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7 n
Ralph Ringwood
A True Story of a Kentucky
Cuitinurd from tail Vttt
I had now lived some lima with old
Miller and had become a tolerably
expert hunter Game however be
gan to grow scarce Tho bulTalo had
gathered together as if by univer
sal understanding and had crossed
tho Mississippi never to return
Strangers kept pouring into the
j country clearing away tho forests
and building in nil directions TIll
hunters begun to grow restive Jem
my Keil cane to inoono day I cant
stand this any longer said he were
getting too thick horn This country
too is growing too poor to live in
theres no game RO two or three of
us have made up our minds to follow
the buffalo to Missouri and wo
should like to have you of tho party
Other hunters of my acquaintance
talked in tho name manner This set
mo thinking but the more I thought
tho more I was perplexed When I
out hunting alone I used to forgot
tho sport and sit for hours together
on the trunk of a tree with rifle in
hand buried in thought and debat
ing with myself Shall I go withI
Jemmy Keil and his company or
shall I remain here If I remain
here there there will soon be nothing
lea to hunt But am I to be u hunt
er nil my life Have not I some
thing more in mo than tu lw carrying
a rifle on my shoulder day after I
day and dodging about after bears
and deer and other bruto boasts t
My vanity told me I had and I call
ed to mind my boyish boast to my
sister that I would never return home
until returned n momborof Congress
from Kentucky but was this the way
to fit myself for such a station 1
At length I determined on becom
ing a lawyer But how was I to set
about itT I must quit this forest life
and go to ono or other of tho towns
where I might be able to study and
to attend the courts This too re
quired funds I examined into the
state of my finances Tho punso giv
en me by my father had remained
uutoiichwl in tho bottom in tho bot
tom of an old chest up in tho loft for
money was scarcely needed in these
parts I had bargained away the
skins acquired in hunting fora horse c
and various other matters on which
in case of need I could raise funds
therefore thought 1 could make shift
to maintain myself until I was fitted
for tho bar
I informed my worthy host and
patron old Miller of my plan Ho
shook his head ut my turning my
back upon the woods when I was iu
a fair way of making a tirstrato hun
ter but he made no effort to disuado
me 1 accordingly set off in Septem
her on horseback I put up ouo
night at Burdstown und found ou in
quiry that I could get comfortable
board and accommodation in a pri
vate family for one dollar and u htdf
a week I liked tho place and resolv
ed to look no further
I had taken my breakfast and was
pacing up and down the piuzzu and
saw a young girl seated near u win
dow evidently a visitor She was
+ very pretty with auburn hair and
blue eyes and was dressed in white
Never was poor youth more taken
by surprise and suddenly bewitched
My heart yearned to know her bin S
p how was 1 to accost her 1 had
grown wild in the woods and had
none of the habitudes of polite life
1 dont know what put it into my
head but 1 thought all at once that
1 would kiss hurl it would take u
long acquaintance to arrive at such a
boon but I might seize upon it by a
sheer robbery Nobody knew mo
J here I would just step in snatch a
kiss mount my horso and ride oil
She would not bo the worst for itj und
that kisiohl I should die if 1 did
not get ill
I gave no timo for the thought to
cool but entered the house amid step
ped lightly into lilt room She was
Heated with her back to tho door
looking out ut the window und did
not hear my approach 1 tapped her
chair and us she turned und looked r
up I snatched as sweet a kiss as ever
was stolen und vanished in u twink
ling 1 he next moment I wan on
horseback galloping homeward my
very ears tingling ut what I had done
Ou my return homo I sold my
f hors and turning every thing to cash f
foundwith tho remains of the pater
nal purse that I hud nearly four nun
a dred dolluraa little capital which I
