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Paper WiH Step When Yaw
Subscription Expires Watch
Your Date and Renew Promptly
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FOUNDED 180. 63D YEAtl. NO. 08
Andersen and Hamilton Leave Mat
terto Chairmen of District
as to Which shall Run.
Col. (Miflnii 11. Anderson, of Doyle,
county, anil Hon. .lumen I. Hamilton
o.t OniTunl rivul enndidntes for the
democratic nomination for Slntu
Senulor, from this district, compos
ed of the counties of Lincoln, (Inr
mrd, Hoyle iiml t'a-cy wore here
yesterday in tho interest of their
cundiduey. Some discussion linn Is-cn
huiulsnl in through the lres anil
l.y tiie people generally iih to whnl
count v lmivllie right nmler the ro
tation order to nnino tho nominee,
mid when tlie nliove named gentle
innii met here each one nutumlly
..intended Hint it wns his comity
time Tor the honor.
Hnully they ngieed t lne tlie
nmttor to the senatorial committee
of lite district. This committee
i composed of the chairmen .)f tho
voveral counties. Mr. Hamilton is
chuirmnn of Garrard, Gorge L.
l'ennv, tiC Stiiuftrrd is cliairman ot
the Lincoln eounty democrati.i eom
inittc. ChcmniH Huu'iely is head of
the Hovle county otynnir.nlioii nnd
hurjes Montgomery Is clminnan
in Ca-ey coiiutv. '
Mr. lVnuv, by virtue f Lincoln
having the largest delegated vote. is
i-luiinniin f Ho- oWrict and will
call the coniiiiittce together. Ho has
not vet made up his mind when or
where he will cull the meeting but
it is generally thieved (hat Stnnford
will be the place ns it is more near
ly the central point of the district
and is convenient to nil pailie in
terested. In the meantime there will ue
Mime tall hustling by the candidates
iiml their friends and lhe chnirmeii
vt the. several countirs will he very
popular for the next few day. In a
mi'cli as Mr. Hamilton is elmirnmti
of his toiinly committee, it is believ
ed ho wiil waive his right to
cast n vote, und will put it up to the
remaining three choirmen.
Casey Girl Suicides
Mis Ootuva flodhey, the benuti
ful 17-year-old daughter of Mr. nnd
Mm. Willinm Rodbey, took her
life early lust Wednesday morning
.at her lwme near Humphrey, by
diseh.io,ing the contents of a shot
mm in her body inflicting almost
iiistant death. She left no note as
signing her rea(.nn for the rash net,
liut it is generally ii"cepted by Iier
fr'" d" thiil it "! f disiippointmeiit
ill a Joe affair. Liberty News.
Annual Bazaar
Tlie ladies or the PresbtMun
church of Huslonvillc. invite Vonr
presence to this function in order to
Mipply u with our .mns gifts, n
large virriety to make n -election
from, mrnls served fioin 10 o'clock.
A M. until 10 o'clock I' M. Has.
ical music- I'roiu the het in lists.
I'nnv early .ind -immhI tlie da. In
alien of the Preshvtetiiiu church
Hilstoliville. Don't forget the d.ite,
December the 1 till.
Cattle Poisoned by Paris Green
Forrstus Iteid of thi county, lost
three UOII piiund cattle from eating
I'nris tcen ul hU farm on tlie Stnn
ford and llutoitille pike last week.
During the tobacco j-ciisoii n tenant
was eiiguRcd in putting tlie poison on
the plants nnd having finished his
work put the icniainder in u hol
low slump and forgot it was iheie.
Mr. IteidV cattle were turned in the
field and snxerel en I the poison but
were saved with the exception of
If you are troubled with ehronin
cAistinntion ,tht mild nndgvntle ef
fect of Chnmbcrluin'ri Tablets makes
1heoi etfpecially Kiiiled to your ease
For Kle by 0, L. Penny.
Bazaar at Crab Orchard
Thfi Indies of Hie Crab Orchard
ChnMinu churlh will hold a huxaar
and fxclmnse in Mj'Occ'h store room
on :M unlay, next, December H. Kv
cry wmtlier t reipiested to send or
linn; donation.
