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It I Lnally alum On unit Diivn Xot le
tllntv or IHOIIIH nilcnre
thr Clilrkrn
A marker that It cailly put on cud
< dots not Injure or mutilate the chicken
Is made from A twoInch strip of zinc
or tin no thoun In the cut 1 he wostu
cutllQis from any tin shop will Include
plenty of strips that will answer with
out much cutting A hole III lo be punched
In the ItirKccrd through which the point
la to Jio Inserted and bent ovcrnftrr wind
ing nround the shank of the bird To
put nn the rumbtrs neatly cover the end
of the tag with grease In which write
the figtins carefully with a nail Then
upply a little murlttlc acid which will
rut Into the surface of the metal where
the nail has laid It bareI A Flake In
1lIrm And Home
Iliff Ar < C u1 lijr flue food the
lien lol anil ClimiKP tit Its >
lluu Curva l > ill
Farmers have known for years that
when onions were fed to hens they im
parted their flavor to the eggs Now an
oxjierlacnt station has very carefully
proved It by a thorough trial but they
claim that it required come 1C da11 be
fore Ley could detect the flavor Thtlr
onion cr garlic mint have been very
mild flavored or the hens were not very
hungry for them When we learned It
by experience throwing rome partly de
cayed onions Into the htnyard It tool
but a day or to to detect the flavor In
the epg ALd In a week the egg had a
Ktroniter flavor than a raw onion rays
the American Cultivator Hut then we
had not learned to give the hens green
food during the winter only as we hod
It from the table waste which was not 1
large amount just cabbage leaves par
ItiKfl of roots and such material from a
mall family It dots not take a week
to give n fishy flavor to eggs If hens are
fedf rcrly on nah when hungry for ani
mal food and It U manifest all the
rootur It the 1h Is a little Male and de
caying iBfat cot twett etouith for table
me will flavor eggs Just ns quickly at
It tiocs milk when led to row acd we
only wonder that the experiment sta
tion ftbr > ul < have thought It wan nccts
nary to prove It Now they only need
another experiment to prove what oth
ers have proved long ago that decay
lag meal or flab If fed to hens In sum
drat quantity will cause rapid decay
of rpps cr of the ttnb of the fowl If
they arc slaughtered within from one
to three days after It has been fed And
> it the fowl while alive may nm none
the norte for It and ptrhape be none
the won for It a week later If Its sae
is discontinued as the bacteria that
cause rapid decoy cannot work In the
living body and will perish there In
about a week In a healthy animal This
Is our reason for objecting to the raw
cut bore and meat to much advocated
now If fresh It It all right except In the
paint of cost but decay has usually be
gun In It before the poultry keeper can
buy It eirTu will buy enough to taut
several days and It has had time to
acquire n bad odor and flavor and the
germs of decay
A day of neglect In the poultry
yard often leads to A month of rare
Remember that filth and lice carse
about all the diseases poultry Is afflicted
Get ready for the show reason and
let the other fellows ace what klnJ of a
breeder you are
Early maturity Is what makcc winter
laying pullets Force the pullets along
all rnpldly ns possible
Lawn clippings stored where ihey
will dry In the shade are an excellent
HUUfltJtuto for vegetables In tho winter
If you have milk do not be afraid of
riving the hens too much of It Butter
milk or Four milk ore as good HB sweet
liana like to scratch for their feed
but if they mint scratch for nil they get
they will not have much time for < ay
Some people rrefer to keep flocks of
mind blood They talk nicely about
tuolr Hocks but they will learn better
The time to tare dlt ase Is just be
oic It appears Thin can be done by
lTG plenty of that best of medicine
jircremtlon Commercial Poultry
Iloir Stuck llrlfm In < l
Au Instance was related to mo the
