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r H I
T O PASCO Editor and Maanger
tfr lG dF 1Ir f su ts
I r ANUARYJ900 1
71 sun Mona TuelWe Thur rrl I SaL
J I 21 3 j 4 51 6
I 7819 JOJU J2j J3f
HI 151617 J 8I 19 20
12J 2223242S 26 127 I
j 28 1 29 30131 = a
William Rockefeller new niul rare
orchid Mvlilch Is valued ut 10X10 ia u
cross between n Lludlcyamim and n
Cnndntum There nre only seven
plants of this variety in exlst Ill It
look ilK Kockefellers gardener five
years to get the orchlil to flower
In the United States the firs class
pnssengcr fares last year averaged
M4 cents per mile In England the
first class fare is 4 cents per mile the
third class for Inferior service Is 2
cents per mile in Prussia the service
IN 209 cents per mile unil In France
336 cents per mile
The order of decoration wotn by
the German emperor according to n
Berlin newspaper are worth about
ltXWOOO marks or a little over 230
LHM The kaiser principal rind most
valuable decorations nre the insignia
of the black eagle the order of the
Tuition dOr In nil he has over 200
crosses badges and other Insignia
Miss Emma Slbonl of Milwaukee
who has been commissioned by the
dowager empress of Ilussin to paint
a miniature of her on Ivory was born
In Denmark 22 years ago and carne to
m < In when her parents died She
firittCKtabltalud herself In Chicago ns
portrait painter but lately has con
fined her attention to miniature work
Probably the smallest monarch in
the world reigns over the Hindoo vhs
sal stale of Ilhopaul and governsa peo
ple of more than a million souls Thin
ilwurf U n woman DjihanlJegmn by
name but although slit is about 10
yearn old she doer not appear larger
thuri n child of 10 Her diminutive
sire does not prevent her however
from holding the reigns of govern
ment with a firm hand
The production of petroleum in the
world is 3000000000 gallons of which
jIIOJOIOOO are produced in the Unit
ed dates of America 250000000 in
Kuwia 87000000 in Austria 72
000000 In Sumatra to00000J in lava
29000000 In Canada 24000000 In hour
mania 15000000 in India 3000000 in
Japan 7000000 in Germany 3000000
in 1eru and the smaller remainder
in Itnly and other countries
Miss Agnes Irwin dean of ItailclilTe
college who was recently chosen by
Cow Wolcott to serve on the Paris
daughter of Benjamin Franklin She
was born in Washington in 1841 and
Is the daughter of Wm Wallace Irwin
Her maternal grandfather wax Ilich
nrd Roche grandson of Franklin Her
mothers mother was n daughter oC
Alexander J Dallas
The anniversary of Washingtons
heath has Blurted comment in Mary
land newspapers over tin condition
of the serrate chamber nt Annapolis
where Washington resigned his coin
mission ns commanderlnchlef The
m Annapolis Capital calls for a restora
lion of the senate nnd house of dele
gates to the original design and dec
oration of Washingtons day Since
that time Incredible as It now seems
the original decoration has been ob
Kteratccl by tawdry and florid work
The briefest biography In the con
gressional directory is tluit of n Mis
sour congressman It simply says
iJorney W Shaekleford Democrat
of Jefferson Citywas elected to the
fiftysixth congress to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of KIchuH 1
Uland June 191890 receiving 10331
rotrs The longest biography is
that of Chauncey M Depew It oc
cupies nearly a page In the directory
Nothing has been allowed to escape
clay he was elected to the senate
The Empty Stocking club of Bal
timore a club for the distribution of
presents for children at the Christmas
season was greatly successful this
I years The Academy of Music wns fill
ed with hundreds of the little bene
ficiaries of the clubs kindness
There was an entertainment of music
and dancing and n realistic visit of
Santa Claus The empty stockings of
the children were really filled and
Christmas in hundreds of homes in
Baltimore is the brighter for thin
thoughtful kindness
Jtnly once had a plague that killed
10000 persons dally Fire hundred a
day died In Home in one year 00000
citizens of Constantinople died The
epidemic of 18171S49 was the worst
ever visited on man in Asia 23000000
f perished by Itnnd In Kurope 25000
