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Enteratae the Poetafce at Dma IV QI rlcond
daanaft maser
Devoted to the Interests of the Mountain People
JlliJII Civilization is going lIko a race horse these dayscovering
more ground every year ban it used to in a century A man has
to keep hustling all the time to keep upIf he wants his share of
the benefits of progress he must catch hold and hang on tight A
newspaper is the connecting link that holds the progressive men of
today in touch with the rest of the world jdiV W m
Every thing that is worth while in this world has to be earned
and it is a mighty fine thing that the most valuable things are the
ones that cost the most This results in the fellows that will ap
preciate the best things getting them
One of the best things on earth is an education and it is one of
the hardest things to get For a good education can only be had by
keeping right after it for years It is hard to work steadily day
after day and year after year and yet that is the only way to accom
plish anything
In going forward it is much easier to keep going than it is to
stop and rest and then start again Once and a while every one has
to rest but the more seldom that is the faster and further he will
go It is tho same way with getting an education The more per
sistently a boy sticks to his work the sooner he will begin to profit
A single stop to rest costs a good deal The rest of the class
I gets ahead and it is harder to study when you get back to school
suet there has been an actual day lost Besides and most important
of all when a boy stops out a few days he loses his motion his mo
mentum and has to get started all over again A day out of school
pretty nearly loses a weeks time for the boy
It is mighty hard to stick to school these hot days when the
trees are so nice to lie under and apples taste so good But that is
the only way to do any good Of course a fellow will go some even
if he does stop once in a while but he will be a long way from doing
all he could and he will be cheating himself for the rest of his life
if ho does not work hard right along Every day of life counts and
every school day is an opportunity that should never be allowed to
pass for a boy can lay up riches for bis whole life in it Dont miss
n dayAnd
And parents who know better than the children what is good
for them should see to it that the youngsters dont miss Tho parent
who lets his boy loaf or stay from school to work is injuring that
child for lifo
When a man in a high placo brays it makes quite a stir
Therefore it is not surprising that several people took notice of the
following bit of talk to a graduating class at Dartmouth from
Prof O II Palmer of Harvard
on lime had Illlln to ilo with rlfnuiiinirt Now you are rntlrd
ii I > ou to rnrn ymir own llTlnjr From thf > lime on honor money
KHtlntr money mud power Riches sire the lacer of service to the
It would not be surprising to hear talk like this from some
people There are always uud probably always be people who
can never see beyond the shine of the silver dollar and who never
ask either where the money came from or where it is going
There are some people so low that they measure all success by the
dollar mark and count the rich thief happier than the honest poor
But that such a view should be expressed by such a man has
surprised the world Prof Palmer knows about Harry Thawwith
lots of money and about the paled faced weak lived children of the
city millionaires who squandered in dissipation the money their fath
ers earned or stole he knows of the wealthy scoundrels who are living
in luxury on money stolen a few pennies at a time from the poor of
the laud thru trust extortions and corporation robbery he knows of
the rich brokers who cheat the poor who trust them of the lawyers
who betray the trusts of widows and orphans of the saloon keepers
who livo richly on the proceeds of food and clothing which the
wives and children of drunkards are forced to do without Prof
Palmer knows all these things and yet he says honor money
And Dr Palmer knows of other things too He knows of the
work done for suffering humanity by poverty stricken country doc
tors of the self sacrificing lives of ministers of the Gospel some of
them giving their health and happiness for humanity in foreign
lands he knows of the work done by men like Burbank Wright
Roosevelt Bryan Edison Stevenson and hundreds of others who
never sought toward in money but lived and died with little
wealth yet won undying fame he knows of the records of Grant
and Lincoln and Washington and Lee and Sheridan and Farragut
and Dewey ho knows of the sermons of Talmadge lind Chapman
and Finney and a hundred thousand others and finally he knows
of Him who had not where to lay His headand yet he says honor
money It may be that the time will come when Prof Palmers
precept will be accepted and the world will honor money but if
ever that time comes and the world has no honor for unselfish
service for heroism or patriotism or statesmanship invention or
the relieving of Buffering or the preaching of truth if that time
ever comes wo may all pray that Prof Palmer may be left alone
with the rich men he would honor so There could be no worse
punishment for him
peared and when the Democrats
went out ot office in 1907 according
