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isggsi The Interior Journal (
Ywh- Date ami Renew PramaMy
FOUNDED 1800. 53D YEAR. NO. 03.
5- in
Melvifl KWd Dead ami Jeto Dlihen
Serieusly WatHHrM n Satur
day Nifht Fifjht.
One of llio Woodiest duels ever
fought in Lincoln county took place
two miles south ot Crnb Orchard,
nrnr the county poor house, Snttrr
luy night nliout 7 o'clock.
The principal in the fight wcro
Molvin Kidd, aged 23, und his broth-r-in-lnw,
John Dishon aged about
l.'i. From the be infoimntiuu ob
(uiunlilc, it seems that Dishon had
secured quantity of liquor mid go
ing to hi homo in the afternoon
wns, witli Kidd and others preparing
o go possum hunting that night.
Kidd was standing in Tiishon's
ynrd firing a pitol which he hud
partially closed n trniln with a
neighbor for, und whieh he wan try
ing. Dishon stepped to hi front
loor and told Kidd to Mop shooting
as he win tired of the noise.' Kidd
j said t.) hnvn readied (hut he would
do mi when he "d il pleased."
Thin Irrought nil angry retort from
Dishon and the two qunrreled for a
moment ami Kidd, is nlleged stnrted
toward Dishon with hi- pistol in his
linnd. Dishon stepped hack into the
room and cntne out with n shot gun
nud both began firing. Kidd re
ceived the full charge in his left
lirenst and (daggering back n few
feet fell into a ditch, expiring im
mediately. Dishon wax -hot in the
breast nl.i, the ball ranging upward
(the result of hi standing in the
doorway above his assailant) and
toward hi rinht shoulder.
Coroner Geo. P. Bright was r
mediately notified and went to the
M-cne of the killing, where he im
paneled n jury and they rendered n
xeidict to the effect that Kidd enme
to hit death at the hands of Dishon.
who uclrd in thfl necessary defense
of bis life.
Dishon married Kidd' sister and
Ims n largo family, while Kidd had
lint recently inup-ied n niece of Dish
on nnd they lived in the name house.
It is Miid that bad feeling existed
between the. two men for some time.
While Dishon' wound is seriou it
is not regarded ns necessarily fatal
owing to the fact thnt the ball from
KiddV pistol ranged upward. He is
under guard and will be arrested if
his c.oniliti.in will warrant his re
moval. The charge from Dishon'
gnu tore n ghastly wound in Kidd'
left breast and death must have been
This is the second tragedy in the
I'm-1 End of the county within the.
pns year iioiii of which mnrt1 or
less brought about by whisky.
Ensslin Planning Improvements
Charles Knsslm, the popular and
piogiessivc Otlenheim miller, is plun
ning the construction of a windmill
;it hi.- place, southwest of Stanford,
.mil the installation of u storage but
tery und electric dynamo to bo used
jik .ipcrutivu powur for his flour mill.
Mr. Etissliu has been investigating
the cost of luiiinteiiunee and ojiera
lioii or such power its compared with
his present system, und old fushion
cd steam mill, and believes that u
wind driven diuiiii will prove a big
saving for him.
Honor Roll of Ellison School
At Waynesburg for the third month.
Grade 1 Virgil Kuugli, llulhe
Rey nobis, Mamie Singleton.
(J rude -'. H.iy Haugh, Fred Hub
ble, Henry Reynolds.
(Irnde 3.-Hurry May, Cecil Sin
gleton. Grade I. Taylor .May, Fiiunico
Hubble, Clcllu Singleton.
Number enrolled 00. Aerage ut
tcnihiuce -lit.
Thieves After Corn
ton-ideruble c.implaiut is being
licud of the theft of corn in the
field out in the Tuvneisville section.
