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The Interior Journal
Paper Will .Stop When
fetch I
Subscription Expires Watch
Your Date and Renew Promptly
-1WHDEI) 18W. 53D YEAH. JCO. 00
V r.
' QV ,
, r IfiiMliMvir M PMl7
WJmmm, Mw LarMt Any I
; "f iwMry Pafr hi Kentucky. J
event Aipelfrts Detaates From
Kentucky awl Whisky Men
Criticize Hkn.
llov. I). M. Walker leave Jicit
week for Washington, where ho will
attend the nationnl convention of
the Anti-Saloon League, having been
appointed one of the delegates
from Kentucky by Gov. McCrenry,
together with a number of other
prominent temperance workers over
the state. Rev. F. M. Tinder, of
Lancaster, was also mndo a dele
gat. A number of local tempciunce
workers rnnde up a pur for the
purpv? a of ,lfryitii Kv. Walker'.,
wpenxa to mid fr.ma the convention.
In coniipction with the appoint
ment of deleimtea bv the governor
to the Anti-Snloon Convention, the
Louisville Herald nv thnt such nn
net linn "riled' tho whisky men con
nidernblv. Tho Herald suvs:
When Gov. James H. McCrenry, n
few days ago, appointed delegates
lo rcprencnt the Stnto of Kentucky
nt n eonferenco of tlm Anti-Snloon
League, scheduled to ukii in Wash
ington. December 10. ho throw tho
gauntlet to tho liquor interests of
tanumllo nnd the entire "tnt of
Kentucky nrcordintr to infonnntio
received in local whisky circles.
Tlux pniclirnllv meuns that the
Oovernor nnd the prrvnl state nd
ininitrntion and tho liquor inter
ests of Kentucky am out nt outs
nnil thnt soon there will he boiiio iii
tcTct.ting complications.
The chief cnuse for complaint
ncninst tho netion of Gov. McCrenry
according to the view taken bv tho
whisky men. is thnt the appointment
of the delegates by the Governor
gives nn imprcmioti thnt the State
of Kentucky lends approval of the
cnuno of the Anti-Snloon League.
The whisky men point out that
Gov. MeCrenrv went out of liiawnv
to name the delntos to the Wash
ington conference. Ho wan not re
quired under the law to designate
anyone lo nttend the meeting. Whili
he had the right a n private citizen
it is argued, still it showed bad
judgment on hi part not to sny iu
differencc to the interest of tho
people nt large to place tho entire
RJnte of Kentucky in n false atti
tude. - ,
It would hnve leen proper for
him, nrcording to tho complaints to
hnve followed tho enstom establish
ed by his prrdecosors and thrust
aside any advancement from an or
gnniration thnt would tend to create
elnsn feeling.
Apart from this, the liquor men
not only will fiend out their petition
t ecplain the true conditions in the
state, but thev will delegate certain
men to i to Washington when the
eonferenco is held and lnce the is
sue fnirly tnd squarely up to the
representatives in Congress from
the Stnte of Kentucky. In short
this menns they will work for the
defnt of the Kenyan bill, pending
before congress, which holds more
than ordinary interest for the Anti
Snloon Lcngue people by reason of
the fact thnt it is fnvornblo to their
' cause nnd therefore, detrimental to
he, interests of the liquor trade.
Rev. 0. L. Minks, of Stnnford.
preuched nn interesting sermon nt
the Baptist church Sunday morning
Ha nnd his wife were guests at W.
It. Singleton's.
Mr. H. II. Singleton nttended the
birrinl of Mr, Van Orsdcl nt Lcxing
ton Friday.
Messrs. It. Curtis, T. S. Reynolds
nnd E. L. Gndbprry went to Mt. Mo
riah in the fanner's nuto Sundny
Mr. W. D. Johnson, of.King's
Mountain nttended church hero Sun
Tho doctors nro kept busy now ns
thcro nro several cases of pneu
monia in tho neighborhood.
Mrs. C. G. Cnldwcll continues
very ill.
Tho Y. of A. orgnnizod a lode
hero Friday night with nbout 20
Mrs. Alico Gooeh and littlo rrand
son, Ilnrrett Caldwell aro visiting
relatives in Danville.
Tho school nt this plnco is pro
gressin nice1- under Prof. Giililnnd
nnd IVof. Whcoldon.
