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D The Interior Journal
Ytur 1
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Subscripts Expires Watafc
Cmtry Pfr In Kentucky,
Your Data and Renew Pre-mptty
FOUNDED 1880. 63D YEAR. NO. 07.
Greatly Appreciated by Farmers In
McKlnncy Section of County
McKiliucy, Dec. 5.
Tho Agricultural scliool is taking
(Im ila yin aur town, ami quite ("
interest is being Shown nmong tho
fnnncrH, etc. Wo linvc nix profes
sore licro ntul ulso n laily, wlio is
teaching domestic- science. Miss
Buckmnn, of SUte I'niversity gnvo
u vory interoMing Iccluro Tuesday
afternoon to a largo crowd of lndios
at Hit Christian church on sowing,
embroidering, hemstitching, etc., nml
on Wednesday afternoon Miss Duck
ninn lectured again on cooking and
preparing lunches unil so on, both
lecture were very Interesting and
nil enjoyed them very much. Miss
Uuckninu is formerly of. Kansas, and
hn only been in Lexington about six
week. She is a graduate in domestic
science nnd tiudeotunds licr busi
ness. Hbo is a very entertaining tnlk
cr nnd enn entertain an audienco
icry easily nlong these lines. TIo
fnnurs lire very much interested in
tlie lecture on Soil Fertility and
Dairying. Prof. Bryant and Hciidrick
arc making things hum along thnt
line und Cr.p Production and Live
Stock. All these lecture are inter
esting and helpful to all and tho Me-
iKinuov people certainly take off
their hats to the State" University
of Ijoxingtmt in appreciation of tho
cood the Agricultural school hns
l(no them.
The people of our town had quite
-a treat on last Saturday night when
the Middlebiirg High School came
over and plnyed "The Turn of the
Tide". The play wns interesting nnd
amusing from beginning to end and
nil enjoyed it. Miss Russell, Vho
is u teacher in tho high scruol at
.Middlebiirg js to bo congratulated
on her benutiful alto voice und splcn
liu pcriormnnce on the puino. c
extend Prof. Ada urn and his team
Another warm welcome to our town
and assure him a good crowd.
Mr. Italdirln and wife, of Spokane
Vash., are visiting the family of Mr.
.J.'L. Tati'ncr. Mr. Baldwin is n real
estate mnu of Smknnc nnd has gome
jjood propositions to offer some one,
who wants to invest money in land
iq (he fv.
Mrs. Geo. l.ay, who has been sick
tor several days is soinowlmt nn
proved at Ibis time.
Mis Isabclle Iteynolds, the nttrae
live daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed--gar
Iteynolds, who is attending
vehool in Stanford sent Thnnksgiv
ing with her hnmefolks.
Mrs Mark Singleton him returned
home from a iit in (.cxinglon to
Sier sister, Mrs. Walter Goode.
ij'he supiH-r given by (he Knights
a the Maccabees, Thanksgiving
"was well attended with lots of good
... . .at.. I .. .
(lungs (o eai. Male (oimnumlcr
Mile Elkin, of Lexington, was pres
ent nnd after the supper gave a very
interesting talk, hveryonc present
seemed to have enjoyed being there,
Mr. II. II. Caldwell, wife nnd little
-laughter., Ewi Cmrto and Rachel,
II. L. Ilumasi wife and little daugh
ter, Tlielma returiietl Saturday
from a visit to lelatives in Spiin;
field, Mo.
Mr. Roy Singleton is clerking in
the store for A. L. Foster.
Mrs. C (J. Caldwell is crv ill at
his writing.
Muster llollis KcviioliU is ill of
Mr. W. Singleton is carrying the
mail on Itoute .'1 while Mr. .1. II.
Acloti i- jtic!:.
Miss Mubel Gooch came up from
'Somerset to see her grandfather, W.
.1). Gooch, who is ill.
Mrs. W. I). Sims of Somerset, is
iit the bedside of her mother, Mrs.