000 In London 200 persons were bur
led dolly In the CbarterbollBe yard
Jt lid called Black Death The
pjaple Jn England In 1741 destroyed
more pet ple than the continual wan
for the 15 precedlug years Sweat
lag scJtneM prevailed In England
f9r three years
When she marbled often the
Forcefully asseverated
On the thresholdthrone shed be
Sovereign sole nor domInated
ty her chosen minister
Others might be held and Imrrlcd
None should dictate unto her
When she married
When she mirried asnhe dlil
Found her throne of lore rose hdden
And she walked As she was bid
Never knowing she was hidden
lie could reign enough for two
And tier maiden plans mlscorrlftl
Abe became the gentle threw
When the married
When he wedded fo he said
Hed none of the bonds that lie men
She his choice would know who led
Ere theyd quit the shrine of Hymen
She might make and meml hIs things
Bee him fed and softly bedded
He would hold the housepurse strings
When he wedded
When he wedded he would check
Dutchers grocers bills and bakers
And would find him no soft geek
Milliners and mantuainnkers
lie would manage stern and well
Marriage he In nowise dreaded
Uut the records do not tell
When he wedded
Philip T Iloxbury In Illustrated Amer
Copyright 1845 ty D Arrlelon ft Co
All rights reserved
1 had gained my taint without waste of
words or time but it was to be my wev or
not at all My ladTas in dire peril
Against this could I for a moment weigh
any thought of myself What eared 1
whether France Spain or the liorgia ruled
In Italy What mattered it to me whether
one crafty statesman held the reins of pow
er or another outdid him in craft and
filched away his bone My lady teat in dan
ger and my honor might rot sod the Most
Christian the Most Catholicand Most Holy
wollmiGht tear each others throats out
before 1 would move a finger take oue crept
until she wan free If I had to pull down
ItaglioniV hold with my own hands 1 would
1 should take such vengeance ai man nevcr
heard of nnd then my foot caught in the
carpeting of the iiTwige I tripped up and
fell heavily the shock sending Mm before
my IC
Too iivueb haste halite and a hand
111111mt to rise 1s I tidimd my feet 1
wiv llIehia elli beside me
I followed > im nt once pie smdLbut
you went MI lat i had minted you but rorI
that lucky trip A word sureif yoji free I
her take her to the convent of St Jerome 1
two tildes northwest oi Magipnc tlicubbe > i j
Trill do the rt 1 will tee to that I
Very well God grant 1 nuccecJf
Amen to that and Mad iavclli took my I
hand Ajieu cavalicrc once lignin 1 jnust
go Luck to his eminence we have a Taint or
two to discuss yet but no more Ialcmian
crpo di llaeco I grow cold when Ttjiink I
of our escape d
loot by your excellency I npI
I went on with a little more care nnd be I
fag a trills cooled by my fall was aulc to i
think letter lly the time rcnchcif my i
apartments I had derided on my routr I I
should leave by the 1orta del Popolo keep
on the right bank of the river as far as i
Dorghetto there cross the Tiber andon to j
1crugia in a straight line by Namji and i
Todi It was close on three and thirty j
leagues but 1 did not mean to spare horse j
flesh An 1 reached the entrance which Jed i
ledto I
to my rooms 1 found Jacopu and my men I
ready and Carter whinnied a clad welcome I
pawing ut the air with hisforcfo tin his im
patience St Armandc and the hbbe al
ready mounted and attended by n couple of
men were a little to the right
I will not keep you a moment chevalier
I called out as 1 patted him and running
up the stairs to my room legan to dress rap
idly Jacopo attended ear and as lift hand
id me any sword lointed to the oion win
A fair night for a long ride excellency
Yec the moon stand well my cloak
quick and we descended the staiis
All ready Jacopo
Your excellency
Steady Castor and 1 swung into the
There was the jingle of Lit chain tie
clank ofsteel scabbards the ring of iron
shod hoofs on the pavement and with St
Armando by my side and my troop behind
me I left the Palazzo Corneto
To avoid risk ot stoppage I did not go
down by the Alessandria to the Ionte di San
Angelo but determined to cross at tho Hi
I fita Therefore crossing the BorIC di San
