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1ENcoltronaxznjr w
RItUrtd at the Pos ufe al Jlm Gr U leroad
dais III4IknoUtr
Devoted to the Interests of the M Eountain People
Knowledgeispowerand the 1 k
way to keep up with modern
knowledge is to read agood
newspaper i >
IVol XI Five cents a copy BEREA MADISON COUNTY KENTUOKY SEPTEMBER 30 1000 t One Dollar a year No 14 11
Peary and Cook Fight Hot Tamm
any Safe To Win Brutal Murder
of Family Storm Kills 200 on Gulf
Ooasf WUrid Didnt End Somo
factions which opposo Tammany the
most corrupt pollUcal organization In
t the world in Now York City have
BO managed things this year that
Tammany will almost certainly win
The Independent Democrats have
nominated ono candidate the Repub
licans another and the Fualonlsta et
a third This will split up the OPPoSe
ing vote BO that Tammany will have
things easy It is whispered that
this has come about because Joe Can
non last spring promised Tammany
j that fie would prevent real fusion in
1WJNew York If tho Tammany Congress j
men would support him in the fight
s over tho rules Any way those tightI
gressmon supported Cannon ndth
Republicans didnt fuse
aged woman her daughter and lonI
inlaw and three children were murI
dered and their bodies burned InI
Burley Ye last week by robbers
who hoped to get 1600 That makes j
murders at 100 each jI
swept over parts of Loulsana last week j
resulted in tho death of 200 persons
and In damage amounting to thou
sands of dollars
sect In New England calling thom
I Bclvee tho Triune Immcrstonlsta
havo boon expecting tho end of the
world It was scheduled for last Fri
n day but did not como off some how j
When last heard from the people I
balloon being used by tho French I
government last week exploded whenI I
600 feet in tho air and four men who
were In it wore killed I
full account will bo found on inaldo
pages of tho great HudsonFulton ccle I
bratlon which la being told in Now
York Hudson was the first manj
who over sailed up tho Hudson river
three hundred years ago and Fulton I
was the man who ran tho first sue
cessful steamboat In this country al
hundred years ago The celebration
is being aided by ships of this and
foreign navies and there aro teni
1 j l theI
miles ot war veasda Anchored In the
beautiful river with tremendous pa I
geantry going on every day I
PEARY BACK Commander n E
I ed to this country and is at his
I homo in Maine He has not yet given
out the facts which he thinks will
prove that Dr Cook Is a faker In
tho meanwhile what facts are coming
to light seem to favor Dr Cook lIar j
ry Whitney to whom Cook first told J
his story has reached a telegraph I
station and says ho has no reason toI
doubt tho story Also It la learn
rIk ed that Peary refused to bring back
ItlJ any of Dr Cooks records for him
lie refused to let the ship captain
Bartlett whose hard work did to
much to make his success possible go
with him the last hundred miles tho
there was no reason why he should
not have gone except that Peary
may not haVo wanted to share his
s i triumph with any other whlto man
The belief that Peary would do so
< mean a thing to a friend makes man
y people believe ho would not stop at
anything that could hurt a rival and
they do not bollovo his charges
against Cook
PINCHOT TO STAY Tho letter of
Pres Tarts upholding Secretary Bal
linger was at first thought by some
people to mean that Chief Forest
er Plnchot would have to resign but
it has been loomed that Taft urged
yis Plnchot to stay and that he will do
was a slight fire in tho Whlto house
at Washington Saturday in some lit
ter whero repairs aro being made Lit
tie damage was done
TEN KIELED A smashup tm
I the P R n near Chicago on Tues
day resulted in tho killing of ten
men and Injuries to 16 others
The Grind That Dulls
r If a scissors grinder kept blsblade
on the whetstone unceasingly tho
I scissors would soon be useless The
I grind that dulls women Is not dally
household duties The housewife who
is knowing keeps herself sharpened
with frequent change and recreation
Attendance Already Larger Than Dur
ing Entire Fall Term Last fur
Students Enjoying Many Good Times
Still Room and Welcome for
The students keep coming In town
and entering school and as time go
on tho gain over last years attend
ance becomes more and more marked
Thero are already more students In
school than during the entire Fall
Term last year and it Is likely that
over a hundred will still come in
Kentucky young people are appreciat
ing as never before that there la a
great deal to bo gained by early at
tendance at school and so they keep
On Tuesday noon there had en
tered school this Fall 670 students or
