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l Vitae J AlIA Pottofflei at Serta Ayi at ICtOfId
l datt maUmor
I Viedaermau
Devoted to the Interests of the Mountain People
I rTol XI Five cents a copy BEREA MADISON COUNTY KENTUCKY SEPTEMBER 0 1800 One Dollar a year No 11 1
Taft Planning 13000 Mile TripAl
so at Work on Trust Law with Big
r Teeth in ItJapan Wants More
wzShipsDoctor Sees Wife Killed
tTAFTS PLANSPres Taft has
not been Idle during his summer va
t cation Among other things ho boa
tidecided to reorganlzo the Department
ti ot Justice which has charge of tho
i prosecutions ot trusts and such mat
1ters He hopes that ho will bo ablo
Jwork Also ho will rearrange the
work dono by It and the Bureau of
Corporations In such a way that
there will bo no work duplicated and
everything will be to the boat advan
tage Several prominent politicians
have called on Pres Taft and he has
been working with them and a num
ber ot experts In drawing up an anti
trust law which ho believes will do
Jmuch to solve the troubles of ihe
J the whole
country He will put
weight ot his administration behind
It this winter and hopes to induce
Congress to pass It Tho law will
provldo far prison sentences for of
y ficials ot railroads or other corpora
i tions who violate Its provisions and
enlarges the powers ot the Interstate
Commerce Commission
TAFTS TIUP Pros Taft Is plan
ning to tako a 13000 mile trip thru
tho South and West before Congress
meets this fall During tho trip ho
will discuss mostly politics Ho will
discuss the tariff bill in tho west
and try to gain supporters In tho
south A strong effort Is to be made
to draw a few Southern states into
tho Republican column and Pres Taft
wishes to talk over tho matter and
destroy the unworthy leadership which
has crippled our party in some states
STRIKE OF OoooA strike of
20000 miners in tho Plttaburg district
Is likely It is opposed by tho offi
cora ot tho miners union and is
caused entirely by a dispute inside
tho organization and not at all by
trouble with tho employers The
strike would be In violation ot solemn
agreements and injure many who
have nothing to do with it It Is
t such acts as this which havo lead
to tho preJudlco against tho labor
ment has been started In Japan to
build fifteen new and very powerful
battleships as an addition to her na
vy Considering tho talk of war be
tween this country and Japan this
plan Is ot great Interest to us
of a doctors wlto In South Carolina
I is causing much excitement Her hus
I band was visiting at a house when
some person passed In what seemed
a suspicious manner Tho house own
er and his visitor followed down into
the back yard and caw a figure which
gave no answer when called upon
The houso owner asked what to do
and tho doctor said to shoot When
the smoko had cleared away and they
went up they found tho doctors wife
Moody of the Supremo Court of the
U S Is seriously ill Ho was appoint
I ed by Pres Roosevelt and has been
a strong supporter ot the Presidents
I For tho benefit of those of our
IIFOI who will come from along
I tho line of the L k A wo are print
ing this week a time table showing
the trains running from Beattyvlllo
to Richmond Trains leave Richmond
for Berea at 104G In tho morning and
1163 at night Following Is tho L
A times
Beattyville 600 a m 120 po m
Irvine 720 fa m 240 p m
Richmond 823 a ni 345 p m
Tho time given for Richmond Is at
tho L N ahtlont
Better Than Ever
Normal City Laundry
r It has recently changed hands and
IH now under the management Mr
A R Tools
The latest cuff amI collar machines
I have boon put in They will give
First Class Finish
Collars that Fit
J W Dooley Agt
1st floor Industrial Building Berea Ky
Six Advantages Which It Has Over
Small SchoolsMany of These Of
fered at Berea
What advantage la thero to the atu
dent in attending a largo institution
like Bcrca which is a group of six or
eight schools combined U a boy
wants to atudy to be a teacher why
not go to ono of the normal schools
even though they are smaller or why
not go to some academy that Is an
Institution all by Itself or to a bus
iness school that teaches nothing but
commercial branches This Is a very
practical question and a very Impor
tant question for tho student What
advantage docs a student get in at
tending an Institution where all these I
schools aro combined Before answer
Ing this question let us ask one more 1
If a boy wants to ctudy any subject I
why not buy a book and study It all
by himself The answer is plain
lHo needs a teacher A boy can
learn more from a good teacher than
from all tho books that were ever
written on that subject 2 He needs
to read some other books to htilp him
understand hla lesson fully 3 He
needs companions studying the same
subject to spur him on to do his beat
4 He needs an opportunity to use
tho learning ho gets for unless he
can make some practical application
ot what ho learns ho will soon forget
It 6 lie needs balance A boy may
be a good student and yet be lop
sided Tho boy that studies alone or
with a few others feels awkward and
embarrassed when he goes out Into
tho world 6 He needs power
power to control his body and his
mind power to adjust himself to his
circumstances or rather to adjust his
circumstances to his alms To accom
pitch these things la the object of ed
ucation and it you will think the
matter over carefully you will ceo
that each and all of these things can
best be accomplished in a largo and
thoroughgoing Institution
1 The TencherIn the small
