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"an independent!
The Citizen.
Circulation, 1000. Devoted to the Interests of the Home, School, and Farm. 50 c t Year
The Citizen
T. 0. PASCO,
rutllibcl at odlw ol
Till: OITI.HN, Ilorca, Ky.
Kuteml of the tSfl-nffitt at Jlnra. AY, M trcmvt
riiw ntnUmattrr.
Ono way to prosper is to keep fow
er dogs nritl moro sheen.
Ah tho weather grows colder wo
must clolho onr children bettor, and
uot keep them out of nchool.
IfH moij in not In somo rospects
ahead of his father It in a discredit to
thctu Iwth.
Ho sure and rend tho story on our
last pago it Is an Interest! ntf tin a
dlniouovol, and as full of truth an a
chapter of tho Bible.
There la still a chanco for a foir
more young men to work two or threo
hours a day on tho farm while attend
ing the Col lego.
The Wide World.
While tho Cubans nro complaining
about tho action of Oon. Ludlow, the
Military Governor of Havana, in vir
tually placiug tho city under martial
law because of tho threatened strike
of tho laboring elornunt there, thoro is
no doubt that the action was justified
by tho aituntiou. A genend strike in
Havana would seriously retard tho
pmgrtwi of organizing tho insular
government. It would cripple many
Industrie, and create diwentionB,
which would l)o alow in healing and
piny havoc with tho work of regene
rating Cuba. Tho agitator who nro
Iwhind the demand for uu eight hour
working day, earoinothlug for the or
soiiuI results of their efforts, and are
doubtlma influenced in their actions
unpolitical reasons. Tho present
military government will not permit
the iKwr to. be made martyrs of in
order to help the claims of some
small-fry Cuban jwliticians.
Filipino InHiirtronlH IlItl'M ntfnnlfrwl
the American lines from Imu to
Bacoor. Nothiug will come of the
conference between Gen. Otis and
Aguiualdo'a representatives. Gen.
Oils cables that the onemy'a sole ob
ject is to secure the recognition of tho
insurgent government.
Oct.2,18W).The Boom killed 37
Britifth soldiers and are eager to carry
on tho fight.
Within a month or no 10,000 Amer
ica!! troops ought to roach Manila. If
Aguiualdo is really opening negotia
tions for peace it ia creditable to his
prudencoand knowlodgo of coming
Five years' oxperience with woman
suffrage has so gratified thopoople of
Colorado that the Legislature has
adopted joint resolutions formally
ndvisiug all tho other States in the
Union to adopt it as tending to the
advuncomont of a higher uud better
social order.
Wkuers Famous Band. Tho fa
mous Weber Baud will offer somo od
dities during its engagement at the
Lexington trots, Oct. J to H, uud will
play selections with variations for ul
iiuwt every instrument, which will
demonstrate tho perfection of the
band individually und iu the ensem
ble. Most of these numbers nro be
yond the ability of ordiunry bands,
and will surely enthuso tho audience.
Cummings, Cal.
T. (5. Pasco. Dear Sir: En
closed you will find 50 ceuts for
which please send mo The Citizen
for ono year. Wo are glad to seo the
new pajer from Berea and through
this medium hopo to hear moro of
the dear friends in Keren, und ouco in
Bore'u College, that wo remember ho
well. Oiirraneh sent 11,000 jwunds
of wool und 200 heiul of cattle to San
Francisco market this Spring Havo
boon riding iu tho saddle constantly
everyday for two weeks. Iu this
lifo wo also realize what wo weio
taught iu our college days, "uo ex.
cellenco without gioat labor".
Yours most' truly,
Howard S. Fee.
Personals and Locals.
Burdetto'fl Mill in busy.
The Mormon Article will bo eonlin
ued noxt week.
Ernest Todd Is doing n good photo
business at Wagcnivillo.
Mr. D. F. Whito expects to attend
nchool at Knoxvlllo.
Ilov. Elliot, Blatn Evnngolist of tho
"Christian Church," visited Boron on
Mr. Ogg visited friends in Lau
rel and Clay counties and took agront
many pictures.
The Citizen will havo one of tho
best olliccs in tho statu when wo get
into the Hanson Building.
Tho foundation for tho President's
house waa finished Thursday by Tlco
C. F. Hanson has a gasoline light
iu tho livery stable. The light is a
great success.
Prof. Wilson, a former teacher iu
Beroa College, has given up music and
expects to tako a course in Pharmacy.
Tho upper story of the Hanson
Building will bo partitioned off into
offices in front and a court room in
the rear.
Rov.and Mrs. Dorthick and Miss
Embreo were in Richmond Thursday.