i other < lnyof the value of stock raising
and UK Incidental clover rotation In
i liullditig up tho productive capacity of
Chicago cold storage beef Indlliltry large
r herds of cattle were driven te > the Wash
Ington market from northern Virgnla
farms These farms were then models
uf fertility The rotation was wheat
r corn and lover and little If ar com
mercial fertilizer was used The Ittft
produced was of the finest When Chi
copo beef Unan to be shipped every
where these fanners did not find It sot
d profitable to rrjse steers nail drive them
r llvo clock growing and In a few years
and to begin the use of commercial fer
tlllicr These farm lands have tlnce
< 4 ttwt < yjy decreased In productive ca
4ichjy jiritll now most of them are
i worn jut and will not produce 12 bush
fIll nf wheat to the acre Wnrhington
f LnrrfIpocdrncAmcrleul CUltJh1tor7
It Must HR llniKlUd Curelully la lau
aura n Imlll and l litttUIi
u Itrpulnllun
As KOUI as the comb honey In scaled
remove li from the hive tcrapo all
sections cleun of propuilu then put It
directly Into shipping cases and clone
tight Ktcp It In a warm room till
time to sell never allowing It to freeze
IUI freezing It cracks the comb Bays Tho
Farmer and when warmed again It bo
guns to leak out making a natty dauby
lie mire your shipping case Is tight so
that ants uilllcrB or lllcB cannot get
In Do not put honey lu a cellar all
the dampness bllRl1 tho capplngH the
honey grows thin loses Its flavor and
leaks out while If stored In n dry room
It will Improve and thicken
Never pack two colors of honey to
gether or mix It lu the shipping cases
Keep the white honey by illicit for a
better price
Ho very careful not to pack any sec
tion of honey having a single cell of
pollen In It for It surely will have an
egg from a moth miller in It which will
hatch out a big ugly worm to spoil Clio
If you havent shipping cases ready to
pack the honey In an soon as taken off
the hives then store It In the supers In
a dry warm room tiering them up as
high as you can reach After two
weeks fumigate with sulphur to kill
any moth worms that may bo hatching
Also repeat the fumigation once In two
weeks till cold weather
Ship all honey to market beforo
freezing weather if possible
The nly WAY In Which Ihr trnt
nr uf Ioullrj Cnii tin Inrrmtcil
11 Ilk Crrlnliilr
Everyone would like to have the Ideal
hen that begins laying In November
keep It up all winter and raises n Hoik
of nice plump cockerel and good laying
pullets In the summer when ergs are
cheap To IIcnr such a class of poll
try we would lay get tome purcbrfd
foundation stock and then select for tot
desired end Selection Is tho groundwork
work of Improvement not only In poul
try but also In all farm flock Decejn
her laying drains do not come by
chance To get this trait the pullets
are hatched early fed well and when
there Is a marked tendency shown by
a few Individuals to gel down to earn
est work the eggs of these few are used
the following year for hatching and to
the work for Improvement goes on The
same course Is followed In producing
table fowl Everyone can practice tlili
Improvement It the trouble Is taken
and when the work Is undertaken Intel
i Hgcntly and with determination the
trouble Is considerably decreased Tin
lean longlegged hen and the overfat
Idle Individual should go to the kitchen
early In thtlr existence then when
spring comes and the time tor batch
lag begins the eggs from the most dc
I Irable types need only be used This
systematic selection Js the only way In
which we can increase the usefulness
of our poultry and the profits of pout
I ry raising Commercial Joultry
11 xnrylua I1 Leortth II Can n 3tsd
litmr IuiiUHli fur a lug
Tluck I
The picture shows a very convenient
poultry house The ecratchlng shed 8 I
should have at least one window which
should be large enough so as to throw
a very strong light In the Inside The
house proper should have a door and a
