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A ICiumn ilrl IVIiu TooU n Irnetlrnl
View of IMiirntlonnl
1 litre wm lilllc of llic iilealittir nlxmt the
tiny of n lianas gill at her recent Kradiia
lion Her teacher had given her fora tlicino
the i > tint c lUjoiHl tiie Lps lie Italy
I btie attotiielieil her iirvreptrvM mid fccliuol
mates liy these nil > lin tic wonU
I ilo not core n cint whelhrr Italy lie i
Ixiyoiiil the 1or cvrn in Miwoun I do
+ not eXIfft to Ml the nvrr on lire with my
future r rrtr I nlll glad I have 1 rood very
good tdllrlliion but I am not nuiiiit to mis
use II by wn lug oelry or eaya about the
inline woman It will enable me to correct
the Rniimiiar 01 ntiy lover I may have should
lie lileik of Morus in my > ic rncc or laY
ho went Olllfwlirre It will oho coma
handy when 1 want lo figure out how many
IKiundi of sap n woman can get for three
dozen eggs at the grotcry Ko I do not lc
crude the lime I have spent in acnuiring
highlust I
lint want to marry a man who run htk any
male relative to mme around and try to
I OM the rntifh And I will agree to rook
goal dinner for him that wont tend him to
an early crave and lavish upon him a whole I
tot of wlralcMinie ufitrimn and see that hit
rarer ham t been ad to cut broom wire
when he wants to shave In view of all this
1 duet rare if I do url a little rutty on the
rule oC tlitro and kmdrnl Hung at the yean
go iJYChlllto Chronicle I
Vniunn In 1 IIIDnrI
A Detroit nun whose wife was coming to
u Car II Clli alio und put her on llir overland
train Itcfure IrtviiiK her he gave the porter i
half ofa live dollar hill that he hid torn in
twu tflljfK the man that his wire had the
collier ball and would Rive it to him at the
rent fI r the journey ifshe were jioperly
iMknl after When lie not home he found
he had nrglMtrd to Rive his wife the other
half nf the lorn bill 11111a few tlay later he
rcrcivnl a letter from Ins wife reminding I
him nf the fact ami saying the hail torn a
drilar bill III two and glen half of it In the
loartcor Somewhete along the line there
trawl l > e a wild eyixl datUv with the halve
of two werthlen lull in hu Isnerutn and
a firm conviction that he lUll Ixen walked
liy same sort ff a new IIi mllll III game Mean
wile the Detroit IIMU it anxious to find oUII
wlwt Mrt of reasoning his wife ued when I
ike JIIIe that plotter a half instead of the
w dole of that cue dollar iJiIIHen Irancitro
the Iliird II mil
I iupitote lie IwpiH ai he enterrla
nttread ticket oifreI wpinite you sell
tie kU U New York
Certainly Mr floe tM reply
Mon h no a ilirwt liner
III dawn OH the imp ai the only direct
M 111 loll Me sir replied tile agent ai he
vpcHnfa older
vca I we You la lid putMeiigcn in New
Y eiK ahead of rnttttwliftg IioC coarse
MiunotM rnarltwno hutUnit din
In E ldrYes
Ifv taking y wr line avoid delay ami re
Vwa k over oar line MI
< Cat Miyel lilt Mll IIC10 ICflhealltrr
agent oaekk with Ike shortest and roost di
i ret Iaf Ml if I fed A liar aiHona lIlt tu
111 lkk t over his roMIlu Stale Jour
tnitlilr lit rriiiniiinrr II
The neiRkliert nt a certain wellknown
MeMiMt Irish family say that the Rno1
housewife and her lurtl tamer kiHiw whet
ilameMtc siestas I u escrpt when the oW iikin
c < wi home ilichlly in his riiiu Ilien there
U Hit and low and 11t says the has eon
istrntly IrHoI Inc a sere IICftIlJI III Frt
Motkt In quit il Ilir storm acronling
to IIII tor I eve gmw11 less vioent nC late
ere and bur lINt molter IIII tiay 1011
IH Alwke air mil of such fniiicnt r cur
irnrti la fotuwrly Nut long p so to the
sell Uuikeil and hi wife met him
Mif eke aid yele ncvmln home
14111 an Ithat atfanlllk 11y nay O my
Mill e In why 4eit 17WIII1 tall ursarsa
Mll Uj < replied Mikr whin Oi Rid
roil Oi ttwnc my urMiaKAjiriMa an
how yet hav t6 Mt nipln Sciiull r
An illnanUlier
Thump tromp tattle nitllr crash
Y bung ferry lonrhrtike ui4lnl down the
steps llnr the palatial rriideiui of Mr told
