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The Citizen
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true and Interesting
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1 Incorporated
Jtlnl Frost Editor and Mnir
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Fine prcmlnmi cheap with now subscriptions
and prompt renovrall Send for Premium List
Liberal terms given to any who obtain aw
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jtarly subscriptions ran reciereTbe Cilia fret
ax himself for Doe ynr
Advertlilnf rain on application
I uiuarit or
It is reported that tho sultan ot
Turkey offered to give 50000000 to
remain In quiet possession of tho
throno and that the offer was refused
It can be seen from this that the suf
i fragette movement has not made
much progress among the Young
Turks for the feminine heart could
never havo resisted throwing such a
plain bargain
Thoughtless fun reached a danger
ous pitch at Beloit college when in an
exchange ot courtesies between young
lady students one of them was Injured
by having red pepper rubbed Into her
eyes The report runs that tho injured
girl is In danger of losing her sight In
entering Into the college spirit girls
seem to show qulto as much aptitude
as boys
Tho United States circuit court of
appeals at San Francisco has decided
that the great fire In that city was not
caused by tho earthquake which pre
ceded it and tho matter is now settled
j so far as certain insurance cases are
concerned But this will not alter pop
i ular conviction that if there bad been
I no quake there would have been no
Now a Washington minister says
that Cains wifo was a fine woman It
1sl1 good thing that it has struck
somebody even though this late in the
day to do Justice to this neglected
lady As her history Is burled in ob
livion it is to be hoped that If her hus
band did exterminate his brother he
was not anything of a ladyklller
Still while we are turning up the
nose of artistic scorn at the womens
hats it may bo salutary for the males
to recall that for the better part of a
I century the acme of style In masculine
headgear has been a construction do
I scribed as chimney pot and afford
ing about the degree of comfort that
the name suggests
Tho cause of aristocracy has fallen
on evil days An Italian prince was
recently arrested and held all day in a
police station for running down two
workmen with an automobile for
which be had no license
Why go to Morocco to bo carried oft
ransom when one can just as well Invest
I vest ones money in lawsuits gasoline
launches and other games of chance
here at homer
French art circles are discussing the
r question At what age is a woman
most beautiful It is a question
whether the ladles can be persuaded
to provide any reliable statistics ID
the matter
Tho notable Increase in the post
office receipts all over the country is
clearings the postal receipts are the
best Indicator of the activity of busl
gore etymologist ventures to say
nickelodeons bad tholr names sug
gested by Old Nick Walt till ho
gets his chance for r of en go against
the author of that statement
Somebody annpunccs that the tip
ping evil is unknown In Finland Must
wo choose then between giving tips
and living in Finland OIvo us time
to thldk It over
Sound baseball advice Never let a
gamp get away when it is possible to
win As In cribbage pegging just one
maymake the victory Keep right on
top of your job all the time
A great many people arc not tempt
ed to engage in intensive farming be
cause they are not sufficiently intense
in their dispositions to tackle the job
New uniforms for the army will cost
4000000 Unclo Sams boys are aw
11117 hard on clothes
1 i
Inquiry Court Decides That Lieutenant
Was to Blame for Own Death
Mother Will Ask Congress to
Start New Probe
I Washington That Lieut James
Sutton of the United States marine
corps killed himself accidentally or
with suicidal intent Is the finding ot
the court of inquiry which has been
approved by Acting Secretary Win
throe of the navy and so far as the
department Is concerned the case is
closed Counsel for the Suttons Intimated
however after the courts decision
had become definitely known that
they were for from satisfied with the
verdict and that they probably would
take the issues involved to congress
with a view of having a full hearing
of the case by a committee of that
In part the court says
Lieut Sutton Is directly and solely
responsible for his own death which
was self lnfilcted either intentionally
or In an effort to shoot one of tho
persons restraining him and his death
