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T WW rfvp WnM T NT
wWiti ffffvfVfV abXirvlVfan
Hf BMO Ml VfMlw ryNRpVy
kK, mm law tf Any
V Owwi-y Pay M Ktrtttrty.
Hv PmwMt Mi WJ" far Law
ft a Let-ClrewK Cenrt M-
mM far Wmwaw Term
Circuit court adjourned for tlio
tfovember term Thursday. Judge
l'ardin'goes to IJinensler for lne
beginning of the Onrrurd couit on
Jtfonday witb the satisfaction oC
knowing that he has gotten the lo
c docket in Rood shape. Much
litigation was dipoed f nt the
recent session, in one form r
tiunthcr. . ,,,
Hon, E. V. Purvenr. of Danville,
(he newly elected ComnionwiiiltliV
Attortiev for thin distict, hntr re
ceived lu ommN-ion. und will Ile
um his duties lit Ijllicimlrr Monday.
A In me niunlicr of eases were dis
posed of and there was- imt u Hirmte
liung jury durmz (he term. The onlv
tuiirth r mo on the docket miih that
uf John Ilcurv charged with killing
Operator James Knirlcinnii ut Kimr
Mountain uud lie wan dismissed. Cit
ies n homicide hliimld occur in the
.....i., iv ii..tu-tn imiw mill Februnrv
trm. there will lie only one ease of
Ihe kind to he, tried then; that of
John Dishoii for killiinc MWViu, iwim
ii! I rub Orrhnnl lust week. DihIiuii
vh it first thought to he fntnllv
nh.it hiin-elf, liul from iert" from
hi bedside it seems now Unit he will
rcroter. A coriiiierV Jury exoner
nted DikIuui when it held an iim.uest
4iu-r Kldd's hodv. hut tin- tloen not
necc-slirilv neipnt Bulum.
Wednesday iiftemo.iu and Tlilirs
luy were taken up with the hint "f
Abiu Padgett against the C. N. O.
A T. I"r Kiulwav Conipunv for V-0.-000
damages for the Ins of his
-right litnli w'lule employed liv the
company. Pndgett n one of
number of workmen empIoed in the
-onM ruction of a ronrrete bridue
near Utincton in July. 1U. A
bucket eontiiiuinir n quiinlitv of lur
4i nd rnt had lieen net n fire near
Ihe work er by the foreman for
Ihe pnrpOM of drixinit off moiqui
loe. and Tadcett a iuinR by
dhis bucket when a lerntle explosion
I'pon inetiEHtion. it was found
tlut Ihe bucket contained a uuiiu
lilv of dnmlte which wa the
..ii f fh xjJoiiu and a a r
.uft fo which' plaintiff lo-t his lee.
The company reiioted th huit on
Ihe uround that I'Miluett wo wnrn
d hv the foreman of the construc
tion uunc not to npprortch the
liuckei. an it contniued dynamite,
und that had he obeyed the warn
ing he would not hae been injured.
The plaintiff admitted that he re
ceived the wiirninn, hut declnifd it
-ame to late to ennble him to reach
ji plate of hiifety.
The cue went to the jury about
one .M-hick. nnd after nil hour's de
liherntion. it returned a erdict of
7,fi(Ml for I'adirctt. AttornevH Al-rf-ntn
anJ Alcorn reireented tho
rmlrnad nnd Robert ilanlinw. Dun
ville. and (Icoivc I). 1'lorenco. of
Stanford, appeared for the plaintiff.
I'nduott t n ou of l.ilbimi I'luk-ctt
tuiil lit-. with hi-, lather in the
Wa Mil-bun: .ecliou ol the county.
At Ihe cloe or the Tadcett timl
.Indue Hardin ili-.inied nil the
pine ullei thiinkiiiL' them for their
....rii. . and rmullv ndjotliiied court.
The unind jury for the Xoeinbcr
tenn id the l.iucoln cin-uit court
tini-hAl it" InboTh Wednesday af
ternoon and was tinalh di-iuit-ed
Ijv .Indce Hardin after he hud thaiik
.l tlivm (nr their elfici' syriice.
