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Cop rl litWWt > 7WMU
Devoted to the Interests of the Mountain People
Tho eighteenth annual convention ot
I tho TrlState Christian Endeavor
I Union was held at tho Parish House of
I tho Union church Friday Saturday
I and Sunday October 1 2 and 3rd Tho
Union includes tho mountain sections
10f Kentucky Tennessee and Virginia
and thoro wero present twentyone
I visiting delegates as follows Rav C
F Michel Jonathan L Smith Ralph
Smith Nancy Smith Mary Smith Rol
I Ila Scldmore and Mary Howard from
Harlan Ky Mr and Mrs G II Hick
I man Miss Florence Smith Annlo M
Tltlow and William J Jones from
j Harrogate Cumberland dap Tenn
I Laura K Glllls Maud M Foley Wll
llamsburg Ky Mrs L W King and
Edna King Corbin Ky Olive Dunn
Ing Smith Ky M L Hayes Mlddles
boro Ky Mrs L F Dowman Livings
ton Ky and Rev Messier Marla
Zwemer Hannah G Hoekjo and
t Jennio D Nyland McKee Ky
The program was full of Interest
I ing features including tho earnest da
votlonal meetings the strong con
vention sermon the practical papers
and discussions on subjects connect
ed with tho work of the Union the
interesting steroptlcon lecturo and
novel feature of the convention was
j the excursion to Robes Mountain
whero in a place raro in natural beau
ty and rich in hlstorlal associations
I connected with tho discovery and
early settlement of Kentucky tho an
nual business meeting was held
I Tho reports from tho various asso
ciations showed that tho year bad
I been one of progress but revealed the
i need of greater activity and closer
organisation Tho general note of
tho convention which was pronounced
ono of the very best In tho history
of the Union was extension of the
1 work A plan was adopted which pro
I vides for each county in the
I Union a superintendent whoso duty
it shall be to stimulate the existing
I societies to greater activity to revive
the dead societies to establish new
hones and to extend tho work until
I the Union includes all the mountain
I counties of Kentucky Tennessee and
Tho work of the association is one
for tho welfare of tho mountains and
Its prospects are bright Tho Endeavor
Society is well fitted to tho needs of
i tho young people and meets a want
that nothing can fill so well
Tho following officers wero elected
for tho ensuing year President Rev
jC T Michel of Harlan VicePros
Secretary and Treasure Miss Olive
Dunning of Smith Ky tho place
selected for tho next convention was
Smith Ky and It is believed that
j tho convention will bo a largo one
A largo crowd was present to wit
ness the laying of tho corner stone
of tho Methodist Episcopal church
which occurred hero last Wednesday
afternoon at 230 oclock In tho
forenoon at 10 oclock tho Rev Mr
Stratton delivered a very interesting
and forceful discourse to tho large
assembly of people who had gather
ed for tile occasion After this all
partook of the old fashioned basket
dinner of good things whlcjj only
Kentucky women know how to pre
Those taking part were tho Rev
Messrs Stratton of Barhoursvillo
Carrier of Science Hill and Prof
Faulkner of Berea More than 300 I
was raised at the morning service I
They expect to erect a four thousand
dollar brick structure on tho lot for
which they paid 3000
Meetings which have been In pro
gross at the Baptist Church for tho
past three weeks closed Sunday night
All who attended those meetings are
witness to the fact that Mr W H
Sledgo of Louisville did the preaching I
with groat power and efficiency and
tho results wore beyond our most san
guine expectations Fiftytwo Joined i
tho fellowship of tho church Thirty I
wero Baptized by tho pastor in Sllvor 1
Creek Sunday afternoon The church
feels greatly revived and strengthened
R L Brandenburg Pastor I
Much interest Is being shown in j
tho series of meetings being conduct
ed by tho Rev Howard Hudson at
Narrow Gap As a result ot the able
presentation of the Truth twelve I
persons have made a start In the Chris
tian life and as many have been reclaimed
claimed Tho meetings will continue
for a few nights longer as tho Inter I
est is increasing and many people are
being converted
Sunday evening eight persons came
forward and avowed their detormina
JjW JIIOno of tho three rights guaranteed to the American people
by the Bill of Rights is freedom of the press because the founders of
our government believed tho free press the best defense against any
tyranical or corrupt government but what good does a free press do
the men who never read a newspaperA