Messrs. V. S. Denson nnd W. D.
Gooeh continue ill
Mrs. Vernon SinMoton of Dnn
villo, visited her parents Inst week.
Drives off a Terror
Tho chief exocutionor of death in
tho winter and spiing months is
pneumonia. Its ndvanco nt-cnts nro
colds nnd grip. In any attack bv
one of theso mnlndies no time should
bo lost in taking tho best medicino
obtninnblo to drivo it off. Countless
thousands linvo found this to ho Dr.
King's Now Discovery. "My hus
band believes it has kept him from
hnvinff pneumonia thrco or four
timos," writes Mj?. Georgo W. Plnco
Rawsonvillo, Vt., "nnd for coughs,
colds nnd oroup wo Iiavo novor found
Its equal." Guaranteed for nil bron
li!nl affections. Prion SOa nnd SI.
TrinI bottle free at nil druggists.
General News Notes
John Fnllis dropped a box-bf dy
namite at Frnukfort. Hi bat was
the only remains found.
Lieut. Allen (iulliou, son of Editor
K. A. Gullion, of the Henry county
iocnl, has been appointed military
commandant nt Sfnto University by
the War Department.
At tho National Progressive par
ty Conference in Chicago IIiIh week,
it was decided to mnkn no cumpro
mist of nuy kind with tho icpubli
rnns but to put out full county und
stnte tickets everywhere next yciir.
Overwhelmlnq Maloritv Aaalnst
Sale of Liquor In Pulaski
Somerset Ky Dec, 11. Returns
complete from nil precincis in Pu
laski county show 'VJ2(i for tho
"dryrt" nnd 019 for the "wets", a
mnjority of 2,305 for tho local op
tion cniue in the election held yes
tonlflv. Thern is trrent roioicina
among tho temperance do pin ucr
tile victory.
Only one precinct in the county
voted "wet", und thnt was a pre
cinct in Somerset, which "no n
''wet" majority of nineteen.
Jugcrnot precinct won tho ling of-
fnriil liv fl lit ''itrvM ' fur tin ltiit
showing, ns not n "wet" ot was
cuxt in tlm tirecuict.
Thero are now about n doen hn
loous in Somernet, many of them
hnxiiig rerriilly gone before Hit City
(mucil and secured licciir-p for mi
other year, but the uttorneVH fur tho
"drys" say this will nvail them
iiuught, us the legal salo of intoxi
flints is prohibited as soon ns the
vote is ennvussed nnd certified by
the Election Hoard.
Tho wliihkv people mndo no ef
fort whatever to carry tho election,
basing their hopp for ultimate vic
tory it is claiinpd. on the nllcgcd
illegal calling of the election. The
question will l)o taken to the courts
before tho licenses of'-thosp who
conduct saloons in Somerset expire.
Passes to Christian Reward at Home
Near Hall's Gap
Mrs. Polly Lovvll, w'ife of James
Lovcll, died at her home near Hull's.
Gup Monday at noon uftcr nn ill
Deceased wu 6(i years old und since
early womuuhood hud been n con
stant member of the Methodist
church. llesidcs the hubbund to
whom bhe wus wedded li" ears ugo,
.Mrs. Lovcll is sunned by seven
children three sons und four daugh
ters, und they hne the syniiuthv
of many friends in their loss.
After services by her pastor. Rev.
C. II. Greer, Tuesday afternoon, the
remains were taken to rutrvicw
cemetery aud laid to re.st.
Stanford School Honor
Roll For November.
Senior. James Cooper, Lillian
Mueller, Hurry Rcinbnrt.
Junior. ltobcrt Carter, Effie
Ilaughroan Elizabeth Mathcny Mur
ion Grimes.
Sophomore. Harry Farmer, El
len Ma a Holtzclaw, Mary S. Cook,
Sallie M. Craig, Mary M. Rancy,
Ainiu Duvi-i Mcltyberls, Muyuio Sin
gleton, licssio Moore.
Freshman. Prescott Brown. Gcr
truilo Guines, Jesso 1 locker, Muud
Grade 8. John Cash Hcnly Cash
JoA T. Embry, Matsy Grimes, Nellie
. Hill, Lcttic V. McKuticv, Jean
Paxton, Martha Raney, Maurice
Grade 7. ojart Arnold, Leo
nard Hnllurd, Anne V. Crnig, Fran
ceo Embrj't Lee Mershon, Nuncy K.