Severn! well known farmers have,
iotiud evidence that lead them to
believe some negroes in that neigh
borhood are doing the thieving and
they are getting ready to go after
them with shotguns if they can ho
aught with the goods on.
ulldina luMjalew ,
John (1. Lynn, of this place, hus
begun erection of a neat bungalow
on the farm he recently purchased
f J. Frank Smith. The property
lie on the cut-off pike between
Stanford and Shelby City und is
known ns the Fugleman farm. The
house on it, a handsome two-story
frame, burned uhout three year
ngo and was owned at the time by
Hubert F. Seuddcr, now of Arizona.
W. C. Shanks, bought of David
Anderson, of Prenchersville n pair
of yearling mules for $223.
W. 0. Walker delivered to T. W.
Jone a bunch of good hog weigh
ing 200 pound, for which he ic
ccived 0 1-2 cent.
W. It. (liiiiics, of Urn Walnut Flat
section, sold to D. D. lloltr.cluw for
shipment to tho Cincinnati market, n
bunch of 100 pound hog at li 1-2
centi nnd fnt Jieifer ut 4 1-4 cent.
John L. Smith, out on Iturul Itoute
No. '', Cfab Orchard, delivered John
Cress, the Prenchcrsvilhi slock buy
er, threo suckling calves, for which
Mr. Cress paid him $11 n head.
George Carpenter lost u huiidsomu
Jersey heifer hist week by it heavy
limb falling from u tree under whicji
she was standing lit his farm on (he
('rub Orchard and Stanford turn
pike. She was heavy with it calf,
wos registered and her owner valu
ed hor ul $00.
E. T. Pence, Jr., of this city, is
feeding ut his fiirin on the Lancaster
and Stanford pike, it handsome
bunch of a doren mules which
woid bought at $50. Ho will havo
them on the market at the right
lime and believe they will make him
a neat profit.
J. W, Hrowu, who hn been living
on the Frank Lawrence place on the
I'reurhersville pike about two year
ha bought tho Ucorgo Muxcy house
und lot on the Hustonville and Dan
ville pike, half it mile from Shelby
City, and ha taken possession. He
gave .0o0 for the place.
II. C. Arnold, the local stock trad
er, has bought during the past few
ilays the following live stock, of
Henry Wallers, l(j Img averaging
JflO pounds, at (I 1-2 cents of Lit
Sloan hen averaging ti 1-2 cents,
of W. L. buig a bunch weighing 12.i
pounds that cost him (1 1-2 cents, of
II. Walter, 3 calves for $30 and a
cow weighing 800 pounds, of (1. W.
CnTter nt 3 cent.
S. 0. Drown, the Kubaiik stock
trader, brought to town and sold to
Hiehnid Hester, out on the Lancas
ter pike, a drove of .'10 steer calves
lie go: $loO for the bunch. Mr.
Drown sold to ltruiier Pros,, of Jes
samine county, who come to Lincoln
coiieidernbly lifter stock, n bunch uf
no (crr-' thttt !'" bud booglit in the
southern end of llie connly. They
went tc- the Jessamine buyer at an
nveriig" of 1 3-4 cents a pound.
Mitchell Taylor, of Danville, bought
of Mr. Drown 10 feeding calves for
fill. Mr. Drown shipped in n car
load of hogs to the Cincinnati mar
ket last week.
"The County Sheriff"
The Ihe.itergners will haw :i treat
in store when "The County Sheriff
comes to Stanford Opera Hnue on
Wednesday. Nov. -0. This is one of
those quiet melodrama" thnt hums
little powder. Still alinuuding in
heart interest and thrilling climaxes
it tells n beautiful love story of the
plains, with jut enoiiul medy to
relieve the intensity of the dramatic
situation. The sluiv is told in four
nets and secinl scenic and stage
equipments are carried for the entire
production. Mr. Lem D. Parker, the
author. hu added very little fictiti
. us embellishment to the ulieady in
teiesting story. The costumes,
which are historically eoriect, is a
feature of the erforinance. "All the
world loves a lover" is an old adage
ami a true one, and one of the most
f.isciiialiug stories of the love of
two men for one woman that was
ever told, is the basis of the play,
"The County Sheriff."
