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The Citizen.
Circulation, 1000.
DtToted to the Interests of the Home, School, and Farm.
COc a Tmt
NO. 28.
The Citizen
T. 0. PASCO,
fill. I.hed it lh offlra of
Till: OITIZKN, Keren. Ky.
;.iVnl at M rotl-offlri at Imi, A'y., as eerond
etixu mnU-mattfr.
This paper aims to bring
the best reading to every nrc
sirln. Readinc is a crcat thine
but it makes a big difference
u'h it vnu read.
Tub Citizen brings, first of
all, the news not every tale
of crime or horror, but the im-
nrtant news the news from
bV.ishinnton and the State
capital, from our soldiers in
far off islands, from our neigh
o. ...
bors everywhere. For the
young folks wc nave a story
mid .i Bible lesson: for house
wives, a few new ideas each
wi'i-li which should lichten
their labors; for the farmer
sonic valuable hints which
will help him to make more
from his land and cattle.
We propose to get the best
iilivs that can be found on all
such practical and important
matters and pass tnem arounu
iivonp our readers. The rc-
sou.ccs of Bcrca College are
nnt fur its students alone. The
editor of this paper can at any
tm.e step into the largest t-oi-li-M-
lihrarv in the State, and
he has engaged several of the
i. .P t i .. t
most uisunguisucu lnbixutiuis
in the College to take charge
of snecial departments in the
miner. Those who arc visited
by The- Citizen will know
what is going on in the world.
Hvcry week it will tell them
.orni thine worth knowing.
The Citizen is pledged tone
iTOliy. His uvuiy maw a isibitu.
t stands for the things which
benefit all temperance,
thrift, kindness, enterprise,
and education. And wc ask
all who believe in these things
to subscribe tor hie citizen.
ChrMinM this wookl
A M rry ChrUtmiw to you!
Clirntmaa giftl There! wo said it
Hint, m ploase send us your subscrip
If I iho my razor to split kindling,
I'll lm nothing loft to shave with.
If I ikj my bad clothtw for horso
hl.-inkiiU, I'll have nothing loft to
sleep uuilor.
If I g-iwn and carry on at overy lit -tlo
aehe and pain, my friends will not
know cue ugh to go for tho doctor
when I'm sick and likoly to dio.
If I x:ty that I "lovo" sweet pota
too ami "adoro" npplo pio, when 1
only met ii that I like thorn, I'll not
hnvo hiiv stronger words loft with
which to tell my swoetheart or my
wife how much I think of hor. Per
haps hhe will lx like the littlo girl
who wild ilio did not lovo hor papa
ami minima, "because lovo moans to
wit up!"
If 1 form a habit of using God's
nitino iu M.vearing, or even if I nay
"Lord it' mercy 1" whou tho wind
bloivH mv hat off, it will sound like
mvi'iiriiig when I am converted and
am trying my very boat to pray.
How to read TUB CITIZEN.
First, r ad IDEAS, tho first thing
in tho pnp.T.
Second, read Korea Local if you
live hern, or tho County News ou
page four if you live at a distance
Third, read tho throo Special De
partment on page four.
Fourth, hunt around and find what
olso there is that you want to read.
You iiiuy iiH 'u0 best tH"'rJ 'n t'10
papur if you stop too booh.
I.iHtly, totid our valuable advertise
ments and thou ojwn tho paper bo uh
to look on tho iusida pages for tho
Siiuday School losaou uudothor things
that will iiitcrest you.
Locals and Personals.
Mr. MahalTy is recovering from
quite a nlrVnmn.
Tim Baptist Church hnd s Christ-
mns Iron Monday night.
Ernnst W. Todd is quite sick with
bronchial trouble.
Her. E. A. Paddock of Weisor, Ida
ho, it visiting his three children here.
Frank Coyle of Berea and Cynthia
Have of ildie were married Wed
uemlay night, the '21st.
William N. Hanson and family of
Winchester spout Christmas with
parents in Deren.
Willie Mullins, a former stu
dent, spent Christmas, with his wife,
at Mr. and Mrs. Kindred's.
Miss Helen Putnam, now student
in Illinois Stato Normal School, is
spending the holidays in Bcren.
Tho "Annex" Sunday School hnd a
Christmas treo Monday afternoon.
Iter. Paddock, who was tho founder
of this school, contributed the
E. O. Dodgo learos Friday for
Cumberland Gap, Tun., where he
will teach for the remaindor of th
school year.
The Junior Endeavor and the Jun
ior S. S. united in a Christmas tree
and entertainment Saturday after
noon. A happr time is reported.