.McKinney, Annio Rogers Powell,
Hello Hus-sell, Clarence Singleton.
Grude tl.-W. Hester Anderson An
nette Wcaren, Elizabeth Carter,
John It. McKinney, Mnry Heck, Ra
chel Hill, Tildcu Cooper, Thelraa
Grado 5. Mao Gover, Francs
Connney, Sophie Snunders, Grace
Atchley, Funiiio McL'arle" Sadie
Grade !. Jlertha lllankenship,
Murv Hruckott, Georgo Fleeco Ear
ns, Mary Pcttus. Thelinu Powoll,
Vic Goso Smith, Margaret Shanks,
William Tote, Joseph Wnlter.
Grade .1. Gladys Arnold, Kuth
erino llmdy, James Iinuglimnn, Hen
ry Itnughuinn Lucilo Carter, Jose
phine Gooeh, Elizagcth Greer, Ma
mie Hutchison, Muttio Hell Kinrnid.
Grnde '-'. Adelaide Proctor, Lo
lia C. Raney, Murv K. Hockor,
Frances Fish, Lee Davis Fibber.
Grndo 1. Matilda Hell, Jennie
Harnett, Olgn Cnmonisrh, Mjiggic
Hrackett, Katherino Kinenid, Jas.
Paxton. Murv Louiso Stone, Doro
thy Tribble, Lucilo Wnlkor.
Primury. Annello Carson. Shanks
Farmer, Maurice Murifliy, Mary
Louise Woods,
Sweet Florida Oranues
Tho Hrookor Rrnnd is tho best
Ask your grocer for tho Drooler
Ilrnnd and you will get the sweet
est ornngo that comes from Florida.
Will bo glad to toko your orders
nnd bnko your Xinus cakes for you.
Mrs. W. C. Withers. Phono 101. 09-2
When Pot of Bollintj Coffee Explod
ed in Face of W L. Lane.
D.U'' Stoic, it. D. No .J, Dec.
1I.--W. L. Lane, of Kiug' .Moun
'ntti, who driM'H u produce woun,
throiigli this section got Veiy pain
fully it' nut seriously scald; 1 here
litu la placed u snii can full ol
coffee on an oil heating stoto The
coffco being closely confined in the
can, t,e united steam and c.tplodca
in his lace us ho was lilting tlu cup
olf the stove. The contents strucK
him full in tho face, which doubtless
will injure his pch. He phontd for
Ills nile who camu immediately uf
In bun.
Col. J. P. Chandler told us that
he took a sack of corn to the mill
Inst week iillil wit pllillini uii the
21th duy of July, without ever be
ing plowed or even n hoe being in
the field. As we have got progres
sive politics we will term him a
progressive farmer until some one
suggust a better name.
Floyd Morgan suld his intercut in
his tobacco crop to his father for
j-l'-Ti in cash und u horse aud bug
gy amounting to something near
T-'OO in nil.
Win. Dychousc, of Prcnehcrsville,
was hero with his son, Fred this
w eek,
Cluudc James was elected stcre
tarv of the Pine Groo Suuduv
School by a iinaiutnoii-, otc and it
was n good selection, ns the little
man is shrewd mid energetic, lie is
J"M ten enrs old.
'i'obacci stiiping is all the go
iu this section, wince the leccut
rniiM as there was very little donu
to the weed up until thnt time.
Mike Long, the hustling fur buy
er, of this section is up iu Harlan
county, buying furs for tho the next
tell days.
Father of Mrs. E. J. Brown Passes
Away at Rockcastle Home
Mr. J. Nelson Griffin, one of the
oldest und most respected citizens
of Rockcastle county diud nt his
homo in MuTetbug last Fnduy morn
ing of the infirmities dun to advanc
ed years.
