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I y a 74 TfiMNET
The story opens at Harvard where Col
Rupert Winter U 8 A visiting saw tho
Kulcldo of young Mercer lIe met Cary
Morcer brother of the dead student
Three yean later In Chicago In 1904
Col Winter overheard Cary Mercer ap
parently planning to kidnap Archie the
colonel ward and to coin possession of
Aunt Rebecca Winters millions A Miss
Smith was mentioned apparently as a
conspirator A great financial magnate
was aboard the train on which Col Win
ter met his Aunt Rebecca Miss Smith
and Archie Col Winter learned that the
financial magnate Is Edwin 8 Keatcham
Winter aided by Archie cleverly frus
trated a holdup on the train He took a
great liking to Miss Smith despite her
alleged kidnaping plot Archie mysteri
ously disappeared In Frisco Blood In a
nearby room at tho hotel caused fears for
the boys life Tho lads voice was heard
over the telephone however and a min
uto later a womans voice that of Miss
Smith CoL Winter and a detective set
out for the empty mansion owned by
Arnold n Harvard graduate They were
met with an explosion within Mercer
appeared Ho assured Winter that Archlo
had returned The colonel saw a vision
Hitting from tho supposedly haunted
house It was Miss Janet Smith Col
Winter to himself admitted that he loved
Miss Smith meMeraceritoldlWlnter lovedt
m Mis Smith Mercer told Winter that
Archie and had had been overheard kidnaped plans One ot for Mercers
i friends on returning the boy to his aunt
had been arrested for speeding And when
he returned from the police station to his
auto the lad was gone Mercer confessed
he was forcibly detaining Keatcham
Mercer told his life story relating how
Keatcham and his scoundrel secretary
Atkins had ruined him the blow killing
his wife Mercer was holding him prison
er In order that he could not get control
of a railroad which was tho pet project of
the father of his college friend Endicott
I Tracy Aunt Rebecca saw Archie In a
cab with two men Then he vanished
She followed In an auto Into the Chinese
district and by the use of a mysterious
Chinese jade ornament she secured a
promise from an Influential Chinaman
that the boy would bo returned Archie
returned and told his story Atkins for
mer secretary to Keatcham being his
second kidnaper Col Winter and Tracy
returned to the haunted house They
found Keatcham apparently stabbed to
death Keatcham was not dead how
ever Cary Mercer appeared on the scene
Winter believing his actions suspicious
The party removed to tho Arnold homo
They feared Atkins gang The colonel
became temporary secretary to the mag
note A Black Hand letter was received
The real characteristics of tho great
financier were revealed The puzzle of
the atory fell into place the blame for
the crimes being lifted from Mercers
shoulders and placed upon Atkins Love
of Mlrt Smithand Col Winter for each L
other was plainly seen by other members j
of the party I
No murmured Miss Smith meek
ly with a little twinkle of her eye
I did that he hid them How ridicu
bus of me to get in such a fright
But you know how Cary hated Mr
Keatcham and youno you dont
know the lengths that such a tempera
ment as his will go I did another
silly thing I found a dagger one of
those Moorish stilettoes that hang In
the library It was lying In the door
way When no one was looking I hid
It and carried It off I stuck It In
one of tho flower beds I stuck It In
the ferns I have stuck that wretched
thing all over this yard I didnt dare
carry It back and put It In the empty
place with the others because some
one might have noticed tho place
And I didnt dare say anything to
Cary I was right miserable
So was I said the colonel think
c ing you were trying to protect tho
murderer But do you know what I
had sense to do
Go to Mrs Winter Oh I wanted
Exactly and do you know what
that dead game sport said to me She
said she found those washed and Ironed
cuffs and trousers neatly cleaned
with mllka whats mllkaand the
mllka cleaned the spots so much clean
er than the rest that she had her own
suspicions started But says she
Not being a plumb Idiot I went
straight to Cary and he told me the
whole story
Which was like your story
Very near And you see It would
be like Atkins to leave incriminating
testimony round loose That Is In
criminating testimony against Mercer
and Tracy The dagger Tracy remem
bers was not In the llbary It was In
the patio Right to hand Atkins
must havo got In and found Mr
Keatcham on the floor in a faint
Whether ho meant to make a bargain
with him or to kill him perhaps we
shall never know but when he saw
him helpless before him ho believed
his cbanco was come to kill him and
get the cipher key removing his ene
my and making his fortune at a blow
Do you thlnkher voice sank low
I er she glanced over her shoulder
do you reckon Atkins had anything
to do with that train robbery Was it
a more pretext to give a chanco to
murder Mr Keatcham fixing the
