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1 IIJ qe
Because Ho Violated Pact With HII
Neighbor and Sent His Own
Delegates to Holland
Seoul July 18 Following a cablno
mooting which lasted four hours the
premier had an auJItmco with the om
peror In tho evening continuing three
hour It has transpired that the pre
I tatloa of the gravity of tho situation
caused by his majesty sending a dole
cation to tho peace coufcrenco at Thl
Hague lie boldly pointed out th <
noo Mlty for the emperors abdloatioi
in favor of the crown prince and ot
his proceeding to Tokyo and apologlz
Ing to the omporor of Japan The Ko
bean emperor omdo uo definite to
On retiring from tho palace Uie pro
mlur Immediately called another cabl
net mealing The cabinet Is deter
mined to decide definitely Koreas at
titudo by Ike time of tho arrival 011
Vljroount Hayoslil Japanese forelgc
i liters will Insist on tho abdication ol
1 the emperor at all risk
The II Ohlng Hoi Progressive asso
elAtion which Is supporting the pros
cut cabinet has officially applied to
0 Marquis Ito to help savo Korea from
the grave consequences of the cmper
ors action against Japan
It Is reported that tho emperor hoi
withdrawn 400000 yen deposited la
the bank of SbnnghaL
r It Is not considered llkoly that the
VaupefOt will yield to tho domand
Dsaplta the porturbnd feeling and ex
citement of tho court and cabinet the
populace generally Is calm Kven the
untiJapaaoae have Issued a manifesto
urging the necesaKy of a peaceful pru
dent attitude at this critical stage of
the sitHaUoa The emperor > In the
opinion of close olwenrers has alien
clod popular affection
The mqiMBt made by tho premier ol
Korea that the omporor abdicate ap
parently Is the txrgtNalng of the end
of this ancient empire and the Inaug
uration of a closer ooalrol by Japan
than HeM exaretatd staco the treaty
ot IwumonUt recognised bar prodoml
nut laflwmM in UM hermit kingdom
< M one of the fruits of her victory over
For a tone period Korea was under
the MiMralaty of China but ia IMtC
Japan 4ro China out of the panliiauts
Md Korea enjoyed a brlaf parted ol
IndepMMioor In 1H4 Japan stepped
lain Kaman affairs watts aaavraace ol
oalaty IndepevrfMx1 and territorial ta
testy but a4 Me that yew the Jean
e lalneaeo bile grown In extant an <
tiowar tmtll finally Korea faoes In the
Ml nation of bar present emperor the
final oxtlnetlon of her claims for toe
fruition M an Independent data for
ta > inntallaUcM of a nominal emperor
spiPdP by the statesmen of Japeo
Brains to Indicate that Korea Is tc
cMOA wholly end entirely under the
sway of the Japanese
The rrtals In Korean affairs does Lot
come s a sHnwIoe For several dan
par the situation In the penltHuilfi bat
tviUitrd to Just oweh an outcome and
1hft gpadfaa of a deputation to Uu
pnaro eotifcroaGO at tho hagss to pro
tm ajtalnst Japans attitude toward
Hona weakened the Korean throne
move than anything that has occurred
aln < e the assassination of tho queen
title Girl Plunged Headlong Into the
Minneapolis Minn July ISLIUh
MU VJorllng and her playmates hat
boon reading the wonderful story ol
Joan of Are They built atiugo bon
flrq to make the ploy effective The
lltllo ones grouped thomtetvos about
the flames and prepared tor tho ex
citing finale
Little Mia was to bo Joan and with
hor hair hanging down about hor head I
In lustrous curls she approached the
flames With n cry ot horror hot com
panlons saw hor fall headforemost Intc
tho flamoj about which oho hovered
The little girl had lost her balance
Jiho tried to regain her feet but the
Vdnmo4 caught ber hair and flimsy gar
The orlon of tho children soot
brought help and heavy garments wcri
wrapped about Mia but sho was ac
badly burned that she wit die
First Blow Kills Infantryman
Lltlo hock Ark July 18 Charlci
McParlanc a private of tho ICth in
Gantry U S A stationed at Ft Logan
was killed when engaged In a fist
fight with Harry Miller a tonmstor I
Blight misunderstanding led to tho en
counter and Miller who la ot hugs
frame struck Mctarlano a powerful
olow with his fist tho latter slnklni
to the ground and expiring almost 1m
mediately MUler was arrested
Settled By New Law
Tacoma Wash July 18The Ta
coma Cas British Columbia minim
havo been ordered to return to worl
by tho Canadian government This
the first suit tried under the now Cana
dean labor law may have national np
+ X jillcatlbn
Admiral Dropped Dead
Niagara Falls Ont July ISAdm
John Pearso McLear retired ot tin
Drltlsh navy dropped dead oh the ve
