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oE ALBERT COOKhD Manager °
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11 Vol VIII Five cents a copy BEREA MADISON COUNTY KENTUCKY MARCH 21 1007 One Dollar a year No 40j I I
From the 1hlDrlllnn for March IB 1007
Ho who killa time murders oppor
s The reward of toll Is conferring
blemingH upon others
In the commerce of speech use
only tho coin of gold and sliver
The praises of others may bo of
use to teach us not what we are but
what wo ought to bo
What wo know here Is very little
but what wo are ignorant of Is Im
e 1907
The first slop toward Filipino
rait government will bo madn on July
30 when all male in the Philippines
twentythroe years of age or over and
not subjects of asy foreign powers
will bo allowed to rote for members
h of the Philippine Assembly Provin
cial Governors and other officials
I Reports received In Washington
show that tho cause of the present
war between Honduras and Nlcara
b gus was a dispute over tho owner
ship of a mule which it is claimed
WAN stolen by Nicaraguan cavalry in
I Honduran territory
The Italian Chamber of Deputies
I has during its prment setslon three
I main objects in view the lemoning
I of taxation beginning with that which
weighs heavier on the poorer classes
the improvement of the public servi
cell such as railways telegraphs and
telephones and finally the maintain
ing of peaco
A movement had been started in
Nashville Tenn to havo tho pooplo
of that city vole on Uuv saloon
qwwifeR next Mar Iti wfel that
former SAM tor Carmack has express
ed hie readiness to load the fight for
the temperance people
Tbo San Franckeo Board of Edift
cnltou has adopted resolutions agreed
upon at the conference with President
Roosevelt at Washington repealing
the act shutting out Japanese child
rOB from the public schools
Full confession of tho details of
tho shooting up of Brownsville Tex
as by the negro soldiers of tho
Twentyfifth infantry has been made
at Galveston by one of tho men who
was discharged The tnid was not
deliberately planned but resulted
from a fight in which a white citizen
knocked down a negro soldier The
whole body of men assisted in the
cleaning of the guns immediately
after the shooting and thus shared
the responsibility for the outrage
Tho establishment of a permanent
national fair in a 114000000 build
ing in Now York City has been pro
posed by members of the Michigan
c Society living in New York It is
1 proposed to have Congress furnish
5000000 and the State the remain
Mrs Russell Sago hu set aside
from tho fortuue loft by Mr Sago
the sura of 10000000 to be devoted
to the improvement of the social and
living conditions in the United States
Last week Monday the temperance
forces in Knoxvllle Torinemeo Ivan a
great victory voting the saloons out
of that city
The Southern Hallway will extend
its lino from Middleflboro to Harlan
Courthouse a distance of forty miles
and will open up a rich coal territory
in the Kentucky mountains
Increased prices of crude oil havo
made the work In the Kentucky fields
mON lively and developments uro ex
pwcted to be large The pipe line to
tho Cumberland fields bas boon run
into Clinton County and oil is being
piped out of the wells hero
A local option election ban been
culled by tho County Judge for Da
vlesa County including the city of
Qwenesboro and a determined effort
will bo mado by tho tomporauco
forces to clone too forty or more m
loons now being conducted there
It is said that in thirytwo tempo
rauco contests held in Kentucky tho
negro vote baa decided the election in
each ease Tho temperance people
uiutijtiorV the negro voto in thirty
put vlaeitoua and were victorious in
sash and lost the county where they
failed to get the negro vote
Mr Smith believes in being generous When you
come to his house his table is loaded with all the good
things he has He has more than enough of bread and pre
serves and coffee and many other things for all that eat
there Every ofie eats all he wants and then a
lot is thrown away Smith is not careful with his fire
wood or his eggs or chickens lie uses them all generously
like a king No one can call him stingy If a tramp
asks him for a dime or a quarter he will give it to him if he
has it Smith does not worry about next year