George Pow will le back in the
Faculty club met Friday night and
was ontcrtained by Prof. L. V.
Dodge who told of his experienced in
tho army.
Mr. Kindred from Miind Bear
Knob, who was visited by the Moun
tian Day Excursiuists Saturday,
spent Sunday in town.
Tho "Plow Boy Preacher," Rev. J.
Kirkmau, Bello Rive, 111., says, '.'After
aufferiug from BrouchinI or lung trou
ble for ten years, I was cured by Ono
Minuto Cough Cure. It ia nil that is
claimed for it and mpre," It cures
coughs, colds, grippo, and all throat
and luug troubles. S. E. Welch, Jr.
Rev. ang Mrs. Dorthick, Mrs.
Gould, and others are taking dinners
ut the Ladies Hall, which is unus
ually popular this term
Thoi.L. Houtt, graduate of Bereu,
expects to attend Gammon Theolog
ical Seminary at Atlanta, graduating
in May 1900.
Mrs. Jennie Elliott, of Wallaeeton,
is recovering from a seigo of typhoid
fover Dr. Cornelius and Miss Mollie
Settle, of the Hospital were in attend
ance. Messrs. Chas. Reynolds, Elder aud
Morris arrested William Williams of
Clay County for stealing a horse. A
reward of ROwn out for him.
J. W. Neely expects to take a
course in Pharmacy at the University
of Michigan at Ann Arbor. His ad
dress is 709 N. Uuivereity Ave., care
of W. S. Parker.
Through the inadvertence of the
V. W. C. A. ladies, a certain article
by thorn borrowed, mot with an un
happy accident -"contaminated by
unholly touch."
Tho Y. W. C. A. has been enjoying
tho visit of Miss Cora X. Crosby, tho
Houthern secretary of the Young
Women's Christian Association, on
Monday uud Tuesday of this week.
Miss Crosby addressed tho girls sev
eral times and has left behind her a
great deal of enthusiasm for tho work
nud inanr pleasant memories of her-
Prof. 15. G. Dodgo ontortniued a
goodly number of friends last Thurs
day night with photographs of old
world architecture uud famous paint
ings. Tho eveuiug was on joyed by
all who were there.
Mr. John Vuudorpool of Xew York
City, camo to visit Berea ou Friday,
having seen our quartette of Chau
tauqua, she expressed great iuterost
iu tho work, purchased several homo
spun bed-covers, und loft a small
gift to tho student aid fund.
Tho improvements in tho Nichols
House, which is to be a headquurters
for teaching sowing ami cooking, uro
nearly complete.
"It did me moro good than any
thing I ever used. My dyspepsia
wus of months' stutiding; after eating
it wiw terrible. Now I urn well,"
writoa S. H. ICocuer, Hoisiugton, Kan.,
of Kokol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests
what you oat. S. 12. Welch, Jr.
ECONOMY for thfe Fall and Winter
Season in Men's! and Boys' Fine
Stylish, Made
YK ureprciHinil to rlotli joi wllh the lament (irlml, rlglitljr mailc. atnoltiteljr
" ll i)l( lnlhlnlii America. ItlRlitly mmle, an It Is of fmnnii- "Vital" Ilmnd
thoonljr rcmljr-to wtur CliitlilnTllnrcl rm ailrlrlljr wlditlflc ltli In 1cii. well
militated workmomv I'erfcot fitting ami irr ml.tliiR, ttinuv the IniMe, the
-Vitals' Hie very life- of the garment I larifiilheai in making ripfifiit the i t
x-iiillture ill time ami Ihoiight, ami It a ilechM rontnxt to the tailoring nvn In
iirtlliiarr reailjr lii-wmr Clothing. The Fabric that we !inw are the very iiniot
ileolgtu that will hoHt'ii Ihta ijn. Many conflncl rxelutlvrly to in, In the face nf
the lirc ft. The IivmI extraordinary Iraluri. comMrilng our great oflVr l, that c
inn ami ilo Mil our I'tothliix at
Than elww here, How can wre afford to acll inch high-grade Clothing for leu money
than elxwhcre? Our amwer la nure anil rlmple; (lun la a molern More, conilrucliil
Mrltfly on rotrrlrc lan, onr Clothing l anM on the tmallcit manrln of profit,
depending on a larga volume or luiilnrai. The more Clothing Me aell, the greater
ourpurchairfngKiwfrthlowfrour.rIcr, lhat'ithc ,,"T" nnl-nhell.
Bebea.Kt., Sept.'2fl,lMK).
Mutual Resebve Fend
Life Association,
New York.