Prof. James Madison Chapman of
Miami University, Oxford, O.,
former teacher of our Miss Robinson
gave intertting elocutionary road
ings Saturday night in the Chapel
This treat was provided by tho College
for the students and the public
Prof. Chapman also addressed the
Endoaror meeting Sunday.
J. D. Bridge, Editor "Democrat,
Lancaster, N. H. says, One Minute
Cough Cure is the best remedy for
croup I erer used." Immediately ro-
Itevea and cures coughs, colds, croup,
asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis,
grippe, and all throat and all lung
troubles. S. E. Welch, Jr.
College Items.
Tutor White lectured last night.
Mrs. Mary Pasco Gould is spend
ing tho holidays with her husband in
J. C. Teeters has moved into
part of the new College houso on the
uicumonu piko.
Tho A, D, and C Rhetorical classes
enjoyed a masquerade social Christ
mas night in Science Hall.
Miss Mary Vincent, of Chicago,
will come next week to take charge of
the Berea General Hospital.
J. H. Bird, former student of Berea,
who has been teaching at London
Ky., spout Christmas at Berea. Ho
left for Wilberforce, 0., Tuesday.
Tho soven oil portraits of Berea'a
early workers which Miss Bartlett
has been painting for the College are
completed and ready for oxhibition.
Although enlarged from photographs
and not sketchod from life, they im
press one as speakiug likeuessos. The
list is as follows: Iter. John G. Fee,
Jacob Etnerick, (one of tho original
trustooa,) Pres. E. II. Fuirchild, Prof.
J. A. It. Rogors, Prin. B. S. Hunting,
and Prof. A. E. Todd Miss K. Gilbert.
Whilo in our midst, Miss Bartlett has
also done a portrait of tho mother of
Pres. Frost and duplicate painting of
Pres. Fairchild ami Priu. Hunting,
I Until Farther Notice
Subscribers to X
may get also
i : The Toleflo Blade or
!:Tli3 i j Commercial
For 50c a Year.
All for $1 00 a year.
! Don't Miss It
Gome at Once !
All HuhscriptiouB must coino
through Tub Citizen.
ECONOMY for the Fall and Winter
Season in Men's and Boys' Fine
Stylish Made
TY7Karrprepan-il to rlolli you with the lowest-prim!, rightly made, absolutely
W all-wool Clothing In Amerira. Klghtlyniade, as It h of ftnom "Vitals" Brand
Hi only ready-to-wi ar Clothing-Tailored on a strictly Klcntlfle ImuIi In clran, welt
ventilated workroom. 1'erfect flttlnr and wear-rialstina:, because the Inside, the
"VIUl,' Ihe very life of the garment, li cartfulneM In making, repnaents the ex
penditure of time and thought, ami la a ilftkW contrast to the tailoring urn In
ordinary rcady-to-wcar (,'lothlng. The Fatirire that we how are the rery newest
designs that will lie aeen thin Hinn, Many confined exrluthely to u. In tka fan of
Ihe atxire farl. The most extraordinary feature combining our great offer If, that we
can and do II our Clothing at
Than elsewhere. How ran we afford to sell such high-grade Clothing lor leu money
than elsewhere? Our aniwer li pnre and simple; Our la a modem tore, constructed
ttrlctly on progressive ilan, our Clothing la sold on the smallest margin of profit,
depending on a large rolume or business. The more Clothing we aell, the greater
our purchasing power the lower our prlcea, thal'a the story In a nutshell.
Christmas on Rocky Fork.
I'nti like lilt tx-ali crratlon, 'lone UP
tnwanla CbrUtmaa Day,
At people krrp a-f uttn'-ap, In U h a
dcvrlUli wajr;
The Chrltmai "Okliratlon" ain't what
Itort tot,
For nrarljr ererr fellcr'a a join' to hare
a "iprec."
Hut 'rordln' tn mjr lllMc. the bt 'at I
ran I'arn
U 'at Chrlitmas ort to be a mlchtj
peaceable cnnnarn;
Hit It a time when drlnkln' 'n' rowiljln'
ahoald reaae.
In place o' harln' deratment we ahould
hare peace!
I b'llere 'at all alrh doln'a.at the Ume
when Chrlat wax born.
It bound toromeactn 'emattbeRlturec-
tlnn Mom.
At leaat. In my opinion, thar'a no peace
an' no itood will
In rlppln' round an' drlnkln', 'n' ihootln'
fit to kill!
Bat, Stranrer, I mint tell re 'boat the
Chrla'mm here, laat year,
Uow, at a turkey ihootln', trouble aflat-
lered fur an' near.