randa of the Clifton hotel Death vat
caused by heart failure Induced by el
cnLvo heat
Doctors Too Duty to Ask Names 01
Victims TreatedFiercest Heat of
the Summer at Philadelphia
Philadelphia Ix July 19Tho blgt
water mark of tho Elks conrontlot
was reached Thursday with tho mon
star parade on Inroad street
Upward of liOOO men and a number
of women wwo in tho lino oJ march
which moved ovor throo and a hull
miles of blaring asphalt under a scorch
lug sun which early in the afternoon
began to wither up tho panulors and
force many of them to leave tho ranks
It woo the hottest day of tho year
bore the thermometer rwglatorlng 92
degrees In the abode while the hu
midity was terrific Despite theso dis
advantage Broad atroet was jammed
by upwards of half a million person
who stood for hours without any abet
tcr from tho blazing sun and wlldlj
cheered tho porodor and enjoyed the
many handsome floats and the unique
hits gotten up by the various telega
As a result of the parado 3COO PhtlO
drtpblans and visitors Including many
who came to the city during Die early
morning hours on special oxourstoni
from nearly alUM and towns are
under the caro of physicians
Nearly 120 oases of heat prostra
tlon were treated at various hospitals
alono There waa but ono fatality
James Ilowtay of Philadelphia 41
years old who died after treatment In
a hospital
As feet M tho mono women and chil
dren fell along Broad street they wore
picked up and hastened to the nowost
institution where Iou beds had been
provided In advance At every street a
telephone booth hlch above the
crowds was erected
At each was BtMioned a man with n
telephone who shouted through a
largo megaphone to tho police phy
oloians and nurses where the oases
of hoot prostration wore located
From the Onto the parade started the
patrol wagons and < ambulances wore
kept on Ole jump frequently from two
to five case being on their way to a
hospital In tho some vehicle Hundred
were treated at drug stores and lu
private homes In addition to those
taken to the hospitals Phyelclan
wwii so busy HO names oonld be taken
Pollee Surgeon PaUereoa estimated
II that fully MM persons had be pros
trated during the parade
While the beet division was march
late around cHjr hall two mUes treat
I the starting point a tbHBtteraUmti
which came up quickly broke 8pe ta
ton and paraders made a dash for
I ahelter and the wffdeat eerambto ever
lien In this city took pine la ISM
than five mlantes Broad street was
easKMt barren of peopl as a deeert
The storm undoubtedly eared manj
I ether from natac to the hoavHal for
I Ute temperature fall 18 degrees
Used With Fatal Effect Upon the Man
Who Had Insulted His Wife
Cumberland MdM July 10CUrlot
Hood 21 recently married killed II
H Cllngan aged M a mine boas from
ItowfesburK W Va with a oataut
bottle at Oakland Md Hood clerked
In the restaurant of William lilac
baaga on Railroad street Cllnsan who
had been drinking it la alleged used
offensive laauaeje In the restaurant
aod Hood ordered hint out Cllnn
went oat and looking tip at the sec
ond etory window saw Mrs Hood peep
ing oat lie Is alleged to have madr
a very offensive remark concerning
her Hood grabbed a catsup bottle
from the lunch counter nuhlnc toward
Chagrin utniri him over the head
Hoed came recently from Fairmont
V Va Ho wan arrested j
He Did Likewise
Chicago July 1911enry Berg a
retired grocer committed oulcldo by
throwing himself ovor tho railing ol
the 12th floor of the chamber of com
merce building Berg was a consump
five and had been In a despondent
mood for some time past lie learned
of the suicide of Anna Normoylc who
killed herself by jumping from the
15th floor of the Masonic temple and
It Is thought tho account prompted
him to seek I similar death
Fought On the Street
Houston Tex July 19Stato Health
Oniccr Brumley and Patrick Daugh
orty a local newspaper man claahe
on tho street ovor regulations fob
barring consumptives Both men were
considerably damaged
He Slapped His Wife
Jane vlllo WIs July 19 Albert
Tuobert proprietor of tho St Chariot
hotel was Jentencod to ten days In jail
for slapping his wife
Seventeen Perished
Santiago do Cuba July 19Tho Ar
pontlno steamer rum has boon wreck
ed Seventeen persons arc reports
Fell at First Volley
Sharon Pa July 19 Samuol Yelloi
was shot and killed and two of Ills com
Slim Ions wore seriously woundod The
men wore playing cards at a frlondi
House when it is said several mot
fired through tho window The throe
men fell at tho first volley