Dear Sirs: . ,
V imvH this dav received
through your agent, Mr. J. V. Chaney
of this place, your check for 5JOU,
balance Hue on jwncy -o. .u.Hn,
held liv our son James W. Ames,
deceased, S!0O having Immmi voluntar
ily advanced to us hooii niter ms ueaui,
none of which according to the terms
of the contract would to due lor
about (iO days yet.
Wo desire also to express our grat
itude for the courtesy and considera
tion granted to us, nud for tho prompt
ness with which this claim has been
adjusted and paid, and it will bo our
pleasure at any time to recommend
the Mutual Reserve Fund Lifo Ass'n
to our neighbors and friends who ui;fy
desire economical and reliable insur
ance. Very Truly Yours,
(Signed.) Geo. Ames,
Malissa Ames.
Speerhnliy Jiulge (lixxlloe, Squire .Settle.
Sqalr lUker. Mra. Erly. ml Other.
This meeting, held Sunday evening,
wits not ns largoly attended as it
should havo Iweu, but was one of
great interest and enthusiasm.
After singing, scripture reading by
Rev. Palmer, aud prayer by Rov.
Derthick, President Frost introduced
tho subject by saving that God had
wrought great things through this
school. This very day in one thous
and churches former Beroa students
havo been preaching, teaching, and
sincine tho Gospel, and in ten thous
and homes there has been light and
joy because of Berea. The object of
the college is to holp every body.
Tho college still needs teachers
with hearts full of love, citizons who
will make good homes for students,
and a large permanent incomo.
With all tho endowment the college
already has many thousands of dol
lars have to be raised every year for
current expenses, The new endow
ment will iu largo part meet theso
Dr. Pearsons will give 550,000
moro provided $160,000 are raised
trom others uy aiarcn i, imw.
Ouo thousand dollars came Friday
from Rev. Chus. F. Dole, who receut -
ly visited Berea. and who gives it out
ol a legacy ot so.uiai which no nn
just inherited. Such gifts make
our endowmeut a ery sacred fund.
This makes $,TO.0OO alreadv secured.
Tho President aud his wife will
i both devote themselves to this work
I till tho entire Hum is raised. Helping
, Bereu o help ounelves,our neighbors,
i our country, and tho cause of Christ.
Judge Goodloe gave a most noble
aud eloquent address, and no brief ro-
I Until Farther Notice
Subscribers to
may get ulso
I tub Toledo Blade or
i! The Louisville Commercial ;;
!! en i;,
For 50c a Year.
All for $1 00 a year.
i Don't Miss It
Come at Once
All subscriptions must come
through The Citizen.
port can do justice to its merits. Ho
showed tho placo of education in hu
man progress aud tho benefits, finan
cial as well as spiritual which Berea
confers, aud drew n striking picture
of what th.t region would bo without
Berea. Ho declared that Berea oives
greatly regret that his steech was
uot written, or taken dowu in short
hand for publication, for Judge
Goodloe is a man whoso words are
weighty and worthy of remembrance.
Sfpiire Baker, whose largo family Btructing the exhausted digestive or
havo been educated at Berea, spoke i 8ns- llai latest discovered digest
,., .. , . ,. ant and tonic. No other preparation
of tho disappearance of tho prejudice approach It in efficiency. It In
that on co existed agaiust Berea, and , stantly relieves and permanently cures
affirm,..! that if he had an inheritance
; , , . . , .i
oi $uuo, no woum rejourn iu gnu
$1000 to such u work as that of this
College. His remarks did not lose in
interest from being impromptu.
Squire Settle read a very able pa
per on Berea and the educational
needs ol this region, which will Iw
printed in some future number of
Tub Citizen.
Mrs. Early gave a beautiful tribute
to the College, and pictured the needs
of tho mountain people, and Mr.
Early followed iu tho same lino.
Tho last address was by Mrs. Frost
who starts tomorrow for Cincinnati to
bo gone perhaps for many weeks, aud
who said she was thankful for tho
interest aud prayers of her neighbors,
and thankful that she was to expend
her efforts for so irood a cause. Tho
interest became intense as she was
speaking, and there were tears to
many eyes, aud a gentle murmur of
applause as she sat down.
There woro prayoreby Mr. Osborne,
Mr. Teeter), and Mrs. Hill.
Some words about Berea's great
benefactor will be of interest.
Pearsons' New Pledge
Everybody is interested in Dr. D.
