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tr Ii ie
IJra or the Lreuo Juilir vll 1 H
1021 Memory Vrr m III Iluld
ru IVtl I sill H Co in in rut it r >
IrriiMrnl b tlii Itrr u 31 Miurn
I 4 CojjiUU IVtX If Amirli u lies l uttallonj
I 2 And the Lord auld uiitu Qldnjii The I
ptoi > lu Iliut uri with then err lou many
for me to aloe the Mlilluiilion Into tell I
luilld It Uruel Vaunt UiMiudvv uKUllial
till nuylim Mini own hued bath snots
UllllSJII till lOll Of JutlNll the AllltZ
rill mutt one of those whom INI
ruUttl ui to deliver luiml from her
uiiurtHsur The tory U found IIII
t utvu tstlmuli of lilnifeulf unit ere IIIKI
utrtiiKtli lit theae wortU from tliu 1oftlI
Jo In thU thy uilKht lulu Hot I
krill thwjlf Surely I will tu > with
tlivu Then In Chapter vl 3 4 we read
In the revised veralou inurKln that tliu
Sjilrtt dotlutl llltiuflf with tilthoil KO
tt > nt whatever wan douu was liy the I
fjjilrlt through Ulilvon The Lord plow
uiut be 1iuIUil und no duuli limy KluI
ry In Ills preitonce Uu II 11 17 till
6 xlrlll 11 I Cur I yj Ul Jer Ix
S Vho ocver li fearful and afraid let
Mm rrtutii
Hy thin prmluumtloi the Lord would
trek awl slit lldconM army of 3iuuO
mini und It IIIl1l1t have betiu criUtly to
OUIcuii iinmziunent when 22uuu cow
urde returned home Can It he jiomtl
ble tliut uhioni the lrurffliltI follow
toe of Christ totluy twothlrdit or Inure
urn iHitvurdii ufruld to ronfuwi Him
before the world ufntld to itrLtiinvl
rtlku their firm fulth In Ills jiruuilNt
druid to follow Him fully afraid of
I the roil of belui whole huurlml tllwl
pliw ufruld of tin cull to KO forth In
I till uuiiii to Mime dlKtunt land with
I the Klud I M I n jcu of Ills HiilvutlonT It
U jjriutly to be found hut It IenlI
4t Awl tli Lord call unto Gideon Tin
people are yet lite many llrtDK than
I sewn unto Ike water and I Hill try them
for Ibce Ihete
I From thU tent only 300 of the re i
uiululnj 10000 com forth UN tUulltliU I
In thu lKljl of the Lard What u rift
IUKI It U the lorUn own 1It rvliliik of i
li urtt ti mi He hinds but Jtuu opt of
UUUO whom He can nee It In not u
tenth and wure ly u hundredth curt I
hut the 1uril gels all HIM own The
tint tent took out taw feurful the 11 I
pie who were afraid Hut who are i
theae DIKJ wlw are Ndketl to return
home 7 They lire not nfmhl What IH I
their trouble They bowed down apron
their kliw s to drink while the 110
UIIKI of the wnter UN u slug lniH > lh
Jut a Milt suit ImlulKciMe a little of
their own pleuxure rather tlwn zeiil In
Ills nervlce Wbut u vwy llttlf tbllll I
And yet It wait tlwlr Itt It dwlthnl I
whether they nlmtild KO or stay lid IN
evrr leKtlnif UII III the little unlliwry
thliiKK of our dully life mid wu tint
I not upt to think of It
t It And ho dtvtOnl tlw JW won tall
thr cvinpcnU aNd Re lout u trumpet In
Very ramiii Arad milk rtoply pitched
I kltJ Umin wllhlH tilt i + ltchera
I AM to the rest It IN written In verse 1
that he let them nil KO every man
Unto hU plnee The feurful went to
their place of knfety null the self In
I dulKunt to their one Itut the 1110
v with foot 1 trumpeU and torchttit are
ready for Nun Ico An wo KO apt I list
the enemy day by day we meet lit >
utroiix our testimony niUKt lit clenr
mid our light brlKhtly hliliiliic for the
trumpet MtiKKiittM ttHtlmony and the
lamp or torch insrKlni u light It U
lieeenaury thut the lender be u limn of
Krtiit iMuniKe culm ctiiilUlunt fear
FILM III nddltlon to all that the lonl
hud wild to lldeoii and bad known him
He further enoourucex him by rmiHliiR
him to hear Mime thliiCN that their en
1iiilen are wiylni IIIIIOIIK thiiiiHelveii
Yore ei UlBi It IN nut Bate or wl I
to lUlrii to what others nay of you I
UiileoN you have UN clear nuldance to
do HO It H ildeou hud
17 And he wild unto them Look on me
alld da likewise sad IwliolJ when I coma
to the outride of the cuinp It hall be
thut ai I do so elicit ye da
Ho alm Bald Ablmelech III chapter ix
4S What ye have Keen me do make
haute und do UN I have done Our
lender whom we follow IN the bunt of
Must the Son of Got the Treat Head
of the Vhurrli the I Iiig of Inniitl the
KliiK of KIIIKN and Lord of Ionlx and
It U written of Him lie idmll not
