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i IVDt Tfte Owoxee yym I
ENO Nov Tho popula
tlon and social life of Ra
no Nov arq undergoing a
great change Whore a
year or so ago the opti
mistic mining promoter
In his corduroy or khaki
and his high russet shoes
was wont to disport him
self today may bo seen
men of tho east flashing
by In hlgh powered auto
mobiles Whom Washoo
squaws would a year ago sit and play
cards at tho corners of the public
squares may bo seen today handsomo
women In Paris gowns sauntering lu
t the afternoon gun On tho veranda
of the leading hotel whero a year ago
wore the silence and desolation that
the panic of J907 produced idly tit
and fight with ennui groups of men
and women who look forward In
mental vision to trio time when thoy
will bo able to forsake this frontier
1post of clrlltzatlpn and whirl an eager
flight back to their homes in the cast
But they Bro looking for divorces at
present and so they must stay hero
for at least six months from date of
l tho Novada divorce laws with regard
Jnlierits f1eI IiZ1Ethd
5Joy 7uiJ VjQerenue
I l ll4z4UACOK
vantages of tho town over any other in tho state Nevada Is primarily a
mining state and naturo usually hides her precious metals in difficult
places Reno Is not a mining camp and Is nor only centrally situated
from a railroad point of view but has scenic attractions rarely to be
found in any American community
It is located In tho heart of a rich agricultural region and through tho
center of the town runs a beautiful mountain stream tho Truckeo river
Surrounding tho town at a brief distance are snowcapped mountains
and tho winds coming from over their summits keep the air cool on sum
mer nights It IE never very warm In Reno On tho other hand the win
tera art comparatively mild
An altitude of 4GOO feet makes the atmosphere somewhat trying on
nerves that are not robust to begin with but nervous affections aro tho
only complaints to which tho climate Is unfavorable
For tho euro of other ailments hot mineral water springs abound In
the vicinity of Iteno Twelve miles away aro the famous Steamboat
Springs which Comstock millionaires woro wont to patronize 40 years
ago Three miles from Reno la Moana Springs Five miles from Reno
to the west Is another famous medicinal resort Laughtons Springs tho
road to which runs along tho Truckeo river making a beautiful driving
boulevard Half way to Laughtons on this road is a magnificent cdltlco
to residence For Reno has succeeded to tho eminence
formerly occupied by Sioux Falls as tho tllvorco center of
America Somo farsighted lawyer got Into tho Nevada
legislature several years ago and when ho got out again
there was a divorce law among tho statutes of Nevada
that for length breadth height elasticity and all other
qualities that commend themselves to tho seeker after
easy matrimonial freedom could not bo surpassed any
where In tho union It was equaled by tho South Dakota
law though and no Nevada and tho Nevada lawyer se
cured DO results from it for tho time being
But everything comes to him that watts and
who the pcoplo ot South Dakota arose In their
wrath last Novembor and by a referendum vote
declared that any ono who desired to get a dl
vorco In South Dakota would have to live them
a year Instead of six months as had been tho re
quirement previously tko Becker of relief from
present matrimonial tics began to take the long
journey westward to Nevada where It takes but
a six months residence to bo In a position to go
beforo the courts of the state as plaintiff la a
divorce suit
W II Schnitzer a Reno divorce specialist has
1L written a treatise on divorce practice and pro
r U cedure In which he throws an Illuminating ray
on the wherefore of tho popularity of Reno as a
divorce center Ha says
Whllo tho lawn of the eastern and middle
western states generally contain some provision
for tho dissolution of tho niarrlago tle1l is air
Vlous to the reader that In cases where extreme
cruelty desertion and failure to provide form tho
basis of tho grievance the law in such states of
fers no substantial relief to tho aggrieved party
because tho requirements of proof duration of
offense corroboration of plaintiff and procedure
under court ruled are so exacting and irksome
01that tho desired relief sought by the applicant U
rendered Impossible of attainment Summing up
the situation as it exists in tho eastern states
respecting the domestic relation law the client