How tn Tell If your Hair Is Diseased
Even if you hunt u luxuriant
head of luiir, you may want to know
whether it is In n healthy condition
or not. OH per cent of the people
need a hah tonic,
I'ull a hair out of your head, if
the bulb ut the end of the root is
white und shrunken, it proves Unit
the hair is diseased and lenuircs
prompt nt lent ion if its os would
lie avoided. If the bulb is pink and
full, the hair is healthy.
We want everyone whose huir in
quires treatment to try llexull "Oil
Hair Tonic. We promise that it shall
cost nothing if does nol give satis
factory results. It is designed to
overcome ihindiuff, leliete sculp ir
ritation to stimulate the hair roots
tighten the hair ulieady in the head
grow hair and overcome baldness.
It is because of what Itexnll "Oil"
Hair Tonic ha done and our sincere
faith in it goodness thnt we want
you to try it nt our risk. Two sixes
GOe and $1. Sold only at our store
The Itexull Store, Penny' Drug
Gets Urtest Check for Turkeys De
livered tn Papular luyer
"Turkey Tom" Oooch, the cele
brated buyer, of the MeKinney sec
tion, has been bringing in big drove
of the luscious bird the past week.
Ilo has delivered nlrendy over 2,000
to Northcott here, by whom they arc
shipped to the eastern market foi
Thanksgiving. Thurmuii K. Tudor
nud his nssistnnt.1 nro kept mighty
busy just now gcting them ready for. & the attention of Kontuckyt
shipment. lO Democrat is the election of
Mis Mny North wf the Nest End.
again ha the distinction this year
of delivering the largest drove to
Mr. Ooocii. She sent 118 birds to
market nud got the highest check
written to any individual In coder,
her being for .f'JttS.tio. Mr. Ooocii
is rounding up another big drove to
bring In town early this week.
Thanksgiving cake ingredient nt
W. II. Higgins'. 0oVJ.
Knives fork and spoons for
Thanksgiving at W. II Mueller'.
Oysters, celery, mulberries und
nil kinds of fresh meat ut Fields
Iliii. OII-'J.
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Chatham bine
the sympathy of their many friends
in the loss of their little baby boy.
A splendid selection of watches
clocks, jewelry etc., for Xmns pres
ents at Mueller's. OJ-tf.
For holiday presents which will
last a life time go to Mueller' jew
elry store. OOtf
You want the nest policy when
vou Insure. See Fish L Bromley.
Stanford. Ky. Insure everythlnp.
For Sale.--Well broke, year old
bird dog: guaranteed to be nil right.
Call nt Morgan's store. A. K.
Oiiiues. It. F. I). N. 1 )2.'t
Dr. It. L. Dnxison, chairman of
the Lincoln County Republican ( oin-
mittee, attended the meeting of re
publican leaders in Louisville last
Mid-Week services at the Pies-
hxtciiuu church Wednesday eicniug
S'liv. 'JO ut To'cloek. Subject "How
the church is to meet the Home
Missjini Problem.''
There will h a pie slipper at the
White Oak school house, on the
Ijinciister and Stanford pike Satur
day iiiuht for the benefit of the
hool. Everybody is invited.
Mr. A. E. Hundley returned yes-
tenhiy atteruoon I nun Orlando, Fla.
wheie he was called several days
n.. bv the .lentil of Mr. Willis I..
Calmer. Mis. Hundley icmaiued.
Mr. I'tilmer is icmcmhcred by
many of the residents of Stautoid,
havirg married Miss Mnttie AfcAlis
tcr, of this county. He was one of
the leading attorneys of Orlando,
nnd was quite wealthy.
Tiie boy" appetite is often the
source of nmnrcment. Ifryou would
have such an appetite take Cham
berlaiu's Tablets. They not only
crealc it healthy appetite, but streng
then the stomach and enable it to
do its work naturally. For sale by
0. L. Penny. t
All persons having claims against
the estute of W. II. Dudderar, de
ceased, will please file them with J.