Angelo we went northwards by the V d
Tre 1apazzi up the Via Camcllicri and
then turning to the right rode ui the Via
CrcKcenzio To our right as we rode the
moon hung over San Angela and the dark
outlines of the gloomy stronghold loomed
like a vast shadow of evil ubovc mln front
of us lay the Tiber and the long line of fires
of the charcoalburners The latter over
hang by a blue cloud of smoke into which
the forked flames leaped and danced At
the bridge we were stopped by the guard
but the cafeconduct set us free and we
crossed at a slow pace Above the hollow
beat of the horses hoofs I heard the waters
churning around the piers and looking
over the side saw the gray river as it
hummed past below me flecked withwhite
foamtippcd waxei chasing each other in
lines of light across its surface or as they
broke catching the moon pays and dying
in a hundred colors with an angry him
Passing through the ruined Iorta del
Charles cannon were still unimpaired we
took the Flammian Way and galloped down
the road almost In darkness owing io the
shadows thrown by the high walls on each
fide of us We rccrossed the Tiber at the
Ponte Molle and still keeping the Via Ma
aiinii turned our horses heads in the direc
tion of Caste Xuovo
Not the best bone in the world could keep
up the pace we were going for long and I
was old enough soldier to know that our
peed must be regulated by the slowest
beast i11e wanted to reach in full strength
so I slackened rein to a walk and gave the
animals a rest
Excepting once when Jacopo rode off to
mule his duty to the Fountain of Trevi I
had not exchanged word with St Ar
raande indeed I was in no mh1J to talk but
hI brow the silence with a qutstinn
Do we rhlo all night cnvtlicre
We qjr many lea Uf j to Roc 6t M
maD t
Cicl he muttered under his breath and
I heard the able as ho leaned forward whis
per Cciutiisx1 would you give way now
Qeatly there was a mystery hrixto which
1 had no clew and it troubled me 1
glanced at St Arnmude and through the
moonlight saw the white of his check show
ing all the paler for the black patch he wore
transversely across it but looking at him
did not explain matters
What the devil does this mean I mid
half aloud to myself
1 rid you speak
Merely something to myself chevalier
Piarolo But tUJN ii u dull ride
Do you think lof and his tone softened
I made no reply but stirred up Castor
and we iccu along I left the mystery to
take calC ut itself and mapped out a line of
action 1 would lake only two men with me
into IVrugia and rend the rest with Ar
mandu to the convent of St Jerome to await
the result of my attempt to free Angiola
It sounded like foolishness to give St Ar
mantle the control of the stronger party
especially if he meant treachery but thin
1 was iKpmadcd he did not On the other
hand a following of nix troopers waxatrillc
too many to buy a i > eaccful visit to llaglioni
end might amuse mispicion while they were
too few to utteinpt open force In hort if
I could not do what I wanted with two InllI
I would not be able to effect it with six or
a dozen und matte up my mind to split our
party cither lifter crossing the Iajiu or
beyond at San Fortunuto
In this manner sometimes galloping some
times trotting mid nt other time walking
our horse < to give them a rest we icuihed
Cnstel Xuovo but did not enter the town
skirting it by our right although one of the
trooHr fuggestcd our going westward by
Campagnano a uxelcM detour as it seemed
to me We passed the little town exactly
at midnight nnd the chime of bells striking
the hour fell plensiiitly on our cars A
short way beyond we found the road ro cut
into ruts and Insures that it wis not possible
to go at any other than a snails pare so that
within the next two hours we barely cov
creel as many leagues The moon was now
on the wane the road became worse and
one or two of the horses showed feigns oi
fatigue Jacopo rode up beside inc
fly your leave excellency We have the
road by Somite to crow soon and in the
coming darkness may possibly lose our way
I would suggest therefore tint we halt here
until dawn It will rest the borne and
with the light we could press on
Very well lark U not that the sound
