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r I 5
jr t 1 i 1 WtIISPERINGby a SMITti
t PAJG19 u
Murray Sinclair and his gang of wreck
era were called out to clear the railroad
flF tracks at Smoky Creek McCloud a
young road superintendent caught Sin
clair and his men In the act of looting
> the wrecked train Sinclair pleaded In
e i nocence declaring It only amounted to a
t r mall lIuma treat for the men McCloud
discharged tile whole outfit and ordered
t the wreckage burned McCloud became
acquainted with Dlckale Dunning a girl
iacquaInted who coma to look at the
t I President Bucks of the railroad of Mc
Cloud brave of
Y light against a gang
I 11 I crazed miners and that Wit the reaspn
tor the superintendents appointment to
i RIs high omce McCloud arranged to
board at the boarding house of Mrs Sin
I I Dlckale Dunning was the daughter of the
I late Richard Dunning who had died of A
I broken heart shortly after his wifes
I demise which occurred after one year of
lle Sinclairevielted
married life Sinclair visited Marl Sin
clair shop and a fight between him and
McCloud was narrowly averted Smoky
t SmokyCreek
lcCloud prepared to face the altuaUon
President Bucks notified Smith that he
had work ahead McCloud worked for
days and finally got the division running
In fairly good order lie overheard Dick
pie criticising his methods to Marlon
+ Sweeping Orders
The burning of Smoky Creole bridge
was hardly off the minds of the moun
lain men when a disaster of a differ
ent sort befell the division In the
Rat valley east of Sleepy Cat the main
line springs between two ranges of
1 hula with a dip and a long supported
grade In each direction At the point
which a spur runs to a granite quarry
1 the track for two miles is straight
and the swilch target and lights are
I Been easily from eIther direction save
at one particular moment of the day
II moment which is In the valley
I Down this grade a few weeks after
J the Smoky Creek fire came a double I
headed stock train from the Short
t Line with 40 cars of steers The I
twitch stood open this much was
afterward abundantly proved The
train came down the grade very fast
to gain speed for the hill ahead of It
The head engtneman too late saw the
open target Ha applied the emergency
I tied the alarm The mightiest efforts
of a dozen engines would have beon
I powerless to check the heavy train
i On the quarry track stood three flat
cars loaded with granite blocks for the
1abutment of the new Smoky Creek
l bridge On a sanded track rolling at
10 miles an hour and screaming in the
Butches of the burning brakes the
fceavy engines struck the switch like
I n avalanche reared upon the granite
laden flats and with 40 loads of cattle
plunged Into the canyon below not a
Jtr remained on the rails Tho head
brakeman riding in the second cab
4was Instantly killed and the engine
The whole operating department of
tho road was stirred What mode the I
affair more dreadful was that it had i
occurred on the time of Number Six
a the eastbound passenger train held
that morning at Sleepy Cat blan en
gins failure Glover came to look Into
tho matter The testimony of all
tended to one conclusion that the
quarry switch had been thrown at
some time between 430 and 5 oclock
that morning Inferences were many
Tramps during the early summer had
been unusually troublesome and many
of them had been rigorously handled
by trainmen robbery might have been
n moUvo as the express cars on train
t Number Six carried heavy specie ship
ments from tho coast
A third and more exciting event soon
put the quarry wreck into the back
I ground Tea days afterward an east
bound passenger train was flagged in
ii i tho night at Sugar Duties 12 miles
1tho of Sleepy Cat When the heavy
train slowed up two men boarded the
1engine and with pistols compelled the
f engincmqn to cut off the express cars
and pull them to the watertank a
I mile east vf the station Three men
I there in waiting forced th express
car blow open the safe and the gung
rode away halt an hour later loaded
with gold coin and currency
1 Had a stick of dynamite been ex
ploded under the Wickiup there could
t not have been more excrement at
Medicine Bend Within three hours
after the news reached the town a
posso under Sheriff Van Horn with a
e car load of horseflesh and 14 guns
+ was started for Sugar Duties The
1 t troll led north and the pursuers lode
t Dutch flat and rode single file into a
wooded canyon whore they dome
upon traces of a campfire Van Horn
i leading jumped from bin horse and
thrust his hand into the ashes they
wero still warm and ho shouted to his
men to ride UD As he called out a
HQecracked from the boxelder trees
