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class maUmatUr
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Devoted to the Interests of the mountain People
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zzKaowleda6i A
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Kaowleda6i frwutltk i
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knowledge fa to read a good > I
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I b
Bsrea Kentucky
Contest Threatened In Tennessee
Exit Dr CookTroubles Ahead for
New Speaker of the House Pilots
In MexicoNew Scourge British
Election LikelyThe River Some
dent Democrats of Tennessee Btosd
to their compact and helped the Re
publicans elect tholr candidate Capt
Hoopor and now tho regulars arc
showing thm8tlv8 They dclar tint
IigyJ l tiwvfIfMai369 + ln yp 1 t L
rtbat the legislature will uoftt Taylor
who was beaten by moro than 16000
They did that onco pCfojo s veml
years ago and thoy did It in Ken
tucky less than a doozn years ago
J somo folks will rcniornbor Profession
al graUom iKJlltlclans dlo hard Not
thin ballots Is Uio plea but the fail
uro of the present Dtmoeiatio Gover
nor Patterson to do his duty In
calling a congressional election
COOK HIT JlAROA letter from
a Norwegian missionary to his wife
reports an Interview with tho Eski
mos who accompanied Dr Cook on
his alleged journey to tho Pole Their
statements are explicit and show con
clusively that tho party scarcely got
beyond tho Arctic circle Following
close upon tbo publication ot this
letter Is tho proof by Prof Parker
I of Columbia University who has Just
returned from exploring Mt McKIn
loy that Cooks story of reaching Us
summit was faked Exit Cook
Champ Clark of Missouri Is the most
prominent candidate for the Spealwr
ship of tho next Houso of Represen
tatives Ho expresses confidence that
t J ho will be elected but there pro sums
+ doubts In tho present congress as
minority leader he has been In favor
of depriving the Speaker of tile ap
polntmcnt of tho committee on rules
and other radical changes Now that I
ho expects to bo Speaker will ho
stand by his colors Somo think La
will and dont want him to others
think ho wont and want him to Hero j
Is where his trouble lies It scorns
I that there are conservatives and
radicals in tho Democratic party too j
J ILLINOIS TOOll seems likely j
f that the Democrats will bo In con
trol of tho Lower house of tho next
Illinois Legislature despite the alleg
I ed bribery of a number of their mom
bore and tho prominence of the min I
ority loader Leo ONeil Browne In
tho matter but Drowno Is not to be
pointI j
ed Browno out as tho venal one I
4George W English Is being mention
ed In that connection Since tho j
Democrats only have a plurality tMI
ono however it seems that them i
may be a good chunco for tho ax I
change of some more cash
This Is tho cry that Is going up thru
out Mexico against all citizens of tho
United States Window smashing and
stono throwing mobs have boon
thronging the streets of Mexico City
and some other cities and much dam
ago has been done to residences and
I business places ot tho so called Jin I
goes and many lives havo been en
dangered Tho government has apol
ogized for tho outbreaks and
Booms to be doing allit can to pro
tect foreigners but the troublo Booms
to bo widespread and growing Tho
riots aro said to bo duo to the lynch
ing of a Mexican In Ttoxtii but tho
demonstration Is also taken to bo a
remonstrance against tho general
arrogance impoliteness and want of
i tact of the general lino of Immi
j grants from the States It would
I bo a pity to have to whip Mexico for
our own lack of good manners
A NEW SCOURG13 Tho medloal
profession has been baffled for tho
past five years by a flow scour u
known as Infantile paralysis Tho dls
ooso Is not confined to infants how
over as it often attacks strong ad
ults It Is said to be due to a germ
but It has not yet been discovered liy
tho most powerful mlcroscopo The
disease has appeared sporadically for
a long time but became epidemic
about five yours ago It Is difficult
of diagnosis tho symptoms buliig that
of a number of Infectious maladies
About twenty per cent of the casts
prove fatal
ED4s a result of tho iailuro of
the Constitutional Conference between
the Commons and tho Lords which it
was thought would find a solution of
the difference between the two bodies
It is predicted that tho cabinet will
soon resign and a now election will
bo called Purllamtnt reassembled
Tuesday tho lulU It Is thought
i that tho business ot tho session will
soon bo transacted and that the new
election may be called for tho llrot
week In January
stol Russias Grand Old Man has
gono into voluntary exile Accom
panied by his physician and clad fu
the coarse garb of a peasant ho left
his homo secretly several days ago
For somo tlmo ho could not bo locat
I cd but later ho was found at a mon
astery whore his sister is a nun Af
