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C V b J t lg
EXT tp a goodly supply ot
turkeys tho most Impor
tant requisite for a sue
cessful Thanksgiving lea
plentiful measure of cran
berries of Just tho proper
tart flavor As well have
a Thanksgiving dinner
without turkey as without
tho appetizing cranberry
sauce However the people
ot the United States have
scant cause to worry be
cause ot this feature ot
their holiday menu It has
been years since a failure
of the cranberry crop was
have been so
reported and cranberry growers
Increasing their productive areas that despite
the Increase In demand duo to trio countrys
and other Influences
increase in population
them continues to bo year by year a pretty
crimson berries and most
lavish supply of tho
laevorn find them available at very reason
able iTcea
CrKnberrles like so many ot the other good
thins of life aro
wild In
cranberries grow
cades To be sum
some other quarters ot the globe for Instance
In Europe but It is only In tho United States
thai they have been cultivated as an article ot
I t toad Even here the growing of cranberries Is
confined largely to throe elates Massachu
setts New Jersey and Wisconsin How impor
tant an Industry It Is may be surmised however
had ceased and the
crops as a whole bad been good the
peas alone falling All tho houses In
the settlement had been put Into con
dltlon and a goodly stock of furs and
prepared lumber had been made ready
for export to England by the next
whip The waters swarmed with fish
J and sea fowl were abundant The call
ot the wild turkey was heard In the
woods and the patter of tho fleeting
deer was nothing strange
iThe summer was past the harvest
ended Tho f llgrlms decided upon a
period of recreation Tho governor
sent out four huntsmen who In one
day secured game to last the colony
a week Hospitality was extended to
Massasoit of the neighboring sottle
meat who brought 90 people with
him The guests remained 30 days
The company engaged In rounds of
amusements In which military drills
Thus heartily and loyally was Inau
gurated the great New England festi
val of Thanksgiving For two centu
ries it has continued to be observed
at first mostly In the eastern states
but It has now become national Its
annual return finding a welcome from
boundary to boundary both at top
and bottom and either extremity ot
the nation
Thanksgiving day is peculiarly an
American custom though there are
1AtlIerlcan who claim that It Is not
possible to determine the date ot the
first observance John A Goodwin
f Republic Is positive however that
tho first celebration occurred In the
fall of 1C21 this being followed in 1C23
t > y the first Thanksgiving proclama
Lion by tho governor of Massachu
setts In 1C30 there arrived at Plym
outh 14 vessels bringing with them
J 880 colonists making the number
f nearly 1200 Instead of a moro 300 On
I July 8 1C30 another Thanksgiving I
was held In acknowledgment for this
I Its The Dutch governors ot the New
from tho fact that the
Cape Cod district In Mas
sachusetts the greatest
cranberry region on the
globe sends to market as
many as onethird of a
million barrels of cran
berries In a single season
The average person Is
wont to term all berry
areas patches but cran
berries do not grow In
patches but In bogs
aMas may be our
Aavarv9 jJJiiRlL of CRRNlJCRffIE
ttt R RCPr6ERRTOR caff
mlsed from tho name most of these tracts aro
located adjacent to rivers or lakes or ponds
so that they can be flooded In the lato au
tumn and kept under water until spring The
berries grow on a vino which nestles close
to the ground In a perfect tangle and save for
keeping out the weeds and battling with the
insect pests which aro numerous tho cranber
ries do not require very much cultivation or
attention until harvest time approaches in the
autumn Then the cranberry grower must look
forward to a period of anxiety a careful ser
ious scrutiny ot the weather He must
keep close watch on the weather for if a frost
comus ere the crop is harvested it will work
sad havoc unless the grower has been fore
warned and flooded his bog or built great bon
fires to keep up the temperature
In years gone by the harvesting ot cranber
ries was done solely by the hand picking moth
2 r
A >
f i
ri c t
Netherlands also appointed different
dates for public thanksgiving from
time to time and In some historical
works there is record ot a dispute as
to which ot these colonies deserved
the credit for having first inaugurated
the day Most of the best founded
historians however give the credit to
the New England states
The Dutch governors of New Neth