window thc carne its the scratching shed
This Is a convenient plan for a poultry
house and by varying Its length It can
bo made large enough for n good mnny
fowls In the cut P shows the perches
P the lloor U scratching room under
poultry house A the partition between
the horse and shed Orange Judd
AlfnUu n n llunry Ilnnl
Alfalfa Is tho greatest honey plant
known to modern agriculture says P
U Coburn It Is superior to any white
clover swect clover or buckwheat and
under favorable conditions gives a
honey Mow from June till October Tho
farmers In tho alfalfagrowing dis
tricts Arc only beginning to appreciate
their opportunities for honey produc
tion There were 57722 stands of bees
in Kansan In 1903 The pverngc honey
product per stand was given as a little
over 13 poundB for the hole state
Eighteen eastern counties where al
falfa Is scarcely known produces only
76 pounds of honey per stand These IS
counties contained about 3S per cent
of time been of the state 21903 stands
and produced only 22 per cent of tho
riirntliiU In lieu 11
I There Is no single food which is per
i fat or which contains all the desirable
elements necessary for production for
which reason corn lu an exclusive diet
will not give satisfactory results There
la but little lime In wheat and corn and
as lime Is essential lu the production of
bone it Is evident that young chicks will
make Jut little growth when the larger
portion ftt their food conulato of corn
and corn weal If clover cither green
or cured or skim milk Is fed wit n torn
more benefit jvlll bo derived from thrf
combination than from the grain only
Animal food should also bo allowed
Farm and Fireside
Lmxut In tii liilrriindtinnl fnlf
fur > ie < iulirr > 7 llllit
Illi TiT Thr 11 In my
light unil ni > iilnlliiii Inii lilt
rHwn IInael AsLing for a King
Golden Text Irtpare our hearts unto
the Lord and serve Him onl1 Sam
leMon IIRaul Chosen King Gold
en Text The Lord U our King He will
save 11111 3322
1O1l III Samuelii Farewell Ad
dress Golden Text Only ffar the
Lord and serve Him In truth with all
your henrt1 Sam 1224
LFMin IVSnlll Rejected as King
Golden Text To obey IH better than
acrlCce 1 Sam 1522
Im V Samuel Anoints David
olden Text Man looketh on the out
ward appearance but the herd looketh
on the henrt1 Sam 1C7
Lwion IIavlll and Goliath
Golden Text If God be for liP who can
be against IIIIHom 831
leuon VllSatil Tries to Kill David
Golden Text God Is our refuge and
strength a very present help In trouble
IV 40 I
Lornn VIII David and Jonathan
Golden Text There Is a friend who
stlcketh loser than abrotherlro
Lesson IXDalel Spares Saul
Golden Text Love your enemies do
good to them which hate ollIlIkl
Ion XDCath of Saul and Jona
than Golden Text There Is a way
which srtincth right unto a man but the
end thereof are the ways of death
Prov 1412
Ixtfon XIDahL Becomes King
Golden Text DehoTd how good and
how pleasant It IH for brethren to dwell
torether In unllI 1311
Lesson XII Abstinence from Evil
Golden Text Ue not drunk with wine
wherein III UffllFlb r18
In studying the period of the judges It
will be remembered that we were almost
entirely at sea to far ns chronology was
ronccrned From the time of David on
the difficulty grows steadily lets and
vet as Algen says It Is necessary to
prefix the qualifying word about to
every Illbllcat date down at least to the
beginning of the eighth century Of the
dozen wellknown schemes of Old Testa
ment chronology none has won general
acceptance Thechronolopy derived from
Assyrian Inscriptions Is of very great
value though It by no means removes
all difficulties These Inscriptions are
dated by the Assyrian calendar or
canon This canon exists In several
copies all of which agree closely aDd
rover the period from about 900 B C to
MO B C Each year bears the namnof
an officer called on e pony m Tt F j
of otnce of the eponym was one yean
Now this calendar mentions the fact that
during the term office of the eponym