lOG more than at the same time last
year and about thirty more than
during tho entire Fall Term of 1908
There la still room and the teach
era are still hoping that all who
need education and aro not detained
by duties will come and Join tho
Berca group Tho students are enjoy
ing themselves more than usual this
Fall and many of the best times
aru still to come The Phi Della An
nlvorsary meeting Friday night was
greatly enjoyed and that of Alpha
Zeta Is looked forward to There I are
to be many lectures and musical en
tertainments Besides there aro tho
football games tho mountain day ex
cursion and many other pleasures of
school life All are urged to come
and get their share
Boone Tavern combines luxury and
common cense
The first of tho literary society an
niversaries provided for in the new
program of literary events > arrang
ed last year was the open meeting
of Phi Delta in celebration of Its
Fiftieth Anniversary Tho meeting
was held in tho Chapel Friday night
and attended by about two hundred
friends of the society Tho literary
program as listened to with
close attention and included a wel
comb address by D O Bowman u
paper on Phi Delta Past and Present
by O C Clark orations by Letcher
Qabbard and Co C Flanery a reading
by John D Henry a paper by Arllo
McGulro and an original poem by JI
O Bowman
Similar meetings of other literary
societies will follow It is hoped and
expected that these open meetings
affording opportunities for compare
son of tho work of tho different so
clUes will bring about a needed Im
provement in the quality of the liter
ary work here
IIt la about as reasonable to live at
Boone Tavern as to rent keep fires and
lamps going and buy food at home and
no worry
The first football game of tho sea
son played Saturday with a gang that
1 claimed to represent tho Ashland Ky
Y M C A but really represented
almost everything else was a de
elded disappointment to Berca people
tho homo team being defeated 210
I Tho defeat was not made on straight
football In which it anything our
men had a little the best of It tho
neither was able to make consistent
I gains but on flukes due to lack
of understanding of the duties of
I their positions by some green men
on the team Two touchdowns were
I made by tho Ashland backs on field
punts owing to failure of the Berea
men to turn them In instead of out
and one was made on an Intercepted
I forward pass for tho same reason
There was a good deal of fumbling
especially by hares and a dlslncltn
I atldn to fall on tho ball which re
sulted in several bad losses and fin
ally in one goal from field Alto
gether the playing on both sides was
ragged and disappointing
Tho line up
Johnson C Hvnns
Archer It RG Mead
Ilimmoml IC Cheap
Archer IK RT Newhant
Street 1T 1 i CaM
l FtancryJ KK J True
Mmp < x K Wtlnfurter
nender Q Slisnklln
1lanery A R It lch lIon
Griffin I II Free c
Ilaneiy C c N n Wadiworth
Time of halve Jjjo Keferte Ilurdette Um
rewitnuns Timekeeper Seale Ilntimnn
Berea playa Stato next Saturday
and is hard at work getting ready to
put up a good game
Force of Example
Some men are so governed by ex
ample that they cant even see a full
moon without wanting to get tIf too
Philadelphia Record L I
tHi Leading Kentuckians are talking these days about the
Ctho awakening of Kentucky They are right the old stale is get
ting in line am ono of the surest signs of the fact is the way people
are Inking tho newaprt ere Tho progressive mail is sure to do it
How about you fJl 5
I Commander Pearys attack on Cook seems to dwindle down to
ths 7That probably Cook didnt reach the pole and if be did it
was real mean of him and he oughtnt to have
r 1 1
There is a story possing ar und that in n certain mountain county
the people hated to work the roads so badly that they threatened to
kill u mull rider who complained of them Of course the story was
printed in a Blue Grass papal by some one that was trying to throw
off on us There are no people more public spirited than the moun
lain men and every one of them is willing to do his share toward the
publio work There would never be any hopes for the mountains if
tho men were going to wait for some one else to pay them to do
their own work and they know it
Every mountain farmer agrees hint the corn fields are wearing
out Hud that crops are not FO good as they tired to be and there is
to be noticed a growing inclination to quit the use of thu hill side
Holds and cultivate only the benches and bottoms This IB probably
wise for the soil on the hill Bides washis BO rapidly that it scon
loses its value under cultivation but there is now opening way bye
which the hillsides may bo used for many years without losing
