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Teat uf Inv IFIKIII Arli xx SItH
Mrniiirr trraral tltioldru1ril
All n IICUIIIIIICltrr lrllIIr1
tit by flee II Jb Minima
Co7TlgU JM3 liy Ami firm Irru AIllon1
21 1Yrtl the rhurch of Cloil which Ho
huth purcliuMMt with Ills own liluod
AfkT till iipnuir ut Kpliiwim Iunl
wont Into MiiriMlonlii mid nlMHlc three
niuutlm In Orefee afur wlilUi ln > start
vd for JiTiisiiUiu liojiliiK to he lime l > y
1lhU day of IViiUruHl terse 1U llav
Inn come UH far UN Mlletux lie Kent for
tin tiers of the ohiireli at KIICHIIN
that they night come to MlletiiH to
meet him Our lexNoii IH part of his
uililrvHH to thelll the wliolouiltlrvx lie
KlniiliiK ut the vlKhtiiiitli verse lie
felt that tluuu HrU the bust word ho
would ever HpeaU to them verse M5
unit hu remliuletl them that In hIM min
istry iinuiiiK them hu hail taught them
ull IhlliKN nut only the entieiitlal and
fuiiUiiiniiital repentaiiee toward dud
iintl faltb In JCHUM ChrUt but also tliu
whole eomiHel of Jo < l vcrnes 21 7
oJ 9U Kor 1 know thin that uftrr mx dc
purlins uliull Krievoun wulvi vnlrr In
UIIIUIIK you not purlhK tlio Hock ulwi of
your own nolvrn shall men iirUe x Ik >
lug I i rvKrae thine to druw uwuy die
rlulta nflcr than
It WIIH IliuIM clellKht to maintain
hlniHelf by hU own labor that Ini
intuit have to give to the needy tliliiKN
temporal mid hplrltual but there were
I uud itlwny Iwvo laen und there tire
LOIIICN those who profiMxlug to Iw
idiepheidM not only do not fml the
look but take Rood care to live iiMii
the tlo kwuIVtt In nlitfpn clothing
Jot xxlll lalU Matt viiitri x 10
No true Mirvant of IhrUt ever seeks to
draw ixtiple to lilmiMlf but like John
the ItuptUI crisp llehold the Lash
of dial The lord JetiUN never sought
any glory for Illninelf but aUvayn KO
rltlitl the 1ather and loOt neeketh not
her own IH never nelllxh Hotb nun
without und from within the church
the wlvrniary work but the Lots that
KUVO lllumelf for un ulinll finally con
II S3 And now brethren I romrmnd
you to Ood and to the word of HU grace
which la ubte to build you up and to Klvo
you an Inhrrltunca umouic sill them which
are sanctified
Our IxtrdH own commnnd wan Take
yu herd watch and pray Mark xlll
3103i xlv SS und beciiUHu of our nil
verary the devil who lit utwayH Kirk
lug to devour we need the whole
armor of Cod I Ivt v 8 It Kjili vl
1113 It IN by the Brace of Cod
made known to UII In the word of Cod
Unit we lire wivttl Horn III 2I Jan I
IS stud the Mime word cnu e UN to
grow In Rrnn > I Itt II 11 1et
Ill IH rld4 verse HjnakH of those
who nru winctllled See nbio on this
I Cor vl 11 lids x 11111 then note In
John xII 17 that we art by the word
of Cod sanctified lu the dally life Any
miinliiK dlwrepancy III the truths that
wo lire tuutctlflitl and p tfeotitl for
t Ycr yet Mine KnnctKhM and not yet
erect U tanlly umlrratiMHl It we din
lliiKtlUll between what where In Chrlnt
before Cod by virtue of KIN great sac
rill it nnd what we are in our dally
life liens before men I John III 1 2 I
U3S I hive chewed you In all thing
how that an laboring y < > ought to support
the weak and to renumber thus word of
the lord Jesus how lie wild It IM more
LlrurU to give than to receive
Hy practkts aw well UN by lrlCf lit
Paul bad taught them that be WBM not
Hceklm theirs but them that he want
wl uothlni from them but that he had
HomethlUK to Klve them Ho w heu oust
vr teachers came Heeklni their KO this
4IlUd not their seals they could wy
If Thut In not like luau for he never
nought iinythliiK for lilmxelf but ever
taught UN of the love of Cod In Christ
s uiid by the love of Christ coimtniliieil
UN to Rive without nNkliik UN to II
Cur v 111 Iaul realize what hu
taught that though Hivmlntr to have
nothing he yet jtoBNtiiswl all thlnpi
und thoiiKli HM > r he could make many
rich II for vl 10 IcrhapH in no
epistle do we Und the Aches of the
Knicti of Cod HO fully Bet forth as In
the cplfttle to the Kphcidans and If we
only hdluvcd Cod and that othiTR
mlKlit be Just on rich limply for the
taking we could not but ninnk what we
uuve Keen and heard Acts Iv 10
36 And when ho had thus spoken he
