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The Citizen
A totally newspaper for all that Is right
true and Interesting
Fablithed teem Thursday it Bere Ky
Iacurinrntr >
L Albert Cook Ph 0 Editor and MET
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AdvcTlMnc islet un Hpplirlif
The richest man In the world Fred
elck Weyerhaeuser tbo Umber king
Is worth over 1000000000 controls
50000000 square miles of land and is
practically unknown He came to the
United States as an Immigrant He
worked first as a section hand on a
railroad He next bought a sawmill
raved his earnings and began to spec
date in timber Ho lives In St Paul
has no Intimate friends and Is a vent
able rtIuse
Strange are the contrasts of fate
remarks tho Indianapolis Star A
team In Shelby county ran away with
a wagon load of nitroglycerin ran
tutu a telephone pole smashed tho
wagon to pieces and there was noox
plosion But a fow days ago n carload
of high explosives was exploded by
the rumble of a passing train In the
former case there was no one near to
be Injured In the latter dozens of pas
Kcngers were killed or maimed by the
Contrary to tho general supposl
tion Ilalsull the Moroccan bandit is
a welleducated gentleman tracing his
ancestry through Mulal Idris who
founded the empire of Morocc to the
prophet In stature he Is Bald to be
tall and handsome with an unusually
white skin and with features rather
Grecian than Semitic altogether a
fascinating gentleman with his knowl
edge of languages and gift as a story
s teller and his consclousrfctss of exalted
s birth
It is GO years this year since the
United States began to Issue postage
stamps The first regular issue con
le elated of nve cent stamps bearing a
portrait of Franklin and tencent
lamps having a likeness of Washing
ton lk > th Washington and Franklin
Lave appeared on every regular issue
since Franklins head Is on the one
cent stamp today and Washingtons
on the twocent thus preserving the
ratio of relative values with which
they began
A scientist has discovered a sun
spot which ho describes as the biggest
and most beautiful on record extend
Ing an eighth of the way across the
luminary and Its approximate size be
Ing fixed at 118000 miles long and
n 30000 miles wide the entire area be
ing 3500000 square miles That CAr
talnly Indicates a remarkable disturb
ance in the center of our solar sys
1tem The scientist predicts some
I striking electrical phenomena asa re
1suIt of tho agitation in the suns
a midst
The only known survivor of the
naval battle of Xavarlno which took
place Oct 20 1837 Is still living at
liiustoad near Rydo Isle of Wight In
tho person of John Stainer who has
Just entered upon his hundredth year
The old man whoso physical infirmi
ties now prevent him leaving his
iroom was midshipmans steward on
board H M S Talbot when tho con
fact which gave Greece ner independ
ence took placo Ho afterward served
as a coastguard and retired many
years ago on a pension
Dr Hans nichter the famous musl
cal conductor is a thorough believer
In comfort In dress and not Infre
quently sets fashion at defiance One
broiling evening In Paris he led the
orchestra wearing the regulation dress
coat and a pair of cricketing trousers
never dreaming that he would have to
come into full view of the audience
At the end of tho opera however so
clamorous were the calls for him that
he was compelled to show himself be
fore tho footlights arrayed as he was
Ills unconventional appearance led to
explosions of laughter
Henry James insinuates that Amen
1 lean women aro poor talkers The
trouble with Henry la that he saw the
ladles only when he was on the plat j
form and they had paid for the prlvl
Lego of listening
It should be carefully explained that
Although the army is going to build
tho canal neither regulars nor volun
tears of the service will be put on the
King Leopold of IJelgtum is reek
oned as the richest nianln Kurope sti
Jr as real estate Is concerned
An Art r0s ifesatj in
1f1r tttJr trltrlt iil
Then1 is no other profession iiioiv honorable than
lifting llurc is no other art more exalted Tho
mediaeval prejudice against players has piwed away
The young woman sacrifices either dignity position
nor wlfn pivt when ebo becomes an nctros3 to nppro
iiali < > minds thoro cnn bo no satisfaction us grunt OB
attempting to jwrtrnv in nctuallifo tho diameters
ilnnu l > v grunt dramatists and pouts the art com
bines iionietliinjr of nil the other arts and in a way
transcends theft all and lastly tho woman who
masters it is greater than a queen
Now for the means What is tho iourec that will