was not caused by any other Injury
Tho court also finds That Lieut
Utley failed In his duty as senior of
ficer present under article 266 United
States navy regulations 1909 in per
mitting Lieut Sutton to run away and
arm himself instead ot calling on
those present for assistance and fol
lowing Llout Sutton preventing his
arming himself by force If necessary
and turning him over to the custody
of the officer of the day
That TJeut Bovan officer of the
uard felled in his duty as officer of
the guard in not disarming Lieut
utton by force while in front of his
Suttons tent
That Lljut Willing the omcer ot
the day failed In his duty as omcer
of the day In not Immediately assist
ing by force In helping to disarm
Lieut Sutton when he arrived on the
scene before the fatal shot was
That the charges of wilful murder
and conspiracy to conceal it made by
the complainant Mrs Sutton mother
of Lieut Sutton are purely imaginary
and unsupported by even a shadow of
evidence truth or reason
The court recommends however
that In view or the youth and decided
Inexperience of Lleuts Utley Willing
and Devan at the time and of the al
together unusual conditions of excite
ment threats and danger during the
aforementioned fray that no further
proceedings be taken
The report is signed by J Hood
commander United States navy presi
dent of the board and Henry Leonard
major United States marine corps
Amount Represents His Fortune at
En Jof Ten Years Powerless
to Prevent It
Now York Think how you would
feel if you knew you would be the
worlds first billionaire at the end of
the next ten years that you are pow
erless to prevent the growth of your
own wealth even though you have
given away 130000000 This is the
fate that awaits John D Rockefeller
at tho end of the next ten years
Standard Oil stock sold atl12
Wednesday the highest price it has
reached since the panic of 1907 The
stock has risen 322 points from tho
low ebb of 390 at which it sold on
November 4 1907 Like a snowball
rolling down hill Rockefellers wealth
Is steadily growing and growing and
he is as powerless to stop it even If
he had the wishes as he would be to
check the revolution of tho planets
The enormous inconceivable accu
mutation of wealth of the mildman
nered inscrutable sphinx of millions
has gono steadily on despite the fact
that a short time ago an estimate of
his public charities placed them at
the stupendous total of 130000000
Tho latest approximately accurate
estimates available place his fortune
in 1905 at least 550000000 In
1900 It was 400000000 This is an
increase for the five years of 150000
000 At this ratio the Rockefeller for
tune is today about 700000000 In
1914 still at tho same ratio of in
crease it will be about 850000000
and in 1919 when the oil king reaches
his eightieth year It will have reached
the stupendous bralnglddying total
ot 1000000000 an inconceivable
Offers Taft 20000 Cherry Trees
Tokyo Mayor Ozaki of Tokyo
has offered 20000 cherry trees as
a gift to President Taft to plant in
tho new park on the banks of the Po
tomac river Washington
011 Magnate Dies on Train
New YorkFrank Barstow n direc
tor of the Standard 011 Company and
multimillionaire died suddenly In a
berth aboard a New York Central
train near Utica N Y Friday while
returning to his homo In East Orange
N J from an outing at the Thousand
Kills WIfe In Police Station
WHkesbarre Pa George F Marlon
of Atlanta Ga shot and killed his
wHo In the office of the chief of po
S flP amarrwwF
Women and Children In Panic Vei
sel Totally DestroyedTwo
Are Injured
Peoria 111 Although not fully re
covered from their fright all of the
25 passengers who with the crew of
15 had a close call for their lives
when tho steamer Fred Swain burned
to the waters edge Friday afternoon I
off Averyvllle havo left for their I
homes Of the two persons injured
only one was in a serious condition
and It is regarded as marvelous that
none met death
The injured are Joseph Casrldcr
Paducah Ky engineer seriously
burned about the faco and body and
Charles Relcheberger Peoria right
arm broken The loss Is estimated at
35000 30000 of which Is on the ves
sol Several of tho passengers lost
ill their personal belongings
The escapes from the burning yea
leI were almost miraculous The ma
jority of the passengers were women
and children and once the fire was
discovered Issuing from a state
room on the second deck panic
reigned To add to tho horror the
I ropes supporting tho immense gang
I plank which had been lowered to en
able those aboard to board the score
i of row boats that had hurriedly been