"Ve wish to call "your attentiofi to
'the fact Ifeat most infectious- diseas
es such whooping rough, dipli
thorin nml benrlet fever nre con
trncted wlien the child lias u cold.
ChnmborlninV Cough Remedy will
quickly cure n cold and greatly les.
sen thiJ danger of contrnejing these,
disease. Tills remedy is famous
-for its cniM of colds. It contains
iio-opiunvor other nnreotio, and may
jo Riven to 'a child1 with implicit coiw
tfidwice. Said by 0. L. Peas
' .
General News Notes
The Q. & C. luitf ngreed to build
u if'.".000 depot nl Somerset.
Another Ohio state senator has
been convicted of uccepting u brihe. I
Tho final count shows Roosevelt '
gets U und Wilson 2 of Culiforiiin s'
Ll cleclors.
There is only about u hundred
thoiisanil dollars in the .school fund
of the stntc, while about a million
ip siihiries for the country teachers
comes duo licit Saturday.
, The Winchester city council has
asked Mayor, J. A. Hughes to re
sign on the ground Hint he is in
competent, lie won't do so, hw
uer. President Tall has written President-elect
Wilson offering him a
hiitHehip in which to visit the Pan
ama ('until hefote returning home
fiom Horiniidn.
Mrs. J. M. Hiirmon died Sunday
lifter n short illness of pueiimonin.
She was 47 nnd is survived by her
husband und seven small childicti.
They cnuic from the Rolling Fork
Oiiv. lllenfe, of South ('nrolinu,
made a, jack n-s out of himself nt
the governor's conference at Rich
mond, Vn., lust week, when he de
fended Hie policy of lynching lie
gro- guilty of criminal assault nnd
shouted "To Hell with the Constitu
High School News
(My .la-. CoojM-r.)
Miss Annie I). McRohorts. Mo had
too much Thanksgiving anil did not
get hack to school until Thursdnx
The Phaiean Society postponed
its meeting'' until Monday afternoon
instead of Kridav nftcniooii. Annie
Milburti one nf the debaters fiaviug
been ab-eiit, then the society was
iniled lo the sixth grade society's
Open Session.
Mr. Robert t'urter. '14 has been
sick tlie past week and was com
pelled to remain at home one day.
Mis., Mary S. (."ook was a hostess
nt ii chafing dish pattv Friday ev
ening and all enjoyed themselves
very much. Many good "eats" were
served besides welsh rarebit. Those
present were: Miss Mary K. Mc
Kinney nnd Mr. doe Hill, Miss Ann,.
D. McRobeits ami Mr. Tom Phillips,
.Misses Kate and .Mary M. Raney
and Mr. Harry Carter. Miss Sul
lip M. Craig and Mr. Spalding Hill,
and Mr. dames ('(nitier.
Miss Klirabeth Muthrny, '1 1 was
away from school one day last week
Miss Verim Rout, 'lo in ab-eut
some Int week on account of .sick
ness. Tile nixth grade' Open Session
was enjoyed by all rrctcut las Fri
day afternoon and the program was
im f.illown-
Chonw- Thanksgiving, lit Ii grade
Journal Tilden Cooper; Piam
Dane,, of the Elc. Jesse Ih-c Phil
liiis; Recitation -The Pumpliu, Al
lie R. Fish; Dialogue The Train to
Monro by Thelma Francis, John Mc
Kinney and Virgil M.iini; Chorus -Pie
Song, Sitli grade gills; Rend
ing Thiiiiksgivinc Origins, Elirabetli
tenter; Drill Sixth grade: Recita
tion I'm Tired, Craig Fish; Piano
- Sing Me to Sleep, Annette Wear
en; Play N'wM'inbcr's Crown.
King November Ign Perry;
Page- Heath Severance.
Justice Mary Helen .Johnson,
(mention Margaret Davison.
Kimwlcdsc Carrie Dim is.
Power Ruby Hilton.
Prosperity Hester Anderson.
Independence -Marv Deck
Ktpmlity- William Reiiiluirt.