Mr joldlwniN returned to the muse roll
III Iapa U papa what have J MI been do
Ida question camo In inRuilml tunes
from the ruby UIN of Arabella CoMUiml
IultiiiR cut the light lC your 1Ifan I
steered lKi who told done a little rave
ilroppliif in the hull the night Morrltil
liinere Amcrtam I
After all Ihi qiitflinti which difturln
men met Is how lu earn mate and work
ICM Alclitaon Jlobf
Self reqecl In the corner stone of all sir
tUt5ir Join llertchel
Tniil that IIMU in nothinp who has not a
conscience in eviiyihing Mcrne
L = =
Captain Gridleys
I rro perlif fur 1000
IndlcAtiAni everywhere point to groat pro
pcrity for the coming real Jiii is an In
variable sign of A lioalthv nature The sue
COM ofa country ni well n the + m reisof
nn iiHliviiliial ilrprmls upon balh There
lon he nn health if the ctomarh it weak If
you have any ftntn cli trouble ri Mould
lees Stomach Hitters which ctirbi dynpcp
min Indigestion and biliournrtt It make
4rong vigorous men and women
I H Hid Card
A commercial traveler on his trip called
upon a well kminwn chcmlit He was new
handed out a card
I represent that concern said the
young man
You are fortunate replied the chemist
The commercial traveler was encouraged and
said I think sr ilr ami the chemiit who trades
finest line of cosmetics III the country
countryI re
sponded the man of medicine Her rom
plexion looks natural
I And he handed hack the photograph which
the young man had given him by mistake
He look it and left without waiting to make
any farewell remarks Condon TitKits
HoiTa Tlilr
IWe offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
t for any cue of Catarrh that cannot be cured
R J Cheney 4 Co 1rops Toledo O
I We the undersigned have known P J
Cheney for the last 15 years and believe him
perfectly honorable In all usineas tranlac
tions and financially able to carry out any
obligations made by their firm
feet 4 Truax Rholesale Druggists To
ledo O
Walding Kinnan 4 Marvin Wholeiale
t holesaleDruggiats
hailsCatarrh Cure ii taken internally
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system Price 75e per hot
tie Sold by all Druggists Testimonials
free halls Family 1ills are the best
The Inriiirr Scored
A farmer drifted into a hardware store at
Dont you Hint to hUla bicycle to nde
around your funs In heyro elKa1 noW
Can give you one for 35
IId sourer put the 8355 into a cow said
the farmer
llut think said the manager how fool
1 cow lab 1011 would look ndingarounol lon on a
oowOh I dont know aid thn farmer no
imrjK fiMilitli jMrlups than I would milking
a hieyvlc KaiiM City Journal
f UII Irr VcrU
Uc pay ro per week and expenses for man
wills nit lu introtlure our Ioultr Mixture
Semi lamp fur tennis HxceltiorMfg Co
rarwiiii bans
Ivansllrr y
llrr Mndeit Hint
lie Were you ever caught beneath tin
niiel letter
SLe IVrhaps ynu liadlxllernimearound
on ChritttiMs anti Ice if 1 act like one who
Iasa had rnwrienrefliifagoTimesHcraJd
llnlilr Will Not I n null
When notions drug are given them for
Croup CIMI IM Poltln anti llronchilis Hox
sies Cruup Cure to the best SO eta
The t person who gives n note Is allowed
thud I 1lInn nracf after that how many
of diigmre we and not in a position lo state
Ihikdulphia Times
flop llrl Irrrrliilliill for Clilll
aisl Vvcr H a Iwttto of Omivr T jTrir s
riiiuINtsir ltn almplyIron mid ulnindlo
t tasielnas form Nocmtj no pay Prtfo rOu
Why iim Colt introduce an automobile
in lie Uit liric ciiinrdy lie was tired of
tearing tIrritirot artuse him of lion
1ylellallll Plain Dealer
T cC1 je la
lako Iwixatlvn tlromn Qulnlno Tablet All
IruERUUnifund moucy Hit rails to euro 25c
An old Iwdielor mys that some women are
horn ruollh sine achieve foll1 and the tell
starry fool rhicsgn Daily Sews
The queen Jt 7rerent
Only 21 Laura lo New Orleans The Queer
Crescent u the shortest line South
II your rlwracler what it will It will he
Vnown andt iHibody will lake it upon you
+ ord Chester li eld