blame on ordinary bandits
By Jove It might be
I dont suppose we shall ever
know But Cot Winter do you mind
explaining to mo just what Brother
Carys scheme with Mr Keatcham
was Mrs Winter told me you
She told me mused tho colonel
that you didnt know anything about
this big game which has netted them
millions Theyve closed out their
1 deals and have the cash No paper
profits for Auntie She said that
she would not risk your being mixed
up In it so kept you absolutely in tho
dark Im there too Didnt you
know Mercer had kidnapped Archie
No I didnt know ho was with Mr
Keatcham at the hotel It would
have laved me a heap of suffering
but sho didnt dare let me know for
fear if anything should happen I
would bo mixed up In It It was out
of kindness Col Winter truly It was
Afterwards when she saw that I was
worried she gave mo hints that I need
not worry Archie was qulto safe
And tho notepaper
I suppose sho gave It to them an
swered Miss Smith
And the voice I heard In the tele
phone He explained how firmly she
had halted the conversation the time
Archie would havo reassured him
Youwerent there of course
said ho
No I was downstairs in tho ladles
entrance of tho court in tho hotel I
had come in a little while before hav
ing carried an advertisement to the
paper I wonder why shemaybe It
was to communicate with them with
out risking a letter
But how did your voice get Into imy
phone he asked
She looked puzzled only a second
then laughed as ho had not heard her
laugh In San Francisco a natural
musical merry peal a girlish laugh
that made his heart bound
Why of course said she It is so
easy Thero was a reporter who In
sisted on interviewing Mrs Winter
about her jewelry and I was shooing
him away Somehow the wires must
have crossed
Do you rememberthis Is very
very pretty dont you think Just
like a puzzlo falling Into place Do
you remember coming hero on tho day
Archie was returned
I surely do my head was swim
ming for Mrs Winter sent me and I
began then to suspect She told me
Brother Cary was In danger of course
I wanted to do anything to help him
and I carried a note to him I didnt
go in merely gave tho note and saw
I saw you
You How
BIrdsall and I we were here In
the patio we my dear Miss Janet
were the Danger You had on a
brownchecked silk dress and you wero
holding a wire clipper in your hand
Yes sir I saw It on the grass
and picked It up
She laughed a little but directly
her cheeks reddened What must
you havo thought of met oho mur
mured under her breath and bit the
lip that would have quivered
I should like to tell youdear ho
answered if you w1110 Lord for
give young men for living If they
aro not all coming back to ask mo to
sing But Janet dear let me say It In
Spanishyes yes if you really wont
be bored throw me that mandolin
Aunt Rebecca back In the arm
chair faintly smiling while tho old
old words that thousands of lovers
have thrilled with pain and hopes and
dreams beyond their own power of
speech and offered to their sweet
hearts rose winged by the eternal
toy si to mueve alastlma ml etcrno
Como to amo nmarao belllsslma
Como to amo amame belllsslma
And what does It mean in Eng
lush Bertie said Mrs Melville
Cant you translate it
Shall I said the colonel his
voice was careless enough but not so
tho eyes which looked up at Janet
Not tonight please said she I
I think Mr Keatcham is expecting
mo to read to him a little Good night
Thank you Col Winter
She was on her feet as she spoke
and Winter did not try to detain her
he had held her hand and he had felt
Its shy pressure rind caught a fleeting
frightened very beautiful glance Ills
dark faco paled with the intensity of
his emotion Janet moved away quiet
ly and lightly with no break in her
composure but as sho passed Mrs
Winter she bent and kissed her And
when Archie would have run after her
a delicate jeweled hand was laid on
his arm Not tonight laddie I
want you to help me down the steps
With her hand on the boys shoulder
she came up to Rupert and inclined
her handsome head In Janets direc
tion I think by rights that kiss be
longed to you man enfant said she
Casa Fuerte
Winter would have said that ho was
too old a man to stay awake all night
when he had n normal temperature
yot he saw tho stars come out and the
stars fade on that fateful April night
Ho entered hIs room at the hour when
midnight brushes the pale skirts of
dawn and misguided cocks are voclter
ating their existence to an indifferent
world Before he came there had boon
a long council with Mercer and his
aunt Mercer who hoi been success
ful in his mission had barely seen his
chief for a moment before a gentle
but imperious nurse ordered him
away Winter caught a queer abrupt
laugh from the financier The latter
beckoned to him See you are as
obedient as I am when your time
comes he chuckled and be chuckled
again when both the soldier and Miss
i i n
I Should Like to Tell You Dear He Answered If You WIIIJ I
Smith blushed over his awkward I