when consulting local counsel Is almost Invari
ably advised that upon tho facts submitted ho or
she Is without remedy Hero in Nevada tho ap
plicant without deception or fraud upon
almost any charge from which lack of harmonious
relations may be reasonably Inferred may apply
to our courts and secure prompt results by do
creo of absolute divorce valid and binding In
law While there are about 54 cases now on tho
docket of tho district court there are In Reno
today over 350 individuals establishing a rest
fY dence for divorce purposes a majority of whom
t are women
The charms of Nevada as a divorce center
havo only just begun to percolate Into tho con
sciousness of the outside world
Reno has no objection to the present status
of affairs It is estimated that the revenue of the
town from the divorce colony at present is closo
to 1000000 n year and that It will rapidly in
croaso from this on To a community of but 18
ftOO population this is no small consideration
Why Reno is preferred to any other communi
ty in tho state as a place of residence by those
seeking divorces Is because of tho manifold ad
t r r
u ttlnrer
known as Ricks
which 1s tho local
Monte Carlo Ricks
has all tho convent
ences for thoso who
desire to make a stay
and frequently parties
who go there to spend
a few hours forget to
f IO AId DUYte3RffT
come back for sovoral days It might be men
tioned In this connection that tho divorco colony
has brought to Reno over 100motor cars
Tim leading hotels uro always crowded and
the rents for cottages havo appreciated on tho
average to tho extent of 60 per cent in the last
six months In some Instances the increase has
been much greater One cottage that rented for
CO a month In January last now returns its own
er a rental of 100 a month
Perhaps the ono thing that endears Reno to
tho visiting divorcee moro than anything elso is
Its proximity to San Francisco One may board a
train in Reno and bo In tho Pacific coast metrop
oils in ten hours Despite its manifold attrac
Ions life in Reno is likely to wear Irksome upon
thoso who havo been used to existence in larger
centers and tho visitors to a great extent soon
er or later during their stay take a trip or halt
a dozen trips over the Sierras to the city by tho
Golden Gate
Such visits while affording relief from tho
monotony of llfo in Reno do not impair the rest
dcnco qualifications necessary to tho obtaining
of a divorce To again quote the Nevada divorce
authority already mentioned
Under tho provisions of Section 22 of tho
Marriage and Divorce act tho plaintiff must ro
sldo in tho state for a period of at least six
months This Is not construed to mean that in
order to fully comply with tho statute tho party
must remain hero continuously for said period
So If a party comes to Nevada and in good faith
lakes up a residence the party may leave the
stato at any tlmo after establishing residence
may go and travel when and wherever the party
chooses and may return to the state whenever iii <
cllnaUon prompts and yet such temporary ab
nonce would not In any wise affect the legality of
tho residence established but the party would be
entitled under tho law to bring suit any time
after the lapse of six months from tho date real
denco was originally established notwithstanding
tho partys absence from the state during said
Biased somewhat by the financial seductions
of tho situation and yet to learn the lesson that
such a state of affairs can only result in tho mor
al degradation of the youth of tho community a
lesson which caused South Dakota to reform her
divorce laws Reno appears to be perfectly con
tented with things as they are
But Reno is busily engaged In cleaning house
and It is felt by tho most reflective observers that
the divorce laws of Nevada as low written will
be a thing of the past In then ar fututy Not ins
I or7neOivoftte sVlT I
tho very near futurefor tho next
legislature docs not meet until Janu
ary of 1911 Thero are others who
point to tho experience of South Da
kota which for 20 years fought the
evils of lax divorce laws before a re
peal was secured and say that tho
moralists of Nevada have an equally
etubborn task before them But Ne
vada is cleaning house In tho last
session of tho legislature after gam
cognizance of law a bill abolishing
gambling was passed tho act to tako
effect In November of 1910and it Is
believed that if that could bo done
tho slack divorce laws can be more