It. Pnxton, verified, as required by
law. Those knowing themselves in
debted to his estate will please come
forward and settle. J. F. Dudderar,
Ex'or. . 01 -St.
Lo a pair of gold frame glasses
in town Monday or lliistotiville.pike.
Finder will please return to this of
fice or to J. S. Mohley at MeKinney
nnd icecive re wind. 02-tf.
"It is n pleasuie to tell you thnt
Chainbciluiu' Cough Kcmedy is the
lips) cough medicine I have over us
cd." writes Mrs. Hugh Campbell, uf
l.avoniii. On. "I have used it with
nil my children and the results have
been highly satisfactory." For sale
by O. L. Penny.
Don'l forget Home Mission week
beginning net Siiuduy. I'nion ser
vices will be held wich night during
the week. Look for program in next
All paities having claims against
the estate of Harvey Floyd, will
present them to tho undersigned,
propei ly proven on or beforo Monday
December 0th. All parties owing
same will plenso settle by that date.
E. J. Elliott, Middleburg, Ky. 00-3p.
tTiTi or Ono Crrr or toudo. r
Lieu Oouktt. f
Fuxk J. Cmnet mmlM cwtk Hut k li Motor
urlnrr ol lb arm ol Y. i. Wcvit A Co.. dome
buiUMM la U CUT ol Tolnlo. Countjr and HUU
HoTFMld. tul Hut laid Arm mil par Ua aunt ol
ONK UUNDBbU DOLLAltS fur rack ao4 tvrrr
ca ol t'ATiHH Out caoaot tw cuttU tijr tba laa ol
UlU'l CaT4an CV.
Hora to before m and aubarribnl In uir prraror.
tala U Ur of Drvtmkn', A. 1. Iw.
I I A. W. alXASO.Y.
1 ili-' Notit Vvuc
lUU'a Catarrh Cura la lairs, lataraallr aod arta
dlrtrtlr upon tka blood aad muroua aurtacea ol tba
lyitrtu. Srod fur fatlmoaUla. Ir.
V. J. Cllh.NfcY Jk COTO!rdO.O
Hold br all Prunuta. tit.
lata IU1U 1'amliT Hll. kv mnlpaita.
y $
9 x$
Mt. Vernon Siflnal
for Reckham
i m
O Here' it striking and fine 4ft
1ft illustration of how almost un- &
t Mllimoits is going tn he the
O cnll to Deckhiim from the
O jicople to the V. S. senutor- Q
ship ne.xt yciir. The Mt. Ver- O
O nun Signal said Inst week: 0
O "Now that nil elections ore 0
oer the next thing to engage 0
Q it Cnited State Senator, tn
J succeed the Hon. William O.
O Drndley. Who shall it bef 0
0 This (pies) ion is frequently 0
nsked und this jinpcr is proud 0
O to say thnt up in the tnouii- 0
0 tain the usual reply is, Gov. 0
.1. ( . W. Deckhnm. ALnny 0
d democrat who wcic lignmst 0
O the Governor in his last race
0 for the Senate and were real- 0
0 ly glad when he was defeated 0
0 will work and vote for him in 0
0 the primary next August. In 0
0 the past the Signal has op- 0
0 posed the (Joveiuor because 0
0 we believed it was right and 0
0 proper that we should, hut 0
0 time has proven the error of 0
0 our way, and in the coining 0
0 race the Signal will take ureat 0
0 pleasure in doing everything 0
0 that it can to bring about the 0
0 election of the Hon. J. C. W. 0
0 tfcc.Miiiui to the United States 0
0 Senate, uu office which by 0
0 right nnd justice should b5 0
0 tilling today." 0
0 0
General News Notes
Pulaski county votes on local op
tion Dec. 10.
Chump ChiTk will have no oppo
sition for Speaker again.
An employe of J. D. Hoggin's
gieat Elmeiidorf fiiTin was killed by
u bull.
Vnnderbilt IViversity defeated
Central University 'JH to 0 ut foot
hall Satuiday.
Talk is heard in Washington of
Kryau and anti-Drynii factions
unioiig the democrat-, in Congress.