Leaped Into Raplds
Niagara Falls N Y July 19Teli
my friends that I have gone to glory
was tho note loft on Goat Island bridge
by an unidentified man who leaped
Into tho rapids and was swept over Uti
American falls
103 TO 4
Cay the Men Must Return To Wor
as Individuals For heir
Old Pay
Oakland Oat July 20At a moot
fog hold In Oakland tho Telegraphers
union voted unanimously accept the
terms of settlement proposod by till
Western Union and Postal Tolograp
Now York July 20001 Robert C
New Yor July 20Cob Robert C
Clowry president and general manage
of tho Western Union Telegraph Co
issued tho following
Tho differences between the West
ern Union Telegraph Co and Its for
mer employes at San Francisco and
Oakland have boon settled
On June 21 a portion of the West
ern Union operators nt San Francisco
nnd Oakland quit work without notice
About onethird of the forco remained
on duty and 11 of those who quit were
reinstated on their Individual applica
lions at their former compensation
Additions wero promptly made to
I the force from other office > and ox
I cept for a short period the traffic ol
the company has been moved promptly
The company will reemploy all re
liable and efficient operators who left
the service on their Individual applies
tIns and at the salaries paid when
I they quit work
C C Adams n vice president of tho
Postal Telegraph Cable Co gave out
tho following
Edward J Xnlly vice president and
general manager of the Postal Tele
graph Co has Just received word from
I AY Storor general superintendent
Son Francisco that at a meeting held
in San Francisco tho striking operators
voted 10S to 4 pracUoelly unanimously
to return to work
They wore notified that the terms
on which they returned would bo that
they should make Individual applies
tion for reemployment and all who
were not objectionable to the local
management would bo reemployed
with the distinct understanding that
the same salaries and aamo conditions
existing prior to their walkout should
govern their reemployment and on
their promise to give good and faith
ful service and discontinue all agita
ton and Interference with the com
panys business
Chicago July OTlto following
m Baeaae was resolved here from Presl
dent Small address oil to Secretary
Rueeell of the Commercial Telegraph
ers union
The vote to acoopt was in to 4 AU
strikers are to bo reomployed and the
question of Increase In wage Is to be
taken up after resumption of work
AN future grtevanoee are to be arbi
Advise all looMs that the settle
mont la entirely satisfactory to us and
to me personally and I urge that nil
strike talk bo stopped As soon as I
can return east I will Issue a state
mint to the membership Wo should
rejoice at the fact that u are In a
position to force an adjustment ol
grievances and not forget our duty
to our employers and the publlo new
that tho trouble Is satisfactorily sot
San Francisco July SO Superin
tondent Storor of tho Postal Tele
graph and Manager OBreln of till
Western Union declared that tholr
companies had made no agreement with
the operators In regard to an Increase
in wages The men will bo taken bacl
oo precisely the same terms as when
the strike was called
Two Men Took Eloping Girl from Com
panlon and Assaulted Her
Palmer Mlis July 20LorA Leten
dra a vivacious 18 yoar old Fall River
girl who eloped with Henry loran
because of parental opposition to Mo
rons attentions was separated from
Moron at Palmer and criminally as
saulted by Charles Thompson anti
Thomas Murphy
Miss Lotcndra and Moran asked for
a drink of water at Thompsons house
The men represented themselves to be
police omcers and told Moran that it
would bo necessary to send Miss Letcn
dra back to her home and that unless
be departed he too would bo rrested
Miss Lotendm was given a room In
tho house by herself During the night
Murphey entered tho room Miss Le
tundra who weighs lees than 10
pounds fought for two hours for hej
honor Thompson also assaulted her
Miss Lctondra Jumped from a second
story window and was brought back
to tho house by Thompson She flnallj
became unconscious Her condition it
Thompson has made a confession ol
his guilt
Canoe Capsized
Sioux City In July 20 French
Anne a wealthy retired farmer of this
city and his cousin Mrs John Mealy
aged 30 of Lincoln III wore drowned
in the Sioux river here by the capsiz
ing of tho canoo In which they wore
Ordering Munitions
Now York July 20A eUrlln cabli
says Tho Japanese commission ol
military experts sent hare to order nero
