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Rev JOHN DODWELL Manager An Independent Weekly
UHtnmHrrofylIonanCorHE CAn BO Devoted Interests CENTS FARM to A of the YEAR SCHOOL
IIAIII I my hrothnrtt keeper Yes
if you tiro a truu man
Moral prostitution in etttablwhod in
a town before thu Hnloon H
It iH dillicult to forgive a man to
whom wo Imvo boon moan
Tho outHido view of a stained glass
window in not very attractive it IH
HO with religion
Sow Home of your wheat rituhulo in
cow peas they will grow with the
crab griiBH and make rich hay
Take Notice
On Sunday July M Bro Dodwoll
of TUB CITIZEN will preach at Wai
laceton Mulhodint Church
The CITIZEN wanU ten more ntudont
ngonta and will pay liberally for
good work Call or write for our
SIItcinl OITer
A convention of tltI County Sunday
Srhol AnHociatiou will bo hold in
Burea Widnowlay July 31 Prof
E Auz of Louisville State Secre
tary of the AnHocinlion will be
XewH of renewed perHeutiUonx of
Christian Converts continue to come
from China
Havana hart no yellow fever CBHOH
thin Hummer for the fin + t time in ifs
history an n city
Several of the nowHjmjwrB of Cuba
liavo recently printed articles in favor
of annexation of the Inland 10 the
United Slates
Gen Maximo Gomez the coin
mnmlor ol the iiiHiirgentH during the
Cuban war for independence visited
President McKinley this week
The last of thu volunteer troops
have arrived from Manilla
Tho MiswHHippl Valley hums been
suffering from n very iiiiiiHiuil drouth
Tho output of gold from the Klon
dike for the season in untimated at
Thu raluation of property in Okln
home this year is expected to exceed
Tho Irettideuts proclamation for
the opening to public riottlemont of
the Kiowa Coinnnche and Apache
Indian rwervatioim in Oklahoma was
issued Monday
The 20lh Annual Convention of tho
Christian Endeavors mot in Cincin
anti July I 8 Many thousand En
deavors were in attendance from all
parts of the country
The Piwttoflico Department has
determined to exclude from second
class postal rites all fake newspapers
and publications that rely on gift and
guessing enterprise to secure n cir
Tho Presidents proclamation de
claring free trade withlorto Rico on
and after July 2T will be issued as
soon ns he receives an official copy
of the resolutions adopted by the
legislature of Porto Rico
A committee of fifteen of tho most
prominent educators in tho country
have under consideration tho estab
lishment of n national university un
denominational nonsectarian not
under govarnmtmt control to bo
located in the city of Washington
Tho Hurt S Brabb Mill Co of
Ford have 11000000 feet of lumber
in their yard
Tho tobacco barn of John Murray
at Paint Lick was burned with about
40000 Ibs of tobacco last week
Sixtyeight bullet holes were found
in the body of John Combs murdered
in n blind tiger on Buckliorn Creek
Knott County
Milton Koddall of Lexington > H
heir to 21000 acres of laud in Texas
15000 acres of which are in tho Beau
mont oil fields
Andrew Carnegie cabled tho mayor
of Covington July > that ho would
provide 20000 toward tho construc
tion of an auditorium in Covingtou
Young Gore a highly respected far i
mer living about a mile from Prince
ton was killed Monday while saving
tho life of a child from a runaway
Deputy Internal Revenue Collector
Votes destroyed an illicit still in
Hardin County last Friday night
Tho still had n capacity of HO gallons
n day
Judge Buckley of the Louisville
Police Court decided on Monday
that ILouisvillos Sunday law is in
oporativo because it is special instead
of general legislation
A Good Kind of Ability The
Ability to Find Work
A good many people are poorly
clad and poorly fed and have nothing
to give to the preacher and if you
ask them the reason they will tell you
it is localise they havent had a chance
to work
Now in nine cases out of ton it is
their own fault that they have boon
idle The first thing by which a man
is tested is by his ability to get some
