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Teachers Department
Prof Co D Lewis and Prof E C Seale Editors
TalkWith Teachers No4
By Prof Co D Lewis
v Instead of writing the paper In re
gard to reading this week I wish to
ask two Questions
For tho best answer received from i
persons now teaching In the public
schools I will send free of charge
four colored pictures of birds mount
ed ready for hanging In tho school
rccm II
1 What lessons In McGuffa Fourth
Reader are suited for use as supple
meritary reading to be used In connec
tion with qeography Give title of
lesson and page upon which It Is found
Also with what lessons in Geography
should each ba Introduced I
2 What lessons in the same book
are suited for supplementary work
with History Give the same points
that are asked for In the first ques
No5The Shasta Route
Mt Shasta Is not In sight from the
train for all the 772 miles from Port
land Oregon to San Francisco But
when a mountain clad In snow all
summer on half Its surface for sever
al thousand feet from its summit is
plainly seen for two hundred miles
of our journey and would be In
view for a hundred miles more were
it not for intervening forests hills
etc it is not strange that In railroad
literature and in popular phrases it
should give name to the entire route
And so it this letter could bo a long
one Instead of the hasty epistle
which I pencil as we are hurried on
the way to Yoscmlte Park I might
well omit reference to our lovely ride
of tho 8th Inst up the Columbia Riv
er to the Dalles and return and all
that we yet have seen of San Fran
cisco to pay tribute to the giant
peak of Northern California 14440
feet in height
For the first threefifths of the
trip wo ascend the Willamette River
and wer on the waters of Rogue I
and Klamath Rivers Tho first en i
ters the Columbia twelve miles be
low Portland tho other two flow
1 direct to tho Pacific The last two i
fifths of the way is down the Sacra I
mento from where near Mt Shasta
it is but a noisy little stream cramp
ed by the rugged rocks on either i
side to whero It spreads its placid I
waters over a wldo area and in
time of freshets would Inundate the i
country for miles around were It not
for the dykes or embankments which
have been built along its sides Some
twenty miles from San Francisco it
unites with the San Joaquin to form
San Pablo Day an arm of the great
Bay ot San Francisco Except near I
the headwatern of the several rivers
the road lies in the midst of spacious
valleys We were surprised at the
number of large and busy towns as
well as the wealth of Improved fields
and productive orchards In one body
were many thousands of thrifty pear
1 that hundreds
trees so heavily laden
of them would have been crushed by
mammoth fruit if
their burden of
strong supports had not been placed
under the branches I
Nearly all the way the Coast Rangq
was between us and the Pacific Ocean
I is
varying distances
On the oast at
mountain system
the more lofty
through Washington and Oregon takes
Cascade Mountains but
the name of
through the vast region which we ac
quired from Mexico bears the Spanish
name of Sierra Nevada It may be
i well to remark here that to the I
4east of this range between It and I
tho Rocky Mountains proper is a
much wider stretch of country much
level constituting the
of it fairly
barren wastes of Idaho Utah Neva
da and Arlzonla Much of this even j
is capable of being made extremely
productive wherever there are rivers
or lakes so situated as to favor carry
ing out the great plan of irrigation
which now largely engage the atten
tion of the General Government of
the respective states and some private
corporations Many thousand acres
arc already reclaimed But we will
return to the route just traveled In
tho Cascade Mountains St Helena
Rcmler and Hood divide the honors
In the Sierra Nevada Mt Shasta
reigns supremo It might be called the
lighthouse of northern California it
it be proper to apply that term too
the stupendous pile of solid rock whose
snowy crest forever glistens whenever
the rays of the sun fall upon It The
This contest will close Monday even
ing Oct 18 and the best answers will
appear in The Citizen for the week
Send all answers to Chas D Lewis
Berea Ky
Following Is our problem for the
week All subscribers may send In
their solution and the best will be
printed three weeks from this Issue