guns and ammunition worth = 10000
OOQ has also ordered ten military bal
One Out of Every Fifty of Its Inhab
Itants Kllleior Injured In Pere
Marquette Wreck
I Detroit July 22JIhe death list a
a result of a collision near Salem be
twoen an excursion train and a frelgh
train stands at 31 but among tho lot
injured In this city and Ionia eight art
reported to bo In a serious condltiot
and not out of danger There are 6
Injured people at their homes In load
and 42 were brought to the hospital
In this city for treatment Of the boat
list of suffering persons at Ionia bu
one Mrs M Durling whose husbam
and son wore killed Is reported to b
In a dangerous condition Seven a
tho Injured In the local hospitals an
not yet out of danger These are Dan
ncr Huggins concussion of brain cub
about tho head Mrs Catherine Sol
bach aged 33 fractured ribs and in
ternal Injuries John D Anderson frac
tured skull fractured leg and Internal
injuries Abraham Eddy sufforlnj
from shock of wifes death Wllllan
Beats back Injured Mrs Nellie Dad
son spine Injured and Mrs Catherlr
Smith skull Injurod
Tills has been a day of grief and
mourning In tho little city of Ionia
which Is located 130 miles west 01
Detroit Mayor Bible says he call
motes that ono in ovary 50 of tho cltyi
inhabitants was either killed or Injured
In the wreck and all of the membon
of a citizens committee appointed
when the extent of the catastrophe
was realised were at work visiting the
homes of tho dead and Injured and ar
ranging for medical attention and
assisting where it was necessary All
of citys normal activities have prac
tlcolly been suspended and every one
Is devoting attention to the wreck
victims One of the most pathetic
cases of suffering is the Haas family
which lost IU father and two sons A
W wand six children are left nearly
destltue by the death of Charles liar
old and Paul
Not until Sunday was the Identity
of all the dead positively established
and an accurate list made up All but
five of the victims lived in Ionia
Twentyfour of the dead whose
homes were in Ionia will be burled in
that city and 18 of the funerals will
take place Monday Relief committee
bas asked that all business be suspend
od in that city from 9 oclock until 4
in the afternoon both Monday and
Tuesday and Ionia will truly be a city
of mourning during both days
Was Nude Body of a Headless Womar
Police Are Puzzled
San Francisco July 22out among
the sand dunes that front the ocean
beach and near the south side liefsav
lug station the nude and headless body
of a weman was found by a boy who
was hunting for rabbits In a tangled
wild of shrubbery the nude form of
the woman lay on a hillock of grass
The severed head was a foot away
from the body Fully 200 yards dis
lint was found the scattered clothes of
the womans garment that were torn
and ragged sad spoKe mutely of the
poverty of the wearer
In the ghastly find the police of thU
city have a mystery that may never be
Had To Turn Back
London July 22The Atlantic
Transport Liner Minnesota Dipt
Lavereek which sailed from this port
bound to Philadelphia was In collision
near the Nowo Light Vessel In the
Thames off Shearness with the
small Wilson line steamer Lana of
Hull rho Minnesota received consid
erable damage and was compelled tc
return to her dock at Tilbury The
Zara sustained no damage and pro
seeded on her voyage
Musician Commits Suicide
PlUsburg Pa July 2Mrs Mop
caret J King 35 years old a well
known musician committed suicide bj
cutting her throat at her homo aftoi
playing TacholkowakyB Sixth Sym
phony on tho piano Mrs King hat
bcetitdespondont for a long time It It
believed she was Impressed by tho act
of the Russian composer who killed
himself after writing tho Sixth Sym
phony and so killed herself following
a rendition of the piece
White Man Killed By Negro
Macon Miss July 22 Mayes Hun
ter son of a prominent railroad con
tractor of this city was shot and killed
by Albert Carr a negro at Allcevllle
Ala and a < t > ose of several hundred
citizens are In pursuit of Carr The
negro it is Stated was creating a des
turbance and Hunter was killed while
he was endeavoring to quiet him
Fifty Dead In Sulphur Mine
Rome July 22Flfty workmen art
reported to have boen suffocated as the
result of a fire in a sulphur mine IE
Glrgentl Sicily
Rock Island Flyer Wrecked
El Paso Tex July 22Tho Colder
State limited on the Rock Isiana road
from Chicago to Los Angeles war
wrecked at Corona N M Reports saj
that all the cars overturned except the