Deceased was 82 years old and
his entire life was snont in aud
n I mm ii Mureiburg, whero ii was
well and favorably known to every
He was a successful fanner nil
his life und reured a large family
of children. Hcsides his wife- the
deceased is survived by ten out of
twelve children rcun'd by this good
couple, and nil were at the bedside
when the end curoe except two, who
are now residents of Kunsas and
Florida, and were denied the sad
m ilege of being with their be
Ioed parent in hw last hn be
cause of the grcut distuuee separat
ing them. -Mrs. E. J. Hrowu, of this
plnco is his oldest daughter and
bad been with her father for several
days before his death.
The funeral services were con
ducted on Saturday afternoon at
his late homo bv his t.nn.iti.lnur
Rev. I Pike .of the Alnretburg
Atetuouist church, nftor which tho
mortal remains of the good husband
and father Were consigned to tho
tomb in Mnretburg cr- -
Assured From Members nf Stanford
Christian Churcn This Year
The Stnnfnril Phrisfinn nlnirnli
broke all records Sunday wheu it
laid the foundation of a fund of
$1,200 annually for the support of
uio mission work or tno denomina
tion. Such a Bum from this church
will tneiin itt lnilivulitnl wuiitii-irt nC
one tnihtKinmirv in tlm I'm-mim fmM
and two others pari support iu tho
iioino nelil.
The raibilll? of this fmul nnw nu
the climax of a week missionary
CUUlDUlim Work- Willi nnlnlil., Ii.n.l.
Or Of tllll flpiiniTlinntl.nl lirvrn liminr
the good cause. Forty-three members
oi a congicgution ol over "Jo0 sub
scribed the bum of $U00 Sunday
and pastor, Uev. D. M. Walker is
confident that tho additional $300
soi'Kin can oe oiuainoa fiom the i
mainder of the membership.
Tin's sum of $1,200 is a notnblo
increase over tho mission contribu
tions of tho Stanford Christian
church of the past year, which wore
about $.100.
Could Shout for Joy
"I want to thank you from tho
bottom of my henit," wroto C. D.
Ruder, 6f Lowisburg, W. Vo.. "for
the wonderful double benefit I (jot
from Electric Hitters, in curing me
of hoth n scvero cose of stomach
trouble nnd of rheumatism, from
which I Imd been nn nlmost help
less sufferer for ton years. It suit
ed my enso ns though mndo just for
mo." For dyspepsia, indigestion.
jaundice nnd to rid tho systom of
kidney poisons thnt cnuso rheuma
tism, Electric Hittera have no super
ior. Try them. Every bottlo is
gunanteed to satisfy. Only GOcts at
all druggibts.
Will Settle Senatorial Matter In Few
Days Probably De
cember 19th.
0. L. I'ennv, chairman or the 18tli
Senatorial comuuttr hn received
written statements filom James L.
Hamilton, of Gurrard count v. nnd
f It. Anderson of Hoyle commit
ting themselves to abide by the re
sult of tho committee's action with
leferenee to the contention between
those two gentlemen ius to whether
it is Hovlo or Gurrnnls timo to hnve
the democratic nominee for Senator
from this district. A stated in the
Inst issue of tho I. J. Messrs. Ham
ilton 2nd "injBrsoit met liein on
Monday ami reached a decision to
leftve their contention to the Scn
ntorinl committee for settlement,
but Climrnmn Penny declined to call
the body together until written
statements weie filed with him by
both parties He did not question
the sincerity of cither jmrlv, but
felt thnt he bad no right to net upon
u eibal reipicst.
"I was given n good deal of trou
ble last ear by cnH'in the county
committee together to act on n mut
ter iill.l the paitv at whoc instance
it wns culled refused to nbidp its
action because it did not suit him,
but I had no recourse ns I had no
hi it ten ngi cement. I do not niit if i
pnte thnt nuy muddle would result
from inv call in the .Senatorial mat
ter, but 1 deem it safest to have nil
parties slnto their views nnd ''"sires
iu writing." said Ohnirmnn Penny
The clininnnii will cull the meet
ing for Stunfoid und tho duto will
probably be nest Thursday, Dec. 19.
though he hn not fullv determined
about the Intter proposition
Is W.
F. Camden, of Waynesburq,
Who has a Great Record
In the person of Mr. William F,
C'nmden, of Wiij-nesbur Lincoln
county boasts a citizen who for
consistency and steadfastness nnd
Christian virtue enn not bo excelled
anywhere. Thin venerable old gen
tleman wns born nt Wiiynesburg on
I'eb. I'll, iaa-j, and wus consequent
ly 80 yeurs .old his last "'birthday.