'Ihe leturned (il indictment", for
MinoiiK offeiwe. a iiumher ot tliein
Ii.miil' tt ied at the iiie-enl term of
.unit. Those lelidercd and to be
Hied Inlei me fullow-: For niaili
1111111111! n nuiMiiHc. .1; lot hoiie-
liiimLtiii'. 2
tor a titilt ami liultcrv
:i; tor disturhiui: I chylous woilnp -fur
il'eialli rovcrhiiL' proiH'HV he-
I. ...... I.., I., iimitlinr 1 . till' breach of
the" peine I. for unlaw tull killiiu: Mnslei Williuui llhiukeiiship the
cuttle ol uiiolhei 1: tor ciiiniui: onl pupil who had not inised u
roiiceiiled weapons .': lol' poiutiiu: U't!i.' d.n of s, bool hcie this tenn.
i pistol ut niiother :i. for hhootin fell out of the lanks Weduesd ly
mid wounding "J- tor piniiuj; 1; for I m.n nini: with u bad case of niunips.
fuU hwcariii!: 1: tor illeiral Milo of Tell tol. Thus. Ileiisoii tl.e Hull
Whisky 2. This is the smallest niini- Moo.p was not dchoined in Lincoln
her of indietmenU hiiiuaht in u nuiu-,hiit lis honis mV uiowiiij: lamer
her of en in in thif court for illegal jihiilx.
wliisky sellmtr. Willi li snows nun me
ier ohiectiouahle chniucter that
foruii'iU infested Stanfoid and '
eliiltV lias either milt th- uelanoilrt
lillsiness or bus hied himself to u
inoie longcnial clime. The jury
made no icpoTt us to the condition
ot the iail, courthouse, etc.. which
if Itself slaiwt. that eiery thing is
in g.iod oilier.
Tuesilav nnd nearly nil of Wed
ncsdiiv wus tnken up with the cus,.
if f. D. Cnrsoii ngiiiiiht thn ('. N1. O.
A- T. V. railioad for .1-2.000. The
Vlaintilf hud bought u tij'ket fiom
the UL't'iit at Morclaud to go to the
Somerset fair and atleinnleil to re
turn on it under the belief that it
was still good. Tim conductor re
fused to nllow him to nd on it on
the giouml thut the. lime had expir
ed and lot ceil Carson to get off the
train. Later in the day ho vuih of
fend u ticket homo but declined it
and brought nuit ncuiuHt the com
pany for the nboxo uinoiiiit. The
case wu given the juiv Wednesde"
morning nnd it returned n, Msrdict
fnvoiuble to the 'company.
ly lay Cut ly Playmate
Freachemville. Nor. ill. While
two voutliH. Willie ('. W1iitoi nmi
('nil in lloone. were prunkini; with an
open knife the other day, the for
mer was seferely cut on the little
finuer nt his left hand. Yotim:
lloone playfully put the cutting; edgo
of the blade oRalimt the (hront of
vounu' White, who htruck ugainut the
knife with his open hand with the
nboie result. The wound has been
quite piiinfal nnd a phhician is at
tending the unlucky fincer, which it
Is hoped will kooii be well.
Crab Orchard Mayor Out Aaain
Dr. W. W. Unrein, the popular
Mirtor ol dab Orchard, wiih in
Hinnf.ird Wednesday nnd was lieine
conitriituliited hv his miiuy friends
upon his recoierv from n eere
spell of typhoid foier. Dr. Iluraiu'
rnmily was horelv nrilteted with this
Minim V. as he, his uife and foin
ijiildrcii Were all ill with it ut the
sniiie t'unc. All arc up nnd iilioul
recovered their MrciiKth now, hut
thev nnd n serious tunc of it.
Miss Willie Moore Msitcd the
.Misses McAIister first of week.
Qiiiiiii Nnylor uud hister. Miss
Yuhi. Msitcd their ier. Mr- firmer
(lastiueall ut lvmt l.eirtcll.
M. F. LiiWTcncn has just com
pirtrd il lieH hloik bain, the huliili
work of Jan. Hruuit and sou. He
hits hail Ills 1)1 nk ifsidrliei- recently
painted and his home, known as the
old Ijickey place, is ne of the
haiiilsnuiest hereabouts.
Horn, t. the wife of John I.. Ken
nedy, a fine mrl Miirv June.
Mrs. II. H. Thornlon bus Teturned
to her home at Zephor Hill. Kin., ut
ter a Msit to her parents here. Rev.
Thornton has moved from llrook
Mlle. Fla.. to Zephcr Hill.
The lluptist Sunday school is now
riiiuiinu nicely. A la we crowd out
Inst Sunday morniin'. Orcnnirntion
of pruer meetini: was deferred to
yVVdilesduy of this week, mi Recount
of mnull crowd out Inst Wednesday
evening, wwiiic to inelrmeiit 'weath
r. Miss Eva Mernman Msited her
pupil. Miss Oracle Anderson, little
duuehler of Mr. nnd Mrs. D. M.