of water
Then we will stop there
A few yint btyotid If came to a ruined
temple near which u foiifilwiii VVBA bubbling
Here I cave the order to lull and in less
time than I take to write this the troopers
had sprung in iiirtli the saddle ginhi were
lawemd find all the preparation for a two
hours hat IOK II
I sharla little wine with St Annandc
nnd the ubbe and the foniior rolling him
self up in his cloak leaned his back against
n fallen Pins and vccinol to drop oil at
The able followed his but
hielAllptl my
walked up arid ii > wn wntrlniig the endinI
of lime llloon ulltil it fiuially ssnk out ofI
sight and darkness fell upon 114
ark in it rear around me my mind tray
in a still greater darkness for I was unnblu
to think of any plan by which I could gain
acccM to n iolIfler reaching Icrujia
Time too use short but that did nut mut
ter for 1 wait lrelIGrt11 to let the affair of
the ducaU sink rather than low any chance
of rescuing her
A straw yet miiainf Iuck might bean
my side and with lurk and n strong heart
one might do an thing There was noth
Ing for it but to content myself for the pros
ent with this Until I reached Ierugia I
could develop no plan So I Patel up and
down with an unsettled mind and finally
seating myself on n stone awaited the morn
ing alternately nodding and awakening
with a start
At last The rant Itcgan to whiten and
getting uji stiffly I touchctl lacopo with the
end of my sword He jumped with un elI
clarnatiou and recognizing me began to
ajologize This 1 cut short and bade him
arouie the men
This instant your worship Cot > ctto
To think 1 should have overslept myself
Ho slutgarts ItiilTalnes Awake Thitd
yod that you are coins to snore here nil
night and he Legan to stir the men up
They rose willingly enough with tremen
dous yawning and strvteliiug of nnn nnd
we were soon on tIt oman h ngnin through
the increasing daylight
The coming ilny sociurd townrm the heniU
of the men rind one of them broke into
bong the churns being taken up by the oth
ers as we jogged along When thin had
lasted some little time I cave Cantors reins
a shake nnd off we went nt a 5111i11t IIIlIoJl
Shortly after pnsshg San Ore tc the rived
led along the side of Soratte niul the mom
ing beinif youic besides very bright and
clear we had a glorious view To the left
lay Civitn CnsUHanni the willis of Ih0 new
citadel standing high above the town which
lay in the middle of a network of deep
ravine to the right and behind us the Sa
bine lull extended m long airy lines and
the wooded heights of Icllachio ami San
Otnnaro where doe to 1alonilwri wan
an old castle of our house rose to the couth
east Above im wan the monastery of St
Silvestrc and Sornttc itself reached toward
where llnrghftto stood tin a Lend nt the Ji
LeI in 1 neriei of deKremlins peaks Cool
infTs of air anight 1111 and freshened till
horse as well IH our heart und it was n
cheery party that finally reached the Iontc
Felice mind entered the town Here our
fufccomluct again stood 118 m good stead
Indeed we had dilliculty in getting away
for the Captain Iippi who held liorghclto
fcr tha Jtorghis wished to press his hospi
tality on us for n few days but on lay
eventually taking him aside und whispering
to him that 1 wan bound on a conlldciitial
mission he gave io but with some little re
luctance lie however invited us to share
his table nt dinner accepted but Sir Ar
mando who was looking very wearied de
clined and dined quietly with the abbe at
the Silver dwhcre I quartered my
menLippi was an old soldier risen from the
ranks with a head more full of drill than
suspicion but in order to remove any such
vrjcl that might be growing there Ini
fcejil to be so delighted with his conversa
tion at dinner that 1 begged the favor of his
accgrnpnuying me for a league or so on my
way after we had dined To this he agreed
with alacrity and 1 wan subsequently sorry
for my pains for the old bore did not quit
me until we hud all but reached she Nrra
and taw the iumpaiiilc of St JuvcnnliH ris
fag above Narni We did this portion of the
journey at a rapid lace as I wanted if pos
sible to shake oil the captain but mounted
on an Anuliati lie stuck to me like a hurr
