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Shopping Methods of Russian
Officers at Mukden
rrntyseven Cnr LoddnWllh Sup
I plies Iriim llurliln Mown Surround
ed b r l Juicer and Irlvnlra nr
Containing rrovUlonn ClKnrrtlr
and lliiuon the Moat Popular He
murk About a Tardy Lieutenant
Twentyseven curs just In from
Tfiut wan the Joyful mcxsago that re
costly traveled by wont of mouth all
over Mukden and up and down tho
Bhu river on the north bank fcnyri
Hlchard II Little special correspond
lJeat of tho Chicago News In Manchuria
1t OlllciTH CHIUO patting Into tuwn from
every direction Tho twentyBovcn curs
were loaded with all soils of supplies
for tho Economical Hoclirjy the organ
ization which furnlshi rations and ar
ticles of tllIlllrn lIt and wearing up
partl to the llusslan olllcera In the
The dejwt of tho society In on tho
tracks at the HiMslaii wettlemei at
Mukden In the very can that bring
down tho supplied Wo mounted and
rode down In haute
A crowd of over u thousand olllcera
Boldlew and Chliuite mirroundcd the
cure Tito customer for each car
formed a long inaky line that curved
and twist wl around through tho crowd
and away to Its outer edge Soldiers
tOW 11111111 IOllt1 to buy for ofllcvrs or
holding place In tho line for olllcers
made up the majority of the prosper
tlvu custoiuira of lie cum but many
ultima livid their own places In the
Hue The provision cars nod those
contnlnlng till cigarettes nod liquors
were till most popular Tho crowd
surged up to tho doom of these corn
n all day long Tho doom of the rail
road cam arC fire feet front the ground
und plunk and step have Ixxju made
on which the patient crowd ascend
Inch by Inch nnd hour after hour to
that proud eminence where they stand
the envy of till beholden nnd buy unit
buy and buy
Ai each separate article bought In
handed out the purchaser 1101111111 It ti >
his faithful xoldler servants or bhp Chi
rniie attaches who are waiting behind
him ou either iddo of tho line holding
up their bankets ready to be filled
Some of thu oillcrr when utter long
hours of waiting they finally reach the
pout of honor scent loath to leave It
They run through ono long list and
just ns tho luau Inhind think his turn
ban arrived at but the olllccr in front
Untie out another list and begins buy
hug all over again When ho gets
X through with thin Hit he half turn
away and tho man btblnd given a sigh
of relief unit bawl out Twcntyllvo
boxes of clgarattPNl but tho man In
front iii only reaching tor a third list
of things ho linn promised to buy tor
his general and his colonel and his four
lieutenant colonel and two doctor
friend la the hospital nnd three cap
tall who have n mesa close to bin
Then sinister whispers run down the
line My friend Dukcwlch tnttrslntcd
some of the remark rondo the ether
day when nn officer who had purchas
ed from four lists dug up the fifth
Why dont the army purchasing
agent buy their supplies In St To
UTsburgr growled a black whiskered
Cossack captain
Shr whispered another In n sub
dued voice that couldnt bo heard more
than COO yards away That la Gen
eral Kuropatkln Iu disguise Hes buy
Ing six mouths rations for the army
It hes going to buy out tblll train
1voluuteerd n very cross looking CIr
casalnn why doesnt ho say sot Then
well go away nUll wait until a train
conic down that ho doesnt want
The little lieutenant who was tho ob
Sect of all these pleasantries never bat
ted an eye nit ho reached down In an
other pocket and brought forth n fresh
Fifty tins of ham ho calmly an
Cannibal roared somebody
The little lieutenant mulled sweetly
while tho patient lino snickered
Thirty pound of rice ordered the
J lieutenant
UmhuhP Bald the Cossack captain
A Japanese I thought so Its a Jup
anese trick to keep us from gutting
Ho the muttered laments kept up un
ell the lieutenant finished hU purchases
und HqucczvU himself out through tho
crowd on tho side and disappeared fold
s lowed by u largo retinue of Cossacks
i and Chinese bearing his plunder
There are all sorts of warm clothing
a designed especially for bitter cold
weather to be found hjthe Economical
store The overcoats are lined with
ihotrpB wool and sell at the very teaS