PurSagall In the month of Slvnn May
June the sun was eclipsed Astron
omers tell us that there was a total
eclipse of the sun at Nineveh June IB
7G3 D C thus fixing with accuracy not
only this date but all the rut
But we shall probably never have an
accurate chronology for early Biblical
history The orientals lough at us for be
ing so anxious to get at exert dates and
accurate figures These things were
matters of little account lo them as
most of their histories show Prof
Park once Illustrated the difference be
tween the oriental point of view and
thnt of the European byiaylng that If
you ark a German general how many
men there are In his command he will
tell you to a man bat a1 the eamquu
lion of a Turkish general and he will
make nprofound bow and say Hythe
grace of Allah my people are as the
sand which if upon the seashore We
may well remember this Illustration In
reading the historical parts of the Old
As an Illustration of the Indeflnltenefc
of our knowledge of the dates of early
Biblical history we can notice two Im
portant Incidents The year In which
Saul became king of Israel lit variously
believed to be II C 1005 lOtS 1037 and
1020 Which date or Indeed If any Is
correct we have no means of making
certain The date of the beginning of
Davids reign Is as far from being cer
tainly ascertained tssher rays It was
lor0 According to Hlbllcal synchron
isms It was 1009 TheAfsyrlancomptua
Ion puts It at 1017 Potion puts It as
late as the year 1000 B C
IluH full TliUtlm
Tho most dangerous hypocrite Is the
one who deceives himself
Men would have more faith In God if
they saw more works In men
Some men shout their convictions to
as to silence their conscience
The more we are burdened with sub
stance the greater the shadow we rapt
lie who seeks lo get without giving Is
a gambler no matter what hits business
A man U diligent tocultlvalc his corn
but expects his character to grow wlti
Dont keep any company In your
heart that you have to apologize to your
self for
The man who brags of his past Is not
likely to have anything to brag of In
his future
Grit pra fruin CIIIIIIMII
Fruits depend on roots
Iteverenre is the sign of reality In rev
What we call sorrow God may call
God sends our triumphs In the guise
of trials
Great aspirations do not atone for lit
tie actions
Love Is the best lens with which to
view another I
Duty Is the name we give to what God
falls opportunity
AVInci of temptation could work no
e1hitm Lr weakness wUllhi
Are Dug Up by Workmen While Ex
cavating in Old Well
Dlieuverr Ie Mnilc In Illtclinrc Colni
Ul < leiitl lndr lijr French and
Used In TrnilliiK ttllli lime
Deep down In Ibo bottom of an ole
well which for more than a century had
been forgotten the workmen who wer
excavating In 1lttsburg fur a new pas
senger station dug up a box of coins
which date back to the period when all
the territory on which 1lttsburg Is built
and surrounding country was in the
hands of the French
The find IB one of the rarest that has
been made In this section cf the country
for a number of years While there Is
considerable speculation as to how the
coins came to be placed there In a box
and even for what purpoesthe well was
dug are rather doubtful It IB Known
from the dates on the plrctn of money
that they were used prior to the time cf
the Trench and Indian war Coin col
lectors pronounce the pieces of money
to be very rare and a cvln dealer said
trial they are not listed In the cata
logues This being the case the persons
who have the coins In their possession
may pet n handsome price for them
The money had been placed In a tin
box when It was deposited In the well
Scraps of the box were found but the
rust had almost completely eaten It nIl
Featured about the scraps of the box
about 0 coins were picked up These
alto hnd been greatly affected by rust
and some of them were almost de
stroyed The dates on only a few could
be made out and even on there the last
