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j tIttS IIHNr 5 DM I CL
Enltral at tin rwtojflci at Ecrea > < u second
daamaa matier
Devoted to the Interests of the Mountain People
Knowledge Is power and thet
way to keep up with modeiiiy1t
knowledge is to read a goods t
newspaper i
fR I
11 Vol XI Five cents a copy BEREA MADISON COUNTY KENTUCKY AUGUST 12 HmO Ono Dollar a year No 71 JI
Peace In Spain Woman Wants A
Husband Dadly Republicans En
couraged In Virginia Tom Johp
son BadlyBeatenWomans Ashes
t In Lake
WIDOW ON FILE Who wants a
widow There Is ono that wants to
be wanted Sho heard that the
government sometimes furnished
wives to foreign Immigrants and so
wrote asking that they give her to
some fellow quick Her name will bo
furnished to any honest applicant I
who writes Immigration r
LEAD TWO LIVESA remarkable
case baa come to light of an Illinois
Judge who led a double life Onco
In a while ho forgets himself and
goes off and gets work as a day la
borer tho ho Is a rich man Ho does
not remember anything about his
homo or office or wealth but
wanders around as a poor man Af
ter a whllo a friend will find him
and under medical treatment his
t memory comes back This has hap
pened several times
REVOLT DEAD The Spanish re
bellion la over tho loyal troops bavin
drowned It In blood
prohibition law has gone Into effect
In Alabama which stops tho selling
of nearbeer and the use of liquors
in clubs and private homes Tho stala
is about as dry as possible just nowI
cast In tho Democratic primary in i
Virginia was tho lowest in years I
and Republicans are greatly encour I
aged as they believe this means that
many Democrats do not intend to I
support tho nominee j
has reached the houso at Beverly I
Mans mer whore ho will spend DovorlYI
has been tho first state of tho Uni
on to adopt tho amendment of unlI
United States Constitution authoriz
ing Congress to levy an Income tax
Under tho will of Mrs Rosa Peyton
who died in Chicago lately her body
was burned to ashes and these were
taken out I1nll scattered in the lake
Her husband was drowned there and
his body was never recovered She
wished to lie as near him as oho
could and took this means of doing
strike of almost all tho trades of the
wholo country of Sweden has nearly
brought that country to tho nearlyI
destruction Tho government has tak
en charge of tho milk supply the j
bakeries are out of business no
trains are running and there is hardly
food enough in tho cities to keep tho I
people alive I
Johnson of Cleveland ban finally been
beaten In his plans tp get threecent
fares Everything went well till his
plan was tried but It gave such poor
service that no ono was satisfied
So now tho plan has been voted
down at tho polls It is expected
that Johnson will be beaten in his
race for reelection and so will bo
eliminated from politics
HOTTEST DAY Last Sunday was
the hottest day of tho summer so
far almost all over this country Tho
< tomporaturo ran up to about ninety
in Kentucky tho it felt a good deal
Successful Three Days Exhibition
Closed SaturdayGeneral Satis
faction Expressed at Honesty of
Awards Large Attendance and
Good Weather
One of tho most successful meetings
of the Berea Fair Association was
that which dosed last Saturday after
three days show The meeting was
very well attended tho exhibitions
were largo and choice and tho wea
ther all that could bo desired and
general satisfaction with tho fair
and Its management was expressed
on all sides
Especial attention had been paid
by tho management to getting fair
and competent judges for tho differ
ent contests and that their efforts
wero successful was shown by tho
general agreement in the awards
Hardly a protest was heard any
where and It was universally agreed
that the awards wero honestly made
and in general deserved
Tho balloon ascensions wero a great
drawing card and wero much enjoy
ed That of tho first day especially
was alono well worth tho price of
Tho order maintained was first
class and only ono disturbance mar
red tho occasion There was little
evidence of whiskey anywhere and
no sign at all of any on the grounds
Toward the close of the first day
Alex Coyle however got some some
where and made quite a little trouble
IIIo began shooting and was arrest
ed and disarmed by Edw Anderson
but mado such a fight that It took
tho combined efforts of several offl
cers to get him off tho grounds
Icers little complaint was heard that
there were evidences of a revival of
tho gambling which has been GO care