any thing and with a good profit to the farmer That is by grazing
Secretary Wilson of the U S Department of Agriculture has
recently called attention to tho fact that there arenot enough beef
cattle in thin country There are not even so many as there were
two years ago by 2180000 head The price of beef has been
steadily going up and it is still on the rise It will keep on for
some time experts think
Shrewd mountaiu farmers are already taking notice of theso
facts Hero are the abandoned fields and the advancing prices of
cattle The answer is easy by o little care of the hillside pastures
so as to keep the fields tolerbly free from weeds and brush the num
ber of grazing cattle can bo increased and that on land tiFeful for
nothing else and with benefit instead of hurt to the land Moreover
a little attention to the breed of stock and the providing of shelters
for bad weather will considerably increase the value bf the product
There is no reason why the Blue Grass should get fat cattle
prices on the same stock which the mountains have brought past the
most expensive period As it is now the mountains do the hard
work and tho Blue Grass by a year or so of grazing and fattening
allow that is pastaad if the moun
reap all tho profits The timo to past
tain farmers work it right they can save all these large profits for
themselves The final finishing of the cattle forthe butcher requires
some fattening food besides grass it is true but the cheaper fatten
ing foods such as cowpeas and soy beans are becoming well known
among our people and answer all purposes
Here is a road to wealth open Some farmers are already start
ed on it and an our readers tyjll find it worthwhile to take notice
or itI
Last Sunday evening meeting of
tho Young Mena Christian Associa I
Lion was more than usually interest
Ing The subject was Tho Greatest 1
Movement in the Student World To
day having reference to tho remark I
able progress of the Bible Study De 1
partment in all lands Prof flame gave 1
a stirring address on the Indlspenalbl
lIty of Bible study dally Mr Wilson
tho new State Student Secretary spoke
on tho Importance of getting Into a
Bible Study Group at once Mr Wilson
was General Secretary Ini tho Unlveri I
sity of Missouri for three years andI I
his experience along this line made
his words all tho more effective AI
good number of fellows have already
enrolled themselves in tho voluntary
dormitory groups
For the benefit of those whoso esti
mation of tho Young Mens Christian
Association received a jet back be I
cause of the behaviour of a visiting I
Association football team it may injustice
I Justice be said that seven of tho Ash I
land men were not Y M 0 A mem
bers or connected with the institu
tion In any way also that their con
duct was a source of regret to the
other four who were Y M CVA
members r
Tho Rev W S Gamboe of Louis 1
vlllo will assist the Mr Chas Cole
man in a series of meetings to be I
gin next Sunday morning at the Dls
clplea church He is widely known
both as a pastor and aa evangelist
and tho church hero feels itself es
pecially fortunate in securing his
services The cooperation of all Christian
people la asked in this effort j
The meeting will begin with a song
service on Saturday night and MrI
Gamboo will preach Sunday morning
Universal Borrow and sympathy was
felt last Saturday at tho news of I
tho death of Dr T A Robinsons
daughter Frances who had been 111
for about a month with typhoid fe
with pneumonia She was a lovable I
and charming girl and will be great I
ly missed by a wide circle of friends I
The funeral on Sunday afternoon at J
the Baptist church was largely attend I
ed and showed the universal res >
pect and sympathy which was felt
by our citizens for the family of the
decease J v V I
1 h t
Deputy Sheriff W A Johnson arriv
ed In town Wednesday morning with
Ernest Hays and Leonard Abney for
whose capture rewards of 600 had
been offered They aro accused of
participating in the alleged murder
of John Lane near Dig Hill some
time last Juno Sheriff Johnson cap
tured Hayes last night at his home
In Jackson County When captured
Hayes was sitting on the side of the
bed talking to his mother Johnson
was obliged to crawl on the ground
for more than 100 yards in order to
approach the house Abney was
captured in Oklahoma lab Wednes
day and brought by Johnson from St
Louis The twp will probably be put
OB trial at the coming termof the
Madison Circuit Court Hays being
charged with the actual killing and
Abney with being accessory
Dont open letters not addressed to
you The penalty is 200 fine and can
not be evaded When you get a letter
from the postoff Ice be sure it is ad