thing to do Tho probability is that
n man who can not get a job would
not bo able to hold a job if ho had it
Wo repeat it tho great test of a
mans ability is that ho should be
able to get work
Perhaps wu ought to go further
back i iid say that the host test of n
man is that he should wish to work
that ho should desire to have money
ill his pocket a roof over his head
a horse to ride on and a comfortable
place for his children A man who
amount to anything desires these
things and ho desires them HO much
that ho is willing to work for them
Ruth more than this he desires them
BO much that ho is hound to work for
them and like the old Roman hell
find n way or make it
If ho does not find work in the
place where hu is ho starts out and
looks for it If hu does not find a
job the first timo hu applies ho will
try again and again and again If
he does not find tho kind of work hu
prefers lit will lake the kind of work
lie can get If hu does not got as
much lay as he thinks hu deserves
ho will start in at low pay and make
himself so useful that his employer
can not got along without him and
will raise his wages
The man who is bound to succeed
will have his eyes open for chances in
every direction Hu will prefer to
raise something rather than to make
money just by trading
Tho ohio and enterprising man
will bu what wo call thrifty Ho
will Ira busy on n rainy day mending
his harness Hu will have something
to do in the long winter evenings
putting splint bottoms into chairs
whittling out ax handles etc
When ho ill not working nt his
crop ho will bu improving his barn
and fonccfl lie will tako n DOWN
paper ail read what other folks in
the world are doing He will get the
bent varieties of fruit for hm garden
and orchard and the bent kind of
Htock for his barn yard Ho will
bring up his children to work And
nil thin prosperity has its beginnings
in two things First in his desire and
dotcTunuinntion that ho would not be
n no account deadbeat and second
in his determination to bo engaged
in Homo useful and profitable em
ployment every working day in tho
CATTLE Common 5250 110
41 ButcliereiL40 600
II Shippers460 l fi25
CALvsClioice000 jrfi GW
gHoos 600
HoesCommon4301 665
II Fair goal Hght590 < GOO
1 PncklllgGOO 610
SHEEP Good to choice 800 1 nw
II Common to fair225 285
LAM us Good to choico500 r fi7fi
II Common to fair325 fir2 476
WHEAT No 2 Red flfi
tjoasNo2 mixed 17
RnNo 2 ro ry fir
ILOulIWintor Patent340 380
II II Patent340r H2li
II nmily220 < a 255
MILL FEEn1200 < 1400
HAyNo I Timothy 1225 tj 1250
II No2II 10500 1100
II No1 Clover 850 it 900
1 No2II 750 800
FOULTHV Springers por Ib M 10
Fryers 10 rr j 12
t Light bonsII 9
Roosters 4
Turkey hens fi
TomllII G
DucksII G
Eoos Fresh near by U
HIDES Wot salted 6 a 7
II No 1 dry Halt U Il 10
II Bull fi 6
IC Lambskins 40 rr 60
IICountry 41 r J1
mralittm fnnilunfy 16 l 17
Washed long 1 21 2
Tub washed 22 l 25
Gee now nearly white J2
IIgray to average 31 rr JO
Duck colored to white 28 fl 1m
Chicken white no quills Hi
Turkey body dry 12 11
State Colored Teachers Associa
I lion
The Colored Teachers Association
met in Berun July 3 1 and 5 Rev
J 13 Wood of Danville presiding
There were about fifty delegates in
The first session of tho convention
mot at 730 Wednesday night in tho
College Chapel
Tho address of welcome by Prof
Dodge was responded to in a very
happy vein by Prof J II Garviu of
Winchester President Frost of
Rvrea College addressed tho Associa
tion in n speech of about thirty min
tiles duration Pros Front in tie ad
dress emphasized tho fact that Borea
College stands today as much com
mitted to and in sympathy with the
coeducation of tho races as it over
was Pro I Dodge in his address of
welcome had fcpokou at some length
Ux > n this same matter Luck of
space forbids detailed report of tho
convention Tho members in atten
dance considered this mooting the
moat successful and enjoyable of anv