I with opportunity and ability lead the budding actress to gueeess ilnrd
First I should sayrtudv study study Nothing eliw will HVaI no
ml vcn tit ion aids of good looks or graceful IxinringB nothing but incos
rant toil over her jmrt plmtking nut the heart of its mystery
An we have nothing in this country answering to tho Paris towwrvn
loire let the beginner wheat sho has loarned the alphabet of hor art peek
an engagement with n company playing elassicnl plays No other motors
of instruction open to hor will be so valuable She will learn then if she
is observant and studious the requirements of acting and whoroin die and
others fail to meet these requirements
I I snggrjst the ehtssie drama becfttuc Uic tin she is mon likely to got
a grounding in the rudiments Mr Irvingsaid If one mil pll1 the
legitimate one cnn play anthinlF
Never imitate any one lie yourself leering night after ° tti lit
the same jicrsotn mile lUj semi lines in the same ray it will nrjHin
careful watching at times to uvoid falling into their peculiarities Ilavtv
a method and conviction of your own Indeed have a conviction tho
method faJtkply to tome of itself
Never go beyond your feeling H you would enlarge your action you
must first enlarge your feeling and to do that have recourse to < book
always the book
The opinion we omwioiMlly hear pmt it is only necessary to look
wll for that is half the buttle is infrihetatUy erroneous except posal
bly from the eomercial joint of view which I wish to eliminate anUrrfy
from the present consideration of the subject
Qualities that I should insist upon as necessary for d suecnafnl be
ginner are first a power to fend the character represented n inieUecturfl
and moral discernment of the temperament of that character ami tMt
feeling and ptiseions which move it coupled with som appreciatioiufif itk
proper outward expression in trait of voice figure and sI
A second quality 1 should require would be a measure of litoinry
taste and cultivation a sympathy with the beautify of langwflge a JMrer
of translating the mind of literatim into feeling
tl1t It
uhlir rruirr
lart tn lJiill
President Maiiichuietu Civil Service Aitoclatlon
The salaries in taw
various government posi
tions lure 011 the aver
age rerntuncil very near
ly stationary for the last
30 years while in outside
employment and ape
dally recently dories
and wages havo Cory
much increased The
coat of living has also recently increased and these reasons at Iwnt suggest
why it is becoming more diflkult to fill the public service
The last report of the national civil service commission shows that in
the last year though they had more positions to fill they had 25000 leN
applicants than the year before The statistics show that taw resignatipna
and the declinations to take government positions on tho part of those
who hare Already passed the examinations are greater than ever before
The person Who has already passed an examination uses tIn high
murk as a credential for private employment and the bright young people
who come into tho service through the competitive system after n few
years of experience arc found by business men to be extremely valuable
persons and they tempt them out of nIl government srvlce
Again Ole lower grades of tho government service give relntlvoly bet
ter pay than the higher so that there is loss futuro advancement tempt
a man to stay in thc government service than there is in prlvnto omploy
ment Several prominent members of congress have suggested that the
salaries ought to be incnwsed and n number of eminent heads of depart
ments and experienced government olllcials believe that there ought to be I
more permanent heads of bureaus with large salaries thrown open to pro
In the first place onr largo government departments are remarkably
lacking in permanent heads with large experience Such positions could
be filled by competent persons only in case the salaries woro inade attrac
tive The postmaster general for example has suggested that there
should boa high grade permanent assistant postmaster general
I I think therefore the civil service system far from being reajxmsi
I ble for a foiling oft has more clearly brought out than before the I
I need of inducing the competent kind
nnd stay on in the government serv
WITt Jnnrr5t mJttttt
Who the rllhcst men
mentally and in mate
rial things are we either
know or can easily find
out but who Uw poorest
materially and morally
arc is not so easy to find
The poorest man is he i
who will not place him
self under the influence of the larger life the man who refuses to receive