jocoseness Yet tho next moment he
extended his hand with his formal
othergeneration courtesy and took
Miss Janets shapely firm fingers in
his own lean and nervous grasp AI I
low me to offer you both my sincere
congratulations began he and halted
his eyes which seemed so Incurious
but were so keen traveling from the
womans confusion to the mans I
beg your pardon I understoodAr
chie who was here gave me to under
standand I heard you singing you
will hardly believe it but years ago I
sang that to my wife
So far as I am concerned It Is
settled said the colonel steadily
Janet lifted her sweet eyes and sent
one glance as fleeting and light as tho
flash of a birds wing IIreckon
It is settled murmured she but im
mediately she was the nurse again
Mr Koatcham you are staying awake
much too late Hero is Colvin who
will see to anything you want Good
It was then that Mr Keatcham had
taken the colonels breath away by
klselng Janets hand after which ho
shook hands with the colonel with a
strange now cordiality and watched
them both go away together with a
look on his gaunt face unlike any
known to Colvin
Only three minutes In the hall with
the moon through tho arched window
and his arm about her and the fra
grance of her loosened hair against
his cheek and her voice stirring his
heartstrings with an exquisite pang
Only time for tho immemorial ques
tions of love Are you sure dear It
Is really U and When did you
first To this last she had an
swered with her halfhumorous adora
ble little lilt of a laugh Oh I
reckon It wasalIttleaU along
over since I read about your saving
that poor little Filipino boy like
Archie the one who was your servant
In Manila and going hungry for him
on the march and jumping Into the
rapids to save himwhen you wore
lame too
Hero the colonel burst In with a
groan Oh that monstrous newspa
per liar The dear little Filipino boy
was a married man and I didnt jump
Into the river to Dave him It wasnt
more than wading depthI only swore
at him for an idiot and told him to
walk out when ho tipped over his
boat and was floundering about And
ho did He was the limit as a liar
To his relief the most sensible as
well as the most lovable woman in the
world had burst Into a delicious bit of
laughter and returned Oh well
you would have jumped in and saved
him If the water bad been deep It
wasnt your fault It was shallow And
just at this point Mercer and Aunt
Rebecca must needs coma with a most I
unusual premonitory racket and Janet
had fled
Afterward had come the council
All the coil had been unraveled Bird
sail appeared in person as sleek
smiling and complacent over his
blunders as ever Ono of his first
sentences was n declaration of trust
in Miss Smith
I certainly wont off at halfcock
there said he amiably and just be
cause sho was so awful nlco I felt
obliged to suspect her but 1vo got
the real dog that killed the sheep this
time Its suro tho real Red Wall
It appeared that ho had of a verity
been usefully busy lie had secured
tho mechanic who had given Atkins a
plan of tho secret passages ot Casa
Fuerte Ho had found the policeman
who had arrested Tracy ho swore
because ho was going too fast and tho
magistrate who had fined him and
not only that ho had captured the po
liceman a genuine officer not a crim
inal In disguise who had boon Atkins
instrument in kidnaping Archie This
man whom II I rd Ball knew how to ter
rify completely had confessed that It
was purely by chance that Atkins had
seen the boy loft outside in the motor
car Atkins so ho said bad pretended
that the boy was a tool of somo one
mles of Kcatcbams whose secretary
he was trading not for the only time
on his past position in reality BIrd
sail had come to believe Atkins know
that Keatcham was employing Mercer
In his place
I cant absolutely put my finger on
his information said BIrdsall but I
suspect Mrs Mclvlllo Winter I know
showas talking to him for one of my
mon saw herTho lady meant no harm
but shoa Qno of the kind that is al
ways slamming the detectives and bo
Ing took In by the rascals
Ho argued that Mrs Winter and
Miss Smith knew where the boy was
for some reason they had let him go
and were pretending not to know
whero he was Aint that s07 tho
detective appealed to Aunt Rebecca
who merely smiled saying Youre
a wonder Mr Ufrdsall According
to Blrdsalls theory Atkins was puz
zled by Archies part in the affair
But he believed could he find the
boys present hosts ho would find Ed
win Keatcham It would not be the
first time Keatcham had hidden him
self tho better to spin his web for the
trapping gf his rivals That Mercer
was with his employer tho exsecre
tory had no manner of doubt any more
than ho doubted that Mercers scheme
had been to oust him and to build his
own fortunes on Atkins ruin Ho
knew both Tracy and young Arnold
very well by sight When ho couldnt
frighten Archie into telling anything
probably he weut back to his first
plan of shadowing tho Winter party
at the Palace Ho must have seen