full nor be dlxcouniKed Ism xlll 4i
We urn to follow Him to walk OH He
walked to run with piitlunce looking
unto Jesus to dee no 1111111 save JCHIIH
only mid to let HU mind be In UK hum
ble nelf emptied seeking only till glo
ry of God 1 Matt xvl 21 I John 11 U
licit ill 1 II Mark Ix 8 Phil II5S
18Sl And the three companln Mew the
trumpet and brake Die tllchfra and held
Jim luni > i In their left hands und the
IruiiipctH In their right hand to blow
wlthul und they cried The word of the
1Ard und of Uldeon
f The result WUH that the Lord net
every inunH Nvord II 111 1 liNt his fellow
throuxuimt all the host of the enemy
and the loil wrought a great victory
for Israel I AM thu redeemed of till
Lord we art In the world but not of
I It WI are not to be In any way con
formed to It for the whole world llrth
In the wicked one John xvll 11 10
Itom xll 1 I John v 10 It V 1 but
we are to be overcome by the blood
I of the I iinh und the word of our testi
wavy nail by faith In our Captain
uiutilffBtltiK Hh life III these mortal
ilLOlliIll to tile glory of God the Father
I Item xll 11 1 John v 4 II for Iv
1 11 Ihll II 111 When lu fellowship
with time world und overcome by It
we are Ilku Israel by the Mldlanltes
oppressed and enslaved but when by
a consistent life and a clear rliiKltiK
testimony to the blood of the Lamb
torch and trumpet we honor God we
are then like GldeonH 300 llemeiu
Abur It U the Lord aud Gldeou the
Lord bttlug always preeminent
Inciil ClmiiKeil ToJtilinh
Piitrofying food in the intestines
produces effects like thoso of araeuic
hut Dr Kings Now Life Pilln expol
tho poiHOHH from clogKd bowels
gently easily but surely curing Con
Ntipntion BiliouHtieRfl Sick Iles macho
lovnrf all Liver Kidney nnd Bowel
troubles Only 2F o at nil drugntoreH
I Cop rights llM by Ainrrtcmu Itett AiwocU
Mmiloimnt said the corporal na
luting an olllcurwho cumu out from the
picket > oit Mujor llurko orderuil mo
to MO thin yomiK lady out of time II HUH
She linn it piM to 1 ulllall
rime lieutenant read the pass and told
MlhN IlnKKH she mlnlit K ° through
HatlKtin wai ranking Ids tniljjn to
know what to do Hu had been Itmtrnct
oil to jo through wits MKH HnKK 1111
tier KOIIIU pruteiue but Ids iiiKoiinlljr
when put to thu tout failed him MlM
Baggy cnmo to his relief
Mr 00lporalchic mild I dont
hacker ter part ith that bloomln lirttd
o bar 0 young Would you mind ft elu
a jKirii lonu woman ter tho Confcduratu
Tho corporal whliipored n few wonU
in tliu lIuutvimntH oar Thu renult WM
that in live iiilnuteN four cavalry pri
ratM were placed under time coriKiralit
onlurn who held in bin hand a Ad0 cut
from II true at time side of time road to
which ho hud uttyolitil a whltu cotton
Thou the old buggy which rattletl at
every turn of low ohms and Ihreatuneil
to oollapM at every mudhole pnicetiliil
down the riKiiL Corporal ItutiKan cui
ttirtnl aldiiKsldu while the four private
followml directly in rear
Hut u few 11111111 had Uen truver e < l
when u horM > mnn lit proved to bu the
unumyM vedottu wan Heuu ntaiuUiiK in
thu road ahuud An tow party approach
wl they sow a dozen muru advunoliiK to
his nupjMirt Uut tho ConfedurateN evi
dently Mow the whilu Hat for no other
dtHnaimtrutlon wiw inadu than time rid
lug forward of an otllcor with half a
ilazwi mmi to meet thou who were ad
What do you want asked time oft
cur gruffly
Flux to no time lady to your llmm
Umlur a vommlMlonttl otllcer
Only mufulf a corporal said Hut
Wnll you can turn about pretty
quick and get back to whuru you ciimu
fnmi Tlio nuxt iuch lIaK Kent out will
bu taken in and wont Ret out nKalll
Cuptalt dont yon know mo said
II wt UaKK uilUiiK at the onicur
Wwll upon my word You dont
Ml H Baggy put bur finger on her lip
These inun camu at my request
abe oontlniitHl w I hope you will not
flat any fault
The otllcer raised hb hat but laid
Hood inornltiK corporal Vho Kald
Im much obllcu for your trouble
YourO quit woloomo mien
Doth parties moved slowly away d
inultaneouKly They had Bcarctily Htarled
buforo till corporal heard hU naiuu 1110
ken In a womans voice but ouu with
which ho wan not familiar
Hu turnid and ww what must bo
Mliw UIIKKS for bur threes wan limo name