Police of eastern cities have le-
ceived uu.-iu'Ued postul cards from n
li. i.n 'tho nys be has killed three
L. F. Petty. Internal Revenue Col
lector nt Louisville, was thrown
from an auto and seriously hurt. The
machine skidded.
Cupt. E. L D. Dreekinrid'.'c. of
the Kith Infantry hits been assigned
by- the war department as Inspector
(lencTiil and instructor of the Ken
tucky militia, lie is a brother o
Henry Drcckinridge, of Lexington.
Defore leaving for a vacation in
the Kermud.t Islands, President
elect Woodiow Wil-on announced
hn will call un extra session of Con
gress about Arril loth, to revise the
tariff downward in conformance with
deinocintic platform pledges.
New Train on Q. & C.
A new train is to he put on the
Q. & C. commencing Xov. '24, which
will he of much benefit to travelers
from this section. It will run be
tween S.meret nnd Cincinnati,
leaving Somerset nt 0::t0 A. M. und
teaching Lexington nt 8:.Vi. This will
make it puss Junction City about
7:110 o'clock. The southbound train
leaves Lexington ut 1 I0 1. M. and
is due ut Somerset at :t:l P. M.
(. K. Murphy bought of Orville
Tucker it splendid harness mare for
floO. Emanuel Westei field, son of
Mr. John A. Westei field, who has
been seriously ill of typhoid fever,
is slightly belter. M. W. Cooper
sold his entile crop of tobacco, which
is said to be of extra quality, to
Jesse W. Overs! reel, at 1- 1-- cents
p.'r pound.
Thanksgiving seivice will be held
nt the Christian church ut 10 A. M.
Thursday, Nov. ''8.
World's Greatest Catarrh Remedy
Just breathe Dooth' HVO.MEI fin
five minutes und The penetrating nu
tiseplic air fiom the Euculyptus for
es of Australia will soothe the'soie
Catarrhal membrane and give won
derful relief.
Keing Mich mi efficient remedy;
absolutely ftee from harmful drugs.
11. L. Penny is willing ut the maker's
leimest to guarantee IIYO.MKI for
Calniih, Croup, Catairbal Deafness.
Coughs ( olds, Core Throat and
Drouchitis or money back. The lit
tle hook in each package tell how
simple it is to get rid of nil these
distressing diseases.. Complete
nvria.'i .....r:. :.......:...- i.... :..
baler. 1 : extra hollies. .50 cents at
iiir,.irii iiiiiiiL iiii-iu.iii.ir ..i.rKi-i ill- i
dealer everywhere.
Is Plea of track Mauplfl and He Is
Allowed $5,000 Ball.
Richmond, Ky., Nov. 18. The
hearing in the application for bail
in the cuse of the Commonwealth
ngninst Drack Muiipin. charged with
the murder Inst month of Jns. Fans
on the streetH hero October court
day, was held before Circuit Judgo
Denton, who, at the conclusion of
the testimony, allowed the accused
bail in the sum of $0,000 which Mau
piu i expected to give. Tho testi
mony tended to suhstiiutiatc rumor
cun cut ut the time.
The evidence as given by Miiupin
himself, his mniTied daughter, Mrs.
J. W. Hendrix, of Lexington, nnd it
grown son, Jasper Matipin, and
neighbor charge that undue inti
macy had existed between Mrs. Miiu
pm und Fnris dating hack about
eleven years nnd up to Fnris' death.
It nl(i was alleged that the two had
t'.ct on vnrious occasions in Rich
mond, Lexington nnd other places:
that Mrs. Miiupin, nflcr Faris moved
to Lawrcncehiirg, had inuintaiued a
private post office box through
whieh she iceeivod letters from Fam
until discovered by her husband and
her brothers. Then arrangements
were made, witnesses testified, by
which she continued (o get letter
ft out Faris by having them address
ed to her daughter. Mis? Lula, now
Mrs. Hendrix, whom Mr. Mnupiu
bad t:il'n into her confidence.