Tracy hero Ho penetrated his dis
guise lies as sharp as tho devil
I tell you Colonel He either fol
lowed him himself or had him fol
lowed and ho heard about mho tele
phone Somebody harking In tho
next room most likely Knowing
Tracys intimacy with Arnold It was
not hard for so clever and subtle a
mind as Atkins to jump to the con
elusion and test it in the nearest tele
phone book At least that Is how I
figure it out Colonel BIrdsall had
traced the clever mechanic who was
Interrogated by the eastern gentleman
about to build this man had given the
lavish and inquisitive easterner a plan
of the secret passagesto use in his
own future residence Whether At
kins went alono or in company to tho
Casa Fuerto the detective could only
surmise Ho couldnt tell whether his
object would bo mere blackmail or
robbery of the cipher or assassination
Perhaps ho found the Insensible man
In the patio and was templed by the
grisly opportunity victim and weapon
both absolutely to his hand fur it
was established that the dagger had
been shown Tracy by Mercor as a
curio and left on tho stone bench
Perhaps he had not found the dag
ger but had his own means to mako
an end of his enemy and his own ter
ror BIrdsall believed that he had ac
complices or at least ono accomplice
with him Ho conceived that they
had lain In ambush watching until
they saw Klto go away Then an
entry had boon made Most like
BIrdsall concluded he jest flung that
dagger away for you folks to find and
suspect the domestics say Klto cause
he was away But this was not all
that BIrdsall had to report Ho had
traced Atkins to tho haunts of certain
unsavory Italians ho had struck the
trail In fine To be sure it mn under
ground and was lost in the brick
walled and slimyUmbered collars of
Chinatown which harbored every sin
and crime known to civilization or to
savagery What matter By grace of
his aunts powerful friend they could
track the wolves even through those
noisome burrows
Yes sighed tho colonel stretching
out his arms with a resonant breath
of relief wore out of the mazo all
we have to do now la to keep from be
ing killed Which isnt such a plain
proposition In Frisco as In Massa
chusetts But I reckon wo can tacklo
It And thenthen ray darling I
shall daro bo happy
He found himself leaning on his
windowsill and staring llko a boy on
tho landscape lost In tho lovely hal
lucinations of moonlight It was no
scene that ho knew It was a vision of
old Spain and by and by from yonder I
turret the princess with violets In her I
loosened hair and her soft cheek like
satin and snow would loan and look
Y il te mouse a lastlma ml stern pa
Como te amo amame belllsilma niujerl
Ah no little girl ho muttered
with a shako of limo head I like It
better to havo you a plain American
gentlewoman as Aunt Becky would
nay who could send mo to battle with
a nice little quivery smile sweet
heart Oh Im not good enough for
you my dear my dear lie felt an
Immense humility as ho contrasted his
own lot with the loneliness ot i
Keatcham and Mercer and the multi i
tude of solitaries In the world who
had lost or sadder still had never
possessed tbo divine dream that Is
tho only reality of tho soul As such
thoughts moved his heart suddenly in
the full tldo of hopo and thankfulness
It stood still chilled as It by tho
glimpse of an Iceberg In summer seas
Yet how absurd It was only that ho
had recalled his stoical aunts most
unexpected touch of superstition
Quito in jest he had asked her if she
felt any presentiments or queer things
In her bones tonight Ho expected to
bo answered that Janet had driven
every other anxiety out of her mind
and how was she to break it to 111111
centTor with somo such caustic re
partee Instead sho had replied test
ily YEs I do Beetle I teelhor
rip I feel as it something out of the
cOmmon awful wero going to happen
It Isnt exactly Atkins either Do you
reckon It could bo tho I Suoy When
that bambooshoots mess we had for
Although they spent a good 20 min
utes after that joking over super
stitions and ho bad repeated to her
somo of Tracys and Arnolds most In
genious spooky stunts to mako the
neighborhood keep its distance from
Casa Fuerte and they had laughed
freely she as heartily an he never
t hoi ccs ho divined that hor smllo was
a pretenso Suddenly an unruly tremor
shook his own firm spirits Looking
out on tho stepped and lantern cd
arches of tho wing he was conscious
of the same tragic endowment of tho
darkened pile which had oppressed
him that night weeks before when bo
had stood outside on the crest of the
hill and tho wouldbe murderers
might havo been skulking In tho
shadows of tho pepper trees lIe tried
vainly to shako off this distempered
mood Although ho might succeed for
a moment In a lovers absorption It
would come again Insidiously seep
i ing through his happiness like a fume
After futile attempts to sleep he rose
and still at the bidding of his uncanny
and tormenting Impulse ho took his