resolved to mauago with the strictest
economy It was hard parting with old Mil
ler who had been like u father to
me it cost me too something ofII
struggle to give up the free iiulopcn
dant wildwood life I hud hitherto
led but I had marked out my course
Bud havo never be sn ono to flinch or
t rn back
I footed it sturdily to Bardstown
1 took possession of the quarters for
which I had bargained shut myself
UDj and sot to work withmight and
main to study But what u tusk I 1
had before met I had everything to
to learn not merely law but all IheI
elementary bronches of knowledgo i
To be continued I
The Counties
Madison County
The following note were Intended for publl
cation In the Ifsue of December 27 but were
tuluent and nrrlred too late to are given thli
week I
Scott Harp was hero from Loxing
ton recently
Mrs Walton of Speedwell has ro
tunred to her homo after a visit here
with her sister
Newton Jones of Union City was
delightfully entertained Sunday by
Miss Anna Ogg at her homo
John Riddoll anti family will cave
shortly for Washington where they
will make their future home
Tho trial of K D Lakes which
was hold in tho United States court
nt Covington recently ended in a
compromise of 203
Tho marriage of Mr Buford Bales
to Miss Susio Doatherago daughter
of Mr and Mrs Geo Deathorago was
solemnized in tho Baptist church
Thursday evening Rev Francis offi
Rev Jno II Brooks pastor of the
colored Christian church tendered
his resignation Sunday evening Dec
23rd and left for Cailisle his home
Dec 29th Rev Brooks had made
many friends hero who will regret his
Tho murder of Mr John Miller
Tuesday afternoon cast a gloom over
the whole town that sobered Christ
Inns jollification hero Tho funeral
services Thursday afternoon were
touching Revs Broaddus Francis
aud Smothers officiated
Richmond has hudIL largo number
of visitors the past week notably we
mention Irof Gnrvin and wife of
Winchester and Miss Moore daughter
of Rev Moore of Lexington guests
of Mr and Mrs Jerry Turner Miss
Mary E Toliver of Mt Sterling
guest of Julia Chounult und Miss
Susio B Titus of Bereu guest of
Miss Maggie Broaddus
Clay County
Bnllskin Creek is booming
Parents hero are preparing their
children for school
Ely Bowling was shot and killed
by his cousin December 21
Bargor and York Intro purchased
S2000 furmut Brutus
A H Burns hus purchased S1COO I
worth of land near the college prop I
Corn is worth CO cents n bushel in
Clay county now
Logging men Imvo deserted their I
camps now for a while on account of
the cold weather
Rev Green Burns preached in
Milltown December 21
Bright Shade
fut wreki corn pondrnce from lirlcht Shade
wumlvicnt mil arrived too late for publication
Rev Wm Cottengin wus hero last
W M Smith went to Pinovillo Sun
W D Swafford and Louiso Smith
wore married Sunday
Noah Smith visited friends in Knox
Saturday and Sunday
Mr Marsh and Clark Smith spent
Christuu on Martins Creek
Peter Gray and wife of Knox coun
ty are spending u few days here
Wm Mills mind wife spent Christ
mas with their brotherinlaw
The bad custom of whiskey drink
ing was again observed last ClJrihtI
John M Fields baby died last
John Spivoy is very sink from a
James Bongos barn was burned
Tint mm of this place are very
busy killing hogs
Emily Fields died of pneumonia
fever Monday night
Wm II Murray received a now
stock i if clothing recently
Hirutu Herd of Radars Creek wus
here Thursday visiting relatives
T G Allen passed through here
last week on his way to Manchester
to secure marriage license
J D Ray and his mother passed
through hero Monday going down on
Sexton to tako their Christmas
Miss Juno Smith and brother Wil
liam have returned home after a long
visit with relatives and friends in
Leslie county
The men of Burning Springs are
busy taking lumber through hero to
the plaining mill They are prepar
ing tp entertain the pupils this
Samuel Philpot of Gooso Creek
shot and killed Ned Rogers of this
place Friday night The cause of
tho trouble is unknown They were
thought to bo perfect friends Phil
pot fired four shots two of tho bulls