Pence-Rachel Hill.
Mr. William flriuies, '14 was sick
some In-t week.
Miss Kiln WaiTen Mil was ab-ent
Mr. Hniiy Reiuhart, 'l.'l ua- ab
sent one day last week.
Mis Kliraheth lloltzclaw. Mti w..
sii'k Hie gicater pait-of last week
nnd wiis not able to come to school
Do Yon Own a Hyomel
Inhaler for Catarrh
Then you ought to know tlmt
druggists evcrywheie will furnish
(ni with u bottle of Mouth's 11 V
OMKI for only TiO cenls.
Pour nfew drops of IIYOMKI into
the inhaler nnd" start this ery day
lo breathe the so, (thing .healing va
por and destroy the fiilnrih perms.
With er.v package of llYO.MKI
cnmei-, a little booklet which explains
how 'easy i is lo end the iniserv of
Cutnrrh. Troup, Sore Tlir.'nt. Hron
cliitls nnd Deafness cain-ed by Ca
in rrh.
Hut besj nt nllt Q L. Penny is
nuthorixpil to refund your'monoy it
IIYOMKI dochit'l do jukt what it is
ndverliKed to do. If you haven't
the IIYOMKI inhaler uk for the
complete outfit, '$1.
Former Governor J. C. W. Beckham,
(Itowlinc Orrrn Mrwn?rlj
l.x l.ov J (' S llrrkhiin h (rm:i;
annonnrrd hi. rr.ilij4f,j (or thi Itrmwrntc
l.uralMillun for III t'lnlr J bl.lr. Srni If,
sliiih sill b run wut in Ihc Ulr primirj
Mil Aucu.t
Uu h llr tih, iti editor of lit M"m
Ii r and Judfr- llinra. Ibr buiinrM tuaaaerr.
arrved with flor. Ilerkliam during bl rnM"!.'
Ii-rm, aid thia U wntim aftrr a rou.ultpltoi
ar.d r&prrM the tfrwa of both
(towrnor Itrrlthaoi ruhl to be tcnl lo the
l's!' i S:i!c S.s.ti. V.'. ii-- L.u. 1. U
huor.t, rapable, rlan and rthcirot Mr .11
awindlrd out ot the ptare when four rrnr
;ade, itaimloc lo be druiocrat. voted for
HraJItr, inilead of Ibe pominee. Ou Mtme
pointa Judjro Ulnea and Mr. Leigh have due
aim J aitk Oov llolihitii, but the-e dif
frrilicen are not of a rharaiter lo rrfleet os
hlf ilonet), nor Mill ll. ever btrome Ukvra
it tho I'nited Siatei senile, bemc related ou
lv to alata politic.
(repp Ilerkham una not an auidrnt. He
Sli loril to rule it the alhe4t afie that
Iran i eliclble, he wat elerted to the lecull
tore Here he wa not rouipuuwuk, but ev
tr lAlleiue knew hia worth. He tculd
l.aia cone lo iuncrfi at twenl)ntr exrrpt
vt hia loyally to a friend, who n ran
dida'e He mi kpraker of the houke at
twenty-eight He en elected lieutenant CT
emir at thnty II waa mde soternnr l
tu f'ul ilabainitton of Uov William tliH
Lei a few muntha thrrtaftir'
He fimud a party -int in tam by mtei
nal dikMnbtoni h'or a year never a republi
in darktlud the doora ot the Xisutlte .if
hie ya(iy alk Red d'mocrata tailed him a
u-urjMr He kept In the middle of the ruud
sud by bit sue maLacrraent he Uat tho
irt,i proninrnt iipuUuan In the atale in
the rbts fo. the unexpired tllln.
There .ire lhui who t.y h- built up a
I'laihln- lu wrae iaM a luadnne ! ne
iraiary Whin a pari) la ilnoraniiid anil
brtikin o pfss It Ii ni.eKjry for a guio
mc hand 'o knp ll Ironi fallins over lh
pi.Tipue Iwi lleiklini fouud audi a ion
liitto'i Whelhir he atwaya did the rucht
Ihinc ib not propi-r heie to ducuia It- did
what he Ihouitil mi llfht with the llrhta
bi 'oit blni
Ihe deDt.sTiti ot Kintuiky owe It lo him.