in tho history of tho Association Of
tho delegates attending eight wore
graduates of He fen College and ten
others had boon students in tho in
stitution Prof F L Williams of
Danville n graduate of Boron class
of 80 was elected President of the
Association for the ensuing year Wo
must not fail to mention Prof Goo
W Carver of Tuskcgeo Normal and
Industrial institute who was a visitor
at tho Convention Mr Carver is
Professor of Agriculture in Tuskcgoo
Institute nnd that ho was highly np
predated was evidenced by tho fact
that ho was called upon for at least
four speeches during tho meetings
Prof Carver is a revelation Thurs
day night tho Association was enter
tained at a banquet in Ladies Hall
given by Borca College A delightful
repast was partaken of followed by
a feast of n asou and low of soul
About Hovenlyfivo persons wore at
tho table Pros Frost was toast
master and excelled in tho office
Thin responses to the toasts were ex
collont and wo wish wo could spoak
of them in detail but must content
ourselves by saying thoy wore each
one bent
11 A Lame a former student of
Boron favored tho company with the
recital of an original poem How
Culfeos Mother Saved Shack This
poem wo expect to give to THE CITI
ZEN readers in a short timo
Tho Convention adjourned sine die
Friday 1030 am
Soldiers Picnic
Circular announcements aro being
sent to soldiers of tho Civil War liv
ing at Beron or in the vicinity a
soldiers picnic for Wed July 17 It
will be hold on tho grounds of Prof
L V Dodge at Berea where the do
delightful gathering of last year took
place The hour for gathering is set
at 0 n oi All widows of comrades
are also invited Such provisions for
tho table us may bo convenient will
bo welcomed Mosdames Dodge
Ramsey and Hanson are the table
The following mon of tho 4 1th Reg i
U S V Inf lately returned from
tho Philippines came in I Sunday
W D Coylo musician Co L J A
Lunsford and Goo Hodgo privates
Co L and R D Clements of Co E
Noah Smith and D C Smith of Mc
Koo Co I 41 Reg V L arrived
Tuesday These nil enlisted hero
about twenty mouths ago
Charlie Berger Caught in an Ele
vator and Crushed to Death
A letter from a lady in Allegheny
Pa to President Frost contained tho
following clipping
Charles Borger aged 18 years a
bell boy at the Hotel Schenley was
crushed to death in an elevator shaft
at 1030 last night Berger who
had been employed but five days
ago was sent to answer a call on the
third floor He took tho elevator and
when he attempted to get off his
clothing or his shoo caught in the
brass fret work and ho was crushed
between tho cage and the walls So
great was tho pressure that the brass
work was bent out several inches
The noise was plainly heard and
Manager Blanchard accompanied by
Col A1 Logan hastened to the
scene of the accident They oxtri
cated tho body and had it sent home
Borger who lived at No 15 Library
Place Allegheny had made himself
quite a favorite among guests of the
hotel despite the short timo ho had
been employed there
Wo all knew Charlie Berger He
was a good boy and wo have reasons
to believe him Safe in the arms of
Tho accident occurred July 2 and
tho funoral was July 5
Disastrous prairie fires are report
ed from different parts of Kansas
Repair That Loom I
Homespun is coming into fashion
again and our girls should keep up
the art of spinning Berea College
is finding a market for the products
of fireside industry which may bring
education and comfort to many
We can pay for wellwoven
linen 40 cents a yard jeans
60 cents llnsey SO cents well
matched bed coverlets 4 to
6 Patent dyes not accepted
oldfashioned Indigo pre
For information address JOSEPHINE
A ROBINSON Homespun Exchange
Berea Ky
Estray Notice
I have at my place two miles south
of Berea one stray horse about 15
hands high color bay white feet
star in forehead barb wire marks on
loft side
TO THE DEAFA rich lady
cured of her Deafness and Noises in
the Head by Dr Nicholsons Artificial
