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The citizen. [volume] (Berea, Ky.) 1899-1958, February 06, 1902, Image 3

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i Edward Blake
College Students
fly Charles M Sheldon
AuHviraflnlllfStttH Maleom
tiokl17 a tVuclr < on if IliMp
Klrona Ilolxrt Hartlui Sftrn
110111 Qbpyrluht lsn en to
S A Ill Jtdvautt lltWWllnu Cb
IMwnrt rcml thin lotttr like the are t
alit ho was moved liy It almost as
letlily He End antlclpatiM Willis
cumliiK with more or less anxiety on
npcoiint of Freed althoUKh she lot
never shown Is y word or letter that
she Imd any wpecliil Intercut In him
September hail come on mud the fall
ly under way again when Willis re
turned Ivdwnrd went down to the
Ktntlon to meet him and quite n crowd
wan prenent there
An they walked up the hill together
Hdwnrd was nurprlscd to note how
well AVIllIs looked His enforced III
nes hnd apparently loft no mark of
weakness on him and his beartni was
even more Jaunty and careless than
ever There was an additional mark
of n soldierly bearing alto and ns ho
worn Ida uniform ICdward soon begs n
to realize that Willis was a good den
of n hero to the students und especial
ly to tho girl who clapj > ed vlgoroiiHly
the first time Willis cools Into chapel
IShoulder straps are more impular
with n careless laugh Tell you old
man you IIIHH to enlist In order to get
popular Theres nothing like It You
dont have to lit good looking nor
1know very much Just put on n unl
IMwnnl had dltllculty In picturing
Willis as hU mother had described
him lie wondered It he had given
up the drink 11111 ventured to question
him about It that evening Willis was
getting ready to go out to n little ban
quet that his old society hind arranged
In bill honor
wiiiE e
at the banquet tonight naked Kd
ward ns Willis was arranging his
I supposo so Champagne and n lit
tin leer Mrlinp
HII wont waft silent a moment Then
he went over to Willis shin of the
room Willis had put on his coat mud
had made n step toward the door
1rouilno nio you wont drink any
tonight will youy nuked Edward nud
as he spoke he had In mind Mrs Ires
tons letter written at tho twxlstdo ot
her son In that southern camp
Willis painted and a look of emhar
rnxsmcnt mingled vlth some vexation
appeared on his face
Tho fellows will think It very queer
It I dont respond to the toast Our
irumtac me jou lmut ilrlnk any to
night will your
King at Homo and Abroad What dif
ference docs It make to you Ill prom
tae not to get drunk It tints what you
mean I can control my appetite It
I want to
It makes more difference to your
mother than to any ono else Wont
you promise not to touch the drink for
the love yon have tor her Kdward
found himself for the first time plead
lug with Willis
Willis hesitated Then he said with
nil abruptness that startled Edward
Ive promised mother several tlmlsI
nnd broken It Whnfs the IIse7 The
sight and smell of the stuff put thoI
very devil Into lIIeI
What makes you go where It is
then T
thenYou tell replied Willis carelessly <
Dont worry about me Ill como out
all right In the end
Im afraid you wont sold Edwnrd 1
sorrowfully Theres n verso HomeI
where In the IJIhlo that says At tho
end You know the rest as well nsI
do I know lllteth like a serllclltI
Oh pslmwl Whats the use of borrow
lug trouble for tho future Its thrlastI
good time Ill have with Uyt boys 1
When I get Into active MTTiee la tM 1
Ulilllpplues Ill settle down all right
lAndlord Ill the flowing bowl
Until It doth run over
For tonight well merry merry txj
Tomorrow wtll get ioberl
Willis began to sing ns Kdwnrd Irreso
lutely stood facing him wondering If
there wiis any lulluence strong enough
to make Willis sec his danger
And yet Edward himself with nil
his growing horror of the drink evil
did not have any convictions deep
enough on nay Christian hauls to plead
with Willis from any other standpoint
1tbtst one of moral expediency After
011c hnd no he thought done his duty
In urging the love of Willis mother
UKJII him ns n motive no other nrgu
meat or motive appealed to ill l > nut J
ho let Willis go his way without hay
dig Mild n word to him on the tide of
Hplrltuul life Edward could not speak
uny such word because he had no per
sonal Christian faith He guided hl I
life so far by his sense of moral up M
rightness Thu still higher plain of
Christian dlsclpleshlp was unknown to
him If he 111111 known It It Is possi
ble but that thought conic afterward
long after Willis bOIl gone with his
regiment nnd teas fighting III tho
swnuips ant jungles of Luzon
It was very lute when Willis cam e
In cold Kdwnrd who wall wakened by
his entrance felt sure ho was more or
lens under the Influence of liquor Ho
slept It off however and tho next
morning appearcdas bright and confi
dent us ever
Hear me come In this morning p
ho asked as he begun packing up his
