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Ctr U7ij0Js In NAN CI
Tho story opens at Harvard where Col
Rupert Winter U 8 A visiting saw the
Kiilcldo of young Mercer Ho met Cary i
Mercer brother of the dead student
Three years later In Chicago In 1906
Col Winter overheard Cary Mercer ap
parently andlt kidnap Archie the
colonels ward nnd to gain possession of
Aunt Rebecca Winters millions A Miss
Smith wall mentioned apparently as a
conspirator A great financial magnate
wan aboard the train on which Col Win
ter met hIs Aunt Rebecca MIss Smith
and Archlo Col Winter learned that the
financial magnate Is Edwin 8 Keatcham
Winter aided by Archie cleverly frus
trated a holdup on the train lie took a
treat liking to Miss Smith despite her
Jlcgcd kidnaping plot Archie mystery
ously disappeared In Frisco Blood In a
nearby room at the hotel caused fears for
the boys life The lads volco was heard
over the telephone however and a min
ute later a womans voicethat of Miss
Smith Col Winter and a detective set
out for the empty mansion owned by
Arnold a Harvard graduate They wero
met with nn explosion within Mercer
appeared Ho assured Winter that Archie
had returned Tho colonel raw a vision
flitting from the supposedly haunted
house It was Miss Janet Smith Col
Winter to himself admitted that he loved
Miss Smith Mercer told Winter that
Archlo had overheard plans for a coup
find had been kidnaped Ono of Mercers
friends on returning tho boy to his aunt
had been arrested for speeding and when
ho returned from tho poUce station to his
auto tho lad was gone Mercer confessed
he was forcibly detaining Kratcham
Mercer told his life story relating how
Keatcham and his scoundrel secretary
1 Atkins had ruined him the blow killing
Ms wife Morcer was holding him prison
er In order that he could not get control
of a railroad which was tho pet project of
the lather of his college friend Kndlcott
rracy Aunt Rebecca saw Archie In a
cab with two men Then he vanished
She followed In an auto Into the Chinese
district and by the use of a mysterious
Chinese Jade ornament she secured a
promise from an Influential Chinaman
that the boy would be returned Archie
returned and told his story Atkins for
mer secretary to Keatcham being his
econd kidnaper Col Winter and Tracy
returned to tho haunted house They
found Keatcham apparently stabbed to
doath Keatcham was not dead how
vcr Cary Mercer appeared on the scene
winter believing his actions suspicious
The party removed to tho Arnold home
They feared Atkins gang The colonel
became temporary secretary to the rung
nato A Black Hand letter was received
rho real characteristics of the great
financier Were revealed The puzzle of
the story fell Into place tho blame for
the crimes being lifted from Mercers
Itotildors and placed upon Atkins Love
of Miss Smith and Col Winter for each
other was plainly seen by other members
fit the party Col Winter and Miss
Smith became encaged Keatcham ex
hlhlted great kindness toward both The
following morning the terrible San Fran
rliteo earthquake quickly followed hy
fire aroused the party from their slum
The colonel however bad barely set
foot on the threshold when Mrs Mel
ville appeared propelling Randall
1whom she had rescued from the maids
0 closet whero sho was cowering behind
her neat frocks momentarily expect
ing death but decently ready for It In
gown and shoes Mrs Melvlllo her
self in the disorder of tho shock had
merely added her best Paris hat and a
skeleton bustle to her dainty night
gear Sho had not forgotten her
kimono she had only forgotten to don
It and it draggled over her free arm
But her dignity was Intact The in
stant she beheld her kindred she de
manded of them as if they were re
sponsible whether this was a sample
of the Californian climate Keatcham
blushed and fled with Colvin and the
giggling Arnold and Archie who was
too polite to giggle
Mrs Winter put on her eyeglasses
Mllllcent said she In tbo gentlest of
tones your bustle Is on crooked
One wild glanco at the merciless
mirror In tho carved pierglass did
Mrs Melville give and then wlthodt
a word she fled
Randall said Mrs Winter you
look very nice come and help me