The cool and delightful days of Pat remind us that there are
colder and far from delightful days to cone and that they will not
bo long ou the way When they come it will be a serious thing to
be In a house where drafts are allowed And yet these conditions
are found in many of the houses in which little children are gathered
for an education Children in such places must either risk their
Jives in going to school or go without the education without which
they cannot hope for success in life It means great harm either
way and it is a harm that is entirely avoidable Any two men in a
community could by a couple of days work put the school house into
such shape that it will be warm and safe A dozen could do it in a
few hours The fathers of all the children who ought to attend
could have a ceremony like a barn raising with the women folks
supplying the extra fine basket dinner and make a lark anda
pleasure out of the work and at the same time be doing n tremen
dous good for their own children and all the other little ones Why
not try it at your school house Mr Trustee or Miss Teacher And
by the way is there wood enough to last till school closes No child
can do work if it is cold
A few weeks ago we discussed in these columns the nature of
patriotism and we have been asked to make practicalapplications of
the principles of that great virtue to a few of the problems of
government and civic life which are constantly coming up It
seems almost needless to do so for every thoughtful man knows all
that we can nay on the subject and yet we are all likely to forget
what we know or to become i blinded by the little things in life so as
to overlook what is more important And we have decided therefore
that it way be somewhat worth whilen simply to go over the under
lying principles which should govern a good citizen in his attitude
toward certain public questions
In the previous article we saw that the rule of patriotism is
this My countrys good first every other consideration afterwards
Any man who allows any other consideration to guide him iu
deciding a public question is not a patriot whatever else may be
said of him
Let us then apply this principle to that one of the public
question which conies nearest to all of usthe obeying of the law
No one of us will agree that all the laws on tho statute books are
wise andwe can all observe that such as tley are they are
administered unequally that some men escape where others suffer
for the name crime that political pull and personal friendship
hamper the administration of justice that rich and poor fare un
equally In such circumstances there is a strong temptation for a
man to disregard tho law He will argue that others broke it with
impunity or that ho does not believe the law is right anyway or
that there is no more reason to respect a man on the judicial bench
than any other man off the bench or ho may give any one of a dozen
other more or less good reasons for doing what he wants toin
violation of the law of the land Aud yet he will talkan awful lot
about his patriotism sometimes Let us see where the interests of
the country lie
The interests of the country are of course the intends of the
majority of the people of the country If this were not a country
where all men are free and equal it might be that the interests
of some few men of riches or high family or good education or
white color or some other thing could be considered the interest of
the country but here the thing to look at is the best good of the
majority of all the people Now it is well known that the comfort
and safety and prosperty and every other interest of all the people
depend on the observance of the laws in general whether or not oue
particular law may be fur or against those interests
Every one will agree that most of the laws ought to be enforced
and most of us will agree that they all ought to be enforced against
every one else We say the fact is that every breaking of any one of
the laws no matter whether that law is good or bad makes it harder
to enforce all the others I even the good ones When a court once
winks at one violation it will be easier for it to wink nt others more
serious When a juror returns a verdict against the law it injures
all laws Every violation and every perversion of justice makes it
harder to enforce the whole law and no makes a poorer government
and less security for all the peoplethat is for tho country
Every time a man breaks the law he is injuring his country and