knv lrd down und prayed with tIn ull
III chapter xx r we fled that at an
other place they knelt down on the
hlioro und prayiil 1iiul was certainly
ti man of prayer nnd It we understood
the privilege of access to Cod that IH
Included In prayer we could not but
be people of prayer While kneeling
IN the i > oxltlon here mentioned we Und
In I lugs vlll IM that Solomon stood
With his hnndu spread forth toward
heaven and we llnd In the agony In
CetliHenmne that Jesus both knelt and
fell on bin face Tim poNltlon of the
body IH Hecondary but that till soul
taken hold of Cod that IN everything
Iu Ixlv 7 ID Ivll 2 Ixll G
37 38 And they all wept sore und fell on
1aulH neck und kissed him iorrowlntr
most of all for the word which he spoke
that they should nee his face no more
lu thin world of cunnpcH and separa
tions when the beat of friend and the
dearest of our loved OUCH are often
called away from us there IH comfort
In Hiich words us Thou 0 Lord re
iimlncMt forever Lam v 10 Ileb I
° 11 lIe hath said I will never leave
thou nor forsake thee Ileb xlll 5
Deut xixl 8 WIilln Iaul had to
leave them the Lord Jesus would
abide und Ills Holy SIIlrit aims HU
word and all that they had received
t was from Him by His Spirit through
Ills word It Is our privilege to walk
e with God but wo are so weak that wo
11 arc prone to walk by sight and rejoice
tt y greatly In oome human helper somo
ttroll arm of man to lean on
A Sweet llrcntli
Is n nevor failing sign of a healthy
Htomach Whoa the breath m bad
tho Btoiunch Is out of order There ia
no roiuwly in the world equal to Ko
dol Dyspepsia Cure for curing iudi
gowtiou dyspepsia and all stomach
disorders Mrs Mary P Crick of
Whito Plains Ky writeRIII have
loon H dyspeptic for years tried all
kinds orremodioR hut continued to grow
worse JJy tho nee of Kodol I began
to improvo at once and after taking A
few bottles am fully restored in weight
health and strength and can eat what
ever I Ilk Kodol digiatH what you
oat and makes tho btomach sweet
For Halo by East End Drug Co
n 0
nciny u rf > rint from the rcminhcrncea
of John JI WIiIMOIi M J late of the
anny tnvdiml uVjHirwen
oxtrnilp loan and furretllku nil over
wan Htniiillng by tho doorway nod greet
ed my companion nut myitolf
This cane will make n stir sir ho
nimarked It boaU anythhiK I have
souls and I Rill no chicken
Tlioro U no clew said Oregnon
Nona nt nil chalet in Lentrndo
Sherlock JIolmcN approached tho liody
and knetilliiK down uxaiiilnud It Intent
ly You are sure that there lu no
wound ho asked pointing to numeronn
gouts stud plashes of blood which Iay
nil around
IOTitlvel cried lioth detectives
Thui of course thin blood belong to
n Fucoml Individual prcnumnbly tho
mnrdercr if murder has IHJCII wimiult
ted It nimlndKiiioof the clrcunutaiict
nttuidnnt on tho death of Van hell
in Utrucht in thus year aj Do yon re
munilKir the cane Gregiton
No Mr
Head It up you really ahonld There
U nothing now under thin HUH It Las
nil been ilano before
Ss ho spoke hU nimble flngon were
Hying hurts there nnd everywhere feel
lug prtWHlng unbuttoning examining
1 while hits eyes woru the natno faraway
oxpretuilon which I havu already nimark
till upon So swiftly was the oxamina
lion made that OliO would hardly have
guessed tho mlnutemwN with which it
wax conducted Finally ho MiifTcd tho
dead mans lips and thou glnnce at tho
noles of hilt patent leather loots
Hu hM nut been moved at nil ho
n ktl
No moro than wan necessary for tho
purpoHO of our examination
Von can take him to the mortuary
nowho smid There IN nothing moro
to IK learned
Oregfton had stretcher and four 111011
nt hand At hits call they entered tho
room nnd the stranger was lifted and
carries l out As thuy railed him A ring
llnkliil down nnd rolled across tho floor
Ltwtrade grabbed it and stared nt it
with myxtlfled eye
ThcitiV lxM ii A woman hero ho
cried Its A woman 1I wedding ring
Ho hold It out nil ho upoko upon tho
palm of Ids limed We nil gathered
around him and gazed at It Thou
could bu no doubt that that circle of
plain gold had once adorned tho finger
of n bridu
Thin complicates mat tern said