C. 0. Caldwell.
Mrs. Mack McKinzic, who has
lieen at the bedside of her father,
AV. P. Cm-im-Ii returned to her home
-it Danville Sunday.
Messrs. Melviu Caldwell, Hoy nnd
Oliver Singleton attended church at
Kulmnk Sunday.
Itev. O. L. Minks will preach at
the Baptist church Sunday.
Miss Maniio Singleton of Pleasant
T'oint.visiled her sister, Mrs, Urban
KiiiKletou last week.
Misses Julia Record and Sarah
Smith n ro visiting Miss Annie Dale
ui Lexington.
Mr. V. S. Denson has been ill of
tienrt trouble for several days.
Mr. Pinto Moore and Miss Laura
Padgett drovo to Stanford nnd were
mndo one Thanksgiving.
Please remember the legulnr meet
ing of the Aid Society of the Chris
tian church Snttirday afternoon nt
2 o'clock in the lecturo room. All
members earnestly requested to bo
Do not neglect to get soma of the
Unrnes books for Xmas gifts. 07-2.
Every lint in our store nt or bo-
low cost. Missos Strnub. 07-2.
Our Xmns goods nro ready for
your inflection. Geo. II. Karris.
Our stock must bo reduced to dis
solve partnership. Cummins &
For holiday presents which will
last a life time go to MucIIct'h jew
elry store. OOtf
For Kent For 1013 property
now occupied by I. M. Ilruee, on
Imuran nrenue. A. T. Nunnelley. 04
R. M. Newland's tobacco show
Monday, January 13th.
Biggest bnrgain ever $1 lino of
plates now G0c nt Fnrris. 07-2.
Our entire stock goes nt cost,
Cummins & Wenren.
Let K. F. Green do your tinning,
plumbing ami repair w6rk. Shop on
Depot street. 00-lp.
You can bay goods from Cum
mins & Wenren cheaper now than
you ever bought them nnywhere.
erin or Omo citt or Toniw. ,
litm cnvin-T.
Fiidc 1. rmiiT m.ri rath thtl t to aralnr
tAnart ot Iho Arm of t. 1. CMin vo. doln
tniBtttCM la lb Cltr of Tnlnlo. Omjntr ftM HUU
ffr-H. M that ntl firm lll wr Ihr um of
rue ol Catarrh Out rannot t curM or tba jm ol
rnAVK i riiKN'i:r
Sworn to brforo n ind mImwtioM In mf prrrnrA
thU th dr ot Utormbrr, A. I).. IIS.
i J i A. W. OLK ISO V.
liii Notaut 111UT,
HaIii OAttrrh Clin to tikrn tntfmillr nd trtt
dlrmly upHi the bkwd and muroua turla ol th
irttm. reo4 Ivr trHlmonhili. trr.
f J VilUtKY CO. Tomla. O
Pahj br ill Drurruu. tic
I Ail IIAU'i I Amur PIIM " mMttpilloa.
You want the nest policy when
you Insure. See Fish & Bromley.
Stanford, Ky. Insure everything.
For Sale. Well broke, year old
bird dog; guaranteed to bo all right.
Call at Morgan's store. A. E.
Grimes, R. F. D. No. 1 02.3
A splendid selection of watches
clocks, jewelry etc., for Xmas pres
ents nt AIucllcr'H. 02-tf.
As un inducement for tho girls
who are working hard, wo will cive
a bonus voto of C.OOU votes for ov
en $1 paid on accounts ut this store
Sntn RobintKin. 05-2.
Ladies, do not fail to attend
Warner's window sale on Saturday
nftornoon. Dee. 11. Hcautiful hand
imitited china, pastel pictures und
mauv prettv articles will be on dis
iilnv. Mrs. W. K. Warner. 07-2
Cummins & Wcuien nro dissolv
ing partnership and are slaughtering
Hill .Jennings sold bis house and
lo ut Morcland to ,1. T. Hubbard
for V.HI0.
For the next ten diivs onlv we will
sell clothing and overcoats ut cost
Sam Robinson.