erlands appointed occasional days ot
thanksgiving in 1C44 1645 1655 and
1GG4 and the English governors fol
lowed their example In 1755 and 17CO
and the Protestant Episcopal church
In tho United States in Its prayer
book ratified In 1789 recommends for
Thanksgiving day the first Thursday
In November unless some other day
be appointed by the civil authorities
There were also occasional recommen
dations by other religious bodies but
no regular annual recommendation by
the governor of New York before 1817
Tho struggle ot the colonies for in
dependence marks the beginning of
7Na CH7rsrf
7 3
general observances ot days of thanks
giving in this country The congress
of 1777 tho ono which prepared the
articles of confederation for adoption
by the colonies adopted a resolution
setting apart tho eighteenth day of
December 1777 to be observed as a
day ot solemn thanksgiving and
pralso throughout tho United States
Washington during his administra
tion Issued two thanksgiving procla
mations one in 1789 and tho other In
1795 Just after the suppression of
the Whisky rebellion which had
threatened the peace of the country
and President Madison Issued one
upon the declaration of peace in
181 C However in the early years
of the nation tho rule was for the co
lonlal custom to bo followed and the
proclamation made emanated from
the governors The western states
largely people from New England or
New York early followed the lead of
these portions of tho country As we
have seen the annual recommcnda
od much as raspberries
o r strawberries are
picked and most ol tho
cranberry picking was
done by women nnd chil
dren The Cranberry
King used to hire as
many as 1100 pickers
on his great bogs on
Capo Cod and the pick
ers many of whom Jour
neyed long distances
camped out on the
bogs during the picking
season The past few
years however has witnessed a revolution
Now almost all cranberries are picked by the
aid of machines and because It Is tiresome
work manipulating these machines It has como
about that most ot the women and children
have been forced out of the Industry and the
task Is largely in the bands of men the moro
skillful of whom receive from 83 to 85 per day
The picking machine most extensively used
has tho appearance of a hugo wooden eooop
tho bottom ot which Is made up of a row of
metal bars tipped with sharp prongs and sot
close together In operation this scoop Is
shoved with some considerable force Into tho
tangle of cranberry vines and tben Is drawn up
ward and backward with tho result that tho
vines which havo been caught slip between tho
metal bars but leave the berries which are too
large to pans through the openings as do the
vines and in consequence are stripped from
I I II III it I I J lit II
I 1 y pggfJjaJ5v1V1i1gs I
Iiy 8J2iIviq4eSs1f49E4PI
I Sri r
HE autumn ot 1C21
waned on a prosperous
community Plymouth
Mans was both
healthy and wealthy
Sickness though It had +
destroyed onohalt the
company of pilgrims
their stems nnd remain In the scoop whence I
they are transferred to the tray which each pick
er has close at hand An expert picker with a
machine will do tho work of from half a dozen
to a dozen hand pickers
The cranberries iw picked on the bogs arc
placed In huge wooden boxes and transferred
to a nearby frame building where they are
passed through a machine known as a separa
tor which takes out nil the leaves twigs and
other foreign matter Then they are sorted for
tho elimination of any bad or wormeaten ber
ries and finally aro placed in barrels which are
hauled away to railroad yards to be loaded Into
cars to tho tane of from 220 to 240 I
to tho car refrigerator cars being used ctclu
lively Up to the present time cranberries bare
been sold In bulk but this year sees an Innova
lion In the appearance of evaporated cranberries
for which arc claimed all the advantages of crap
orated peaches or apples and In tho Introduction
of cranberries put up In pasteboard cartons
Hearing cranberry bogs of the most deem
able kind cost from 1600 to 11200 per acre
but In a bumper year a grower may got his
money back the first year and during tho worst
year the industry has known In a decade most ofI
the growers made from 10 to 15 per cent on I
their Investment and that too In spite ot the I
fact that cranberries were so plentiful that they
brought only 2 a barrel whereas JG to 1 a bar I
rel Is accounted an average price and there have I
been years when a famine of cranberries sent
the price up to 110 per barrel
we w
tlon by tho governors ot New York
began In 1817 From that time the
observance gradually crept southward