Oregson leaven know they wcro
ccinpllcatnd nough buforol
Youru Hum it ilownt simplify
them observed holiness ThoroH
nothing to bo learned by staring nt it
What did you And In ifs pockets
Vo have It all hurtsaid aregron
pointing to A litter of object upon ono
of the iKittom stops of the stairs A
gold watch No 1710 by Uarraud of
London gold Albert chain very heavy
and solid gold ring with Mnsonio do
vice gold pin bulldogs bond with
rubies an cyus Knxsian leather cnrdcase
with cards of Enoch 1 Urobbor of
Cleveland corresponding with tho E J
1 upon tho linen no pun > o but loose
money to tho extent of J7 131 pocket
edition of Iloornccio Docatucron
with miasmic of Joseph Staiigenou upon
the fly leaf two butters one addressed to
E J Drubbar nnd cue to Joseph Stan
gcrson At what address
American Exchango Strand to be
left till called for They are both from
tho Union Steamship company and ru
fer to tho nailing of their boats from
Liverpool It it clear that this unfortu
slate man was about to return to Now
have you rondo any Inquiries as to
this man Stangersou
I did it At onco sir said Qrcgson
I havo had advurtlsmiiontu set to all
tho newspapers amid one of my men has
gone to the American Exchange but ho
has not returned yet
have you Bout to Cleveland
Wo tolographod this morning
How did you word your inquiries
Wo simply dctixllnd tho circuits
itancas mid Bald that wo should bo glad
of any Information which could help us
You did not ask for particulars ou
any point which appeared to you to bo
I asked about Stangcrsou
Nothing else Is there no circum
stance on which this wholo case ap
pears to hinge Will you not telegraph
I have said all I have to say said
Urcgson Inlnn oflondod voice
Sherlock Holmes chuckled to himself
awl nppcarcd to bo about to make somo
remark whnn Lostrado who had been
lu the front room while wo were bold
ing this conversation in tho hall reap
geared upon tho scow rubbing his
hands in n pompous and self satiiflod
manner Mr Grogsoii ho mid I have just
made a discovery of tho highest impor
tuiae and ono which would have bOOn
overlooked had I not made n careful
examination of tho walls
S Tho little mans eyes sparkled as ho
spoke and hu was evidently In A state
of suppressed exultation at having scored I
a point against his colleague
Come here ho said biiHtllng back
into the room the atmosphere of which
felt cleaner since tliu removal of its
ghastly inmate Now Maud there
Ho struck n match on his boot and
held It up against tho wall
Look at that ho said triumphantly
I have remarked that tho paper had
fallen away in parts In this particu
bar corner of thn room a large plccu had
pooled off leaving a yellow nquaru of
coarse plastering Across this bare
space there was scrawled in blood red
letters n alnglu word Itachu
What do you think of that cried
tho detective with tho air of A showman
exhibiting his show This was over
looked because it was In tho darkest
corner of thu room and no ono thought
of looking there The murderer has
written it with his or bur own blood
See this smear where it has trickled
down the wall That deposes of tho
Idea of suicide anyhow Why was that
corner choMon to write it 0111 I will tell
you Boo that candle on tho mantel
piece It was lit nt thu time and if it
was lit this corner would bo tho bright
out instead of tho darkest portion of the
And what dons it mean now that
you have found It asked Qrcgson in n
deprecatory voice
toast Why it means that the writer
was going to put the fomalo name Ra
chub but won disturbed before hu or she
had time to finish Yon mark my words
when this case comes to bo cleared up
you will find that a woman named Ha
chel has Momothlug to do with it Its
all very well for you to laugh Mr Sher
lock Holmes You may bo very smart
and clever but the old hound Is tho best
whets nil is said and dona
I really beg your pardon said my
companion who hod ranted tho little
lIIalllI temper by bursting Into nn explo
sion of laughter You certainly Juno
the credit of being tho tint of us to find
this out and M you say it bear every
mark of having been written by tho
other participant in last nights mys