places you might find as good a
teacher as in a largo institution
Though tho teacher in a small place
Is not likely to be so expert but
supposing he were just as skillful in
tho largo institution you have tho ben
efit of many teachers You can get
something from all ot them You can
get the benefit ot their training and
experience and friendship It a boy
should go for only one year to Berea
ho might train the friendship of more
than sixty teachers and learn a hun
dred times ai much from them as
from his books
2 Books But we do not forget
tho importance of books No one can
be a strong student unless ho has more
books than ho can afford to buy In
order to get tho most benefit from
hla school books ho needs to read oth
er books to which his school books
refer It a boy Is studying history he
will understand it a great deal bet
tor It ho can at tho same time read
the Lifo ot Lincoln and tho Life of
Washington or eomo books of travels
In other cuntrleo Some schools can
not havo very good or very large li
braries Beroa has a library of f2i
000 books and what Is perhaps even
more Important wo have trained li
brarians who have nothing else to
do except help the student to find
tho reading that he needs and to show
him how to get tho most out ot it
3 Emulation Tho horse can nm
faster If there la another horse trying
to beat him Everybody knows that
ho cannot do his best unless some oth
er boy Is trying to do a little better
Many a bright boy is spoiled by stud
ying in some place where ho is the
brightest in school Ho can beat all
tho rest without halt trying no
nce to go to a largo Institution
where there aro a great many other
boys just as bright as ho Is so that
bo will have tot fix hIs mind on his
studies and work hard This friendly
rivalry with other students will often
make a man off him
4 PrnctlceAWe havo all heard
that practiced makes perfect but
everyone does not realize that nothing
but practice can mako you perfect
What a boy learns from his books ho
puts into practice In his literary and
debating society What ho learns In
tho normal classes ho clinches by
teaching in a real class under the
guidance of a skillful instructor
What ho learns In tho business school
Is immediately put into practice The
homo science school teaches students
to cook real food to bake real bread
to prepare wholesome meals as well
as to cut and fit and sew real gar
ments The school of nursing enables
tho students to put their knowledge I
Into practice In our new hospital
They actually take part In surgical
operations tin dressing wounds In
cooking for the sick room and taking
care of patients under tho guidance
ot tho bead nurso and the college
IJr JIIJII Progress the knowledge is impossible and there is
no butter way to Ret the knowledge that makes progress than in a
good nespaperJIIJII
There is a vigorous contest going on in many a home and many
n community in Kentucky today between fodder and brains and we
are sorry to say that in many a case the farmer is choosing little
fodder for his stock instead of brains for his children Of course
the fodder ought to be saved and yetHow ubout that boy Mr
Farmer Is he worth auy thing to you l Dont you want to make
him into tho best man you can And if you dont what are you
living for anyhow f
It has been proved over and over again that Avery day spent by
a child in school is worth from 1000 to 1080 to him That amount
of money goes into his brains he earns that much more laterit is
stored up like the fodder for future use Now how many boys can
pull 000 worth of fodder in a day l Can you yourself l If not
then they are wasting or losing the difference between the amount of
fodder they can pull and that sum of money every day that they
stay out to help in the corn field
Rather bad bargain for the boy isnt it l And yet many a
father is making just that choice between brains for the boy and
fodder for tho stock every day in these fodder pulling times Every
time you see a boy that ought to bo in school but is out pulling
fodder you can know that his father thinks fifty cents worth of
fodder in the barn is worth more than 1000 worth of brains in tbe
boys head
Many a boy or girl is deciding just now whether or not to go
away from home to school As theday of departure draws near
and the prospect of leaving the love and protection of the home
becomes closer many such young people find their courage ebbing
rapidly away and some will probably lose all their stoutheartedness
by the time that they should start and so will put off till another
timq tho decisive stepand perhaps never get an education after all
and HO miss the best in life
No one can be blamed for being a little scared at going away
from home for the first time It is natural to be afraid of anything
with which one is not familiar and certainly the plunge into a new
and distant school life offers ground for apprehension Friends
parents guides familiar ground all are to be left behind and the
youthful adventurer must trust himself to unknown waters with un
known guides
And yet if the young persons only knew it that fear of the
future is tBe only REAL trouble ahead of them All the things
which they fear so will disappear entirelor turn out to be ad
vantages when they are faced and met New friends will be found
if what college boys and girls say is true the new friends will be the
best Experienced teachers will become helpful guides and tbe sur
roundiugs of school life will be found to offer comforts and oppor