Also the names of all sending In cor
rect solutions will be printed Try
your hand It Is not so easy as it
A flag pole 80 feet long standing
erect was broken so that the top
struck the ground 20 feet from the
base What was the length of each
E C Seale
I sailors In tlmo of storm at sea could
hardly look more eagerly for the
lighthouse upon the shore than did
we for a last view of the cummlt of
I that vast pile which had riveted our
admiring gaze almost continually for
more than ten hours We made two
sessions of thin rare entertainment
by stopping over night at a way
station so that the darkness might
i not rob us of any part of this notable
experience Either Mt Body not many
miles to the westward of Shasta or
Mt Lassen perhaps 60 miles to the
south both snow crowned would have
been objects of absorbing interest had
not the MONARCH also been in view
But there he stands three thousand
feet higher than either of the others
for untold ages undisputed in his
Sept 13 1909
LeVant Dodge
Continued from First Pgt
them fired over their heads Tho ne
groes returned the fire and Harlow
I fell mortally wounded
convicted of misappropriation of funds
I of the Chicago National Dank must
I serve a sentence of five years Impri
sonment The U S Circuit court bay
ing affirmed the decision of the
lower court
Llllard who has been the proprietor
of a drug store in Danville for years
was fined 3300 in the police court
there on 45 warrants charging him
with the Illegal sale of liquor Col
Llllard was allowed to pay 300 as
full satisfaction of the fine under con
dition that ha close his store perman
ently He was one of the four Demo
crats who made Bradleys election to
tho U S Senate possible
After traveling for twentyfive hours
thru Oregon and nothern California
Pres Taft arlved at Sacramento Cal
Monday night The Pres was met
at the station by another large crowd
He proceeded to San Francisco the
next morning
Pres Frost was one of the guests of
honor at the inauguration of Abbott
Lawrence Lowell as president of Har
vard University on Oct 6 The full
program extended thru Oct C 6 7
and the traditional forms and cerem
onies were followed There was pre
sent a large audience of distinguished
scholars educators and represen
tatives of higher learning This was
the first inauguration at Harvard since
Pres Eliott assumed charge forty
years ago on Oct 19 1869
Continued from Pint eei
Congress from Kentucky and once
minister to Guatemala In president
of the purchasing company
HEALTH Judge ORear handed
down an opinion upholding the con
tention of the State Board of Health
in the tuberculosis test case In the
Injunction suit of John Withers
against Dr J M Matthews to prevent
the state board of health from con
doming to death cows suspected of
having tuberculosis In his opinion
Judge ORear says In the nature of
tho case it would be as Impractical to
first try out the question In court
whether the plantiffa cows aro dis
eased as to call on the jury to say
whether a general conflagration In a
city makes it necessary to destroy in
tervening houses to save the remain
der Better kill tho cows than tho chI
For all country produce We want clean eggs
and old hens especially
A Wedding That
Could Never Be
By Helen Atherton
IThe announcement had been in the
morning paper but she had had a
long and busy day with shopping
calls and afternoon parties And so
I the little paragraph had escaped her
notice Now as she came down Into
tho drawing room to await her moth
er preparatory to starting for a ball
she idly took up the paper
It stared her in tho face She read
It and smiled to herself It seemed
something that sho had often read be
fore and then she reread It
and knew it was Impossible
and knew that It was true
A marriage had been arranged
She had often seen It In her
I dreams tho wellknown name the
regiment the son of but tho
I girls name that had never appeared
In the dream fancies no one
I she had ever heard of before
I Was she still living or had she
I gone out of the world this very
I strange world altogether Could peo
I pie and things be turning In tho same
brilliant social kaleidoscope when this
the unexpectedhad happened
Could such things be
And then the girl smiled at herself
again smiled as her mother came
Into the room pleasant dignified be
jeweled looking with complacent
eyes at tho daughter who had never