and westward and In 1885 Governor
Johnson of Virginia adopted It and
though In 1857 Governor Wise orVlr
glnla declined to make the proclama
tion on the ground that he was unau
thorized to Interfere In religious mat
era In 1858 a Thanksgiving day was
proclaimed In eight of the southern I
Decorative Conceits and Favors
For the Thanksgiving Festivities
The pious harddriven wornout but
thankful Puritans who sat down at
their tables one November a few cen
tunes ago and mado the first Thanks
giving Day never knew to what
lengths they were to drive the In
genuity of their poor descendants
Dut It wasnt their fault after all that
the preparer of the ThanksEilvlng Ionllt
today has to attend Just as much to
the turkeys surroundings as to tho
turkey Itself It was gopd enough for
them to have a wellstocked larder
from which could como tho turkey the
celery tho pumpkin pie tho cranber
ties and all tho other goodies which
history puts down to their credit
Even the comparatively recent Now
Englanders were content with all
these ns long as they looked tempting
and tasted good Out today even the
Important fowl Itself Is hardly more
Important than the ribbons the can
dies the favors the adornments ot
all kinds which must appear on the
Thanksgiving table
Dont bother about having too
much to eat an uptodate daughter
was hoard to say to her Mow England
mother the other day I want plenty
of room for the ribbons and tho candy
Its the same way with other daugh
ters of an esthetic turn of mind rath
ur than a practical one and It looks
as It their ambitions to mako things
look pretty may be realized this year
for there Is a goodly array ot Thanks
giving favors and table decorations of
all kinds
Of course tho turkey reigns su
preme oven if it Is In paper and Is
seen in all sizes all kinds roasted to
a beautiful dark brown as the cook
book says or standing Important and
majestic with its big fanshaped feath
er tall high In the air In most cases
tho favor turkey is mcantfor candy
but certain new china turkeys aro
mustard cups
The pumpkin Is next In Importance
and IB seen In many ot the novelties
There are large paper pumpkins for
centerpieces and all sorts ot email
1111111111111111 It
The day had thus naturally grown
to bo a national Institution of almost
universal observance when the Civil i
war brought to sudden ripeness this
along with many other tendencies and
President Lincoln put upon It the seal
of his omclal proclamation Prod
dent Lincolns first proclamation was
In 18C2 on account of the first Impor
tant victory of the national arms He
lisued a similar recommendation In
ones in papier macho or tissue paper
which aro candy boxes Fruits and
vegetables of all kinds seem to I
suggestive of the season of feastin
and many good Imitations aro fount
among tho candy box collections
Gobllncsque little men aro made of
paper fruits and fixed up to have a
very grotesque appearance and funny
little figures aro mado of peanuts and
mounted on cards Nuts aro tied up
in ribbons and are found to be prize
packages for the receiver for In them
are neatly packed little stickpins
whistles etc all carefully concealed
within the paper shells
The placo cards allow ot a great
many now designs and an especially
new feature among these Is scrap
small mirrors The chrysanthemun
Is tho leading flower among tho paper
bowers and those In yellow or orange
seem to be the most desired shades
Other Imitations which are especially
lifo liko aro tho painted piece of the
pumpkin pie the tin of Boston baked
beans the plum pudding and the oar
of corn
I am gratified said the first prom
inent citizen to observe the under
current of Joy in the Thanksgiving
proclamation of the governor Hith
erto the proclamations have been along
the old cut and dried stilted forms
but in this instance there Is a certain
tone of Joyousnessof thankfulness oC
pure gratefulness that is really sn
Yes agrees tho second prominent
citizen but its no wonder the govern
or felt good when he wrote that proc
No lie has started on what seems
destined to be a good administration
already there Is talk of promoting
him to some higher office la th gift
of the peo
And besides Interrupts the second
man the governor owns ono of thu
I largest turkey farms In the state
God Will Be God
For All That
ly lEV F PIIiCIIERlink
Pastor 5r PrwVrtwUa aM
I 0
TxtTbu did God render the wick
idntt of Ablmlllcknd all OIl evil of
men of hchm did God render upon thou
lloa4tTudtI 15I f
Our text reads Thus did God rea
der the wickedness of Ablmeleck and
loll the evil ot the men of Bhecbem did
God render upon their heads
The milk of tho gods grind slow