things preparatory to his departure
Ho was going homo that day to spend
n few days oral then going direct from
there to join his regiment In San Fran
Yes replied Edward shortly
I didnt make much disturbance
did ir asked Willis gayly Didnt
put my shoes In the stove and my col
lar In the coal bin did I
Edwnrd did not answer nnd Willis
Went pn packing Ills thlngx After
quite a silence he said with the 0IJI
ruptncss that sometimes marked hisI
usual careless Indifference
Ive got the same little volume of
IKXMHH with me Going to take It to
Manila for good luck
Edward was silent again and Willis
put the volume Into his grip and after
n moment he sold Ned It I never
come back think of me at my best In
stead of my worst will you anti Ill
It was the only serious word that
Kdward heard from Willis before tho
train started with him aboard that
afternoon It touched him In spite of
the other things that nnnoyed old even
nngercd him When the familiar fig
ure vanished from sight that afternoon
down nt tho station with the memory
of n great crowd from the college pres
ent to see him off nnd shower ribbons
nnd flowers 011 him Kdwnrd carried
back up the hill a kindly and even
tearful remembrance of tho handsome
smiling Willis And as the distance
between them dally widened and he
pictured tho dangers that awaited that
regiment In those faroff glands Ed
ward Blake with thousands of others
In America wlshcxl godspeed to tho
ones who had gone while still In his
fast forming nnd developing mind he
bad his doubts concerning the right
eousness of the struggle there and
wondered If his Increnslng horror of
bloodshed and his growing dislike for
war were n morbid streak In him on
account of the great majority of col
lege opinions tliat were so different
from his
It was at this time in his college
career with all the excitement of these
historical events adding to the Interest
he already felt In his life since leaving
home that Edward Blake begun tho
practice of writing which hind so much
to 110 with the shaping of his mind
nnd the crystallizing of his thoughts
Tho president suggested the den to
lilm and Edwnrd eagerly adopted It
The literary tone of the debating so
cieties and tho college joUrnnllam was
nt n low point The editors of tho
monthly paper were elected every toll
at n muss meeting of the students nud
each class hnd n proirartlonnto rcpre
sontntlon Edward was elected with
two others to represent the sopho
more class Talking over the matter
with the president n day or two later
the president asked Edwnrd If he had
ever written very much
Xo sir I used to do a little scrlb
llng at home on the farm winter even
ings but tints all
Ever lint any of It printed In the jin
pers or anywhere
Xo sir replied Edward smiling
xome to think of the Impossibility of
such n thing
Tell you what I would advise this
new lionnl of editors to do Why dont
you form n little circle among your
elves for the express purpose of rais
Ing the standard of composition In tho
college Let each member of the board
write at least one article a week for
some well known paper or magazine
and submit It for publication After
nil there Is no test quite so severe
for what you write as the test Will
any pnper or mngnzlno want It and
my for It I know lint very often
this Is no test of the renl worth of a
piece of literary work but on the other
mnd It Is more or less of n severe
test of good work Then If you have
nny articles ncccptcd nnd printed by
other papers reprint them In the col
ego paper by permission nnd Invlto
criticism of the nrtlcles from other
writers among the student
Edward was so impressed with the
presidents advice lint nt the first
iicetlng of the new board where they
talked over the Interest of the college
Hihllcatlon he advocated the forum
than of such n circle ns the president
To his great delight every member
of the board favored the plan and
the circle was organized then andI
there There were six seniors four
juniors three sophomores and two
freshmen As It happened they were
nearly nil above the average age for
students In their respective classes
Some of the seniors had dune consider
ablo writing during the college course
All of tho editors were ambitious for
till success of the paper as It was tho
college rule that all profits from It
should be divided proportionately
nmong the editors This rule was after
ward modified so ns to leave a portion
lit nil profits in n sinking fund to IMS
used for the development of the paper
Edward was very busy now whit t
orr k
for the president some of which con
tinned even after the return of his
secretary and his regular studies The
football team wns after him again
and matters had taken a turn In such
n way that Edward was seriously
considering the possibility that he
might play again Pearsons had not
come buck and under President
Itoycos1 management It was exceed