IIWith package nit PUTNAM KAUKIESS
I DYIS solute cither Silk Wool or Cotton
perfectly Slid by all druggist
Women when rorncrnl ro sad thin
gain time in which to think upa new excuse
Atchison Qlobc
Actors Vocnlint Public Speakers prnilt
Ilnlrs llonry nf llorehoiinii and Tar
Iikua Tootlmcho Drop + Cure in one minute
II It only when she is poor and homely
that a girl run be urn the man vhocons
her is really In love Chicago Diipatch
I Iiioa Cure is the medicine to break up
childrens Coughs and Colds Mrs M U
lllunt Sprague Wath March 8I1
I > ose but manhood cannot Holland
c =
Restored by
Mrs GrIdley mother of Captain Grldley ivho was in command af
Dctucys flag ship at the destruction of the Spanish fleet at Manilla says
of our remedy Pcntna
At the fdllcltatlon of a friend l used Peruna andean truthfully say
it Is a grand tonic and is a womans friend and should be used in every
household After using it for a short period lice like a new person
Ann E fey
Nearly nil our ills are due to catarrh We arc liable to have catarrh of the
bend caturrh of the throat catarrh of the lunge ttamacti UMnoys bladder
catarrh Ivicatea 1t1JrtU Cf
anti pelvic orcan IVruni cures wljcrtfvcr
Uartoan Columbus Ohio for free booli
111 III tree Inlernntlnnnl Merles for
Jnnunry 7 ItllMl Tlir Illrlli ol
ChrUIluke Killl
fJOIDKN TKXTThou shnlt call Ills
name Joiun for Ho shall save Ills people
from their IlnMoll 121
4 Anti Joseph olio wont up from Galilee
out of the city of Nazareth Into Judae a
unto Iho city of David which Is called
ll lhlohcm because ho was of tho liouso
sad llnoaRo of David
r To le laxtxl with Mary his espoused
wife belrz great with child
6 And so It was thai while they were
there Iho days were accomplished that
she should be delivered
7 And the brought forth lier n rut born
son and she wrapped him In swaddling
clothes and laid him In a manger because
there was no room for them In the Inn
I And there were In the same country
shepherd abiding In tho fled keeping
watch over their Hock by night
9 And lo the angel of the I ord came
upon them and the glory of the Lord shone
round about them and they were soro
10 And Iho angel said unto them Near
not for behqld I bring you good tidings
of treat joy which shall bo to all people
II For unto you Is horn this day In the
City of David a Saviour which Is Christ
the Ionl
12 And this shall be a sign unto you Ye
shall nnd tho babe wrapped In swaddling
clothes lying In a manger
It And suddenly there was with the
angel a multitude 01 tee heavenly host
praising God and saying
II Glory bo to God In the highest and
on earth peace stood will toward men
While the lesson topic is Hie Illrth
of Jesus the study should Include
the Gospel narrative of nil prior to
lint event The Scriptures to be Mud
led will include the following Cos
pel Introductions Murk 11 Luke
Isll John 1118 Kcnenlogleii of
Chrlut Matt 1117 Luke a 233S
annunciation to nclmrlas Luke 15
S5 annunciation to lnrIIIe 12C
3S visit of Mary to Klizabcth Luke
13950 unnunciutlon to Joseph Matt
lJ8i birth of John the IJnptlst
Luke 15760 birth of JtIIIIIIue
It will be noted that the facts given
with their references nre In direct
chronological order and It will be n
great help In studying the life of
Chrlft to follow It in that way In
fact that ls the manner In which the
lessons are mapped out by the Inter
national committee for the next 18
Gospel Introductions Concerning
the Introductions to the Gospels note
the terse brevity of Murk the careful
preface of Luke nnd the sublime set
ting forth by John of the divinity of
The Genealogies Relative to the
genealogies observe that both aim to
show that Jesus clime of the royal line I
of Dnvld as the prophets had tlcclircO 1
that the Messiah should do but Mat
then traces the descent down from
Abraham through David tp Joseph
while Luke runs the lino back from
Mary through David to Adam In
Luke however Marys name Is not
mentioned limit tho enumeration In