failed to do her credit The bells of
tho waiting electric brougham sound
ed below and the girl still smiled
smiled all that evening as she danced
to the echo of five words beating I
time in her heart and brain while
she listened to the comments on the
engagement and met with splendid
composure the inquisitive eyes that
asked questions and received no an
swer from a bravely smiling young
face that told them nothing Yes the
world was still going on merrily I
even though a marriage had
been arranged
And now she must write to him It
was four months since she had sent
him a timid little note at Christmas a
letter which to tho eyes that could
read It contained another letter writ
ten between the conventional lines It
had been answered in the same
they had not met since and now
was writing to congratulate him
Dear this isnt true TheI
may say so that you are going to
marry some one else a girl called
Daisy whom I have never heard of
but until you tell me so yourself I
wont believe It Oh I know Its In
the papers but they dont count do
they You and I know
You havent quite forgotten last
July 7 I dont think you have any
more than I have myself up In Scot
land that day In the glen you and I
We had always been such
friends coming down over the
stepping stones how wet and slippery
they werelI knew you for some
thing more Oh didnt you guess I
felt yes I felt that you cared and
you never said a word Is It my
money my hateful money that stands
between us Surely God never meant
a girl to have the millions that I shall
have and you know It all her own
Was that the barrier It cant bo
that you didnt dont care I shall i
never believe that until you tell mo
so yourself not through the
Do those three weeks all count for
nothing Three weeks nearly a year
ago Months in which I have lived
and suffered and waited for this
Months out of my life which I give to
you Jack and then you hurl
this at me Wouldnt It have been
kinder not to let me think I
expect that It was my fault Well I
can only wish you luck qulto the best
of luck oven with some one else
Goodby Jack write and tell mo If
you can that It isnt true
But this was the letter she sent
Dear Capt Atherton I am writing
to wish you all good luck Dont both
er to answer this as I am suro you
are bored to death with congratula
tions Yours sincerely
Little girl little princess what are
you thinking of me I wonder if you
are thinking at alit You havo seen
the announcement in the papers and
your gray eyes will stare at It and
you wilt smile that brave little smile
of yours I know so well and probably
go off and dance at somebodys ball
and forget all about it Not
tonight I think MarJorie will you
And all the time you are asking
yourself what does it all askingI
I ask myself that question
too did you caro or was I
mistaken You did not let me see
I thought so but if I had been suro
Well God knows how hard it is for a
man without a penny to speak to the
daughter of a multimillionaire Ah I
those three weeks that eve
ning In the Glen and those
wet stepping stones I wonder If you
remember or do women for
get I care for Daisy yes honestly
care but deep down In my heart is
burled my lovo for you I dare not
think how easy it would be to resur
rect It I think I must put Resur
gam over it Forgive me little girl
If there Is anything to forgive
and good by JACK
But this was the Utter he sent
Dear Miss Mannering Thank you
so much for your charming letter It
is so nice to get ones friends good
wishes and perhaps I appreciate
them more than you think Yours
Doubt Enters In
All men are unqualifiedly selfish
asserted the unengaged girl who de
lighted In epigrams I really cant
see how you engaged girls manage
to be content when you realize how
selfcentered and ungrateful men
Wo are doing pretty well thank
you said the girl who wore a new
solitaire somewhat flippantly
As soon as a man has a thing
went on the unengaged girl he
ceases to care for It I read a story
today about a man who was so bored
during his honeymoon though ho had
married the girl ho bad always loved
that he developed chronic melan
Well ho certainly wasnt in love
then broke in tho girl with the new
solitaire I dont see how you can
say such awful things I know Tom
is moro in love with jno every day of
his life Ho II so generous too
Yes chimed In tho girl who was
hemming napkins and Durnoll also
Is most considerate and thoughtful