tunities never dreamed of before The lions in the way of the young
man or woman desiring an education are chainedthey may look
fierce but when they are approached it will be found that they are
quite harmless their only office is to scare away the timid ones who
are unworthy tho advantages of an education
Young man or woman who reads these words do not let the
chained lions scare youl Thousands of young people no better off
mentally or morally than you are passing them successfully every
year and going on to the great fields of happipess and success be
yond To the brave no harm can come from the uncertainties to be
faced in going away to school Show yourself such and deserve tbo
great reward which courage will bring you
physician In the agricultural school
and tho school of carpentry tho stu
dents learn to do things
5 Balance People often make fun
of tho awkward country boy This
Is because he has been brought up
In a small place and has never had a
chance to adjust himself to other
conditions to learn new ways and to
go a broader view Tho best small
school In the country cannot give a
boy this broader view this mingling
with people from many different
pace When a boy conicfa to such
a large school he learns how to min
gle with other people how to be dig
nified Instead of awkward indepen
dent instead of coarse
6 PowerAfter all the most Im
portant aim ot an education Is not
knowledge but manhood There Is
everywhere plenty of opportunity for
selfcontrol but the more experience
a boy can have under wise and firm
guidance the bettor fro is prepared I
for life In a large school there are
many opportunities for selfcontrol
for Influencing others for learning
tho great art ot persuasion Berea
College Is in Itself a training In citi
zenship as well as in character and
culture The student has a chanco to
hear fine music great lectures famou
authors and speakers and they come
into touch with a largo and deep life
nl large Institution there Is a fine
opportunity for athletics We have
the finest athletic field in the state
gymnasium baths and an enthuslas
tic body ot students
And lastly In a large school which
Is conducted by a great many Instruc
tors of high character there is great
er opportunity for religious and spir
itual life than in any small school
There is no time like the present
Any young person who wants to get
a good education will start tie soon
as possible and now Is that time
Tho Fall Term of school Is tho best
of tho three and If a student could
havo only one term this would be
tho ono ho should choose Hero are
a lew reasons for this
FlrstTho school Is less crowded
tho buildings aro not so full and he
can have a better chanco In picking
his room less crowd and moro com
fort In all activities
I Second The weather Is better for
any kind of work Tho beat ot the
summer Is over and tho rigors of I
tho winter have not come It Is the
best time of tho year to study
Third The teachers too are less
rushed with work and In better con
dition to work and the student gets
tho benefit A student depends on
the teachers for what he gets out of
school and GO the Fall Term when
they can give him most Is by far the
I best tlmo for him
I ContlsueJ on fourth Page
Story from Chicago that Dr Pearsons
Will Give SIOOOOO Not Confirmed
Here Donation Probably Condit
ional I
Good luck for Berea College Is fore
shadowed In tho following dispatch
from Chicago printed in the morning
paper yesterday
CHICAGO Sept 7Dr D K Pear
sons the millionaire who baa spent
years giving money away to poor col
leges all over the land announces that
he la closing his work Said he
Within a month or so I shall give
100000 to Berea College Kentucky
for tho benefit ot the mountain
whites Beloit was tho first college
I ever gave to and Berea Is going to
bd the last When I give this 100
000 Im through with colleges and I
want them to quit pestering me
He gets about 1000 begging letters
dally most of which are burned with
out being answered
No official confirmation of this
news baa been received here how
ever and It is not believed that the
gift is at all definitely settled yet
Officials of tho collego feel certain
that the gift if made will be accom
panied by some conditions such as
went with the other gifts of Dr Pear
son namely the raising of a large
sum of money with his gift as the ba
sis It seems likely therefore that
this donation Is still a long ways from
being secured
The floors of the Boone Tavern kitchen
and pantry are as clean as the dining
room tables
It is always hard for both parents
and children when the time comes for
tho young folks to go away to school
And yet thero Is no time which <
should really bring a greater feeling
of triumph to both For a feelingI
parting has to come Into every family
sooner or later and if that parting I
comes in such a good cause as that j
ot education it means that the thatI
Wa will have tho best that Is open I
to them and that the parents have
done and are doing their full duty
by the young ones These things are
cause for happiness are they not
even If they are accompanied by the
pangs of parting
It might be different if the young
sters did not have to leave home soon
er or later anyway But they dp
Every family Is separated Children
of one couple will be found scattered
from ocean to ocean and seldom is a I
family found where half a dozen child 1
ren see each other once in ten years
The parting must come
And what a difference there may be
in the parting When the young
man starts to make his way how
much better to know that he Is go
