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o The Citizen
Fabllihed nUT Tbnndtf at Here E 7
Sdltor and Publisher
rAT BU IK ADTA11 tats
611 nonthi 0 o 60
Tart montbi TS
lend money bT rot omc Monty Order Its
Latter or one and two centiUmpn
Th Vat alter your name thowi to what
late your lubicrlpllon li paid If It I not
tinted within three weeks after sending as
oney notify ui
Bnbterlbcr wlihlcg Tni Cmim slopped
nit notify ui at the expiration of their sub
rlptlon paying all arrran otbcrwUe we ahau
alder that they wish 11 continued
Ifotlfy ns lit one ofiany chant a > ln JOUr ad
Innrh1n both old and new addrotw
Mining Number doe to wrapper coming
lied the mails or otherwise will gladly bs iup
Agent Wanted In every locality Writ for
terms Anyone lending ui four new yearly
nbacrlptloni will rtoelre TUB CmiiN free tor
we year
New Furnishings in every
room All service firstclass
Popular prices
Merchant Tailoring shop in
Itcond Court Street Houw oppoee Richmond Ky
Ice Cream All Flavors
lea Cream Soda Fruit Flavors
Florida and California Emits >
Early Vegetables JA JA JA
Phone JOES No 68
Select Grocer and Caterer
Jces Corner Richmond Ky
Office Over Printing office
Open Every Day from 9 oclock
I m until 4 oclock p m
Fruits and vegetables
a specialty
Berea Ky
Wm Lunsford
General Dealer in High
Pianos and Organs
Instruments repaired and tuned
Drop me a card and Twill call
Berea Zy
Pure Wholesome
and Healthful
Assorted Bon Bons in neat i
pound boxes
East End Drug Co
Main St Berea Ky
Lunch counter
Agent for Langdon Bread
Your patronage is solicted
Dalton Bldg Berea Kj
Miller House I
Newly fitted up Meals and
Board and Lodging at popular
prices Next door to populaI
R 6 Engle Prop
fain St Richmond Ey
Williams III better prepar
ed than ever to do your WATCH
REPARING promptly Clean
kg and Pressing a specialty
Work guaranteed
W A Williams
Kit Street k Ka
werl1ttirally Qfnttitri 4tttt iuI
I tintty SItnra Ar tu imtranl
Principal of the Lowell Textile School
HE fact that sciences and mathematics were so late in devel = t
oping makes it clear to see why the classics and sQ called cul
ture studies received so large an amount of attention in
the curricula of the earnest schools and colleges Today i
we recognize in the sciences means for the very best medial
development and also means for supplying the wants to
say nothing of the luxuries of everyday life There never
was a time in the history of the world when the development
of technical studies was carried to such an extent as now
and in these same studies there is the foundation of nearly
all that conduces to our material welfare I
In motive powers we tind that the waterfall was one of the earliest
forces to be harnessed and that even to this day it forms an important I
source of power There was a time when the water wheel was falling
rather into disuse except upon streams and water courses which were f
very near the point where the power was used and that by the develop
ment of electrical machinery with what science has taught in the matter
if insulating electrical conductors it is now possible to use the remote
waterfall and transmit its energy to a distant point where it may be used
profitably For over a century steam has been of great importanccand
still holds a foremost lace but the development of the reciprocating
steam engine itself has been most remarkable Heros uigine known to 1
antiquity was but a toy up to within a decade yet today the steam tur i i
bine is attracting the attention of our leading engineers and users of I
large amounts of power such as our electric light corporations and trac I
lion companies are using this new machine to drive the generators i
From Franklins kite and key to the modern electric automobile i 1
rolling smoothly along the road is a long step and again we owe it to
science that the development of the electric current has made this possiI
isle Then there is our means for signalling and transmitting thought
from continent to continent by means of the cable there is the tele
graph for land there is the telephone i there is the modern system of i
fubmarine signalling whereby a ship may locate at a distance of sev I
eral miles the position of a shoal marked by a submarine bellto say
pothing of the means by which we signal without conductors making
Use of the higher wave vibrationsI
We arc completing more brdgc every year longer in span and
rapable of carrying greater loads than ever before and we are burrow
Ing under the earth and under the harbors to secure quicker and mon
direct communication between the different sections of our cities Land
is becoming more valuable and where once as the height of the build
ing increased so we increased the thickness of the wall to carry the