dinning into my cars his upinionau to how
the crosa bow Will n weapon as superior to
the arquebus as the mangonel was above
even Novurrosj new cannon At length he
wished UN the day and departed find the i
borsfn treating the cad of their days jour
nay put on fresh speed 1111 wo galloped
IlIlIoprLlbrousb I
the New The river here wan hemmed Into
u untrow ravine and crosniiig hIIn any
dent bridge of three span supposed to have
been built by the Unmans we climbed up
there found food and lodging for both man
and beast at nn albergo the name of which
somehow I have forgotten St Armandc
was quite worn out and I MW he was unlit
led for any long strain Wo supped to
gether and he retired almost at once After
supper I hada detailed exiimiiinttoii of the
horses and found that one of them had a
lore back Thy trooper who owned him
vowed he would not part with him HO I had
to dienito the man which I did This reo
duced my fighting Mrciigth to six men in
eluding Jncoto 1 did not include St Ar
miiule and hm felloven in rstimatini this
lUttlug them down to so much inetiiu
bone of which I would soon luke UIC to
lie rid I was anxloun however to hurry
on and co altered my original plans a little
mead in the morning after we had gone about
n league I turned to St Armande amid said 1
Chevnlicr it U necessary for me to press
mi with all Bpecd I want you therefore
to do men fatm
Anything you like cavnlierc but we do
not l vut dove
It is thic I am going on at once I want
JOH to take four of my trooper aril with
your own following make for the convent of
i > t Jerome It lies a little beyond M piono
Your arrival will be exiccted If not say
you arc avnitiiig met Await me for u week
It 1111 not inure then go back to Borne and
tell the cardinal what you have done
jut I thought 1 wan to go with you ami
hare your lllnuturet
I Bite you my word of honor St Ar
iiiande thnt you will hare in the adventure
hI which J agreed you ihould come share
op to 1I1IIIowllut you will spoil ctcry
thing if you do not do what I say
youNo to you in one
word St Armande do you agree or not
Very wolf
Then there ill no time to lone Jacoito
lickout a man nail he you the lackey
and myself will go on ahead The rest vn
follow 1 have given all other order to the
sigunr St Ariiunde
I am ready caIIl ere nda tall thin
prayiuustaehcd trooper saluted lit he spoke
He looked the man I wanted My lackey
was a stout horseman and at a pinch might
hold a sword as well as he held my value
So shaking hand with St Animnde I
put spun to Castor and we dashed till
Turning the corner of a licit of forest lund
I looked back and waved my hand in lu
ther adieu to the chevalier I caught the
flutter of the white handkerchief the young
dandy carried as he loooed it to the air in
tcply to my salute and the next moment the
tnvs hid them from view
We rode hard now Castor going almost
III Inelu when we started Indeed I
Jtcepo ntUDcScU to tba tuH u It b loTtd 1C
would have far outpaced the others if I did
not let him feel the bit once and the noble
beast ai if knowing Irma tuty required no
further irmns not to outstrip his comps
Gang lit wo were now Ienigia seas but a
few bourn nuroy but the INtel was too great
to last long and from Todi to Ieruxia then
were nine leagues and a tritle over of an
nxcendinj road Castor might do it the
others I was sine would not In otdrr
therefore to test the horses an well an to
avoid qn Htion I resolved that wu should
dine at Itouiro und after an hour or no of
rest prc i forward tanking by Todi nail
traveling all night so U to reach Ivrugin
in the morning If we went muter we would
wjly reach at night and so late as to Unit
i lance into the town impoMible
We clattered Past the vilUgcij of San
Gemini and Cantel Todino and about noon
drew ui our now somewhat blown beasts
nt the gaten of the MaiiatAnns the only
inn in the village
It wan n moor place 1 saw at a glance and
ax we pulled up a crowd of okels in holiday
attire guthcrod around us Tlie inn seemed
full too for the aril swanneil with eoile
and a half wore head of cxmtadiiii were In
each uimloiv staring at us openeyed
0 I took this in the landlord < nne run
thing out cap in hand and full of npologitn