no man who knowingly breaks any law of a good government is a
patriot Now this is a free country and no man is forced to be a patriot
He can be any kind of a skunk he wants to as a matter of fact but
we all know that no man can be a patriot and a violator of the laws
at the same time no matter how loud ho yells for the flag
tlon to begin the Christian Ute while
four united with tho church Not only
the Narrow Gap church but also tho
Pilot Knob church will be greatly
The traveling public are surprised at
such luxury for 200 per day
The Citizen wishes to pat Itself on
the back a little on its enterprise In
getting tho news of tho Berea Repub
lican Convention into print in time
for tho early distribution of mall last
Thursday We may say that a few
people have patted us on the back
about it too But some of the gentle
men with an Ingrowing grouch have
stated that wo must have had the
papers prlnto1 before the mooting
was held That shows how little they
know about bustling Not a word of
the article that appeared had been
written much less set up till during
the Republican convention As fast as
tho action of tho convention became
known tho article was written and
after adjournment it was brought
of the waiting typesetter hurried on
to tho press and tho papers were run
off It was all over before ten oclock
and the papers were mailed before the
post office opened in the morning It
was quite a little trouble and some
I expense but The Citizen always tries
to serve its readers In every possible
j way
Ever eat fried or baked chicken at the
Boone Tavern Yuml yuml
I Next week will begin tho fine series
ot articles by Francis O Clark on the
need of intensive cultivation in the
mountains and the methods by which
it can best bo brought about These
articles aro intended to give to read
ers of The Citizen many of tho ad
vantages which could bo derived only
by attending an agricultural college
They may not bo quite as good as go
log to school but they are next best
Every farmer who wants to keep up
with tho times and get as much as
possible for his hard work will want
to read these articles carefully for
every one of them will havo sugges
tions that aro worth good hard money
to any mountain farmer We all know
that our hills are being worn out and
that soon wo will have to ralso en
ough to support ourselves on our
bottom lands Mr Clark will tell
us how it can be done for it can
be done Watch for the first article
next week
I Another Western Letter by Proto
Dodge next week too These will soon
i end as the professor Is returning and
I you want to read every one carefully
Frankfort Oct 3 Governor Willson
said today that If any man who kills
a night rider wants an executive par
don for that act ho can have It It
Isflbelleved hero that the attitude of
the Governor on tho tobacco pool may
causo a failure of that project
Ho said
You will remember that I have
mado public addresses to our people
asking them to defend their homes
and assured them that if they did
defend their homers and were careful
not to make a mistake and kill any
Innocent person but simply necessary
defense of their lives liberty and pro
perty they would not need any lawyer
I have never withdrawn that procla
mation for It Is my most serious
character and It Is my set purpose to
keep tho faith under the proclamation
If mens Interest in n business plan
to form a combination to raise tho
prlco on their crops which Is entirely
proper and wise if lawfully carried
on is so great that they will form a
pool that falls into lawlessness why
should not selfrespecting free Kcntuc
klans form a liberty or freedom pool
a thousand times more serious and
earnest than any pool for money pro
fit and why should they not tight
for their liberties when tho law Is be
hind them and the Stato government
Is with them
Governor Willson leaves for Boston
tomorrow He will not be at home to
seo the effect of his statement but
ho advises that bloodshed Is likely to
bo revived that will rival the oH and I
hlstorlal days gone by
A pleasant surprise The warm bath
that goes with a stop over at the Boone
Frankfort Oct 5Governor Wlll
son announces the appointment of a
committee of ten leading citizens of
the State to prepare a legislative re
dlstrlctlon bill which bo will recom
mend to tho next Legislature The
following are the men appointed
A P Humphrey Democrat chair
man Louisville
Andrew Cowan Republican Louis
O H Waddle Republican Somerset
T L Edelen Republican Frankfort
John R Allen Democrat Lexing