added load now we change the construction of our buildings so that
we may waste as little as possible of the land and yet carry our buildings
higher Where once we were well satisfied with the several chemicals
of nature or those which required but a comparatively small amount
of manipulation now we are making synthetically a purer and cheaper
chemical than we once obtained directly from nature
Once tllgskins of animals served man as clothing but now the
highest skill is commanded to produce for him fabrics varied in texture
and ornamented to please his eye and the textile industries alone
demand the services of those skilled and trained in designing harmony
Qf color mechanics heat light electricity and chemistry It is a fact
worthy of note that most of the dyestuffs of the present time arc bypro
ducts of gas works coming from the oils carried by the coal tar being
made serviceable for the dyer and printer by the chemist The indigo
plantations in India have been seriously affected by the production of
artificial indigo this being made from the coal tar and requiring the
services of trained chemists
Through all the example cited it is to be seen that an increasing
number of technically trajned men is demanded by the industries and
as new applications of the forces of nature are made opportunity for
advancement is offered to those who arc willing to apply themselves to
the solution of the problems involved If there were no more to do
than replace woniout or broken constructions these fields would have
little interest but it is the fresh developments that add fresh interest
and these applications demand the very best energies that a man can
nutrrig1ttt nf iittn
Eminent ChlcitfoPaitor
Are we sovereign
There is onlone realm
where man is sovereign
completely and that is
in the realm of morals
A man is king eternal
over his own actions If
not there is no excuse
In politics men are slaves We talk of complete sovereignty but it
is not so Everything is cut and dried even before the primary The
leaders lead us The only thing is to be led and not know it And yet
we think we arc kings ri
But I turn again to the dictum Every man is a king If he dots
not wish to exercise authority over self then he must suffer I
To say drunkenness is a disease is sheer nonsense Men would like
to have all sin disease Death comes from sin and yet it is not disease in
the true sense of the word Men love sin better th in sovereignty Let
us be kings then in the fullest sense of the word We can bo we ought
to be There is no throne so big as a pure manhood We can in it sitI
and rule self Will we do it or not Let us be up and doing at once
ere it is too late Kings are we Gods kings Thrones we have Let
us reign
rClgnI I
wrttrqrri ulttriri
Of the Unlvenlty ot Chicago
The demands of the I
teachers work can be
met only by those whom
nature has endowed I
with a high order Of I
I IThl teacher to whom
is intrusted the fostering care of otfr children should surely be one whose
Ability we respect How is it possible to satisfy the conscience if a policy
other than this prevails Is there anything more precious than the child
whether viewed from the point of view of the family or the state Is
not his training a thing of preeminent importance And yet we are
willing to pay to his teacher a salary far less than is paid in many cases
to the keeper of our horses or to the keeper of our cattle
Who cannot sec the utter absurdity of this The teachei every
thing being considered should be and in many cases is the equal of the
man or woman who enter into any other professional life
I Lesson il1UIC International Series
for July 31 10o1Omri
and Ahab
Prepared by the Highway and By
way Preacher
Copyright 1901 by J M Kdion
t1lngl 16SSJ Memory Verstr SOS3
23 In the thirty mid tint year of An
king of Judah began Omrl to reign over
Israel 12 yearn nix fins reigned he In
a And he bought Ihe hill Snmnrln of
Shemer for two talents of stiver and built
on the hill and called tho name of the city
which he built after the name of Shemer
owner of the hill Bumorla
K Hut Omrl wrought evil In the eye of
the Loiif and did wore than all that were
M For ho walked In all the way of
Jeroboam the ton of Nebat and In his
sin wherewith he made Israel to sin to I
provoke the Lord God of Israel to auger
with their vanities 1
Z7 Now the rest of the nets of Omrl
which ho sId mid his might that tie chew i d
are they not written In the buck of the
chronicles of the kings of Israel I
IS So Omrl slept with his fathers and
was burled In Samaria and Stub hilionI
reigned In I
his stead
29 And in the thirty and eighth year of
Ala king of Judah began Ahab the Ion of
Omrl to reign over Israel and Ahab the