ahead of him The sheriff fell shot
through the head and a deputy spring
ing from his saddlo to pick him up was
shot in precisely tho same way the
posse thrown Into a panic did not
fire a slnglo shot and for an hour
darod not ride back for tho bodies
After dark they got the two dead men
j and at midnight rode with them Into
Sleepy Cat
When the news reached McCIond be
1was talking with Bucks over the wires
t In tad got Into headquarters at
r j l
1 F J
J l
thQ river late that night and was get
ting details from McCloud of the Sugar
Duties robbery when tho superinten
dent sent him tho news of tho killing
of Van Horn and the deputy In the
answer that Bucks sent came a name
new to the wires of tho mountain di
vision and rarely seen oven In special
correspondence but HughIe Morrison
who took the message never forgot
that name Hughie hared the mes
sage to 3IcCloudand stood by while
the superintendent read
Whispering Smith Is due In Cheyenne
tomorrow Meet him at the Wickiup
Sunday morning ho has full authority
I have told him to get these fellows it It
takes all the money In the treasury and
not to atop till he cleans them out of the
Rocky Mountains J 8 B
At the Three Horse
Clean them out of the Rocky moun
alas that Is a pretty good contract I
mused the man In McClouds office on
Sunday morning lie sal opposite Mc
Cloud In Bucks old easy chair and
held in his hand Bucks telegram As
ho spoko ho raised his eyebrows and
settled back but the unusual deplh of
the chair and the shortness of his legs
left his chin helpless in his black tie
sothat he was really no better off ex
cept that he had changed ono position
of discomfort for another
A clerk opened the outer office door
Mr Dancing asks If ho can see you
Mr McCloud
Tell him I am busy
Dill Dancing closo on the clerks
heels spoke for himself I know it
Mr McCloud I know ill ho Inter
posed urgently but let me speak to
you Just a moment Hat in hand Dill
because no opo would knock him down
to keep him out pushed Into the room
Ive got a plan he urged In re
gards to getting these holdups
How are you Bill 1 exclaimed the
man In the easy chair Jumping hastily
to his feet and shaking Dancings
hand Then quite as hastily ho sat
down crossed his knees violently
stared at the giant lineman and ex
claimed Lets have it
Dancing looked at him In silence
and with some contempt Tho train
master had broken in on tho superin
tendent for a element and the two
were conferring in an undertone
What might your name be mister
growled Dancing addressing with
some condescension the man In tho
easy chair
The man waved his hand as If It
were immaterial and answered with
a single word Forgotten
Hows that
Forgotten II
Dancing looked from one man to
the other out McCloud appeared pre
occupied and his visilor seemed whol
ly serious I dont want to tako too
much on myself Bill began speak
ing to McCloud
You look as if you could carry a
fairsized load William provided It
bore the right label suggested the
visitor entirely amiable
But nobody has felt worse over
this thing and recent things
Recent things echoed the easy
happening to the division than I
have Now I know theres been trou
blo on the division
I think you are putting it too strong
there Bill but let It pass
I theres been differences misun
I derstandings and differences So I
says to myself maybo something might
be done to get every body together and
bury the differences like this Mur
ray Sinclair Is In town ho feels bad
over this thing like any railroad man
would Hes a mountain man quick
as the quickest with a gun a good
trailer rides like a fien land can
catch a streak of sunshine traveling
on a pass Why not put him at the
head of a party to run em down t
Run em down nodded the
Differences such as be or may bL
Being discussed when he brings
em in dead or alive and not before
Thats what I said to Murray Sinclair
and Murray Sinclair is ready for to
take hold this minute and do what he
can if hes asked I told him plain
I could promise no promises that I
says lays with George McCloud Was
I right was I wrong If I was wrong
right me It I was right say so All
I want Is harmony
The nevman nodded approval
Bully Dill ho exclaimed heartily
Mister protected the lineman
with simple dignity Id Just a little
rather you wouldnt bully me nor Bill
AH In good part Dill as you shall
see all In good part Now before Mr
McCloud gives you his decision I want
to be allowed n word Your Idea looks
good tome At first I may say It
didnt 1 am candid I say it didnt
It looked like setting a dog to catch
his own tail Mind you I dont say
It cant bo done A dog can catch his
own tall they do do it proclaimed
the stranger in a low and emphatic