the man who is selfgatislled at all times who thinks his knowledge is suf
ficient and that he has learned all that may be of any possible help to him
self Tlio richest man is he who will mingle with his fellow men absorb
the teachings of the wiser and attempt to Understand the world and its i
people The more that we people know o sad other the richer we are
Action of This Government Will Re
lieve Foreign Countries of
Making Naval Demonstration
Washington March 22 Uluojack
Nil slid 1118 rill WI have been landed
from the United Status gunboat Ma
rlotta at Trujlllo and Celba and prob
nbly at Puerto Gorton Honduras in
order to protect American Interests In
those parts
AdvIrt9 to this effect won receive
nt Uio nary department from Com
raander Fullnm of tho Marietta and
they wwo at once tmrisnUtUd to the
state department
As yet no word has been rccolvw
HB to whether forces have boon landed
at Control American ports on tho Ia
riflo const able but undoubtedly this
Mop will be takon It American Inter
oats are cqnsldwod In danger
The navy department feels that the
cctlwi of ComDinndsr Fnllnm brings
the situation completely In Ira ml so
far is the safoKuardlnff of trodo m
tpltllta Ifs coaewmMl
In addition to the protection given
to Amertrans It Is felt that the action
of this government will relievo for
ulgn Kovvrnmeats of the neesaslty ot
taking any slaps toward making 3
naval itanonstmtloa
Tlic landing ol the bluejackets and
marine and tilt policing of both
shores of the Central American repub
Item with Inlwd State gunboats be
fore trading vessels bad boen moleat
od in any manner or foreign kiteroati
joopardtred U regarded hoe as a
diplomatic move that will prevent any
International complications growlnt
out of the policy of u United States
not to permit KurojK n demon tre
fops In Central American or South
Awurtcwi waters
From tits inssmar 4lp t tiofi re
cohrwl It Is aaforstood that Com
raaatisr PNllaat landed a fore of about
M marines trap Uw Marietta at Tnt <
JtUo and 20 btovjeekets at Coltta and
thou oottUmied his cows to faorto
It Contained Gems of Mrs Morgan
i Valued at 18000
I > 6 York Mares ZKtptMO
tboHsajJd dollar worth of Jewelry win
Molest from the home of Charles Mor
gan son of Ute fonodor of UM Morgan
Usawshlp lInes at Orange X J
Lata In tile aftemteqA Mrs Morgsi
found that a drawer In her dressing
table bad bees disturbed sad an la
vestlKBtlon showed that ker Jawel ball
u missing It contained a diamond
vss lot vajuwl at MOO two Hack
ftilOtMI at 8009 and many etbes plea
of Jewelry
Robbers Attack Messenger Car
Palestine Tex March na train
o 4 of the International Great
i Northern north bound was leaving
JJlklmri 12 mHos below here UxpnMM
MeseoflKer Wlnsley Womack of the
Pacific Hxprew Co was knocked In
the hbad and thrown out of the car
He tyas not missal ftoni Ule train
until PalosUne was roaohod and a Ita
tlo Idler a telephone message was re
ceived from him at Blkhart stating
that lie had been OMauIted by rob
I bers Tho safe In tho ear was open
when the train reached Palestine The
sheriff and a posse ta leaving Pala
tine on a IJeelal train for the acetic
of the robbery
Mall Bag Thief Confesses
Purls March t71to man nainoil
Dutloks arrested hero recently with
42000 In American aeotirttloa In his
IKMMssion under tho suspicion that ho
was an accomplice of tho thieves who
Mole a mail bag containing = 100000
on a French line steamer has made a
confession InipllcntliiK a gang of In
tornatlonal robbers as the rend of
which other arrests are expected Ini
Jars Win a Point
San Francisco March 28 Although
Japanese coolie labor is barred from
the United Slates tho Japanese In San
FVancIro have partially wot their
eight with the local school authorities
Under the new order of tho board of
odueatjon XIppoaego children under
1C years are permitted to enter the
jirlnwrj grades
iBurned To Death Prairie Fire
I Bonosteel S D March 22Mrs C
I B Voctim and hr daughter wero barn
Mi to death In a prairie lro that has
I been raging all day on the reservation
I west of hero Several farm < house
have been destroyed
Records Smashed
Springfield III March 22 Thursday
was tho hottest March day since the
weather bureau was established In
thin city 20 yearn ago tho temperature
being 90 derv cG
Hurricanes Havoc
Home March 22A violent barn
cane which has caused serious dam
age has swept over Italy Several
vessels have been wrecked
Suffragists Go To Prison
Tendon March 25 Twentysix auf
fragcttos who were arrested rft
brawling within tho precincts of par
liament wero sentenced to from 5
or a fortnight In prison to 10 or n