passed through Rogers head aud
two through his chest Philpot was
arrested and put under a guard On
hearing them was an eye witness of
the crime ho look a Winchester from
ono of the guards and walked off
It is supposed that ho has gone to
join tho army
Jackson County
Drip Hock
Born to tho wifo of Vergil Cox n
four pound boy Also twin girls
havo como to bless tho home of John
Reynolds John says there is one
too many Names will bo Taylor and
Goebcl Tho ono crying tho most
Christmas has passed so quietly
here we hardly realized that it was
II II Fowler nnd S R Ballard
will go into tho slave business soon
It is feared that S S Sparks must
suffer amputation While n young
man ho reeeivrda cut below the knee
which was awkwardly bound and he
has never gotten well Ho is about
sixty years old
Mrs Hannah Sparks has had fever
und is recovering
John Williams and John D Alcorn
are preparing to go to Middlesboro I
A Letter from Rile
Ivo been a readiu Silas Suing
Icses letters iu the CITIZEN nn 1
thought Id givo you n few o my
no inns ttO
Silo known l from a broomstick he
does I wish mo n hint could meet
up Ill bet my bottom dollar we
wouldnt disnguo bout hot liu
Hid letter bout Pal Williams an
that piece o timber land makes mo
think o somwo my neighbors here
on Powder llorn
Take Ike Guius for n sample He
hadnt inoru got his corn get hefltl
till ho took a notion 10 go into the
stttve business
I met him ono day an he pays
How ro ye RiM Sayhowd ye
like to git into a stavemaking job wi
Druther mako money I said
Make both Jeff Mills says hell
gi mo SIr u thousand staves deliver
lllt Gniuu hog Fork What dye
Now look here Isaid that
wont pay Ike Hits fifteen miles to
tho rnil road an Jeff cant haul many
that fur over muddy roads
Dont cans so ho takes minot Ive
got pletity o good onk at aint m pay
in me n cent
Tho staves have to ho fortyfour
inches long dont they
Yeah at SIB a thousand
Too much sugar for a dime Ike j
you cant muko your boards cloth
es I druther let my timber stand
Shucks Kill youre just a der
olin youll want to jiuu wi mo when
1 git to pilin up money slick as a but
Experience is it dear school but
try it if you want to
Ike pitched in au cut his best oak
nu worked about a month includiti
time hitulin do sold 203J staves for
S2i > About JJOOO staves an a fine lot
o timber is left on his Imns or part
of hit for he burnt some for firewood
rayon the cxppriencH partly paid
him for his trouble Iko dont name
hit to me
Yours VerushuslyRILEV
e Until s Die NoticeSubscribers l
Subscribers to
may get 0i
Tie To edo EMe or
Th Louisville Commercial
For 50c a Year
AU for 1 00 a year
I Dcnt Miss It
Come at Once
I All subscriptions must come I
through Tun CITIZEN
III wouldnt ba without DeWitts
Witch hazel Salvo for any considera
tion writes Thomas B Rhodes
Coutcrflold 0 Infallible for piles
cute burns and skin diseases Be
ware of counterfeits S E Welch Jr
EJIted by MRS KATE K ItTNix teacher In
llcrvn College
If things do not always suit you
dont complain just pray God
would hush livery harp in heaven to
hear a siuuor pray I
Lot us not go about hanging our
heads like a bulrush if Christ given
us joy hit us lire it
If n man lack salvation ho lackoth
It is bettor for you to go to heaven
from some poor house than to go to
hell in a gilded ono
Do not go where you cannot take
God with you
There is no luxury liko working for
the Lord
There aro two bidders for your I
soul It is for you to decide which
shall have it
Satan often you what he cannot
give ho is u liar and has been from
the foundation of tho world I pity
the man who lives on tho devils
Go and speak to your neighbor and
tell him of Christ and heaven
Trouble develops love
The law has never saved a single
man since tho world began
What is the use of keeping poor
peoples bodies u little longer out of
tho grave nnd not try to keep their
souls out of hell
Paul never would have been invited
to u charity ball and ho was so pecu
liar that he never would have attend
ed a theater exetpt to preach tho
There is not a man among us whom j
you coulu hire to have u photograph 1