Select your Xmas presents nt Far'
ris. . 07-2.
Use the books by Geo. O. Barnes,
Kviuigelist for Xmas gifts: Beray
sheeth Xmas price 75 cents. Anglo
IsTael lectures 7.V. Older from Mrs,
Mnry B. Craig, Stanford, Ky. 07
Adwrtisers crowded out it num
ber )f good news- ilem.s and letters,
which will appear in the double issue
next I uesibiy.
County candidates got busy in
Garnrd this week. Green Clay Wal
ker and G. It. Suinebroad announc
ed as candidates for county uttor
ney nnd John M. Farm, as n candi
date for re-election to the legisla
ture. Services at the Presbyterian
church Sunday Dec. 8. Bible school
nt 0:30, Morning service 11 o'clock.
Subject "The Child nod the Church"
Young People service (i:.'IO P. M.
Evening service t 7 o'clock. Sub
ject "First Corinthians."
The ladies of the Presbyterian
chinch will hold their annual bazaar
nnd exchange nt the State Bank
building on Friday, Dec. 13.. Tho
salo will begin ut one oclock, oys
ter Minp. coffee nnd sandwiches will
be served during (he evening. All
are invited. 00-tf.
To The Members of The
Crab Orchard Church
There will be u meeting next Sun
day morning ut 10:1. to dike uction
on the ifsignntioii of the pnslor.
Eveiv member urged to be present.
J. B. Willis, Chairman.
Cupid's Capers
r.ooiiMiil Miirlln. n ncomiiient
young fitimer, and Miss Henrietta
Bailey, an attractive and accom
plished young school teacher were
married at the home of Rev. J. G.
Livingston, by him. Both reside in
Hie East End of Lincoln.
Miss Eunice Eurp daughter of A.
J, Eurp, of Winchester, formofly of
Stnnford was married there Thus
day to George I, Nen I ,of Hunting
ton, W. Vu.
Harvey Hurtles nnd Miss Auda B.
Miracle, were united -in wedlock's
holy bonds at Liberty this week. The
groom Is a prominent young Casey
fanner .while the bride is the at
tractive daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. T.
K. Mirncl.-
Made Great Record at Football Dur
ing Past Season.
U.iinrnl uT tint fur.! linll nnflifYrl
ties in (linking up nil nlUKontucky
foot bull team coiiqroscd of tho
stars from tho various colleges,
place John M. II. Waters, of this
city, ns quarter. Waters has played
lhroui!hout tho senson on tho George
town eleven and made n great re
cord. Ho stiiTrod particularly in
tho game against Transylvania when
he nicked up n fumble and made u
00-yard run for a touchdown, nnd
Im ulso was in the midst ltlio Ugnt
nil tho way through when George
town defeated Central University.
This lad wns ono of the most re
liable men on the Stnnford high
school team last year and the form
he has shown at Georgetown in his
Freshman yenr foroeiistH n brilliant
lecord in nthletic during his college
Harris Coleman, another Stanford
boy, wiih making a great record nt
the University of Virginia when he
was stricken with typhoid fever and
forced t(, cense training. The pa
pers theio sny that but for this nnd
injuries he sustained, of u slight na
ture, however, he would have been
sine of ii place on the I'niiersity of
Virginia bnckncld. unit tins is one ol
the big football teams of the coun
try. Both of these boys nro doing
as well in their studies ns they are
in nthlctics, u combination thnt is
not always found.
To Open Sewing Machine Store
T. E. .Miracle, who has represent'
pit tin- Sin-jiT Scuinir Machine Cjm
1" . 0 n - -
puny ut Liberty for several years,
is moving to btuntord iiiul will open
up u store here for the sale of ma
chines und supplies. Mr. Miracle
will move here with his family nnd
.will undoubtedly tind a good open
nig here for his business.
Robot t Hubble ct al. pluiutiiTs vs
Wnlkcr Hubble, defendant: Notiiec
of Sale.