Luko Begins with the statement that
Jesus was the ion as was supposed
of Joseph the son descendant of
Hell the Intention evidently being
tq remove the false Impre s lnn that
Joseph was his father And I his cor
responds with the statement in the
Talmud that Mary the mother of
Jesus was the daughter of Hell
The Annunciations nolinrlns the
priest to whom the nnnnnilatlon of
Johns birth was made belonged to
tho eighth In order of the 24 courses
Into which the priests were divided
Each course served only twice during
the yebr nnd no ono was permitted to
offer Incense tho second time until
each one In his course had had his
turn It was probably then the first
tlmo that Xneharias had fulfilled this
holy service
The object In relating the annuncia
duns Is to show as the Apostles
Creed bus It that Jesus Christ Hods
only Son wus conceived by the Holy
Gliokt born of the Virgin Mary The
annunciation to Xachnrlns declared
the mission of John the Baptist that
to Mary announced the nature the
name and the iiiltsion of Jesus that to
Joseph declared the divine conception
of Christ Ills name nnd His mission
The Thanksgiving Notice the In
spired tlmnknglving of Mary Luke
14025 anti of aeharlas Luke 167
71 the first known as the Magnificat
nnd the other the 1 toned let us from
the first words of each In the old
Latin version
The Incarnation The great tele
scope of our day are to made that the
observer does not look through the
tube directly at n star but studies the
reflection of the Mar in n small mir
ror This device has made possible
the great enlargement of the idle
cope and thus revealed n wealth of
Information Inaccessible to feebler in
struments The ancient philosophers
and sugesougltt for God much ns tho
old astronomers scanned the heavens
with their little tubes They discos
ered much that wns valuable but nt
the best their results were dim nnd
uncertain limit In the incarnation wo
have the express Image of the IV
thcr reflected In n human life Hero
we may ditccrn anti study nU Ills at
tributes Jso man can look directly nt
the sun noon could gaze upon the un
veiled gloryof God Hut thctigh no
man hath seen God at any Uaie yet
the only begotten Son who Is In the
bosom of the Father lie hath declared
Him John ISdnptetl from
Henry Vnn Dyke
In comltjg to the world as n babe
the Son of God became man one with
us Jesus Is our Elder Brother
In becoming man the Son of God
became subject to our temptations to
that lie can succor the tempted
In becoming ninn the Son nf God
thawed now great Is the divine love
for us It was love that sought our
Tbe sty shadow steals away upon the
dial nnd the quickest rye pun discover
co more but that It li fonc UlflrtvHle
ale TwTFiB eM T ViTB
1 1 31 I 1211 B1M I I r 6 7
7 b 91011 1213 8 91011 121111
I lilt 16171K IIW 11G 1718192021
212221121252627 223 2125 26 272 6
282118031 I 2918031 27128 I
FKiimrutY 1101111
11 1 3I 1234
4 lil Gi 7 8 21 3I 67 8 01011
Ill 13 14 16 1C 17 12 13 14 161611718 I
18 IJJO 21 22 23 24 10 20 21 22 2321 25
llillli10t1lj2IT22321 0 27 28 2U30 31
I1 121314 16llG17 9 11I 13 Ill5
18 lJ2J21 22232I 1017 18i9202122
2iil2C 2712820 S031 2l24 iil262712ti291 i
t Illn OCTI l flat
12JY 7 112jSIfj6
8 010ilI2il314 7 8 010111213
15 1C 17 18 10 2021 1416 1C 1718l920
22 23 21 25 20 27 28 21 22 23l2ll252C27
2221121 126 il i2820w3i 1 I F
1 234 51 I 11 2I
1 7I 123145ITI
Cd 7 ti 01011 12 4 LiGI 7 I 8 9 10
13 14 15 1017 18 1911 12314Ib1617
2121 2212 212 2G 18112J211222J24
272ri2yi33l 25I27I2KI29i801
111 1 1 1Q 1 I
JUSI icKtiuiu
I 11II G j 1Ii G l 7 8 1
lull 1213141510 91011121314151
17 I8l2il2l 2223 ICjl 181920J2122
21 2l2fi2728 2030 2321i25I26272829
l5121iI2SI21130 3J3I i251WI7 11 291 I
To Les Angela and Southern Call
Every Friday night at 1035 p m a
through Tntiriiit Car for Los Angeles and
Southern California ipavei the Chicago
Milivatikre V St Iaul Itaiiway Union Pas
senger Station Chicago via Omaha Col
orado Springs and Salt Lake City for all