though bur hood and neck wuru changed
tttandfiiK in the buggy her back to the
horse bur taco directly toward him
Her glasHH wuro gone her suiihonnut
IIUUK iu ouu lu ul whllo dho bold roins
in thu other Never had tho corporal be
hold HO great n chaiiKO III HO brief a
space of limo Tliu jolting had disar
magus a mass of dark hair which had
partly fallen over her shoulder Her
ijytM ware black and lustrous bur com
pluxion an olivo relluvetl by a ruddinottt
oil the cheek Her superb bond wait sot
on hur neck on if it had boon placed
thoro by an artist Time fuco was lighted
by a imilu of triumph a sntilo HO bu
witching that it haunted tho corporal to
bin dyiiiK day
ltatiaii hud not recovered from his
surprise before sho ijioku to him iu a
rich contralto voice an little Hku that
ho hail heard from her as u fife III like
tho inullow trees of an organ
Corporal please prosunt lilY compli
ments to Major llurko aud thank him
for moo for his kindness and lull him
that when hu wade another woman
through time hues under prutonsu of keep
IIIIt her eyes shut what ho has au OSJMS
cial purjHxso of Ma own in View not to
Bund an Olrshniaii for an escort Tho
Biuilu on her lips broadened and showed
a set of wlitto tenth Thu Oirlnh faro
as diplomats uro not usually tincccssfuL
Au ruvolr corporal
TJiuro wa a grin on the faces of thn
Confodcrato lookers on and axtoniiih
mout on tho hoiient countcnanco of Cor
poral Itatignu
And HalH sho continued evident
ly enjoying bringing out tho word with
her rich voice as onu loves to roll alit
wino on thu tongue when a woman
desire to race it is not always for the
money up Shu tossed tho bill uho had
won towarii him I
And Hats dout race again with
any one with a rawbouud animal with
long loll Hobby Let is from time blue
grass j regions of Kentucky Thorns
Komc ning wrong about his breathing
apparatus but uvtii with that disadvau
tagu hu can trot a mllo over a good road
in 250
Had Mist Daggs appeared less be
witching as alto stood there under the
protection of half a dozeu Coafedoiati
troopers Itatlgan would have turned
away impatiently As it wan she KCCIII
ud to hold him by a spell
One thing more my bonny cardinal
lower Toll tho major that I like tho
young man from County Cavan ho has
rucounnciidcd to mo very much Her
eyes fairly danced When tho war is
over I hopo you will look mo up In
intro for Betsy IJaggs at time SL Cloud
hotel Nashvlllo
With this she throw him a kiss from
tho tips of her fingers which now that
her glovo was removed bu noticed were
whito and round There was really
Bomothingiiympathetio in time last glance
she gave him In it was n regret that it
had been necessary for her to deceive TO
honest and manly a fallow It was limo
I dual dart that pierced the Irishmans
heart and completed his inthrallment
Leaving time corporal and his men gap
hog III the road the party moved away
Time last thing Hatigun heard was a
hoarse laugh from one of thin Confeder
ate which was rebuked by Miss Haggs
and reprimanded by tho olllcer
Ilia corporal led hili party northward
in no good humor At time picket post
ho luft the men ho had taken with him
and rode on alono meditatively In pass
i She threw him a kits
II Inn a part of the road where there wax
no ouu to hear ho reined iu his borne
and exclaimed aloud
i Dn It I I believe tho witch Is car
I tying hllllOrtllllt inform atimm
The thought tilled him with horror
was the box sho called a galvanla bat
i tery For more than on hour hu had at
tended a rude couutry girl who when
i under the protection of Confetlerate of
dears bloomed into a handitomu worn
i niL Ho was ax much chagrined at his
own stupidity an hu wa + bewildered by
I time cunning of Miss linggs
i Entering thu camp hu slunk away to
his tent and did not report thu outcome
I I of his minion to Major Burke till just
before lulL Then ho only said
I Their pickets are three miles down
1 the road beyond ours
An yu lihuro
Ui am Oi luft the young lalJyOI
mean the couuthry gurrel among em
Aud tho vixen blew mo a kiss at
1lllIttill Hatu yero a sly dog Oiin
ihuro ye did your work well
Major ruplietl time corporal deft
yu bullevo it All the dlvlls in hell if
