlio ininmi ior
st8 of Australia. This book tells
about tho HYOMEI vapor treatment
for stubborn Catarrh. Croup, heavy
folds and Sore Throat, and other
interesting facts. -
Hardin Hutchins.
A pleasant' surprise, w-ns given her
hot of friend in this community
when ncWH wnn received last Thins
day of the marriage of Mrs. llcs.sic
Fariirt Hardin to Mr. E. E. Hutch
big, of Carlisle. Tho nuptials wcro
Holemnixeil nt the Seclbach Hotel in
tho pteenco of a few intimate
friends. Mrs. W. S. Deidmm wa
her only attendant. Itev. J. II.
Ilriney, pastor of the Christian
church, said the nords which made
tho twain one. The bride wajt very
queenly ami hnntlsoinc in n blue
tailored Miit with hat to match. Mrs.
Denham, her matron of honor, worn
n'suit of brown. After a ahprt htay
in Louisville, Mr. and Mrs. Hutch,
iugs Telurned to Stanford, wheiu
they weie given u most cordial
gieetiug nml hhowercd with gootl
wishes and congratulation from
their host of friend. Mrs. Hutclu
illgs is one of the nm-.t lirlinru wimc
eii in Stanford, the tlaiighter of iMr.
Henry Farris ami sister of Mr. Oeo.
Fniris. Mr. llulcliinvrs is a promi
nent traveling nml business man.
To Be Held at McKlnney Four Days
Next Month.
McKiiiuey, Ky., Nov. 11 --An agri
cultural school of four tlaVh will be
held in the nchool house at .Me Kin
ney on the '!, -I, ti nml U of Decern,
her. The school will bo conducted
by n number of the profess,,? from
the Kentucky State University nt
Lexington, assjxted by a man from
the government ilepattmcnt. This i
a rate oppoitunily for the fjinnc.s
and business men of this hcction of
the state. Kwry man within ten
mile of McKinuey oiii;lit to attend
this school. 'If you nre not able to
c.iine from your home each day it
will pay you to come to town and
board in order to attend the school
nml hear so able men as we will
The school i- absolutely free to
everyone that caies to attend. All
it ro-tr, you i your time while nt
tcmlim.'. It dor- not matter if you
have lived on it farm nil your life
urn hne not learned tpiite every
thing yet ami if you will attend this
school 1 think you will nml that
Ih-rc J'ct inueh to 'e b'lino'd
about funning that will cau-e your
barn to glow fuller nml your horses,
cattle nml hos, to grow flitter mid
your pocket book to grow bigger;
ami above all your life will grow
sweeter mid more enjoyable. Every
one thnt wishes to attend this school
will please send me their name.
October Honor Roll
Senior Thomas Coleman, domes
"ooper. Lillian .Mueller, Unix, Kir.
ho it.
Junior.- Lffio Itaughmnii. ItoLeit
"opiii'nuuc Mary S. ('pub. 'lii"
Ion liiluium, Sallie M. Cmi., Hin-y
F.i'incr. Hi ten .Mae Ilollel.nr, 'vii
tii) I'mits, Anna D. McKobsn-, Moiy
il. Ii'aney, I Jessie Moore. Mn.vnie
fcuiglt Ion.
vvt Li-own,
Maud Arnold, Pies
(icrtrutle (lame Jcjso
Urath. MIL Matsy Crimes Xt I
I.V W. lill, Lettio W. iMcKiuncy,
Jean 1 a.lou, Martha S it.co-y,
Maoiice 'tucker.
Clinic II. Iltdiart Arnold, Leo
uard I ..Haiti, Annie V. Crn".:, Fran
cis l'labiy, Leo Mcrhon, Nn.iev K.
Ai"'.iiiiiey. Annie A. Povu I, l!e'lt
lvii'Woll, C larcnce Singleoi.
(Jr.ult. VI. Hester Atiiler.ini. Ell
rnbi lb ( nrler, Annette We.iivu, May
Deck, Vi.'tlou Cooper, Cnr"M t. s,
l.'achcl Mill John It. McKmn. y. .MM?
1.'. li.-h, Thelma Fitiuei.., I'toatli
(hiulu V.- Francis Corni.nev, Al
pl.a Funic, .Mae Cover, Sophie Sani'.
(Iriitlu JV. Hcitlia IllankeiinUip,
(J-(.iVe !' Farris, Tliebaa Powell,
Vi" I'io.T Smith, Mni-garet Sh'iuks.