tery I havu not had time to examine
thlll room yet but with your permission
I shall do so now
As ho spoke ho whipped a tape meas
ure and n large round magnifying glass
from his packet With these imple
meats ho trotted noiselessly about tho
room sometimes stopping occasion
ally kneeling and once lying flat upon
his face So engrossed was ho with his
occupation that ho appeared to have
forgotten our presence for ho chattered
away to himself under hli breath tho
wholo time keeping up n running fire
of exclamations groans whistles add
little cries suggostlvn of encouragement
and of hope As I watched him I was
irresistibly reminded of a pure blooded
well trained foxhound ns It dashes back
ward and forward through tho covert
whining in its eagcrnesn until it comes
across the lost scent For 20 minutes or
moro ho continued his researches meas
tiring with the most exact care tho dis
like between marks which wero mr
tirely Invisible to mo and occasionally
applying his tape to tho walls in an
equally incompruhcnsiblo manner In
0110 paid ho gathered very carefully a
little pile of gray dust from the floor
and packed It away in nn envelope
Finally ho examined with his glass tho
word upon tho wall going over every
letter of it with tho most minute ex
actness This done ho appeared to be
satisfied for he replaced his tape and
his glaiw In his pocket
They say that genius is an Infinite
capacity for taking pains ho remark
ed with n Hiuilo Its a very bad shaft
mutton but it dOCK apply to detective
work Qregsou and Lestrado had watched
the maneuvers of their amateur com
panion with considerable curiosity and
Polite contempt They evidently failed
to appreciate tho fact which I had be
gun to realize that Sherlock Holmes
smallest actions wore all directed to
ward sonic definite and practical end
What do you think of it sir they
both asked
It would be robbing you of the credit
of tho case If I was to presume to help
you remarked my friend You nro
doing so well now that it would bo a
pity for any ono to interfere There
was A world of sarcasm in his voice as
ho spoke If you will let mo know
how your investigations go ho con
tinued I shall be happy to give you
any help I can In the mcantitna 1
should like to speak to thu constable
who found the body Con you give mo
his narno and address
Lostrado glanced at his notebook
John Haziest ho said He is off
duty now You will find him at 40
Audley court Kounlngtou Park Gate
Holmes took a note of the address
Como along doctor hosald We
shall go and look him up Ill toll you
ono thing which may holp you in tho
case ho continued turning to the two
detectives Thcro has been murder
done and the murdorer was a man Ho
was moro than 0 feet high was in tho
prime of life had small feet for his
height worq coarse square toed boots
and smoked a Trichinopoly cigar lie
01110 hero with his victim in a four
wheeled cab which was drawn by a
horse with three old shoes and one now
one ouhis off fore log in all probabil
ity tho murderer had a florid face and
tho finger nails of his right hand were
remarkably long These are only a fow
indications but they may assist you
Lentrado and Grogsou glanced nt each
other with au incredulous smile
If this man was murdered how was
it done ko thoformor
Poison said Sherlock Holmes curt
ly and strode off One other thing
Lestrado ho added turning around at
tho door Rache is the German for
revenge so dont lose your time look
lug for Miss Rachel
With which Parthian shot ho walked
away leaving the two rivals open
mouthed bohiudlriiu
I j I
It was 1 oclock when wo loft 3 Lau
rlston Gardens Sherlock Holmofl led
me to tho nearest telegraph oflice whence
ho dispatched a long telegram Ho then
hailed a cab and ordered tho driver to
take us to tho address given us by Le
Thero is nothing like first hand evi
deuce hu remarked As n matter of
fact my mind is entirely Main up on
the caxp but still wo may as well learn
all that is to Im learned
You amazu me Holmes said L
Surely you nro not ns sure ns you pro
tend to hoof nil those particulars which
you gave
gaveTheres no room for A mistake ho
answered The very first tiling which