bath and dressed himself for the day
By this tlmo the ashen tints of dawn
were in his chamber nn1 on the
fields outside Ho stood looking at the
unlovellest aspect of nature a land
scape on the sunless side before the
east is red The air felt lifeless
there were no depths in the palo sky
the azuro was a flat tint opaque and
thin like a poor watercolor While
he gazed tho motionless trees live
oaks and olives and palms wero
shaken by a mighty wlud tho pepper
plumes tossed and streamed and
tangled like a banner the great elms
along the avenue bent over In a break
Ing strain Yet tho silken cord of the
Holland window shade did not so
much as swing Thero was not a
wings breath of air But gradually
the earth and cloud vibrated with a
strange grinding nolso which has been
described n hundred times but nover
adequately a sickening crepitation as
of the rocks In the hills scraping and
splintering Before the mind could
question tho sound there succeeded
an anarchy of uproar In It was
jumbled the crash of trees and build
Ings the splintering crackle of glass
tho boom of hugo chimneys falling and
of vast explosions the hlta of steam
limo hurling of timbers and bricks and
masses of stone or sand and the
awful rush of frantic water escaping
from engine or main
Quake suroa youre born said
tho colonel softly
Now that his Invisible peril was
real was upon him his spirits leaped I
up to meet It lie looked coolly about j
him noting in his single glance that
tho house was standing absolutely
stanch neither reeling nor shivering
and that tho chimney just opposite
his eye had not misplaced a brick In
tho same Instant ho caught up his re
volver and ran at his best pace tram
tho room The hall was firm under
the hurrying feet Aa he passed the
great arched opening on the western
balcony ho saw an awful Bight
Diagonally across from Casa Fuerte
was tho great house of tho California
magnate who did not worry his con
tractor with demands for colonial hon
esty of workmanship ns well as
colonial architecture The stately
mansion with Ha beautiful plazzaa
and delicate harmony of pillar and
podlment ahouo white and placid on
tho oyo for a second then rocked In
ghastly wise and collapsed like n
house of cards Simultaneously a
torchllko flame streamed Into the air
A woeful din of human anguish
pierced tho Inanimate tumult of wreck
and crash
Dully for Casa Fuerte cried the
soldier who now was making a fren
lied speed to tho other sldo of the
house Ho cast n single glance toward
the door which ho knew belonged to
Janets room nnd ho thought of the
boy but ho ran first to his old aunt
Ho didnt need to go tho whole way
Sho came out of tier door Janet and
Archlo at her side They wero all
perfectly calm although In very light
and semioriental attire Archie plain
ly had just plunged out of bod JIll
eyes wero dancing with excitement
This house Is a dandy aint It
Uncle Bertlo ho exclaimed Mr
Arnold told mo all about the way his
father built It ho said it wouldnt bat
Ita oyo for an earthquake It didnt
either but that houso opposite la just
kindling wood Say heros Cousin
Cary andlook Undo Beetle Mr
Keatcham has got up and hea all
dressed Hullo Colvln Dont bo
scared Its only a quake I Colvln
grinned a sickly grin and stammered
Yes sir Quite no sir Not an earth
quake could shako ColvIn out of his
Aro you able to do this Mr
Keatcham young Arnold called
breathlessly plunging Into tho patio to
which they had all instinctively gravi
tated Keatcbam laughed a abort
grunting laugh Dont you under
stand this Is no little everyday
quaker Look out Is there a way
you can look and not see a spout ol
flame Ive got to go downtown Are
the machines all right
Wo must find Randall the poor
soul baa n mortal terror of quakes
Aunt Rebeccas wcllbrcd accents Were
unruffled sho appeared a thought
stimulated nothing more danger nl <
ways acted aa tonic on Winter nerves
Archie you go put your clothes on
this minute honey And I supposo we
ought to look up Mllllccnt
Healthful Bath
A bath much favored by the Knclp
plats along with tho barefeet habit la
formed from n solution of plno needles
and plno cones Cover with cold water
about a pound of fresh plno needles
and pine cones broken In small pieces
Doll for half an hour strain and add
the solution to tho bath If you do
not want to use tho entire amount at
once It can bo bottled and kept for
future occasions This has a tonic ef
feet both on time nerves and tbo skin
It can bo used on alternate days with
a bath of sea salt
Kejp Your Eyes the Ground
In walking about tho Australian gold
fields It Is always advisable to keep
your eyes on the ground You can
never tell when you may kick up a
nugget or fall down a deserted shaft
From Terragulla a district that bas
been very prolific in valuable nuggets
comes news of n remarkable find A
man walking across the fields picked
up what he thought was a mushroom
It proved to bo a nugget and con
EIlI c

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