dressed to you before you open it
Tho department has issued orders for
the strict enforcement of the law and
fine of 200 will be assessed for each
offenso and a plea of mistake will not
help any The law is absolute ant
is being rigidly enforced
There will soon begin a long series
of articles by F 0 Clark who has
won such a reputation as a practical
and scientific farmer on making the
land produce larger crops It can be
done It has got to be done as the
worn out corn fields on the bill sides
of our mountains prove and Mr Clark
will tell us how Jt ought to be done
We can promise our readers that
the series will be one of the most
valuable ever published and it is
something that cannot bo obtained any
where else and that is Just what we
mountain folks need Watch for that
series of arUcles and dont miss one
of them for they deal with a subject
which Is about as valuable as any can
ever be to the mountains
IIWo wish to remind poor boys think
lug of coming to heron this year that
there is a reward of J10 offered by
Henry Lengfellner for tho boy who
walks in the farthest to learn tho tin
nora trade Mr Lengfellner adds that
Ihe will give such a fellow a good Job
during next cummer so that he can
continue to earn his way thrp school
Here Is a fine chance t ra poor boy
No 6Yo ITahoe
The above named places of popu
lar interest may not bo more than a
hundred miles apart but they are
reached by two separate side trips
from San Francisco each ono of
more than two hundred miles To
reach Yosemite Park we traveled 230
miles by rail and fifteen miles of
mountain stago road attaining a
height of four thousand leetTho
National Park originally was forty
miles square Something like one
third of it has been given up to
form California townships but an
addition of about two miles by three
has been made on the south to take
in the Mariposa grove of big trees
Extensive as the park is the objects
of most special interest center around
a section of tho valley of the llerI
ced River of comparatively small aren 1
This la a canyon some eight miles I
long averaging about threefourths
of a mile In width The floor of thja II
canyon is level and partly covered
with trees The walls rise from I
2500 to 4000 feet curve somewhat i I I
and present phases of striking Inter I
cot with names such as the tOllow11
I ng Sentinel Rock Tho Captain j
The Three Brothers The Three Graces I c
Catherdal Spires Leaning rower I J
Glacier Point Royal Arches North j
Dome Half Domestic From somec
points nearly all of these are In sight
at once and not seeming half so ells 11
ant as Is the fact Some are ascend 1
ed by roundabout trails many times I i
as long as the direct distance YoseII
mite Vernal Nevada and Bridal
Yell Falls are beautiful objects in
the same area but to us far less
striking than it our visit had been I
In May when the melting snows o i
ho Sierra Nevada swell edtho volume
of water Mrs Dodge did the moteI
In seeing the sights of that neigh
borhood and is enthusiastic over
its beauties But she was led into ex
ertions beyond her powers of endur
ance and besides that her future
life is likely to be embittered by the
thought that she has no picture o t
ho dear tripod mule Dan whose i
Intelligent faithfulness brought her
safe though almost helpless to camp
after the all day climb and descent
covering fifteen miles of ground much
of it along steep and narrow paths
Meanwhile I was making the trip
to see the famous trees the Sequoya
of Mariposa Grove To Co this I
made a mountain stage drive of 3G
miles in the afternoon stayed at tho
Wawona hotel had a 680 break
fast and covered 43 miles that day
rounding up at Yocemlte groper the
starting point of the previous day
All along the way we saw numerous
specimens of yellow pine sugar pine
cedar and Douglas fir which would
bo called big trees In the east A
height of two hundred feet and a
dlameter of four or five feet were
common where too It was BO
rocky oa to seem to give no room
for roothold Indeed the largest
tree on the floor of the Yosemite
canyon la fully ten feet through
Arriving at our destination I found
the Sequoya themselves scattered over
perhaps a hundred acres of land
among trees of other kinds Cutting
down largely tho estimate of tho
guide I should say that wo saw three
hundred or more of tho trees and that
fifty specimens are from twenty toI
thirty feet In diameter I took down
the Individual names of seventyfive
These were named from Presidents
and other distinguished men from
states and cities or from some
special pccularlty The Grizzly Giant
Is claimed to be tho largest tree
In the world and the oldest as
well say 8000 years of ago It shows