Hell have to borrow money before he gets his crops gathered
this summer but then if he has good luck he can pay
that back and have a little ahead to keep him going till next
summer Smith would like to send his children away to
College to get a good education but he never has
money enough He would like to give a good sum to
build a new church house or make the school house
better or subscribe to keep the school teacher thru
the winter but he was so generous with his eggs and
chickens and corn meal and preserves and money that he
hasnt any left for the church or school
Jones is a different man He is just about as smart
as Smith and has a farm that is no better But the
neighbors call Jones stingy Jones is careful with the
food at his house They dont throw any away There is
enough for all but just enough His preserves last
twice as long and he sells some Mrs Jones uses only half
as many eggs and sells the rest They dont cat so
much chicken at Jones cabin but sell more They arc more
careful of the firewood and sugar and cornmeal eVery
thing goes farther and more is left to sell They call ones
stingy If a tramp asks him for a quarter he says II No I
cant afford it Jones doesnt spend any money for to
bacco He used to like to chew and smoke but he says it
costs too much Now watch Jones a bit His oldest
boy is in College this year and his oldest girl is going next
Hes got a big barn and good sheds for his cattle and tools
and is going to put up a new house after a yt ar or two He
has a little money always ready for the church
house and pays his share to keep the school teach
er two months extra When he hears about those millions
of people starving to death in China he takes a few dozen
eggs and a chicken that would have tasted pretty
good on his table and brings them to town and sends a
dollar to keep some bright little girl from being
sold for a little food or dying of hunger Jones has a little
money in the bank to use in case the crops dont turn out
so well or some one gets sick Jones becomes a prosperous
man and after a while is Squire Jones He is no smart
er than Smith but he was willing to be called stingy for a
good while so that he would have something to be generous
with Now tell me who is the best man to have
in your neighborhood Smith or Jonas
The A > l > Mtl of OuhtrflttJ1 A run nt ChlnklnnR
The terriblo need in China la
growing greater and nltho much
money has boon sent to relieve the
starving millions BO far it is edt
more than n drop in the bucket to
save tho lives there Itwill be
several months before crops can bo
raised that will stop the famine
The money sent by Citizen readers
BO far Is as follows
Friends 2 00 Miss Moore 100
Dr Cooks Sunday School Clans
205 Mrs S 0 Mason 300 i
Mr Noah May 100 Mr Elbridgo
Harris 20 cents Mr G D llolliday
25cents Total 050 Tho owners
of The Citizen wish to help in this
The Spring Excursion
The Boroa College excursions of
tho lust two years havo been so two
cosflful that greater plans than be
fore are made for this year Tho
excursion will bo on April 20th and
tho trip will bo made to Louisville
Tho train will leave Heron at 5 a m
reaching Frankfort at 720 null giv
ing two hours to see tho city Then
tho train leaven for Louisville There
bcsldoH the many interesting things
lobe soon in the city there will be a
ride of two hours or BO on tho Ohio
river iq the steamer Hiawatha the
bent steamer on the river Supper
will bo eaten In Louisville and then
tho train taken for Heron Mr Wrn
R Belknap on of tho College trus
tees who has a very largo business in
Louisville has been most active In
arranging that the students should
visit that city this yoar Tho total
expense for this trip for each person
is expected to bo not more than 250
cause and encourage others to take
what share they can in life saving
and BO Tho Citizen will give a
dollar for each dollar that comes to
its office for the relief fund until
April first up to ten dollars If
Citizen readers will give ton dollars
Tho Citizen will give ten dollars
more The money will ba mailed to
Now York as soon as possible add
from there Bout across the oceans to
China by cable So that within iwo
or three days your money may be
saving life iu that far away country
IlIlwlng wait Your money wont help