I observed on arriving there was that a
cab had mado two ruts with its wheels
close to tho curb Now up to last night
wo had no rain for n week no that those
wheels which left such a deep impres
slots must have been there during the
night Thero were tho marks of the
hordes hoofs too the outline of ono of
which was far moro clearly cut than
that of tho other three showing that
that was n new shoe Since the cab was
there after tho rain began and was not
there at anytime during tho morning
I have Gregson word for thatIt fol
lows that it must havo been thero slur
fug tho night nnd therefore that it
brought thoso two individuals to tho
That seems simple enough said 1
but how about tho other mans height
Why thin height of n man In nine
cases out of ton can be told from tho
length of his strides It is a simple cal
culatlon enough though there is no use
my boring you with figures 1 had this
fellows stride both on tho clay outside
nud on tho dust within Then 1 had n
way of checking my calculation When
A man writes on a wall his instinct
lends him to write about tho level of his
own eyes Now that writing was just
over six feet from tho ground It was
child play
And his ago I asked
Well if a man can stride 4J feet
without tho slightest effort ho cant bo
quite in tho sere and yellow That was
tho breadth of a puddle on tho garden
walk which ho had evidently walked
across Patent leather boots had gone
around milt square toes had hopped
over There is no mystery about it at
nIL I am simply applying to ordinary
life a fow of thoso precepts of observa
tion amid deduction which I advocated in
that article Is there nnythlng else that
puzzles you
Tho linger nails and tho Trichinop
oly I suggested
Tho writing on tho wall was done
with n mans forefinger dipped in blood
My glass allowed mo to observe that
the plaster was slightly scratched in
doing it which would not Imam been
tho caso if till mans nail had been
trimmed I gathered up some scattered
ash from tho floor It was dark in color
ant flaky such an ash as is only mado
by a Trichinopoly I havo mndo n study
of cigar ashes in fact I have written
n monograph upon tho subject I flat
tor myself that I can distinguish at a
glance till tali of amy known brand
either of cigar or of tobacco It Is just
in such details that the skilled detective
differs from tho Gregson and Lestrado
And tho florid face I asked
Ah that was a moro daring ss hot
though have no doubt that I was right
Yon must not ask mo that at tho pres
cut state of tho affair
I passed my hand over my brow
My head is in n whirl I remarked
Tho more ouo thinks of it tho more
mysterious it grows How cause these
two monit there wore two men into
an empty house What has bocomo of
tho cabman who drove thorn How could
ono man compel another to take poison
Whore did tho blood come from What
was tho object of tho murderer since
robbery had no part in it How cane
tho womans ring there Above all why
should the second man write up tho
Gorman word Radio before decamp
ing I confess I cannot see any possible
way of reconciling all these facts
My companion smiled approvingly
Yon sum up the difficulties of tho
situation succinctly and well ho said
There is much that is still obscure
though I have quite ante np my ndm t
on tho main facts As to poor Lcstraelos
discovery it was simply n blind intend
ed to put tho police upon a wrong track
by suggesting socialism and secret so
cieties It was not done by n German
Thu a if you noticed was printed
somewhat after tho German fashion
Now A real Gorman invariably prints in
tho Latin character so that wo may
safely say that this was not written by
one but by a clumsy imitator who
overdid his part It was simply n ruse
to divert inquiry into n wrong channel
Im not going to toll yon much moro of
the case doctor You know n conjurer
gets no credit when ouco ho has cxplnjn
od his trick and if I show you too much
of my method of working you will conio
to tho conclusion that I am a very or
dinary individual after all
I shall never do that I answered
You have brought detection as near
an exact science as it will over bo
brought in this world
