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Would we were there < i that jrrccnclad
Whiiro ec two saw the anUjoar loll
In > nrthern billows far dway
Whence we saw distant lorthls sway
Kcnenth a winds Inturptnt whirl
Put which scarce tlrrc < l the truant curl
On your fair forehead that sweet tren
Jli > roufiliMt wlnUr dared scarce caress
Would we were there whence we could
Tho wraith or valley hill and tree
The ttrnam and hear Its angry call
Where tortured by the waterfall
It sprang In fury and then flowed
Complaining down Its rocky road
Would we were Htlnc where today
The winds and unleashed torrents play
Would that we were Of late Ive dreamed
Of those old days and It has Deemed
That I tutu sat you by my fide
Where at our feet the valley wide
Jtollcd down beneath the heavens blue
And I have dreamed that evry huo
That then Old ulad our eyes was there
Cach charm of landfccpt sky and air
Would we again were on that knoll
In sweet communion soul to foul
Where spoken language was as naught
TiIicr thought swift answered unto
And lips were mute and for the time
The coeao lacked naught of the sublime
T > ood vale and hill and cloudflecked
Iltld some of the glory from your eyes
Dut wishes wipe no miles away
Streams ncrr bring back yesterday
Cr If thy do In phantom pulse
IntanglblJ Id see your eyes
Sweet purity look up to mine
Soul windows I would see them shine
As they did then your truant hair
Windblown and free Would we were
J SI Lewis In Houston Post
By Mary Uartwell Catherwood
CcpjricU lilt IT llertett f acre A Co
1 not believe you said Antywlne
You ask them Rutledges then that
vza hired to take such fine care of
her Why dont you go and ask
I not believe youP trembled Anty
wine He sat down on the doorstep
Loldlng his blinded head between his
You and Peppy thought you would
KO to yourselves didnt you But she
Jays In Concord burylnground now
right alongside of Shlckshack anal
you know where he lays The new
graves there
I not believe you I not believe
JOt I not believe ou
r Antywlne leaped from the doorsill
and ran like a deer to the tavern pass
ing the young men and the oxen with
out noticing or hearing them Ann
RutleJge was sewing by an open
window with her back toward him
The two young girls were in the garden
with their mother He did not see
Peggy anywhere A hush was upon
the house and as Ann turned and saw
Dim with a frightened look on her
lace > e could not ask any question
but took the path down to Rock creek
and ran to the stone where Peggy used
to hide her book for him The sun
was down and a ribbon ot mist wavered
in front of the closed sohoolhouse
Nobody would ever wait for him at
that rock again He ran along the
ravine below the gardens and returned
to his house barring the door and
drawing the latchstring in Lying on
the floor In the darkest corner he hid
his weeping and made no answer to
the young men who called his name
through the window
Sally was asleep in her own cabin
long before Antywlne crept out of his
and took the road to Concord burying
ground It was a long walk under
blurred slars for the wind changed
after midnight belying the promise of
a fair sunset
Antywlne tried to bring Peggys face
before him with Its many flitting ex
pressions Her eyes were hazel or
black or gray by changeable turns
swarming with points of light Ho
I lemembered drinking from the gourd
after hr on the very side where she
had crank and the pleased trembling
oi her lips when she noticed it All the
ways and traits which went to the
making of the companion he called
sweetheart were present to his mind
when groping among saplings in the
thinly peopled burylngground he came
to Shickshacks sunken grave which
be had himself helped to make and
Joirul a fresh clay hillock beside It
The latter part of the night rain
poured upon the chest of drawers
which Antywlne had left standing In
front of the cabin and streamed down
Its polished sides Rain beat upon
Antywlna through sapling boughs sat
urating his llnsey huntingshirt and
darkening his worn buckskins
Drenched grass and a tangle of little
trees he scarcely felt or saw when
sudden and miserable daylight came
By the end of the afternoon some light
crept out from sunset and there was
a clearing up in the west Lincoln
climbed the buryingground fence and
found Antywlne lying asleep across lie
newmade grave He was so ghastly
HiHt Lincoln at once shook him fees
Jug relieved when he opened his cel
T oP boy looked up at the mole like
a vwm pulsing heart on his frLsnds
che V Cut his friends eyes twinkled
Vbat arc you doing here on old
Daddy Camerons grave Antywlne
Ant wine sprang as from a rattle
snake He was exhausted so that Lin
Voln save trim uoth Lands to help bid
Buddy Cameron died last week 11111
they burled him In the same row with
Shlckshack lie was a fine old man