I'rof. Virgil MeMulliii vi.ile.l 111.
hi liool here Tuedu nnd delivned
a short address.
J W. Itjwen and fainilv moed
last week to their new home at
Shelby City. We lecret to "ie
them up as thev were uood people.
We wish to commend them to Ihe
iMiod people there
Wm. Richardson, who is i-onfmed
to his lied with inii . sums Casey
Jones and whisOes Hot Times
Mrs. Susan Cress client Mondn
in Pimwlle shoppim; with Mrs. T.
W. Jones.
Rei. J. K. Rolierts will fill his
pulpit at the M. E. church Saturdirt
iiiulit, Sunday and Suuduv uiuht.
Mi. nnd Mis. iVltdlriim Willimiis,
of Ijincastcr, isited her parents,
Mr. and Mr. S. D. Carpenter.
The mumps, which luiw been
prciulent here for home time, nie
ueltiiu; to he epidemic. Foul or liv,.
tumates, in seieiul homes nre all
tied mi like mummies. The must
luiiteru-iawed, wapuer-iawed. wh.i
aluas had li face like u hatihet,
sime liecomini; the misimiii of
this jiiienile nmlaih. are row can
didates for n beauty prire.
Youis truly has had the time f
his hie but don't care lor u ieietit
kui of same.
We spent u Sutiirdnv iiftcrnoon
in Itiodhead icientlv ami weie pies,
ml at a china ilniwuu: contest ut
the st.ire of A. E. Albriaht. Each
Saluidav litternoon he mcs nwnv
a nice set of dishes. About U00
ptople weie present. Mr. Shixell.
a lesidctit ot that pirn e. held thu
llick iiuiiihcr uud canicd home the
A Great Building Falls
when its foundation is undermined,
and if the foundation of health
com! diuidion is attacked, quick
collapse follow h. On tho first fei'-MH
ol indigestion. Dr. King's New l.ifo
Fills should bo taken to (one the
stomach and regulnte liicr, kidncvri
uud bowels. I'leuMint. eusy, sale
mid oulv 2."i centn ut all diuggisth,
$25.00 In Gola Given Away
R. M. Newhiud, the IJfo nnd Fire
Iiihuinuce agent here, will give a to
bacco show on the 2nd Monday in
December, court da
Prizes as Follows:
fin in xtold for the best six hands
of Intra to weigh not less thun four
$7.f0 foT the second best.
2..r0 for the third best.
No trnh leaf or red sonsidercd.
A. W. Kinjr, Danville, Kv., Judge.
,Tnlk with me about your fire and
life insurance. R. M. KEWLAND.
Stanfwd Ymhw Min Wins Charm
VH. aVWe at Mt. Sterlhw.
The following account of the wed
ding of Prof. Walter O.Hopper and
Miss Oaiuette Rohinxon. of Mt.
Sterling, is reprinted from the Mt.
Sterling Ourelfe. Frof Hopper in
the son of Mr. uud Mrs. George D.
Hopper, of this city, nnd one of (he
finest young inrn eer retired in
Lincoln. His host of local friends
will extend rougi-utiilatidns nnd best
wishes. The Mt, Sterling paper
Miss (Inmettc Robinson und Mr.
Walter O. Hopper were quietly
married ut the home of the bnde'
mother, Mrs. Jennie Robinson, on
West High htrecl, estcrdny nftpr
nooii in the present e of only the im-
l liate relatives .if ihe enup and ll
few intimate lnciids. The ceremony
was iiorformed by Rev. J. Wl Forter
of LuxiiiL'tou. uud I lev. W. H. Hop
per, of Ruriiside u hi other of the
groom. The beautiful old home was
tastcfullv decoialcd fin- the occa
sion, the color sclu nn- being cnrneil
out in preen and white, with a pin
fusion of chrsiinthcmiinis nnd tut
ted iiiiiiiIh. lending a hair but up
inouiale, contiast to the solemn ev
ent. There wcro no ntleniliinl. the
leieinonv being pertnnncu in n sim
ple manlier m the puilor maid sug-
tiesine urruiigeineiiis. uic umm
wine it tiaelilig suit of blue Mini
earned bride's roses. Iimnediiitelv
ulteriMiid the hapiiy couple lett on
the MT tniiu for u short Initial
tup to the smith after which tho
v tit be nt home ut 22 West Main
The wedding is of wide interest all
oer this m-i tion where the controll
ing parties niV well known uud pop
ular. Mr. Hoppei. is Superintendent
of tl.e Mt. Sterling Public Schools
iird regal ded as one of the toremot
initig educators in the state. Heh
a grciliiale of Central University
mid since coming to this citv u few
en is ago has earned the .idmirntiou
and respect of the entire communitv
hv his splendid abilities and ceutlc
iiuuilv qualities. He Ls n native of
l.incol'i louuty and n member of a
proirineiil Kentucky family.