His entire life has !"cn spent thero
surrounded by his family and
friends nnd no man enjoys to a
greater extent the confidence re
sulting from his years of upright in-tcri-our.se
and integrity thnn does
Mr. Camden'.
It is doubtful if this or any other
community has a better or more con
sisteiit democrat. Ho cast bis first
vote in 185.'! for the lute James S,
C'hrisman, of Wayno county, for
Congress and binco that time has
uecr failed to support every man
whose name appears uuder tho dem
ocratic emblem. Not even a school
trustee receives his support unless
he is a disciple f Thomas Jefferson.
For 20 years Mr. Camdn has
been a deputy under County Court
Clerk Cooper aud his conduct of th
ul'fairs of that important office
have at all times been absolutely
correct, neat in every particular
and his records kept so clear that it
is no trouble whatsoever to trace
a record of deed or inortgan from
lioguitung to end. .
Many years ugo Mr. Camden unit
ed with tho W-nynesburg Iiaptist
church and has for a lornr time act
cd in tho capacity of clerk both for
tho bunday school and church. Wlmn
n young man he led to llnneu's nl
tnr Miss Emily Martin, a sister of
Alex .Martin. Of this ulnce. and thnv
liiiVf. lived happily together through
nil those years, though denied tho
happiness of offspring.
Though udvnnccd in age, Mr.
Ctmdcn is a remarkably well uro-
sorcd man and his vcars rest as
lightly upon him as many a man ten
years his junior. He in a farmer
in a small wuy, and still looks nftcr
his affairs with vigor. In many
ways ho is an exceptional person
ugo; n tvpicnl old fashioned fcouth
ern gentleman nnd it i good to look
upon one of his kind ns they are
now rapidly yielding to tho ravaros
oi uino una ero long thoro will ba
noiin left to jnspiro tho younger gen
rntion with reminiscences of the
halcyon din-, f the South before
the war.
Any aclio or pain in nnv part of
the body cun bo relieved with Shipp's
Quick Relief Liniment. $100 reward
if it fails and tho purchnso price is
not refunded. Try it nnd see. GOo
nt all druggists.
Foils a Foul Plot
When a shameful plot exists be
tween liver and bowels to cause dis
tress by refusing to net, tako Dr.
King's New Lifo Pills, and end such
nbuso of your system. They gently
compel right action of stomach, liv
er nnd bowels, and rostoro vour
I ,,1 , ,, i .. .,' ;
..cm. ....., Kguu jccnugs. c ui use ii onco uirow nsiuo all others he was well. For sale by Q. L Pen
nil druggists. SO cnts nt all dealers. . ' ny. ... t
Which Roscoe Colyer Laid up for
Winter-East End Items.
Prcuehersville. Dec. ll.-Our -ood'
friend, Mr. Roscoc Colyer, living
" t'ejar Creek, had some pretty I
i tough luck n few days since. Mr.
Colyer had jiint butchered his meat
hogs und a lot of neatly sacked nan
snge hanging iu the smoke liouxo
looked like a nice addition to the
winter lnrdcr. The night after, hun
gry dogs scratched under the floor
und entered the meat house nnd
completely devoured nil of thfl sau
sage, but were considcrnt" enough
to leae the premises without mo
lesting any of the pork.
Mumps still prevalent nnd the old
und young nrp victims. Mrs. Nancy
N;..r. wife of Mr. (5. W. Nnylor.
who hns long since arrived at the
honor of grandmother is ono of the
iiitent sufferers. The strange part
allot it is that the good woman has
had no posMhle chnnec to "catch'
the di-ense, ujI being nwuv from
home for some tiuip and no one with
the ailment then or mucp, being u
recent caller.
.Madam Rumor, knowing old gos
sip she is, says wedding bells will
shortly ring for two of l'rcaclicrs
Mllo's fairest daughters.
'hurley Nnylor i visiting hu -is-ter.
.Mrs John Hell, at Ccrbin.
John ('. Colsoil, of Point Lick is
isiting his brother, 0. H. Colson
iiinl family.
The Baptist bietlneii at Heeeh
L'iov0 called Rev. A. C. Haird to the
pnstorato of their church for 1013
Hake's creek Baptist church at
this place will call a pastor Satur
day. All members urged to attend.