fully excluded by the management for
some years It is almost Impossible
to entirely prevent betting at any
public occasion and there may have
been some gamblers who managed
to get post tho management but it
can safely bo assorted that if any
gambling took place It was against
tho desires and efforts of those in
charge Tho fact that there was com
plaint will lead to even greater pre
cautions next year
Altogether tho fair was entirely
enjoyable and satisfactory and tho
association is to be congratulated on
tho ability and efficiency of its of
ficers Tho full list of premium aw
ards follows
1 Best home made cheese 200
Mrs John Ballard Mrs John Moore
2 Best two pounds butter 200
Sirs W A Arbuckle
ArbuckleI 300 Mrs W
A Arbuckle Mrs Jno MoWllllams
4 Beat loaf salt rising bread Miss
Mary Walker 100 pounds flour Mrs
W A Arbucklo CO pounds flour
lit Best loaf yeast rising bread 200
Mrs Bert Coddington Miss Molllo
C Best plate of beaten biscuits
1200 Mrs T J Curtis Mrs W A
7 Best quart of homo mado wine
200 A R GIbbs Mrs T J Curtis
8 Best gallon Icecream 300 Mrs
IL J Twlgg Mrs W A Arbuckle
9 Best gallon pine npplo sherbet
200 Mrs Bert Coddington Mrs II
J Twlgg
10 Best glass grape jelly 200
Mrs J H Jackson Mrs H J Twigg
11 Best white cake 100 pounds of
flour Mrs T J Curtis Mrs L C
12 Best sponge cake 200 Mrs J
Continued on fifth lags
IFor 20000 REWARD
For the arrest and detention of these two men wanted for the
murder of James Lane
or 100 for the arrest and detention of either They are probably
not together now This reward will remain open till both are brought
to justice Both are young men about 21 years of age
HAYS is about 5 feet 10 Inches in height light blue eyes medium light hair
weight about 135 pounds ABNEY Is about 5 feet 3 inches in height complexion
f I dark black halr and black eyes has a little impediment in his speech weight
about 135 to 140 pounds Send notice of arrest to the Sheriff of Madison County I
ACAIt is just as impossible to Lave progress and success in things
of the mind without keeping in touch with the rest of the world as
fy is to have good businesn without any > connection with outside
markets and factories The newspaper is the ony thing that will
really keep a man in touch with the world and make progress
possible for him
Wty It happens once in a while that some person going out from
Berea enjoys the hospitality of some of our mountains friends and
then on his or her return here or to n home elsewhere finds cheap
and mean amusement in making fun of them in deriding the poverty
which they have generously made greater for the comfort of the un
grateful guest or in throwing oil on those customs and habits which
distinguish without debasing the mountain people Some people
do this from lack of good sense others from real meanness We
wish that our friends would be fair enough not to blame other Berea
people for the meanness of such fools or knaves There are every
where some members of society who are unworthy and just as no
mountaineer wishes to have his people judged by a few moonshiners
feudists or blacklegs so we demand as n right that wo should not be
held responsible for the despicable actions ofsuch people as we
havo described above who are just aa far from fairly representing our
sentiments and ideas We can assure every one that such people
meet the well merited condemnation of all right thinking people in
ties a just penalty for their sorriness
J AHThe tariff bill is thru at last and we are under a new
tariff It may not be ns good as possible but it is better than the
old one and is a real fulfillment by tho Republican party and by
Pres Taft of his preelection Democrats fight over it has left the
Republicans stronger and tho Democrats weaker than ever before
titDReaders will see that the news of the Clay Primary is
somewhat conflicting We havo no personal knowledge of the facts
and leave each correspondent to express his own opinion
The recent decision of Judge Parker ousting the four leading
Lexington all Democrats for frauds committed at tho 1007
electiou is n most hopeful sign for clean politics in Kentucky Fol
lowing as it does tho decision of the Court of Appeals Voiding tho
Louisville election it proves that tho popular will can make itself
felt and that such debauchery as bas too often been seen in Ken
tucky will not be upheld by the courts
Elections in Lexington have long been corrupt History shows
that wherever one party long remains in power it becomes corrupt