Sou f the letters alleged to have
been written by Fnris were rend in
couit and were of the most loving
i.utuie alwity pleading with Mrs.
Miiupin not to weaken or confess, to
maintain her innocence no matter
what wis said, and that ho (Faris)
would proclaim her iunocenco until
death. The letter, nlso urged that
she continue to attend church re-
gurdless of rumors, and in that wny
she would keep down suspicion. The
letters were all signed, witnesses
swearing they were in Faris' hand
writing. Miiupin swore thnt he hud ap
proached Faris on the subject of tho
iiimois .in various occasions and
Inns would only say: "Krnck I nm
your best friend and there is noth
ing in the reports." The witness once
told Finis, he said, that matters must
be cleared up or one of them would
''bile the diit." Then he later met
Forii. jusl after lie had been with
Mi's. Miiupin. us he believed, nud
Fari, without n word, drew his pis
tol nud compelled Mnupiu to buck
uway. Witnesses swore that Mnu
piu had not been the same since he
had begun to distrust his wife, nnd
that he bud spent most of his time
brooding and crying.
The testimony of the Common
wealth failed to contradict in any
material manner thnt of the defense
It also failed to show that Maupin
was the aggressor on the morning
of the killing. The only eye-witness
for the defense stnlcd that he saw
Faris make the first attempt toward
drawing a pistol. None of the Com
monwealth witnesses saw what oc
curicd before the first shot was tired
Mnupiu is n wealthy nnd proini
rent farmer. Faris was connected
with the internal revenue service tit
Luwreneeburg.y Ky., but fnimerly
lived here.
Walter Carson at Frankfort
Mr. Walter M. Carson, was con
vened to the Fnnkfort Prison last
Friday by the Sheriff. Although he
hud a very short notice, iiiuiiy of his
warm friends got the chance to tell
).t in 'jond bve. l.ibeitv News.
Mays Sweeney
Sunday night, Mr. (leorge Sweeney
son of CJ. M. Sweeney, of Middle
lung und Mi-s Alia Mays, daughter
of Mr .and Mrs. It. F. Mays, of
i- ... .. - i i . . i-
mums rvoe, eiope.i m .leiiersoiivine;
inn., nun were .nuir.ea cnny .vio. -
liny iiioriiiiK:. ine young coupie
hud been sweet hearts for some time
and had learned to love each other,
so devotedly that they decided to
join their haits for better or worse, (
nilllUltgll till- Olll lOIKs 0llHsed. I1DI 11 4
bride und groom are of the county'!
best people, und their numerous'
t'u aids wish them abundant joy.
t iiny News.
Posted Hunting Forbidden.
We, whose names are signed be
low, positively forbil any hunting
or fishing upon our premises:
W. F. Semonis. Wm. J. Beck. Fred
ViiiiGruenigan. G. Baumnnn. Chas
T. Willson. Ed Gooch, Lute & Myers
C. M. Allen. Ed Ballard. J. 11. Car
ter, John M. Carter, Sam Cnstello,
Mr. Mollie White. J. II. Myors.
E. K. Hatfield, L. P. Niinnelley.
Hcuiiiii Distili, Fred Meyer.
J. H. Olllieilisch.
Will Cordier.
Mnttie II. Ilewes, Frank Cordier,
Little Guy Yitntis Embry, the 8-yenr-old
sou of Mr. nnd Mrs. Wm.
Embry, of Lancaster, died Saturday
after a brief illness of membrane.
on croup. A physicinti was sum
iconed from Lexington for consulta
tion but it was of no avail as it
could not save tho life of the little
hoy. Much sympathy is felt und
impressed for Mr. nnd .Mr. Embry
in their great bereavement in that
Vuntis was their only child und a
great pet.
Mr. and Mrs. Tols Walker, of In-
diunn, have rented and taken pis-
ses-ioii ot the residence of Mus
Ifella Arnold.
-Mrs. L. L. Wlkcr was called to
Louisville by the dsuth of her uncle,
Mr. George Eppiug.