Ion of Omrl reigned over asset In Samaria I
twenty and two years
W And Ahab the ion of Omrl did tvll
In the sight or the Iord above all that were
before him I
SI And it came to palt s as If it hud bn
a light thing for him to wnlk In the ulna of
Jeroboam the son of Nebat that he tk
to wire Jezebel the daughter of Kthtiml i
king of the Uonlnnj and went and wrvul
Haul and worshiped him I
K And he reared up an altar for heal in
the house of Haul which he had built In I
SI And Ahab made a grove and Ahab
did more to provoke the Lord God of Israel
to anger than all tho kings of Israel that i
were before him
THE IKSSON Includes King I HllSl
giving a portion of the history or the upper
kingdom which Is not given In Chronicles
GOLDKN TKXT Itlghleoune xalN
eth a nation but sin M u reproach to unjr
peopleIrov UU
TlMUThlriynve year from the nc
ceeslon of Nadnb to that of Ahab and eke
beginning of Ahabs reign Ahab cam to
the throne SIS II C We go back over
but Sunday to take up the story of Ahab
and Elijah
Events in Israel Included In This
Israel was plunged Into a bloody period
of Internal drift following the reign of
llaasha Uanirm died In the twenty axlh
year of the reign of Asa king of Judah and
hls eon Blah became king and reigned two
years when Zlmrl captain ef half his
army murdered him seised the throne
and then alaughiered all of the royal tem
ily Xlmrl rclcm d seven da > s and then
burned himself to death In the mace et
Tlrzah to Mcap rapture by Omrl cap
lain of the host ofliraei Half Israel tken
follow ed Omfl And hall Tibnl Warfare be
tween the two divisions of unhappy Israel
llnally ended In tht death of Ttbnl when
Omrl became sole king Upon hit death
Ahab hi son became king in the thirty
eighth year of the reign of Asa king of
Comparing Scripture with Scripture
nought the hill Sanarlaand built I
tin the bllltb palace at the capital of I
Tlrxah was in ruins see verso IS and
Omrl selected this desirable site com
bluing as It did strength beauty and fer I
tility for the royal buildings
A WICKED bulldlliSII
Omrl did worse than all that were
before hlmNote the steady d cllno i
In the moral and religious conditions In I
Israel The seeds of Idolatry which
Jcreboam had sown are bringing forth
a terrible harvest Gal 678 Sins
road always runs downward
Acts of Omrl rltton11IIa sol
emn thought to realise that Rod records
the acts of men Horn 1412 Even the j
201215 The record loft for mans
reading was but a small part of thlt
wicked kings most iniquitous reign
God has the complete record however
and It will bo brought forth some day
Omrl slept with his fathers Death
must come to all The wicked may es
cape God In this life but deaths hand
drags Into the presence of Cod2 Cor 1
Ahab did evil In the sight of the
Lord above all that were before him
There were two reasons for this his
wicked father and his most wicked i
wife It Is said that a wife makes or mars
a man Ruin came to Israel again and
again through matrimonial alliances
See Josh 2312 13 Neb 2313 23 29i
Even Solomon made shipwreck In this I
way 1 Kings 1115 and Ichostmphat i
fell Into this snare later See 2 Chron
216 I
Jezebel the daughter of tho Zldonlan
king was utterly given to the devil
She lkwas who brought all the licen
tiousness connected with the worship
of Baal airil Ashteroth The connection
between the Indulgence of Impurity and
the declension of the spiritual life Is
very close In Ilomans 1 Paul tells us
that men that refuse to retain God In
their knowledge are given up to the
workings of passion They lose the
sweet clear Impression of the truth and
nearness of tho Christ Do pure
Reared up an altar for DaalTho
sun was worshiped under various Im
ages Reference IB made to tho one set
up by Ahab In 2 Kings 32 The priests
officiated barefoot and dancing and kiss
ling the Image were among the chief
rites From pasglrc share In the wor
ship of Baal ho quickly passed to tho
active participation and lent his ener
glen and kingly wealth and Influence to
establish and spread this abominable
heathen worship
Seed Thoughts
Sin like noxious weeds Is a rapid
grower and prolific seed producer
God sees evil when man is blind to it
o rim I and Ahab may have been winning
the approval and applause of their pea
pIe while they were Incurring the con
demnation of Cod
A fair face may mask a wicked heart
Many a Iran has been captivated by the
first only to find disaster and ruin
through the influence of tho second A
bud woman Is always worse than a bad
man because woman Is cast In a finer
mold and more readily runs to ox
treme goodness or extreme badness
r fkr
11V j t L
Dy S D aicMnnus
Copyright by the Rams Horn Chicago
Winners Hoimo
Now alnl It grand
Nothing linn la
the land
When the folks come