goimblo price of 27 ruble about 13
gold apiece The favorite coat with
the olllcera Is n leather jacket that
looks like the automobile lOut worn In
tluvpnlted States JJ Is curled Vtho
Swedish coat and being lined with
nhccpa wool makes n garment that Is
both warm nnd very strong for camp
wear About three out of every live
olllcera one meets now wear these1
Tho connoisseur In boots would bo
filled with delight It he visited the Eco
nomical store ISootn form one of the
most Important Items of dress to Hits
Astuns and they pay ns much careful
ItDIIiI fond attention to their boots as we
do to necktie and flllk hats There
are a dozen different kinds of boots Iu
tho Economical store There are tho
F ting that aro greatly prized by guard
odlccra and good dressers generally
Pathetic Story of the 1rumntlsta
Last Singe Apprarnnco
There Is n pathetic account of Mo
IforuH last upi > varuuco Which shown the
supreme courage which sicklies could
nOt dissipate and which was a part
of him till death Ills health bad long
been falling and he had Htiffcrcd for
yearx with a distressing cough which
rapidly became worse On the day of
the third prisentatloti of Ia Mulade
Imnilnulri 1073 he wan so 111 that
his wife and friends fiilrcitted him not
to perforui tint he was deaf to their
appeal What can I doV he Bald
There are forty workmen who have
only their dully pay to live upon and
they will lose that If I do not act I
should reproach myself if I neglected
to give them their bread for a single
day Though moro than usually In
deposed ho went through his part with
great dllllculty Once during the per
formance tho company could not but
see that he was convulsed but he pass
ed It off with a forced laugh When
it was over ho left the stage saying
to his friends The cold Is killing me
Ho was wrapped up warmly and his
chair man sent to convey him to his
home No sooner was he Iu bed than
ho was seized with a violent fit of
coughing which brought on a hemor
rhage mad ho died before his wife
could reach his side Ills last word
were to assure his friend that the
hemorrhage was not alarming In any
way and urging them to take courage
Some That Are 8upp Ltd to Posies I
M MatcloiQualltr v
Some Japanese mirror are supposed
to posse it magic quality which ball
rendered them object of superstitious
1 rovereuco for centuries and in fact
It huts even puzzled modern science not
n little When n strong beam of light
Is so reflected from one of them 011 to
bo thrown upon a screen there appends
upon the screen an Image Iu delicate
I tracery perfectly reproducing the pat
tern engraved In relief on the back of
the mirror which of course III alto
gether hidden from tho light Inas
much as the face of the mirror present
n surface that Is perfectly smooth up
i porontly the reason for this phenome
non III dllllcult to find Its cause how
I ever III ulinpru enough The prelimi
nary operation of polishing the face
consists In scoring the cant disk with n
sharp tool In every direction
The thicker portions where the or
nomenta lion In relief Is on the back
offer more resistance and the result U
i a corresponding Inequality of tho pole
shed surface This Inequality Is not
Ufllclcutly marked to bo visible to tho
naked eye but It II enough to turn the
rays of llguj and thus the pattern of
tho engraving on the buck Is reproduc
ed on the screen in the manner descrlb
ed These so called magic mirrors are
so highly valued that they sell from
ton to twenty time tho price paid for
ordinary ones
A 1roollnrUr of Ohoili
Scientific personages 1111 well ns the
rest of us have nlwny been puzzled by
tbo degeneration of the dead both la
taste and In Intellectual power No
matter bow fastidious a man may have
becu during his lifetime ho Is no soon
er dead than bo develop a marked par
tiality for back room up two flights
of greasy rickety stairs In disreputable
tenement Ills favorite environment
Is now dirt nnd squalor and his fa
vorlto companion are the Ignorant and
the half wilted The naturo of the
next world the aching secret which
tho human race through all ages hat
eaten Its heart out to know is Ignored
by theso modern ghosts in favor ot
shoestrings which they happened to
leave In the corner of an old desk and