ing his utterance whoa they suc
coedwho gets anything out of It but
the dog Dill Dancing somewhat
clouded and not deeming It well to bo J
n g
Fogarty Helll He Exclaimed I
drawn Into any damaging admissions
looked around for a cigar and not see I
ing one looked solemnly at the new
Solomon and stroked his beard That I
iu how It looked to me at first con
cluded the orator but I fay now It
looks good to me and as a stranger
I may say I favor It
Dancing tried to look unconcerned
and seemed disposed to be friendly
What might be your lino of bust
Real estate I am from Chicago I
sold everything that was for sale In
Chicago and camo here to stake out
the Spanish Sinks and the Great Salt
lake yes Its drying up and theres
an immense opportunity for claims
along the shore Ive been looking
Into It
Into the claims or Into the lake
asked McCloud
Into both and Mr McCloud I
want to say I favor Mr Dancings
Idea thats all Right wrongs no
man Let Dill see Sinclair and see
what they can figure out And hay
ing spoken the stranger sank back
and tried to look comfortable
Ill talk with you later about It
Dill said McCloud briefly
Meantime Dill see Sinclair and re
port suggested the stranger
Its as good as done announced
Dancing taking up his hat and Mr
McCloud might I have a little advance
for cigars and things
Cigars and ammunlllon of course
See Sykes William see Sykes If the
office is closed go to his bousa and
see what will happen to you added
the visitor In an aside and tell him
to telephone up to Mr McCloid for In
slruclion ho concluded unceremon
Now why do you want to start Dill
on a fool business llko that asked
McCloud as Bill Dancing took long
steps from the room toward the office
df Sykcs the cashier
Ho didnt know me today but ho
will tomorrow said the stranger ro
flectively Gods what Ive seen that
man go through in tho days of the
giants Why George this will keep
the boys talking and they have to do
something Spend the money tho
company is making it too fast any
way they moved 22000 cars one day
last week Personally I ill glad to have
a little fun out flt it will be hell
pure and undefiled long before wo get
through This will bo an easy way
of letting Sinclair know I am here
Bill will report me confidentially to
him as a suspicious personage
To the astonishment of Sykes the
superintendent confirmed over the tol
ephone Dancings statement that ho
was to draw some expense money Bill
asked for J25 Sykes offered him two
and Dill with somo Indignation ac
cepted five He spent all of this in
trying to find Sinclair and on the
strength of his story to time boys bor
rowed five dollars more to prosecute
the search At ten oclock that night
he ran Into Sinclair playing cards In
the big rooms above the Three Horses
The Three Horses still rears Its
hospitable twostory front in Fort
slrett the only one of the Medicine
Bend gambling houses that goes back
to the days of 67 and It Is the toast
of its owners that slnco the key was
thrown away 3fl years ago its o iors
have never been closed night or day
except once for two hours during the
funeral of Dave Hawk Bill Dancing
drew Sinclair from his game and told
him ot the talk with McCloud touch
ing It up with natural enthusiasm The
brldgeman took the news In high
good burner and slapped Dancing on
the hack Did you see him alone
Bill asked Sinclair with Interest
11 <
71 t
Como over bore come along I want
you to meot a good friend Hero liar
vey shake bonds with Bill Dancing
Bill this Is old Harvey Du Sang
meanest man in the mountains to his
enemies and the whitest to his friends
cb Harvey
Harvey seemed uncommunicative
Studying hIs hand ho asked In a sour
way whether it was a Jackpot and
upon being told that it was not pushed
forward some chips and looked sic
pidly up though Harvey was by no
means stupldProud to know you
sir said BIU bending frankly as he I
put out his hand Proud to know any i
friend of Murray Sinclairs What
might be your business
Again Du Sang appeared abstracted
He looked up at Ibo giant lineman
who in spite of his own size and
strength could have crushed him be
tween his fingers and hitched his
chair a little but got no further to
ward an answer and paid no attention
whatever to Dills extended band
Cow business Bill interposed Sin
clair Where Why up near the
park Dill up near tho park Bill Is an
old friend of mine Harvey Shake
bands with George Seagrue Bill and
you know Henry Kargand old Stormy
Gorman well I guess you know him
too exclaimed Sinclair Introducing
tho other players Look hero a min
ute Harvey
Harvey much against his inclina
tion was drawn from the table and re
tired with Sinclair and Dancing to an