He Is always thinking of my comfort
and happiness If It Is really the right
girl and the right man I dont believe
there Is such a thing as tiring of see
ing too much of each other I know
Burncll was simply delighted when I
proposed going up to a quiet little lake
for our honeymoon Instead of going
east lie said he would feel that he
had me so much more to himself
Oh girls girls put In the unen
gaged girl with a pitying smile I
suppose I shouldnt dispel your sweet
Illusions but It is truly ridiculous for
you to cling to such foolish ideas and
expectations Tho men of today
marry ib the most practical way and
only after due deliberation The soon
er you reallze
Burnell asked me to marry him
after he had known me only two
months defiantly flashed the girl who
was hemming napklhs There surely
wasnt much deliberation In his case
I really think Helen you are very un
But you can sow beautifully and
cook wonderfully said tho unengaged
girL I remember you telling me
what a lovely little housekeeper Bur
nell thought you
Then how about moT demanded
the girl with the new solitaire tri
umphantly I cant sew a beanbag
and never cooked a thing in my life
Tom knows it too and ho said only
last night that I was the worst llttlo
gadabout he ever saw Really dear
your theories wont hold water
Didnt you know Tom quite awhile
before ho proposed to you queried
the unengaged girl evenly
ellrabout two years fal
tered the girl with the new solitaire
but he wasnt In a position to marry
until recently I am sure Helen
It was due deliberation on his part
dear affirmed the unengaged girl I
only wish I could be as easily satisfied
as you girls are with the sentiment the
average man offers but my finer feel
ings simply revolt r feel now I will
never marry because I cant rest con
tent with being the minor part of some
condescending mans existence Must
you be going so soon7
Wasnt she horrid exclaimed the
girl with tho new solitaire when the
front door closed behind them a few
minutes afterward She Is just as
jealous as she can be Ill tell Tom
every word Then she turned with
flushed cheeks and shining eyes to her
friend But listen dear sho said
almost tragically I wouldnt ac
knowledge It to another soul but the
truth Is that Tom did wait a long time
before he asked me Perhaps Helen
is right
She may be said the other en
gaged girl a scarlet spot showing on
each check Burnell told mo only
last night that It was such a comfort
to him to know he was marrying such
a capable little wife Why its dread
ful to think hes so calculating
Rather early tho next morning the
girl with tho new solitaire dropped
In to see tho other engaged girl
My dear she cried tho minute her
friend entered the room I told Tom
every word that Helen said Ho just
laughed and told mo bo would have
asked me the mlnuto he met me if ho
had anything to marry on
I told Burnell too said the other
engaged girl radiantly He said
Helen was just a disturber of the
peace Ho said he didnt caro if I
couldnt boll water without burning It
as wo should have a maid anyhow
He doesnt want mo to sow at all after
we are married because It might hurt
my eyesCome on cried the girl with the
now solitaire vindictively Lets go
right over to Helens and tell her
what they said
No demurred the other engaged
girl I promised Burnell to keep
away from her as ho said she might
tell me some more nonsense hat I
would believe Chicago Daily News
What He Said to the Editor
A western editor has received the
following letter
Please send me a few copies of the
paper which had the obituary and
verses about tho death of my child a
week or so ago Also publish tho In
closed clipping about my nieces mar
nags And I wish you would mention
In your local columns If It dont cost
anything that I have a couple of bull
calves to sell Send me a couple of
extra copies of the paper this week
As my subscription is out please stop
my paper Times are too hard to
waste money on a newspaper
Cleveland Leader t
Continued from Jut page
place has gone back to his home in I
to CountyJ D Plorcon has been
hullng goods for the Jackson County
Bargain store Miss Florence Pierson
who has been BO low with pneumonia Is
slowly ImprovlngJ E Wilson made
a business trip to Jackson last week
S D Evans has been repairing his
dwelling houseD Smith made a busi
ness trip to Idamay Saturday Wilson
Brewer has been In In Jackson County