His bride is one of the most popu
lar young ladies in this section and
w.eM"knoii in Rlue UrusV social cir
iles. Sh,f is handsome und attrac
tive and posKosses n charming tier--oualitv.
coralrined with an ie.'-tin-ithle
lelmeinent ot ninimer. charac
leistie ot the Southern girl. To each
both are admitahlv suited and the
c.ingrutiiUtions and well wishes of
a ho of admiring friends nie being
showeied upon them.
Tile out-of-town aiiests who at
tended Ihe wedding were Rev. W. II.
Hopper, of Ruriiside: Messrs. Oeo.
ami Jneph Hopper, of Danville,
brothel- of the uiooiu, nnd his sta
ler. Miss Mm sine! Hopper, of
Stanfoid. .--. - i . ay
(in nieoioit ot the ilfiif-- of Key
Couch, Rev. 0. II. Caiiliou filled his
apiNiintmeur nt Methodist chinch
C. R. Currier has icntcd the Dei k
ir fnnn nnd has moved to it. Mr.
Decker moving to a house near Mrs.
Nancv Cm tier.
O. (I. Speake, as,i,teil hv W. 0.
Young is building n saw- mill lig on
wheels so that he mav be able to
move it unvwheri' and go to sawing
in a short time.
Tom Jenkins is unite sick with
-v'mpioms of tvpimid lever. John
Elites has gone to iittend Ihe tobac
co sales nt Lexington.
We Iciiiii that Dr. Luswell. of
Kind's Mountain, i- iiieparing to
iimve ,i AH. Neiiion. leaving vnly
one phvsicinn. Di. C. M. Thompson
to in art ice in this vicinity. We
therefore surest lilt t lllglllilllil
would be a uooil lucotioii for .1 ph-
Mi. II. I'
trull. Mich
Minium has lmiic to Dc
in seaieli ol emplov.
li. Logan (iirnei and Miss Mav
Hiistin weie mill lied last week at
King's Mountain.
Mr. uud Mis. W. (. Smher who
have hceu licuv (liecliciistle. 1ml lot
u vein, me heie visiting fiicml-.
Mis M. A. Slonc. ol Stantoid is
visiting her paciits, Mr. uud Mis.
John Meiei.
Mi. uud Mis. 0. (I. Speake went
to Lancaster Suuduv. to sec his
In oilier, vvlio i. ill.
Mi. C. It. Diinliip had some leiiiv
bullied last week hv fire in u sage
uiiihx field.
Perfectly Dellahtful Full of Re
freshing and Inviaoratina
Qualities that Put Life Lus
tre and Beauty Into
hair won't tuiu gniv; won't look
fade I or .'low thin mid seriigglvv.
)ai'diiff will di-uppinr, huh" stop
falling, the so tip will become ici
iiinciilatelv while, mid ill genu life
will be pi iiuptlv destroved.
At lUaleis eveivwheie, fiO cents.
Sold hv 0. L. Petinv, who A ill refund
Mnir money if you nre not satisfied.
The gill with the Aulunii hair is on
every packiiA of PARISIAN A0E.
General News Nate
Expert bare declared John Sch
runk, who shot Roosevelt, insane,
und he will be committed to uu usv
lum. The two-year-old daughter of
John llouk, of Kockcnstle, lcll inlo
a fifteen-gallon jar ot water and'
wlis drowned
The Somerset High School eleven
mid the team troni tho school for
the deul at Dunville pluycd a tie
gume, 0 to (J, ut football, lust weeki
The Dunville Advocute Huya tbui
Col. ( liftou Rodcs Andcmon, of
Uojle. will be u candidate for State
Senator next yeur.
A New York iinv tumid the four
gtiuineu who slew the gambler,
Rosenthal, guilty mid they will be
electrocuted along with Decker, the
cx-ioice lieutenant, who lured them
to do the deed.
The Tuiks have refused lo ucocpt
terms ot pence oftercd the Balkan
allies ntitl fighting has been re
sumed. Cholera lias bioken out m
armies nnd is killing more thnu the
Dick Dunn, n prominent farmer
of tho Kirksvillc section, uud Miss
llolu Heckuer, a popular and pretty
Helen girl, weie made one ut the
home of the bride last week. The
two had been swielheiirts for some
Kentucky friends have received
announcement ot the marriage of
Miss Nellie Orbison. ot Fiunklort,
to Mr. William A. Harucs, the wed
ding having taken place in St. Pel-
rsbuig. Fla. .Mr. Harucs is u -mi
ot the lateJCev. Ueorgc U. Karnes.