they lo men are no match for a wom
And If thuy be women Rata
Thou God save em both
On tho morning of thu general ad
vance of thu Army of time Cumberland
a drizzling rain Bet iu which lasted at
intervals during thu whole campaign
Day after daytime men tramped through
thu mlro often to lie down ut night
with no moans of lifting themselves out
of pools except by cutting the wet
branches from the tree and on these
making a lout In drenched clothes The
I artillery soon cut up tho roads so that
tho guns sank to tho hubs of tho wheels
I The right continued to march toward
I tho left and in thu direction of thu base
of the Cumberland plateau where Miss
I Betsy llaggs and time others were pass
i lug between thu lines The Unionists
wore moving ujwn gaps in tho foot
hills hold by time Confederate and noo
I essary to tho latter to prevent their CliO
odes gutting on their right and thus
comKdling them to leave their fortifica
tions at Tullahoma aud fight OU open
I I ground It was the day that tho Union men
i attacked these gaps that Miss Baggy
passed under Confederate protection
I and the faiTuor amid tho two young poo
I plo with him wuro also pursuing their
route south Fortunately for him tho
farmer being ou time Hank ot tho two
armies was not forced to pass over
roads cut up by either After Major
Ourko had administered tho oath riot to
divulge anything they had soon > con
cerning tho Union forces to the fanner
and tho young girl iu tho wagon with
him ho considered tho boy too young
to treat in the name way tho party
were Buffered to depart and proceeded
down the road
Jake said the farmer slapping time
horses backs with tho ruins what
how you 1arnod at skulo
Larned how tyr play hop scotch
and shinny
I dont mean thot klud I mean real
Jakoy was at a great disadvantage
pa remarked the girl on the rear Beat
because ho was obliged to go III classes
with little bits of boys You remember
ho didnt know his letters whou he
went to school
No more did you said tho father
Oh yes I did 1 began to study
them a month before I went away anti
I taught Jukoy so thut hu knew some
thing about them too when ho got
Air they dolu much talkiu bout time
war up noth
Well it isnt at all like it is down
hyar 110 southerner will ever change
tho pronunciation of this word They
take lots of interest in It amid all that
but laws its 011 thluU to got up iu the
morning and read time papers bout bat
ties and such things and another to have
soldiers running all over you specially
taking the garden truck and tho horses
outeu thu BaruI mean out of tho barn
Teacher she had the hardest workto
break mo from Raying outen for out
of It seems she haHIIt quite demo it
yet Shu spoke thu last words with
a nigh
Lardy Souri y talk like a fine lady
compared ith what y did aforo y went
noth Jake would y like ter drive
Tho father handed tho reins to his
son who considering that ho had not
driven a hunts for a year bundled them
with considerable skill
How did you leave ma asked tho
I Waal yr Inaw sow war n heap lone
some thout y uus and shus boon a
I worritin fo fear yd git sick up thar
Ith no ouu ter tend ter y but sunco time
timu to yr comln hum hex drawed j
nigh shus puckered up pretty pearl
Time boom of n gun came IlcartI
far down on time lower level and tho
cannonading beard by Corporal Katigan I
and hue charge began Taking up thn
whip time countryman gave his horses a
I want ter make hum aforo Boinepn
hUPpOIIII ThnrlI golll ter 00 II big fight
I bout Tullyhoomy Thars forts all
i round thu place and big guns on em j
The horses trotted ou briskly for a I
1 short distance when looking ahead the
j farmer could new tho picket jxwt Ho I
got his pass ready and when they reach I
ed tho post an officer camu out to oxI
amine it
Is your nanio Ezekiel Slack ho
asked of tho farmer
Lake Slack yeas thets my name
And yours to tho girl raising his
forage cap admiringly
I Missouri Slack
Time other name on tho pass refers to
tho boy I suppose You havu a name
sonny havent you he asked absently
wliUfi lui was Nttiflrini thu pass though
lit III qtieKtionablu if tho inquiry was not
intended to show somo facetiousness bo
fore the pretty girl