dress There will most likely be some
I more shocks
Randall trembling In every limb
but Instinctively assuming a com
posed mien followed the undaunted
old lady
The colonel jvos going In another
direction having heard a telephone
bell Ho was most anxious to put him
self Into communication with Dlrdsall
because not even during tho earth
quake had ho forgotten an uglier peril
and It had occurred to him that Atkins
i was of a temper not to be frightened
3y tho convulsions of order but rather
It tike his account of It Nor did tho
message through the telephone tend
to reassure him
Tho man at the other end of the
telephone was Bird sail No telling
v how long tho telephone service would
i keep up he reported wires were down
around tbo corner worse the water
mains were spouting and from where
be stood slnco ho felt the first shock
ho had counted 36 fires Ten of them
were down In the quarter where some
of his men had homes and a field
glass bad shown that the houses were
all tossed about there ho couldnt
keep his men steady It seemed Inbu
man to ask them to stay when thel
Vvivca and children might bo dying of
course It was his damn luck to havo
I all married men drops down there
t Wcfc I reckon you will have to let
I them yo but watch out begged the
colo l tor you know tho men we are
I nfUk will take advantage of general
disorder to get In their dirty work
Nfr in the most dangerous time
Happily Archie explained Tracy
4ose unquenchable college levity no
tirthquako could affect happily my
Domestic jewel has boon stocked up
with rlco and oatmeal two of the most
nutritious of foods and Miss Janet is
making coffee on her traveling coffee
1 i
Lt J
pot for the Boss Thats alcohol and
independent of gasmains Lucky for
the gas ranga Is out of action and wo
havo to try charcoal Notice ono in
teresting thing Archie Old Keatch
am whom wo were fighting tooth and
nail three weeks ago Is now bossing
us as ruthlessly as a football coach
and Cousin Cary is taking his slack
talk as meek as a freshman Great
old boy Kcatcham Andoh I say I
has any one gono to the rescue of the
Rogerses I saw Kito speeding over
that way from the garago and Haley
hiking after him I hope tho nine
small yellow domestics are not burned
at tho stako with Rogers tho bally
firetrap is blazing like n tarbarrel
As It happened the colonel had ills
patched a small party to their neigh
bors aid Haley and Kilo wore not
among them they were to guard the
garage which was too vital a point In
their household economy to leave un
protected Nevertheless Haley and
Klto did both run away leaving a
Mexican helper to watch and when
they returned they wero breathless
and Haleys faco was covered with
blood Ho was carefully carrying
something covered with n carriage
robe In his hand
Ive tho honor to report sir
Haley mumbled stiff and straight In
his military posture a very grimy and
bloodstained hand at salute Ive tho
honor to report sor that Private Klto
and me discovered two suspicious
characters making up the hillside by
the sekrut road We purshooed thlm
sor and whin thoy wudnt halt wo
fired on tblm sor Ixplodlng this hero
bum which wlnt off whin the hindmost
man tumbled
Klto smlllngiy flung aside the car
riagerobe disclosing the still smoking
shell of an Ingenious round bomb
I very similar to those used In fire
Tho colonel examined It closely It
was an ugly bit of dynamite craft
Any casualties sergeant the
colonel asked grimly
Yes sor Tho man wid the bum
was kilt be the Ixploslon tho other
man was hit by Private Klto and
wounded in the shoulder but escaped
I mesllf have a confusion on me right
arrum me ankle Is sprained and
ivory tooth in me head is in me pocklt
Report to Miss Smith at the hos
pital sergeant Any further report
I wud like to rlccommlnd Private
Klto for honorable mlnshun for gal
I shall certainly remember him
and you also sergeant In any report
that I may make Look after the
garage Kilo
Kite bowed and retired beaming
while Haley hobbled into the house
Tho consequences of tho attack mado i
on the garage did not appear at once
One was that young Arnold had al
ready brought the touring car Into the