easily repealed
In the meantime tho hotel men and
cottage renters of Reno and the di
vorco lawyers will conUnue to nour
ish Parisian toilettes and GO horso
power automobiles will flash and dart
through the quiet thoroughfares at all
sorts of hours Men and women will
continuo to become citizens of Ne
vada on a six months residenceand
leave the state forever the day after
securing their divorce decrees
Frolics of a Real Queen
I That queens are very human be
logs after all is evidenced by their
delight In tho outdoor pleasures
which even their humblest subjects
may enjoy Tho royal lady of a European court
no longer sits in regal splendor in her palace sur
rounded by ladles in waiting ready to minister to
her most languid wish but you may meet her
motoring in tho country or riding horseback in
the park It is an excellent example they are
setting for their countrywomen In this respect
respectQueen In
deed sho attributes keeping young and enjoy
ing good health to
this fact When a
young girl she was
fond of swimming
rowing and driv
ing and oven now
she never permits
a day to go by
without taking
some exercise II
tho weather is too
bad for walking
she passes several
hours at billiards
She is wonder
fully skilled with
theeuo and is
proud of her game
But In nice weath
er her favorite ex
ercise is walking
At Sand ring
ham she visits
all parts of her farm at least onco a day This is
more of a pleasure than a task because she usu
ally amuses herself on tho way by taking snap
shots with her camera or playing with one or
more dogs Fond though the queen Is of outdoor
life she avoids hard exercise Yachting and driv
ing she enjoys but sho never has played golf or
put a ball over a tennis net
Persistent automoblllng sho believes offers the
quickest means known for getting rid of a nice
complexion and gaining 10000 wrinkles
Queen Alexandra believes so much In fresh air
and exercise out of doors that she has sometimes
slept in a tent she had put up for her at San
drlngham Once asked how she managed to
keep young sho said Fresh air and exercise are
tho best elixirs of youth
Queen Alexandras particular hobby is photog
raphy and that takes her out of doors a great
deal She Is said now to possess albums contain
ing over 10000 photographs all taken by her own
hands representing royal and important person
ages places and festivals in all parts of Europe
For n period of 16 years now tho queen has been
a devotee of tho camera She possesses live cam
Wherever the queen goesbe it a cruise in the
royal yacht to her homo in Denmark or a ride
across country in the Highlands she Is never
without her camera That sho uses it well is evi
dent when It is stated that during one of her Med
iterranean cruises she secured 1400 photographs
In six weeks Then it is very seldom too that
the queen throws out a picture or destroys a neg
ative because the subject Is not up to the mark
In her way of going to work sho Is most method
ical Her photographs fill many albums and un
der each photograph her majesty has written a
description of the picture and the date when taken
They include a great variety of subjects from the
kings stud horses taken in tho old days at the
annual sale at Wolferton to portraits of hot
grandchildren on the lawn at Sandrlngham and
the ruins of tho Parthenon The photographs of
her grandchildren fill three albums alone and now
amount to several thousand They depict them at
their games romping with each other and one
that made the king roar with laughter when he
saw it has caught two of the youngei ions of the
Princess of Wales each endeavoring to exert his
right to n certain toy by tho free use of hIs fists
What she regards as one of her best photo
graphs of the king is that which depicts him talk
ing to Lord Suffleld in the grounds of Marlborough
I 1 I1IrJlf
q of
c c 7
Mexican Pesos Are ReproducedKen
tucky Authorities and Secret
Service Secure Confession
Louisville Ky Secret service
men arc Investigating a report
that two women aided John C and
Marlon Roberts brothers and sons
of a former Louisville judge who
arc hold In jail as perpetrators of
what is called the most daring coun
terfeiting plot over attempted Dreams
of wealth centered In a brassbound
trunk containing 1000000 In counter
felt Mexican pesos were shattered for
the brothers when Deputy United
Stales Marshal William Blaydes ar
rested John Roberts in Shelby county
with the money In his possession