and soon has to resort to the stealing and debauching elections to
maintain itself in power agaius the protests of an indignant people
Such has been the case in Republican as well as Democratic cities
and the fact that tho criminals and grafters in the present case mas
queraded under the name of Democracy cannot be charged to the
Democratic party as a wholeIf the city government hag been Re
publican they would have taken that name as readily
But theso frauds and this corruption can justly be charged
against tho Kentucky Democrats who shelter theso criminals and
protect them and against that part of tho party dominated by
them Theso crimes provo the unfitness of the Kentucky Democracy
to rule and they will be a heavy millstone around the neck of the
party in the coming election The time has gone by when corrup
lion and trickery and fraud are approved by the voters of any party
or the people of any part of the state and the Kentucky Democracy
will pay a heavy penalty for failing to keep up with the tjtjes and
rid herself of the criminals This should be a warning to all cor
rupt politicians in every partyand there are some in all
It is to bo hoped that Lexington will use this opportunity as
Louisville used hors to reform the city It is a great chance and
properly used will work wonders The movement for clean politics I
is gaining everywhere and Kentucky should be in the forefront of
this great form of civic progress
Especial note should be made in connection with the case of Col
Sam J Roberts tho stalwart Repulican who has fought the good
fight on behalf of the Republican party and won such a glorious
victory There has been an attempt made by certain men to deny
Mr Roberts that recognition from the Republican party which his
merits and his loyal labors deserve because he has opposed some
more or less disreputable schemes of certain politicians But what
Kentucky Republican can show a finer record of achievement than he
not only for the party but for the people for clean government nnd
civic righteousness Mr Roberts has by this fight established beyondI
question his place among Kentucky Republicans and It would be aI
bold man who would deny him his hard won honors i 1
Shot by Malone on Charge of Chick
en StealingMystery Not Cleared
UpSlayer Held In SI BOO Bond
for Action of Grand Jury
Tho whole town was startled Sat
urday to learn ot tho shooting of Mr
James Kinney by Mr T A Malone
and was oven more excited by the
subsequent death of Mr Kinney on
Sunday Tho funeral Sunday after
noon testified to tho wide respect
In which tho deceased was held and
to tho number of his friends
The verdict of the Jury empaneled
Sunday by Magistrate Wilson repre
senting the Coroner was that deceas
ed came to his death from gun shot
wounds inflicted by T A Malone
There were three of theso wounds
ono in the arm not dangerous and
ona each in tho kidney and lung
which caused his death All bullets
had entered from tho back showing
that ho was shot from behind
Early Saturday Malone went first to
Squire Wilson and then to Judge Gay
saying that ho had shot a man who
was stealing his chickens but that
ho did not know who was wounded
Later it was found that Mr Kinney
was tho injured ono and when hoI
was taken to tho hospital Malone was
put under arrest On Mr Kinneys
death Sunday Malone was taken to
Richmond and lodged in jail The
oxaming trial was held Tuesday
After the trial Malone was held in
1500 bond for the grand jury and
as we go to press this had not been
filled Tho evidence at the trial
about corresponded to the ru
mors that had been floating around
town It was established that the
shooting took place in tho early
morning Both Malone and his bro i
ther testified that Kinney had beenI
carrying chickens and dropped them
and also that before the shooting they
had been aroused by a disturbance I
among tho hens In the barn They
wero not corroborated by others in
this testimony and there was some I
conflict between themI
Four others testified that they saw
nothing of tho chickens and Mr KtnI
neys statement that ho was at hisI
shop door when tho shooting began I
was put In evidence An attempt toI
show that Malone had uttered threats J
against Kinney failed 1
A Census of Physicians 1
Throughout the United States there I
Is ono licensed physician to every I
709 persons In NQw York state ono
to 672 and In New York city one to 1
653 Tho income of physicians varies 1
fully as much as that of other profes
sions Noted city specialists often