empty corner where Dancing told his
story again At the conclusion of It
Haney rather snorted Sinclair
asked questions Was anybody else
there when you saw McCloud Bill
One man answered DIll impres
A stranger to me
A stranger What did he look
Slender man and kind of odd talk
log with a sandy mustache
Hear his name
He told mo his name but Its
skipped mo I declare Hes kind of
darkcomplected like
Stranger eh mused Du Sang
his eyes were wandering over the
Slender man repeated Bill but 1
didnt take much notice of him Said
bo was In the real estate busIness
In the real estate business rAnd
did ho sit Ihoro while you talked this
over with the college guy muttered
Du Sang
Ho Is all right boys and ho said
youd know his name if I could speak
It declared Bill
Look anything like that man stand
ing with his hands In his packets over
there by the wheel asked Da Sang
turning his back carefully on a new
comer as he made the suggestion
Whero = there No Yes hold on
thats the man thero now Hold on
now urged Bill struggling with the
excitement of ten hours and ten dol
lars In one day His name sounded
like Fogarly
As Dancing spoke Sinclairs eyes
rivaled on the nor face at the other
side of the gambling room Fogarty
hem he exclaimed starting Stand
right still Du Sang dont look around
That man is Whispering Smith
It was recalled ono evening not long
ago at the Wickiup that the affair with
Sinclair had all taken place within a
period of two years and that practical
ly all of the actors la tho event had
been together and In friendly relation I
on a Thanksgiving day at the Dunning
ranch not so very long before the trou
ble began DIcUsle Dunning was away
at school at the time and Lance Dun
ning was celebrating with a riding and
shooting feet and a barbecue
The whole country had been invited
Ducks was in the mountains on an in
spection trip and Bill Dancing drove
him with a party of railroad men over
from Medicine Bond The mountain
men tor 150 miles around were out
Geno and Bob Johnson from Orovlllo
and the Peace river had coma with
their friends From Williams Cache
thoro was not only a big delegation
more of one than was really desirable
but It was led by old John Rebstock
himself Whoa the invitation U gen
eral lines cannot bo too closely drawn
Not only was Lance Dunning some
thing of a sport himself but on the
I Long Range It Is part of a stockmans
creed to bo on good terms with his
neighbors At n Thanksgiving day bar
becue not even a mountain sheriff
would ask questions
Among the railroad people wero
George McCloud Anderson tho assis
tant superintendent Farrell Kennedy
chief of the special service and his
righthand man Bob Scott In espe
cial Sinclairs presence at the barbe
cue was recalled Ho had some croniN
with him from among his upcountry
following and was introducing his
now bridge foreman Karg afterward
known as Flat Note and George Sea
grue the Montana cowboy Sinclair
fraternized that day with the Williams
Cache men and It was remarked oven
then that though a railroad man ho ap
peared somewhat outside the railroad I
circle When tho shooting matches
were announced a browneyed railroad
man was asked to enter Ho had been
out of tho mountains for somo tlmo
and was a comparative stranger
in tho gathering but tho Wil
liams Cache men had not for
gotten him Rebitock especially
wanted to see him shoot While much
of tho time out of the mountains on
railroad business be was known to bo
closely In Bucks counsels and as to
the mountains themselves ho was ro
puted to know them better than Bucks
n Glover himself know them This
was Whispering Smith but beyond
a low voiced greeting or an expression
of sucprlso at meeting an old ac
quaintance he avoided talk When
urged to shoot ho resisted all persua
sion and backed up his refusal by
showing a bruise on his trigger finger
Ho declined oven to act as Judgo In
Ibo contest suggesting the sheriff Ed
Banks for that office
McCloud did not meet the host
Lance Dunning that day nor since the
day of the barbecue bad Du Sang or
Sinclair seen Whispering Smith until
tho night Du Sang spotted him near
the wheel in the Throe Horses Du
Sang at onco drew out of his game
and loft tho room Sinclair In the
meantime had undertaken a quarrel
some Interview with Whispering
I supposed you knew I was hero
said Smith to him amiably Ot
course I dont travel In a private car
or carry a billboard on my back but I
havent been hiding
The last time we talked returned
Sinclair measuring words carefully
you wore going to stay out of tho
I should have been glad to Murray
Affairs are in such shape on tug di
vision now that somebody had to
coma I so thoy sent for me
The two men worn sitting d a table