Crntlo III. Olatly s Arnold, Add',
still I'cli, .'osepliiue (iooi.'i, M mile
Hi.i hii'seu, Mattie It. Kmc.id, Mar.
gie Lynn.
(iiiide li Mary K. lloeker, Kot'i
el ti i, r : 1 1 ' I Eddie It. !au;linio,
Atlelin Prot'tor, Xellio Mitenell Leliii
C. I.'.mcy, Frances Tate, Lett fa Mi.
Iir, J-''Viite( Fii.li, Leo D. Fiiher.
Orade 1. Matilda 1L-II, .lamie
Marnelt, Olga Camenisch, Maggia
Hutchiiistiu, Knthcriue Kine.ud, Lu
cindii Miller,, James 'Pnxton, Mary
Louise Stone, Dorothv Tribble, Ltl
cilo Walker.
Primary. Annelle Car.on, Mau
rice Murphy,
Democratic Campaign Chairman
J. X. Camden announces that ho is
not a candidate for Jho nomination
for U 8. senator next year.
J. J. Elliott Passes Away
John J. Elliott, one of tho best
ilireim of tbo West End, passed
nwny at his homo nt McKinnoy on
Sntutthiy Inst, having Ihcd faithful
ly and well the allotted time of three
score nml ten. An honest man is
the noblest work )f Cod iind truly
was this exemplified in the deceased
for ho was true to bis friends nml
his word wiih his bond. He was ever
kind ami considerate of those about
him nml will be mietl not only by
his family but by the community in
general, for ho was a good citien.
He is survived by eight children, nil
giowu, mid u host of friends sorrow
with them nt their loss. After ser
vices nl his late homo by Mr. J. C
McCbuy the lemains weie laid nwny
in the McKinney cemetery on Moii
day afternoon.
Mrs. J. M. Gooch had Largest Potato
A potato Wtiii-li Weighed 29 OilfiCCS
or just ihicc ounces short of two
pounds', and tent in by Mrs. J. M.
Oooch, of the (loshen section, of the
county, won the dollar hill offered
by the I. J. for the largest Irish po
Into raised in the county. Theie
were u number of entries some show
ing moie than one potato. All were
weighed by Mr. T. 1). Newbintl Moil
day ami the weights refolded were
as follows: Mrs. J. M. (looch 20
ounces; J. M. Stone, 20 1.2 ounces;
John Zwahleu 21 ouii?es; Emit Meier
20 J2 ounces; Charily dm mi 20
ounces; J. II. Eiiglemnii III ounces;
W. D. Johnson. 18 ounce, J. II.
Fails, 10 ounces; J. It. Camenisch M
outlet '.
Mistook his Wife for a Burglar
Sam Drown, n farmer residing in
the southern part of Marion county,
near the Cnsey county line, shot
nml fatally wounded his wife.whom
ho mistook for a burglar.' Mr.
ltiown, during the night, heard the
noii" of n door eoing, ami rre
tuining that mi intruder was in the
house, he reached under his pillow,
drew his pistol and fired toward thu
door. The bullet struck Mr. Drown
wlm wns returning from the dining
loom, where she hail gone for ' n
glass of water. She lived only n
few hours. Since the tragedy the
husbiiuil has been beide himself
with gtief. Mr. Drown wns 2.'J
.ear of age. She leaves a babe
four mouths old.
Dr. Sims Wins Race
It. E. L. Sims, (,f this place re.
ccivetl yesterday the gratifying news
of the' election of hi brother. Dr.
John Moigan Sims to the office of
Coroner of Miuli-ou county. Ilk, Dr.
Sims lies nt Collinsville. n city of
ithoiil 10,000 inhabitants. The coun
ty is a very large one, containing 17
good sied cities, I lie county sent,
EdwiinUulle, being a cil of 10.000.
The office of Coroner there is a
wry important one paying a salary
of Vo.OOO u year. Dr. Sims iiiatle
the race on the democratic ticket
and won by .820. The county is re.
publiciiu by '..r.00.
Dr. Southard Comes to Stanford
Dr. 1). It. Southard, of Mt. Vernon
one of -the best known young physic
fans in this part of the state, has
inocd to Stanford mid will be n.
sociated with Dr. 1'. J. Drown in hi
pi net ice during the absence of Dr.
