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Bartered t lAc Na ofta al BfftG KI lI
I aeumsa tr
Devoted to the Interests of the Motaro People
I IVol XI Five cent a copy BEREA MADISON COUNTY KENTUCKY SEPTEMBER f J2 1909 One Dollar a year No 10
Seek Klddt Treature Taft Plans
For Congress Record Number or
Immigrants LandHamburg Belle
Trots Fastest Mile Airship Races
Succeed I
other expedition has been fitted out
to hunt for the treasure supposed outI
have been burled by Capt Kldd the
notorious pirate of the Atlantic Coast I
The treasure Js supposed to bo on
Oak Island N a and It is a fact I
that drillings In the place where the
treasure Is said to bo brought theI
gold coins and pieces of wood Thou
sands of dollars havo been spent In j
this place trying to get the gold
A stream of water protects the burled i
treasure I
has had a rather strenuous week con j
suiting with leading statesmen and I
politicians Ao a result ho has an
t nounced unoffically that ho will I
o strongly advocate a postal savings
bank In his message to Congress this
fall Ho had a long talk with Senator
Aldrich on the currency problem but
with no result
Harriman has arrived at his country
homo at Arden New York where ho
Is very Ill News from his bedside
boa been mostly suppressed and his
exact degree of danger Is not known
to many people Thera have been ru
mors that ho would havo to bo oper
ated on and also that ho was BO low I
that oxygon had to bo administered
to keep him alive Also It has been
reported that ho Is well enough to
manage till business deals
courso it had help but one cigarette
put Into the wrong place last week
resulted In the death of ten men near I I
Key West Fla Tho wrong place 181
a box of dynamite and fuses to be
used on tho construction of the East
Coast Railway I
has had any doubt that tho air has I
really become a highroad over which I
men may travel would havo had hisI
doubts settled If ho had been at I
Rhelms France list week when avia 1 I
tors from all over tho world met I
In races The Wrights were too busy I
elsewhere to take part but tho chief I
prize that for the fastest trip was II
won by an American Glenn H Cur i
tis An Englishman Henry Farman I
won the prize for tho longest trip I I
going 112 miles without alighting i
Tho speed trip was made at about six I
ty miles an hour 1
Tho SantAna Catrlna river In North
ern Mexico experienced tho most die j
astrous flood in Its history last week
and as a result Hundreds of natives
were drowned and several whole
villages swept away
convict who escaped in Georgia was 1
pursued and finally killed by n posse j
after ho had killed one man and <
wounded two others Ills body was
burned because of the hatred for
him tho posse felt and a Taco war
was narrowly averted other negroes
wero so enraged
JEROME TO RUN District Attor
ney Jerome of Now York who has
been so severely attacked for his al
leged failure to prosecute certain big I
criminals who ho says are beyond
the reach of tbo law has decided
s 1that ho will seek vindication and
0run i
run again
Sarah E Thompson tho only woman
carried on tho pension rolls as a
K > Idlor In the War of the Rebell
ion died last week it was she who
discovered and reported to tho Union
officers tho hiding place of Gen Jno
Morgan after he had terrorized
Ohio i
record for pcssengers from Europe
coming In ono day was made at Now
York last Thursday when 6220 per
eons reached this Country from abroad
t Continued on fourth rose
Boone Tavern
Clean Cool Comfortable
Good Home Cooking Deep Porches
Pure Mountain Water piped direct
to the hotel Long distance Tele
phone in each roomI
Rates 200 to 250 a day
Special Weekly Rates Rooms sin
gle or in suite with bath
I Your Comfort Our Pleasure
Some of the Advantages of Such a
Combination of Schools as Beroa
Explained Many Departments
Give Good Chances to Everybody
In our Issue of last week a brief
mention was mado of thn many dill
fering courses of Instruction offered by
Borea College which make It possi
ble for any one almost to find here
Just tho kind of Instruction they want i
Bcrea Is not merely a college or nor
mal school or a model school or a
trade school It la all of these things
at once and hero each student can
find exactly the combination of teAch
ling and training which Is best adapt
ed to his or her particular needs I
And as wo showed last week all
the equipment is the best possible
and every provision had been mado to I
fascist the student In every possible I
way The teachers who havo charge
of the work here too havo been very
carefully selected and have train
Ing and natural ability which is un
surpassed In fact the schools offers
the best and most complete chances
for a first class education for young
people of any In Kentucky
In the articles following this are
set forth a few of the advantages of
fered In the different courses These
are not all by a good deal for there
la not room to tell of all It there
are other things about the school
which you want to know write to
Will C Gamble Secretary of Berca
College for a catalogue Also tell
him In what course of study you are
most Interested and be will give you
full Information
Tho second revision of Bercas cata
log just Issued shows many changes
in courses of studies especially In
normal preparatory and college de
partments The time for recitation
has been lengthened to one hour a