which they beseech UI to go and Dad
Chicago Tribune
Annoanolnir n Meal
Among the curious byway of social
history and household custom says the
London Globe Is that which I s concern
ed with the mode of announcing that
dinner or any other meal Is or shortly
will he ready Thu dlmicr bell Is of
course tho oldest of these modes In
mediaeval times the monastery or con
vent bell rang out on tho quiet country
air many time In the course ot tho
day and night nnd ono of tho many
summonses was that which drew them
to the refectory And in later ages
there are frequent allusions In liters
tutu which show that the bell method
was still In constant favor notwith
standing the customary use of other
modes of summons
Spoiled 111 Trip
A man In central Kansas according
to the Kansas City Journal had trou
ble with his wlfo and more trouble
with ids motherinlaw The wife
died On tho day of the funeral tho
undertaker started to put the man In
the name hack with his motherlnIaw
The eau balked
I wont ride with her said he
Hut you must replied the under
taker Tho other hack are all full
Well It I must I will said the
man but It will take away nil the
I pleasure of tho trip t
A Generous Offer
When Miss Helen Keller was at the
exposition In St Louis iu 1001 she vis
ited thoJapaneso tea house and for a
few minutes shook hnnds with somo of
tho waitresses little olive colored woe
men who spoke almost no English but
expressed their Interest and Intelli
genre without words
Many weeks utter Miss Keller had
returned to Boston she heard from an
olllclal of tho exposition that one of
tho Japanese waitresses had gone to
n St Louis physician and naked to
hove pnu of her eyes taken out and giv
en to Miss Keller When she was told
that such a gift was Impossible aha
wept in bitter disappointment
aIi1 + + 11111 + 11 3iiII4 + +
Berea Teachers
Anoint iu iKntm ran
Some Reasons For Joining The B T C
A few days ago the writer was
naked tho qucl tollCtWhat good Js
to come from Joining the Borea
Teachers Club fIt
It is a most practical question and
ono which should be asked before
going into any now work It is one
also that everyone should be able to
answer in regard to any thing they
ask others to support I will en
duavor to answer the question to tho
best of my ability for the benefit of
thoso who read THE CITIZEV
Borea College has much work to
do but tho greatest of all is tho
formation of an ideal iu the mind of
every student upon whom it brings
its influence to bear This ideal is
that life is u service and ts to bo
measured by the amount that man
kind is uplifted by the strong pure
earnest life of tho individual If
you have or are striving for this
ideal and are determined to make
every hour spent iiNtlio schoolroom
count for the utmost in its influence
upon tho fives of your pupils and
your life in the community bea
blessing to the lifo of tlmt com
munity then you should join the
Club so that you may unite your
efforts with those who are in har
mony with you in aims and ideals
Our State needs teachers who feel
that teaching is a sacred mission
whether followed for n year or for a
lifetime and Berca wants her
students to fill this need If you
arc in a community with low
educational ideals you may find it
lard to hold up to your higher ones
but if you hear each week from
your fellow teachero who are in
sympathy with you and nre able to
discuss problems with them through
the Club column Itwill bo much
Besides this general encourage
ment how many will lee 1ns they
take up some topic during the fall
that they would like to have the
ideas of some one moro experienced
than themselves as to how it can be
made of the greatest value to the
child t You should call for those
through the Club column
Then aside from the professional
interests there is tho social side of
our lives How glad wo would bo to
know how our friends are pro
greasing in their work We cannot
correspond with them allso let us
allow tho Club to do this Who
would fail to look for THE CITIZEN
with eagerness each week if they
know it would contain bits of news
from a dozen old friend seach week l
Join tho Club and writo us every
few weeks and this will be accom
Finally there is the business side