M. M. Phillips in Chicago. Dr.
Southard is a former sjudent of Dr.
Drown, ami is splendidly equipped
in every way for the responsibilities
lie assumes. He has purchased the
home ot L. It. Hughes on lower Main
sheet, mid will, with his family, be
given n cordial Welcome to Ibis eom
iiiunity.. Swope Estate Divided
In the paitition of u large part
of the estate of the late Col. Thomas
II. Swope, at Kansas City, Mr.
Frances I lytic, wife of Dr. D. Clark
Hyde, icceivcd properly valued nt
fllS.OOO. Dr. Hyde, whose wife is
n niece of Col. Swojh, is under in
ihetment charged with the murder of
the millionaire philanthropist. Feli.c
Swope, of Mill way, Ky., a nephew of
Col. Swope, received propeily valu
ed at .71,000. Tho property divitl
ed today by agreement of the 10
heirs wns nppruiscil nt n valuation
of .tl,:i.')0,000.
Coming to Stanford
Harry Jacobs, the well known
monument builder, of McKinney, is
soon to hcfcomc a resident of Sim
ford. On Jununry 1st, next, he will
move his family to thu properly on
cemetery hill, now occupied by
Stephen Iluidette mid family, where
ho will be convenient nt his increaK.
ing volume of business in this section
He is well equipped for his worlf ami
will have his office ami materials
for building monuments, markers
etc., at hi' home.
Rcnt Portrait! of tne Ntxt
Vic Prcildent and Hla Wlfa.
Photos by American Presi Association.
Bowling Green Paper Says Demo
crats Should Make Him Senator
(Howling Green Tinies-Journnl)
"Xow that the iill-nhorbing Pre-.
itlentinl campaign ha closed, and
the ttj-iiieuiloiis victory has perched
llitiill tli.- Iimini't of Detiioerney, the
eyes of the public may again lie
turned to Stale affairs. Following
up trend of Mr. Wilson'. pleading's
during the campaign to back his nt'
ministration with n Democratic
Semite ami Douse it now les'olves
upon Kentucky to send a democrat
to fill the desk now occupied by
Senator Dratlley at Washington. Put
two years separate the lime of such
an election, ami choice must he made
by the partv at n primary long bo
foio that time. Without disparag
ing the claim, of other cuuilidnli:,
or men in the party who may aspire
to this honoied office, the Times
Journal is of the opinion that ex
Governor Deckliaiu is tho most lor.
ieal candidate. It is due the Demo
emtio party to right the wioag com
miltcil by those vampires mid leech
es in the party's ranks, when the
preent Senator was elected.
"Mr. ISeckhum was robbed of hi,
rights by the perfidy of those trait'
ors mid the whisky combine. He
could have easily won his light by
selling his honor mid birthright to
this whisky combine which had so
long controlled politic, of the state.
Hut Air. lL'ckham was a true South,
urn gentleman; one in whose early
tiaining weie inculcated the seeds
of 'Honor ubove. life, above all
things.'' Defeat of his ambition was
sweeter to him than dishonor. That
I'omiuatioii, fairly won by him in n
Democratic primary in which the
people declared him their choice for
the Tinted States Senate, still if
mains unredeemed nml n most dam
nable blot remains upon the fair
name and virtue of an honorable
Democracy and the good people of
this great 'Commonwealth.
"Mr. Hockhmii has hided his time
to recover his stolen jn'operty. Last
year lie would not entir the race in
opposition to Senator James, when
no doubt he could have obtained this
coveted toga for himself. He de
sired to receive his stolen propel ty
from the soirvco from whence it was
taken, theicby vindicating his party
fiom the slain iutlieted upon it by
the injury done him. Thi, inaguan
minis conduct will not go iiureward
cd by Kentucky's good people us u
whole. The honor of Democracy i
ul stnko; the party must ivdeecin its
pledge to him. nml confer this Sena
torial toga upon him. Mr. Deckhmn
will ho a candidate, mid the people
vill right the wrong nml victory will
he supreme, as wilhoui such action
it could not possibly Jie."
akK crV'ai.
aaaaaaaaaaa Mk aWaaaaaaaak.
aaaaaaaaaaaaam jmK aaaLaLaaaaaW.
aaaaK afe TalLaaF t X Laaaaaaar Laafl
Serious Acclrfent Narrowly Averted
As Hiibcit Cnritenter and Miss
llcrtn Jean Penny were rounding
tlio nnrrow ami steep S. Curve on
tho Prcachcrsvillo and Crab Orchard
pike where so mnnv neicdents oc
cur Sunday nftcrnoon, they came
upon a horse and buggy containing n
man, woman ami children. One of
the children fell over the right side
of tho buggy nml under it whilo the
moiher attempted with it child in her
arms to jump out on tho left side,
they also landing under the buggy.