ingly unlikely thnt the custom of hir
ing nominal students would be con
tinued nut the fascination of attempt
Ling something for publication attracted
Edward especially at this time 11IIdI
for several weeks he wrote one article
n week and submitted It to the other
editor for criticism According to theI
simple rules of the circle these articles
become the property of the college pa
per only If they were accepted nnd
paid for by some other paper and be
fore being sent out they were subject
ed to tho severest criticism and discus I
sion I
It would lie almost a separate story
by Itself to relate nil tho experiences
of tint little circle of Inexperienced
but iKTseverlng literary aspirants for
publication The history of It would re
veal n great quantity of brain effort
apparently expended for nothing It
was an event when one of the junior
editors proudly displayed a check for
fos r
an article on college athletics ho had
sent to n magazine devoted to outdoor
Perria al
months afterward that he was so elat
hatt f
sumo o
paper all of which were promptly re
reccrlna q
his check he was the most curled and
admired member of tho circle although
one of the sophomores who boarded
nt tho name table with this selfsame
junior sold the juniors head was s n
turned by his success that the girl who
waited on tho table had to turn his
chair around In front of his plate be
cause his mouth was In tho back of his
A mans first money earned with his
pen Is an event however that brings
with It a thrill that Is distinct and
separate from every other he has ever
experienced And ono morning when
Edward found In his letter box a letter
from the editor of a well known lIe
riodical In the cast Inclosing A little
yellow flip of paper good for 010 Ii
Thee i
little note that accompanied the check
wns n complete surprise also A per
sonal note from the presIdent of the
United States Inviting him to dinner
would hardly have pleased or aston
ished him more This editor was per
Imps a rare exception among editors
but he had n kindly feeling toward
young writers and encouraged Edward
In a few words of discriminating praise
to work hard and develop the best
that was In him
Your article was accepted by two
of the three readers In the office on
account of its practical value to farm
ers boys many of whom are among
our subscribers You did not try to
tell about something In Africa or Ma
nila that you never saw but you de
scribed actual experiences that were
of Interest end value to you at the
time nnd you evidently wrote for tho
turposo of helping others who might
try the same thing that you tried and
accomplished For these reasons we
can use tho article for which we beg
you to accept the Inclosed check etc
So the editor wrote cautioning tho
young writer against being too much
puffed up over his success
Edwards first Impulse was to show
the letter to Frccda So that evening
ho went over to the hall where Frceda
was now living again and showed her
the letter and the check
She was much pleased and proud of
What was the article about
You remember that winter that I
lead more than usual spare time on the
farm and I trapped the coyotes skin
nwl it hem and made the skins Into car
tinge robes mittens nud caps I aim
ply told It just ns It happened and
drew a diagram of the new trap I
made and sent It with the article You
remember Frecdn how you helped
dress the skins nnd how we studied
up the taxidermy a little and mounted
one or two of the hest specimens 7 I
Yes Bald Freeda with a smile
Did you put me into the story
Of course I did and I want you to
take the check You need some gloves
or things dont you
Whnts the reason i cant earn a I
check of my own asked Frccda sud I
Girls cant do literary work was
on Edwards tongue in the excitement
of his newborn authorship but tho I
recollection of tho editors caution stop
lIed him He looked at Freda rather
dubiously however and Frccda rend
his skepticism concerning girls ns writ
ers I
What would you say If I received a 1
ado check some time for an article I
I should say Good for your But I
I didnt know that
Didnt know what asked Freeda 4
promptly I
Why the girls In Hope dont ever <
rend the dally papers They dont
know where Manila Is I beard qne of 1
tho girls ask another one the other day I
If Manila was off the coast cf Oainea I
Ned Blake thati aj K of cttaaT
oiNo It Isnt said Edwnrd with a
grin Its a tact that college girls
dont read the dally papers and they
dont talk about anything In the dining
room but the boys or their lessons or
the teachers or something like that
concluded Edward rather tamely He
was always n shy person In the com
pany of the girl students and In tin
habit of criticising them rather deeply
Some of what you say Is true lyn 0
can change it perhaps What would
you say to n rival literary circle of
girls who had more articles accepted
and paid for than yours Girls are