John F Hager Democrat Ash
L F Crawford Republican New
John T Shelby Republican Lex
Jere Sullivan Democrat Richmond
0 U McElroy Democrat Bowling
He alsq asks tho committee to
look into tho matter of redistricting
the Judicial Appellate and Congressi
onal districts It they have time He
says the sting of Inequality and in
justice in tho present districts hurts
thj Stato and the feelings of all good
Flowery beds of ease forgotten care
the salesmans anticipation Boone Tav
ern mattresses
An especially fine grade of weather
was ordered for Mountain Day this
year and was delivered In good shape
More than three hundred students and
teachers made the trip on hay wagons
or on foot to tho top of Robes Moun
elain or more properly Indian Fort
I At noon all enjoyed lunch from
their own baskets or the abundant
supply of good things provided
by Miss Cameron After thoroughly
doing tho interesting places about
tho point parties wero organized to
take in tho East and West Pinnacles
shako 230 and again at 400 tired dus
I ty happy parties started from tho top
of the Narrow Gap hill for home all
i seeming to have spent a pleasant day
j Tho college has long stretches of
walks between the different buildings
on the campus and it has been hoped
that these could be made of concrete
Under tho present special burdens of
the Institution however tho concrete
I walks within the College campus
have to bo given up and the
board walks and gravel walks will
vDo repaired and renewed The same
thing Is true of the Campus fences
i These ought to be of a permanent
character and such as to gIve a sense
of seclusion protecting the Ladles
Hall yard Library etc from the noise
of heavy traffic on the rldgoway aven
I ue from Boone Tavern toward the
station But this also is given up
and very simple wire fences will bo
built where the old board fences have
I given way
Knowledge Is powerand the f
way to keep up wIth modern
knowledge Is to read a goods
I 1Vol XI Five cents a copy BEREA MADISON COUNTY KENTUCKY OCTOBER 7 1909 One Dollar a year No 5i I
Wright Makes Fine Now Record For
HeIghtTaft on Western Trip
Armed Man NearRecord Break
Wright tho American aviator broko
all records for high flying at Postdam
recently Ho rose 1GOO feet from the
earth altbo no official measurement
was taken On tho samo day ho took
up Crown Prlnco Frederick William
as a passenger
pent what be declared to be one of
tho most pleasant days of his West
I ern Trip In Portland today Tho pro
j gram was arranged with special to
ference to tho Presidents comfort
A and yet so as to give all tho people
1a chanco to nee him There was one
untoward Incidentthe arrest of a
man who carried a camera In his
efforts to get into tho front rank of
the spectators just as the President
was leaving his carriage A revolver
and extra supply of ammunition was
found upon him Tho man told a
straightforward story but was hold
for further investigation
News comes from Paris that recent
Inquiries show that El Roghi the
pretender to tho throne of Morocco
who wan executed at Fez in tho mid
dle of Sept was put to death by
Sultan Mulal Hofld himself under
circumstance of revolting cruelty Ac
cording to a correspondent tho mon
arch assisted to drag him into
a cage of lions and after the lions
had left him alone emptied a
can of lamp oil over him and set him
on tire
GOING SOMEJohnny Webb a
boy of PltUburg has got most kids
beaten in the matter of size Ho Is
three years old and weighs 120 pound
Ho is a normal boy in other respects
and has excellent health Measles is
tho only thing that ever got him
down When in the street car he
cornea very near occupying seats for
two and often his mother has to ar
gue with tho conductors to convince
them that ho is not eligible to pay
full faro
MAND Attorney General Wicker
sham has given out an opinion in
which ho Bays tho secretary of tho
Navy has the authority to assign a
medical officer not below the grade
of Surgeon to tho command of a
naval hospital ship This opinion of
tho Attorney General camo In rcspons
to A request from the Secretary of
tho Navy mado In view of tho expect
ed commission of tho now hospital
ship Solace which will soon bo placed
In commission Mr Wlckershama
opinion will preclude tho possibility of
a revival of tho controversy witness
ed two years ago when Pres Roose
velt assigned a medical officer to
command a hospital ship against the
wishes of the lino ot tho navy
I Willson wife ot tho Governor of Ken
tacky slipped on a rug In tho execu
tive mansion and severely bruised