My companion flushed up with pleas
ure at my words and tho earnest way in
which I uttered them I had already
observed that ho was sonslti voto flattery
on tho scoro of his art ns any girl could
bo of her beauty
Ill tell yon ono other thing ho
said Patent leathers and square toes
carne In tho same cab and they walked
down tho pathway together ns friendly
ns possible arm innrm in nil probabil
ity When they got inside they walked
np and down tho room or rather patent
loathers stood still while square toes
walked up and down I could read all
that in tho dust and I could rend that
as ho walked ho grow more and moro
excited That is shown by tho increased
length of his strides Ho was talking
nil tho while and working himself up
no doubt Into a fury Then tho tragedy
occurred Ive told yon all I know suy
self now for tho rest is more surmise
njid conjecture Wo have n good work
lug basis however on which to start
Wo must hurry up for I want to go to
Hallos concert to hear Norman Nerudn
this afternoon
This conversation had occurred while
our cab had been threading its way
through A long succession of dingy
streets and dreary byways In the
dingiest and dreariest of them our driver
suddenly camo to a stand Thats
Audloy court in there ho said point
ing to n narrow slit in tho lie of load
colored brick Youll find mo hero
when yon como back
Andloy court was not nn attractive lo
cality The narrow passage led na into
a quadrangle paved with flags and lined
by sordid dwellings Wo picked our I
way nmong groups of dirty children
and through lines of discolored linen
until we came to 41 tho door of which
was decorated with n small slip of bras
on which tho name Hanco was engraved
On inquiry wo found that tho constable
was in bed amid wo were shown into A
little front parlor to await his coming
Ho appeared presently looking n to
tlo irritable nt being disturbed in his
slumbers I mndo my report at tho
oil I co ho said
Holmes took n half sovereign from his
pocket and played with it pensively
Wu thought that wo should like to
hear it nil from your own lips he said
I shall ho most happy to toll yon
anything I can tho constable answer
ed with his eyes upon tho little golden
Just let ns hear it all in your way
ns It occurred
Itanco sat clown on tho horsehair sofa
and knitted his brows ns though do
termined not to omit anything in his
ho said My time is from 10 At night
to U in tho mornin At 11 there was
a fight at thin White Hart but bar that
nil was quiet enough on tho beat At
1 oclock it began to rain and I met
Harry Mnrchtr him who has tho Hal
land grove boat and wo stood together
at tho comer of Henrietta street ntnlkin
Presently maybe about 2 or n little nft
cr I thought I would tako n look nround
amid seo that nil was right clown tho
Orixton road It was precious dirty and
lonely Not n soul did I meet all tho
way down though n cab or two went
pant me I was nstrolliu down thlukin
between ourselves how uncommon handy I
a four of hot gin would bOo when sud
denly n glint of a light caught my eyo
in that same house Now I know that
them two houses in Lanriston gardens
was empty on account of him that owns
thorn who wont Imo tho drain seed
to though tho very last tenant that lived
in ono of them died o typhoid fever I
was knocked nil in a heap therefore at
stein a light in tho window nnd I sus
pected ns somethin was wrong When
I got to tho door
Yon stopped nnd then walked back
to tho garden gate my companion in
terrupted What did you do that for
Rauco gave a violent jump and stared
at Sherlock Holmes with tho utmost
amazement upon his features
Why thats true sir ho said
though how yon como to know it heav
en only knows Yo see when I got to
tho door it was so still and so lonesome
that I thought Id bo none tho worso for
some ono with nia I aint afeard of
allY thin on this side o tho grave but
I thought that maybo it was him that
died o tho typhoid inspcctin tho drains
what killed him The thought Mare mo
a kind o turn and I walked back to
tho gate to coo if I could see Murchers
lantern but there wasnt no sign of him
nor of any ono else
Thero was no ouo in tho street