How pereral Smith, an' Meaaera met up
an' ralord a fuat,
An all IheChrli'mua rlnktnnu Juit
aetred to make 'em wuaa.
Younr Andjr Smith wui lovln' Joe
Meaaer'a sal, 'n' he
Wilt wantln' har to raarry aome other
chap, ye aee;
But the waa purty plucky, an' wouldn't
rome hi way.
An' 'lowed he'd marry Andy, whatever
he mlrht aay.
He locknl her up or watched her when
ever aho wut out;
Therklnd h" kep' a twnterln', Jlat
hootln' round about.
Hard feel In' kep' a rmwln', till Chrla'
mil rolled around.
An' Hill they kep' on hootln peered
tike, tohearhttanund.
Abe Stiver hal a ttukry-ihootln', down
here at hi old place.
On Chrl'miu Day, an' tbti I aay, 'twut
p'lntly a illNtracc
To Rocky Fork an' every Chrlitlan family
on hit, too,
To aee how awful ihabby that gang o'
men did do.
They irot a lot o' whltky, an' rallied
round a tight,
The Smith Uiya and the Hewn had a
rouijh-'n'-tumble flitht.
An' two or three young Mcaser cot
brulMHl about tho head.
An' Andy Smith, poor feller, wut carried
homo for dead.
He rallied, but 'moat everybody thought
that he 'ud die:
III sweetheart didn't do a thing but
pine around an' tlgh,
Until b looked to weakly that her
ttuhWn dad live In
An' ald be watn't almlu' to bout her
'round ax'ln.
But Andy wai tnUtrunlliil.-at lut when
he gut well,
Ho went nut o' the county, and Hayed
a good longrpt'lli
Ha didn't write In Katie, but tllpped
around one dy.
When the ol" folk wa'n't tutpeclln',
he took her an' run away.
When they got luick Joe Meoaer aa ao
mail he nnuMn't tpeak,
But they talked hit over 'n' buried Ihe
tomahawk lant week;
We'd have ef ne'er a feller 'ud pull a
whlky rora
The right kind ( a Chrlt'inut, thtt year,
on Hocky Fork.
Makion IUuoi.0 Frkuciuck.
Lagrippo, with its after effects, an
uuully destrovH thousands of people.
It mar be nuicklv cured br Quo Mia-
uto Cough Cure., tho only remedy
thut produces itnuiediato results in
coughs, coltls, croup, bronchitis, pneu
monia, aud throat troubles. It will
proreut consumption. S, . Welch, J r,
Christmas is past
Now comes
Resolve that henceforth
you will buy only
ROGERS brand of silv
er ware
'Silver Plate that Wears
Let us call your attention to our
Rogers Bros.
Triple plated" Knives and Forks.
They are made to wear, and con
sidering: thequality,style and finish,
can make you a very low price.
The knives are plated on the best
of steel, and the forks on hard
white nickel silver. They are
guaranteed to give satisfaction to
the purchaser.
A full line of Sooons. Sucar Shells,
Butter Knives, etc in "1847"
goods always on hand. Let u
Uiow them to you.
Notwithstanding our
Christmas trade, which
was the best we ever
had, we have still
good supply of suitable
The Berea Monumental Co.
The remit of good work and reasonable prices is that to
now have customers in all parts of the State
When you ican
Anythi g in the monumental line
Let us know and we will send you
Headstones, $6.00 up to any amount.
... Marble and Granite Monuments ...
At prices to suit the times. Material and work first-class.
JOHN HARWOOD, Prop. erea, Ky.
veu.vv.ftoa ini wuim HAKfaiia ice 1
'ittKRSSf Special Offer Price $15.50
row? 7i rrr.u for ecb Wo tnil S1VC IT Tt'SEC MONTHS TS1AI In
Uni. WMl1CfOrtalnaittiB4 rdt Mlar Baha4 ft. 10.
butt lk in forthU PBur DUI C AllS XT ILKD1CK M
iEWAKE OF HV11TATIOWS -,i"t?7"y?,
mrnUtiTTlng Birattwi uodrr TWi-ui unM, with tftjintl-
' HiD aicnin aiDi. iih rna
ur ivii.
" . .
ami. and than If aoaTtnced tatt .n ar. saTlna:
B TO Rrrntj TAC aia.ia If st any tlm. within tbrs. months you ssy yoaaranol satllflad. .ana Tv-Af.
JOITT DELAY. (Hoara, Rahoe A Co.are tkiiraeh!T nllablaKdftor.)
Mdresj. SFARP ROEBUCK & CO, Unc.) Chlcaco. III.
C. I. 000, Proprietor.
Up-to-Datft Pobtos. Holhlng Bat Tbt
Best Finish at the Lowest Prices.