get In a single fee from a wealthy pa 4
tient an amount equal to five years 4
Make the Most of Everything t
A man who knows tho world will I
not only make the most of everything I
he does know but of many things he t
docs not know and will gain more I
credit by his adroit mode of hiding
ignorance than the pedant by his 1
i awkward attempt to exhibit his eru
I dltionColtonimmutable I
Immutable Conditions I
Another doctor has denounced cor e
sets for women as being the source
of innumerable troubles This is a I
nlco situation for him The women 1
wont give up corsets and so much the t
more work for the physicians Wom
en are what they are and cannot bea
changed Philadelphia lDqulrerI
Tariff Bill Passed and Signed Taft
Wins In HousePlans for Winter
Washington D C
i August 7 1909
At half past five oclock Thursday
afternoon Uncle Joe Cannon told
the Seargant at Arms of tho Houso
to turn the clock ahead thirty minutes
whereupon it being apparently 600
p m tho First Session of the Sixty
first Congress came quietly to an
end as to tho House A few minutes
later Vice President Sherman let t
the chair ot the Senate for five min
utes while a few words of compliment
on his qualities as a presiding officer
wero being spoken at five minutes
before six he resumed his place
acknowledged the kindness ot the
speaker tapped the felt topped desk
with the gavel and announced that
the extraordinary session of Congress
was adjourned without day A few
hours later Washington was practi
cally empty of statesmen
The vote on the Payne Bill in
the House was very close so much
so that a few hours before it was to
be taken the House leaders sent Rep
resentative Dwight the House whip
to the White Houso with a list of 21
Republicans who seemed then certain
to vote against tho Bill and thus de
feat It President Taft Immediately
summoned each of the members In
question to call upon him and suc
ceeded in converting more than half
of them so that tho Bill was passed
by 12 votes If six men had voted
otherwise the bill would have been I
rejected This shows that tho Houso
organization is demoralized and in
need of help also that the President
did not hesitate to indentlfy himself
with the Bill In Its present form It
appears also to show that the Presi
dent might have forced further re
ductions it he had thought it wise to
do so although possibly somo of the
high tariff men would in that case
have voted against the measure
The vote In the Senate taken at
two oclock Thursday afternoon was
decisive 17 to 31 Seven Republican
insurgent Senators voted against
the law Doubtless it reductions had
been made to a point whlcif Would
have satisfied these men there
would have been a larger number
who would have voted against the
Bill as being a free trade and un
Republlcan one <
It must be borne in mind that the 1
tariff is a compromise As President c
Taft says tho Payne Bill is not a t
perfect tariff bill nor a complete
compliance with the promises made
strictly interpreted but a bill free
from criticism when the matter In
volved so many articles could not c
bo expected Senator Aldrich also de t
fends himself on the same grounds J
While it may bo true that the aver
age voter would like President Taft l
have preferred more downward revlI
eton still tho opinion ot those who
were familiar with the conditions in t
Congress cannot but recognize that f
tho final Bill represents honest and
able endeavor to reform tho tariff
No previous tariff bill has been sub
jected to so much publicity Probably
the result ot tho next tariff legisla l
tion will be more satisfactory
President Taft came to the Capitol
with tho members of his Cabinet at e
five oclock on Thursday afternoon
and the party occupied the Prealden
tial Chamber In the Senate end of
tho building At flvo minutes after
five In the presence of the leaders
ct Congress Mr Payne Mr Aldrich 1
and others of the conferrees and In
fluential members the President af
fixed his signature to this most im
portant political measure since the
DIngle Bill Tho pen with which he
wrote his name was handed by him
1to Representative Payne tho author
and effectual supporter of tho act as
a memento
air Taft remained in Washington
until Friday evening when ho went
tc Beverly Massachusetts which IsI
to be his summer capital and w1l1I
correspond to President Roosevelts I
country home at Oyster Bay
The prospects for next winters ses
sion are somewhat hazy It appears
that tho financial legislation in re
gard to tho currency system which