her well arm and sprained tho lame
ttarm oho has had since last spring
J When she was thrown from a carriage
Mrs Wlllaon hoc never fully recover
ed from th6 injury to her wrist but
tho accident is not as serious ai tho
first one
Harlow a prominent citizen of Worth
vlllo and connected with tho U S
Revenue service was shot and proba
bly fatally wounded by two negro
tramps Tho negroes applied for lodg
ing and being refused made a demon
stration when Harlow to frighten
Continued on Fourth Page
HERES a lot of money
here and in this vicinity
Possessors of that money
Murders His Wife Burley Pool De
clared On Time ExtendedSeek
Home In JailsBig Hunter Deal
1 Mrs Wlllson Injured
Buck GuInn age 44 murdered his
wife Frances Goodwin Guinn aged
24 and then turned the revolver up
on himself with probably fatal effect 4
in a blind alloy between 17th and 18th 1
streets In Louisville Tho woman died
Instantly The man was taken to tho I
city hospital and it is said ho cannot
recover Jealousy was given as tho
I Roberts committed suicide at Williams
i Landing by shooting his brains out
I with a revolver A few days ago he
engaged in a shooting affray with
I George Roberts wounding him and
killing John McKee a bystander He
left a note saying he bad brooded
over the trouble until he had decided
to end his own life Geo Roberta Is
at the Somerset Sanitarium
ing of the district board of the Bur
ley Society held In Lexington last
Thursday reports were received from
all parts of the district relative to
the amount of tobacco pooled and the
board decided that the pool should
stand In a statement issued at the
close of the meeting Pres Lebus said
There aro 101238 acres pooled and I
94813 unpooled Tho Society thinks
it best to declare the pool on and to
continue pooling until Oct 20th Over
50000 acres have been pooled in the 1
few weeks
RIBBON The 29th annual conven
tion of the Kentucky Womans ChrisI
tian Temperanco Union opened In II
Lexlngon Friday night with an at
tendance that filled the largo audi
torium of tho Central Christian
Church Mr R E Brooks director of
the Transylvania Orchestra led the
singing In an Inspiring manner Mrs
Frances E Beauchamp Stato Presi
dent was In tho chair and led the deI
votional service
Gov Wlllson has so many Import
ant things to communicate to the
next Legislature that ho will probably
make an early start on his message
and will spend most of his spare time
this fall on the document The Gov
ernor has been accumulating data
and memoranda for the last two years
to be used in connection with his re
I commendations to tho Legislature
According to Deputy Jailer John Mon
roe of tho Jefferson County Jail tho
chilling winds of winter send many
men to his hotel There is a certain
class of persons which cant keep out
of jail unless you lock the gates on
the Inside said Mr Monroe The Jail
ers books show that during the win
ter months there are about 100 more
prisoners than at other times The
1 tonic effects of regular house un
troubled sleep and reasonable exer
I else makes the Jail a goodly habitat
to many
James and Treasurer Farley have
made arrangements to send out next
week the checks for payment of the
I salaries of county teachers amount
Ing to 400000 This will be tho first
installment of school money for tho
1 present school year and the teachers
IIpresent glad to learn there will bo
no delay In receiving their salaries
AH this amount is not now in tho
treasury but tho Sheriffs aro paying
I up promptly and the money will bo
I on hand Ono thing that handicaps
I the admlnlstralon Is that tax payers
I have found out that tho ponalty goes
on a month later than it did two
years ago and aro taking advantage
of tho fact thus making it hard for
tho Sheriffs to bring In enough mon
ey to meet the first payment of tho
I school money
sen who late Wednesday shot and
killed Jno W Montgomery of Glasgow I
Republican candidate for the legisla
ture and one of tho most
prominent men in this section of the
State maintains an air ot silence la
tho jail there Tho families of both
men attribute tho tradgedy to insanl
ity the men having been lifelong
PERTY Mllargros mining property
In the state of Zacotecos Mexico one
of tho oldest properties in the re
public has been purchased by the
Mllagros mines Company for 500
000 It was announced recently that
the property comprises 114 acres
of land bearing sliver and lead God
frey Hunter formerly a member of
I Continued on fourth Page
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