Hnptist Sunday school booming
under the aide leadership of Stipt.
Thos. J. Camden, assisted by a
corps of efficient teachers and of
ficers. Their -rayer meeting ser
vices on Wednesday evenings nre in
strnctie, interesting nnd wcll-nt-tended.
The Hnptist church here
bus been without sueh service for
morr than n dozen years, when a
very beneficial prayer meeting wns
conducted by tho late Rev. W. T. R.
ton nnd others
White. J. F. Holtzclaw. W. T. Sut-
Eugcne Duvnll and Woodsou Car
penter arrived last week from
Oreensburg, Ind., nnd will spend the
winter with the homefolks here.
.it.. Oln Nn!ur ttnu uuugtiler
Miss Carrie, visited Mrs. Elizabeth
Darker, at Crab Orchard.
Jones L. Anderson and family
have moved into the residence re
cently bought of J. H. HnllnTd. Mr.
Ballard moved to his place near
hero in Garrard.
John L. Kennedy sold his farm to
W. II. Cummins and bought a house
nnd lot in Crab Orchard from Mrs.
Elizabeth Barker fo $G00. He will
run a grocery in Crab Orchard.
Sidney Allen was riven 3."5 vpnrs
jnnd Wesley Edwards 27 years ia the
pen, which make the final convic
tions for tho llillsvillc, Vo.. court
room murders.
Pleasant Point
Wo are having a nice rain here
nnd wheat crops, were looking bad
ly. bomo of tho rople around here
are getting pretty meddlesome, I
think, if they would clean around
their doors beforo other peoples'
they would do ngrcat deal bettor.
Wo all hate to see our ood friend
.Mr. huy Johnson leave ais he is a
fine man und a model neighbor.
--ur. v. u. urium is improving
nicely and is a nice clever merchant
ana Uoes everybody n"tit.
Mrs. II. IL Padgett is roing to
leave us and Mr. A. IL Long is go
ing to occupy his house with a fur
niture store.
Mrs. Mitchell is improving 6low
Mrs, Murphy passed over the riv
er into n belter place. She was 94
wars old.
Miss Laura Horton's best fpllnw
hai, come in from Bloomington, Ind.
W nil would not bo sni-nricm! n
him taking her back with him, as
mey nave been corresponding for
somo time.
Mr. Chnrlev Dvo has been nn li
sick list.
This Great Hair Tonic. Grower and
Beautlfler now Sold all Over
The Oiroux Manufacturing Com
pany of Buffalo, N. Y. American
mnkcrs of PARISIAN SAGE, have
'authorized 0. L. Penny to refund
the. prico to nny purchaser if PAR
ISIAN SAGE does not banish dnn
drnff, stop falling nnd splitting hair
nun scnip lien.
J1 i!')iifSIAN ,SAQE will do
. I . I , , . . " "' ...vim m.t.acu iiiui o KO lo
of hair if the four root is not nlrcady Hot Springs. Tmt meant an ex
dend nnd wil preserve- tho natural Pens0 of $1C0 or more. He sought
color of the hair. for u quicker and chonper way to
It puis tho rndmnco of sunshine 'euro it and found it in Chnnibor
info the hair and makes it beautiful Iain's Liniment. Thron .lnv,. nfi-
iiinv h iii iMuuiuin n new crowm i
nnd Coed to look nnnn W'nm,... ..!,
" r, ., ' .. """' "nu
i Tlm littlo infant daughter, of Mr.
and Mrs. Logan Moore, that was
ltiwlllf Imrtinil unma Vonl'd nmi Iim-
iTMt-Mtl ii n lil Slut iirdn V nfl flrimnti.
',lcn iU M ,t(M,k il' fllRht to
"""J. "W" n,n,! ,,,t!,,er horacr , lL
"' ' r.arics nas moved mio me
pslcv property ho bought some
timo since. He lived here several
curn ago, nnd we nro glad to wel
come him back.
Often when rending the Interior
Journal, we arc amused nt some if
the funny nnmes by which some ol
the Stanford people nro designnled
for instance there is "Hig Foot"
"John Kennedy" Buckskin Hill Dal
ton," nnd others we ennnot cull to
mind iust now that wtnick us as
being right funny. We" remember
some 30 jours no, when we were
at Stanford quite often, that there
was a colored porter at the Myers
House, known as "Lancaster Foot".