figure Is doubtful On one the date Is
1C1 the last figure being Illegible
On others weredates lndlcntlngthat the
coins had been made some time In the
fifties In the eighteenth century
poet of the coins are of copper but
there ere about half a dozen of silver
It Is evident that there bad been man
more coins In the box but that they hail
been destroyed by rust On one side ol
the copper coins Is the profile of an In
dian drawing a bow and on the ol1 r
are the thorn thistle and rose probably
Indicating hostility toward England
The only words that are legible In the In
scription are flex Laehltanta It It
quite evident that the coins were me
by the French and used In trading with
the Indians
Girl Kill llfrfflt on Illxovrrliii I
Tliiil MifTllirnrl U Her Un
A romancn breathing with passion
strange and unnatural culminated the
flther day at Cincinnati In a tragedy
when pretty little Henrietta Nlederhcl
raan tool her own life because she
could not marry her brother
Gewrgc Distler now 21 years old and
Henrietta Nlcderhclman aged IS were
lster and brother although their
names would Indicate they were of
different families The two were sep
arated by adoption until 18 months
ago At tat time tie brother went
o Cincinnati from Noblcsvllte had
and through the superintendent of the
childrens home learned the where
abouts of his sister He was given the
information upon the promise he
would not acquaint his sister of the
They were tosttber often and
ly the sister learned to lovethe brut
er and marriage was talked ahoutr
became necessary to tell her tint her
lover was her brother and when she
was convinced > > t this feet and realized
she could not wed him she tooic hci
life with poison
Cincinnati Sept 1C
TTIFComrnon 82 25 < fp 3 C5
Heavy steers 4 60 fp B 00
CALVES Extra 0 75 0 7 00
HOGS Ch packers 6 25 oil G 30
Mixed packers 6 00 tJ > 6 20
SHEEP Kxtra 3 00 49 3 05
IJVMUS Extra 51U GJ > 5 40
IOUHSprlllg pat 4 CO aj 4 90
WHEATNo2 red 811 i
No3 winter 85
CORN No 2 mixed d li3
OATS No 2 mixed tot 38
111No 2 620 C3
HAY New timothy 013 25
IOHK Clear family 0 15 SO
IJUlDSteam 0 S 85
UUTTEK Cli dairy 12
Choice creamery t 2J
APPLES Fancy 2 00 fi 2 CO
POTATOES Per bbl 1 7C t 2 00
TOHACCO Now 3 CO 0 9 00
Old 5 CO t1J13 00
FLOUn Winter pat 3 75 S 90
WHEAT No 2 red 6O3nl 82ft
No3 spring 81
COnNNo2 mixed Op 52
OATSNo2 mixed 0 36
UYK No 2 C7 a p 58 ft
POItKMess13 CO IJ13 65
LAUD Steam 9 35 0 37i
New York
FLOUR Win fifrts 3 Cis 3 00
WHEAT No 2 red I 87
CORN No 2 mixed 0 00
OATS No 2 mixed 41i
11 YE Western G41
1ORK Family 17 CO 017 75
LARD Steam 8 75
WHEAT No 2 red O 83
CORN No 2 mixed GU 57 i
OATS No 2 mixed 1 40
CATTLE Steers C 00 G 25
HOOS Western G 85
WHEATNo 2 red 87
COHNNo2 mixed 53 > i 87I
OATS No 2 mixed p SGifc
IORK Mess 13 50
hUDStcam Gp 8 00
WHEATNo2 red p 82
QOUN No 2 clxedL GA Gl
school EXIKNSESdue ant daf term
College Mad A Ap Scltr Model
Let Norm Normal School
A dram
Fro HO a ro 15 aMI
JlOIpllal Fee Z 15 z 23
Ihob Jalcr
fllImlltd lI 225 1 25i
I Total sc heel
Kz teases
90 eOOGOO 400
Far pluno HiiiOKinjiliy and other extras are
Special Kxfemes below
L1VIMO EXPEMSESBoardJue ID advance by
month Rem rent by term
Heard room fuel and Ilnhtt 121 for fall and
Hiring 1175 a tut k 121 for wluUr term 20
Dod In the Tlllfje allowed In approved
plarcn varlen In price according to accommo
dation lurnltbtil
AiMIng thcw king eij < inf lo seine ex >
pens f wr and
To be paid the nut day Inrlinllnsltictl depotl
In Collegiate Department ftIO Academy and
Latin Normal JI9SO Applied Science Norma
ind A iranimnrCIT2 inlet Schools S1J3 In
winter JI 81 more for each No Undent can Ui
rccclrrd Went Mho alit to nuke this advance LIII
Total Ordinary Exiensei fcr 12 Week are seen to
I III Collegiate iHiurlmentJTO Academy soil
Latin Normal Sjy Aprlied Science Normal and
A Ginmmnr iT Model Schools Si > In winter
One dollar note for each
Student paying Ixuinlnml room rent In full