had been expected to furnish one rf
the principal subjects of the regular
long session will not be brought up j
until a year from this autilmn be
cause the Senate Monetary Commis
sion of which Mr Aldrich is Chair
man will not be ready to make its
report earlier than that time It Is
expected that the Commission will ad
vccato a central United States Bank i
ond that this will be bitterly opposed
by western interests who believe l
that the eastern financiers would have c
on undue share in the control of such
an institution and by persons who
Continued on fifth page
Lexington Officials Ousted for Fraud
Sen Bradley Back from Wash
IngtonA Queer Pardon Powers I
Announcement That He Will Run
er in Lexington has at last handed
down his decision in tho 1907 election
cases and he sustains all the points
mado by the Republican contestants 1
and ousts the four leading Democrat
lo candidates The cases will bo apt j
pealed to tho Court of Appeals
Three fires were started in Richmond
by the big storm of last week and
considerable daiiage was done
Tho fourth serious fire in a few
days visited Richmond Monday night j
when Azbllls livery was burned to
gather with Thurinans grocery store
and the flro department building Al
together damage estimated at 30000
was done Tho city flro department
worked for hours before checking +
tho flames and ati one time it seem
ed as if the whole business portion of
town was threatened and an appeal
was sent to Winchester for aid
is back from Washington and admits
that he has failed to get Pres Taft
to make any Kentucky appointments
this summer However he says the
appointments will bo made long be
fore Congress opens and that tho
men ho favors will be appointed
son last week pardoned and restored
to citizenship Reuben Hodge of Lily
Laurel County because he was want
ed by his district as marshall
near Winchester last Wednesday at a
revival service resulted in tho death
of a man and tho wounding of an
POWERS OUT Thru an over
sight the formal announcement of
Caleb Powers that ho would be a can
didate for Congress was overlooked
last week This has been understood
for so long that the formal announce
ment will surprise no one The race
promises to be a hot one In the
nearby counties almost everybody
Is for Powers but advices from other
parts of the Eleventh say that senti
ment for him Is not so strong and
that tho race may be a close one It
is known that some of Edwards
friends are advising him to withdraw
election fight at Flat Lick Knox Cor
last week resulted in the death
of 3 C Early and the wounding of
two other coont
We wish to call the attention ofI
our readers to the number of good
things we are offering them this week
The Washington letter Is unusually
good the portion of Prof Dlnsmores
book Is fine and the farming article
Is timely and worth consideration
Wo are sorry not to have room this
week for articles now ready on sheep
scab and on tho causes and preven
tion of tires but they will come soon
that on sheep scab at least next
Besides theso useful articles are
a full report of the Berea fair and i
a digest of tho reply made in Audi
tor James paper to the charges of
extravagance made against the present
State AdministrAtionan article which
every Republican wants to read to
fortify himself against theso false
charges and which every honest
Democrat will also want to read Next
weeks paper will have almost as many
splendid features and you want to
watch for them The sheep scab arti
cle will be the best but all tho usual
features will be there and as good as
Dally Health Hint
Wounds of whatever sort should
bo treated by a surgeon If they be too
serious to be cured by court or ad
hesive plaster In applying these pine
ters however be particular that no
dirt be left In the wound and also
that tho edges be brought Into perfect
contact exactly as tho parts lay be
fore the accident or as near to that
position as possible
By Jovel
I must make more friends dont
you know said the Englishman
You see what I mean HehT I leave
a pretty poor bunch of friends upon
my word I have Among tho lot of
them when all Is said and done there
Isnt ono that I can borrow more than
25 from There isnt Upon my
t Quandary
If A necklace of diamonds has been
stolen from met said Airs Cumrox
Arent you going to notify the po
lice I dont know what to do It
does seem rather classy to be robbed
of jewelry and yet I hate to have peo
pIe think Id ever miss a little thing
like a necklace

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