but If I were you 1 wouldnt lie out
all night and all day on his grave
Sally have tell me this Is where she
Is bury I
Yho Peggy
Yes Sieur Abe Where II she
At tho tavern
She Is not dead
Not a bit
But Sally have tell me
Havent you summered and wintered
Sally long enough to know when she
Is paying you a grudge
But I run to the tavern myself
And scare Ann and run away again
without asking any questions Ive
had a long jaunt through the mud and
searched the better part of a day for
Antywlne threw his arms around
Lincoln and sobbed and laughed like
a woman lie swayed and could
scarcely stand
Youve made yourself sick being so
downhearted when you ought to have
kept your wits That Lorimer fellow
Is back at the Grove again and hoa
making a bold stand now If ho had
known I carry that snakeskln I
reckon he would have followed our
chain But Dick Yates Is here We
tried to find you last night and
I tell Sally 1 not believe her
shivered Antywlne
And then you leg it out here and
pass a sentimental night and a watery
day on Daddy Camerons grave Im
surprised at you
The American way of Joking over
what had been tragedy seemed
delicious to the Canadian boy as he
tramped back the long seven miles
When he reached his house at the end
of the village Lincoln did not think it
advisable to take him any farther
Antywine was so ill that he lay down
upon the floor resisting any suggestion
ot food
Through delirious eyes he saw the
blaze which Lincoln contrived to start
In the chimney interlace sticks plied
there months before in readiness Cor
a first housewarming
Lincoln THIS on his knees blowing
lit when he heard Sllcky Green pant
through the door
Are you here Abe Youre wanted
at the tavern
Whats the matter at the tavern
The Grove boys are coming to
throw everything out of doors If you
dont give that Iorimer man the Span
Iard and her money
How do you know
Martha Bell Clary slipped oft on
her fathers horse and brought word
Wheres Dick
Hes looking somewhere else for
Lincoln stood up and glanced at
Antywine who had suffered but was
unable to fight resting like a log at
the hearth corner
Poor Antywlne he whispered and
carefully shut the door as he went out
to settle the unconscious boys fate
The night was starlit and cloudless
but there was no moon Dull panes of
oiled paper revealed candles in some
houses but a hush like expectation
seemed to stretch along the unseen
windings of the street When the Grove
boys mounted for a raid of any sort
they usually rode at full gallop yelling
like Indians Lincoln was ahead of
Slick Green In the race to the tavern
when both stopped halted by a pro
cession with lanters There had been
no noise of shouting and no crash of
destruction The quiet approach of the
company seemed worse than Its ordi
nary rioting
They didnt stop at the tavern
whispered Sllcky Green
They had been to the tavern for Dick
Yates bareheaded was leading them
peaceably away from It walking In
front of the cavalcade and a girls
figure could be discerned sitting upon
a led horse The velvet dust of a
Tillage road muffled the tread of hoofs
But along house fronts on each side
where footpaths were marked by dally
use sounded tho uneven patter of
many feet Men women and children
of New Salem suffered to witness what
they could not prevent were hovering
around Lincoln and the little Spaniard
He thought he saw Ann Rutledge In
her shortsleeved house dress her face
showing white and anxious through
the dark and Minter Grayham whose
haggardness and puny strength the
Grove boys would have laughed at if
opposed to them
I Here is Abe Lincoln announced
Yates and as If he had given a com
mand to halt the company halted
Here I am said Lincoln Do
you want me Dick and Sllcky stood
beside him in the middle of the road
My friends and I spoke a voice
with a foreign accent have an af
fair of two minutes with you You
have somewhere a snakeskln purse
belonging to my cousin Consuelo
Lorimer Bring it and you shall not
be Injured
But If I did shed be Injured
Dont let them take me Mr Lin
coin besought Peggy from the midst
of the riders I will not go Wheres
Antywlne Boys you ought to be ashamed of
We didnt come out for a speech
Abe mocked Redmond Clary
And Im not practicing polemic1
You get the girls money and hand
It over
You let her out of that gang
The gang growled
We have a crowd and you have just
two backers New Salem people cant
do anything We dont want to hurt
you Abe unless we have to
String him up like a horselhlef
cried a man at the rear
Are you going to hand over the
Spaniards money
No Im not replied Lincoln
Ride him down cried another and
the horses were spurred forward
Some women and children shrieked in
fright as the three young fellows wern
driven In retreat to AntyvJnec cabin
and sprang upon the chest of drawers
Standing close together with that short