ing to a college where he will find
kind and helping friends and where
he will be fitted for the best in life
rather than that he Is going to a fac
tory or distant farm where he may
be among rough and unthinking men
and where he will be laying by noth I
ing that will help him later And
how much better for a young woman I
to go to such a school where she will
learn all the things that will make
her a better wife and mother or that
will enable her to take care of her
self If alone than to have her start
In with tho cares of a family at ten
der years or go to a distant city to
work in the homes of strangers
Surely the parting which will lead to
education is the best there can be
on this earth Its terrors are more
than repaid by the hope ot the future
and the certainty ot present anCetI
while it offers rewards and happiness
far beyond any other parting that
can come while life lasts
No ambitious young person will let
the pangs of the parting from homo I
keep them from school and no good
parent will sacrifice the childs fu
ture happiness to put off for a few
days a pain which will only come la
ter In worse and more hopeless form
It Is about as reasonable to live at
Boone Tavern as to rent keep fires and
lamps going and buy food at homeand
no worry
A Holler for Help
Another pressing need of the hour
is a correspondence school by which
near editors are taught how to die
tlngulsh the true mixed metaphor
from the counterfeit
An Egyptian Plumber
I think said tho professor from
the utensils about him that this mum
my must have been an Egyptian
plumber How interesting mused
his dreamy assistant could we but
bring him back to life Tho profes
sor shook his head Too risky Whos
going to pay him for his time
Knowledge is powerand the
way to keep up with modern 1
knowledge is to read a good
American Naval Officer Also Reaches
the North PoleDouble Triumph
for the American Flag Which Now
Flies at the Top of the World
On the Inside pages of this paper
are found full accounts of the reach
Ing ot tbe North Pole by Dr Cook
of Brooklyn N Y an American ex
plorer Since those pages were print
ed word has come from the far north
that Commander Robert E Peary the
U S Navy the leading Arctic ex
plorer has also returned from a suc
cessful dash to the pole which ho
reached a year later than Dr Cook
Details of Pearyo dash are still lack
Such a double triumph for American
pluck and daring against heavy odds
and in the face of awful difficulties
should bring a glow of pride to every
true American Over seven hundred
lives have been lost in the attempts
ot the bravest men of the last four
centuries to reach the Pole and that
this almost impossible feat should be
doubly accomplished by Americans is
a matter for the greatest and deep
est pride Tbo Stars and Stripes now
float from the summit of the world
and that wonderful land has become
by right of discovery the property
of our government
All honor to Cook and Peary I
Fatal Riot in State Capital 3200000
Loss In Shelbyvllle Fire Senator
Bradley Speaks In Richmond
Frankfort Prisoner Escapes
brawl Irl the dive district of Frankfort
last week a riot started in which one
soldier and one civilian were killed
and several others were wounded
The soldier killed was First Sergeant
Tate of Somerset and tho civilian
Jesse Cook of Frankfort The trou
ble started over a woman A compa =
ny from Lexington had to bo called
out to guard the jail to prevent vlo
lenco to tho prisoners who were ar
rible conflagration almost destroyed
the pretty city ot Shelbyville last
Thursday night causing a loss of
200000 The entire place was threat
ened and several of the moat impor
tant buildings and stores were de
Bradley and Pres Lebus of the Bur
ley Tobacco Society spoke in Rich
mond Monday in the Interests of pool
ing tobacco Friends of the senator
were sorry to notice evidence that
he was beginning to feel his age
escape from the Franklin County jail
took place last week when Wm Tur
pin cut his way thru the bars and
escaped Ho was awaiting trial for
assaulting a deputy marshall in tho
Somerset jail
CHAMPION SHOT Tho champion
rifle shot of Kentucky is now Private
Howard of Pin ovUle who mado his
record at Frankfort last week Capt
Jackson Morris will soon tako steps
to organize a Kentucky rifle asso
About sixty guests have been enter
gained qt Boone Tavern and only opened
about ten daystheres a reason
The crowd was unusually large and
trading woo brisk throughout the en
tire day The demapd for stock was
I brisk The mule colt men were
In largo numbers There was as us
jual a demand for good horses but
they are not to be had Tho demand
tor cattle was also good as the price
of 440 will testify There was a big
lot ot cattle at the pens nearly all
selling at from 3 to 440 Mule colts
were plentiful and nearly all were
sold Prices ranged at from 35 to
80 Several car loads bought Monday
were shipped South that night G Wt
Deatherago sold a lot of corn at 3
In field Col W B Burton ot Lan
caster bought seven mules at from
160 to 200 A load ot mules bought
during the past month was shipped
South for which was paid from 50 I
to 100 Ben Bright bought for
Bright Fox five mules at from
150 to 225
For the very latest In hosiery col
lars ties pins handkerchiefs linens t
china ware glass ware underwear
laces embroideries towels and tho
best most complete 5 and 10 cent
line in Berea The Famous Red Band
Brand candy 10 eta per pound Guar <
anteed absolutely pure

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