observation car and that many wer <
Injured but nobody killed
Train Turned Turtle
Chattanooga Than July 22Cln
clnnati k Jacksonville express on the
Southern road was derailed at Roma
I Ga the engine mall car comblnatlot
baggage and express car and soooad
I Class coach turning comolotely avert
t t
With a Bayonet By Soldier Loaning
From Car Window
Owensboro Ky John Arnold a
bridge carpenter on tho Louisville
Henderson St Louis railroad Is In
a serious condition at his home at
Sample as the result ol being bIt on
the head with a bayonet by a member
of tho Third Kentucky regiment
Arnold was standing on a trestle
watching tho passing of the special
train bringing tho soldiers from the
Jamestown encampment It la raid
that one of the soldiers paned out ol
the window and struck Arnold a blow
on the head with his bayonet His
skull was crushed and it was nooos
nary to remove several pieces of ahat
toned bone Had It not boon for a fel
low workman tie would have fallen
from the bridge Tho affair Is being
Plunged the Speeding AutoTwo
Women Among the Injured
Lexington Ky Failing to see A
tone wall while scorching In an auto
mobile on tho Nowtown pike Carl
Schroute ran tho machine through the
wall In the car at the time beside
Schrouto were Miss Clara Martin Miss
Lena Wilburn and Ray McCarty Mc
Carty had several ribs broken and Is
Internally Injured Tho women are
I bruised but not seriously hurt
Schrouto has not been seen since
tho accident As soon as It occurred
he is said to havo deserted the party
and is supposed to bo hiding In Parts
or Cincinnati
The car belonged to the Indiana 011
Refining Co of Georgetown but was
In charge of Schroute
Tho company did not know It Is
said that he was using tho car for
Lands In Jail After Spending Charity
Cash TIs Alleged For Booze
Owonsboro Ky After collecting
quite a sum of money from church
folk of Owensboro Rev Joseph Mun
day of Louisville went to Henderson
and it is alleged spent tho coin for
boom become Intoxicated got into a
fight In a hotel and was arrested
Dr Munday says ho is collecting
money with which ho some day will
build a homo for fallen women Ha
has been collecting money for this pur
pose In Western Kentucky for five
years but has not bought any build
ing material yet He lectured In Ow >
onsboro and left owing several bills
It Is charged
Used a Spoon
Louisville KyWJIh the handle ot
a spoon sharpened to A razors edge on
tho concrete floor of his cell Beverly
Jones a prisoner attho county jail at
tempted suicide by cutting his throat
and slashing an artery In his right
wrist Jones was arrested a week ago
on information from Kansas City
whoro it is alleged he is wanted for
the theft of 1200 He will probably
A Costly Throw
Maysvllle KyCharles Spencer a
C O conductor may loso an arm
from injuries sustained near Hlgglns
port In throwing a piece of paper out
of the coach window his arm came in
contact with a mall crane shattering
tho limb so badly that fears ore en
tertalnod that it will have to be am
Fifty Days For Wife Beater
Lexington KyFIfty days In the
county jail Is the penalty given Joseph
Walton by Justice Abner Oldham on
the charge of wifebeating Tho mag
istrates of this county have given no
tice to wifeboaters that they will get
tho limit whenever tho charge is
proved against them
He Just Rode Away
Moyfleld KyCccl1 Harrell 16 son
of A B Hnrroll Instead of going to
the field to plow got on ha horse and
rode away through tho woods His
parents and relatives havo mode a
close search of the surrounding coun I
try but nothing baa yot been heard of
the boy
Practiced SlxtyOne Years
Louisville KyDr W G Ronald
54 the oldest physician In Jefferson
county died at his home in Southern
Heights after a long Illness He prac
ticed modlclno in Louisville for Cl
years A widow and ono son Allle G
Ronald Unltod States clerk survlvo
Farmers Prostrated
Lexington KIat OHaro and Joe
Corman while working on a farm In
Nicholas county wero overcome with
heat They arc Improving but are in
a serious condition
Fell on the Track
Louisville Ky Matthew Schmld 45
was overcome by tho heat while walk
Ing along the tracks of tho Southern
railroad in tho western end of tho city
He fell prostrate to tho ground was
truck by a switch engine which round
ed a curve and was seriously Injured
Drys Swept Harrison County
Cynthlano KyIn itho local option
eJection hold In Harrison county tho
drys won by a majority of lCOO
Cynth lana wherttho hjcgestiMgh was
made was carrliiihjrtthi dryaliy 47
Of a Non Association FarmerAnoth