anyone after he has starved to
Audience Decldea Actors Fate
At tho theater at Nnmuh Franco
tho performers making their debut
are accepted or rejected for further
performances by the votes of tho au
in three different works before their
fate is scaled
Nothing o Regret
My husband never saw me In the
ton years of our married life when my
personal appearance was neglected
boasted a woman When tho nurse
called mo to his bedside paying that
ho was dying I hastily Wiped a piece
of chamois akin over ray face before
responding to the call I havo nothing
to regretAtchlson Globe
Newfoundland Well Watered
Newfoundland Vs a land of lakes
So numerous aro they that it is esti
mated they cover about onethird of
tho total area of tho Island There
aro 087 named lakes and 30000 known
ones without names The island has
alto about 4000 miles of sea coast
Chief Contents of This Number
From the Wide World
Iu Our Own Country
Commonwealth ot Kentucky
IMItorlnlIVho U Stingy
tested for the Chinese
Students Journal
Serial The House of n Thousand Candles
liereu and Vicinity
Farewell toll Cornellui
The Itnllglnn of tilt Future
Hie New Agricultural lira
Political Tnlk
TehiiMirnnro Mote
Ilecent Stnte New
Now from Everywhere
The gehoolProblems of the District
Irool by Prof Dlnnniore
The Pnrin Kvcrgreon Protection for Farm
The If airy
Flood In Flttiburfr
Kaitorn Kentucky Correspondence
What She Thinks of It
Lost week a letter came from a
subscriber in Ohio saying I can
not do without Tho Citizen It comes
each week as a good letter does from
some dear friend Tho letter en
closed money to pay for the Citizen
up to the middle of next year and
asked for Dr Bartons Life of Christ
as a premium Are there not some
of your friends who would like fifty
two letters a year telling about their
friends in Old Kentucky
What He Thinks of It
This lime it is ono of the premiums
offered by Tho Citizen that is the
subject A letter dated Fob 27
1007 came to Tho Citizen from Rev
W D Smith pastor of the M E
ctCh1rcb of Meadow Grove Neb It
said I havo recently read Mr W
H Hon ys Book Tho Mountain
People of Kentucky The Book is
readable and sound It is good read
ing for tho Kentuckian its well as for
anyone who wishes to got bettor ac
qiuiatml with a people deserving to
be bettor known I wish the chapter
on Education Politics and Religion
could bo printedseparately as tracts
to be distributed and read byall the
mountaineers I wish you much sue
cess in distributing this book among
your many readers
This is volunteer word cheerfully
given by a former Kentuckian and a
If you want to got Dr Bartons
Life of Christ or Mr Haneys The
Mountain People of Kentucky look
ovorour odors on page seven and let
us hoar from you
Missouri Justice of tho Peace Prepare
Bait For Cupid
Go net the girl you lore tho best
And come to Clayton for tho rest
Judge A II Werromeyci
Justice of tho Peace
Phone Klnloch Clayton No P
Immediate appointments
Residence Olivette Office Clay
ton courthouse Clayton Mo
Tho above is a facsimile of what ap
pears In a conspicuous place in every
street car that passes through Clayton
Mo It la designed to inform couples
on matrimony bent that Justice A II
Wcrrcmeyers assistance can bo se
cured anywhere and at any Umo to tie
the itot say the St Louis Republic
Wcrreineyor won In tho last general
election and has his olflco in tho north
cud of tho basoment In tho Clayton
courthouse Only n few doors distant
also in tho courthouse la the office of
Justice of the Peace Otto Prclsa Wer
reraoycrs chief rival Prelss over
since his appointment last year has
performed tbo ceremony for nearly ev
ery couple married in Clayton by a
justice of the peace Several other
justices occasionally perform tho mar
riAgoceromouy but they are not per
manently located in Clayton and as
the field is left to Prclas and Werro
meyer the latter proposes to test the
vlrtuo of advertising to draw his
share of the business
I Alcohol From Garbage
That the method of garbage disposal
is about to be revolutionized by the
manufacture of denatured alcohol is
tho statement made to tho common
council of Milwaukee by Dr W A
Boyd of Ilockford 111 Milwaukee now
pays 180 a ton for burning its gar
bage at a municipal plant and Dr
Boyd has offered to do the work at 70
cents a ton and at tho end of ten years II