Uhiine HiU iny IIOUHO in full to the gar
lets signore and it in nothing I can do for
you today Tomorrow is the feast of St
Mary of the Connotation and all the coun
try U going to Todi
i do not want to stay We merely lull
hero to bait our horse and to dine Can
you manage thnt
If that in nil excellency yes oh Pea
blur bouts they can rent anywhere niul
there is a lolenta and room for your excel
henrys followers but for yourself signore
and he shack his head mournfully
What ill tho ililliculty And I die
mounted my men following suit
Hut this signore There is but one
room in the house you could ute and that is
occupied by two gentlemen of the army
Violent men signore who will not allow
anyone to hue it Lasso me Hut not a
paul yetlive
live them my compliments and say that
the Cavalicra Donati begs to bo nllowcd n
corner of their table for his dinner
Alas signore It is tutclcs They have
been here two days
Then it is time they made room for other
travelers Give my message landlord and
say I am following
Mine host trotted off with considerable
misgivings expressed in his face und fol
lowed by my lackey bearing my valise I
went after him at a slower puce
Wlien I reached the room which could
hardly be missed seeing it was the only one
in thu house that had any pretense of ap
pearance I found the door open and heard
n halfdrunken voice shouting
llcgonc dog lllood of a king Hut are
two gentlemen to be disturbed because a
signora with a long name wants to dine
Skull of St Jerome Did you ever hear the
like of this Co > ottol Tell him to go
I heard enough to recognize the voice
nail turning to the lackey said
Send Ja epo1 here at once with a stout
ttidel run j
The roan went off on the double nnd I rim j
maincj without thQ cJopr lUtenlng rritb I
amusement to the nmicnl ilriroa bluster
for it waJ he and he was bantv nil the talk
his companion whoever he wall now and
then giving a grunt of ascent
Mitro and cowl Hell II lid milphur Will
you IH OIIC fool or shall I slit your wind
pipe and I heard him beat the table with
his list Out iincal he roaredand
bring in another skin of chlaiiti
Out come the wretched innkeeper and
seeing me nt the door began to urge me to
go but at this moment Jacopo came run
ning up with a stout stick in hU hand and
iiishing the landlord on one fide stepped
Into the room followed by Jicopo
h eRos friend who was Quite drunk ns if
Memcd had fallen asleep vMItt he was talk
I IV and lay with Ins head Letweeii his arias
half on the table half on his chair The an
cient wits Heated wild an empty skin before
him nnd lose ia wrath ns entered
WhH the he lngau in a wine blown
voice and then Irma face paled a little AI ho
saw me
1 did not wade woids Cudgel me tliii
fellow out laeopn I said and Jacopo at
tended to the ask an if he laved it The an
cient attempted to draw his sword but it
was littles mid a minute or two later he
was lung out into the courtyard beaten
to n jellnn1 howling for mercy lit lay
where he teas Hung too bruised to move 1
ills friend slept through it all but as my
eject him I recogiiired Iiero Iuigi and felt
that canto more stringent action thin I bat
taken with Brim should bo adopted here
TliH man iK a thief I said to the land
herdand his friend little better
Then to the stock they go and now
almost cic ittied the bout not a xiul have
they I Ktid me signore I swear thio the ban
dill Hi iusep Giovanni
A couple of stout knave came running in
and the innkeciier trembling with anger
end four cotubinetl yelled out
Hind Ibis brigand and his companion se
cutely keep than in the stables and to
morrow we will hale them before the far
1 enjoyed my dinner ctiinfortably and on
going out to see after the horse was met liy
llinilo Nets who look nc aside to where
In a corner of the sWiltlcf two men were ly
happily drunk The other was the nitnt
whose bone must have arhetl sorely for he
had been beaten soda 1 and was feeling the
full tffeet of the cudgel and the roles Hn
was laoaning terribly and being sorry for
the wretch I ass about to intcrn > ofor him
with the landlord when Jteoio interpool
with a whispered
let the icotchcd snake lie ignore he
knows too much