The bride has been making her home
in Sanibel Island, Fin. for severnl
vears. She is a granddaughter n.
the late Hiiam Herrv. u wenlthv itis
tiller of Frankfort nnd is uu accom
plished musician.
Evangelist Harnes, of I'rc.-ton-hurg,
is holding tevivul services nt
the l!jtist church ut Liberty. He
has been emploved bv the executive
bo. i nl of the South Kentucky Asso
ciation to eVK'meli'e the district olid
he u besinning his work ut Liberty.
He is snid to be quite u pleasing
Hud hunters nie finding mishty
poor "pick'.n . The .quail crop is
said to be the shortest known. Many
('aims, where they are usujllv very
plentiful not a single bird can be
A oung peoples' socielv has been
organized at the Huptist chinch
with Will Tupscott. us pie-ident.
W. T. Coulter, one of the best
toud ovet seers in the country has
put his section of the roud. which
runs through town in tine shape for
winter. He also had the contract fur
putting in thiee biidges and de
serves especial mention, for the
good work done. He bus How the
loutinct fur putting giuvel on the
pike fiom J. C. Curtis' lo the Lin
coln line and will begin the woik 1 1 J,
a few days. - -m
Mr. and Mis. . K. woie, ot
Muikshiiry, Giiiiaiil county, visited
their daughter. Mis. T. De his)
week. The iisiiullv come down and
attend the irotl.icted meeting ut
the Huptist church, but weie pie
vented i'lom doing so tin-. M'ar liv
illness of Mrs. Swopc.
A little daughter of Mr. mid Mrs.
Logan Moore, who live on the Libel
tv pike, was badly bullied Sutuidiv
Mrs. Moore lelt her in the huiise,
while she went to the mail box on
letuiniug found the little gill vv nip
ped in flames. A bucket of water
happened bv limidy, otherwiPe it
would likely have been hunied to a
The scrmuhle tor the pot ultice
here uud at Yiisemite is on uud the
apphiaiits are gettitu; busv. W. C.
Ilryant is the oulv applicant heie
lis vei, but tlune will hkclv he nth
els. A,t yiisemite theic .lie some
hulf ilocn or mine that would not
oliicct to licking slumps for Wood
low Wilson iluiing his tour vea.s ot
iiduuiiistiatioii. Among those men
tioned nu Jess T Short, Miss Hes
sie Lawliimi, J. K, Wil-oii and T. S.
Itiiison and tlieie otheis, who would
not imitate the hav steer pcifor
maiiie should the position be offeied
I hem. Some of the Republicmis nie
living o make believe that theie will
he no changes but thev will he tuiiuht
ii ihttelcilt lesson.
Tom Oooeli, the tuikev man. was
heie List week ieieiving Thnuksgiv
Hi'.' tuikcs. C, .T. Lester houuht
-nun :I(I0 line ones fiom patties
along the Liberty pike.
' Porto Dico's New Wonder
Fiom far nwuv Poito Rico come
reports of n vvondeifiil new'discivciy
thut is believed will vastly benefit
tho people. Ramon T. Muichnn, of
Jlarcelonetn, wiites: "Dr. King's
New Discoverv is doing splendid
woik here. It cured me about five
times of terrible coughs nnd colds.
nlo my brother of a severe cold in
his chest nnd mote thun 20 otheis.
who used it ou mv adviie. Wo hope
this grent medicine will ct be sold
in every drug stoio in Porto Rico."
For tlnont nud lung doubles there
id nothing better. A trial will con
vince you of its nieiits. 50 cents &
1.00. Tiinl bottlo fico. Oiininu
teed by nil dniTists.
Amenf Hwmen as to Which is
ChaiTuilen of the Year. e
An interesting controversy is on
;n the horse pupcM over the qucs
tion ns to which is the champion
show horse of the year. P. W. Rny,
of Howling Orecn, writing in the
Former's Home Journal, made ex
travagant claims for his great horse
My Major Dare. Mat Cohen im
mediately took up the gauntlet on
behalf of the grcut black stallion
Kentiukj's Choice in the last num
ber of the sump paper and writes n
letter- which is ol interest to horse
men of this country. He says:
Editor Fanners Home Journal:
In your issue of November Uth
under the heading of "Horse
Notes fiom the Pennyiile," there
appeared, over the signatitic of
Mr. P. W. Rny, nil artiile so lrro.nl
in its scope, so unfounded with
facts, and u filled with erroneous
stntemeiits thut I emi not refrain
from answering.