I put out from shore burned letting
I about fifteen persons including sever
al women and children Into the wa
ter Tom Powers saloonkeeper of
this city and E A Caron ot
Worcester Mass both of whom were
on the plank In an effort to quiet the
panicstricken people each saved tho
lives of two children half carrying I
and half swimming with tho little
tots on their back and shoulders to
old tree stumps to await tho arrival
of rescuers
Tho fire was discovered by Mrs
Eugene Furbish cabin girl on open
Ing the door of a stateroom She At I
once spread tho alarm but all efforts
to subdue tho flames proved fruitless
the fire spreading with alarming ra
pidity Capt Swain on realizing that
all hopes for tho vestal were gone
ordered Pilot Martin Huston to
beach tho boat and instructed his
crew to deal out life preservers
Machine Dashes Through Fence as It
Travels at High Speed In
Indianapolis Contest
Indianapolis Ind Two lives were
lost and two records broken during
tho inauguration of the Indianapolis
Motor speedway William A Bourque
of Springfield Mass driver of the
Knox car In the 250 milo race and
Harry Holcomb of Grandvillo Mass
his mechanician were killed when
their machine dashed through a fence
Barney Oldfield driving a hlgb
powered Benz covered n mile in
043 110 breaking Do Palmas mark
of 051 and Louis Chevrolet In a
Dulck negotiated ten miles In the
marvellous time of 855 410 cutting
Oldfields time of 912both of these
are new American track marks
Robert Durman won the 250mile
race tho contest that cost Bourque
and Holcomb their lives
Storm Fright Kills Woman
Plttsburg PaOno woman died of
fright a panic occurred in a street
car which was struck by lightning
and a house toot was ripped off while
the Inhabitants lay in bed during a
violent electrical storm In this city
Charley Taft Upset In Dory
Salem Mass Charley Taft the
presidents son and an engineer from
the presidents yacht Sylph were up
set in the lads dory oft Salen and
received a ducking
Editor of Publication In Which Audit
Story Appeared Will Explain
Stilling Matter
Washington William Locb Jr
collector of the port of New
York and former secretary to the
president of tho United States
has threatened to sue Samuel Do
I Nedrey editor of a local trades union
paper In a letter to De Nedrey Col
lector Loeb vigorously protests against
an article recently published In the
paper stating that 3tr Locb contem
plates appointing Charles A Still
ings former public printer to a post
tlon of trust in tho Now York cus
toms service and which concluded
with tho question Who was at the
head of tho audit system
It is understood Mr Loeb took of
tense at what he believes to be a
veiled insinuation that he was inter
ested In the audit system which was
Inaugurated at tho government print I
Ing omco by Mr Stllllngs and which
ultimately was responsible primarily
for the resignation of Mr Stllllngs as
public printer
Mr Do Nedrey says ho woa absent
from the city when tho article ap
peared in his paper and docs not
know how It got into print In tho
next Issue of his paper ho says there
will bo an explanation which in his
opinion will satisfy Mr Loeb If It
docs not bo added I shall govern
myself according to tho circum
At the time of Mr Sllillngs die
missal as public printer Mr De Ned
rey took nn active part editorially in
discussing conditions at tho big print
cry lie knows Of no basis ho says
for an allegation that Mr Loeb was
connected with the audit system and
sees no reason to criticise him for his
attitude toward organized labor
Deneen and Pardon Board Asked to
Liberate Mrs Romadka Was a
Millionaires Wife
Chicago After two years Impris
onment In the penltentalry at Joliet
Mrs Evelyn C Romadka perpetrator
of a string of daring burglaries and
former wife of Charles L Romadka
a multimillionaire manufacturer of
Milwaukee probably will be released
next month
Another chapter was added to the
story of the weird life of Mm Ro
madka which is even moro fantastic
than that of Hornungs fiction charac
ter Raffles when It became known
that friends of her girlhood days of
Fond du Lac and Oshkosh Wig had
petitioned Oov Deneen and the 1111
nols board of pardons asking for tho
liberation of the former schoolteacher
and millionaires wife
Undaunted by the wealthy Romadka
familys refusal to assist in gaining
the release of the woman whose
prison confinement has undermined
her health her aged father P J
Caine who owns a Irrgo rubber plan
tation In Mexico baa declared he will
ters toualf
Jacn Johnson Sues Hotel Owner
Salt Lnko City Jack Johnson
the heavyweight pugilist entered