to the Republican they left the trea
sury practically empty
The Republican follows this argu
ment with an itemized statement
from official sources of all expendi
tures during tho Taylor administra
tion This statement Is lengthy and
Includes reference to tho statutory
authority for each item The largest
slnglo entry more than onethird of
the total amount is 33235551 for
school claims
Mr Beckham Is challenged to show
from these figures where extrava 11
gance or dishonesty existed in the Re
I publican conduct of affairs as charg
ed by inference in his paper
Further the Horrodsburs editor chal
lenges Mr Beckham to loll why it
cost him nearly a million dollars more
annually to administer the State than 11
It cost his predecessors He Invites
him to dispute the charge that the
Democrat left Indebtedness amount
I ing to 000000 when they went out
of office In 1907 He asks him to In
from the public about how much of
the States money was spent In gett
ing possession ot the offices to which
Taylor and his colleagues had been
Referring to a quotation In MrI
Beckhams paper from a contemporary
to the effect that Gov Willson bas I
spent 160000 for soldiers to suppress
the night riders and that there were
other leaks in the Treasury he re
quests Mr Beckbam to say whether
he believes Gov Willson was wrong
in using tho State mlllta for this pur
pose and to specify Just what are
the other leaks mentioned in the
quotation Louisville Herald
This week we have the important
article on sheep scab advertised last
week and also another ono of the
series on Republican mismanage
ment Read then both Next week
there will be another article on set
bies and also one on the report of
the Fire Marshall showing how fires
start and what to do about 1U
We will not be ready to start them
next week but we are getting ready
to start two new features which will
be of great value and interest One
will be a teachers exchange Where
problems of the schools will be dis
cussed and questions answered The
other will bea new series of articles
by Dr Cowley giving rules for health
and good advice as to the best kind
ot foods Every one will want to
watch for these featuresthey will
bo better than anything of the kind
I that ban ever been printed in any
paper in Kentucky
The Jackson County Bank which
was formerly a branch of tho Berea
Bank and Trust Co has been re
organized and severed connection with
the Berea Bank and Trust Co on
July 1st It has a capital stock of
12000 divided into 150 shares of
100 each The following officers
were elected R M Bradshaw presi
dent A H Williams vice president
J R Hays cashier The directors
arc Messrs R 11 Bradshaw A H
Williams J R Hays Isaac Messier
Dr W T Amyx Dr J D Hays and
D G Collier The site building safe
and all the office fixtures were pur
chared from the Berea Bank and
Trust Co The first months busi
ness was very flattering for the
young institution There was t an in
crease of more than 6000 in deposits
ast month over its previous record
Under the management of such excel
lent gentlemen as its officers and
nirectcrs wo predict a fast sturdy
growth of business until it takes its
Flare among the leading county banks
of tho State
Miss Stella Anderson little daugh
ter of Ed Anderson came near losing
her life last Sunday afternoon in the
swollen waters of Brushy Fork
While returning from Sunday school
In the West End In attempting to
walk the narrow footbridge in front
ot Mr Tarleton Combs home she
became dizzy and fell She clung to
Nelly Combs hand and caused her
to totter but by a swift run and
Jump Nellie gained the bank but
poor Stella was whirled away before
the eyes of horrified relatives and
friends in Mr Combs yard
Mr Combs and Mr Rice both
sprang in to her assistance and fin
ally rescued her as she sank the
third time All were much exhaust
ed but In a short time were able to
speak calmly of the Incident which
came so near ending tho lives of
all three
Berea Ky Aug 14 09
To the Editor of The Citizen
Dear Sir
I wish to say thru the columns
of your paper that any and all tales
being circulated over the country in
regard to my taking a hand for the
defense or the prosecution in the
case against T A Malone are not
true more than that I held an inquest
over the body of James Kinney in
accordance with my legal dpty Both
parties were my frlepds and my sym
pathy goes out to both families for
It Is a great trouble to all So who
ever tells any such tales only tells
them to injure me in my race for
Very respectfully yours
J S Wilson J P
The winners in the Republican
primary and their pluralities are as
Representative J J Taylor 206
County Judge Harrison Jones 22
Sheriff Bill Scovlll 206
County Clerk Ira J Davidson 22
Circuit Clerk Geo W Smith 172
Assessor W IL Bmner 120
County Attorney Hiram J Johnson
County Superintendent Dave John
son 650
Jailer John R Jones 136
Surveyor Shade Stacy
Coroner William Wallen
Dr W G Beet boa been appointed
on the State Committee on Oral Hy
giene ot tho Kentucky Dental Society
and in pursuance at the duties of
thatposltlon has been giving address
es before institutes on the subject
of instructing children in the valuo
of proper care of the teeth and in
methods of preserving them Reports
indicate that his talks have been
valuable and greatly appreciated
A republican primary has been call