for n term at the beginning revive a illnrount of
fifty relt V
Student duly rxrn < c < l before the end of n term
receive back an quItaUe portion of the money
they have advanced
Piano Vosil or fccul Theory M Ifono
1 hour c1a i of three 1700
Orgfcti Violin < tc r4 lcmeclaarfthre 6 00
Hcnonphy fir TnIClYrlllng per term rOO
Claw worn In llnrmony a no
Itnof Ilano or Tyimnrltcr rl hr u duly lo
t of nrean II hr a day 200
Chemlrpl laboratory according to matvilal
and brtHkMfnnlxint 300
Ihyilcal and MliroMOpual I borutorle
lectern 100
Mac rlalIn drawing JoCr term M >
Kiamlnaon rxeeptou appMntnl d4ys 23
Qrailuntion Fee withdegirc witli diploma
iOUl 500
I Anyone Minima a ketch and description mar
Quickly ucartaln our opinion free whether an
Intention li pmbablr tuilMiUble Oiinmuntca
lion lrlclronD 1enU l Handbook on Iatenu
sent free old I agency oricoitlnz iaUnU
Iktenla taken through Mann A tit ro lr
tptcldt nntltf without charae 111 the
Scientific JItiterican
A handione rlllaitriU d VMklr Irrssa f rlr
enUtlnn uf nf ineniiOfl loarnaL Term U
earl acasTCOQrta fnarninnlbiil oli WUwt N wdK
Time Table In Effect Map 24 90S
eiolnr North Trnlii 4 Dully
Arrive Richmond ti f 2 a m
Arrive Paris flOiR m
Arrive Cincinnati 7in tn 1
nulnB Hurl Trnlii 0 Dally
Arrive Richmond 125 p m
Arrive Paris 818 p m
Arrive Cincinnati 800 pm I
Cluing south Train I 155117
Ouiiie s Miih v Tmiii n flatly >
Leave Huron II 21 p mI
Arrive liviug6tou12 80 n m
Trains No1 nnd No 5 milkcon
nection at Livingston for Jellico conI
tbo South with Nei 24 and No 27
J W Stephens Ticket Agent I
Io I
Schoolchildren and public
generally Invited to vote to
elcrmiiie the molt popular
in every county Voles ten
cents each ten cast at one
time All moray over and
above ttln expenses of tearb
erf toco Into erection of the
Kentucky ItulldincattbeEx
position Uvery voter thus
riven the tatisfartlon IhuI Ii
knowing a vortliy cause apil
luinortaut object have been
aided nt the rime time a
ache teacher lea beI
recognition Contest con >
duled under airnlces of
KlacaUonol Hiliillt Com r
tnlltee of Kentucky Kxhthlt
A > oclaticntbe orgiinltntlon
formed to raise Jiannin fora
Kentucky Unildluj and full
display nt the States piol
ducts and resources at the II
1alr the Legislature having
failed to make an appropria
tion Iieiy < ducat > r haylnI
Balevbri lierteacicr lu pub
lie or private schools ot <
member of faculty of aeaaemrcollereorui lrr ltrnJeillcal Jentnl or theolorlcnl 1IIIIItliliooiI
i > rotettaiit or catholic denominational CCbool ia eligible lo election Mem ersoltieEduatlonalfl
Inhibit Committee alone cxcepted
Names of all school children votlnr to be enrolled In the Kentucky DulMIng at the Ripo
IUon Kentucky will have an ntuCAllonat exhibit occupying DO IURe fret ol space In the
1aiaceofgdualion The lixposltlon1tobethe lestInltaationalctentIntueworlds hls
Cory The mmteachtnchosen will bI luck lodad being tendered Ihl trip 10 the Fair livery
county ierecta iia own mOlt popular edncator The countybiit tide of Jefferson ottiojt the laru nj
number of vote will be allowed to send two teacher the most popular soil the necond moal
At ten cents each every jchnol child In the Plate will be able tn cart ot least one vote for bis
er her favorite teacher lint tbe voting will not be confined to school cllliltcn
pinrTS OF penis rtt AST OP THUS micros SAT TOTE The purpose or the AISOC >
Ilion being to elect tbe most popular school tea cberln each county si to Cuutidered by the puhllo
generally as well as by the school children Bullota contain ten space to clnbi cf tru pupil
may be arranged and each giving lea rents be credited with bli or her vote If one person de
sires to cast ten votes It may be done by writing blior her name on one of the spaces and remit
ting one dollar It It not required Ihttlbe name o < the person voting be G Iyen tall Allofth
t paces for voters natn < may be left blank The Association wants however to enroll fa tho