patio In the absence of Haley and
Klto Another was that he and Tracy
and Kito all repaired to the scene of
the explosion to examine the dead
mans body They returned almost im
mediately but for a few moments
there was no one of the house in the
court The colonel went to Keatcham
In a final effort to dissuade him from
going Into the city until after he him
I self had gono to the Presidio and re
turned with a guard Ho represented
as forcibly as ho could tho danger of
Keatchams appearance during a time
of such tumult and lawlessness
We aro down to tho primeval pas
sions now he pleaded Doyou sup
pose if It had been Haley Instead of
that dago out there who was killed
that wo could havo punished the
murderer Not unless we did It with
our own hands They are maybe lying
in wait at the first street corner now
If you will only wait
Keatcham chopped off his sentence
without ceremony not Irritably but
with the brusqucrlo of one whose tlmo
Is too precious for dilatory amenities
Will the fire wait ho demanded
flans the thieves and toughs and rut
fians whom we have to crush before
they realize their strength will they
wait This Is my town Winter the
only town I care a rap for and I
propose to help save it I canban
gory Of course there is danger there
is danger in every battle but do you
keep out of battles where you belong
because you may get killed This is
my affair It I get killed it is in the
way of business and I cant help iii
No Arnold I wont have your fathers
son mixed up In my fights you cant
Somebody has got to run the ma
chine sir insinuated young Arnold
with a coaxing smile and I fancy I
shouldnt be my fathers son if I didnt
look after my guest not very long
hed cut me out Tracy Is going too
hes armed
You are not both going said the
colonel somebody with a head on
him must stay hero to guard tho
Ho would have detailed both Tracy
and Mercer but Mercer could really
help Keatcham better than anyone
lu any business arrangements which
might need to be made And Keatch
am plainly wished his company Had
not the situation been so grimly so
40VT 0 I
± + g
IIta a Bigger Job Than the Army Ont Winter I
rlous Winter could have laughed at
the grotesque reversal of their condl
dons Tracy and Arnold did laugh
they were all taking their orders from
the man who had been their defeated
prisoner a little while back Mercer
alonp kept his melancholy poise lie
had obtained tho aim of years ho Was
not sure but his revenge was subtler
and completer than ho had dared to
hope Being a zealot ho was pos
sensed by his dreams Suppose he
had converted this relentless and tre
mendous power to his own way of
faith what mightnt he hope to ac
complish Meanwhile so far as the
business in hand was concerned ho
believed in Keatcham and in KeaJch
ams methods of help ho bowed to
tho innate power of the man and ho
was as simply obedient and loyal as
Klto would have been to his feudal
In a very brief time all the arrange
ments were made the four men went
into the patio to enter tho touring car
They walked up to the empty machine
Tho colonel stepped into the front
scat of the machine Something in
the noise of the engine which was
panting and straining against its con
trol somo tiny sibilant undertone
which any other car would have
missed warned his he bent quickly
A dark object gyrated above the
heads of the other two just mount
Ing the long stop It landed with
a prodigious splash In tho foun
talc flying into a multitude of
sputtering atoms and hurling a great
column of water high up in air Un
heeding Its shrieking clamor the aol
dler sprang over the sldo of tho car
darted through the great arched door
way out upon the terrace toward a
clump of rubber trees Ho fired again
he fired
In every catastrophe tho spectators
minds loso some parts of the action
There aro blanks to bo supplied by no
one Every ono of tho men and wom
en present on that fatal morning had
a different story Colvin was packing
he could only remember the deafening
roar and the shouting and when bo
got downstairs and sawho turned
deadly sick his chief impression is
tho backs of people and tho way their
hands would ehake Janet Smith in
side dressing Haleys wounds was