Pursuant to u judgment of the
Lincoln circuit court, rendered ot its
NoVeUiber teilu, 2012, in the uctiuii
nbovo styled, the undersigned Com
missioner will, on Monday, Decem
ber 9th. 1912 (Comity Court Duy)
at about 1:30 o'clock P. M., stan
dard time, offer for sale at public
outcry to tho highest and best bid
der the following described parcels
of laud in Lincoln count)', Ky., near
Turncrsville, nnd on tho Turners-
villo nnd McKinucy turnpike:
First tract. Beginning on a stono
corner to Smith nnd George Alford.
thence S 33 1-2 W 120 poles 10
links to n sugar tree, Alfred Morris'
corner; thence S 03 3-4 E 71 poies
13 links to an elm Smith and Mor
ns' corner; thenco S 8 3-4 F, HI
poles' lf links to stake in G. G.
Campbell's line: thence his lino S
10 1-2 W 62 poles to u stone Smith
corner, thenco N 1 1-2 W 00 poles
21 links to tho beginning, containing
G5 acres 2 roods and 10 poles of
Second tract Bee-inning ut n
stone in the gate corner to -VI ford
und Smith, thence S 24 E 3o poles 7
links to n stone, thence up the
branch to a stonu corner to Smith,
thence S 711 1-2 E 4 ioles to n stone
coiner to Campbell, thence N 72 3-4
E IS poles 3 links to u stone, thenco
N 10 W 17 poles I link to a stone,
N 74 3-4 E 25 poles 13 links to a
btono in tho lane; thence X 24 W CO
Holes 10 links to u stone in Hubblo's
line; thence X 70 1-2 W 18 poles fl
links to a black walnut, thenco K
70 1-2 W 30 poles 11 links to tho
beginning containing 23 3-4 acres
of laud.
Thiid tract Beginning nt a black
walnut, Hubble und MeCownu cor
ner, thence their line S 07 1-2 E IS
poles IS links to n stone Hubble and
MeCowuns corner in Martin hue;
t bonce Martin's lino N 22 W 40
poles ,'i links to stone Martin's cor
ner nnd Kriigcr's line S 70 1-2 W 12
poles fi links to stone Kmger nnd
McCowun coiner, thence u now lino
S CI 1-2 W 32 poles to the branch
roud, thence up the branch S 10 L
22 Kles 22 links to u stone in the
rond and branch, thence S 73 31
poles 11 links to tho beginning, con
taining 7 acres 3 roods, 30 poles of
Terms Said sale will bo made on
ii credit of six months, and the pur
chaser will be required to execute
bond with approved personal secur
ity for the purchase price, payable
to tho undersigned Commissioner,
nnd bearing interest at the rate of
six per tent per nnniim from day
of salo: nnd n lien will bo reserved
m the laud to secure tho payment
of said bond, nnd sumo shall have
the force nnd effect of a judgment.
Witiicss my hand, this Nov, 21.
1012. E. D. Pennlnaton.
Hl-ir M.C.L.C.C.
Purchaser must execute bonds as
soon ns saleis over, or the property
will bo immediately put up arid resold.
Renowned Pianist to Give Concert In
Stanford December 14.
Tho collcgo of music of Cincin
nati, will present -Mr. itcuctick ,i.
Hoffman, the famous concert pian
ist nnd Sig Oincinto Oonno, bari
tone in n reeitnl nt tho opera house
on December 14th. Music lovers Jlr. Goocli wns engaged in doing
nnd thinking pcoplo will regard this'sotno work for tho Missouri Valley
ns ii special privilego to tho local,
school nnd community. Mr. Hoff
man will bring his own instrument.
An opportunity to hear such a pian
ist rarely comes ouco in a lifetime in
n town of tho size of Stanford, und
should be npprcciulcd accordingly.