months Imprisonment They all cleeV
ed to go to jail
Quite Warm In Kansas
Topeka Kan March 22 Abnormal
ly hot March weather prevailed In
Kansas Thursday The maximum
temperature at Topeka was 91 but
many other points reported temporal
lures raging 2to 4 degrees higher
Was Shot and Killed and Hamll P
Scott Fatally Wounded By Will
lam Thompson
Ft Worth Tex Mnrch 3J0Iknr
house County Attorney Jeff D Mo
Loan was shot and killed and mail
1 Scott n morabor of the raiding
party fatally wounded by William
Thompson tho onearmed proprietor
of the rusort
Half an hour later Thompson was
surrounded in a lumbor yard within
100 yards of where Scott was shot
down and captured after n desperate
fight In which Thompson ittcelvod bul
let wound that will probably cause
ils death within a few hours
The series of tragedies were of tho
most sensational character The house
raided is located on Main Street near
tlm corner of Sixth In the heart of
the rotall district
Forced Hntranee Into House
County Attorney McLean heading
u party of deputies forced an entrance
into the place attested several man
nnd loaded a furniture van with tabled
and other paraphernalia
The wagon with Uio conn wixl far
nlliiro had jwt move off when
Thompson awroaahail McLonji who
wa standing on the sidewalk anti
when within a fow feet Of the oftlclal
fired one shot tie ballet striking Ma
nn in tho throat breaking his Urea
and causing almost Instant death AJ
Mel bait Ml TiMMatMon turned sisal
ran west on Sixth attest with Sent
In imrwlt
Dodflwg behind a bill board at the
cornor of Seventh aud Throokmorton
streets ThoMHiMtt awbMbftl Scott
BhoaUtw UM deputy three tares In DM
body Whoa Soott fell Thespian
topped Daly II eoeugk 4AJ dlt olml his
lllltpty ptetol for that MrriM kr UM
dying deputy and the t lie reawrad
TkomiMoii ky tkls time tbarovgklr
diapers WM ready for a Sght to
the deMJi hell and Lloyd om a0re
1 on Thespian which the latter return
ert Tho officers wounded Tbompton
In three places sad he In probably to
tally Injured Aee aa Thespian
bad emptied hk gun the Omeen fell
W him with bare hjuula and ma4o
11m a prisoner
And inhabitants re Compelled To
Flee For Their Lives
Vienna March 21 Aeeonluc to
the news raoolrad In Uu4aieet from
Moklarln the peaaani movemoat In
Iloumanla la Kprwidlng The town of
Dorogol has boon sacked sad Imnied
by the p HsnnU The iNkabttanls are
compelled to flee for their live
The seriousness of toke situation In
Northern Moldavia growing out of UM
nkrartan dlconlera noeordtng to Uw
latest Hrfegrnphie retorts roaoMac
hero from CiernowKs on the border
has not been xantorated
Ftom estimates made It appear
that 101 tunes In Moldavia haM heed
devastated 8000 fliiltlves have nt
over tie Itoumnnfon frontier Into Aus
tria and A total of 10000 JeW are
Tho reports give a total of about W
men killed and 160 wounded
Many of the Dest Residences In Town
Fall Prey To Fire
Ironton O Mnfoli 28A flro baa
been raging hero since noon The blaio
started at the Ironton Lumber Cas
yard and n fierce wind blow sparta
from thjs oenlor and soon started tires
In a rtwen different Hvctians 01 tho
city Toe fire department was entire
ly Inadequate Ashland Ky Rent one
company to assist in combating Uie
Many lit the boat rosldences In tho
city way burnt as follows > L A
Anderson Ioatmaster Strobel ItnnUor
Will Lewis T J Gilbert Harry Camp
bell Clay Henry Frank Illxby and
Hanker Trod Horsohell pia many au
20 rosldcncus were on firo at onoo
The loss li more than 100000
500000 Dlaze at Pine Bfuff
Pine llluff Ark March ZIIFlre
swept over tho entire plant cf tho
llluff City Lumber Oo and des roysd
several small dwellings owned by the
company The loss Is variously oat
mated nt from J500000 to 17COOOO
New Record at Detroit
Detroit Mich March 23Thlll was
the warmest March day in the history
of the local weather bureau The thor
mometer reached 75C degrees Tbo
previous record was 7G on March ill
Posse After Harding
Florence Ala March 23 A posse
of enraged citizens with bloodhounds
h searching for Cleveland Harding a
negro farm hand who it Is alleged
attempted to commit an assault upon
MM Ben Rice and who was ccaroJ
away by a dog
Bars the Orientals
Pretoria March 23TI0 upper
house of parliament passed the Asiatic
ordinance providing for tho exclusion
of tho Japanese and other Asiatics
who are immigrating to South Africa
IP Incrcaslus numbers I
How the Full Work of Intoxicants Is
Covered Up
It Is well known that very mttny
calamities for which liquor Is really
responsible urn attributed to other
causes In tho published accounts The
