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COPYRIGHT 190G THL a P M Dori i COt v
Frederick Hardy a fashionable Boston
society man lost his wealth was jilted
by a girl and sent byji friend to take
charge of an American Trading Company
store In Russia On his journey through
Japan he met Stapleton Neville sup
posedly an Englishman They agreed to
go together to Russia Because of BUS
I plclops circumstances they were several
filclols molested by the Japanese Hardy
was arrested and found upon Ms person
I wore papers showing maps of Jap forts
I Hardy was proven guiltless On a train
he met Alsomo 8ano daughter of a Jap
merchant In Nevlllos shoos Jap found
pictures of forts proving him to he a
Russian spy Hardy departed for Rus
sia on a steamer whIch was wrecked
shortly afterward He was rescued by
a Russian steamer On reaching Vladi
vostok he was well treated lIe startedc
I for Siberia meeting Princess Romanovna
c on the train Hardy boarded a vessel for
Amur Hardy showed the princess his
oxpcrtness as a rifle shot The steamer
wan stranded The princess and her
maid were attacked by Chinese Hardy
saved their lives The princess thanked
Hardy for his heroism
An Exchange of Compliment
The method of loshat and lotka was
out of tho question now even for
Gen Catkoff Tho wild bandits of
Manchuria who respect no govern
ment on earth and whoso only patrl
otic sentiment consists In tho fact
that they would rather kill a Russian
than any other foreign devil were
aroused and were thirsting for loot
nod vengeance It would be courting
death to go up that river unless es
corted by a troop of cavalry More
over It was the duty of every man
about tho boat to remain by tho prln
cess side Reinforcements were sure
to arrive in tho shape of muzhiks or
Bouriats who impatient of remaining
oil tho stranded steamer below had
pushed on afoot or by lotka There
was always tho chance too ThereI
squad of Cossack cavalrymen might
come along following tho military
road a lone stretch of which was visf
ible from tho boat between the skirts I
of the forest and tho edge of the I
In addition to Hardy and the gen
eral and the captain thero were on
board five members of the crew
Weapons could be provided for all of
these Tho captain took a hurried In
ventory and found that with economy
thero was enough food to last all
hands five days Jta the first day wore
on an occasional horseman could bo
seen on tho Manchurian side in the
dim foreground of tho forest These
horseman appeared singly at first
then in twos and finally in groups of
three or four They were evidently
Increasing In numbers and collecting
In tho vicinity of tho stranded steam
er Toward evening Smulders and his
Chulla came along The German
had persuaded tho Viennese to em
bark with him In a lotka and they had
made nearly as great progress as tho
steamer with its frequent delays on
account of the sandbanks and tho
necessity of taking on wood They had
como on perfectly unconscious of
danger and probably owed their Im
munity to the fact that they bad stuck
close to tho Siberian side to which
tho Chinese did not often cross
We vIII stay here declared
Smulders when Hardy explained to
him the danger of continuing tho Jour
noy and I vill fight for my Chulla I f >
till I die °
How is your suit coming on 1 asked f
Hardy smiling Sho must like you ling
pretty well or sho would not come up
tho river with you
Ah she vould have come up tnlt a th
Russian so I come along mlt the only to
lotka and she have to como mlt mo
She vIII not much and I hare no
peevo so I think I go mad Ach I loat
her very heavy to
Nothing happened that night savem
tho arrival of four Bouriats riding by m
turns a very tired and Incredibly bony of
horse After a shouted conversation
with the captain two of them mounted
tho animal and rode out to tho boat jl
They wero armed with short rifles
and heavy cavalry swords They
turned tho horso loose which swam to Be
shore and was used by tho other two re
as a living ferry ono riding this timeca
animals tall
In tho morning six Manchurians tho
rode down to the waters edge and be
gan firing at tho boat Tho distance the
was long and they shot wildly not
putting Hardy and his friends In any
great danger though they made their so
intentions perfectly plain Tho Prln I
cess Romanovna attired In the gown er
of light blue and the hat trimmed with me
blue flowers stood by the generals
side eyeing tho scene with calm in th
terest twirling her open parasol care tli
lonely on her shoulder re
rnonts to the Chfneso arrived from ly
time to time Other horsemen rode nc
out from the depths of the woods till Ju
In tho course of an hour the strength rll
of the company had Increased from sh
nix to 20 Hardy became convinced AI
that tho Chinese intended to attack gc
4 when their number should become sufst
flclently great and hero by a strange tho
freak of chance ho found himself uc al
tlvely Involved > n tho ancient and un and
ending war between Russia and Asia a
mixed up in a fight to tho deathm