ter a brief stay ho resumed his plU
grlmago and his destination is only
I Continued onUittugc
I There Is Pop and Mom and Aunt Sal
lie and Cousin Sue the whole jolly bunch
I can have Thanksgiving Dinner at Boone
i Tavern for 200 really cheaper than at
home i
of Tho Citizen an especially good I
ono and we call the attention < < f
our readers to some ot tho features fI
featuresI I
hug and Fertilizing will certainly
prove of Interest
Another good feature is tho artl
clo on tho Reading Habit and tho
Art of Reading Of Interest also will
bo found tho one describing the corn
ing stamp sales for tho fight against
In anticipation of next weeks loath
val we havo an entire page pago C
devoted to Thanksgiving
Wo think also that our news items
aro comprehensive and the editorials
at least timely Elsewhere we have
called attention to pages 2 and 3
the election results
Tho political map makers may now get busy It used to be
white for Republican states and black tor Democratic But now it
is to be reversed since the great minority are Republican The
chief states to change their colors arejNew York Massachusetts
C6nnecticnlt Now Jersey West Va Wyoming Illinois Maine be
coming white PC Democratic while three slates have changed to
block or Republican Nevada Nebraska and Tennessee s
The present Congress the Olst has 301 members of which 217
bare Republicans and 174 are Democrats The next Congress the
02d the one just elected will have the same number of members
but 177 are Republicans 213 Democrats and 1 a Socialistalmost
an figuresFor
For the 02d Congress 33 new senators are to be elected but
from the make up of the present Legislature it is conceded that 17
of them will bo Republicans This will leave a working majority of
10 for the Republicans This means that no legislation strictly
Democratic or Republican will be enacted during the last two years
of Mr Tafts administration
The only hope that President Taft has now for anything more
constructive and enduring is from the short session of the Jlst Con
gress which will convene on December Cth and adjourn March 4th
1011 and not much is ever accomplished during this session The
President will have to content himself with recommendations
On pages 2 and B of this issue will be found our complete sum
ming up of the election results in the state and the nation
Mr Roosevelt has been resting at hid home since the campaign
ended and his retirement and silence have given occasion for
many gibes and rude thrusts at him Tile organs that have seen fit
to consider themselves his enemies are very general in Ibeclnini that
his opposition aided their cause and tbet now consider him thoroly
discredited and congratulate tlieinfelvta and the country at large
that the first great step has been taken tqnaid the elimiuaticu of ilte
yreat foe to the business stability of the nation
One a Kentucky paper professes to lament his unwisdom and
his fall and says that if he had held aloof and let the revolt take its
course in and against his party he would now be the man of the
hour and that silence during the last three months would have made
him president again in 1012
I Another Kentucky paper analyzes this supgefiticn and shows
how cowardly and perfidious such conduct would have been and
how unlike Roosevelt As a member of the party he had to fight
with the party and win or lose with it and that he did this in his
own thoro fashion is tremendously to his credit
But did his endorsement and campaigning for the Repuplican
candidates make votes for the Democrats 1 Did his help make the
defeat of Beveridgp of Harding of Stimson and the rest more sure l
Surely not even his enemies can believe that and of coursenone
of his friends To forever satisfy ones self on that score it is only
necessary to surmise what would have been the fate of the Republi
can party if there had been no Insurgents and then remember that
Roosevelt was the author of Insurgency and that the Insurgents
made no headway east of the Mississippi until he took command af
ter his return In nil candor what were the comparative chances of
the Republican party in New York before and after the Saratoga
j Convention t Cnn miyuiie believe that a fcket and a platfornuput
forth by the old guard would have made anything like as good a
showing as the ticket put in the field by the Roosevelt forces
did l Cleveland carried New York in I882again6t tile old gnaidby
200000 Dix won over Stimson by 02000 the difference 138000
represents pretty well Mr Roosevelts worth to the Republican tick
et in New York
No The Republican party has Roollev It to thank that its
defeat was not more overwhelming more humiliating It haS
I Roosevelt to thank that its reconstruction is already outlined and
assured He is neither eliminated defeated nor discredited and
for the successful party in the late election to say that his opposition
won their victories is to acknowledge a want of faith in their own