He ia the foreinibt Kenluzklau tollve today.
Hi U abreaat uf the pnnrlplea that are lo 'r
loutht out by Ihe Vluerican loucrebt. He ia
rapsble uf K't1 I'H oil1 thla battle fvr l.unias
llil.ivii'2 bo, the M.beur baa oo heal
lauo p lomuieildllix ihi eandiiUiy of .loliu
t'rrppi Wirkliae llirkham lo the dwnuirau
(.( K!ukv.
tKiihmomt I lunab)
Ka Ho J. (.'. W. Ueikhaui haa auujuie.d
lor th d tuoiralU' nciuit atiou for t N.
Seiialoi to aurveid h-iutor Urudh') Aa the
etrotuncr mi iheated, or rather aoM, uet
of the uitjie befoie, it would be very fittiu;
am! )UI that lu he il.llid thia tu)e A
ireal man) of out hmtuik) laiJiauib ljd
auii',uuiid for Mr. .erkhani Ioiil Utoi lie
kail auu.iiu.'.d for tlii uitlie.
Col. (Icorge I). Wvatheil'uie spent
vile Tuesday.
Mr. Sloan Kiistlaud, of llnriods
burg, was heie Saturday for u few
hours en route to Ciisey county.
Mr. und Mrs. Fred Cnison nnd at
tractive children visited Mr. and
Mrs. Tom Hall ut.Moiclund Sunday.
Mr. Jesse. Carpenter, our efllcjent
telephone inumigcr, has purchased
tho automobile owned by Mr. Young
nt .Liberty' ... A-r
I There 'fa liouso uiid ncrefc of
toblirbo latrtl for eiit'Phenp'ifrenfr-
lal week in (' lie nnat buv ic uooils """' -"., ...ivmi . . ...... .,,
lor the rum of Wea.herford Co. M Flllllc t. h ,
Miss Annie look lit. man. ot ,,,,,; ..lere Tuesdav f..r ",l ia Tn """'V11" mul wlU
LeMiigton, visited Mi. Hairy D. , . ' ,nove ther? iu tho ncuv tuture.
(ubb, luet week. M Kaik llobbU(i (). , iU.h M, Ho.ence Spragen entertnin-
Who Will Succeed Bradley Sure.
(JrfTrrftnntown .ItfTrrnoman)
(Inr J. ( Itakham h Jnnuine
rd ills eandidaev for I'nlled Klalea SVneJnr
bulJMt lo the action ot tho democratic rl
tni.iv iu Vujukt of nril year. It will be
rememse-cd thjt .Mr. Urckhao waa cheated
nut of thia other a few jcara ago by fi-ur
detootrata (f) who jited Iraitora lu their
party, ja aril aa Iraitora to the people nf
K-Muihy. After aecurlnc Ibe democrat!
nmlir),t' te T-Si-!' Of th vo1 f OSe
rrople by 1S.OO0, W O. llradley, republican.
waa cl.Tted by a democratic legtblaturr
The JeRcraot.lan take little InleloM In
poll I II a. but belirvli-c that it la nur duly to
jie plilu faita al.il let tbu people vote, aa
Ihty pleaae, but we ar.- unqualniedly fo,
Oov. UiHkliuin .'or any office he wanta. not
piertly because he an cheated out of the
olice of V H. h'mitor, but becaue he liaa
p!ovm hiuitelf Ic be a Uu- arrvaut of the.
Ivp!e. Takme the c.ce of governor after
the aavaaiination of Otr. Ooebel, at a time
Ihe. tat- waa divided upon many iuetlon,
he had mide jcod ir eierythmg br haa at
ennted. Ilia viewa and action concern
ing uiattera atTirting the ps.pto havo met with
popular, lavoi, and hi haa proven himwlf lo
b capable in eery teevt. He alioutd hare
no oppaition to aucirvtl rVnvtor Dradley and
nei believe he will have ou opposition. Gov.