The Lancaster Hop Club will give
a dance Thursday evening ut" the
opera house November -1st. Red
mond' Orchestra of Frankfort will
furnish the music.
Mrs. R, II. Dutsou guve it well
uppointed dinner nt her attractive
home on Lexington street. The
honor guest were Miss Ethel Hilton
of Stanford, Miss France Forbes,
of Detroit, Mish., F. W. Ilnnnn, No
gules, Arizona nnd Jolin Fish, of
Mt. crnou.
Wm. I. Murksbury, a bachelor,
who lived in Qurrard county most of
his life but now of tho city of Lex
ington, vwis united in murriugc to
Miss M. E. Newman, of Elkhorn, Ky.
The Rev. T. C. Ecton, Baptist min
ister officiated ut tho wedding.
The C. W. U. M. will hold un ex
change at llascldeti's store on Nov
ember 'J7th the day before Thanks
Mr. uud Mrs. Roscoe Acton, a
young couple, uttended the Fox
Hunter' bull ut Crab Orchard
Springs on their return to their home
at Shephedsville.
Mrs. Millard Dean died of apop
lexy at her home at Dryuntsville. A
husband anil four children survive
her. Tho deceased was n native of
Kansas City.
Mr. and .Mrs. Wesley Walker and
children, of this county, have rent
ed nnd moved to the residence of
Mrs. II. A. II. Murksbury on Dan
ville street.
James P. Ralston, a well to do
farmer of this county, nud Mr,
.Ma Hie F. Ralston, n widow also of
the White Lick section, in Garrard
were united in marriage nt the Kup
tist parsonage, the Rev. O. P. Rush
Mrs. R. E. Mclloberts gave an
invitiug course luncheon complimen
tary to her mother, Mrs. Robert
Ware, of Hopkinsville.
Elder F. M .Tinder is in Somerset
engaged in a series of meetings.
Mrs. Elizubetli Joseph and sons
have taken npartmeiits nt the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cotton on
the Lexington street. Dr. Dur.icll
and fiunily will occupy the rooms iu
the Stormes building vacated by Mrs
Miss Katie Lee Denny entertained
nt an elaborate dinner nt her prdt
ty home, the honor guest being Miss
Chailotte Mount of La Grange.
Miss Ethel Hilton has returned to
Stanford, nfter a visit to her sister.
Mis. R. H. Hut son. Miss Litcilc
Jones, of Colorado, is here for a
visit to Miss Jennie Diekerson. Mrs.
Mnttie P. Fribie is ,nr home from n
visit of three weeks in Danville with
Mr. nnd Mrs. W C. Price.
Mrs. T. M. Wilson, of Rowling
Green is here visiting' her parents
.Mr. uud .Mrs. J. K. .Mount. -Miss
Florence Darnell, uu experienced
trained nurse of Louisville is heTe
to nurse Mr. II. F. Hudson who con
tinues ill of nervous prostration.
Mis Nnncy Robb of Nicholnsville,
is the guest of Mis Ilettie Walker
Ruriisitlo. Mr .und Mr. Willinm
Akers. of Kuiisii City, have been
vWilIB (iiii-run. relative. Mrs,
yrMnA Hea.ley is nt home again
,, ,,i..smit ..:,:, .;. i.r
daughter Mrs. Win. liny of Stan
f(mlt Mr Li)fo)( (f inrr(Mi.,burRt
has been the recent guest of Miss
Xortnn Elmore,
"There could ho no better medicine
thnn Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
My children were all sick xvith
whooping cough. One of them was
in bed, bad a high fever and was
coughing up blood. Our doctor gave
them Chamberlain' Cough Remedy
and the first dose eased them, nnd
three bottles cinod them," says Mr.
R. A. Donaldson, of' Lexington, Miss.
For Snlo by Penny's Drug Store.
The ladie of the Christian church
will have an exchange Nov. 27th in
J. L. Benzley's store, cukes, candy,
dressed chickens etc., for sale. All
who contribute please bring to store
by 8 -.'10. Sale begins at nine.