but they grind exceedingly small
History keeps on repeating this truth
Hack of all tho mystery ot human
deeds is the ruling ot a mighty hand
Ablmeleck learned this to his sorrow
He had gained his throne by murder
and ruled with hands dyed in blood
Dut evil hunts for tho wicked to OTeroAi
throw him One of his own number 1
conspired for his ruin and tho story
of his fall by a stone hurlc4from a
womans hand Is graphically told In
this chapter Our text merely gives
the reason why God will be God for
all that Is hero Bounded forth In
words that can not die
Let us learn first that God rules
over all and no wrong shall ever go
unpunished All dealings with men
have also their deal with God There
are three parties to every transaction
God myself and my brother man and
nono can be left out In wronging my
brother I wrong God and the wrong
shall not go unrequited History re
peats this story over and over De
suro your AIn will find you out
Ablmoleck was no exception The
blood of his seventy brethren was cry
Ing out for vengeance Ills fall was
Inevitable This truth needs added
tmphasls today Many are amassing
wealth by means foul or fair regard
less of law either that of man or God
Dut there shall surely come a day of
reckoning not only from men but God
Himself shall set right every wrong
Vengeance may be slow but It Is nev
ertheless sure
The crlmo ot murder is fast on
the Increase Statistics show that a
large per cent of tho guilty go tree
nut there is yet a sterner Judge from
whoso law no guilty one shall es
Then again our text shows how men
reap what they sow Ablmoleck had
gained his throno by murdering all
who stood In his way and now ho falls
by a murderers hand He that sows
to the wind shall reap tho whirlwind
A life ot sin must end In a life ot
shame A mans conduct always comes
back to him Jacob deceived his fath
er and in his old age he reaps the sor
row of deceit and falsehood at the
hands ot his eleven sons The man
who swindles to make his fortune will
most surely reap loss and ruin at the
swindlers hand
Note also that God carries on Ills
purpose despite the sin of those en
trusted with power God will still be
God after all and lie is the last one
with whom we must reckon We shall
not be able to foil Ills purpose nor
thwart His plan Our resistance shall
only become our ruin Abimelech
found it BO Might could not make
right and error shall not stand That
man or nation that persists in wrong
doing God shall set aside and It shall
fall We call ours a great nation and
It is but we have some grievous sins
laid to our charge Our civilization Is
fast leaving God out and has little re
pro for Ills eternal law We often
weigh with a false weight and sell
with a false measure night Is often
changed to suit the occasion while
men in high places sot up false stand
ards Lot us bo auto that nil this graft
and greed and wrong shall become our
undoing for wo are dealing with God
an well as with man It we continue
to resist and break Ills law He shall
cause tho destroyer to rise up In our
midst and though wo fall His pur
pose shall go evenly on
Then again I think this text clear X
ly teaches that God will most surely
core for Ills own Those who trust
Him shall never be forsaken In the
end our cause shall triumph because
It Is Gods cause Not 90 much it is
because God is on our side but rather
because wo are on the side that God
upholds and makes to triumph He
will care for us though all else shall
fall Though like Elijah we seem all
alone Gods tender care shall be our It
constant stay While we trust and
obey Him the cruse ot oil shall not
all nor shall the bread be exhausted
Ho shall ever keep us In tho hollow of
His hand
Church Attendance
The best preparation for tire any
young man can have who from col
ego or high school or otherwise en
era the wider arena of tho world
life Is a churchgoing habit Such n l
habit Is a steadying force In the young t
mans life and brings him periodically
Into contact with the uplifting forcct J
and sweeter Influences disseminated
through tbo church which go to make
existence Intellectually Intelligible and
morally worth while Few young men
will go utterly to the bad who keep up
tho churchgoing habit Congregation
Worlds to Conquer
Let us not be satisfied with the pot
ty little provinces of pleasure and sin
Lot us not spend our time dreaming ol
otter things outside but let us by
alth act on noble principles and live
or highest Ideals This is tho vie
ory that ovcrcometh tho world even
mr fnlth Bishop F S Spacing Bolt
Lake City

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