Whispering Smith was cutting and
leisurely mixing a pack of cards
Well so far as Im concerned Im
out of it Sinclair went on after a
pause but however that may be If
youre back hero looking for trouble
theres no reason I guess why you
cant find It
Thats not It Im not hero looking
for trouble Im hero to fix this thing
up What do you want 7
Not a thing
Im willing to do anything fair and
right declared Whispering Smith
raising his voice a little abovo the
hum of tho rooms
Fair and right is an old song
And a good cue to sing in this
country Just now Ill do anything I
can to adjust any grievance Murray
What do you want
Sinclair for a moment wan silent
and his answer made plain his unwlll
ingness to speak at all There never
would havo been a grievance if Id
been treated like a white man Ills
eyes burned sullenly Ive been
treated like a dog
That Is not It
That Is It declared Sinclair sav
agely and theyll find its it
Murray I want to say only this
only this to mako things clear Ducks
feels that hes been treated Worse than
a dofe
Then let him put me back where
I belong
Its a little late for that Murray a
lilllo Into said Smith gently
Shouldnt you rather take good
money and get off the division Mind
you I say good money Murray and
Sinclair answered without the slight
est hesitation Not while that man
McCloud is hor I
g4A iiMi
WhisperIng Smith smiled Ive sol
no authority to kill McCloud
There aro plenty of men Inth
mountains that dont need any
But lets start fair urged Whis
poring Smith softly Ho leaned for
ward with ono finger extended In con
fidence Dont lot us havo any mis
understanding on the start Let Mc
Cloud alone If ho Is killed now Im
speaking fair and open and making
no threats but I know how it wIU
come out there will bo nothing but I
killing hero for six months Wo will
make just that memorandum on Mo
Cloud Now about the main question
Every sensible man in the world wants
I know men that have been coins
a lomf time without what they
Smith flushed nud nodded You
neednt have said that but no matter
Every sensible man wants something
Murray This Is blgcounlry Theres
a Worlds Fair running somewhere all
the Ume In It Why not travel a 114
tie What do you want
I want my Job or I want a flow
superintendent here
Just exactly the two things arid
by heavens tho only two I cant man
age Come onco moro and Ill meet
NoM Sinclair rose to his foot No
damn your money I This Is my
home The high country Is my coun
try its whore my friends are
Its filled with your friends 1 know
that But dont put your trust In your
friends They will stay by you 1
know but onco In a long while there
will bo a false friend Murray one that
will sell you roraembor that
I slay
Whispering Smith looked up in a4
miration I know youre game It
isnt necessary for me to say that to
you But think of the fight you art
going Into against this company You
I can worry them youve dono It But
a bronco might as well try to buck a
locomotive at for ono man or nix or
COO to win out In the way you are play
I will look out for my friends
others Sinclair hitched hIs bolt and
paused but Whispering Smith cutting 4
and running the cards gave no heed
His eyes were fixed on the green cloth
under his fingers Othera repeated
Othorar echoed Whispering Smith
May look out for themselves
Of course ot counsel Wcll If this
IB the end ot It Im sorry
You will bo sorry It you mix in a
quarrel that Is nono of yours
Why Murray I never had a quar
rel with a man in my life
You are pretty smooth but you +
cant drive me out of this country I
Then Keep Away from Herl
know how well youd like to do it
and take notice theroa ono trail you
cant cross even It you stay hero 1
suppose you understand that
Smith felt his heart leap Ho sat In
his chair turning tho pack slowly but
with only ono hand now tho other
hand was free Sinclair eyed him
sldowiso Smith moistened his lips
and when ho replied spoke slowly
Thoro lsy no need of dragging any al
lusion to her Into It For that matter
I told Bucks ho should have sent any
man but me If Im in tho way Sin
clair if my presence hero Is all that
stands in tho way Ill go back and
stay back as before and send any
ono else you lIke or Bucks likes Are
you willing to say that I stand In the
way of a settlement
Sinclair sat down and put his hands
on the table No your matter and
tween you and mo In fair and right
Then keep away from her
Dont toll mo what to do
Thon dont toll me
Im not telling you You will do
as you please so will I I loft hero
because Marlon asked mo to I am
hero now because I have boon sent
ness I have my living to earn and my
me because It would bo of no use

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