Kentucky Building at Ct Louts next year the name of every child who rat one or more votea lam
be coutcsU Pupils are asked therefore toalgm their names plainly to the ballots
ItT EXPESSES OF THE TEiCIIEKS WILL IS PATE t > y the AsMxlallon This will Inclndo
rallrosd transportation from Louisville to St Louis and return board at one of the best hotel In
the city for six days and admluion to the exposition grounds for sir days
more profitable and more enjoyable Each of these parties will connlut of forty 1lleaehcIII ThlS
would make a total 01 130 teacueerabut u there arc only 119 counties In Kentucky the Aasxla
ton his decided to allow two teacherslbe mot popular and the second most popular to go
from that county Jefferson ezcepted wblcb cuts the greatest number ef voles in the contest
lit TEAO1EHS 15 TEE STATE STUD OX AX EQUAL FOOT1XO ill this contest The
teacher with only twenty pupil nay receive more votea than tbe teacher with five orclxtlmel
as rainy enrolled In hs or her school because the voting la not confined to children The public
will be an Important factor
Votes may be cut for aar person who taught school durlnir tnoi or It teocblne now This
gives the teacher a fire months school which closed In November or ccelllblrlbc opportunl
110 be voted for during the vacation period
AST wcanca or BALLOTS MAT BE CAST AT OKK TIKE There is noiimit The mo < doi
lars sent lu for cay one teacher tbe more vote he or abe will be credited with
Allot the money received fu this contest over and above thatu < cd In defraytntr expenses ot
the mramost popular teacher of the dial 01 tbelrtrlpa la the Worlds lalr will go for the erec
lion fn rnlucky nuildIl t teexposttoa so rnryoler la this contest mAY aithe 8ddl
llonal KktUfictiou of kocvrinR that he has aldid a worthy cause
bow his or her friends how the race II being ma Begin voting now for your favorite school I
teacher The Toles will be counted unlit the supervision of the Hducatlonsl Xxhlblt Committee l
of the Arroclation The persunnelof this committee Is as follows 1iof II eJBrovraell Louis
rule Cluirmcn Prof lL V McChesney Frankfort Prof R P Hstleck louisvlllfi Prof W II
flittitiolomewLouisville prof V Paul Anderson Lexington Dr Chase Palmer Danville Pres
dent Wlllam Dlnwlddle Jackson Dr W Q Frost Ilerea I Dr D B lluntoon Louisville Dr
n V Mulllu Loultnllei 1 r Arthur Sager Ceo etowa I Superintendent M A CIIlldy Ln
InlolI Superintendent N L IroCle Pranlefomti Prof CJCnbbe Ashland Prof tJcIJror7
niiondf Owen ttoro Prof T S Alley Bellevne Prof c C Cherry Bowling Green Prof Hnoa
Biwncer Louirvlllc Mils Pattle S Jill Louisville I21rs Emily K Bracken Louisville and Mrs
illii Tucker Louisville McmbersbitheEducational Cammillee arc not dlrtble to election In
this contest
counties only applies to tbe race for the moth trip the county outside of JeSerson casting the
largest total number of voles being granted tbe distinction of sending two teachers
J be result will be announced In every paper In the state and In addition to this a comrratu
latorymraRle flit IrO to the teacher elected In each county Later the details of the trip willNe
anaDKtd ach Iarhrr chosen being given the ptlsilege of selecting the mouth June Julyoi
August m Nlln which br or Ibc wants to make the trip
cast TEN votes for73A
01as the most popular teacher in
100 10e
100 10e
m 10c
too 100
tOo 10
VoterS see Dot required la stgn Ustlr sames bat the Association wants all school ebUdm
rotlag to do 10 at It wilt enroll theta In 1M 1 euincky Building
voter bare the option oC undiug ballets direct 10 the Secretary of the Association Into tba
pap Irom wbtcb clipped
Additional ballot may be obtdnrdbgttt iag atreopleiofthis paper
emlttauct may be made by ceitufe ellK registered letter i vent postage tapres of
tofUl money order er lo cunency atmdtrt risk Address all communlcialoMto
stiC UUQUKI StcrrlarLoulnlll
Loul vllIcK
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