Mr. Ray claims the champion
saddle stnllion of 11)12, mid claims
that more real money was refused
for My Mnjor Dare- than was ever
given fur any saddle stallion, and
goes on with a proposition that ho
is willing to put up f.'OO n comer
and let the owners of Keutucky
Choice. Niekle Piute. Astral King,
Missouii King ami Hiircl Dawn en
ter the j'ack pot, the winner to take
all, and what the International of
fers, go to the second nnd third hor
ses. 'Ibis looks good, on pncr, reads
like Mr. Ray bad the very best of all
saddlers, th.it he is simply overflow
ing with ii desire to have them nil
meet, and in case the owners of the
above named horses do not come
forwnrd with mt acceptance, he can
say to the public "They nie afraid
of Mujor Dare."
In the first place. Maj'or Dare can
not ho tolled the champion of 1912,
even if he did defeat the horse that
defeated Kentutky Choice, for the
iceords show that Choice und Majoi
met at Lancaster fair in July twice.
Choice winning first both times,
while in the Inst show at thai fail
Choice was first. Bourbon Star sec
ond and Maj'or Daro third.
The next week they met at Har
lodsburg, fair with Clioice first nnd
Major second, the same leulted at
Danville, fai the following week, af
ter which they did not meet until nt
State fair, where they met in the
tl.000 stake, where Hazel Dawn wn
firt. Niekle Phite was second, Mury
Yandei for third and Choice fourth,
with the Major listed with the "also
IflnkX'' That vv.i! the last meetiugof
Choice and Major, and how Mr. Raj;
inn claim the title of "Clutmiiion'
when Kentucky Clloiee.dcfelited Mn
jor eveiy time they met this enr.
is beyond my i'iiipre!ieni"n.
As lo letusing mole leal money
for the Mjijor than was ever given
tot a snddle stallion, nauiiiij; f."i,000
as the amount is undue und Mr Roy
knows it, for he knows lluit Choice
was bought by me, for a company
composed of .Mrs. RT. Lowndes Jr.
Danville, Ky., James L. Ouy. Pisg.ih,
Kv , iiiul Heiuy Culleus of Lexington
Ky tor t",ll00 in ie.il. ti-li money
end tot Mi. Iiiiv's iidvice mid infor
tunium, 1 wish to siiy thut I sold him
to Mis. Lowndes foi tin; sum of 8,
l.'ill, cash, and do not think now that
he was over half sold.
Kegaiilitig the challenge of f.'i(IO
per i oiner, Mr. Rny knew when he
made that 'ci.iek" Unit Kentucky
Choice hud hceu tnjucd out, his
fdiocs taken off. mid that it would
he impossible to get him icady for
another show this vein. Mi. Ray
also knew that Niekle Plate hail
been sold lllld shipped to Miss At
eiluity. New Yoik City. X. Y. to be
shown in the tlnec gaited classes nt
the (iiirdcn, whiib makes him uu
"imoossible," while us for Astral
King nud Hazel Dawn, the foiinqr
is ictiieil fiom the show ting, with
the luttei listing uu her lumcN.
It is not my iiim, or de-ire to
plutk hoin the ciown of Mnj.u Dale,
a single lloucr, but I emi not stand
for such charges, and challenges
when the whole thing simmers down
to only u bluff, but, if Mr. Rny is as
anxious us he seems. I'll bet him
fltmo and put up TOlHI now, the
leinaiuing ."00 the night befoie thu
sh iw, nud lime a two hoise show
between Kentucky Choice mid Major
Date, cither ut State Fair, of Illue
(liass Fair, HM!I, (before judges
elci'tcd by the iissouutiou ut which
we show), the winner to take all, anil
I'll go even fiiithei, uid will give
my winnings to any chnritnhle insti
tution selected hy the Association.
If Mr. Hav Hunks this n bluff, let
him pluie in the hands, of the Fur
meis II line Journal a certified check'
for $300, ndvising mo of same, nnd
I'll promise to have my certified
cheque for same amount within 24
hours ufter I liuve received such no
tice. Again Mr. Ray states incorrectly
when he says that Missouri King
ban two blue-j on Kentucky Choice,
as we ouly met four times this Jenr
twice at Kansas City, American
Royal Show, whcii Choice was plac
ed firnt each time, Missouri King
second, while nt Snuthville, Mo.,
Missouri King wa, 1st, Choice 2d,
only meeting once, which is true re
garding the St. Louis Horse Show)
when Mr. Rny declared openly, with
out choice of words, that the decis
ion was n shame, and that Kentuck
inns should never exhibit in Missou
ri in the five gaited classes when
the judges, n majority of them, were
from Missouri. Very truly yours.