The horse began to buck ami it seem
ed them would suicly ho badly
' mangle. Mr. Carpenter had his.
D C It Machine under control nml
brought it to mi instant standstill,
while Miss Penny saved one of the
children from the horse's heels. Had
it not been for this and tho fact that
I ho lioio was not frightened tho few
bruises, cuts and torn clothes would
not have told the tale. This should
be a warning to tho public nt least
not become frightened when meeting
nu unto until the horse does.
Kentuckian for the Cabine?
Thij Cincinnati Enquirer last week
snid: There is considerable talk
that n Cabinet position will come
to Kentucky. Former Governor
Deckhiim. I'rey Woodson, former
Secretary of the Dcmoctatiu NaU
lonal ( ointmttec; Judge Alex P.
Ilumphtey, Judge Samuel Wilaon
mid Johnson K. Cnmden are spoken
of, in this connection. At the Haiti
more convention Gov. Beckham's
Mime, wa mentioned for Cabinet
honor, but those close to him say
that ho prefers a seat in the United
States, Senate. Ollic Jamejs also is
spoken of as n Cabinet possibility,
but James would be sure to decline
it if it was tcndeied him.
Evans Blackerby.
County Clerk Cooper is'aiied li
cense Monday to Silas Dlnckerby
mid Miss Eliuhcth Evans, mid they
were united the same day in the holy
bond, of matrimony. Tho bride is a
daughter of Jame Evans of More
land, while the groom is nn iudus
Irious young farmer of the Jumbo
Massey Risk
Itev. Ju.s. Dalluu said the words
Friday which united in the holy
bonds of matrimony W. J. Rik mid
.Miss Luck Miissey, n popular young
couple of tho county. They left for
Florida on n short wedding trip.
To the Taxpayers of the
West End of the County.
We will he in Morcluud, Nov. l.'i,
from S A. M. to noon. Hustonvillc
Friday evening and Saturday, Nov.
Hi. Mt. Salem on Monday IS, from
i A. M. to noon, McKinney in the
lifteinoon. Will have list of the dirt
toad claims. W. L. McCurtv, Shei
iff. 90-2.
Silver Spoons in the Richardson
Store's Big Contest
The standing in the Diamond Ring
Contest of the Itichardson Store at
Junction City for the week ending
November Hlh 1012 is as follow.s.
Fivet of the gitl won the silver
.Miss Lucy McCoid 20,!()n
Miss Georgia Wells 280,430
Mis Hattie Leigh 108,280
-Mis Alma Cosby l.VJ.OOO
Miss Kloia Minor 148.850
Miss Annie Atkins li((l,200
Miss LaVinia McGruw ... 110,4o0
Mis, Donahelle West 104,000
Mis, Dhinche Dunn 10:i,2o0
Misi, Laura Kelley !)8,."0
.Miss Paulino Taylor 82,000
Miss Lulu Seweli 04,550
Miss I wiie Lyon, 02,500
Miss Christinia No,ka 57,950
Mis Alice Durham 50,000
Miss Itcssie Wright 55,400
Mi., Mary Heck 47,850
Miss Mamie Jones 45,200
Miss Dora McAneley 1)0,850
Miss Anuh Pruitt '. 114,200
Miss Elsie Alstott .i:t,300
Miss Mary Clnrksou 27,000
jMi, Gracie Lawsou 20,800
I Mis, Clara Mattiii 14,800
,'Miss Josio Walker 12,000
Mi?. Elizabeth Curler 10,100
Miss Fredia Seltsmmi 10,100
"There could bo no better medicine
than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
My children wcro nil sick with
vhooping cough. One of them was
in bed, had n high fever and wns
fonghii'g up blood. Our doctor gave
them Clin mboi Iain's Cough Itcmedv
nml lht"fist dose eased them, mid,
three bottles cicd them." says Mrs,
It. A. Dopli'sf)i. of Lexington, Miss,
For Sn'e by Penny's Drug Store.