Uitkbam la the uio.t )opular mau in Ihe
at-ite, aa wll be demonstrated when the pen.
plr have a voice to apeak their aentiments
and Ihe win politician, nr ufhee-aeeker, wil!
rut run againu bftn for Ihe nomnatoii for
Ii. S Senator
Todd County Tiinea)
Koriuer (pveruor Jletkhum tiaa aniiuunced
hia candidacy for Vnited Statea beuator .in it
tl.rp ale bomttbini,- like io.uou democrata in
the atate wh4 will vets for him for the aufa
rinaon that, live yeara ago, while the pail; a
iiicninie for iLat rxaltid oftiie, he waa the
viilai uf the grohbeat treachery pirpetrated
by a haudful af political cruoka abue vou
I'lHl canMlttllea Ihe mo. I dl. graceful itl.lplef
in the hiatory of Kentuck) politica.
(Wimhtkter Sun)
Uoirrnor Ueikham'a formal entry into tl.e
raco fi,r tin Sitaturhl.b aeeiua lu be uieetim;
a hiariy reaponia all ovrr the elate. Ilia
ittltouilcelli.nt ia luurl.ld iu laluuabTe dis
ulind t.ud carniai, evch have be, u all
hia writtiu or bpoken utterance. He nliow
In game bptril in buying to the deniiKratia
loter that he will apprevialo their aupport,
if the) deem him fit and worthy, but that If
Ihev believe auolher can aeive them betlel
hi will not hold it agalnbt them if they vol
for ;u I other tteikham baa aome Hrioi.al
an.l political rntmie. who will try to ee.
tooipsia bla defeat, but aomebody ald ot
I ruicr Clivelandj "we love him fur the en.
mi- he haa made. rolitic ia a game ol
luve .'ather than nl hate, iln.l lh i.mdtdate
lo hat the auppoil tt thuae who luve hlin
gctiirally am onr tl.i iandid.ite wliu ru
the auppiit "I Ihr.e who hate lh oilier U
.eil at ouce.
Mr. (Muir. Adams and ou und Miss
Misses Annio U'wls Uiley urnl
Josephine Niinnclley, of Turuersville
were here Sutuiday ultiTiioon shop-
The bazaar held nt the Wheeler
flat by tho ladies of the P.osb.v-
terian church will be Satutday Ihe
14th fiom 0 A. M. to 11 . M. C.iij.e
early nnd ,'et ehoic,, it the 'd
1.,'... .:..! ii.: it :n i... ii....'..
Mr. Lee IWy hit- returned fioin
Ciicjnnti"vvhere lie iited Ju;uUi-
' i.. : . ii ii i..... i ... ?. ...... i
Enter Hens in Winter Egg Laying
Contest Now on
I Lincoln county has the most pro-
gresive poultry breeders of any itij
tlie state. ,iiii tiiey are iicconuug
i more iniinerous every year. Tw( Lin
coln lanciers participated in the egg
Inying contest conducted by the
Louisville Evening Post lat summer
und three have entered injio con
test winch is being held for winter
The three fanciers who wore rc
rrccnted in tlie summer eomiwtition
nre nlso entered, in the winter con
test, one of them, Mrs. S. J. Emhry
with two pens, as she is showing u
pen of her great winter layers, tho
English Salmon Faverollcs, us well
as Ijnr prize Huff Orpingtons. A. C.
Alfiicl, the White Leghorn man. bus
confidence in his birds in winter us
well iih in summer, and has n pen of
fine hens competing under hiq name
in the winter list. C. S. Lyons, the
well known miller out on Hanging
Fork is a great admirer of a. believ
er in the black Laiigshans ,aiul lias
cutcicd it h-ii of these strictly cold
weather fowls. Wlulo none of the
local entries is leading tile classes
us yet, nil are well up "in tho run
ning'' nnd are giving good nccount of
their selves.