John Henry, Seeded of KMf-
Ing Operator Enftenwn Proves
When circuit court 'opened Mon
duy morning tho Commonwealth and
defonso both announced ready in
the case of John Henry, n negro
charged with the murder of James
I'nulemun, it telegraph operator at
KingV Mountain in June P)00. The
prosecution believed it had u strong
case ngninst the negro ns witnesses
were present und rendy to giv
damaging testimony. Mr. Flaig, a
jeweler of Danville, positively iden
tified Henry ns the negTo who
btought Englemun's watch io him
f6r repnirs. He thought he recog
nized the watch us the property of
the dead mu'n and referred to his
books and found that the number of
tho wutch compared exactly with the
number uf the ono he had sold to
Englcmnn. However all this amount
ed to naught for W. O. Robbing,
warden of the Alabama penitentiary
came up from Montgomery and on
taking the stand swore that at the
tune of the murder Henry was in the
penitentiary serving u terra of one
year nnd thut he made his escape
three days nfter the murdeV was
committed. The warden had the Ber
filhon description of tho negro and
it fitted exactly the marks on
Henry. There was nothing left then
for the court to do but to dismiss
the cue against Henry and the -warden
of Alubama prison left on
the 11 o'clock trnin with his prison
er where he will serve out the re
mainder of his term. The murder
of young Engleinnii was one of ihe
foulest eve committed in this' sec
tion of tho state he being, shot
through the window of the Q. & C.
oftico nt King's Mountnin while at
work. Theie is no question that Mr.
Flaig is correct in hi3 opinion that
the watch brought to him belonged
to tho murdered man, nnd from the
fact that a number of other wit
nesses were positive iu their identi
ficution of the negro it would seem
that he is right in the belief that
Henry was the one who brought the
watch into his store. A number of
men whose reputation is above re
proach were here to wear that 'they
had seen Henry in this section be
fore or about the time of the .mur
der and if their version is correct
there is a wide variance between them
and the warden's testimony.
In tho circuit court Friday nf-
ternoon Herman Camp, a 10-year-old
boy. who guve his home ns Chutta
nooga, was fined $30 on a charge ot
cutting a Q. & C. brakeman nt
King' Mountain IUsl summer. He
nnd two other boys were beating
their wny on n freight train to Dan
ville, when the brakeman discover-,
ed them nnd ordered them out of tho
car. An altercation followed und
the brakeman received it cut iu the
side. Camp was arrested ut Dan
ville nud hud been in jail here for
about about five months. He will
have to lay the fine out in jail.
Leslie McDonald, a West End
youth, was ordered to the Reform
School tit Lexington by Judge Har
din to remain until he ntttains the
nge of 21. lie was charged with
bieaking into Austin' mill at Mt.
Salem und being too yoipig to go to
tho penitentiary will pay the pen
alty of his crime in the school.
I will at my furm on Cedar Creek
three miles from Crub Orchard and
seven from Stanford on turn pike
leading from Crab Orchard leading
from Crub Orchard to Stanford'
will sell real estute and personal
property promptly at 10 o'clock on
SATURDAY, NOV. 23, 1012
My furm contains 20 acres of hind
C ucres in wheat and remainder in
grass, 5 room dwelling with porch
never fniliug well nt back porch, all
necessary outbuildings including to.
bacco barn 32x60, also blacksmith
shop neur church mud school house
and good neighborhood. If this place
is not sold on that day will be rent
ed on that day for the year of 19:t
to the h'ghest bidder. The following
personal property to-vvit: 3 heut
ing stoves, 2 coiil and one wood, 1
range cook Move, 1 bedstead, safe
1 two horse wagon, I btickbourd
good as new, some 100 pound hogs,
100 shocks of fodder one good Jer
sey cow and lot of sent) iron and
other things too numerous to mem
bioii. Terms made known on day
of sale. W. A. BRENT, J. P. ChanAa
ler, Auct. 89 5.
fc i j .
i, '

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