to tho Club Every teachpr should
plan to invest part olCen n
books that will be frieqda for lifo
You can do this through tho College
if you are aD T C member Are
theso sufficient reasons for joining
tho Club If not say BO and more
will be forthcoming space permits
Floyd Lucas got a good first grade
certificate in June lie made 00 per
cent In arithmetic That is n com
pliment to tho examiners in his
County for it shows that they have
good eyes for small errors Ile will
begin school on July 17th and be in
Borea next winter and spring Miss
Lucy Brewer will teach rtt Carters
villo Garrard County Her sister
will teach at Copper Creek iu tho
same County Both got good cer
tificates Miss Lucy a good first
grade and her sister showing that
who easily will next time
Miss Maxio Ponder secured a cer
tificate in the Juno examination
which is n credit to her She will
teach in Rockcasllo County J
Parties desiring picnic or camping
privileges on College Forest lands
must secure written permission from
Prof S C Mason Supt of Preserve
The Thin Mice of the Chlncir
The very first thing that II Cliliiuiimn
takes when he gets up In tho morning
la n bowl of hot congee or an he I
calls Jt thin rice This IB simply
rice bolletl away to n tlilniilsli drink
able consistency If allowed to cool It
would thicken Into paste Some core
Is required to nmko It properly ItI
tho water Is visible and not tho rice
says Yuan Mel that Is not congee
It the rlco Is visible and not tho water I
that Is not cougee either Tho two I
must be ludistlugulslmlily blended be
fore you can call the result congee
Nat Nnrotlnblv
Do you over look back Dlobbs on
tho days of your boyhood the dear
faces In the home the moou uhlnlng
on tho river the hills tho valleys
Xo Interrupted IMobbs brusquely
It doesnt pays
Doesnt pay what
Dividends Chicago RecordHer
+ lhHIH + IIHI1ItlI IIt1It
The Home
hIIllIlI 11I IlIIl II 1111
Headache Powders Kill Girl
Headache powders taken while she
was suffering from grip are said to
have hastened the death of Lillian
M Wright a sixteenyearold Cam
den girl who died suddenly early
yesterday morning at her home 334
Pine street
An investigation showed that the
headache powders contained f1
luantity of acctauilie which acted
directly upon tho heart
On Wednesday Miss Wright stop
ped at tbo home of Mrs Bishop at
105 South Fifth street a friend of
the family She complained ora
violent headache and n relative of
Mrs Bishops went after some head
ache powders Miss Wright took
three of them at intervals with no
j relmU
She was unable to go home that
night and on Thursday she was taken
in n carriage Her condition grew
worse and that night a pHysician
was called She was unconscious
when he nrr oonnd remained in
that condition until her deathPhi
ladelphia Ledger
Temperament and Food
For billions persons a chart of lifo
published today by Prof Boyd
Laynard gives emphatic warning of
dangerous rocks in the shape of
sausages pork turtle and other com
modities Eels must not be eaten by
brain workers chilly persons should
cultivate a last for sardines while ire
ritable people aro warned away from
ginger and the melancholy man
must not troch bacon
Whitebait it is suggested is in
advisable for persons who are of an
amorous nature asparagus is forbid
den to thoso who Buffer from excite
ment and languid persons are told
to be careful when they indulge in
peas potatoes arrowroot and maca
Duck for some mysterious reason
is described as unsuitable for the
bashful tho irate tho pale the
drowsy and tho inebriate St James
t Cause of Diphtheria
Diphtheria is a widespread disease
which is perhaps more prevalent in
largo towns than in country districts
It is to be classed among the infec
tious fevers and it certainly is one of
the most dangerous of them all It
is most frequently met with among
children but adults are by no means
The real cause of the disease is now
known to boa minute germ somewhat
resembling a rod in shape when seen
under a very high magnifying power
This germ causes severe inflame
nation of the lining membrane of
the throat nose eye or indeed of
any part of tho body with which it
comes in contact It has also the
special power of forming a tough