buying cattle
Vincent Oct 2The weather is
cool and there has been no rain the
water supply Is getting BcarcoJ B
Scott was at Hcldolburg Monday call
Ing on the merchants who handle
flour and meat SI Mitchell passed
thru here last week pricing meat
and lard to our merchants T B Ven
able was at Buckhorn Perry County
a day or two last week on business
W II Venablo was at Idamay and
Heldelburg last Monday on business
W W Treadway the old soldier
is some bolter at this writing W Ci
Hamilton our Crane Creek merchant
will soon be ready to serve his cue
tomers W H Venable sold to T D
Venablo a fine three year old mule
last week purchase price being 165 i
Whitley Isaacs a student of Berea
was In our midst a day or two last
weekS M Cecil ono of our oldest
and most honored citizens departed
this life last Monday and was laid
to rest in the family graveyard He
leaves a wife and a number of chil
dren who mourn his loss They have
the heartfelt sympathy of the entire
community Corn crops aro CO per i
cent short throughout this section
The Scrubwomans Lunch
I used to let my scrubwoman got
herself a little lunch said tho city
flat dweller Its the nlco thing to
do I know and I like to do It but I
had to quit In selfdefense Sho took
an hour to got her lunch and eat It
and charged me extra for tho time
she put In
Lets Alcohol In Hospitals
The drink bill at most London has
pitals Is much less than It used to be
At Guys for Instance the sum year
ly expended on alcoholic liquors for
the patients Is at the rate of 9s a
bed In 1862 It was no less than J3
9s London Mall
Husband You must marry again
dearest when I am gone and that will
I be very soon WltoNo Edward
I No one will marry an old woman like
mo You ought to have died ton years
ago for that Penny Pictorial
They may be jest ez good fish In
the sea ez ever wuz kctchcd but no
buddy over appears to be dead sure
I about it IUI
She doesnt
Barea Prices
Cabbage now 2c per lb i 1
Potatoes new 70c por bu
Eggs per doz 23c j
Butter per lb 20c fr
Salt aides He J
Breakfast Bacon 20c t
Premium Bacon 23c r
Country IBc rj 1 jl
Premium 17c 4
Fryers on foot lOc per lb
I liens on foot lOc per lb
Feathers per Ib S6c
I Hay 12 per ton
i Corn SOc per bu
Wheat per bu G0c100
Cracked corn 195 per 100 Ibs
Wheat screening 130 per 100 lbs
Ship stuff 130 por 100 Ibs
Ties No 1 L ft N 8tfx7x9 45c
culls 20c
Live Stock
ILoulST11IO Oct 6 1909
Beef steers and fat heifers 3 15 G 45
Cows 3 10 4 65
Cutters 1 80 316
Canners 70 2 00
Bulls 1 80 4 05
i Feeders 3 30 4 65a
Stockers 2 05 4 65J
Choice milch cows 35 00 42 00
I Common to fair 15 00 35 00
Cattle market very dull
OAJiVES Best 7 00 7 CO
Medium 600 0 00
Common 2 40 6 00
HOGS 165 Ibs and up 7 70
130 to 165 lbs 7 20 7 30
I Pigs C CO 660
SHEEP Best lambs 6 00 G CO
I Butcher lambs 4 X 4 75
Culls 3 00 4 00
Best fat sheep 400 down
HAMS Choice sugar cured light
and special cure ISHc and IGc heavy
to medium 14ic
LARDlure tierces 12C tub ISo
pure leaf tlcrcec 12a firkins 14c
keys 130 geese lie
BUTTER Packing 21c Elgin cream
ery 60 lb tubs 33c prints Sic
EGGS Cose count 2023e
I POULTRY Hens ISc roosters Vc
oprlngcrs 16 to lie ducks Be tur
I keys ISc geese 6c
WHEAT No 2 red 106 No3 1
OATSNew No 3 white 42c No 2
I mixed 40c
CORNNo 2 white 73tfc No 3 mix
ed 73c
RYENo 2 Northern SOc
The Mothers Oats
Free Fireless Cooker is doing her fY P
ork And much better than she
could do it
Suppose she falls asleep When her husband
comes home and wakens her allshe will have to
do is to go to the Fireless Choker and take out
the perfectly cooked and steaming hot dinner
that will be all ready Nothing thats put in the
Mothers Oats Fireless Cooker can burn or boil over
It cooks everything and several things at once
Its especially planned to prepare that ideal food
Mothers Oats
whichare not like others oats A wj not only roIled
to make easy cooking but are crushed to make easy
digestion Easy work for the cook andeasy work for
the stomach
If you arc a user of MOTHERS CEREALS Mothers Oats
Mothers Corn Meal white or yellow Mothers Wheat Hearts the
cream of the wheat Mothers Hominy Grits Mothers Corn Flakes
toasted Mothers Coarse Pearl Hominy Mothers Old Fashioned
Steel Cut Oatmeal Mothers Old
Fashioned Graham Flour you can
Beta Mother Oats Fireless Cooker free with coupons Ask your grocer

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