Adjudged of Unsound Mind and Will
Be Taken to Sanitarium
John Baugli, of Highland, who hns
figured rnther conspicuously in a
number of cases in both circuit nnd
county court in the pust year, wns
adjudged of unsound mind in Judge
Builey's court yesterday nnd will be
taken by his family to n private
sniiitnriuin for treatment. Buugb
has shown on several occasions u
disposition to do violence to his fel
low mnu without nny provocation.
During the November term of cir
cuit court it wns with difficulty thnt
ho wns restrained by Sheriff Mo
Curly from cutting a man nnmed
Young, in the court house, while a
few iluys ngo he attempted to shoot
Charles Lutes, a neighbor with u
shot gun. It was this trouble thnt
brought Bough's mental condition
into question. Mr. Lutes swore out
a warrant for his arrest nnd nt the
trial Thursday it was determined
thnt a sanitarium wus tho proper
place for him. An indictment
brought nt the lust session of the
grand jury for false swearing is now
resting against Bnugh, but it is not
likely that he will have to face u
jury ns consequence of it. However
the indictment is merely tiled awny
and should be dismissed at nny time
from the sanitarium, it will be en
tiirly optional Vs it ii the Common
wealth ns to a trial for the charge.
To Be Put on By Merchant at Lan
caster Next Week.
Marshall D. Motley, who put on
the big snle for Hughes Martin &
Co., here several months ugo,
brought nn order to the I. J. this
week for 15,000 doublo page f.ize
bills for u Ijiiieasler firm, which
will have one of the biggest sales ev
er seen in that little city. It tk
the I. J.'s fast Miehle press all of
Thursday to run them off. so thnt an
extra sheet could not -be issued for
toilny'n paper, hence the contraction
of space owing to u heavy ruu of
advertising. An eight page isue
will be given sobsCribeis Tuesd ly
however, which will contain the an
ununcement of the tremendous bar
gains which the Lancaster firm will
stnrt next Wednesday. Mr. Motley
who will conduct the sale, has made
n reputation as the most successful
sales manager who ever operated in
this section of the state.
Dolls! Dolls! Dolls!
The Ladies' Aid Society, of
iiiribuaii.cnuicii wisli lo cull yout
attention to our doll bazaar on Sat
urday. Dec. 14, in J. L. Beaztey's
stote room. All of the dolls will be
on exhibition Thursday, Dec. 12. We
will aUo have many baud made ar
ticles: suitnble for Xmas indents.
Mothers', bring your children let
them select their dolls. A cup of
hot chocolate will be served till who
who come to our sale.
This Great Hair Tonic, Grower and
Beautifier now Sold all Over
The Giroux Miiiiufiictiiring Coin
puny of Buffalo. N. V. American
makers of PARISIAN SAGE, huve
authorized G. L. Penny to refund
the price to nny purchaser if PAR
ISIAN SAOE doe not bunish dan
druff, stop fulling and splitting huir
nml sculp itch.
more. It will promote n new growth
of huir if the hair root is not ulrcudy
dead and will preserve the natural
isolor of the huir.
It puts (he riidiunco of sunshine
into the hair nnd makes it bountiful
nml good to look upon. Women who
use it once' throw aside nil others
50 cants lit nil dealer-.
'Killed While Working in Illinois
Brought Homo for Burial
Colonel Gooch, a former Lincoln
county man, but who had resided nt
Pckin, 111., for tho past two years,
wns Instantly killed nt Pckin, on tho
afternoon of Wednesday, Nov. 20th,
"""S0 n ,ro11 ' "" "" "eavy
pneumatic gun which ho used to
drhe tho rivets caused tho scaffold
on which ho wus stuiidiug to gradu
ally work loose, mid finnlly gave way
causing him to fall the distance of
28 feet. Death probably would not
have resulted, but the victim struck
his bond against a projecting piece
of wnn. cutting n gash three and
ouo-hnlf inches long at the base of
the brain, causing death to bo al
most iiistoiitnncous.
Mi. Goocli w'ns 35 yenrs old on
July 25, and was born and raised
in Lincoln county, having gone west
two yenrs ngo. He was not u mem
ber of t lie church but bis daily walks
proved that he was n mnu who be
lieved in what was strictly right.