change which will greatly add to the
efficiency of tho Instruction So far
as scheduling and assignment of class
es are concerned the semester plan
common In most colleges has been
adopted with exception or certain
courses In tho normal which must be
gin In January This Is a saving of
onethird time In the offices In Is
suing schedules in recording grades
and In sending out reports For con
venience of students payments are
to bo made as formerly by the term
or half term
But the most notable changes are
in courses of study In the normal do
partment an entirely new course has
been established covering four years
of college work and leading to tho de
gree of Bachelor of Pedagogy this
will be welcome news to many pro
sent and prospective students in this
popular department Thq present for
ward movement In education Jn Ken
tucky and all tho South means
thero will be many calls for well quali
fled teachers The farseeing teacher
will not fall to upto this advance and
coming need and will prepare for It
by getting his Bachelor of Pedagogy
degree at Berca The academy courses
havo been recast Tho general
plan Is Intensive work four < solid
subjects four hours each per week
plus ono hour course in Dible
This is strong preparation for subse
quent college work
But the most noticeable changes are
lnvtho college department proper The
courses have been materially streng
thened and enriched dally recitations
equalized so that thero are no more
heavy and light days tho range
of electives greatly widened In prin
ciple tho group system with Its
majors and minors adopted so that a
student may do considerable special
ization In preparation for postgrad
uato work Courses are arranged for
one two three and four hours per
weok according to tho subject full
work will consist of sixteen hours
per week on the part of each student
An unique feature of tho new ar
rangement Is tho consulting period
when all recitations are off Ou Mon
day this is the first recitation period
on Tuesday tho second etc During
this time each teacher Is expected
to be In his room for the express
purpose of being consulted by stu
dents who are taking work In his
classes and who may bo In need of
assistance This plan ought to mean
very much In strengthening scholar
ship and In bringing about a closer
relationship between student and
Vocational schools is a now term
In American education Under this
Continued on fourth Page
You Will Like
Whispering Smith
u +
When T1IK CITIZEN cornea I
tti < Mi A man who would try to cut a tree with a dull ax is about
as wise as the follow that would try to 4get along without a news
paper or with a poor one Jjyt
It is not often that this editor feels called upon to preach a
sermon but he saw an incident the other day which makes him feel
that there is at least one he would like to preach and preach so loud
that every man woman and child in the country would hear it And
the text for the sermon would be There are two sides to every case
even your own
It is always hard for any man to believe that he has been wrong
When he gets into a dispute with a neighbor he always believes that
tho neighbor is wrong and that in sticking to his point that neighbor
is doing him a serious injury It was such a case as that which thot
editor saw in which two old friends were separated because of a
little dispute which was not worth a dollar to either of them but
in which each believed the other was doing him an intentional
injustice I could forgive tho injury each one says to day but
I can never forgive him for standing up for his point when bo was
so clearly in the wrong It shows that he is not a safe man to deal
And yet both men were wrong tho each felt sure he was right
But each one was so constructed that he could not see things from
the other point of view Each insisted that tho other man should
look at it front his way and neither would make any effort to meet
the other mails views It is often that way We all hate to admit
that we may not be exactly right and we pay no attention to the
other fellows arguments just because wo will not take the trouble
to see his point of view
It is a queer thing but one vhicu every thinking man knows
that there is no single act which is either right or wrongthat
over thing depends on the circumstances and the idea which the
man doing the act has in mind So it comes about that when two
men have different ideas in their minds they will disagree as to
whether a given act is right or wrong And each one will be
right from his own point of view But unless the other fellow
manages to find out what ideas the first one had in his mind ho will
never be able to understand how they came to disagree and he will
blame the first one for being in the wrong That really should
only disagreedThere
There is au old legend bearing on this subject which we ought
all to remember whenever we have a disagreement with a man
According to tho story two knights were riding thru the country
when they came to a cross roads where there stood a statue of a I
knight in full armor such as fighting men used to wear and holding
a big shield The two knights met exactly beside the statue and
began to talk about it They agreed that it was a very fine statue
and the one mentioned how much he liked tosee the golden shield
Why my friend said the second litho shield is silver