It was said of bim that it mattered
not wlia direction his face was
turned, one foot would hn pointing
toward Lancaster.
Evangelist linrnes in company
with D. It. Hrown, pnsseil through
town Wednesday of last week en
routp to McKinnev. He hnd iust
closed u meeting of 10 days at Lib
erty Baptist church. He hns been
engaged to do cvnngclistic work in
the hounds of South Kentucky As
sociation nnd the board 5s to be
congratulated on securing the ser
iccs of so ublc nnd eanjest mnn of
(Jnd to do this work. Wo attended
three services nt Liberty nnd can
testify to his ability to present Urn
truth of the Rible and tho doctrino
of -salvation by grace. Ho is also
a v fearless preacher and de
nounces sin in terms that are un
mistnknblc. He discards the use of
gloves in dealing with wronr doing
nnd hews to the lino without rgnrd
to the fulling of tho chips. Wo were
told by several persons there thnt
his sermons were being endorsed bv
ihe best people, in fact all admitted
that ho was doing the kind of
preaching thnt wns needed, nnd thnt
good would result from it. Ho will
tnke up the work shortly nftcr New
Year ,nnd hold meetings nt several
points in this and Lincoln counties
nnd labor throughout th car at
different points.
Miss Mary Chestnut spent last
week, in Danville.
Mr. Homer Pence hns ' returned
from a visit to .relatives at-Stanford.
Miss Ola Doolin is confined to her
bed with muscular rheumatism.
Pence Bros., bought of different
parties .'54 head of cattle ranging in
weight from 000 to 1,000 pounds for
5 1-2 to ."3-4 cents.
William Blanks sold a mule colt
to Henry Hutchinson for 77.
W. L. Doolin bought a horse nt
Stanford for $150.
Mr. Sam Kemper died of 'pboid
fever and was buried at Kansas
City about two weeks since. 116
wad the son of Mrs. Iva Kemper of
this place.
v Miss Pattio Belle Burke is teach
ing a select school near Brvnnts-
ville. Miss Burk is a graduate of
Hamilton College.
Rev. Nash, a young man just en
tering th- ministry preached at the
church here Sunday morning.
i-ioasani urovo church is now
pastorless ns Rev. Powell the for
mer pastor has resigned the caro of
Robert Spenke has just returned
from Lexington, wherfl he has been
to sell n load of tobacco. lie re
ceived 13 cents a pound for it.
Mr. Walter Hogg died at the homo
of his father, Mr. Kelley Hogg, last
Monday raornin nt 2 A. M. of a
complication of diseases. As a re
sult of tho typhoid fovor ho has bceu
a cripple for about threo years ami
a great sufferer. Ho was a mem
ber of tho chuch at this place. Mr.
was 22 years of ago and ex
pressed his willingness to go. when
tho summons came. He wns intored
in tho Fork Cemetery Monday after
noon alter a short sorvico nt the
home by tho pastor, Itev. J. W. Mu
han. A TEXAS WONDtfl.
The Texas Wonaer cures kidney
and bladder troubles, removing gray
el, cures diabetes, weak and lame
backs, rheumatism, and all irregu
larities of the kidneys nnd bladder
to both men nnd women. Itegulates
bladder troubles in hildren. If not
sold by your druggist, will be sent
by mail on receipt of $1 : One small
bottlo is two months' treatment, and
seldom rails to perfect a cure. Send
for testimonials from Kentucky and
other states. Dr. E. W. Hall, 2020
Olive street, St. Louis, Mo., Sold by
Shugars nnd Tanner.
tw. t:.- i.-.i ......
of muscular rheumatism in his Bhoul-
A iviah T nlvtrM.T l.Ikwh a . A
l,n r:st nn,ilm.i:n c u.:.. .! .
...u ...si m''-m.u ui una luuiiigiit
Amount of Raises Small in Corn
oarfson With Former Years
Over $1.000-000 of Property
Tlm Boon! of Supervisors for th
city of Stanford, composed of J. 9.
Haughmnn, W. C. Shanks nnd II. R.