smart ns boys with the pen
Edward looked his doubts
Well print all the bonaJlde articles
you girls have accepted and paid
for In the college journal and pay you
al apiece for them besides he slid
making the offer on the strength of
his editorship
Done exclaimed Freeda laughing
j Edward went away feeling sure that
I Freeda herself would do something
for he had great admiration for her
I and genuine pride and affection iu his
thought of her Hut his doubts
i amounted almost to positive comic
flans that a girls literary circle could
I not be made to succeed
i All of his experience came to him
after his second football trial He hade
finally yielded to the pressure early
In the fall term and had gone Into the
team ns right tackle where he was
doing magnificent work In the first
game that was played with a rival col
legs he had distinguished himself by
making a field goal by a difficult play
that had not been attempted for years
The students were wild over It The
enthusiasm could not have been high
er If he had captured Agulnaldo by per
sonal combat The girls worshiped
Edward Blake the editor and after
the mysterious fashion of girls admlr
ed him all the more apparently because
be paid no attention to any of them
And then came an event that put the
whole question of college athletics be
fore Edward In a new light and stirred
up Hope college with an internal war
that rivaled the one across the sea
The captain of the team who had
succeeded Reynolds was n good fellow
a fair student and n young man with
plenty of means lIe could afford to
devote all his leisure time to football
because he was not obliged ns Edward
was to work his way through college
And that was one factor In the trouble
that now arose between Edward and
the rest of the team
In making out the schedule of games
with other college teams at a distance
the captain arranged for a six days
tour Hope college team to play tour
games In that time They were to
start Monday morning and get back to
Raynor the following Sunday after
When the schedule of games was
first talked of Edward objected on ac
count of the time It took from college
Why cant we arrange nil the games
necessary nearer home It the game la
the main thing I dont sec what we
make by going such distances and tuk
lug so much time from the studies
Besides I have my paper route It
will be hard to arrange to leave that
with any one else I could fix it for a
day > or two but not for a whole week
very well Besides Its too much to
make up all the studies I dont have
the time that most of you fellows
Oh pshaw Blake Even old Quad
will pass a football player through on
exams Burroughs same as said at
last university game that he would
guarantee to pass all the fellows In
his division If they won the game
Burroughs was a tutor In German
who was nn old football player him
Besides old man said the captain
the president likes to have the team
HTinf the reason 1 cant earn a check
of my oimr
make these long trips away from home
It advertises the college and thats
what he wants Why the football team
did more to advertise Hope last year
than anything else
Perhaps It did replied Edward
slowly He was facing a really serious
condition for the loss of time out of
his studies was something he did not
like to face lIe was a slow student
but very conscientious nnd it did not
appeal to his sense of fairness that ho
should be passed In any department
unless he bud actually done the work
If he went on this six days trip It
would mean that he must pay some
one to take his paper unless the foot
ball association would do It and even
then no amount of money could make
up the loss of college time
The team all urged him not to drop
out The pressure brought tf car was
something which every college boy can
easily understand
At last Edward said I want todo
the right thing of course Will yon
leave It to the president It be sayi
Its all right and approves of the gc4a1
tile JU Ro
Thcro was a moments hesitation on
the captains part He was not sure
of the president Still In the short
time hit had been at the head of nf
faire he had sold very little about ath
letics and had not yet dictated any
thing Besides he tray popular ns a
young man and a teacher and had been
present on the ball field as nn Inter
sated spectator nt the last game
agreed The rest of the team assent
ed and thnt afternoon Edward the
1captain aud one other member of the
team called at the presidents office
As they went in Edward who knew
the president better than any of the
other students knew him thought ho
kuew what his decision would be And
yet even he was surprised at the In
terview that followed as the president
welcomed them nnd sat there facing
them his kindly but serious look going
quickly from one to another of the
three students
ItlO BK cofmnunD1 1
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