No said the first lilt is gold
UYou lie said the second lIit is silver
Liar yourself retorted the first I can see plainly that it is
Soon they fought and both were mortally wounded As they
lay dying a priest came along and asked the cause of their quarrel
They told him uud he got up and looked at the statue When he
came buck he said that they were both wrong that one side of
the shield was painted gold and the other side was painted silver
but that the shield was iron
According to the story tho two knights shook hands and died
friends but many a couple of friends has split up over just such a
trifle and has uever gotten together again
Each man must of course do what he believes is right But
he must remember that he is different from all other men and that
they have the same right to follow their own conciences There is no
proof that a man is wrong because he disagrees with you and even if
he is he has a right to be and it is no reason for personal feeling
You can disagree with him and be friends yet If he is a good
man and has been a good friend it is all the better if you can disagree
and bo friends Just try to see how he looks at it and even if you
cantagreo that he sees right it will make you have a kinder feel
ing for him If you can do this you will keep a lot of friends you
would otherwise lose
It is remarkable how often thingS arc not what they seem in
this worldhow often selfishness of the worst type goes under the
name of love for instance Take the case of a loving parent Id
a growing boy or girl Every ono knows that for a childbest good
it should learn to be independent of the old folks every bird has
got to fly on its own wings at the last A child cannot have the pro
tection of its home very many years All that it accomplishes has
got to be done on its own hook and to be worth anything has got
to learn to bo Independent to have a safe and sure judgement of its
own to care for itself to guide its own feet And to do this it is
necessary for a child to go away from homoto go somewhere where
it will have a chituce to learn I a little at u time to do these things
There is no place so good as a good school where tho child can take
its first lessons in freedom with n kind teacher watching faun slips
But how often when the time comes for the child to go away the
parents suy they cannot spare tbe youngster becauso thuylove it so
And so the child stays at home and loses the best chance it will ever
have to fit itself for life What kind of love is this that makes a
child lose such things As a result of this love the child will be
poorer all its life it will be less able to get along in the world it will
be less likely to make a good name for itself it will bo more likely to
fail in all that is worthwhile in life in short it will carry the burden
of inefficiency and ignorance and weakness all thru life just because
of this love of the parents Does a feeling which puts a burden
like that on ones child deserve the name of love l And do yon know
anyone who has some of that feeling Better be sure that there is
none of that kind of love among the reasons which will keep your
boy or home from school this fall
New Teachers Department of The
Citizen Begins Next Week Will
HaveMany Fine Features Some
thing for Men not Teachers too If
They Have Brains
There Is no more important class
of people In any community than the
teachers and The Qltlzen as a pa
per which Is working for the good of
the whole community wishes to pay
especial attention to the needs and
wishes of the teachers in tho public
schools We havo already succeeded
in getting for them two splendid
books by Prof Dinsmore the last
which ends this week and we are
now going to begin a new feature
to be run each week and to bo known
as the Teachers Department Feel
Ing unequal to the task of conduct
in this department adequately the
editor has secured the cooperation
OZ Professors Charles D Lewis and
Ellis C Seale both of Berea College
and well known thruout the moun
tains Their reputation needs no ad
There will bo at least three splenI
die features in the new dpeartment
One will be a series of timely arti I
cles on the work and duties of teach
ers These articles will be both help
ful and suggestive and will appear
from time to time as they can bo I
obtained I
Another feature will be the print I
Ing of answers to any questions which 1
teachers wish to send to this depart I
ment If there Is any hard problem 1
about your school teaching any
thing which Is a little too much for 1
you or which you do not quite know I
how to handle write to us about It I
We will print the answer with as
much of your letter as is necessary f II
We will not Use your name but elm t
ply the Initials which you sign at the
bottom of your letter but you mustJ
also sign your full name so that WE J
will know who you are r
Finally and this will be a feature
for others as well as teachers we
will print each week some different s
problem In arithmetic a real jaw
breakerwhich the smartest of our
readers can put their brains to work 11
on Mr Seale will have special charge W
of these and his reputation as a lJ
mathemetlcan Is enough to Insure
that the problems will be worth while I
Send In your answers and three weeks a
after each problem Is printed we wills
publish the best solution we have reF
ceived with the names of any other