up thin way down
from Kllnt and
And we snnler up
mid down sceln
eights around the
They dont seem to
have no IIIIe for the
All iht > really mwm
to seer In Imtlr
pile of masonry
Pine Now I should
calculate grand
enough for poten
Ilullt of mono from
land know where I
cover more than
half n square
Marbo ales and
nods efstoop fancy
llxlna lace and
Prom the cellar to
the to > makes a
stranger Hand and I
W a I ks nruntiln
through the grew
dogs and lions made of brain
And Inxlde Ive heard It told Is a sight just
to behold
Like a palace no I guess just one doggoned
Pictures big as double doors catty carpel
on the floor
Marble wltnmen Iron kids strange things
from tho 1jnunldii
Curtlngn a nth n house anti lot oven more
lfn llfcelyn not
Crockery thInG from forma part rrpro
s s tln ancient arts
Goodncm me fly what folk tell what
alai there haint bea to Mil
Make think look ilk thirty cats Mm
mon truck without pretense
WImr Ilouno Look yonder tkofe where
the black amok tub the air
What Is thnt you italnly see T That Is
WlemerlI Ilrowrrjr
Here Is where be coin Itle gold pilen his
rlItM up uatold
This lei Wlemrr private mlntX tile
Mm to nil latent
Wlemera louse ao fair to nee Is but nan
shaft to mlcerr
Itverjr atone within It walls HIeotly for
JtMttce call
Could Itey cry aloud like mm they would
tell whAt tenrue nor pea
Could net utter for the tall would make
stoutest heart to fall
WIdow cries would read the air shrieks
of Buffering and despair
Ilroken henna would moan In grist nr r
Ing for deaths sweet roller
Starving chlldre cold unfed benglag for
u cruet of bread
Might be heonlOod span tho lBl err
tag In the lonely night
Jntyer of mother might bo hoard Mb 0
War am lash broken r srll
Then would sound the murderer Imo
tag an from deepest hell
And the clunk nt felons chaise curdling
Wed within the vein
Ulght resound through hall and room like
11IIgllt awful cry of doom
Wlemeri liens Now sore may tough
but I Ne an epitaph
On every stone within Its wails ITIrbu
a tombII princely hall
Hullt at a rent beyond all prleeet nt4
fat with Mcrlfkt
It wall are red with human blood M dIed
M stained no earthly flood
Can wash them elean 0 house of IHllt
whose pobwn choke the very breath
How dlowly creep the lime apace when on
earth shall be no place
For brewery saloon and den to blight and
cures the oula of men
Oed speed the dar when from our sight
thee shell be banished Palo night
And Cods good world hall henceforth be
forever from Intemiwrnara free
How Men Who Think Consider the
Effect of AlcoholThey All
Condemn It
I hardly know any more potent cause
of disease than alcohol Sir W Gull
Alcoholic liquors arc poisonous be
rauzc they contain alcohol Frank
Woodbury M D
No other poison kills as quick If
enough Is taken at onceD VT Rich
ardson M D
When people understand what alcohol
Is and what It ddcs they will put It out
of existence Wlllard Parker M D
I can no more accept alcohol as food
than I can chloroform or ether James
Edmunds M D
Alcoholic drinks are poisons In the
fame sense as arc opium arsenic chloro
form etc and should bo sold under tho
porno laws as these poisons K S Davis
Dire Results of n Physicians Advice
The following illustration of bad ad
vice In tho lecture roods Is probably not
an exceptional case A professor of
motorla medica lecturing on cocaine
called It one of tho greatest of all stim
ulants and perfectly harmless Ho cited
his own experience of Its good effects
and advised the does to personally test
It In debility and exhaustion Of a
class of 32 who listened to tills advice
five became cocaine takers within two
years Ten years later 13 of this class
were drug and spirit takers In all
probability the use of cocaine was the
starting point of their addictions Four
died from the direct UEO of this drug
Evidently more than half of tho class
bad followed the advice of the teacher
and were wrecked A few years after
the professor became ail Invalid and
retired from tho profession In all prob
ability a victim of his own counsel and
confidence in cocaine Journal of In
At the annual burn < 7 meeting of the
Norway Grove Lutheran church Mil
waukee WIs the followlrc resolution
was adopted Gods wolJ teaches us
that neither drunkards nor gluttons
shall Inherit the kingdom of God
Exact Transcription from the Weekly
Account Dook of n Work
Hare Is an exact transcription from
a worklugumns weekly book account
Sunday t 71 I
Monday morning 1 whisky Is
Monday noon Z jrliiMO hoer tl
Monthly evening 3 glrtMwi bror 1 >
Monilny fviiilntf 3 tents fort 30
frlvtida IS KIA o oorif
wtdnadd ° 118 Santo osasettonJuy
fur oir CI
Thursday Z whUklc 3 Deers CII
Friday 4 beers 0
Saturday evening 11 drunk I 106 75
Paul standing bill fnrconl 2 W I
Owe the saloon keeper M