point in Ioorado Utah Nevada and Cal
ifornia In addition to the regular Pullman por
ter each car is accompanied by an intelli
gent competent and courteous courier
who wiil attend to the wants of passengers
en route This is an entirely new feature
of tourist car service and will be appreci
sled by families or by ladies traveling
alone Particular attention is paid to the
rare of children who usually get wear on a
long Journey
There tourist ears are sleeping cars sup
plied with all the necessaries necenary to
mike the journey comfortable and pleatant
and the berth rate < each berth will acconv
mwlitc two persona 11 only 000 from tlu
raso to California Ask the nearest ticket
agent foratourist eAr roMerorddrell Geo I
II Hrafford General 1ass and Ticket
Agent Chicago 111
An Irish cyclist was bitten on the leg by a
savage bull terrier He wrote a long com
plaint to the local paper the communication
closing with time sentence The dog Inn
derstand belongs to tile town magistrate
who resides in the neighborhood and is al
lowed to wander on the road unmuzzled and
yet he ails on the bench in judgment on
others Philadelphia Call
Thrnnch Site Houtli to California
To those contemplating a trip to Califor
nia particular attention ii called to the Sun
set Limited service from New Orleans to I
Los Angeles and San Francisco via the
Southern Pacific Conipanys Sunset Route
This service is semiweekly the Limited
leaving New Orleans every Monday and
Thunday and direct connection is made
from ail points North The Sun + et Limited
provide every comfort and luxury anJ
iximpriKK Composite Car with Kith Hooin
Barber Shop Library and Smoking Itooni
Conip ilin nt car with commodious lathes
parlor mid superb 10 ection double drawing
room sleeping car and Southern Pacific
Company Dining Car in which all meals arc
nerved a la carte The Dining Cur j a part
of and accompanies the Imm from New
Orleans to San Franrieco No extra fare is
exu loll for the many luxuries that the Sun
set Limited affords The same rates to Cali
forma end Arizona apply via New Origins
and the Siin ct Route at via oilier direct i
route Full lurticular relative to route
rates etc trill be cheerfully furnUhcd h i
an representative of the Southern Pacific I
Company or address W G Neirnvcr 011
A 2S8 Clark Street Chicago W 11 Connor I
Coml Aijcnt Chamber of Commerce Build
ing Cincuuiati Ohio or lV J Herr Trw
fans Agent v10 Kllicott Simjic buffalo
Cora < Ti you like to bcamKitl whittle i
SlerrittNn but I like tht way her mouth
looks when she gcU ready lo rV Town
run Itt n ltJIS
ClMclMimll Dec 2D
ltVR STOCKCatllH coon 3 in y 4 25
Select butcher 155 750
AlVKSKxtrix 7n O 7 75
IIOliB Cliolii lItIrll 140 ff 4 45
Mlxevl packers 1311 ar 4 SS
1100ht hlllltlII 42 fU
SHKKlIJIioloo 3 Fi t 411
IAMH8ixlrn t fU O 5 71
Kloi It Winter paten s a u s UI
AINtVIiwtoltd Iii il i
No are h l
V 1
Oats No mtxnl tt i
IhAou 7 yt dell
IllOVlSIONSMrm t ork JlI u
lolIr1 r 4D
HAY riuilco timothy MI2 M
IllTTBKriioco lily tfi tyIS
hold irciinitvy I 23
AriIKS finite l Cane Iii 3 XI
IOT ATOUS I Vr 11161 11 is
riMf I Winter latent J < R rt 5 51
CIIIAIN Wheat Nn 2 roil GTVjli 63
Nu t ClilcHio spring 01 tt fay
OiNNmm 34a
OATS No 2 nr i
14ilti23iess s u iia TI
LAKUStouin 5 ai US U2s
1loril Winter imtent 3 55 t 3 TT
V llliAT No 2 nil W Vli
COUN No 2 mlx d e bit
uvi c BH
OATSMlxe1 tr i I 1
FIOUIl Inmlly 3 211 4130
15UAIN WlwutNo 3 rcil 7D 5t 704
Southern Ii fl JIW
forn Mlxiil 3 > iVi v iH
OatsNo S white SUitf 31
live No 9 woniern nit M U
< Aff LBKlr t quality 4 73 fI i 3
UOtiSWestern 440 W4M
OUAINWhcatNo 2 ret It BM
Corn No 2 mlxoil a I
OftUNo 2 mIxed 4 JIM I
FIOIIll Wlnlir i iltiiti 3 4i It y
CHAIN WhustNo red it r JJ
GRCartMixedNu f
Corn Uxet H r > i
iJHt Mlxul M 1f
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Among the most noted of our contributors are Secretary ol Agriculture
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