IMttshurg Dispatch In n recent arti
ale exposes the various explanation
which are commonly Hi vim In this con
auction Tho Dispatch says
Apoploxy heart disease gastritis
and pneumonia frtxpjuntly appear on
tho death cortlficntus to the Allaghunjr
county morgue but were the truthi
told those deaths In hundreds ol
cases onch your have boen saporls
ducal by alcohol
Tho mortuary records of the cotmty
during the past Cow yuan show that
there has boob u remarkably hinge
number of deaths for which habitual
Inioxloatlon was tho primary or 4llrert
cause InlnllUn and tmgMll s ta
many cases may be attributed to the
mo of alcoholic drinks and ID alas
ease out of every tun the persons
who have eominltted suicide daring
tie INUit decade In and about llttstmrg
were driven insane or rowlsrse itestt
tutu and despondent by drinks tams
Death duo to unoHNHtnlH In th t
cause often asorihod by uhyeietaM for
tho loath of their patients In order
that the friends of Die dsad bo not wo
Sorted to humiliation the words am
perlnduced by acute alcoboHam are
frequently omitted from the oortMeftte
which Is tent to tho onranor
Ptieuiaonta elanns itorbaps the
larger share of drunkards While any
tier the Inflame of Jrtna men subject
themselves to exposure WUIIo on a
protoniHMl debsH h they are carols
about their dress wall hunt no i csrd
for the MHtdHkm of the weather with
the rusMlt thai they ooHtruot rere
colds whIle the system U not In COB
dltloH to fortify them against illness
and death follows
T1Ht nM stereotypod phase k
It a train Is used hMdrsds of asps
IB a year by the lltubvrg newspapers
and It Is bronchi Ito dally use M a
result irf drunkenness InTMUMUM
Into the death of most persons killed
while watkiM the railroad track u
proved that the vteiraw were no4er
the Isnsee ot liquor
Itoeords of the focal hospitals show
that 76 nr cunt of UM victtHM of seed
diets pjaewl wider th 4r tale are dee
to Inhale us ami la 90 mt of evwy
106 cases brought to the hospitals la
patrol Mesons rxaoa Aloobol baa fig
uNd proaalaentiv
If aay man or body of man to Pitts
bare tWakstte Is folly alive to the 4s
bkmihle conditions that base been
wrought by alcohol and Its kindred >
stroyers of bite homes sad happiness
ho to Wrest
Tha whisky bottle Is la avt DIe la
nest of the bevel In the disulcu toy
habllod by the famlllos woo are frt >
Httt applicants for aid at the ants
II Ute department of charities sad ear
Tile liquor taws In Alloshaay result
are AS stringent as In any other place
In the Ualtwd States but notwUa
etaiMllaR this tapers are multiplying t
oar unions are ntHag up and records
M charitable instltatloas show that
laismpsranc la fluorlehlng and note
log Is being accomplished toward ean
lag the dranttani r
Rockefellers Dont Drink
At the tenth annwil banquet of the
Young Mats Illlile class of the Filth
Avenue llsptlst churcH New York
city of which John D Rockefeller Jr
Is tho loader Ice water flowed freely
ami Mr Rockefeller told why Ito VRi
a total abstainer Ho mild
To drink n glass of boor Is not In
Itself moro harmful than to rat some
kind of indlRfwtlblo food Tho single
notion Is not a sin but It Is the abuts
that the first glass lad to that is the
sin t bellovo not only In temperance
but In total abstinence and this far
two roasons First because both my
father and his father as well as my
mothers father wore strictly tamper i
ate second my mature Judgment Is
that while there may bo no harm In +
one glass that one glass may load on
to more Therefore 1 say that one °
glass Is one too many
Tippling Money as a Dower
A marriage recently calibrated In
Scotland has a curious story attached
to It Tho brides father and mother
who have been abstainers for over 20
years gave as a marriage dowry to I
tholr daughter tho sum of 1120
Every week since they became totalt
abstainers the amount formerly spent r
In alcoholic liquor had been banked
ents to take the pledge The little f a
girl hall seen her father slightly In 1
flbrlated and reproved him for It lhe
next tiny Tho parents have en t
chutml drink ever since 1
Total A b tlnente Essential 1u
Total abstinence Is the lauding
requisition for employment in what hi
believed to ho the first municipally
owned and built street railroad In the
United States now under construc
tlon at Monroe La Mayor A A For
sytlu III f recent Interview said r
T am not a prohibitionist but It la
absolutely essential that men OCCUPJ
ing these rcHponsIblo positions should
be sober sane and strictly reliable
and only those who arc total abstain 1
fits and remain such wlU bo em

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