Hev I got har
Oh Jakey said Ids sister dont
I fall back into that habit of asking quo
I lions instead of answering them You
know how hard they tried to break you
of it nt KcliooL And way Lair not
I got a name said Jake Do
reckon a boy UN gain tur git ou ithout
a name
Well what is SU asked thu olllcor
Juke what
Slack answered the farmer
Times o two oils is my children They
been ttir xkulu up in Ohio They got lots
o 1arnin Heckon theyll down tho old
Union or Confederate sympathies
All right Go ahead
Leaving time picket they came to an
opening in the country which enabled
them to get a view of mho region lying
to the wust rime farmer though de
sirous of getting ou could not resist a
temptation to ruin III his horse and
watch the lighting or time distant uvi
denresof it that morning going on at
Hoovers Gap Volleys of musketry
were mingled with the deeper tones ot
C UIIOII Then the firing ceased for
awhile when the booms began again
continued und rapid A whito smoke
rose ubovu a ridge on which Confederate
camions weru shelling time advancing
Union troops on thu ground below
Souri Slack thought of the lives that
were passing from under that smoke and
covered her taco with her hands
When thu sounds ceased Farmer
Slack drovu ou and soon reached the
Confederate picket The party wore sent
III charge of u trooper to the headquar
tON of an otllcer commanding a body of
cavalry on thu Confederate extreme left
His headquarters were III a house beside
the road It had once been in the cu
ter of a neat country place The fences
the outhouses time walks bad all been
in excellent condition prior to the first
passage of troops Now of tho fences
there was an occasional upright post
left the walks were overgrown with
weeds and grass time outhouses had
nearly all been torn down The place
was u picture of desolation Neverthe
less the general who temporarily resided
there was making himself very comfort
ableTho wagon drew up before tho house
and tho conducting trooper sent in word
to the general that a party who had
come in from time Union lines ver >
waiting outside desiring permission to
go on couth An order cauio to send tho
party all inside
The three travelers entered tho house
to find a tall man with an iron gray
beard reclining in a rocking chair with
as much apparent unconcern as if war
worn limply a pastime
You have just couio from time CliO
mys lines I hoar ho said to tho
Vans sir
What forco did you see in tho re
gion through which you passed
Tho farmer explained that bo could
not answer time question inasmuch an
hu had been permitted to pass after tak
lug an oath not to give any information
Hui You are quite right not to
ausvfer under tho circumstances ob
served the general Did your daugh
ter take thu same oath
Yiuxs general said Sour
Surely they didnt administer an
oath to a boy of your ago ho said
turning to Jakoy
Beckon th thought I war too little
to swar said Jakoy Ho thrust his
hands in his pockets a sure sign thut ho
was steadying himself for a conflict of
wits and words Hut tho general was
not acquainted with the peculiar char
acteristics of Jakey Slack and prepared
to question him as unconcernedly as ho
would pump water from a well
What route did you come ho ask
ed of tho farmer
I met the children at Gallotin re
plied Slack I tiny om from thar
through Lebanon and Liberty
Soiiuy II said the general turning
to Jukey did you pass any troops or
the way
Whats thet
Soldiers who walk and carry guns
Didnt see none b them kind
Did you see any artillery
Dont know what them uns air
Men with great big guns canuou It
No sir Didnt see no tillery
Then what you saw mnst have been
Didnt BOO none o them aims nuth
Tho general looked surprised
Then what did yon see Thats all
tho arms of tho service I ever heard of
and I am an old soldier
Critter companies
Oh I sect exclaimed the general
remembering the mountain Tennessee
alls name for cavalry How many sol
diem belonging to tho critter compa
nice as you call them did you sou
Waal I counted 20u thetas fur
as I got at countln in skulu
Souri was about to remind her broth
or that he had proved himself one of
tho best boys iu tho school at mental
arithmetic but desisted