General News Notes
The L. & S., has increased its
capital stock by .$1,200,000.
Roosevelt put Tnft in White Houso
mid agisted mnterinlly in taking
him out.
Judge Tracy, nt Covington rttnis
etl to appoint a receiver for tho Uur.
ley Tobacco Siciety.
The Turks have been driven cit of
Eorope by tho Dnlkon Alii?,' who
ifo now rhinning to cnpluru Con
stantinople. Roosevelt heat Tnft about, a mil
lion in the popular vote. Their com.
bined vote was almost a million moru
than Wilson's.
Final letunis show thnt Frank
7. O'lla'r the young ex Kentuckian.
has defeated "Fuclo Joe" Cannnii
by about 500, tho second tin.a thu
(-Spenkv- lias met defeat in 10
years of polities.
An L. & X., through train from
Fin-idit in Ciinir.i.oti ran' into im
open switch near Pari. The i.ngine
turned o'vr, killing tho cngiiuer ami
hndly 'injuring the fireman aid a
dining car waiter. Xo pa'.saag'jrs
vcie hurt.
Every Judge on tho Court of Ap
peals bem h of Kentucky will l.o a
democrat when Judge C. C. Turner
takes hi sent. He tlefen'il Judge
A. J. Kir' in tho 7th appelate d--triot
ordinarily heavy republican, hv
Richard Freeman, n farmer of
near Tyrone, shot, and instantly kilU
ed Ins brother m law, John Hnrlow,
nt tho latter's home just neross the
Kentucky river from Tvrone. Ftec-
mnu then mnde nn unsuccessful at.
tempt to to kill sister, Harlow's wife
and escaped.
Green Dowen, tho young farmer
who was shot during a quarrel nt
Sinai voting precinct Anderson
county, by Magistrate Hardin Snt
terlee, died lifter an operation had
been performed o nliim and n blood
clot caused by the bullet removed
from his brain. Sntterleo escnpetl
nfler the shooting and has not been
Money in Ginseng
It. C. Gerlach, of Germnntown,
near Junction City, is making a
great success growing ginseng. A
few days ago he sold 400 pounds of
the iindried herb for $050. Last rea
son he sold 475 pounds for $7110.
These crops were harvested fiom
s, than nn eighth of nn acre of
land. Mr. Gerlach planted his first
bed ten years ago. He is only 22
years of age and has just complet
ed the finest residence in German
town, mid mnde till the mon y from
gineng. Ho has 'the largest gin
seng fiirm in Central Kentucky and
is one of the few who have not'
dropped. out of the busiue,. Dan
ville Advocate.
High School News
(Dy Jas. Cooper.)
Miss Vcrna Rout, '15 was absent
S.01U'.: last week Jit account of ill,
ttes. .. ---
A few weeks ngo Choral Club wns
organized in the high school room
with .Mr. Thomas Coleman, '13 as
president and Miss Effie Iluughmnn
was chosen secretary, and treasurer
Special nitlMe has iot tieen Toeeiv
ed by this club, which will be ren-
tleretl at the thanksgiving service.
This soeietv is under the lendershiii
of Mr. Ilockcuborry, our vocal teach
Mis, Josephine Carpenter, '14 wns
absent one day hist week.
A Dutch lunch was enjoyed nt the
home of Mis, Maw M. ltanev. Fi-i.
day night. Many good thing, were
served tturing the evening and every
body enjoyed themselves. Guests
werre Mis, Kate Itnney Mr. Harry
Carter. Miss Mary E. McKinney and
Mr. Joe Hill. Miss Murv M. lfmiev
anil Mr. Thomas Colemap. Miss At1.
nu 11. Mcl(oucrt and, Mr. Tom
Phillips, Miss Mary S. Cook and Mr
.lame Cooper.
Miss Annie Milburn and Miss
Lucy Smith, of Clns, '14 were nb.
sent some last week.
3!is Gertrude Wilkinson, '15 was
absent hti-t week.
Mr. Silas Anderson '10 has been
rwiiy from school n few days.
The Stanford hiyh school football
team will play the Freshman team
Irom Danville (. I. on our grounds
Friday, Nov. 15. A gootl crowd is
expected out as well as a good game.