Kentuckv Kardinals Entertain
The Kentucky KurdiuuK delight
fully ciitcrtuined their many friends
with a huutpiet Thursday evening in
tueir huiidsouie little club house in
Maywoud, Alter the lnayer offer
ed b Hailey Sampson, the guests
weie served u two course supper.
The menu consisted of oyster houp,
celery, olives mid pickle-., fried oy.s
tors, coni cuker., liglit bread and
After nil had been served the
toa-l, muster, Mr. .Marion Fields
called on Mr. J. V. Fields to give
the welcome address. And when he
had fini.iued all felt that they were
truly welcome. Mr. "Fred 0. Wat
kins wil then introduced n. secre
tin"' of the club, who read the con
stitution and bylaws. Several com
pliments were passed as to the abili
ty of the Kardinnls as to constitu
tion making. The next speaker,
,Mr. Hubert C. Wntkins, the president
of the club spoke on the organiza
tion and right well did he handle his
Mibjeet. lie plainly showed that tlie
club was organized to improve the
socinl conditions of neighborhood, to
create a literary taste and also to
broaden the minds of its members.
Mr.W. M. Fields, Dr. W. F. Wat
kins and Hailey Sampson made li.rt
talks and expressed pleasure nt be
ing theie and complimented the
KnrdimiU on the noble woik they
had started out to do ,
The club house was very n t trac
tive! v decorated with the club colors
liglit green and light pink. The fol-1
Lining were present: Mr. and .Mr.
W. M, Fields, Mr. and Mrs. W. F.
Walkiiis, Mrs Will Stephenson. Mr.
Ilownid Xewland and Miss Mary
Wnlden Gooeh Mr. A. W. Sampson
nml Mis.s Pearl Fields. Mr. J. W.
Fiehlt. and Mnry l. Duddernr. Mr.
(eorge V. Hale, nnd Anna Green
Wood, Robert . Watkiiis and Grace
M. Fields, Mr. Marion Fields and
Edith Waikins, Mi.ss Huth Fields and
Lucille Duddernr, It. K. Sampson,
Huilcv Sampson. S. L. Stephenson,
Fred'o. Watkiiis.
Miss I'm Pevion Is visiting
t'liemls in Cincinnati.
Mrs. Tom Kllis of Dan- :"e. who
has been the guest of relatives here
has letuiued home.
Dr. and Mis. 0. L. May, of Dan
ville aie expected soon for a ist l
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. May.
Mr. Alva Kllis und family have
t el unied to Tennessee, after u visit
t.i friends heie.
Mis. Harvey- Mill, of Somerset, is
visiting here.
Mr. ami Mr. Honit Peyton of
Chilton spent Sunday here with re
al ivt'.
Mrs. John Hi own has about rt
Thanksgiving: Misses Jane Bottoms
nnd Lillian Hi ewer of Lebanon,
Kll.t Harm tie of llnslnuville nnd
Messrs. Itoluit Spalding und lien-
.....". - i- r
" V?T? lfts,lum' , .
Mr.. I. A. I. n.e. son has returned
""" " ,,Ml '" """"""" "'
" """ , ,. .. ,
... hY' T t "n ".1
'- '" '"'" ,"T "iiiimiuuiiiK
Interior Journal,
y,,( ,., ,.,,,-r Qv
r,i,,t.v hv -udT?rli8Yn
conuues com-
tBintcyour sale in
I'll ill in ua i uuiisr niiiiv zinnia
I, Miss Let lie Muy Mdtohcrts w.il
!""" e limit 101 it visw in ii s
Limrn C'ns.sidiiy, of Lexington. She
Toes to ntleitil the Piiti llellic Hull
nt the Phoenix.
'i'lipt itcle girls held u Itnnti-
Saturdny nt Anderson and Hurt's
iuruitiire store.
Mesalnmes W. 0. Higney anil
daughter, Fred P. Frishic, Marshall
lv. Denny, Mr. J. I J. Collier nnd
laughter und Messrs. John nnd Wro.
Walker were in Danville, for Ihrs
funeral and burial of the late Mr.
John Cotton.