suit against local hotel proprietor
for 25000 damages alleging ho was
shut out of the hotel after he had en
gaged accommodations there because
ho Is a negro
To Meet in San Antonio
Denver CclSan Antonio Tex
was selected as tho place for next
years meeting and Col Ike T Pryor
of San Antonio was decided upon by
the executive committee as tho choice
for president of tho Trans Mlaslsslp
pi Commercial congress
P Japan and China
Tokyo Anbunceraent of an amlc
able settlement of all pending ques
dons which havo served to disturb
the friendly relations between Japan
and China will be mado soon
Water Famine Caused By Breaking
of Dam In Sangamon River Added
To the Peril of the Situation Loss
Estimated at Over 1250000
Dccatur III Following n flro that
destroyed over 1000000 worth of
property and destroyed 18 buildings In
the business district early Sunday
morning camo a water famine on a hot
Sudnay as a result of tho supply in tho
city reservoir being exhausted It was
necessary to shut off largo sections of
the city for the better part of Ina
The breaking of the dam In tho
Sangaraou river and the drought made
a combination that for a time was
Tho fire raged from 1 oclock Sunday
morning until nearly noon and Sunday
night practically an entire square Is In
n mass of ruins
Conservative estimates place tho
loss at 11250000 with Insurance of GO
per crnt Tho heaviest loser was the
Morehouso Wells Co In whose
building the fire started Crossed oleo
trio wires in the elevator shaft are
This sixstory building it was
thought would hotel tho fire but the
falling walls started fires on both sides
Eighteen buildings were destroyed and
a dozen damaged
In Which at Least Six Persons Were
Killed and Forty WoundedFight
Started By Strikers
Plttsburg Pa Frightful rioting
marked the scene ot the McKccs
Rocks car strike Sunday night At
least six are dead and perhaps 40
In addition to these there are
thought to have been a score of
strikers who were perhaps fatally
shot but who were hurried away by
tho mob
Tho fight took place about 10 oclock
when a large body of strikers discover
ed Exlcr on a street car Kxlcr was
formerly a Plttsburg policeman and
though ho was doing duty ns a deputy
sheriff tho strikers were evidently of
the opinion that he was In the mill as a
strikebreaker ho having admittedly
nerved as a strikebreaker at different
strikes previously
The strikers had been stopping all
the cars during the evening and when
they found Exler on one ot thom their
rage knew no bounds I
Aged Woman Burned To Death
Kl Paso Tor Believing that a
witch brought on tho smallpox epi
demic that caused the death ot many
cf their children tho Indians ot Duo
Jotzingo near Puobls Alex It was
learned Sunday burned to death nn
aged woman Juano Rcmirez They
blockaded all the exits ot her house
set fire to It and watched her perish
in the flames The woman was very
old and was regarded by both Mexi
cans and Indiana as a witch
Lost Package of Jewelry Found
Now York Nearly 100000 worth
of diamonds lost last June were
found literally being kicked about
a cheap boarding house In Third street
Jersey City Tbo diamonds wero lost
aboard tho Erlo ferryboat Passaic aud
Dralcer Co jewelers of 60 Fifth
avenue havo been offering 0000 re
word for their recovery over since
Dies Saving Others
Pittsburg Pa Trying to save
his wife and yearold child W A
Caesbor of Corapolls Pa was crush
ed to death late Sunday when a switch
ing engine ot the Carnegie Steel Co at
Neville Island overturned a trolley car
laden with Sunday pleasure seekers
Successful Flight
FrankfortontheMaln Mr Wll
helm of Reading Pa and General
Director Ilqyl ot Charlottesburg mado
n very successful flight with the diri
gible balloon parseval at the Ila exhi
bition hero Sunday
Cincinnati Aug 21CattleExtrR
G4006GO CalvesExtra 82508fiO
Hogs Cholce810081G Sheep Ex
tra 4GO Lambs Spring 77G785
Flour Spring patent G40Gtf5
WheatNo 2 red 1070110 Corn
No 2 mixed 71072C Oats No
2 mixed 37H038 RyeNo 2 choice
7273c Hay Choice timothy 170
17GO Butter Dairy 20c Eggs Pur
doz 21c ApplesChoIce 1G00300
Potatoes Per brlr 1600175 To
bacco Burley 11G001SCO
Chicago Aug 21Wheat No 2
red 1050107 Corn = No 2 mixed
69G9cOatsNo 2 mixed 2Uc
Pork Prime mess 204520GO Lard
Prime 1132
Louisville Aug 21Whcat No 2
red 1070109 Corn No 2 mixed
79c OoatsNo 2 mixed G3Jc Hay
Cliolce timothy lp hogsExtra
S70507SO Lard Steam 975
Indianapolis Aug 21qattJe
Irlme 0 250075 HogsExlr 803
0830 SIlcop Extra 550
Placed Among the First Two or Three
Biggest Sins of the Great
The effect of opium smoking on tho
Chinese is demoralizing They place