To Be Observed by Churches of City
Nov. 24, Dec. I.
The following is tho program for
Home Mission Week an it will be
(bspived by the Stanford churches
next week. It is a matter of very
cre.it rearet that Rev. J. B. Jones
will not be nble to tuke the place ns
signed him but that will he supplied
and the siibiect disoitsnd. I,et ev
en one note times nnd plnees nnd be
on hand.
Sunday, 10:43 A. M. Each pastor
in his own church. Subject: "Our
Country, God's Country."
.Sunday, 7 P. M. Baptist church.
Rev. P. L. Bruce. Subject: "Units
in Making Our Country God's Cour.
church. Rev.
church Rev.
7 P. M. Presbyterian
J. B. Jones. Subject:
Indian-, African und
7 P. M. Christian
C. H. Greer, Subject
"The Fiontier nnd the Island Po
Wednesduy, 7 P M. Methodist
cliurch. Rev. D. M. Wkilker. Sub.
ject: "The Rural Regions and the
Fiiduy, 7 P. M. Presbyterian
churth, Rev. J. B. Jones. Subject:
"American Social Problems."
Saturday 7 P. M. Christian church
Rev. C. II. Greet'. Subject: "Prayer
and Fellowship."
Sunday, 10::i0 A. M. Each pastor
in his own church. Subject: Unity
in Muking our t'ountiy God's Coun.
try." .-,-,-., Sfcn'-.,-
Sunday, 7 P. M. Methodist church
Rev. D. yL Walker. Subject: "Our
Country's Opportunity for Christ."
-41 1 Hustenvlllo.
Miss Sal a Curtis is able to beoUt
utter u seieie siege of rheumatism.
Messis. C. R. McCormack and
llmiy Cuninitr left -8111110110' foi
Columbia lor u Week's hunt.
Mr nnd Mis. Jim Iliiimhimin were
week-end guest of J. K. Haughmaii
and tmiiily.
Misses Sadie Haunhmuu uud Eliza
beth Pcavvhouse. who "me attending
school ut Richmond came down rn
dnv tor a few duys with the home
folks. Mr Ed w mil P. Sihold. of Lexing
ton, is t lie LMiest of his cousin, Mr.
I mill. Ilohbilt.
Mis. M. M. Sondid"e. of Moie
Itind, was here Thursday shopping
Little Fiancis Demi" celebrntcd
her twelveth biithil.iv Saturday af
ternoon tiiun two loin, delightful
leTie-linienls weie scived mid u
cikicI tune cvciv one hud. Among
those pie-ent weie Messrs. Jessie
1 iicker. r.li.ibetb Evmis. ltubv Rus
sell, Mui'.'iiici Powell, Muiy Skinner
uud (. R. McCoimuck. Jr., C. W.
Ad. mis, Jr., Ln.ene Buiris, James
Mr. J. O. Cm pouter bus returned
1 1 0111 11 business tup to Cincinnati
Messis Svlvester und John New
ton 1110 home from 11 visit to their
uueld ut Soinei-et.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Sidney Ewwis, vf
( incinunti, iirnvitl Wednesday for
a visit to Messi,.. C. W. and A. J
Admits mid Min. David Newbeiu.
Miss Kate Bogie spent the week
end with lelalivcs at Danville.
Mr. mid Mis. John A. BI.1111 and
fainilv have moved to town nud nie
occupying the hou-e owned by Miss
Am Wright.
Misses Annie Ninth most delight
fully enteilainid the Forty-Two
(lub Satuidav ulleiiioon.
Miss E'lu Baruette is visiting
liiends at Stiinfoid.
Mr.. Jones Baiighiuan of M01 eland
vns hcie Tiiedav shopping.'
It the person who found 11 long
blown in ei coat hist Sunday inoiii-
tug iiftwccii Junction City and llus -
luiville. will ictiiin sumo, to Green
..1 it .t t 1
live at luuci vveaineiioru u niierui
lewmd will be paid.
M. M. E. Allen has returned fto..i'ta T Je knovw,
1 11 1 litis wheie lie snent 11 tew - ..... . . r ?