Since the hour of the first arrest
there has been unraveled In the cus
tom house of Louisville and In Cen
tral police station a remarkable tale
of attempted financial buccaneerlngs
that rivals some of the boldest ex
plolts In tho making of spurious cur
John Roberts sitting In tho office
of tho secret service bureau coolly
said that ho would plead guilty at the
October term of the federal court and
seemed resigned about spending a ma
jority of his years In the prison at
Atlanta Ga Ho had only wanted to
get rich he said
It was through Marlon Roberts that
the counterfeiters were apprehended
and their plan to defraud Mexicans of
1000000 exposed Marlon Roberts
some days ago offered a Louisville
broker high commission to dispose of
some Mexican money for him The
broker notified Chief of Police J II
Hanger who at once enlisted secret
service men and the trap to catch
Marlon Roberts was successfully
sprung Since Marlon Roberts arrest
the police learned from him the infor
mation which led to the descent upon
his brother at Slmpsonvllle
When Blaydes confronted John Rob
erts In the hamlet of Shelby county
the chief counterfeiter admitted that
ho was behind the plan to dispose of
tho imitation 100pesos notes through
the broker He showed Blaydes the
trunk which with Roberts was brought
to Louisville Roberts said that had a
perforating machine and a device to
number tho bills reached him when
ho had expected them ho would have
been in Mexico a week ago
Will Koenig n printer has also
been arrested in connection with the
case Roberts is in jail under a 15
000 federal bond
Marines from Russian French and
British Ships Remove Emblem
Which Caused War Scare
Canea Island of Crete A well
directed shot fired by one of
the parties of bluejackets landed
from tho international squadron an
chored in Canea harbor brought
down the flagstaff of the Canea fort
and with it tho Greek flag that has
threatened to bring about war be
tween Turkey and Greece
A combined landing party com
posed of detachments from tho ships
of tho four protecting powers was
sent ashore before sunrise and the
task of removing the Hellenic em
blem was carried out in a few min
utes without any attempt at interfer
ence on the part of the islanders
Most of the blueJackots then returned
to their ships but small detachments
representing each oflho four powers
wero left behind in occupation of the
bastion of tho fortress to prevent any
attempt on the part of the Cretans
to raise another flag
Cretan gendarmes havo been post
ed throughout Canea to maintain or
LifeSavers Rescue Seven from Strand
ed ShipOne Man Still Adrift
on a Raft
New York Tho raging sea was
cheated of seven human lives as
Its prey when the gallant Long Island
life savers rescued seven of tho crew
from the stranded schooner Arlington
off Long Beach and added another vic
tory to their Igng list of battles
against the oceans fury
Tho eighth member of the crew
Madden Pierson a Swede put off
from the schooner on a raft with tho
hope of reaching shore with a line
was swept out to sea by the tido and
lost sight of
Great Lots of Life Follows Crash of
Trains on Railroad In
Santiago ChlloA terrible disaster
occurred when two trnals camo into
collision 30 miles north of Santiago
Many persons were killed or In
jured Both trains were completely
destroyed The monetary loss will
reach 150000
Russian Train Robbers Get 15000
Klslovodsk Russia A band of 15
revolutionists have perpetrated suc
cessful train robbery near hero as a
result of which they aro 15000
richer One of tho robbers was
wounded but his companions carried
him away A sotgeant of gendarme
was mortally hurt
More Troops for Morocco
Madrid Flvo thousand troops In
Galicla have been placed on a war
footing and probably will be warI
Ceuta Morocco
i I r i
c t
v 4i
Pauls Third Journey
SiaJiy Sciool Linos for Sept 5 1969
Specially Arranged for This Pap r
verses SI 23
GOLDEN TBXTI can do all things
through Christ which itrengtheneth me
Phil 413
TIME Paul left Ephesus late In A D
K December K January and February
67 at Corinth He reached Miletus and
conferred with the Epheilan elders the
last of April
PLACE Paul after leaving Ephesus
went through Macedonia to Corinth and
returned by the one route to Philippi I
Troas and Mlletui
Suggestion and Practical Thought
A Pastors Wise Counsels Redeemed
by Example
1 Pauls Journeyings Among tho Eu
ropean ChurchesVs 16 We learn
from 2 Cor 1810 written not a great