Hml rime general thought a ray
went and beat a reveille with his fin
guts on the arm of his chair
What were they doing within the
Federal line just before you left the
outposts Waal I only noticed one man n bo
war doin comopn very partickuler
What was it
Ho war lookin at the sky through a
flat round thing what looked Hku u big
squashed apple
Not a fluldgloM was It
No sir Heckon twasnt thet
a thu man of high rank
Hockon ho war He bad stripes on
his arm
Tut tut ho wore chevrons He was
only a noncommissioned ofllcer Cant
you describe more nearly tho object
through which bu was looking
Waal I think I beam somouu call
it a Cllllcall
Not n canteen
Yes thets It
Tho general looked sharply at the
boy who looked stolidly stupid lie
determined to try another route through
which to lead Jakeys infantile mind
Weru tho troops you saw iu camp
or on time mrvrcli or in bivouac
Dont know what thet ar lost air
but the trees n brush war KO thick T
conldii see plain
Cant you tell mo if you saw any
infantry Soldiers who walk and carry
guns you know
I never looks at them kind o so
jets replied Jakey contemptuously
I only notices em when threTou
critters backs
That will do said the general
Then turning to a staff ofllcer near him
hu liuid
Captain you may pass these people
south and added in an undertone
Ride over to division headquarters and
say that nothing has yet been obtained
of thu enemys movements iu this vicin
ity by questioning citizens Only one
party has come througha farmer
ith his son and daughter The farmer
meld his daughter took an oath not to
give any information concerning the
dispositions of the enemy and tho boy
is profoundly stupid
There was u sound of hoofs without
mingled with the rattle of wheels
Looking through an open window an
ofllcer was seen to dismount and hand
u woman from a mud covered paint
rubbed buggy AH recognized Miss
Elizabeth Uuggs The general arose
from his chair and went out to meet
her at tho front door From there he
conducted her into a room whore they
could confer together alone
What luck
I struck their wires within their
lines midway between Murfreesboro and
MacMinnvillo at midnight and no one
was near I threw my wire over the
hue and made my connections with my
instrument I waited till nearly day
light before any messages of impor
tance came along though dispatches
were passing all the while At last one
came in cipher I took it down but a +
we havent tho I key fear it will avail
us nothing i
Let me see it said the general
Miss Uaggs handed him a piece of
paper oar which was written
JImmiKCHiioito Trim June 28 lice
Volunteer Qurfluld with circling between
you iiokiulon turn an IM cob Bumble nt to
get lint pwulbla by move Benjamin pony chief
ra > ldlty around that put of the hour ready
hiiielu to notice enemy Tullahoma your point
the by of polllwotf of plateau Niggard If dmlra
and hope forward to habit morn we right I
command and mountain order staff
The general read the dispatch over
carefully and then looking up at Miiu
UaggH remarked
Cant it bo interpreted general
I fear not without tho key It is
doubtless an important dispatch and I
shall send it at once to general bead
quarters If they can decipher it they
are welcome to do so I dont care to
Calling au aiddocamp tbo general
bade him carry tho message to the army
telegraph station a short distance to
the rear and repeat It to General Bragg
General said Miss Haggs in an
undertone if you will let me have the
original or a copy I will try to decipher
it I may find a clew that will aid me
hereafter though I fear it will be too
late to take advantage of information
contained in this one
Certainly Lieutenant returu the
dispatch I have given you to this lady
after It has beet repeated
The ofllcer departed The general
turned again to Miss Baggs with a se
rious look
Doyou know that you are engaged
in a very hazardous service
And do you understand the penalty
if caught
Death I suppose
Theres no telling whether it would
be death or a long Imprisonment in the
case of a woman A wan would hong
Miss Baggs countenance changed
from an expression of Indifference to
one of the flashes of Ute superhuman