rostrum under their feet they faced
about tho ring of horsemen who drew
up around them The perforated tin
lanterns showered drops of yellow light
on trampled grass Behind tho mens
heads and shoulders were avoid of
trees and the starlit sky and the ex
cited murmur of New Salem Lincoln
towered in the midst of the circle
lie could dimly see the Spanish girl
and ho remembered for one Instant
how Antywlne lay exhausted within
the cabin She was looking for the
last time at what was to have been
her home and wondering with an ache
of grief worse than her terror of the
ruffians what had become of the
gentle housemate who had never be
fore failed to take her part
Now men listen to me one minute
exclaimed Dick Yates
Were not here to listen ruled the
These boys ought to be put out
one man Insisted We dont want
Let my cousins property fro re
stored to her spoke Pedro Lorlmer
without delay
And who are you demanded
Yates the beauty of his rosy youth
which had been felt rather than seen
changing suddenly to the power of a
man with Irresistible magnetism His
voice rolled out across the wall of
rough faces His eyes had scathing
lights His unwilling llsteriers raised
their lanterns to look at him I have
been gathering facts about you for
more than a year You are a New Or
leans gambler You ply your trade
under cover of some political schemo
about Cuba a place you never saw
All you want of the poor young girl
sitting on the horse beside you is the
handful of money her father contrived
to hide from you You think it is a
very large sum It Is about two
thousand dollars If it hadnt been for
poor old Shlckshack you would have
robbed her long ago You paid Shick
shacks half crazy avaricious wife to
send you word where he could be
found every time he moved to get rid
of you
These men wouldnt send a child as
helpless as one flf their own sisters
with you If they knew you You play
the grandee before them And in tho
west we always have backed a man up
In taking his own when his rights wero
denied But the only right you have
In thl community Is to be dipped In
the Songamon
Lincoln who had seen a knife thrown
at Antywlnes head for fewer words
kept his eye guarding the indistinct
movements of the Spaniard An un
easy tremor ran around what had been
a dead wall of antagonism But un
fortunately Mahala Camerons father
now lifted his voice from the back
ground and In the character of min
ister exhorted Redmond Clary to draw
his followers homeward and cease
abetting the ungodly Redmond Clary
turned on him and told him to go homo
himself or he might be neatly laid be
side his daddy In the Concord burying
One word had swiftly followed
another while Lincoln gauged the force
drawn around him His hair was
rumpled over the arch of his head
His strong nose and cleancut neck and
the outward curving of his lips showed
by fitful light above his shorter com
panions Some radiation from his
personality made one of the men ex
claim I
Abe we know youre honest But
If youre too stubborn to hand over
that money weve got a barrel at the
mill all ready to roll you into tho
Walt said Lincoln stretching out
a long fore finger
Pedro Lorlmer hissed at him I
do not wait while boys practice
speeches I could myself In return call
my enemies names This Is not what
was promised me
What Red Clary promised you
stated Lincoln with intuition which
amounted to knowledge was If you
would cancel his gambling debts he
would make mo hand over the little
Spaniards money
Redmond Clary flung himself oft
his horse and ran at his accuser Tho
tlmo for words was past If tho figure
towering above them all had stood
with less assurance the raging leader
might have led his mob to a cruel
murder But Lincolns humorous eye
spread a contagion of smiles as he
caught the bullbodied champion of the
Grove by the collar and flung that mus
cular bulk across the ring to cool
There was to be a fight The men
drew deep Inhalations of enjoyment
For ever since Abraham Lincoln ap
peared in New Salem they had wanted
to see him matched with Red Clary
Lincoln knew he was about to succeed
or fail with the only argument which
could move those to whom might was
right Eloquent ondtonvlnclng words
had to bo backed by a man who cpuld li
master his listeners He wan tired and
suppcrlcss The Spanish girl leaned
down on her horsoa neck unconscious
ly uttering prayers aloud for her
champion Tho struggle would bo over
In a few minutes but If Red Clary
whipped him her future lay In unknown
and terrible places That Antywlne
was mlrslng secured a token that the
worst mnst bo In store for her Sho
was In tho grip of an evil foivc
Both men threw off their round
abouts and vests Lincoln faced his
two companions making them a screen
and hurriedly unfastened the belt of
gold which ho wore under his shirt
and put It In his hintThis ho gave to