I let wisdom take its course and left thi
ancient to his sorrow
Npnnlili liivrrrluii > Arr Irlrlflcd I
Their Coleus Iif n Iceullur
rile kings of Spain ore petrified In
their coftlni All the Spanish sever
flgns for many years ban been buried
In an octagonal chamber of the Races
rial at Madrid
Hut previous to the final sepulture
each corpse has to be exposed naked
save for a single sheet renewed from
time to time on a marble slab In the
podridero or rotting vat It Is said that
the very air of this charnel house pea
lUlU petrifying properties These
properties are enhanced or possibly I
produced by the action of drug which
from faucets above Properly conch
tuted authorities examine the corpin
from time to time to nee that the work
of fertilization is progressing satisfac
torily and to announce when It la com
Then the ceremony of the translation
of the relics Is observed with magnifi
cent pomp It is averred that bodies
to petrified do not always retain their
stony consistence It Is whispered that
many ot the sarcophagi contain only
crumbled dust Hut It Is certain that
two of the mightiest dwellers In this
pantheon arc 011 hard and firm as when
they were tint pun into their lust rest
Ing place The e are Charleit V the
first eif Spain and hU iOn Philip II
Charles V tiled In 1328 and at tlc com
pletion cf the Pantheon his body was
transferred thither and found to be un
changed The sarcophagus was opened
by Carlo III to gratify the curiosity ot
heckforeltime eccentric author of Vat
hck and again In ISGjby the ministers
of the revolution On the latter occa
sion II drawing wow made of It by a
Spanish artist Martin 15cco It con
firms In every point tin traditional de
scription of the emperor broad In
tin shoulders deep In the client very
miucular In the arms and legs the fore
heart broad the none crooked und aqul
In > and the under jaw protruding no
far beyond HIt other that the teeth
could not meet X Y Herald
The Cutilif lVfllnic Wrrr Hurt
A firstrate chef wns In the employ
ment of Lord Scaford who iot being
able to afford to keep time man pre
vailed on the duke of Wellington to eii
gage him Shortly after entering the
sluices service the chef returned to hit
former muster and begged him with
team In his eyes to take him back nt
reduced wages or none at all Lord
Sea ford asked Has the duke been
finding fault 7 Ohno ho fa the kind
cat nut most liberal of masters but
I serve him a dinner that would Imvn
made Uclo or Jrnncatelll burst with
envy and he ray nothing 1 1 go out and
leave him to dine oti a dinner badly
dressed by my conk maid and he nay
nothing Dat hurt my feelings mj
A riionrlln Iolnl
A young lawyer wall one day mnklni
n plea beforcLord Itusscll It was lat <
In the afternoon the hour for adjourn
mcnt was fast approaching and the
young barrister anxious to finish be
fore closing time was hurrying alonjl
ns best he could Suddenly he spoke of
him sharply You forget yourself
sir he saldwtcrnly you forgctyour
self That Is no way to address tide
court The tyro was profuse in apolo
glee and explained that he only meant
to refer to 2 queens bench division oi
the law reports Hut the chief justice
refused to be eppcnied Wliyl be
In DJJoiton Herald
Ilitlinntrd the Sou t It Afrlcii ltoltbloI
Will Cost KtiKliuitl SUOUOOOOOO
rime heat nl lnil > mnllli h Inlrnip
lltlntr KM lliurir s III time Simile
Will llrdiiri llrlllnh IrU
outer Itntinon
London Dec 20 During the con
tinued lull In the military operation
In South Africa the papers lire tilled
with letters nnd urtlclim crt tlcllltl
the government and the cumpilKii
nnd iieitliij remedies Improve
inentH and ulturntlons In the plans
nnd tho like
The TiniuH compliilim of Needless
censorship anal voiieenlmiiit It cites
the fuel that nothing him yet IrmiK
Aired to shuts how Jen Iliitiuru t11ll11
to lose COO men ut Storintivri Thu
illcpiitvhes from tho front till repre
sent the lloert tin In iiervoun windl
tlon nnd eoiiHtant dread of the llrltbdi
luhunce but this In probably un ex
nggermtt lUll
Tho Moilder river coirenpondtiit of
the Dally Chronicle given malt vxptmm
tlon of n Huddun rllle lire Incxpllculily
opcncd from the hoer tnnelm llo
says The loom have win stretch