taken of bin heart
When I read the life of Paul I am
ashamed of tho Christianity of the
present day
Train that boy of yours for eternity I
God may use him to turn thousands
and tens of thousands to tllOUIIUlld1l11
There is no man whoso heart is so
hard but the lore of God can break iI1
You know a man who has the I
smallpox must rid himself of it before
he goes to minister to others If not
Christ liko in your homo tho less you I
say uliout Christ the better I
Ono of tIll greatest lies that ever
camo out of tho pit of hell is that
Christ is a hard master
Thero is no ono who goes to church i
as rrgula ly as Satan Ho is always
there before tho minister and tho lust
our to leave tho church
A littlo boy Wisher to help his fa i
ther carry hooks to his library The
littlo fellow took hold ofa big hook
and the father seeing him on the
stairs exhausted and unable to go
further took Iho bonlul tho book in
his arms So Christ will carry us I
and our burdens loo
A soldier lay dying on his couch I
luring our recent war and they
heard him say here They asked I
him what he wanted nnd ho put up
hill hand and said Hush they are
calling tho roll in heaven and I nrn
answering to my name and present
ly ho whispered Here amid was I
r Edited by MRA ELIZA IL VOCUM Dean of Iho
Normal l > eMtrtment llcrra College
The boys and girls who ore out of I
school have many things to do this
cold weuthor but I am sure that nil
of you could do ono thing more if
you think about it
IIn Germany thoy have a very prot
jty custom of setting a table for tho
birds in winter
We have n great many kinds of
birds that do not go any farther
South for their vacation but take it
with us in Kentucky It woulil ho n
most interesting bit of occupation for
every family this winter to put out u
long board in some rather sheltered
place not right against tho houso
nnd on it put crumbs corn cracked
nlltH or any scraps from tho table
Put the Ixmrd high enough so that
tho dogs will not easily intenupt tho
Ibinl guests und then wutch to IICO
how many kinds visit you regularly
Keep u list of their names ant you
will bo surprised at tho variety If
you do not know tho name of n bird at
least look at him closely enough to
ho able to describe him Start n bird
hook and iu it write every thing that I
you can about tho minters of your
visitors ns well as about their size
and dress
You know somme of the family trails
What do you expect of Mr Blue
Jay I What do you think of tho
probable Ixlmvior of Madam Wood
pecker with her red cap 1
Havo you lituul the story that the
Indians tell aloud lima way III which
tho woodpecker came to have a rid
head 1 Longfellow tolls it in the i
Then tho people of till Northland
love n very queer story about the
same thing
winter t Some go you know why do
not III1T
How many killllof Rcdhirds do
you know 1 1 know three that are
commonly called by that iiuinu Do
they nil stay or only the Kentucky
Cardinal with his tufted head T
I wish that every boy and girl in
tho State might have a real live in
terest in our feathered friends and I
shall bo very much pleased to have
some short letters about tho birds
put into the school column
Tell how many kinds you neo on
your II table at once how many
kinds you have visit you in ono week
how they behave and any other
point of intcrist
Tho children in Germany arc might
to lovo time birds nod to reujnct their
rights iu a way that would surprise
soma or us There Is a law that no
wild bird in that country shall bo
bird nmy well bo thankful to hnvo
been hatched in a land where children
Ino more Milkof robbing a nest or
of throwing stones ut a bird than
they would think of flying to the
moon When1 too cats are in little favor
being little kept in most homes of
Gernmunvbeause tho cat is au enemy
to birdlifeBegin once to give tho birds of I
Kentucky a hnjpy New Year
Muted by 8 C MAMH 1rofciwor ot Horti
culture Deer College
Cow pens for Forage
There is no forego plant bettor
ndnptcd to tho needs and conditions
of Southern agriculture than this rank
freegrowing annual It will thrive
luxuriantly u > oii tho rich swampy