Funeral serivces were held nt his
residence in Pckin. Ill,, und the re
mains brought to King's -Mountain
for burial, that being his old home
Mr. Goocli was a man who was
loved nnd respected by all who knew
him, and was honest nnd reliable in
every way. Too much cannot bo said
in regunl to the loss of n man like
him. Much sympathy is felt for his
young wife und two children who
arc almost prostrated with grief.
May the merciful God on High
help tho young widow to raise little
I Berta and Bessie to live for God that
they may see "Papa" again.
Funeral services were again held
by Pro., Couch nt tho Christian
church on Sunday, Nov. 25 and in
terment was in the Gooch cemetery.
All that loving hands could do by
friends nnd relatives was done and
tlie body was laid to rest to await
that great resurrection morning,
when all the dead in Christ shall
arise. A. FRIEND.
Foils a Foul Plot
When a shameful plot exists be
tween liver und bowels to cause dis
tress by refusing to act, take Dr.
King's New Life Fills, and end such
abuse of your system. They gently
(ompel light uction ot stomach, liv
er nnd bowels, and restore your
health and nil good feelings. 25c ut
nil druggists.
A Statement of Facts Backed By a
Strong Guarantee.
We guarantee compete relief to
all sufferers from constipation. In
eery ciise where we fail we will sup
ply the medicine free.
Rexall Orderlies are a gentle, ef
fective, dependable and safe bowel
regulator, strengihener nnd tonic.
They le-estublish nature's functions
in it quiel, eusv way. They do not
cuiise nny iiicutieiiicncc, griping or
nausea. They are so pleasant to
take and work so easily that they
may be takfii b yunyone nt nny time
They thoroughly tone up the whole
system to healthy activity.
Rexall Urdeilies aie unsurpassa
ble mid ideal for the use of children
old folks und delicate persons. We
cannot too highly recommend to till
sufferer, from nny form of con
stipation and its attendant evils.
Two sizes, 10c and 25c. Remember
ou can obtuiu Rexall Orderlies hi
this community only nt our store
The Rexnll Store, Penny's Drug
W. C. Pettus etc.. plaintitfs vs
L. A. Pettus, etc., Defendants. No
lieu of sulc.
In obedience to a judgment of tho
Lincoln circuit court, rendered nt
its November, 1012 term in above
styled case, tho undersigned com
missioner will on
MONDAY. DEC. 9, 1912.
(county court day) nt about 1:30
o'clock nt tho court houso door in
Stanford. Ky., offer for sale nt
public outcry to the highest and
best bidder the following real es
tate: A house and lot in Crab Orchard.
Ky.. sit tinted on Main or Stanford
street, bounded by lands of John
Riddle. A. Davis. Lyne nnd Stan
foid sheets, containing 1-2 acre,
inoio or less.
Said sale to bo made on credit of
six months, purchaser to execute
bond with upproved security bearing
0 per cent interest from date of sale
until paid; having force and effect
ot judgment
van nen reiainca ou
property, sold until payment of said
loud This Nov. 22. 1012.
Ul-Jtf. E. D.' Pennington.
, M,. 9; L. C. C.
Hutchinson Buys Farm
' Tim Hutchinson, hns bought of SL
Smith Baughmnn n tract of 00 acres
of land off the lnttcr's homo place
on the Stanford nnd Somerset turn
pike about five miles from town pay
ing $70 for it. Tho land lies well
nnd is fertile, but hns no improve
ments. Hutchinson gets immediuto
possession nnd will begin at once
the erection of a ncnt homo and nil
necessary out buildings.
Blood Poison Threatened
Daniel Hester, the well known
King's Mountain nicrlicant and poli
tician, is in u rather serious condi
tion ns the result of a threatened
case of blood oisou. Several weck
ago his foot began to give him slight
pain but he gave little attention to
it. thinking it would wear off. Tho
member began to swell n few days
ugo, however, nnd in 48 hours hnd
turned almost black. Mr. Hester be
enme ulanned and left Tuesdny for
Lexington to consult a specialist.