Dr. It. L. Pointer wns over from
Lciingtnn, having U-en culled here
to diagnose a (license that is dis
Iroying a number of cattle for Onr
rard farmers. He pronounced the
strange disease as "forage poison
ing" nnd said it was neither contag
ious or infectious.
Kdvv in Walker has accepted n po
sition iu Conn Hios.' hnrdwure store
Messrs. George Smith, Sr A. II.
Hnstiii nml F. G. Hurt have been
appointed city supervisors.
Hev. S. II. Pollett is nt Moreland
assisting Hie Rev. Wogoner in a
John V. John-oii and wife, of
Louisville, were called here by Hie
lines and death of Mrs. Johnson's
'tepinoiher, Mi. Eliru Sadlor.
The Indies of the Hnptist church
Aid Society held u bazaar on Fri
day and Saturday at Miss Hella Ar
nold's millinery store.
Mis.s Liuise Terry, of Paint Lick
is convalescent after quite a sick
spell itf fypboid fever.
The Lancaster stores are prettily
decorated with Xmas goods and nre
drawing crowds of interested spec
tators. The glorious rains that fell Tues
day nnd Wednesday were most
thankfully received us it wa.s so
much needed both in town' und coun
try. The culprit or culprits, wh.5 broke
into the L. & N. depot before
Thanksgiving have not been found.
Mrs. Eluu Sudler, age CO years
died at her home at Buckeye alter a
general decline of a complication of
diseases. Her husband was killed a
few years ago by a stroke "nf light
ning. One daughter, Mrs. Kemper
Walker and sister, Mrs. V. T. West;
of this city survive her. The de
ceased had been a member of the
Baptist church since early girlhood.
A new partner has been added to
the grocery firm of Davidson und
Doty. The name of the new mem
oer in the store is Glenn Gordon
Miss Rule Lee Denny gave an ela
borate and well appointed course
dinner, the honor guest being her
cousin, Mis Helle Dcnnv of Stan
ford. Air. It. L. Klkin an unusually cour
teous gentleman, who has held a po
sition with the Hank and Trust Co.
has icsigned and .in January 1st he
will ussine the business control of
the Central Record. '
The- Chaittaiirpia Cjicle met the
past week with Misses Robinson,
Preslic.il' and Mason at the home of
Mr-. Alex Walker ou Ic.xingtou
Ought to be Nominated
The following from the Danville
Advocate is endorsed in everv word!
by the I, J. If the democrats of Gnr
rnrd are wise they will nominate
Mr. Wnlker, tho' at that, vve have
no woul to say against his oppon
ent. The Advocate hiiy: Editor
Green Clay Walker, of the Lancas
ter Record, bus announced his .can-
diiluey for the County Attorneyship
ot Hiirinr.il county. Mr. Wnlker is completely that every man is waking
well and favorably known to many "l to the fact that in order to wiu
KMiple in this city, liuving- spent M"-(-,hS be must specialize and loam
several months iu the office,." of the to lio ono thin' ""d & itteW.
Q. & C, route several vears ng,.1 1S1 ' . ' J" article thut is
After leaving this -it v he went to solU., l .ple. mul have
i ...:.,..:ii ...i s . i ii i genuine incut or no nmount of ud
Lon.svtlle where 1e to the law vctf, W1 m;ntain (he demand
course from the Ixuiisville rniver- cor ile ffrtjce,
sity and giaduuted umong the high-j por ramly ve'nrs wo uuva watched
est iu the clash. Mr. Walker is nn with much interest the remarkable
unusmilly blight young man nml nmV1,Mrd nmintuincd by Dr. Kilmer's
of splendid business capacity und if Swamp. Root, the great Kidney, Liv-
the eople of Hint county give him er and Bladder Remedy. From the
the office he seeks lie will fill it very beginning the proprietors had
to the satisfaction of all concerned "eh confidence in it that they
and with ciedit to himself. He has incited every one to test it. free ot
engaged the service., of Mr. It. L. oost, before piucliMing.
FJkin n biiMiicss munnger it his' ,f. s n. ' presciiptio,,.
i . . ,, . . V .. i- . bey have on file thousands of
paper ... order that he may g.ve t.u.e joUel, reccivcd from former BuWer.
to Ins race. enj wjJ0 ftre mvr enjoying good
, " , . health us a lesult'otits use.