Clarence Sipple Acquitted
The ease of the Commonwealth
ngiiinst Clarence J. Sipple, charged
with false swearing, which was oc.
cupying the attention of the court nt
the hist report wus a hotly con
lesttd trial. It was given to the
mry late Friday evening and after
considerable deliberation Sippli was
acquitted. D. F. Martin wus fined
50 and easts for flourishing a pis
tol nt Charles Dnwes.T
Quite a NufntMr "Menilened'' Fm
HustonvHte Postmaster Hew
Entry far CeUectershfp
Applicants for postmaster at nl
most every town in the 8th district
arc casting eyes of Iovo toward
Congressman Hnrvoy Helm just at
present and somo tall scrambling'
for the plums that will drop when the
new president goes in, wilt undoubt
cdly bo seen. Congressman Helm,
it is understood, has made mighty
fow rrornises nnd he has a pleasant
word mid hearty smilo for nil.
Edgar lt!nutoii,; of Richmond, who
is one of the best known young dem '
vierats In Madison county, was here
last week, and there is a strong tip
out that he is being very stronglyi
consideied for the postmastoTsaip
A bunch of good democrats is said,
to be costing longing eyes at tho job '
in Ifuslouville, which John A. Dlain,
has held so well for some time..
Among those whoso nnmes nro bo-j
ing "mentioned" by their friends are.
George D. Weuthorford, A. J. Adams.
John Riffe, W. L. Evans, Miss MJickT
Logon, George Dratlley, Miss MoV
he Austin nnd may be others.
It is understood that over in Dan
ville friends f Logan Wopd bavo4
starred n boom for him for post
master there. Sieanwhilo the names,
of II. C. Bright, George V. Malinn,,
W. II. Huberts, and others nre beinff
mentioned by their friends.
The Collectorship yf this district
is naturally a plum many are" seek
ing. A new entry now mentioned is
is S. E. Booth, of Lnwrenccburg,
general malinger of the Kentucky
Distilleries and Wnrchouse Com
pany's big distillery plant in AndeN
son county. Lilian! Carter, -of An
derson, is also "mentioned". It np
pears thnt Shelton Snufley. editor
of the Interior Journal, is to havo
the united support -of the Lincoln,
democracy for -the place, which is,
of course, very gratifying to him.
Quito a number of leading democrats
from neighboring counties have also
nssnred him that they are strongly
for his appointment.
Death of Mrs. McGIII,
Mrs. Missouri McGill, wife of
Samuel McGill, of the Turncrsville
section, died at her homo on Sunday
morning after a lingering illness of
consumption. Decenscd was in her
.18th year and during nil her lifp had
been a devoted Christian, willing
and ready at any timo to pass into
the great beyond, for her she hnd
no fear of death. She frequently told
of her readiness to meet her Savior
but jirayed to Him for life, thqt she
might raise up her little children to
glorify His nnmb nnd to become
good and lu-cful citizens. Her bus.
band nnd four children are left to.
inourn the los of a "faithful wife
and fond mother and to them the
sympathy many friends goes out in
their irreparable loss. On Monday
afternoon the remains were taken to
the HiDstonvillo cemetery nnd at .'
o'clock were consigned to their last
resting place, nftcr n short service
by Mr. J. C. McCIary.
Col. I. M. Dunn, the popular pres
ident of the People's Tobacco Ware
house, was here from Danville Mon
dny, announced thnt its opening snle
will be held Thursday Nov. 21.
On account of my work in the
Gospel taking so" much of my time
I will sell nt public outcry, ou
November 16, 1912
My farm of 00 acres of Blue Griss
located within the limits of Huston
villti nnd Milledgeville pike, witli a
good G room dwelling, stock and to
tobacco burn combined, good orcli.
nrd and everlasting fnter. 'Will also
sell 1 brood mare, 1 farm hop.o, 2
milk cows and calves, 2 brood sows,
14 shouts, corn, hemp, tobacco and
hay. T. A. Wilkinson.
Hustonvillc, Ky.
1 A Peculiar Accident
Forestus Iteid, of Danville, sus
tinned u peculiar accident while rid
ing horseback on the pike near his
farm in this county, u couple of
miles out on the Hiistonville pik.
He, was riding along a hedge fence,
when bis horse suddenly wns strick
en with blind staggers and fell over
against the fence, toppling complete.
Iv over, nnd throwing Mr. Iteid off
ill a field. Luckily he fell away from
the horse, and was not hurt nml but
little jarred by the fall. The horso
seemed to be somewhat injured by
his fall as well as the attack of
blind staggers which hud affected
?JUU, i..

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