and very adherent membrane It is
this membrane which causes so much
of the danger connected with the
disease as it blocks up the windpipe
and so prevents the natural ingress
and egress of air to and from the
Tho germ of diphtheria is exceed
ugly difficult to destroy It is there
fore very virulent and no ordinary
disinfectant has tho powor of com
pletely exterminating it This fact
must be carefully borne in inincl as
on it depends tho great importance
of exercising tho most stringent
measures with regard to disinfection
both during the course of and after
recovery human attack of diphthe
ria Scotsman
Odd War In Which Ile WnlU Were
Decorated by Indian
Thousands of arrows shot by bands
of Indians for possibly centuries pro
trude from a nssure several hundred
feet long In the rocky walls of Arrow
canyon about twenty miles from Uio
crossing of the Salt Lake railroad over
the Moapoa river says the Los Angeles
At a point where the perpendicular
wall of tho canyon Juts out about 200
feet above tho canyon bed a thin
snakellko fissure runs In tho rpck Sue
connive generations of Indiana Imvo
gone to tho place at regular Intervals
and shot their gnyly bcfcathcred ar
rows upward forming a fringed scarf
unique In Its oddity Tho arrows are
so thick that llttlo room la left for
more and owing to the position of the
Ossuro at a height of 200 feet and un
der the shelving wall thu relics pro
tected from the weather have stuck
where they were driven In uncounted
years ago
Already relic hunters are visiting the
place and despoiling It of Its treasures
by shooting the arrows out with revolve
ers and rlllcs In tho sands of the bed
of the canyon many arrowheads of
various sizes and shapes are found
buried It Is believed that the Indians
visited this spot In connection with
Bpine rite Crude strqngo figures have
beeu ut by them Iu the face of the rock
IIrlIIIH + IH 1 I 1 1 + JHHH
dt11IMIThe Farm
The Revival of Country Fairs
Ono of tho most hopeful signs of a
renewed interest in livestock through
out Kentucky is the number of county
fairs that will bo held this year Time
was when every shire town of a few
hundred inhabitance boasted its fair
duration the premiums given might
reach a total of only a few hundred
dollars but to tho people of the com
munity where it was held that fair was
the most important event of the year
It offered the opportunity for a vaca
tion frou work for the social inter
mingling of friends and neighbors for
the exhibition of the best stock of all
the surrounding country fair the do
cision of the mooted question of tho
respective merit of the different liar
ness horses of the section
These fairs taken collectively were
of tho greatest service to the State
They stimulated ambition and advanc
ed ideas for improvement in farming
methods By competition they inspired
greater care of live stock and the
acquisition of pure blood lines They
were of marked educational value
But for various reasons they were
discontinued in many counties The
financial stringency of ten years ago
was the death knell of many Beyond
I a doubt however the failure of tho
State to properly encourage them by
tho establishment of a first class State
Fair caused a general lack of interest
i and a final falling off Such a State
Fair is to tho county fairs what a
State University is to tho public
school system They need it as an
inspiration an example the comple
Lion of the education in agriculture
and live stock for which they lay so
good a foundation
The discontinuance of these fairs
was unquestionably a serious loss
Take mere results to prove the bs
sortion Kentucky has fallen far from
the position she once held in the pro
A comparatively few years ago buy
ers from allover America flocked here
fof Shorthorns Jerseys and other
grades of cattle for mules and sheep
as well as for horses of all sorts To
get the best blood and finest indi
viduals they had to come here Now
the more northern States of the Mid
die West Indiana Illinois Iowa
and othershave taken the cattle
trade from us Missouri has outstrip
ped us far in the production of mules
Other sections have greater trotting
horses than we It is not that the
brand of tho Bluegrass is not still of