marks of senility and is not so tall
as some of tho vigorous youths not
more than two or three thousand years
old The Columbia is popularity ac
counted tho tallest tree in the grove
s height being carefully computed at
323 feet It should be remarked that
some of tho Redwood trees on the
coast which I shall not see while
less in girth are still taller than the
Sequoya I will not dwell upon such
interesting incldento as our driving
through two of the trees a troop of
cavalry being photographed upon tho
Fallen Monarch etc
Turning to the famed Lake Tahoe
I will be briefer because of Its less
striking character I reach this by
a railroad ride of 209 miles from San
Francisco on one of the leading lines
followed by a narrowgauge ride of
fifteen miles where the regular rate
la ten cento a mile We occupy about
eight horns in being taken around
the lake in a steamer stopping at
ten different points The lake is 23
tnllec long and 13 miles wide As we
J > C9iitlnurd on tourtf page
Berea Republicans at Harmonious
Convention NomlnateSplendid List
of Officers Meeting Practically
Unanimous on All Points
The Berea Republican mass conven
tlon met Wednesday night In the pub ry
lic school house and nominated the
following ticket of town officers
For Mayor John L Gay
For Police Judge G D Holllday
For Councilman
Andrew Isaacs
J K Baker
Ellis C Seale
J M Ambrose
J W DInsmore
J W Fowler
The meeting was called to order at
7 oclock p m by John L Gay chalr
man of the Republcan Town Commit
tee with G D Holliday as temporary
secretary and on motions of C D
Lewis and Bert Gabbard the tem
porary organization was made perma
nent On motion of J W DInsmore
and second by S E Welch after
some discussion It was resolved byi
about 60 to 4 that the chairman ap
point a nominating committee of 1
three On motion of E C Seale the
committee was instructed to nominate
Mr Gay for mayor This was done EO 1
that Mr Gay would not be under the
embarrassing duty of appointing men
who would In response to the almost j
universal demand nominate himself
He appointed Josiah Burdette T J
Osborno and Floyd Kldd DuringI
their deliberations the conventioni
was entertained by Prof Raine and
James Combo
The committee reported the ticket
s given above RH Chrisman mov
ed and S E Welch seconded that
the house adopt tho report by ac
clamation As there was no desire to
ut off other nominations an oppor
unity was given to amend the re t
port A P Settle moved to substl i
tute T A Robinson for G D Holll
day but the motion was lost by about L
60 to 8 votes There being no other
amendments the report was adopted
After a few remarks by Mr Moores
republican candidate for County clerk
the meeting adjourned
The discovery of the North Pole by
Cook and Peary has set the world atalic
ing but of even more importance to the
travelling salesman of Easterly Kentucky
has been the discovery of the Boone
Earthquake Reported In Kentucky
Deputy Sheriff Murdered In Corbin
Another Whiskey SuicideLouis
ville Wins Pennant
HID IN ICE BOXA negro bur
glar at work in a saloon in Lexing
ton lastfweek tried to escape by hid
ing In the ice box and was very nar
y frozen when he was finally found
WHISKEY DID IT This is not
unimportant piece of news but it
may be important to some man Gid
eon B Lochard committed suicide in
Louisville last Friday leaving behind
a note with these words Whiskey
did ItJust think of It again
convention of the Disciples Church
which was held in Lexington last week
was very successful being very largely
attended and most interesting
COLONELS WIN Louisville clinch
ed her hold on the American Asso
ciation Pennant last Saturday and
tho there were still a few games to
play it was then recognized that she
had it surely Next year the Colon
els will have a new name Champs
Lizzie Hawkins of Fayijtto Co who
was visiting in Richmond choked her
self to death with a valise strap on
Monday She had made several pre
vious attempts to take her life
reports of an earthquake in this
and adjolnlngstates oh Sunday night
Wo didnt feel it Did your e
SHERIFF IOTDeputy Sheriff
Carlo Jones of Whitley was killed
In Corbin last week by Parris Shot
well who had been pardoned four
months ago from a life term for mur
For the Spelling Class
I prophesy an agreeable ecstasy in
perceiving the unparalleled embarrass
ment of a harassed postilion while
gauging the symmetry of a potato
peeled by a sibyl Dictate this sen
tence and find how many of your
friends will bQ able to spell it aright
Make the Best of Everything
The secret of a cheerful life lies la
making die best of things and putting
fret and worry behind you

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