Suufley completed its labors Tues
day afternoon. They made a record
for brevity of service, completing in
two days the entire summary of
the property list of the city anil
hearing in ono day eomplnints ffom
lliose whose property had been rais
ed. This rnisc is the smallest in
mnny yearn, due of coursn to the
fact thnt property owners irave iir
their lists nt full 80 per cent ns re
quired bv luw. Tiie ioiul uswch
inent amounts to something over n
million f dollars and to this will
be added nbout $20,000, the amount
of the supervisors' rnie. John M.
titoiio nssctssed tho city und his
book is u imxlel of neatness and
precision, while the closeness which
ho covered tho territory sIioWh that
ho is the nght man for tho place.
City Clerk Hughes, who la occu
pied for years that position, pro
nounced Mr. Stono's work as thor
oughly completo nnd satisfactory.
Says Beckham is Sure Winner
Clnrenco Fugozi, the popular re
presentative of the Strietmnnn Bis
cuit company, was here calling oi
the trud Thursday. Askc' what ho
hears -of political conditions over
the stnte, and whether an opponent
would contest the senatorial nomi
nation with Beckham, ho said:
"What's the use? Beckham has
the race won right now. Pco'"1 nro
for bun this time who were never
for him before. They know that bo
ho won the nomination nnd was de
frauded out of it. Its up to the
democrats to .niake tlin nomination
good, nnd they realize it. Beckham
will win hands down."
Mr. Fugnzzi lived at Frankfort
a number of years, but now resides
in LeMngton, nnd nlways takes in
terest in politics. IIe is one of the
most popular traveling men who
come to this part of tho state.
You will find that druggists every
whero speak well of Chamberlains
Cough Remedy. They know from
lung experience in the sale of it that
in cases of coughs nnd colds it can
always be depended upon, and that
it is pleasant nnd snfe to take. For
sale by G. L. Penny.
Something. Good. This
That bright, breezy and spirited
Irish comedy, "The Jrish Pincr," ns
presented by a company of the clev
erest fun makers will be the attrac
tion at the opera house, Thursday.
Dec. 19th. The comedy is one of
tnose rattling humorous conceits
which ia ever nonular with lovers of
I fun nnd is filled, to the brim with
charming satire1 that tho Insb char
acter is so well noted for. and, in
written along now lines and crowd
ed with interests and surprises. The
action of the play is terse, vivid and
rapid; the musical numbers bright
and catchv; the specialties present
ed bv the Company nre up-to-date;
the mechanical effects startling ar.d
hilarious, nnd the special scenery f
carried for the production is ap- ir
prpprinto for the locality of ea.C-l
act. The attraction will carry fts
own Orchestra nnd'Grecn Uniform
ed Band, which will announce the.
arrival 0f Ihe Company x on Mauu
street and give their superb cticer
in front of tho theatre in the even
ing. Bring vour wholo fnmily and
onioy an evening of two and a half-
hours of pure solid fun, nt the usual
popular prices. Get your seats ear
ly at the usual reserved seat sale,
or else you may have to go way
back nnd stand np.
How to Succeed
m During thn last few years, condi
lons in all lines of business, every
professional lifo, have chung'ed so
completely that evory man is waking
up m mo xaci tnaf in order to win
success ho must 6pecializo and learn
to do somo ono thing nnd do it well.
So it ia with any article that is
sold to the peoplo. tl must have
genuino merit or no amount of ad
vertising will maintain thn .Umnn.i
for tho article.
For many years we have wnthl -
with much interest the remarknblo
iccord maintained by Dr. Kilmera .
Swamp-Root, the great Kidney, Liv
er nnd Bladder Remedy. From the .
very beginning the proprietors hn.1
so much confidence in U that thev '
invited every ono to test it. freo o"f
cost, beforo purchasing.
It is a physician's prescription.
Thoy hnve on filo thousands of
letters roceived from former suffer
ers who are now enjoying good
health as a result of its uso. '
Howovcr if you wish first to try
a sample bottle, address Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Bingbnmton, N. Y, nnd men
tion this paper. They will gladly .
forward you a snmplo bottlo bv moil
ubsolutoly free. " . .
Kegularsizcs for sale at all dm. ' .
gists-Ojcents' nnd $1. ' (Adv) "Ty .'
ri , --4

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