attributes that lurk within the human
Am I to make anything of my life
when thousands of the souths defend
firs are giving theirs every day Have
I not Keen our homes laid desolate
have I not seen lilY brothers my friends
those I have loved those I havo played
with as children cut down by cither
bullet or disease For months I have
devoted myself to the care of tho sick
in tho hospitals There I learned to
dread a long continuance of this struggle
gle There conceived tho Idea of do
ing something to win success for our
armies by giving them an advantage
not possessed by tho enemy I consulted
one high in rank How can I give
my life to tho best advantage I asked
In the secret service Point time way
Do you know anything of telegraphy
No but I can leant Go and study n
month and thou come to mo For a
mouth studied night aud day I learn
ed to read words from tho clicking of
the keys us readily as I can read letters
I returned to my adviser You know
tho rent
Necessary Expenses for
Twelve Weeks School
Iemoni who board themselves can upend ai
much or little u they eon living expense
It pays to hare a little extra money ton lect
lire boob and other things But the nemwry
tIl > euMM are only M follow
To nay the ant dar
Incidental Fee 1150 14 50
Hospital Fee 25 25
lloob etc about 200 200
General Deposit tOOt 00
Kurnlkhed Room fuel H 25 5 21
Flat Months Board 5 OU ft 00
J7 00 18 00
To pay during the term
I paryyduring 1 SO
Beginning 2d Mo Board S 00 5 00
Beginning Sd Mo Board S 00 5 110
28M 2SOO
Ocnl Deposit returned 100 1 ou
Total Kxpcnae la Week 37 SO 27 OO
For those below A Grammar deduct the W for
booki and 11 from Incidental fee making the
total only am So
When lour girls room together each eaves 12 or
more on room and fuel making the total only
S32no If clawed below A Grammar
Itoom and fuel cot one dollar more In the
Winter term
Two rooms for housekeeping with stores etc
can usually be rented for from SI to 10 a term
The price of able calf a little tanbark
or a few homespun bed covera will etven
term of school which will change ones
whole life for the better
A Weak
IndlgMtlon IB often caused by over
eating An eminent authority says
the barm done thus exceeds that from
the excessive use of alcohol Eat all
the good food you want but dont over
load the stomach A weak stomach t
may refuse to digest what you eat
Then you need a good digestant like j
Kodol which digests your rood with
out the stomach aid This rest and
the wholesome tonka Eodol contains
loon restore health Dieting unneces
sary Kodol quickly relieves the feel
which tome people suffer after meals
Absolutely cures Indigestion
Kefel Natures Tonic
Prepared on rbyji 0 D WITT A Oo Chicago
TIIIL oUcoM1uIIUlmooa1a
Jumped bin a Ten Penny Xnll
Tho little daughter of Mr J N
Powell jumped on an inverted rake
mado of ten penny nails and thrustI
one nail entirely through her foot nnd t
a second one half through Cham
berlains Pain Balm was promptly ap
plied and five minutes laUr the pain i
had disappeared and no more suffer
ing was experienced In three days I
the child was wearing her shoo as
usual and with absolutely no discom
fort Mr Powell is a well known
merchant of Forkland Va Pain
Balm is an antiseptic and heals such
injuries without maturation and in
onethird the time required by inI
usual treatment For sale by E
Three Yearsi
in Richmond
And out of all the sets of teeth
that have been made at my office
if there is one set or any sets that
show any defects I anT make a
new set free We are making the
best set of teeth in the world for
750 and if delecta show in lye
years we give you a new set free
This applies to all the teeth I
have made or am going to make
the best alloy fills in the world
at 7G cents
Permanently located in the Hobsor
Building next door to Gov
ornment Building
Richmond Kentucky
Reference Richmond National Bank
Special Price to Students
Cut this out and tako it to S E
Welch Jrs drugstore and get a free
sample of Chamberlains Stomach
and liver Tablets tho best physic
They cleanse and invigorate the stom
ach improve the appetito and regu
late tho bowels Regular size 25o per

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