Mis many friendg here and elsewhere
hope to hear good news from the re
sult of his treatment nnd will be
glnd when he is nble to return to his
borne, restored to health.
"Big Foot John" Gets in Bad
John Kennedy, of color, bettor
known ns "big foot", had his examin
ing trial before County Judge Bai
ley yesterday morning vm the charge
of stealing a pocket book contain
ing about $3 from Mrs. Muggio
Newby, a domestic ut the Coffey
House. Tho "lady caught Kennedy
coming out of her room Wednesday
morning nnd lutcr in tho duy missed
her pocket book and swore out a
warrant for the Ncgo's arrest. Ho
could not give the court u. satisfac
tory reason for being in the room
and the Judge held him over to the
grand jury in the sum of .$100,.- in
fault of which he went to jail. Ken
nedy hns served one term in the
penitentiary for stealing.
Opera House Gets Fine Film Service
Tho mnnagement of the opera
bouse has just closed a deal with the
Mutual Film Co., of Cincinnati, the
largest lilm renting house in tb
middle west to furnish pictures here
Friday und Saturday nights. This i3
a new company having been organ
ized only lust spring nnd therefore
their servieo is practically new. Tho
patrons of this theatre may rest as
sure that they will not be interrupt
ed nny more by reels breaking in
twd. which often causes tho nudi
ence to lose the connection of the
picture. This will ,bo a decided ad
vancement in service for Stanford
us this company is 'said to bo the
best going. They will feature n "101
Bison" picture each week which is
beyond doubt the best company pro-,
diicing Western films. "Custer's
Last Fight" said to be tho bigKest
and iiio?: extravigant feature ever
mnde will be run here nt nn early
Lincoln Co. Court.
SIvester Newton, in his own
right and as surviving partner of
partuership firm of Newton Bros.,
nnd ns administrator of Abraham
Nowton. deceased, Plaintiff vs Mar
garet Nowton, etc.. Defendants. No
tice of sale.
In nhldintlpn in n liltfrmnnt ran-
dercd at the November term of 1012J
in tho Lincoln Circuit Courv, in above I
styled action, the undersigned com
uiissioner will. 011
MONDAY. DEC. 0, 1912,
County Court day, at about 1:30
oclock P. M. Standard time, at
court house door in Stanford, Ky..
offer for sale at public outcry to
the highest and best bidder, the fol
lowing described real estute in Hus
tonville, Lincoln county, situated on
the north east corner of Main and
Dniivillo streets:
Beginning on Main street, Bishop
corner, thenco S 77 W 88 feet to
corner on Danville street, theuce N
15 W 175 feet to Hocker corner,
thence N 7 E 95 feet to Hocker and
Bishop corner, thence S 13 1-2 E
175 feet to tho beginning. This
property wns convoyed to Abraham
und Sylvester Newton in deed book
3H, pages 111 and 410 and deed
book 31, page 100, Lincoln county
court clerk's office.
Said property will be sold on u
credit of six and twelve months, the
purchaser to execute bonds with up
niovcd security bearing interest at
0 per cent per annum from date of
snlo until paid, having the force and
effect of a judgment nnd retaining
n lieu on said property until the pur
chase money is paid. Witness my
hand. Nov. 22. 1012.
04-itf. E. D. Pennington.
M. C. L. C. C.
Pnrchneor must execute bonds as
soon' ns sate is over, or tho property
will be immediately put up and re
old. ...
is Again Enforced By Fine in Judfo
Bailey's tourt.
That tho teachers nnd board ot
commissioners of Lincoln county
nro determined to enforco tho com
pulsory cducntionol law is evidenc
ed by the activity of all parties whoso
duty it is to look into such matters.
Tho board is composed of Messrs.
Win. Mnlheny and Win. Landgrnf, of
me southern part of tho county.