er NonMember Flogged
Hopklnsville KyA thrashing ma
chine owned by John Fields a non
association farmer was dostroyrd on
tho farm of Dr Word at Oak Grove
by dynamite which was concealed In
Two laborers wore injured John Gar
rett having his leg broken and receiv
ing internal Injuries and James Brown
receiving cuts on his ana and face
Fields It is said toad been warned
to join tho association before attempt
ing to thrash wheat but had refused
to do so There Is no claw to the Iden
tity of tho parties placing the dyna
mite In the wheat
Another outrage iwas commuted
when 25 masked men took Nathan
Heater 50 a Trlgg county farmer from
his home and at the point of a shot
gun mercilessly flogged htm with a
rawhide whip Before releasing him
he was brutally kicked1 and otherwise
mistreated Ills wife who has heart
disease fainted when she saw her hus
band dragged away and she Is in a
nervous condition
Hester was a former member of the
Farmer association but Is said to
havo deserted several months asa and
has not heeded warnings to ratio no
more tobacco and wheat
Murderer of Three Men Seeks Solitude
That He May Pray
Louisville KyWith but one
thought In his mind the mystery be
hind the scaffold and wishing to make
his peace with God Clarence Sturgeon
under sentence for tho murder of three
men at Eleventh and Jefferson streets
ono year ago has askcd Janis John R
Pfanz to separate him from tho other
prisoners that he may spend his time
reading his Bible and In prayer
Since ho has taken up religion Stur
goon says ho no longer is troubled with
horrible dreams of the terrible tragedy
for which he Is soon to pay tho pen
alty or of the subsequent suicide of
tho woman In the case Tho date of
tho execution has not been fixed by
tho governor
Former College President Expires
Louisville KyRev L G Barbonr
D D formerly president of Caldwell
female college at Danville and later a
member of the faculty of Central urn
versify and ono of the beat known cdu
cators in tho south died at the rest
dence of his daughter Miss Caroline
F Barbour in this city Mr Barbour
was a native of Danville and tho son
of tho Into Maj James Barbour an of
ficer In tho American army in the war
of 1812 He was 78 years of age > and
had been In declining health for acv
era months
Smallest Soldier In the World
Lexington KyJohn Wash Jr 22
a member of Company D of the state
guard of Lawrencoburg is the small
est soldier In Ole world He la but I
feet 8 Inches high and weighs 130
pounds He arrived hero on his way
to tho encampment at Jamestown In
spite of his small stature ho carries
his Springfield rifle and drills with oth
or members of tho company Ho
claims that his growth was stooped by
his standing on his bead too much
while a youth
Noted Woman Dead
Glasgow KyMrs Martha Law
rence tho last child of Ibo late Isaac
Goodnight tho first white child born
In Kentucky died at her homo on Bar
ron river near Lawrence Rend aged
SO years She was the widow of Rob
crt Lawrence who died three months
ago and to whom tho was married 60
years She reared a family of 12 chit
dren all but two Ot whom survive her
Officers Indicted
Prestonburg Ky8herltn WraStura
bo and several other officers of Floyd
county have been indicted hero on the
charge of ponfeasance for their failure
to arrest Henry J Nathan and Lee
Fitzpatrick who are charged with the
murder of Andy Coburn In the court
house hero last month They surrendered
dered to Squire Banks Ball was fixed
at 1000 each
Tried to KIN His Wife
Lexington Ky Crazed by tho heat
George Haydon a farmer residing on
the Tates Crock pike In Madison Coun
t is said to havo become suddenly
Insano and to have attempted to kill
his wife Ho > was arrested on the
charge of lunacy His wKe said she
believed that the hoot had unbalanced
his mind
Killed In His Home
Leltohflold KyIn an electrical
storm Byron Cross of West ditty this
county was struck by lightning and
Instantly killed when sitting In his
home with his family
Hotel Company Falls I
Louisville KyThe Clayton Hotel
Co which has been operated for tho 1
past tour months under tho manage
ment of H M Secor and Julius Seel
bach filed a deed of assignment Jso
schedule of assets and liabilities was
Dashed Against a Rock
Rwlng Ky Overcome by heat when l
riding on a load of hay Jerome Moore
65 of this place fell to tho ground
striking his head against a rock Ha i
Chas boon unconscious since and hopet
for his recovery is abandoned
1 j

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