solvers who have sent in correct an
swers If any of > you have good
tough problems send them In too We 1
will be glad to use them J
This week The Citizen contains a
large amount of Interesting material
about Berea College Every pros
pective student and every parent of
one should read these articles and
the ordinary reader will find them
Dont overlook the announcement
of the new Teachers Department
This feature will be one of tho best
ever printed not only for teachers
but for every thinking man or woman
Our great serial The Lions Share
ended last week and this week we
have no serial Next week however
will come the beginning of a fresh
one Whispering Smith by Frank H
Spearman It is a story of tho Far
West of railroading and cowboy life
with a delicate touch of romance
and stirring and thrilling action from
start to finish It Is a story of tho
fighting days which are fast passing
and it Is written by a man who was
there and Is besIdes a master in tell
ing a tale in a fascinating way You i
wont want to miss tho story and I
your friends wont either We have
put off starting It a week just so
that they could subscribe Now Is
tl t time to get the whole of this
great serial
HappensBy I
By following tho line of least re
sistance a good many men get mar
Burning the Candle
To uso moro of the candle than Is
usually possible fit a cork Into the
candlestick leaving about a quarter
of an Inch spaco around the top Run
a heavy needle through the cork and
push tho candle down on that
Tho man who married a girl who
had received a medal In cooking
school soon arrived at the conclusion
that It must havo been a leather one
A Quiet Lover
Whispering Smith
Knowledge fa power = sad they
way to keep up with modern
knowledge Js to read a good
Bradley For Harmony Last Week
the Hottest This Year Think To
bacco Society a Trust Still In
Owsley Raided
MONY Sen Bradley at a dinner 1
given in his honor In Louisville Sat
urday night made a strong ilea for
harmony In the Republican ranks
In tho state and even supported the
Republican ticket In Louisville the
ho fought its selection and has been
opposed to Mayor Grinstead He de I
clared that the power of the party
was threatened unless all factions
got together
which closed Sunday was tho hottest
of the year so far The hottest dayI
was Saturday when the official tem
perature at Lexington was 91 degrees
cans and Independent Democrats of
Lexington have Joined and nominated
a strong Fusion ticket against the
aggregation set up by tho Democratic
machine there There are a good
many Indications that the majority
of the voters in Lexington are tiredt
of the present administration
A number of Independent tobacco men
are planning to bring suit against
the Burley Tobacco Society on the
ground that it Is a trust under the
United States laws and a combination
In restraint of trade Suit will be
tiled at Covington
Mays and Doty In a raid near idamay
in Owsley County last week arrested
Dill Hardy and Sam Cole as alleged
moonshiners The officers went out
again with warrants for eight or
ten moro men
Judgo Ed C ORear In a speech Sat
urday in which he urged another to
bacco pool made several statements
which were taken aa reflecting on
Gov Willson and on his attempt to
suppress the night riders a
negroes who broke jail at Paris last
week have been rearrested and are
back under double guard t
Bradley Congressman Hobson and
others were among the prominent 4
speakers at the famous Laurel County I
Fair at London last week Tho fair
was most successful
who recently Bold the Frankfort Stat04
Journal to Beckham has now secured
control of the Lexington Gazette and
will become Its editor
The joint Committee from the vari
ous AntiTuberculosis Associations in
the State which have been engaged
for the past few weeks In perfecting
plans for the organization of a state
Association has announced that all
preparatory arrangements have been
made and a conference between re
presentatives from each county in tho
State will be held late In September
at which definite action will be tak
The proposed meeting will be held
in Lexington and a very Interesting
and Instructive program has been al
ranged which will cover a period of
two days
Dont fall to look at tho picture at
the head of the paper this week Tho
Citizen has come you see and the
family Is looking at the local news
This picture la typical of what hap
pens In two thousand homes In Ken
tucky every week Tho Citizen visits
that many families weekly and Is In
most very welcome It has made
good Its place as tho best family and
home pappr In Kentucky and has al
ways a lot of good reading matter for
every member of the family
This week Bcrea College Is paying
for a good many extra copies to bo
sent to people who do not usually get
The Citizen We wish to ask ot them
that they will not only look over the
matter about tho College but also
will take note of the paper itself
They will find it a mighty good pa
per and one well worth reading weekI
ly It should bo a welcome visitorf
at the homes of many people to whom
It goes for the first time this week
If such will turn to the last page
and road there the advertisement of
Tho Citizen they will find full Inform I
ation as to prices and premiums We
would be very glad to hear from them
and they can be sure of the beat
of treatment from us

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