first warned by the tumult and cries
she as well as Archie and Haley who
wero with her could see nothing until
they got outside All Mrs Melville
saw was the glistening back of the car
and Mercer stepping into tho car and
Instantly lurching forward Tho ex
plosion seemed to her simultaneous
with Mercers entering the car But
Mrs Rebecca Winter who perhaps
had tho coolest head of all and who
was standing on the dais of the arcade
exactly opposite tho car distinctly
saw Keatcham with an amazing exer
tion of vigor for a man just risen from
a sickbed and with a kind of whirl
ing motion literally hurl Morcer out
of the car She heard the crackle
and a roar and Kite screamed in Jap
J l 4
= 1
aneso running In from the carriage
side She cannot tell whether Tracy
or Arnold reached the mangled crea
ture on tho pavement first Arnold
only remembers how tho carriage robe
flapped In Tracys shaking hands bo
foro ho flung it over tho man Tracys
fair skin was a streaky bluish white
and his under jaw kept moving up
there and down like that of a fish out
of water while he gasped never ut
tering a sound
Young Arnold was trembling so that
his hands shook when ho would have
raised the wounded man Mercer
alono was composed although deathly
pale Ho had the presence of mind to
throw the harmless fragments of the
bomb Into tho fountain and to examine
the Interior of the car lest there
should be more ot destruction hidden
therein Then he approached the heap
on the flags but Kcatcham was ablo
to motion him away saying In his old
voice not softened In tho least
Dont you do that Im all in No
use They got mo But it wont do
them any good you boys know that
will you witnessed it gives a fifty
thousand for the arrest and conviction
or tho killing of Atkins his own cut
throats will betray him for that Dut
wheroH Winter You damn careless
fools didnt let him get hurttO
Shure sor he didnt lot hlmsllf
git hurled Haley blurted out ho had
run In after Miss Smith brandy bottle
In hand tie the murdering dagoes
Is gcttln hurled oft there behind tho
big rubber trees I kin see tho dead
legs of thlm this mlnnlt TIs a grand
cool shot tho colonel Is sor
Bring him in let them go they
wero only tools panted Kcatcham
weekly but tho brandy revived him
arid his lips curled in a faint smile as
Janet Smith struck a match to heat
tho teaspoonful ot water for her hypo
dermic Make It good and strong
give me tlmo to say something to
Mercer and Winterthere ho comes
good runners those boys arol
Tracy and Arnold acting on a com
mon unspoken impulse had dashed
after Winter and were pushing him
forward between them Keatcham was
nearly spent but he rallied to say the I
words in his mind Ho kept death at
bay by the sheer force ot his will
When Winter knelt down besldo him
with a poignant memory of another
time in tho same place when ho had
knelt beside a seemingly dying man
and gently touched the unmarred right
hand lying on the carriagerobe ho
could still form a smile with his stiff
lips and mutter Only thing about
mo Isnt in tatters of course you
touched It and didnt fry to lift
me where Im all in pieces You
always understood LIutcn You
too Mercer Winter knows tho
things Im bound to have go through
Ive explained them to him Youll
be my executors and trustees A
hundred thousand a year not too
big a salary for the workyou can do
It Its a bigger job than the army
one Winter Warne bold will look
r fUTiTIO j
t1 l eta I
after the other end lies narrow but
bo is straight Ive made It worth his
while Some loose endsIt cant bo
helped now Maybo youll find out
there are more difficulties In adminis
toting a big fortune than you fancied
and that It isnt the easiest thing in
the world helping fools who cant
help themselves Thoro tit
all those Tidewater idiots made
mo rend about youll have to
attend to them Mercer old
woman In tho queer clothes
chorus girl thoso
old ladles who who had ono egg be
tween them for breakfast
youll see to them n1l1
Yes said Mercer looking down
on the shrunken features with a look
of pain and bewilderment Yes suh
Ill do my best
And were event
I reckon Im obliged to call it so
sub returned Mercer with n long