which was as much his fight as it was sp
the captains or the generals or that tb
Will you he said to the princess av
convey a slight suggestion to tho
general for m07 I make it In all
Sho looked at him inquiringly as ho
explained As a result some of tho
men were set to work dragging up
mattresses and bedding and piling
them against the rail to form a bar
tirade This work was not more than
half completed when the brigands
made their first attack Emboldened
by the accession of half a dozen re
cruits they deployed in a long lino
and swinging their rifles about their
heads they como galloping on through
the shallow water of tho river tho
chief well in advance The general
gave a quick sharp order and his lit
tie army fell on their knees behind
the half Ilalsted barricade on tho top
of which they rested their rifles
Evidently being a good soldier he
h ad ordered tho men not to fire till
tho enemy should get close Smulders
Hardy shot and tho chief still came
on followed by his men shouting Ilk o
wild Indians in their barbaric tongue
Tho American shot again without
Then he swore softly a good hon
est Saxon oath removed his eye
glasses wiped his eyes with his hand
kerchief replaced his glasses laid his
cheek on his weapon and shot a third
time The chiefs rifle dropped into
I tho yellow Amur his arms fell to his i
side and he plunged over his horses
flank headfirst into tho water The
animal whirled about and charged on
tho line behind him dragging hIs
riders body which hung by one stir
rup Tho other brigands turned and
followed their leaders body to the
bank and disappeared into tho dark
Manchurian woods I
The princess approached Hardy and
extended her hand
I congratulate you monsieur she
The Chiefs Rifle Dropped Into the Yellow AmurI
had no rifle but he seized a stout
boathook shod with a sharp Iron
point and sank on his knees shout
They shall never get my Chulla
On camo the wild line splashing
through the water which was now up
° the horses knees When they had
traversed about onethird of the dis
tance they stopped and deliberately
took aim The general spoko sharply
° the princess who sat down on the
deck behind the barricade At this
moment the brigands fired and several
tho bullets passed over the boat
and splashed in tho water on tho
farther side One struck the smoke
stack with a pluff and another evi
dently flattened by its impact with the
water hummed musically The old
general stood erect without flinching
repeating some order to his men His
voice sounded affectionate almost
Hardy raised his rifle and measured
e distance
What does he say he asked of
princess kneeling by her
Not yet my children not yet
Nowsald the American you can do
something for me If you will I think
can hit the chief now Ask tho gen
eral as a special favor to you to let
try I
The Manchurians sat silent upon
their horses shading their oyes with
their hands to see If possible the
result of their volley The princess
to the general and spoke hurried
to him and tho latter turned and
nodded at Hardy The American ad
Justed his pincenez and raised his
rifle to his shoulder It was a long
shot but ho had done better in tho
Adlrcndacks at deer His nerves wero
good and his muscles as tense as
steel Just as bo was about to press
trigger the chief swung his rifle
about his head pointed at the beat
came plunging on again It was
more difficult matter now as the
man was in motion Yet he was n
splendid mark looming bIg and dark
theta against tho bright water with a
dart of two of vivid color about him
evidently ribbons or a sash
said on your splendid marksman
I take your hand madame he re
plied but I cannot accept tho con
gratulations It was very bad shoot
ing My only excuso is that thin is
tho first time I have used this rifle
Smuldors dropped his boathook to
the deck and running up to tho Amer
ican seized both his hands in his fat
pink palms
You have saved my Chulla ho
tack on the part of tho Chinese that
afternoon and at night before tho
moon arose tho besieged received an
important recruit A man heard
shouting from the Russian side was
allowed to approach and come on
board Hardy could not see his face
as lights were not allowed on deck
but ho thought ho recognized tho
voice oven though It was speaking
Russian The newcomer went be
low immediately Halt an hour after
arrival Hardy was summoned by the
princess to her cabin
Mr Hardy sho said in French
this Is my cousin Boris Romanoff I
take pleasure In Introducing two
has saved my life and Boris has
braved tho most fearful dangers to
reach my side When ho arrived at
Vladlvostock and inquired for me be
learned that I had started for Moscow
so he did not wait a moment but
fairly flew up tho river Had ho I
known what gallant defenders were
such anxiety
Hardy took this last remark as aim
ply complimentary to himself and the
bravo old general and be acknowl
ho know that Boris Romanoff was a i
suitor for his fair cousins hand who
was n cousin far removed after all
and that the princess often tried tho