Mile wlieie be spent 11 few
ths buying and selling export
East End Parent Fine In CmV
Court fir VtetaUM Act First
Offense hi Thto Cwmty
The first trial held in Lincoln
Couutv for violation of the Compul
sory Educational law, was had in
Counlv Judge J. P. Bailey's court
Thursday morning. The defendant
111 the case was D. V. Holmes, ot
the East End of the county. Super
intendent of Schools Garland Sin
gleton hud information that Harvey
the nine-cur-old son of Mr. Holmes
was not in school nnd began an in
vestigation. As it wits the parent'
first offcne. Judge Bailey gav'o him
the lowest fine. $5. For the second
offense the law provides a heavier
penalty, and it might be well for
parents to keep well informed on
this law und to see to it that their
ehihltcn nre kjpt constantly in
school Superintendent Singleton
is determined to see thut the law is
enforced und is in constant touch
with every school under his supervi
sion. He says thut the compulsory
net is the best law upon the statute
books relating to schools unci that
since its ad.intion, the enrollment
bus materially increased in every
scluiol in Lincoln county. He makes
the rounds nenriy every week and is
exciting eiety energy to sec that
the law is obeved.
Looks Bad For Bell.
Charles W. Bell, who was Slate
Iustnanco Commissioner, under the
Willson republican administration
in Kentucky. wu$ given a fearful
grilling by the report of the State
Inspector nnd Examiner which has
just completed mi examination of his
department. The Inspector finds
there is due the state for fees and
licenses and tux on premiums $20,-.
7.10.77. of which .ir,311.28 is due
011 fees and premiums and $5,422.43
in the 2 per cent, license tax. He
reports that there should have been
20l.."14.79 collected for fees ami
licenses and 3186,203.51 are ati
couUted for. The report does not
attempt to suy whether the $20,730,-
1 was collected from the insurance
companies, but states that the com-
pauies were doing business in tk"
State, th fees, the licenses and tax
were due. and thn -mony ghon'd be1
accounted for to the Stnte, bat de-'
clured that, inasmuch as the' com
mtssroner was dlreotlv chureeaWe
with these collections and had am
ple authority to enforce them: he
should be held liable for the amount
due the State, whether he or1 some
one else was directly in charge of
the collections. He said the books
were in bad condition and the re
The books showed "a carelessness
ports to the auditor were inaccurate,
and disregard of both legal and mor
al responsibility that was appalling,"
iy has Qraln ef Ctrn in New ;
Mnsler Leslie PuvilCi vouni? Koli
of J. i Payne. Hie Freuchersville
blacksmith, is suffering with a grain
of corn in his nose. AH efforts to
remove tho obstruction have so far
pi oven futile. A medical practlcion
er wns consulted but all mechanical
npplianees failed to mnke the ker
nel budge.
1 J s .
Two Marriaoe Licenses
Charles Adams, a Madison coun
ty youth, secured license here this
week to wed Miss Ray Baker, of the
Eusj End of Lincoln. The trroom is
a farmer und being 19 years of age
brought along the necessary consent
01 His parents for the mariittge li
cense. He nlso wus armed with an
mder to the clerk from his intend
ed vvifes father, as the young lady
is but 17 yeurs old. He secured the
papers nnd went on his way rejoic
ing. Clerk Cooper also issued li
cense to H. L. Shelton of Crab
Orchard, to wed Miss Alice Sayloh
The gioom is but 1!) nud his wife
is just 10. Thev had the written
order for their license.
I will nt my farm on Cednr Creek
three miles from Cruh Orchard nnd
seven from Stanford ou turn pike
lending fiom Crab Orchard leading
from Crab Orchard to Stanford
will sell real estate nnd pcisonal
propei ty promptly ut 10 o'clock on
My farm contains 20 acres of laud
0 acres in wheat nnd remainder in
grass, 5 room dwelling with porch
never foiling well at back imich, ult
necessary outbuildings including to
bacco barn 32x00, also blacksmith
shop near church nnd school house
und good iieighboihood. If this place
is not sold on that day will be rent
ed 011 that day for tho year of 1913
to Uie highest bidder. The following
personal property to-wit: -3 heat
Ing stoves, 2 coal ami ono wood, t
range cook stove, 1 bedsteml, safe
1 two horse wnson. 1 biiekboanl
'good ns new, some 100 pound hogsJA
J 100 shocks of fodder one good Jer
! - r
sv ,.oW nnii t 0f scrap iron and
other things too numerous to Hiei,
- -v . . .
, , w k HnPKfT T n rlfl
?f Ba.,e' .wt A' -BR,'NT. J- C"i
ler, Auct.
' -ii

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