gasping sigh butmy Lord youd
better have let me go
Very likely said Keatcham dryly
tho city needs mo Well Winter
you must look after that Ivo been
thinking why a man throws hla life
away as I did he has to unless nos
a poltroon Ho cant count whether
hos more useful than tho ono ho
saves ho has simply got to
save him you were a good
deal right Winter about not doing
the evil thing to got the good No
Its a bad tlmo for mo to be taken but
Its an hohorablo discharge
Helen will bo glad you know
Im not a pig Winter do
what I tried to do wbcroa
my kind nuso Janet was trying
by almost Imperceptible movements
to edge a pillow under his shoulders
ho was past turning his head but his
eyes moved toward her Ive left you
a wedding gift If I
lived given to you but made
it safe anyhow Meteor
His voice had grown so feeble and
came in such gasps from his torn and
laboring chest that Mercer bent close
to his lips to hear tho struggling sen
tences Mercer ho whispered I
want Just toll you
you didnt convert mel
Thus having mado amends to his
own will having alto let us humbly
hope mado amends to that greater
and wiser Will which Is of moro mer
ciful and wider vision than our weak
ness can comprehend Edwin Keatch
nm very willingly closed his eyes on
Extract from a Letter
From Mrs Rebecca Winter to Mrs
John S O Wlnslow
Fairport Is
And it was delightful to discover
that you were so distressed about me
I must bo getting a trifle maudlin In
my old ago for I have a lump in my
throat every tlmo I havo thought of
Johnny and you actually starting out
to find me I am thankful my tele
gram Please Peggy do not call it
a wire again to mo I loathe these
verbal Indolences reached you at
Omaha In limo to stop you
Really wo havo not had hardships
Thanks to Israel Putnam Arnold I
havo a very admiring gratitude for
that maul In theso days of degener
acy ho bullded a stanch enduring
house With union labor too I
dont tee how ho contrived to do it
Generally when they build houses
here they scamp tho underpinning
and weaken the joists and paint over
tho dirt Instead of washing It off and
otherwise deserve to bo killed Tho
unfortunate man opposite had just
that kind of house which tumbled
down and burned up at onco but
alas it killed somo of tho people in
it not tho guilty masons and carpen
Our chimneys nave been inspected
and wo nro now legally as well as
actually sound but we did not suffer
We cooked out on the sidewalk and
supplemented our cooking with young
Tracys stove
I told you of Janets engagement
Confidentially my dear Peggy I oai
a bit responsible They root by chance
on the train and I assure you al
though chanco might have carted us
r did not let It I clung to Nephew
Dcrtio Im sure lie wondered why
I know better than to lot him suspect
But success you cant share is like I
roso without a smell So I confess to
you I have made this match Dut
when you see Millicent she will tell
you that she helped things along She
has abused Janet like a pickpocket
but now since she has discovered
Janet didnt draw the Daughters carl
cature of her she regards her nr ono
of the gems of the century
We are recovering from tho terri
ble events of which we wroto It is
certainly a relief that Atkins is killed
lIe was one of the two scoundrels who
sneaked Into the patio and put tho
bombs into tho automobile Bertie
shot him You have no doubt heard
all about Mr Kcatcbams death Ho
was killed by tho man whoso wicked
ness he had unconsciously fostered
Ho did not know it but I make no
doubt his swollen fortune and Uw un
J y
r M
scrupulous daring of Its acquiring had
a great influence In corrupting his
secretaryAnd corruption was his masters
undoing 1 must say I sympathize
with young Tracy who said last night
I feel as if I had been put to soak
in crime That bomb was the limit
In future me for the common or gar
den virtue ft may bo tame but I pre 1
for tameness to delirium tremensJ
I used to think that I should like
to match my wits against a firstclaw
criminal Intellect God forgive mo for
tho wish I havo boon matching wits
for tho lost month and never putting
on my shoes without looking in them
for n baby bomblot or feeling a twlngo