canu lands of Louisiana On the dri
est and mast sterile wornout uplands
it serves tho admirable purpose of
supplying ti larger quantity and bet
ter quality of forage than tiny other
bean or clover And whenever n crop
of cowicas ban boon taken oft n field
the surface soil is left richer by n good
many pounds of that most costly of
all plant foods nitrogen Tho root
of the cowpea enter deeply into the
soil owning mud loosening it fur
down for thu benefit of tho roots of
Iho succeeding crops of corn cotton
und tobacco It has bwen found by
experiment that the fertilizing value
of the roots anil stubble of tho cowpen
mire very considerable but not as great
as that of the hay removed from tho
field The best und most economical
life of this forago crop is then to cut
for hay feed to stock anti return tIll
stable manure to this soil Plowing
Iho whole crop under is less rennin
eralivo because there in much nml
less waste of tho muscle making and
fat forming constituents of till plant
which would bring more profit if
turned into beef pork wool cheese
or butler
AH regards tiodisxwd of the crop
there is a wide variation in practice
TIll fitding value of vines and peas
much rxctvds their fertilizing value
But as Ixtwifii the prnctloonf turn
lug Ihe vines under guru in nutuinn
aid thud of allowing them to lie on
the ground during the winter thu
latter is undoubt dly romutimes to bo
preferred t ough theoretically wrong
Theoretically to plow tho vinos under
in nultimu will bo to save all tho
available nitrogen and convert tho
w hole plant into humus Practically
tho turning under of to largo an
iimountof watery green herbiigo is
highly injurious causing n too rapid
decay and coiiKcqucnt burning or
touring of thoil Tho npjier BOil
layers freshly stirred md mellowed
in autumn lose more by leaching amt
washing than they do in au tin plowed
field covered by its winter mulch of
decaying herbage though in both
canes hero is a decided loss of fertil
ity over what would result by follow
Ing the pear with a crop of rye winter
wheat the turf forming winter outs
winter volch or ciimsoa clover Tho
yields of forage RIO hotter on rich t t
sols than ou poor ours but Iho bene
ficial effects upon tho succeeding crop
title to tho growth of this ono are not
jO marked in the former case ns in
too latter
I had dYIIflIia fiftyseven yenni
und never found > ermaiit relief till I
took Kodol Dyspepsia Cure Now
I am well aunt feel like a now man
writes S1 Flcmming Murray Nob
It is time best digcstntit known Cures
all forms of indigestions Physicians
everywhere prescribo it
S E Welch Jr
Over 20 teacher TOO students from HO Mutes Host Library In Kentucky No Saloons
For those NOT siiiiicioiitly advanced to got a teachers cortiHuato
I Trado Schools Carpentry Homework Printing two years
II Model Schools preparing for Normal and tho advanced courses
For those Hiiiliulently advanced to pet n teachers certificate
III Farming and Agriculture gardening stockraising forestry city two years
IV Domestic Science Sowing Cooking otctwo years
V Normal Course for teachers threw years with practice rnching
VI Academy Course four years fitting for Coilego for business and for life
For those more advanced j VII College Courses Classical Philosophical and Literary
Adjunct DClmrtlUcntH VIII MUllioHocd Oran Choral free Vocal Piano Theory
IX heron General Hospital Two years course in tho care of tho sick
Bcrea places thn best education in reach of all It 114 not a monoymalting inalituliou Its instruction in a r
frets gift It aims to help those who value education and will help themselves and charges u small incidental foe
to moot expenses of tho school apart from instruction Students must also pay for thoir board Expenses for term
12 weeks may be brought within loll about half of which must be paid in advance I
Tho school is endorsed by Baptists Congregationalists Disciples Methodists Presbyterians and good people of
nil denothinatioua For information orfrtrndlii advice address the Vicrlrttidenl

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