ed for the Glade 8th Magisterial
District for Sept 18 for the choice
of a candidate for magistrate and
constable The entrance fee for mag
istrate has been set at 75 and for
constable at 10 The first entrant
for Magistrate was J S Wilson who
has made his deposit with Mr Black
thus proving tho falsity ot the state
ments that he would not make the
Motor Steam Plows In India
Modern motor steam plows are bo
Ing Introduced into India One of
them made 111 London can plow ten
to 15 acres of ordinary ground t day
Knowledge is powerand the I
way to keep up with modern
knowledge is to read a good
Q r
I Vol XI Five cents a copy BEREA MADISON COUNTY KENTUCKY AUGUST 19 1800 One Dollar a year No 8
Earthquake In JapanHard Work for
TaftThaw Goes Back to Asylum
Johnson and Jefrrles Wife Was
Colored Railroad Wreck In Colo
Now York has been startled by the
murder of a girl in Chinatown Dow I
Kim the most beautiful Chinese
girl In New York was stabbed to
death Altho ho denies all knowledge
of the deed the police think her
husband an Americanized Chinaman
the murderer It is now claimed that I
tho murdered girl found In a trunk
In tho room of Wm Loon some months
ago was not Elsie Sigel but that
sho Is alive married to William Leon
and at present In Alaska
quake In Central Japan last Saturday
caused at least thirty deaths and
much loss of property It Is reported
that 400 buildings have been totally
destroyed and that more than 1000
have been damaged
ban ky has tho record of being the
dirtiest man ever housed at tho Chi
cago police station It took three men
more than an hour to give him a
bath the first ho had had In three
years Ho was so weak after threeI
operation that ho had to be carried
on a stretcher
sons are dead fifty Injured and two
passenger trains almost demolished
as tho result of misunderstanding of I
orders by the crow on tho Denver
x and Rio Grando Railroad near Color
7 ado Springy Colo
fer of a purse of 25000 and halt of I
the gate receipt has been cabled by
a syndicate to Jack Johnson and Jus
J Jefferies to fight In London
RSam R Van Sant of Minnesotan
was elected CommanderlnChlef of
tho Grand Army of the Republic at I
Salt Lake City Mrs Jennie L Derry
of Des Moines Iowa was elected Nat
ional President of the Womans Relief
Thaw ban been committed to the Mat
teaw ana Asylum for the Criminal In
sane by Justice Mills He was allowed
five days freedom In consideration
t for his aged mother
ter eight happy years of married life
ho found out that his wife was a
colored woman a white man of Col
e umbus Ohio killed her and shot him
0 self so seriously that he cannot live
ward Payson Weston who walked I
from New York to San Francisco a
distance of 3895 miles In 105 days
says that ho will try again next
year when he will be seventyone I
years old
the buildings of the Aetna Powder
Company near Garry Indiana was
blown up by a dynamite explosion
Two men were killed
x of New England In a fierce gale the
p Nezlnscot capsized and carried down
o with her halt a dozen of the crew
I Jand tho captains wife and son The
captain and several officers drifted
to sea on a life raft and were saved
The physician who has Pres Taft
under his care says the president Is
in good condition for twentyfive
years work of any description He
keeps his flesh down by golf and hard
work in his gymnasium every day
His present weight is 304 pounds
Harrodsburg ICyThe Kentucky
Republican in Its current issue lIub1
Itches a lengthy editorial reply to
tho criticism of the financial policy
of the present Republican administra
tion and its predecessors under
Bradley and Taylor made by former
Gov Beckham editor of the Ken
tucky State Journal
The controversy began by tho pub
lication In tho Republican of an arti
cle approving tho conduct of affairs
under Gov Willson and referring par
tlcularly to tho economy and wisdom
that had been practiced In tho ex
penditure of the public revenues Mr
Beckham II a later issue of his par
I per took occasion to point out what
he alleged to be flaws In the Repub
licans argument and reverted to
ancient history In order to demon
strate to his own satisfaction that
the virtue of economy lay wholly
with the Democrats
Mr Beckham accepted tho state
ment of the Harrodsburg editor In
which figures were quoted from the
report of Auditor Stone who held
office under Bradley to show that tho
end of his regime he left in the
treasury to pay the bonded indebt
ness of the State the balance amount
Ing to 1OCO4250S but to the
charge made by the Republican two
months later the Democratic auditor
found a net Indebtedness of 1700000
and that this Indicated extraordinary
extravagance In a brief space of
ttiiio on the part of the new Beck
ham administration ho replied with
the counter charge that Auditor
Stone turned over the balance from
his administration not to the De
mocratic treasurer hut to the Re
publican official who served during
the few weeks of tho Illfated Taylor
The Inference while not directly
drawn by Mr Beckham appears to
be that tho leakage occurred In tills
brief Interval between Bradley and
In order to meet this adroit shift
ing of responsibility the Harrods
burg editor alleging that he omitted
reference to tho Taylor regime In
his original article for tho purpose
of drawing out Mr Beckham shows
that Auditor Colter who was Gov