while after Paul left Ephesus that ho
left that city because his life was in
danger it he remained and he could s
no longer do his work there He was I
In depressed frame of mind from ill
health From Ephesus ho took a tradIi
Ing vessel to Troas on his way to
Philippi Hero a door was opened but
he was restless because Titus falledto
met him there with news from tho
church at Corinth 2 Cor 212 75 6t
Paul took another vessel to Philippi
whero he was joined by Titus and 1
later to Berca and Thessalonlca whero
Timothy joined them and they joined I
In addressing the second letter to the
Corinthians In the autumn he went I
to Greece and spent three months 1
there chiefly in Corinth where ho had
much to do amid sickness and affilc f
tions on over side fightings without I i
and fears within 2 Cor 4711 75
6 in caring for the churches 2 Cor j
1128 and correcting wrong conductt
2 Cor 1220 21131 2 It was four
or five years since he had left them
after a stay of a year and a half
During all this time collections were
taken up in the various churches on
this tour for Paul to carry to the poor r
disciples at Jerusalem according to
his promise seven years before toI
210 Seven delegates had been ap i
pointed to accompany Paul but a plot
of the Jews determined him to change
his plans and instead of going by wa
ter he together with five delegates
from Europe went by land to Troas
where two delegates from Troas joined
2 Pauls Experience nt TroasVs Go
12 Paul and his company remained a
week at Troas a seaport on tho Aeg
can sea Thoy reached Troas five days
after the Passover Paul on tho eve
ning of the Lords day held a preach
ing service and holy communion in an
upper chamber As Paul was to sail
the next morning the service lasted till
midnight A young man was sitting in
the latticed window of the third story
The place was crowded and hot the
hour was late and the young man was
weary so that ho was overpowered by
sleep and fell down three stories to
the ground and was taken up for dead
Paul immediately went down by the
outside stairs common in Oriental I
houses and fell on him embracing
him as Elijah In tho case of the son
of the widow of Zarephath 1 Kings
1721 and Elisha in that of tho Shu
nammitos son Doubtless Paul prayed
as earnestly as thoso prophets and
the close contact the clasp of warmw I
affection gave new intensity to theI
prayer of faith His prayer was an I
swered and the young man was re
stored Tho Incident revealed ther
love the faith and the power of Paul
and tho religion ho ropresentedr
3 Pauls Review of His Life at Eph
esusVs 1327
Luke The change of pronouns to
wo In V13 shows that Luke had now
joined the party and he continues
with them till they reached Jerusalem
Acts 2117
On tho fourth day they reached Mil
etus beyond Ephesus The vessel was
detained hero for an uncertain length
of time and Paul sent for the Epheslau
elders to come to Miletus and meet him
for It would not bo safe for him not to
be ready to embark at short notice
Paul Meets the Elders of Ephesus
Luke was probably present at the
meeting so that he was able to report
what Paul said I
Thoso present knew that he wasI
speaking the truth What ho had done i
and taught was an example for them
to follow and an inspiration to faith
fulness I
1 Ho did his work v 19 with all
humility of mind He was not self
seeking ho was ready to do the hum
blest servlco for the humblest person
Ho worked with his hands although
brought up in tho midst of wealth and
learning Paul set Christ forward and
kept himself In the background
2 Amid great difficulties With
many tears not for himself but for
others And this v 31 night and
day with tears expressing the intens
ity of sympathy and desire for their
good V ll And temptations
Trials of his temper of his patienceI
through persecutions and bitter hos
tility of thong he came to help i
3 Vs 20 27 I have cot shunned to
declare unto you all the counsel of
GodAll that God had revealed to him
concerning salvation whether men
were willing to receive it or not They
hated to bo told of thelrslns and that
they could not bo saved unless thy rev
pented and forsook their sins I kept
back nothing that was profitable unto
you t
4 Paul used both of the two great i
methods of bringing men to Christ I
by masses and by Individuals Every I
wise preacher and Sunday school
teacher teaches both publicly and
from house to house
1 ft

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