Ear Drums gave 25000 to his Insti
tute so that deaf people unable to
procure the Ear Drums may have
them free Address No 1314 The
Nicholson Institute 780 Eighth Ave
nuo New York 620 02
Hand Forged Razor Steel Blades W SffiS35
tend us 212 cent stamps and we will mill you n knife the exnct site of this picture It hug blade
anti retail generally at 73 cU but to get rOil to try them we will send you one for 43 ctt or
212 cent slimpII Your wile want a pairof I
mall her a pair flUI
inch razor steel shears
for GO cu
tr 30two
ct stamps
Ie We hare
an 80 page
Catalogue we will mall you free If you uk for II Address MAILER I OROSII CO 00
AiUni St Toledo Ohio and mention The Cltlien 00I
Wholesale Grocers
Irvine St Richmond Ky
A full line of Staple Groceries carried at all
times Mail and Phone Orders receive
prompt shipment
Splendid assortment of Stylish Flannel Suits
Skeleton Serge Silk Lustre and Alpaca
Coatsjust the things to keep you cool
on hot days and priced so you can save
And youll find in our store the largest and
most uptodate lines of Neckwear
Shirts Suspenders Belts Gloves Hos
ier Hats Shoes and everything else
needful to clothe a man in best style from
head to foot Priced so you will come back again
Richmond Ky
Fine Stock of Ladies and Mens Trunks
Bags Suit Cases etc
Richmond Ky
Collections And ReAl EstAte A Specialty
E B McCOY Dentist
Berea Kentucky
WANTEDcapable reliable person In every I
county to represent Urge company of solid Gain
chat reputation tJ36 salary per year payable i
weekly U per day absolutely lure and all ex pen
Ka straight bona Ode definite salary no com
mlulon salary paid each Saturday and expense
money advanced each week STANDARD
Men and women of good address to represent
us some to travel appointing agents others lor
local work looking alter our Interests 5000
alary guaranteed ywfjr extra commlmlon and
expennguaranteed nicement oldie ttablishred
house brand chance for earnest man or woman
to secure pleasant permanent position and liber
al income New orUllant lines Write at once
23 Church St New Karen Conn
Every Business
And we can do it at a rea
sonable price
DONT rat need some Note Headed
Letter Heads Statements BU
Heads Envelopes Business Cards etc
etc If so write for prices
Berea Ky
A handfull of glasses will not
help your eyesight If you wear
them all unless your vision
has been properly tested and
the right lens fitted
That Is Just where the skill of
an optician comes to your aid
If I test your eyes you will be
sure of getting the right glass
es and will have pleasure and
satisfaction in wearing them
Welch Block Berea Ky
Three Years
in Richmond
And out of all the sots of teeth
that have been made at my office
if there is one set or any sets that
show any defects I will make a
new set free We are making tho
best set of teeth in the world for
f 750 and if detects show in 3ve
years we give you a new set free
This applies to all the tooth I
have made or am going to maker
the best alloy fills in the world
at 75 cents
Permanently located in the Hobson
Buildingnext door to Gov
ernment Building
Richmond Kentucky
Reference Richmond National Bank
Special Price to Students
It will be to your interest to inspect our stock before your buyI
We have the goods and will certainly meet your views as to pricesI
Hardwood Oak and Mahogany Bedroom Suites Iron Beds and
Couches at special bargain prices during tho month Everything in tho
Furniture Line
Great Sale on Carpets and Rugs for Cash
We invite all our Berea Friends andall Citizen subscribers to callI
and inspect before making purohllSost
Richmond Ky
tH tC NNtf N t
Mens Tan
500 Shoes for 350
400t1 44 300
350 41 200
30041 4 175
Mens Black Box Calf
Blucher Shoes 300
going now at 250
Come early and get
your size Only a lim
ited quantity on hand
tC k7 cA1 Jand
Fall is the Time to Study Fall Term Opens September 11 1901
rt t
f J =
a d tafrt i

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