principles and advertise their own insincerity
At present Kentucky has eight Democratic and three Republican
congressmen In the next congress which will not convene till De
cember lUll there will be nine Democrats and two Republicans
One district the ninth has been redeemed using the language of
the partyAnd
And when you come to think of it redemption It a great word
with the politicans in these latter days For instance there is
I nothing RO common just now as the expression The country has
been redeemed from Republican misrule And maybe it has but
maybe it hasnt We have heard of such a thing as out of the fry
But be that as it may Kentucky is to bo redeemed Wo nreas
sured of that One District in the great stato has gone bad and
brought disgrace upon the entire commonwealth The proud heads
I Joys and Benefits of the Reading Habit
The Highest Aim
The only true aim of any ratlonr1
Individual Is the highest culture both
physical and mental The proper train
ing of tho mind and body is the only
means by which the greatest gool
tho true end ot human existence can
i bo attained Physical culture athletic
skill whllo commendable and much
to be desired when accompanied by
equal mental endowments and temper
ed by them dovold ot that Influence
Is mere anlmallty and a person thus
characterized Is a typical Sullivan
Culture then is physical and mental
discipline and mental discipline im I
plies moral training Training and
discipline aro the practical results rCI
education and an education is knowl I
edge gleaned from nature art and
literature by observation and study
Study is thoughtful earnest reading
Honco to receive tho most purely ele
vating Influences to bo most highly I
stimulated to noble actions to proper
living and to secure the best results
in every respect the Question arises
How and what shall I read
Dangers by the Way
Ininglno an Innocent girl or boy to
bo deserted by parents or guardians
In any largo city Say further that
thoy have no knowledge of city bite
know no trade and have no resour
I man and woman Instead of boy and
girl and without somo one to direct
I they will go Immediately into the
I alums us a consequence of their dcsti
j tutlon Such things are not uncommon
We know that there are dens and
traps sot not only in cities but in very
small towns to catch the innocent
and uninitiated and against such
wo hear an Incessant cry and from
such every child stopping from tho
parental threshold carries thoI
words of warning But while such
dons have been dlscvoered and have
I been persistently fought there is an
whoso samples so widely distributed
aro tho germs of every crime of
every woe and whoso power is moro
to be dreaded not directly but m
tho end than the dens of any city
not that it is unrecognized but be
I cause practically un resisted It may
silently stealthily creep into any
family and there scatter the seeds
that shoot up Into the most loath
some tho most heinous forms of sin
Bad Literature
That agent that evil Influence is j
tho class ot literature that Is sold I
almost given awayon almost sOldI
Our Board of Directors
The men controlling the affairs of this
bank are bankers and business men of
wide experience and recognized ability
As they are all local residents they are
able to keep in close touch with the needs
of the patrons and exercise strict supervi
sion over the affairs of the bank It is
their policy to loan its funds in such en
terprises as will be a benefit to the com
corner and that comes at even less
cost through tho malls to any boy
who can write his name and muster
a half dozen postage stamps All
such and much even that Is costly
deserves not to be called literature
but trash trash which like tho tip I
plers cup weakens intellect creates
a desire for Its own kind and des I
troys every vestige of that finer
sentiment by which alone mankind
rises above tho brute iI
Three Classes
In every community there are three
classes ot Individuals tho nonread
erS tho readers of trashy literature
and tho true readers And of these
three classes tho first IB tho most I
numerous the second If not already
mdy be tho most worthless and the I
last so far as numbers are concern I
ed is rather Insignificant Thes
aro strong even disheartening terms
but true Indeed there are neighbor I
hoods where thero are eight or ten
families that have nothing whatever
to read three or four that havo a
few phamplets and perhaps a nev3
paper ot tho worst class and not
I sslggle lqdlvitlI1 t hap rJludI I
the literature oT our lihguagaYor
knows any thing about the term in
its strictest sense
The Best Free to All
But why should not all enjoy the
rich fruit of the intellect of tho ages
No one would be considered an In
truder for the invitation is to all
neither would he enter the realm
unprovided for as some one long ago
knowing his pccularltles and antler
pating his arrival made ample pre i
paratlons for him I
A Pleasant Company