Owe for groceries 2 m
OWe far mont I 31
Own forwent S IOI7 W
Itocelvwl for five days work 17 W
This statement was made out on Sun
day In tho presence of his wlfo and
four children while trying to lccp warm
before an empty grate with the ther
mometer 1C degrees below zero says tho
American Issue There was no coal In
tho house nothing to eat no money
and no credit outside
It shows that for five days work ho
received 7GO of which 575 went for
Intoxicating liquors
It further shows that ho was short
for groceries meat and rent 626 That
Is to say he had paid all his drink bill
but 25 cents as his account shows
doublings under compulilon of getting
no more drink while tho legitimate
tradesmen were left to whistle
This shows where tho money goes
Who ronht the bills for this business
Tho landlord who loses his rent the
baker the butcher and tho grorer tho
charitable persons who pity the chil J
drop and keep them from starving and
the taxpayer who support tho Jails
prisons tho hospital and tho alms
houses whero such folks fetch up a
lastWho aI
Who make the money Tho saloon
keeper who Is privileged to All the land
with poverty wretchedness madness
crime disease death and damnation
being authorised by the sovereign peo
pleAre you one of the sovereign people
You cannot take the sting out of tho Q
saloon by rutting off Its rattlea Hams i +
Horn I
A little real resolution against ell
would do much more good than many
written eoluUolUHnan Horn
Tho Isattt of brandy and beer as part
of the army ration will It Is said txr
nbolMxMl throughout the whole German
empire In tho near future
The IMUO of brandy and beer as partI
of tho army ration will It Is said bo
abolished throughout tho whole German
empire In the near future
Hotels anti drug store In llostnn Mil
lag liquor to women have stiffer d the
penalty of withdrawal of their licenses
IMtlee CommlMlonor Kmmons new
broom Is doing a deal of sweeping
The Michigan Christian Advocate ex
presses the Mntlment of every true
American citizen In been words It
wo could we would transform every
brewery Into a manufactory every sa I
loon Into A store every saloon keeper
Into a farmer and every drinker Into a
total abstainer
A remarkable feature of the New
York Ghetto one that puts to shame UiN
ChrlHlanliMr districts of the city Is
the paucity of saloons No gaudy and
enticing establishment for drink aro
found there and although saloons dot
exist they are far apart and so poor In
appearance lIS to Indicate that they have
little or no custom Even these saloon
occur on the streets whore many people
other than Jews pass
Teaching Theologs Temperance
A theological seminary of the Free
Lutheran church In Minnesota has taken
up tho subject of Alcohol and the
Prink Evil A course of lectures has
been given to Its students to which
clergymen and lecturers of all tho Nor
wegian temperance associations have
been Invited The pro ldcllt of tho lent
inary declares that the alcoholic sub
ject has become to prominent a part ot
tho evils of the world that clergymen
must bo trained to meet and teach tho
public Its extent and how to remove It
A movement Is projected to have a
course of lectures at the worlds fair In
October In St Louis designed particu
larly for temperance lecturers teach i
ers and reformers These lectures am
to bo exclusively devoted to tho actiont
of alcohol on the body and the disorders
which follow from Its use In Norway
at the University of Upsala a course of
lectures has been given by tho mcdlcoj
professors which was very largely at ¬
tended by clergymen and others Inter
ested In tho subjectJournal of In
Change of Sentiment in Vermont
They tried It and did not like It that
Is to say the peoplo of Vermont are ex
periencing a revulsion In temperance
sentiment caused by the excesses which
followed tho repeal of tho prohibitory
law At the recent elections tho results
wore very gratifying Last year there
were 92 license towns while this year
there are only 3G A great victory for
iioHccnBo was won In Hutland tho
homo of P W Clement who was the
leader In tho agitation for tho repeal of
prohibition The AntiSaloon league
has been active and successful In arous
ing the temperance sentiment ot tho
state Christian Workv
Temperance Restaurant in Munich
A temperance restaurant has been
city of Germany It has been promoted
and helped by tho temperance societies
ot the city and Dr Max Grube president
of the Vienna congress In 1001 and
professor of the university at Munich
Dr Forcl says that if anyone had told +
him when ho was a student and doctor
In Munich that suoh a thing would over I
bo possible In that city ho would have
said that such a person wall cracked

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