Bcckhama colleague In a report to
the Legislature dated December 1
1901 was able to discover only one
Item for criticism In tIle accounts of
tho Taylor administration that being
the expenditure of 2992613 for the
maintenance of the State milita at
Frankfort during tho critical period
In which tho conflict for office was
proceeding This expenditure Mr
Colter referred to as a misappropria
The Republican editor argues that
since Auditor Colter was naturally
prejudiced against the Taylor regime
the fact that his critical scrutiny
could find no other item for condem
nation than this Is high tribute to
the honesty with which affairs were
conducted In the three troubled
months of Republican rule
Quoting from Colters report again
the Harrodsburg man shows that on
the formers own admission 364771
37 was turned over by W R Day
Treasurer under Taylor to S W Ha
ger Treas under Beckham In spite
of the fact that the Beckham ad
ministration collected 1323000 from
the Federal Government and mulcted
the people for 1000000 more In taxes
every year than they had ever been
required to pay before within two
months a deficit of 1700000 had ap
I 20000 REWARD
For the arrest and detention of these two men wanted for the
murder of James Lane
ror 100 for the arrest and detention of either They are probably
r not together now This reward will remain open till both are brought
to justice Both arc young men about 21 years of age
HAYS is about 5 feet 10 inches in height light blue eyes medium light hair
weight About 155 pounds ABNEY is about 5 feet 3 Inches In height complexion
dark black hair and black eyes has a little Impediment In his speech weight
about 135 to 140 pounds Send notice of arrest to the Sheriff of Madison County
Lancaster Judge Commits Suicide
Ate Five Watermellons Robbers in
Pulaski CountyOld Court House
Destroyed Burley and Equity So
cieties Agree
Clinton Armstrong for many years
city Judge of Lancaster shot and
killed himself it la supposed on ac
count of ill health
BOY HURT Holton aged 12 son
of W Parks of near Richmond while
driving cattle was thrown from his
pony which was knocked down by a
big steer and his body was mashed
He is In a critical condition
belonging to H L Taylor ot near
Hartford Kentucky chewed and swal
lowed a rawhide which woe attached
to a stick twenty Inches long Sho
became sick After a few weeks got
better A few days ago Mr Taylor
noticed a stick protruding from her
side Ho pulled 1G out and it proved
to be the missing whip The cow is
getting well
night riders are at work in Edmundson
County Several men and two women
have been whipped in the last week
and one man was shot with a shot
gun It is thought he will not re
COST HER DEARA colored woman
man of Louisville was the successful
winner of a watermelon asa prize
for eating four other large melons
Fearing that some one would steal x
her prize she ate it also A few hours
later she died of cardiac parlllslsI
superinduced by acute indigestion
dore Harris a wealthy map ot Louis
ville at his death recently left
practically all his wealth to the Bap
tists of Kentucky His children get
a small allowance but he says that
the money does more good in the
hands of the church
organized band ot thieves are making
rich hauls in Somerset Pulaski Coun
ty They have entered several stores
and finally robbed the postofflce
Search for the men as yet has been
KILLS HERSELF Chronic head
aches proved too much for Mrs May
Spindle a prominent woman of Louis
ville and she took her life by shoot
ing herself in the mouth with a re
erican Society of Equity and the Bur
ley Tobacco Society have come to I
an amicable agreement In regard to
the pooling of the tobacco crop of
1909 It remains for the propositions
made to be accepted formally by the
State and National Boards ot the
Society of equity
SAD ACCIDENT While his I mother
and sisters were at the Blue Grass
Fair Claude Scott of Frankfort ac
cidentally shot himself in the face
and bled to death before physicians
could reach him
man aged sixty years was sitting on
her porch near Hustonvllle when she
was shot in the head It is feared
she will not recover No clue has
been found to the man who fired the
STROYED Lightning struck the old
Court House at Washington Mason
County where Uncle Tom of Uncle
Toms Cabin fame was sold and
completely destroyed It Henry Clay
and Daniel Webster spoke there many
national convention ot the Disciples 0
church will meet in Lexington this
fall and It is expected to be one ot
tho biggest gatherings over held in
that city
nat and Southern are building a new
bridge over tho Kentucky river at
High Bridge Tho bridge will be 30G
feet above the low water mark
day at the Blue Grass Fair was a
great success and a great crowd of
newspaper men were there Secre
tary Jouett Shouse delightfully en
tertained the whole crowd at lunch
and In many other ways did all he
could to make the editors and their
wives comfortable Mr Shouso said
that the secret of the great success ot
the Fair this year was due to a
great extent to the liberal use of
newspaper advertising
EDLast Thursday at Kings Moun
tain Kentucky the night operator of
the Queen and Crescent Railroad was
found murdered and robbed NO clue
to the murderer has been found altbo
several arrests have been made
l S

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