no says that tho cost of operating
nearly every plant In tho country canI
bo materially reduced if the plants I
I will take up tho manufacture of oleo
hol Dr Boyd says ho will got grease
fertllltcr and alcohol from the waste
Alcohol will bo the most Important
of the byproducts
r pro
oooooeoooooooo e
aHow much can you give 0 o
rto save the starving peo r
oPie of China 0
Yo 0
to + o + o + o + o o + o + o + oto + o bo + oo + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + oFc
I Checking Accounts i
I + 1
1c h ec k 1I1g account in this strong and + t
+ accommodating bank is valuable to every per
1i son who receives and pays out money r
tIt is easier and safer to keep your money ° Nom
o to pay in cash for you can mail a check and +
l save going in person with the money
1 I 0
+ It is far safer to keep your money in theo
t may be lost stolen or destroyed by fire +
If you carry a checking account here and o
+ become known as a reliable substantial de +
tpositor you will thus establish a credit heret
+ that will be valuable in case you ever need to t
borrow moneyG
tCall and see us and we will be glad to o
texplain other features of value Prompt andt
1couteous attention to every customero
+ 0
+ o
+ +
o In
oJJ Moore President W H Porter Cashier +
i 1
+ + f
o A Savings Account Is the Best Protection for Sickness c I
o 0
S 11Accident
Berea National Bank
CAPITAL 2500000
The Bcrea National Bank confidently j Ves 11
it can meet every requirement of tfiee
most discriminating customers
< d1
S E WELCH President J W FOWLER Vlco Prosr
J L GAY Cashlor 4 rJV
OTHER DIRECTORS Wright Kelly J V Lambert S rJI
w C Parks W A Hammond R W Todd t 0 f
Students Journal
Containing Brtesy Notes of Com
ing Eotnti and Put Tritls and
Triumphs of Bare Students 7r J <
From the Flit Deltlnn
Society HashOldPhi Delta is
not one Whitt afraid of anything that
in going for she has all the Powers of
this great University woven into her
very warp and woof It is true she
bas a tremendous Marsh and some
awful Boggs which can scarcely bo I
waded through or bridged over and
in every engagement in which we en
ter we expect to come out with a mis
arable Blackburn on our bands but
our Ensign shall continue to float on
high around whose beloved stars and
strips we shall ever rally whether
bombarding on the Hudson or charg
ing through some Oldfield and al
though the bond of love may bond
well Bender back before she breaks
Then after the beat of the battle is
passed and the Clock Clark of
time has struck the hour of victory
we shall surely have a delicious feast
at twenty five cents per head for
though our Cook is rather Young he
can do our cooking Im sure and we
shall enrich bur menu by taking a
long Hunt and also by fishing to
provide venIson or Shadoin to each
fellows taste It must be distinctly
understood however that this is no
Dailey get up
Beta Kappa Literary Society et Ij
as usual Friday evening and had an
interesting program
Mr Chas Flanery gave a talk
upon the subject The young man of
this day and time and he took Mr
Albert Keller for the true typo and
example of his subject Mr andr
gave a good talk on this subject by
telling of the things that Mr Kefferf
has done and is to carry out in the t
near future By having Mr Keffer
present to illustrate what Ho meant
by The young man of this day and
time the orator was able to make
his description clear and vivid
i Bolder Thompson also gave a good
talk upon the merits of the society I
and how Kentucky is going to societyI
proved by the good men that Beta
Kappa Literary Society would send
out to take their stand among the I
business men of the state to lift the
whole state by their great ability i
CbM Flanory Fredrick and Cam
Lewis told a few of their good jokes
upon each other while theywore in
Frankfort some time back Fredrick
told of how Flanory tried to put out i
a gas light where he was being dater I
tamed by pouring a pitcher of water < ° i
on it Whore Cam Lewis was put upt 1
they had electric lights and when
Cam wanted to put his out he couldI
not find the place to turn it off and so
ho just shut it up in a bureau drawer
to darken the room
Mr Dizneys division ofA Gram a
gallery Friday and had its picture
taken f 1
1 <

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