of Indigestion without darkly suspect
ing tho cookwho is really tho best I
creature In tho world sent Mr Arnold
by n good Chinese friend of mine I
had a chanco to do a good turn to my
friend by tho way during tho earth
quake and thus repay some of his to
Archlo Is well and cheerful Isnt
it like tho Winter temperament to
lose its melancholy In such horrors IUt
wo have seen Archlo is distinctly
happier since ho camo to California
As for Janet and Rupert on well
my dear you and Johnny know Tho
house has been full of people and ThoI
havo had several friends of our own
for a day or two I got ft recipe fora
delicious tea cake from Mrs Wiggles
worth of Boston She didnt save any I
thing but her fun and her kimono
and a bridge sot besides what IheI
had on sho packed her trunk with
great care and nobody would take It
downstairs Of course sho saved her
bag of jewels which reminds mo that
poor Mr Keatcham left Janet some
pearlsthat Is limo money for them
Ho was very much attached to her
Wo burled him on tho crest of thIS
hill later when more settled limes
shall come ho may take another and
last journey to that huge mausoleum
where his wife and mother are burled
Poor things It Is to be hoped they had
no tasto living or elso that they cant
see now how hideous and flamboyant
Is their last costly resting placo But
If Kcatcham hadnt n taste for thIS
fine arts ho had compensating quail
ties I shall never forgot tho night of
his burial It was a wonderful great
night of stars as Stevenson says A
poor little Urodout clergyman In a
bedraggled surplice who had been
reading prayers over people for tho
lot ten hours and was fit to drop hur
ried through the service and the
town tho dead man loved was flaming
miles beyond miles About tho grave
was none of his blood nono of his an
cient friends but tho men I believe
ho would have chosen men who had
fought him and then hail fought for
him faithfully They were haggard
and spent with fighting tho Ore and
they went from his burial back to days
and nights of despcrato effort Ho
had fought and lost and yet did not
loso at the last but won snatching
victory out of defeat as ho was wont
to do nil his life Tho heavy burdens
which have dropped from his shoul
dens these others whom ho chose will
carry maybe moro humbly perhaps
not so capably but qulto as courage j
ously And It Is singular how his Inv
fluenco persist how it touches Klto
and Haley as well as the others
Shuro said honest Haley whose
wit you are likely to sample In tho near
future for ho has elected to bo the
Rupert Winters chauffeur they dont
know It yet but thoy will when dontd
time shuns says ho whin thot a 11
man so mashed up thoro yo cudnt
move him for fear yod lose tho main r
parrt of him whin bo was thlnkln otI
tho town and nothln else I hadnt the
heart to bo complalnln for tho loss of i
a few teeth and a tow limps about mot
An I fair wukcd like tho divil So
did Kite whos a daclnt Jap glntlo
man and no hay thin at all
Poor Keatcham ho had no child
hood and his wife dUd too soon to 1
revive tho fragrance of his youth but
I cant help but think ho had a
reticent awkward shy sort of aJ
somewhere about him Well ho waa
what Mllllcont would call a compel
ing personality I use plain language
and I call him a great man Ho won tr
the lions share because ho was the
lion And yet poor Lion his share
was a lonely life and a tragic death
In all the cafes and beer halls of
Germany n largo canister Is placed on
n table in tho center of each establish
ment Every time one of tho guests
lights a fresh cigar ho gets up and
deposits In the canister tho end of the
ono ho has jUHt been smoking This
receptacle is a sort of almsbox with
a funnel abapod lid secured by moans
of a padlock A charitable association
supplies all places ot public resort
with these boxes for tho purpose atI
collecting odds and ends of tobacco
cigarettes and cigars Tho produce
ot the sale is devoted to tho purchase
of clothing which Is distributed
among poor children at Christmas I
Tho charity Is believed to be thIS most
malodorous and unsanitary on record
TkL < i t r ifi 1ii

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