big fellows temper In the most insid
lous and seemingly innocent ways
This is MI unexpected pleasure
Mr Hardy said Romanoff in English
extending his hand I hardly hoped to
meet you again in Russia I feared
you would not bo able to break away
from tho fascinations of tho geisha I
girls who so strongly appealed to
you Hardy ignored the hand
I believe that you played a scoun
drelly trick on mo In Japan ho said
looking Romanoff coolly in the eye
and speaking with groat calmness
but I am content for tho present to
pass it by Inhsupposo you have
your own codo as a gentleman Ac
cording to mine it is our duty now to
sink all private differences and unlto
In tho rescue of this lady from a most
perilous position
You are right replied Romanoff
becoming insolent an addition to tho
crew is not to be despised at a time
like this especially a follow who can
shoot as you can You ought to open
a gallery in Petersburg Youd make
your fortune Ho turned his back
rudely but looked over his shoulder
to add But let us have no misunder
standing Nothing you can do hero
will prevent my finding out why the
Japanese wero so friendly to you and
what you are really doing in Russia
Burning Arrows
On deck all was silence save for
the whispering bubbling and plash
Ing of tho treacherous Amur or tho
occasional cry of some lone water
fowl high overhead following tho
course of tho river Hardy coming
above otter his interview with Roman
o found tho general on watch Two
of tho men also wero awake and wero
listening and peering into tho dark
ness with a vigilance that proved that
they understood that their own lives
as well as tho lives of all on board
depended on their alertness The
American also listened and watched
straining his eyes to seo If hero and
there In tho darkness darker forms
could be seen of tho foe stealthily ap
Hardy had not been standing on the
deck moro than 20 minutes when be
felt a hand laid lightly upon his arm
It was so dark that bo could not dis
tinguish the outline of tho form standI
I will endure anything from him at
I Inast until wo havo rescued you from
this danger tromI
A small hand crept down his arm
found his hand and pressed it
Morel mon amt whispered tho
At that moment a splash was hen rd
by tho side of tho boat
Go below said Hardy in a voice
of command tho voice that a real
woman likes to hear sometimes from
n real man and ho stepped lightly to
tho spot Ho could see nothing could
hear nothing more but ho found tho
general standing at tho place which
was on tho downstream side gazing
into tho water For a moment Hardy
had confidently expected to coo n
throng of Chinese climbing up tho
sides If this splash had Indicated
the arrival of tho enemy however
there was nothing In tho generals de
meanor to betray tho fact Ho did
not move did not awake the sleeping
crow but turned with a sigh and
crossed tho deck He was stopped by
tho princess who walked with him tor
n few seconds
Ho has sent ono of the crow Sten
ka Pugacheff down the river for
help she said to Hardy Bravo
Stenka Ho hopes to get far enough
In tho darkness to escape the eyes of
the band which is collected hero and
then ho will take to the woods Is ho
not a hero this simple Cossack It
is 30 vorsts to the military station
and thero Is death waiting for him at
every stop
A light flashed and went out 30 or
40 yards below and Immediately a
blazing object described an arc
through tho air and fell on the deck
not far from their feet One glance
was enough to show that tho object
was an arrow which freighted with
some highly Inflammable material
was sticking upright in tho deck and
burning like a candle It cast con
sid ° rablo light Hardy leaped to
snatch it but ere he reached It ono
of tho Cossack soldiers anticipated
him and throw tho blazing missile into
the river Just as ho was In tho act
of seizing it several shots rang out
He Threw the Gun to His Shoulder and Firedo
Ing by his side but ho knew with
out looking around that this was tho
Wo must not speak loud she
whispered the general has com
manded absolute silence Ho could
steel her warm breath on his check and
her hair brushed his brow I came
to say that you must not mind my
cousin I saw at a glance that be
docs not like you and I think I under
stand tho reason
What possible reason could he
have for not liking mcf asked Hardy
I assure you I never did him any in
tentional harm 1
Ho is very brave Is my poor cous
tn and ha Is furious that It was you
and not ho who saved my llfo from
tho brigands Bear with him I beg
of you lie will como to his senses
In a day or two and will himself thank
For your sake whispered Hardy
and tho man wart slightly wounded In
the arm as was discovered laterf order
tho bravo fellow made no outcry atsword
tho time Tho general sprang to It 10tall
princess side took her by tho arm
and turned her toward the yabosrd
speaking kindly but firmly to her
Da dal sho replied and left tho
Tho first arrow was but the precuror
I orsor
jority of which cither passed far ov ermoon