K. Pearsons, the great friend of odu-
I cation who is doing so much for tho
; young i.eoplo of this region. He was
1)0ru ; tle mountains of Vermont in
-1820, aud became interested in Chris
tian education through acquaintance
1 ivttli MWv T.vnn.
wvcolleRiH, through which ho
1 noil) young neopie 10 an euueauou
1 II I... T
ill me iiouui lie tteit-vieu uereii
A 1. Illwll llv .t9.vl III t'u, mill 111UM.1 uin ,
"When Berea will raise
1 I o-
? , $150,000 for endowment, I will add
'J sis
I iimko this gilt to all
lit v and esiKHiially to the
I iwfml. nf tliiiriii mntiiilnlliH "
t"wl -
This money has now beeu raised,
utl when it brings in interest the
The Berea Monumental Co.
The remit of good icork und reatonable prices i that we
wiw have cmtomers in all parti of the State
When you mwt
Anything in the monumental line
us know and we will tend you design and prices
Headstones, $6.00 up to any amount.
... Marble and Granite Monuments ...
At prices to suit the times. Material and work first-class.
JOHN HARW00D, Prop. Berea, Ky.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature In utrentrthenlncr and rnvin.
yancpsia, inaigesuon, rieariDurn,
jiaiuiencc, sour siomacn,
Sick ncadache,Gastralgia,Craraps,and
all other results of Imperfectdlgestion. ,
prpara ty e. c. d.wiu ace cijieaao.
S. H. WliLCII. Jit.
Medicine and Surgery,
Berea., Ky.
Oflico at Residence.
Job Printing
Dirt Ch ap
We arc prepared to do all kinds
of Job printing at very cheap rates.
Here are a few sample prices:
500 White envelopes
500 Ruled Note Heads
500 Ruled Letter-heads .
500 Bill-heads 13 lines .
500 Regular Statements .
500 6x9 Hand bills .
500 9 x 12 " "
500 Business Cards .
Si 25
1 00
1 25
1 50
1 50
1 00
1 50
1 25
II V trill J'tiwy thr juvlagr o any one qf the ahore
itntertor .7) cent m, or on the $mnll hamt bIU$ r
butlmu mrrf, "i efnU tttra, Ordert Miul be paid
for In adrnxce. Write tlie liy VER flaMy.
Mail orders carefully attended to.
Berea, Kentucky.
College will huve some sure income.
He now writes (April '911) that ho is
so well pleased with what Berea is do
ing that he will do the name thing
again I
I In this way Berea will bo made ublo
I to carry out its great plaus for help
ing all young people toward nn edu
' cation.
1 He is not willing to help any ex
! cept those who help themsolves.
Again and again he nays, "Every stu
dent must pay something -he must
show that ho values 1111 education. It
does no good to furnish u free lunch."
There will soon be a million young
men mid young women who will ho
happier and more useful because of
what Dr. Pearsons has done.
Dr, Peursous nlways selects for
himself tho colleges which ho will
,wd doiw for
is useless for others to
hen the uews of what he
Berea appeared an army
of collego presidents started for Chi-
.,. n n.. ... 1 ..r..
to say No !
Eat plonty, Kodol Dvsnepsia Curo
will digest what you eat. It cures all
1 tortus 01 uyspepsia aim stoumeii trou-
suys, "It relievetl mo from tho start
nud cured mo. It is now my ever
lasting friend." S. E- Welch, Jr.
For Women
Arc the Most Stylish
Are the Most Durable
Are the Most Perfect
Are for Young and Old
Are sold only by Us
They Fit the Feet as
Nature Intended
Accept No Other
207 Wat Main St. RICHMOND, KY.
Attorney and Notary Public,
Berea, Kentucky.
Office on Main Street, In Masonic Illdg. upstairs.
M , Rri. ot , ,d)a,t t0 T0r
2" Tkf?Jtf!LTO.n.l,A,
j sliuc to your eyc until I know what 1 needed.
eyes examined trvr.
A Nice line of Novelties in
T. A. ROBINSON, Jeweler and Optician.
Offle In Prithtf BuMne, Richmond, Ky.
Telephone 103 & 109
E. B. McCOY, Dentist;
Berea, Kentucky.
C. I. OGG, Proprietor.
Up-to-Date Photos. Nothing Bat The
Best Finish at the Lowest Prices.
Smith Jittllding, Main Wreet,
JiMnnond, Ky.
Trlriilume, Ilrnlilrnrr, No O;, Office, No 00.
The Photographer,
Fine Photographs at Reasonable Prices
Views about llerea a upecialty.
Dental Surgery,
Ojfice Hours, X to U A. J.,
I to SJ M. Natiouul Bauk Building
Richmond, Ky.
Noticu la " luvi-uuve Aktf "
Hook "How to obt&lii l'ulenU"
Charjtt moderate. Wo fee U1I patent la tecored.
LettcnttrlcUr confidential. Addreu,
E. 0. SIGCERS, Patent Liitr,Wllhlngtoa, O.C.

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