Geo. W. Hunn, of Morcland nnd
Green McMullin, of the Wnyncsburg
section. On Tuesdny Superintend
ent Singleton, chairman of the board
wns notified1 by E. J. Bennett, teach
er ot tlie Ureen river school, that
the 7-year-old son of Snmuel Yoeuin
wns not attending school and asked
to hnvo tho matter looked into. Tho
parent wns notified to appear be
fore Judgo Bailey hero Thursday and
at tho trial Yoeuin stated that ho
had started the boy to school somo
time ngo, but that his nlaymates
teemed too rough nnd ho had taken
him nut. He did not claim that hU
boy had been badly treated, and
Judge Bailey nRsessed a fine of $5
ngainst him und the urchin wns or
dered back to school.
Boston Lyrics Please Everyone
Thoso who remained away from
the opera house Tuesdny evening
missed one of the best attractions
thnt will bo seen hero this season.
The Boston Lyrics, the third num
ber on the lyccuiu program was the
attraction, anil , tho entertainment
they gnve delighted nil who, heard
(hem. Tho next lycoum number will
bo tho Musical Favorites on Jan. 28
Jiext. This is tho number which pleas-
od everyone so well Inst season that
it wns secured rignin with a new
The ladies of the C. W. B. ML wiU
hold their annual open session at the
Christian church Sunday evening at
7 o'clock. One of the features of
the program will be the Violin solos
by Mrs. Allen Burris, who is an ar
tist of grent ability.
The honor roll of the Hustonvillo
graded school for the month of Nov
ember is as follows:
Blanche Barnett, Zula Ends, Ma
liuda Nave. Mamie North, Ola Wil
liams, Q, V. Lyons, Ernest Ford
Motion Lipps, Wnlter Moscr, Flor- j
ence North, Onitu Shumakcr Rober
ta Blaiu Maggie Allen Susan Blab,
Ella Rigney, Virginin Grubbs, Sara
Heck, Charles Pipes John Hocker,
Francis Depp, Elizabeth Evans Ollie '
Grubbs. ' 1
Mr. and Mrs. Richnrd Hester at
tended the funeral of the, letter's
grandmother, Hrs. Maurico Murphy,
at King's -Mountnin Tuesdny.
Holiday Opening, Dec. II, 1912
Everything new from everywhere.
Silver deposit ware, ivory art ware.
cut glass, Indian bric-a-brac; toilet
sets, manicure sets, shaving sets,
Persian ivory, hammered brass) pic
tures and pictuiu frames, hand, paint
ed clunn. Parker's lucky curve foun-
.tain pens, silverware, Gillette and
minium Duplex satoty razors,
Gauss shears, gift story books ol
fiction. Jewelry, and every piece
absolutely, guaranteed, box paper,
perfumes Lowney's und Nynl cho-
toIyte '"""', l"Is. cigurs, dolls,
to's nnu games. Don t buy until
you see our line. Reynolds & Ev
ans, Junction City, Ky.
How to Succeed
During the last few years, condi
ions in all lines of business, every
professional life, have changed so
completely that every man is waking
up to the fact that in order to win
success he must specialize and learn
to do some one thing and do it well.
So it is with any nrticle that is
sold to the people, tl must have
genuine merit or no amount of ad
vertising will maintain the demand
for the nrticle.
For many years we have watched
with much interest the remarkable
record maintained by Dr. Kilmers
Swamp-Root, the great Kidney, Liv
er and Bladder Remedy. From tbe
wry beginning the proprietors had
so much confidence in it that they
invited every one to test it. free of
cost, before purchasing.
It is ii physician's prescription.
They have on file thousands of
letters received from former suffer
ers who are now enjoying good"'
health as a result of its use.
However if you -wish first to try
a sample bottle, address Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Bingbanitoiv N. Y, nnd .men
tion thtsi paper. Thev will gladly
forward youn,sampl6 IjottJeby, mail-
absolutely free.
- Regular sizes- for sale at. all drug- ,
gists 50 cents hnd $1, (Adv)'
V- - . .-'-!
I1 IwJ

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