the vessel or fell short thus proving
that tho accuracy of the first shot had
been largely tho result of a lucky
guess cu
guessOno of the arrows stuck fast In t ho the
rail and a sailor broke It off by strik all
ing it with a long polo Tho rlflo vol dAd
ley of which It was tho precursor did wi
no damage as moat of tho Russian T >
were cither lying on their stomachs as
or were crouching behind tho impro ral
vised bulwarks Then wero evident f Lo
about 30 Chinese shooting arrows ac
companied by from six to ten rifle
men If they wero trying to set fire to
tho boat or merely to light It up soI
that they might pot at Its occupants
from the safety of tho darkness It
coon became evident that their scheme
was not destined to prove highly suc
cessful Tho mon for ono thing
made themselves plainly visible for
an instant or so while they were
scratching their matches and applying
tho burning arrows to tho string
They kept shooting now sporadical
ly First hero and there and then In
some other spot a red fitful light
would gleam for an Instant dyeing
n patch In the river bloodred by Its
radiance and revealing a wild sav
agelooking Mongolian armed with
great bow and quiver who flicked Into
view for a moment and as soon Intoe
swallowed up again by darkness
Hardy not understanding tho gen
orals orders reasoned that ho would
bo pardoned for acting under his own
It ho wore going wrong he reflected
It would bo easy to stop him Ho
therefore hold his rifle ready for ac
tlon as n man who Is expecting a
covey of quail to rise and stood
watching the water alert tense keen
as a cat about to spring Ills chance
camo anon when ono of those lights j
flashed nearly in tho direction of his i
gaze and not far away Ho throw
the gun to his shoulder and fired Ho
could not sea tho sights but ho could
make out the object plainly And he
know ho should not go far wrong lie
missed for tho Chinese standing
about waistdeep In tho water fitted
the arrow to the string and discharged
It Tho shot rang out loud and clear
It scorned to Hardy that ho had never
heard a rifle make such n loud report
before Tho general exclaimed
Monsieur Hardy abl and made no
further comment so tho American
continued his shooting once twice
three times Meanwhile the attacking I
party seemed to bo approaching n lit
tie nearer and they succeeded In lodg
Ing several of their burning missiles
In tho woodwork of tho boat one ar
row In the rail two In the side of tho
wheelhouse and ono In tho hull These
swore broken off almost as soon as
they stuck and did no damage for
strange to say the Chinese them
selves bad ceased firing their rifles
And now Hardy had tho Inex
pressible Joy of killing one ot tho I
attacking party who fell backward
Into tho water with his blazing arrow
In his handI
Im getting tho knack of It be
muttered I shall be able to do It
more frequently now Perhaps I
alone can stop them
A moment later he heard sudden
shouting tho sound of running feet
snarls of rage and tho splash of heavy I
bodies falling Into tho water A party
of Chlneso that had crept down from
above in rowboats was attempting to
board and the Bouriats and crow
wero repelling them savagely with bay
onets and swords
Battle by Moonlight
Tho burning arrows had been a dl
version as tho books on tactics say
to draw the attention of tho little aayI
ot defenders and occupy It completely
on tho downstream side while an
other attacking party crept up under
cover of darkness and boarded from
above But for tho fact that tho wily
old general fearing tho trick had
kept a guard stationed at that side
the ruso might have succeeded sldol
fcctly Tho boat as wo havo Been <
was swung diagonally across n sort
ot channel her noso and stern being
Imbedded In sandbanks The Chinese
coming down stream In three row
boats struck her at either end rowj
near the middle their evident Inten
tion being to spread tho Russians out
as much ns possible
At this moment a frayed and worn
old moon floated up out of tho Si
berian forest Hardy saw by its light
wide expanse of water dimly shin
Ing between ghostly forests he saw
several Mongolian heads covered
with round black caps looking over
tho side of tho boat ho saw Julius
Smulders whirl a heavy oak polo in
tho air and bring it down on ono ot
these heads with terrific force ho
saw ono of the Bouriats cleave an
ther head no completely that one
half stood erect for a second while
tho other fell over the victims vhoul
sword which was Imbedded In tho
with a long twohanded sword leap
aboard to bo thrust through by a bay
onet lunge Just as his feet struck tho
deckAll r
e glance of the eye Just as tho
ragfro nR CONTINUED >
Mirage Seen In Scotland
One morning recently thnro TUB n
curious mlrnftu scon at the tntnuice of
tho appearance of an Island stud
with trees anti jplres many of
which seemed upside down As
viewed from Dunbar it had a lovoly
aspect as It was encircled by a 1
rainbow of abnormal proportion J
London Halt

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