Supposing him to enter the dig
nitaries ot state of the departments
of Fiction Poetry Biography and
History four vast assemblies confront
him Here sit the great In story I
there tbo ralnTiflBls tho bards and
tho muses here the great of every
cllmo whoso lives are recorded there
tho hoary headed sages contemplating
tho lapse of the centuries their work
done all at leisure and ready and
willing to spend days and even weeks
and mouths picturing to him their
fomloct hopes their most beautiful
Ideals their brilliant discoveries and
tho marvelous incidents and exper
iences connected with their lives And
shall ho not listen Shall ho not sit
at tluh feet and learn of their wis
But will ho find tho company
very different from others No he
sh Is th hands of allj enjoys their
conversation says I am glad to
havo met you passes onj then per
ceives that some have made deeper
impressions than others and that only
a few have a real placo in his life
And what do these the most interest
ing hive to say
What Dickens Offers
When tho snow is falling the winds
are whistling and all are seated
around their cheerful fires Dickens
joins the circle and with his subtle
humor his drollery and tho very
I awfulness of his characters holds tho
attention whllo before their eyes
marches the common herd of the
earth cast In every mould of sin yet
In every case they are but following
the fortunes ot some poor and dis
tressed pno to whom it seems by
their sympathy if by nothing more
they aro giving assistance and over
whom when tho end comes they re
joice whether it bo the death of Lit
le Nell a little Paul Domby or a
Smlko crying Spare mo spare me
I Continued on fifth Page
Pumpkin Pie The thick squashy kind I
that runs out the corners of your mouth
at Boone Tavern Thanksgiving Day
Yum Ynml
The Conference of GovernorsCon
i sumption Being GovernorsCont
The Next State ElectionAspir
I ants for OfficeThe Vote for Pow 4
ers The Tenth District
Powers defeated Bertram In the
Eleventh District but his majority
fell below the vote he received In the
primary Sept 15th by about 1000
I being 8876 according to the beat
II advices received by Tho Citizen The
I drop from 23000 Is freely attribut
I ed to tho good work of Bertram by
the Democratic Press but It < has not
been shown that Bertram Increased
greatly the Democratic vote The
Republicans knew that Powers wu
safe and simply went on about their
IPATHyIt was freely predlctedbrh
those who wished It to bo so that tfio I
nomination of Powers in the Eleventh
would mean the defeat of the party
n JbJWUn1b t adluubUpstr l r
some sympathy can tU1Shflt1 wnn
tho party in the State because It
had to suffer owing to tho action of
thd blinded partisans of the Eleventh a
But Langley In the Tenth Is all right
with a majority of 2053 only 900
short of the vote two years ago and
so far as we havo heard no one is
now saying that Powers defeated Ben
nett in the Ninth
who willfully murdered the Jallor or
Brcathltt County tho night of tho
election Is still at largo Noble is
only twentytwo years of age and
has four killings to his credit Feel
ing seems to bo high against him and
If he Is caught Breathitt may glvo tho
state another example of speedy
justice through tho courts i
I NEXT ELECTIONTho next dice
lion is a stato election It Will be
I hold next November and Governor
and all officers of the Stato Admlnls
Jtratlon will bo elected together with
all stato representatives bait the staleo
1 senators and officers of cities of the
1 2nd class Active campaign for most f I
or theso offices will soon begin c
in fact for tho more Important ones V
it has already begun Ono cant ex
j pect those who live by politics to
i keep politics In tho background but
III would bo a good thing if the peo
pie could be given time to think of
somo other important things
Democrats think they have It all their
j own way In the next state campaign h i
and no doubt they do but they arc
apt to have a wrangle among thorn
selves For Governor the real candi
dates to data seem to be exGovernor
McCreary and Ben Johnson of tho
Democrats and Lieutenant Governor
Cox for tho Republicans Tho con
ventions will not bo held till next
I May or Juno but there will be no
want of interest meanwhile
I ator Bradloys term will not end till j
after the next legislative period but + a 1
j Senator Paynters successor will have
I tto
to succeed himself but there are oth 1 a
era in tho party who think they couldt I
Iera tho job a little better than ha I e
and they really think the country
I needs them Olllo James tho present
congressman and congressman elect f
from tho 1st District Is at present
tho most bcllggerent Ho is anxious
to have tho party convention nominate l
him at the same time it nominates I
tor tho stato offices There areI
some who think that exGovernor
Beckham may compete with him andate f
Paynter for tho toga 12 ur
Continued an last Page t

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