ed nlon the ground In front of thu
trenuhcN mid Connected with lumps
If u wire be touelunl n lamp IK ttx
thiKubihed thus pIvliiK wnrnliiff Onu
nlKlit a high wind extlugnlslud u
lump which resulted III a fiilne warn
lug This lire eenhoil when the loom
discovered that till alarm tues false
According to n illspwtili from Lady
small h dated Wednewliiy Deeiinber
to the hjat then wait InteiiM tntlng
101 degrees Fahrenheit In till Mimic
There were many eyries of enterlo fo
ver In the town at thut burn but not
niiuugli to WHIM alanu On the uth
ci bund reports from Hoer sourcon
on thr continent assert thnt typhoid
fever Is epidemic In Uiilyimltli
The Transvaal government accord
Itll to Information supplied by Hoer
vmpithi < erii threnteim to 111111I
the rntlotiN of HrltUli prisoner If
Crcnt llrllaln stops thu entry of food
by Dcla oa buy
Time llrltlsli government now emir
tunes n marked chntif from Its atti
tulle In the early stages of the vvnr
pail shows n UUpohltlon to accept as
Mbtanco from tiny quarter Thu lm
penal yeomanry wimmStteo has to
sun n stiitrnieiil to the o fleet that
the government consider the forum
tlon and dl N4teh of ytxot0aryas
one of the roust pres iiir needs of
limo situation amid hiss Intiumteil thnt
It In now prepared to neeepl from
SOOO to 10000 yeomanry Instead of
4000 nn originally tikkwl for It N
expected that the first contingent will
sell about the middle of January
The government has announced that
It will accept the service of a Imttery
from the Honorable Artillery tarps
Whim these service were first offoreil
they were declined on the ground
hat the corps wan not nftUlntetl with
tiny regiment of reguhim It will now
be attncheil to the City lniH > rlnl corps
It Is now catlmntetl Hint the war
will cost 00000000 300000000 ami
It U KUggcsited that tho sinking fund
of the national debt should IK tlUII
smiled for live or MX yearn In order
to defray the cost
Iost ban received the following from
Mr Wlniitoii Churchill tinder date of
December art telegraphed from
Ihlcvely Camp where he linn nrrlved
All ranks harp complete conlidcncj
in Sir Itiilver huller and there In n
stern determlnntlon to Mircrcsl nnxt
time ot nil costs A painful Imprcw
h on wan Horsed by the annoiinccinciit
of the change of coinmanderinchlef
rod the Koldlcr here are resolved to
iiillintr their trusted leader
The hltimloii iievertheleM > < t dlf
ficult the Hoer position being one of
blls linn tier on tier with tronchci
ond galleries rUIni from nn Almost
iinfordable river nnd with n smooth
plnln In front
The enemy have oil 11m ranges
ipnrked and many powerful guns
nominate the various polntH of till
river while tho drifts arc commanded
by converging musketry lire from
probably 1000 Doers There are 1J
mills of wild broken country before
leaching Lndysmlth which demands
tfrly relief
WliiHton ChurchlUH new arrival at
Chien IInmp IH perhaps resiinnnlblo
I for home overeolorlng of the gravity
of the Mtiintlnn but nil Wcdnewlnyli
I Hewn conveys the Impreinlon that
Hullcr may be Intending nnntlicr at
I tack upon the Hoer position
Certainly the liners are not Iniiotlve
At both Moddcr river mill the Tiigchi
their forces nnd extending dofeiihu
work which In both cases are Iccmyo
Ingly almost Impregnable yo
i ImpregnableDispatches Indlcnto
thnt Gen HullerH forces will remobil
lie ut Vrcro before nltemptliifr an
other advance Doiibtlcm he would ho
glad to retrieve the Colenno reverse
before tin arrival of Lord Itobcrtx
yet he Is hardly likely to attempt any
other frontal attack It Is more likely
that ho IH preparing to strike should
the Doers make nay offensive move
Not it Cntnlldnle for Henirellon
Springfield ill1ec 29At limo
gathering of Illinois republicans for
their piinunl lovcfcnut a bombshell
tuna exploded1 Thurhduy afternoon by
the declaration of fior John H Tun
ner thut ho wan not u candidate for
le election
SnnlI IInlll Selected
New York Dec 29 Commissioner
General Ferdinand W Peck of time
United States commission to the Paris
exposition of next year line appointed
Sotisns band nit tho official Anwlcnii
bnntl to play at tljiejcpojljlon

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