The Photographer,
Fine Photographs at Reasonable Prices
Views about Berea a specialty.
Medicine and Surgery,
Berea., Ky.
Office at Residence
E. B. McCOY, Dentist,
Berea, Kentucky.
Office la Puthcr Building, Richmond, Ky
Telephone 103 & 109
Smith Building, Main Street,
Richmond, Ky.
Telephon., llasldrnce, No 09, Office, No 00.
IDental Surgery,
OJlce Hours, 3 to 12 A.M.,
ltoS P. M. Natioual Bauk Bulldiug
Richmond, Ky.
E.yg sfyy.TTTW.T
Notice la ' Invinlno Ago "
Hook "Uoh toobtalu l'litcnta"
Cnarat modtrat. No (t till patent la secured.
Lctura strictly confMenual. Aaarcaa.
E. 8. SICCERS. Pateat tif , Washington, D. C,
For Women
Arc the Most Stylish
Are the Most Durable
Are the Most Perfect
Are for Young and Old
Are sold only by Us
They Fit the Feet as
Nature Intended
Accept No Other
:07 west Main St RICHMOND, KY
designs and prices
tUM,l.O.I.M4.j. tZtmlmZ.
Mad. kriac.
knt aaaUrUlaunf
, J . On. lUostrmtln shows macaloa
clOMl(braadrcppiiicin.Ei nlitabaiunl HiMWUk,ila
r 4.U, th. olh.rora with full leiijth Ukli ud bnd tn puctor
ewlnir. a fkrT4r.r..UtaallfcM ikilMMfMaLMiwrf m ull
bod an) drwrattd ratincc flnl.h, nuit akl.l dra war polla mu oa faar
caatfra, adjoiut I. Irnsl. rolri.Bni jth Iron ilud. rum lu Mirk ana
mm, pmiwiarnwiiunitwa.tix urvaaina wlDraUna Mltlil, aalomaua
bobbin wlnd.r. adjmuua bfarl.tra, patrnl Untloa Ubratar.lniprtiTw4 loos.
ht.U sdjuiublo pm.aro root, ImproT.d shuttl leairtor, paUal Mwdlabar.
pauatdrsscnanf.a-4l. IMiwh ImnM sW sraaaraud sad hMMInsht
UllUto4 GUARANTEED IU llotl.rt rank. al.nU.lW Msrwi
bi.Um MfktawJ. bwf kn auasni a hnkM ud air rm !
, atructloa Book tsIlaatthowanron.eaaranUaBddo.ltharplalaoraaw
kind of fancy work. 1 tOTars tl.aisg Gwsrssu. Is snt with .T.rT if thl-
I IT MCTG Vnil NnTUIMn sssadwslslhmtl. mmmm tlwIA
tho yonr atmkwwr i.lls at S4S.M m
tas.0. to U9.0O. ct voar ftwivkt u... tK .m .n
lob Printing
Dirt Cheap
We are prepared to do all kind
of Job printing at very cheap rates
Here are a few sample prices:
500 White envelopes . $i 35
500 Ruled Note Heads . 1 00
500 Ruled Letter-heads . 1 25
500 Bill-heads 13 lines . 1 50
500 Regular Statements . 1 50
500 6 x g Hand bills 1. . 100
500 9x11 " " . 1 50
500 Business Cards . . 1 25
We icUl jurpay the pottage on any me qf the atw
ortlmfor 50 emit extra, or on te email hand bilU or
bxulnett carl; 23 rente extra. Ordert mutt be paii
(or In admnet. Write the Copy VKR Y plainly.
Mail orders carefully attended to.
Berea, Kentucky.
IF you want them at all
Ulaifcca that aro not proiwtly adjusted to jour
ryra are actually dauKrrous. I know It. and
you ouitht to know It. 1 will not attempt to suit
Klassca to your eyea until I know what la needed.
K) va exaiutued free.
A Nice line of Novelties in
T. A. ROBINSON, Jeweler and Optician.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what yon eat.
It artl flclally digests the food and aids
Nature tn strengthening- and recon
Btructlng the exhausted digestive or
gans. It Is the latest discovered digest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
m 1. - al -1 .... f. I w.
can approacn n in cinucuwy. it iu
stantly relieves anil ticrnianentlycures
, Dyspepsia. Indigestion, Heartburn,
1 Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
, Sick ricadache.Gastralgia.Cramps.and
ail oiner resuusm iuutirii'ciuiKvi,iuu.
Prtpartdby E. C. DaWlttACoCljleoM.
8. 13. W13LOH. Jit.

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