inestimable value carrying with it
an assurance of quality that nothing
favored by nature as wo are we can
not still produce better animals of
whatever sort than any other section
of tho country The fact is simply
that we have sold off so much of our i
best parent stock of various kinds
that wo have no longer been ablo to
supply the demand As a consequence
the trade has gone elsewhere
Tho revival of country fairs and tho
establishment of a first class State
Fair are sure to result in an impetus
I to tho live stock interests of Kentucky
The old spirit of desire to produce the
best blooded stock will bo rekindled in
in trotters tempted by a fictitous
value to go beyond the limit Of pru
dence and who disgusted with that
failure have since letall stock alone
will again begin the production of
some grade of cattle or stock of other
sort And from such beginnings small
perhaps but generalwill come once
more results of which the State may
I maybe
I distant when Kentucky will again be
I hailed as leader in every branch of
live stock It will require hard work
general education and unflagging
enthusiasm But it is worth tho effort
if our people will but realizo it
Kentucky Farmer and Breeder
All persons having claims against
the estate of Simpson Gentry are
notified to present this on or before
the first day of August 1005 prop
Adm of Simpson Gentry
Too bad about DIngman going
wrong Isnt IU
Yes but I havent been grieving
much about It My wife always held
him up to mo as a model Detroit
ACommon Trait
I have noticed Bays the Hon Alex
Appleby that everybody who has a
tooth pulled says It was one of the
most stubborn the dentist over extract
ed Kansas City Times
Two View
The Lover There Is nothing sweeter
than making up a lovers quarrel Mar
ried Cynic Well Its different after
youre married l Then It generally
means millinery
N + a
r r
Office over Post Office
5 3t
and 1000 other articles
for sale at
Depot Street Phone 40
Just around the corner
Hump Back
a + tarrr
scorrs EMULSION wont make I
hump back straight neither will It make y
I short leg long but It feeds soft born 1
end hems disused bone and Is among
the few genuine means of recovery In
Iebh tad bone cnrucmpUon
SCOTT If COW N Chemist
4OCHS Pearl Sired New Yule
Sex and jtoo all druqbts
The SuperiorStone Fence Post
Just invented Composed of
Sand Portland Cement Gravel
andCarbon Steel Looped Wire
Made on your own farml Cheap
as wood Any farmer call make
them fo self and sale County
and sjatp rights for sale Do
you want big profits in an lion
orablejjusiness f Writo to
W T S GREAR General Agent
Bought at topnotch prices by
Depot Street Borea Ky
We Risk It
Druggists Who Sell
Dr Miles Nervine
Agree If It Fails
To Refund Cost
Of course we rclmbuno tho druggist
You know blip and trust blm
Dr Miles Nervine la medicine for your
It cures diseases of the Internal ore
gaps by giving tono to the nerves which
make these organs work
It Is a novel theory not of anatomy
but of treatment first discovered by
Dr Miles and since made use of by
many wlde awake physicians who ap
preciate Its value In treating the sick
It you are sick we offer you a way to
be made well Dr Miles Nervine
This medicine Is a scientific cure for
nerve disorders such as Neuralgia
Headache Losa ot Memory Sleepless
ness Spasms Backache St Titus
Dance Epilepsy or Fits Nervous Vitusf
tration etc
Dy toning up the nerves Dr Mites
Restorative Nervlno will also euro those
diseases of tho Internal organs duo to
a disordered nervous system i
Some of these are Indigestion Bil
ious headache Kidney Trouble Chronic
Constipation Dropsy Catarrh Rheuma
tism etc
My brother had nervous prostration
and was not expected to live I pre
vailed upon Mm to try Dr Miles
Restorative Nervine and now ho has
fully recovered You remember I wrote
you how It saved my life a few years
ago when I had nervous trouble I
preach its merits to everyone KEY
M D MYEHS Corrpctlonvllle Iowa
vrlte us and we will mall
you a free Trial Package of
Dr Mlles Antirain Pllla the ew
tom Blank for our Specialist to diagnose
your case and Ofroo what U wrong
youdr how to rlglILJos Absolutely Free
d j

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