Not a liviu soul sir nor so much
ns n dog Then I pulled myself together
nud went back And pushed tho door open
All was quiet inside so I went into tho
room whore tho light was aburnin
There was a candle flickerin on the
mantelpiece a ril wax ono and by Its
light 1 saw
Yes 1 know all that you saw Yon
walked around tho room several times
and you knelt down by the body stud
then yon walked through and tried tho
kitchen door nud then
John Rnnco sprang to his foot with n
frightened face amid suspicion in his
oyes Where was you hid to see all
that ho cried It seems to mo that
you known n deal moro than you should It
Holmes laughed and threw his card
across tho table to the constable Dont
got arresting me for tho murder ho
said I am ouo of tho hounds and not
tho wolf Mr Gregson or Mr Lestrado
will answer for that Go on though
What did you do next
Rnuco resumed his seat without hOv
over losing his mystified expression
I wont back to tho gate and sounded
my whistle That brought Marcher and
two more to till spot
Was tho street empty then
Well it was as far ns anybody that
could bo of any good goes
What do you moan
Tho constnblos features broadened
Into n grin Ive seen many n drunk
chap in my timo ho said but never
any ono so cryin drunk ns that cove
Ho was at the gate when I camo out
nleniiin up ngin the rnilius nnd asingin
nt tho pitch of his lungs about Colum
binos now fnnglod banner or somo such
stuff Ho couldnt stand far less help
What sort of A mnii wns h01 asKed
Sherlock Holmes
John Rnnco appeared to bo somewhat
irritated at this digression Ho was
an uncommon drunk sort o man ho
said Hod ha found bissolf in tho
station if wo hadnt been so took up
His face his dross Didnt you no
tice them Holmes broke in impatient
I should think I did notice thorn
seeing that I had to prop him up mo
and Marcher between us Ho wns along
long chap with n rod face tho lower
part Illumed round
That will dol cried Holmos
What became of him
Wed enough to do without lookin
after him taw policeman said in nn
aggrieved voice Ill wager bo found
his way homo nil right
How was ho dressed
A brown overcoat
Had he n whip in his hand
A whip no
Ho must have loft It behind mute
tered my companion You didnt hap
pen to see or hoar a cab after that
Theres n half sovereign for you
my companion said standing up amid
taking his hat I am afraid fiance
that you will never riso in tho force
i That head of yours should bo for use at
I well ns ornament You might have
I gained your sergeants stripes last night
Tho man whom you held in your hands
is tho man who holds tho clow of this
mystery and whom wo are seeking
There is no nso of arguing nbont it now
I toil you that it is so Come along
Wo started ofT for tho cab together
leaving our informant incredulous but
obviously uncomfortable
ClIO blundering fooll Holmes wild
bitterly as wo drove back to our lodg
tags Just to think of his having such
an Incomparable bit of good luck and
not taking ndvnntngo of it
I am rather in tho dark Rtlll It is
truo that the description of this man tal
lies with your idea of tho second party
in this mystery But why should ho
como back to tho house after leaving it
That is not the way of criminals
TO DE comrvaDI
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Necessary Expenses for
Twelve Weeks School
Persons who board themselves can fiend a
much or little u thcrchooMra Urine expends
It payi to havo a little extra money tonlcct
arcs books and othcrtblngi But the necessary
expenses are only u followi
To pay the first day
t4tEs II 60
Es < HosplUl Fee 25 2i
pcnies Books etc about 2 00 2 U
Icncrnl Deposit 1 00 1 00
Furnished Room nel 4 25 5 25
First Mouths Board 6 00 Ii 00
Living Rx i7 ls
iKures To py Curing the term
pcures i unjfY j jo
Beginning 2d Mo Board 5 00 5 00
Beginning 3d Mo Board 5 00 S 00
2SM 2800
Genl Deposit returned 100 1 00
Total Expense I II Weeks 27 00 27 00
For those beloWA Grammar deduct the 12 for
books and II from incidental tee making the
otal only M34se
When four girls room together each saves 12 or
more on room and fuel making the total only
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