Sllcky Green who held It while Yates
stood guard
You were cut out for a banker
Sllcky said Lincoln I wasnt 1 I
might burst the snakeskln and spill
tho money
Ills opponent rushed at him like a
mastiff let loose and Peggy doubled
herself lower upon the horses neck
She heard the Impact of WCwa which
sent shudder after shudder down her
body and the panting of spent breath
The Grove boys set up p yell and she
stuffed the horses mane Into her ears
The big muscular bully who had made
everybody In tho Sniipninoii country
afraid of him and shaped public
opinion for tho Grove was taking Bonn
cruel advantage of a clean wrestler tin
used to sledgehammer brutality Then
a hush penetrated even tho horsehair
and Peggy looked as Lincoln knocked
Red Clary flat beneath tho chin of a
startled animal Ho fell against its
hoofs and being pulled Into the clear
space by one of his friends lay still
I reckon said Lincoln pulling hh
own shirt collar wider open and sitting
on the chest of drawers to breathe
ho has the wind knocked out of
Goody Peggys own cry of thanks
giving wets tho first sound heard by the
vanquished man Ho sat tip blink
ing at those who had seen him
Lincoln bent ovcruntll his body de
scribed a right angle and shook one
long horizontal star at tho unra
paneled Jury who would have to renJor
verdict In this first case which Yates
and ho had associated themselves to
A lay he panted Is like a white
dress soil him and he can bo washed
and made clean again But a girl Is
like a glass bottle If you let her fall
or throw her down and break her she
Is broken forever Now men are you
determined to have this poor little
bottle destroyed
There Is often speech where then Is
no language heard and Pedro Lornier
Knew he stood by himself from that
Ho spurred his horse toward Sllcky
to seize the bat and break away with
it But Antywlne darted out of the
cabin and across time open space like
a stroke ot light Intercepting the
Spaniard Ills eyes largo with fever
and his high featuiVs ImpassloJod hi
had almost the beauty ot an appal itton
As the two encountered Antjwlne
seized the horses bits and Jerkt l it
to Its haunches He and Pedro 1 url
mer stared at each other Before the
rider found his balance again Lincoln
asked with whimsical significance
Boys how would any of you like
to get up out of chlllandfcvcr and
find all Clarys Grove helping a
stranger rob you of your own dear
A sympathetic and sheepish grin
teemed to relax an much an could Ixi
seen of every rude face and Pedro
Lorlmcr throwing away caution
spurred over Antywlne The boy fell
and leaped up understanding It was
a struggle for Peggy A whirlpool of
shouts and plunging horses and men
scrambling to mount drove all
watchers back Even Redmond
Clarys voice was heard denouncing
the man whose part he had taken The
crowd that had come down New Salem
street seeking Lincoln went back driv
ing Pedro Lorlmer
Horrified as New Salem people were
by threatened violence they wero un
able to refrain from cheering They
crowded to the chest of drawers where
left stranded as by a stormy tide Rat
Peggy and Antywlne He held the hat
and snakeskin which Sllcky Green
thrust luto his keeping before following
the ebb The pair clung together
hearkening to uo voices but their own
as two robins escaping from some
peril of man might have felicitated
and comforted each other The all
was fresh like the breath of the sell
after a hot land breeze has gone by
Mounted all three upon the horsy
from which Lincoln had flung Peggy to
Antywlne Lincoln and Yates and
Sllcky filling Its back from mane to
tall mado the best haste they could to
the Sangamon They stood at the top
of time terraced bank while Pedro Lorl
mer was rolled down In a barrel
Three times tradition has It the
unhappy wretch took his plunge and
came bobbing up like a buoy Then
Lincoln and Yates and thc cooling
effect of tho water on those who had
him to pull out succeeded In moderat
ing popular rage against him lie was
turned loose and his horse whipped
In the direction of Springfield with
emphatic assurance that the barrel
would be kept for him and If he over
camo back would be put to Its final use
as his floating coffin
Don Pedro Lorlmer was never sccli
again in that country When Peggy
and Antywlno wero married and keep
ing house In their own cabin she useh
sometimes to part her white curtains
at night and look out fearfully for a
dreaded face But happiness and se
curity become a habit and she loved
after awhile to tell her own story
Years later the two who had steered
her destiny Abraham Lincoln and Rich
ard Yates began to steer the destinies
of a nation and a state and the Span
lard of Now Salem grew to experience
tho grateful awe ot a person who has
been visited unawares by strode
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