it among tho first two or three great
sins yet After living among tho peo
pie 18 years I unhesitatingly assert
that it Is not uo demoralizing as nl
coholic liquor writes Dr J II Mc
Cartney in Good Health Opium
smoking Is the twin sister of prosti
tution the position occupied by the
drink tramo in this country
It leads a man to squander his prop
erty for that which Is not bread and
In this way brings suffering upon his
family One thing cast bo said in Its
favor however as compared with alco
holic drinking the smoker does not
beat his wife or children neither does
he commit murder while under Its In
fluence The greatest harm is that
which ho brings upon himself It
makes a man who Is dishonest more
dishonest You seldom meet with an
opium smoker upon whose word you
can depend Very few If any who
smoke will acknowledge that they do
smoke although they may havo all the
outward signs tho opium smoker IfIT
breath hili peculiar complexion the
stain upon the fingers This condi
lion tends to make any record which
we take among outpatients In the dis
pensary unreliable
Tho majority of Chinamen smoke be
cause they havo been Invited to do to
by some friend and for fear refusal will
offend they take their tint pipe Many
smoke because they hire been rot
ommended to do so by a physician or
some friend for the euro of some die
ease bowej trouble ot some kind
bronchitis or malaria Some physic
laM have gone so far as to claim
prophylactic qualities for opium
against malaria The almost univer
sal testimony from these patients Is
that after recovery they found them
selves victims of the pipe the second
condition being worse than tho first
Business houses have rooms fitted tip
for prospective purchasers making
their sales through tho pipe Instead
of tho glass as In our own land I
havo yet to meet the first Chlnamnn
who attempts to defend tho prnclco
of opium smoking which Is quite n
contrast to thane In our socalled
Christian country who try to justify
the liquor business
Head what Mr Tong Rial Son ono
of the Chinese members on the Opium
Commission says upon this subject
Go with roc gentlemen of this com
mission over that broad and once fair
stretch of western China whore the
ravages of the curse hAve been moat
evident the provinces of Szechuan
Yunnan Kwolchow ICnnsii and Shen
slan area comprising a largo pro
portion of tho 18 provinces Visit tho
dismal and wretchod hovels which
were It not for opium would bo happy
homes see tho emaciated depraved
multitude of victims to this vice ob
serve the abject poverty and notice
for tho cause of It all the wide fields
onco covered with waving gold of rip
ening grain now given over to the cul
tivation of the poppy
The effects of opium smoking upon
tho body are tiioso that one would net
unrnlly expect As the secretions dry
up and the bowels become Inactive
not moving more than onco a week
and I have frequently met with cases
where they moved as seldom as two
or three times a month tho patient
invariably becomes constipated to 05
extent one would hardly think pose
A chronic bronchitis is produced
which Is difficult to deal with and
loss of appetite and other symptom
which would follow tv constipated con
dition The patients rapidly lode flesh
and become physical wrecks
English Professor Declares Would
Soon Have Country It Would Be
Hard to Recognize
In the course of 8n address deliv
ered In the Victoria Mission hall Prof
O Sims Woodhcad Professor of Path
ology at the University of Cambridge
paid the following tribute to total ab
stinence With total abstinence wo
should before long have a country we
should not recognize Our poverty
would not have disappeared but such
an enormous amount of it would have
disappeared that wo could tackle the
rest of It comparatively easily We
should not have mado the world or
our part of it model but wo should
have Improved Its mortality enormous
ly We should havo done away with
nil Injustice but we should have men
looking at things In a much clearer
In certain cases we should not have
the men doing tho beat work of which
they wero capable but all of them
would be doing better work
Punishment for Opium Users
Drastic punishment has been pro
scribed by tho anti apium commission
ers In tho new opium prohibition laws
recently adopted in China From tho
current year until tho fifth year of
Bsuan Tung the maximum penalty foe
those of high caste will bo strangu
latjpn in tho following year this pun
ishment will bo extended to the gen
try and a year later It will apply to K
tho common people

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