The ladies of the Presbylennn ( Howevct if vqu wisl, first to try
rhutcli will hold their annual bazaar a somple 'bottle, address Dr. Kilmer
and exchange at the State Honk & Co., Hlngba-nton, N. Y. and mea-
buililing on Friday, Dec. 13,. The tion this paper. They 'will gladly
sale, "will begin at one oclcck, oys- forward you a sample bottle by mail
ter soup, coffee and sandwiches will absolutely free,
be 'served during the eveniagv Ail Regular sites for sole at all dw-
areuuvaed. .6-tf.' (pst--M wnta nd sl,, ,4Ailf)'
V";, i a.vatoa'atjai.i.VUsSl.- V'tlT " "ib Vb.JJ-.l54il
Master Commissioner E. D. Pen
nington Makes Number of
Other Sales Court Day
The Newtonian Hotel, lliistonvillo
onc of thc best buildings in that lit
tle city, was sold yesterday in front
of the court house by Commisstonor
I'.. I). Pennington to J. H. Riffe of
that place, for $2,010. The build
ing was erected about ten years
ago by lite Into Abo Newton and is
n very substantia! hostelry.
Commissioner I'ei'nniitiM.m l
sold 0.i ucres of !und lying near Mc
Kinncy known ns lh0 Ilubblo trucL
It was bid iu by the Hubble hoirs
ut JrfiO per ncic. The homo of the
lute Dr. Pettits at Crab Orchard,
wns exposed to tlie highest bidder
and wii bought by David Newland
for .fHOO.
On next Monday Commissioner
Pennington will go to Somerset nnd
dispose of some valuable projierty
there belonging l the Newton es
tatc. It consists of the Imtidsome
Newtonian hole! mid all fixtures bnr
room fixtures and the building oo
cupied by the postofficc. Tho en
tire lot will bring in the neighbor
hood of $7,000, it is believed.
Thacker Boston
The wedding of MisS Lula Tlinek
er to .Mr. Force Boston both of Law
relicehurp, 'v., was solemnized nt
Elixir Springs, the home of the
Inide's sister. Mrs. II. H. Houchin,
Wednesday. Nor. 27. Rev. W. S.
Willis, of Hiistonville, officiating.
The britlo is u beautiful young lady,
.vhiie the groom is one -of Ander
son county's most populnr young
men. There were only a few of their
intimate friends present. Immedi-.
otely after the ceremony they left
for Lawrencebing, Ky., where they
will irmke their home. They liave
the best wishes of their man friends
for a long happy union.
Start Grist Mill at Turnersville
IL R. and G. E. Lutes, of the Tur
nersville section, will shortly install
n 10 horse power grist mill at Tur
nersville and will be prepared to
crush core, grind meal etc. Henry
McWhortcr. an experienced milt
man, will manage the mill for them
und can be depended upon to do the
work right.
Piano Contest Notice
To candidates und those who
nre inleie.sted: Do not ak,for votes
in this store or doorway. Iu order
to Rive nil a chance, we-will ou, Fri
day, only, for every dollar spent
give .5,000 votes. Remember one
day only. Also remember that we
positively cannot allow you to so
licit votes in our store. Sum Itob
inson. "98-1.
You will find that druggists everv
where speak well" of Chaniberlniu'fv
Cough Itemed. Thev know from
long experience iu tho i?ule of It that
iu cases of coughs nnd colilaj it qau
tilvyuys be depended upon-, and that
it is pleasant and safe to take. For
sale by G. L. Penny. -
Maccabees Elect Officers
The annual election of Stanford
Tent No. 7, Knights of thu Macca
bees was held at their hall Monduy
night. Sheriff W. LMcCurty was
celcted commander and Prof. Gar
lnnd Singleton record keeper.
Hew to Succeed
During the last few Tears, condi-
' ions iu nil lines of business, every
professional life, have changed so-
4" ,
t V .
M :
3fe' J

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