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The Citizen 1
a family newspaper for all that Is right
true and Interesting
Published net Thut d y at Befit Ky
I P Faulkner Editor and Manager
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aatraa OJ
Even a perfect climate has Its off
Any garb that Is waterproof Is the
fall style In raincoats
Where Is tho use in carrying a hob
bled woman to a dance
Cholera like Its undesirable citizens
Europe may keep at home
Sunshine IK all right but the bunt
ers moon has its excellencies also
King Manuel thinks of coming to the
United States which Is a very nice
Eight womens clubs at Panama Be
tween clubs and spades the big job
will go through
How much easier aeroplane would
be to pronounce if we could only call
It areoplane
There are times when the I told
you so man Is more of a nuisance
than ever before
Cuba hopes some day to get Its
terms trained to pick bananas but
not to damage shipping
It is proposed that all the concealed
weapons and their bearers be sent to
the Panama canal to fortify it
A professor calls for a Supreme
Court of Science Would any two experts
pert agree An any proposition
Persons of slender means will be
glad to learn that they can purchase
radium now for only 2100000 an
In the present stage of aviation It
Is much easier to effect Insurance on
> a flying machine than on the man who
flies It
Any remote corner of the world
may wake up some morning soon to
find a badly damaged balloon In Its
back yard
Decision that the exaggerated ego
does not imply actual insanity doubt
less will cause many people to breathe
sighs of relief
Dogfish Is all right as food says the
United States fish commission We
shall all have a chance to try Itas
halibut probably
Evidently the Japanese minister who
wants to build sixteen dreadnoughts is
not afraid of what the airship Is going
to drop on them
Only once writes a correspondent
of the New York Sun havo I met a
woman who stuttered Women hare
no time to stutter
Uptodate aviators like the rain be
cause it kills the wind and not because
4t makes the plowing easier when they
alight unexpectedly
Never pin your faith to a woman
who says she will be ready in five min
utes and is I says Life Are there
any women like that
The remarkable persistency of wom
en of wealth in trying to bring Jewels
Into this country Illegally suggests
that sntugglcmanla is but a fash
ionable variation of kleptomania
A man In New York was burled un
der tonsot granulated sugar lie was
dug out in time but few men have
had his experience of facing a death
o0 sweet
Autumn sunshine is an excellent
thing to store up before the semi hiber
nation which winter forces upon many
persona who shrink from cold weath
A Si Louis man stood up for three
hours In one of the busiest streets
after being dead Evidently the St
Louts policemen are not In the habit
of compelling people to move on
Jchorus millionaire has married a I
chorus girl It looks as if the million
aired had funned a combination to put
the musical comed hoire out of bus
Pueblo Seething With Rebellion II
Scene of the ClashFrancisco Ma
dero Head of Revolutionary Party
Claims the Presidency
Mexico City Mex Revolution
broke out Friday In tho city of
Pueblo between the anti re electionista
and the federal forces and It Is re
ported that 40 persons were killed and
three wounded The federal soldiers
have gotten the upper hand of the at
A woman killed the chief of police
and another wounded a major of in
Many arrests of supporters of Fran
Cisco I Madero the revolutionary
leader are being mode all over Mex
Eleven Mexicans were arrested at
Buena Vista and lodged In Jail at
Cananea charged with attempting to
foment a revolution
At Orizaba numerous arrests were
made and the police captured a large
quantity of arms and ammunition
Details of the antiDiaz conspiracy
have come to light Tho conspirators
had extended their operations to the
state of Vera Cruz Hidalgo Coahuila
San Luis Potosi Nuevo Leon Pueblo
Jalisco Guanajuato Yucatan and
Zacatecas Circulars sent out bj
Madero or his agents from San An
tonlo Tex outline his campaign and
announce Madero as constitutional
president of Mexico The manifest
I Francisco I Madero will place
myself at the head of a revolutionary
party against the government of
Mexico Between the 20th and 30th
of November I shall lead my followers
against the government of Mexico
Of the men arrested here for com
pllclty in the conspiracy one Cosir
Robelo carried a commission from
Madero naming him as governor of
the state of Hidalgo
No anti Amerlcan talk is being
heard now
It is true a conspiracy against the
administration has been unearthed
but it is a mistake to suppono that
the participants who have been ar
rested are of any Importance
So said one of tho highest officials
of the government The official
whose name Is withheld continued
The men under arrest are pelty
agitators and malcontents who have
affiliated themselves with every group
which In the last year or so has or
ganized opposition to President Diazs
administration These men were first
Reyists then Democrats then anti ro
electionists more recently they have
been supporters of Francisco I Ma
dero who is suspected of supplying
them with money
They are incapable and have no
prestige or any quality necessary to
successful leadership The present
conspiracy had ramifications The po
lice seized arms and ammunition worth
perhaps 6000 or 8000 In this city
at Pachuca and elsewhere
Francisco Madero was a candidate
against Diaz at the late presidential
election in Mexico Madero was ar
rested then for a political offense
and Jailed He was released last
month on condition that he leave
Mexico He hurried to Texas
Militant Suffragettes Storm British
Parliament and 116 Are Arrested
After Lively rIght
LondonOne hundred and sixteen
of the 1000 militant suffragettes who
marched on the parliament building
were arrested after a lively fight with
the police
Led by Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst
the women made a determined at
tempt to force the police cordon
about the house of commons and
reaching Premier Asquith to Insist
upon the introduction of a womans
suffrage bill
The women made every effort with
in their power to break the lines
bringing into play some rare military
strategy and football tactics Fight
ers In the front ranks retired many
times to make way for fresh reserves
but the police were too strongly In
trenched Orders had been given the
officers to make as few arrests as
possible but It soon became neces
sary to jail as many of the women as
could be captured After Parliament
Square had been cleared the three
leaders of the demonstration led bj
Mrs Paakhurst were permitted to en
ter the lobby of the house of com
icons where they were met by Mr
Asqultbs secretary and informed that I
the premier would not see them and
said that there was no chance for 3
suffrage bill at the present session
Vanderbilt Girls Are Hurt
New YorkBarbara and Margaret
Rutherford daughters of Mrs William
K Vanderbilt were slightly injured
Friday when their automobile smashed
Into a fence Just outside the entrance
to the Vanderbilt estate Idle Hour
Oakdale L I
Seine In StateOfflcw
Paris The River Seine is again
rising Friday the water that bad al
ready flooded the lower section pf the
city filtered Into tho basement of the J
foreJjst office on the Qual dOrsay
Aeroplane Wing Crumples at Height
of 800 Feet and Airman la Dashed
to Ground In Presence of Thou
sands Struggled to Save Life
Denver ColFrom ten to fifteen
thousand persons saw Ralph John
stone the holder of the worlds avla
tlon altitude record plunge In his
Wright biplane at Overland Park
Thursday from a height of 800 feet
to a terrible death nearly every bone
In his body being fractured
His tragic flight was not without a
thrilling struggle with the grim mes
senger for when the daring bird
man realized that the art8ward dive
might mean the loss of his life he
tried to climb swiftly to the top of
his aeroplane lest the heavy machin
ery crush out his lIfo
The tragedy was apparently due In
great measure to an accident on Tues
day when on alighting In front of tho
grand stand a screw gave way and
his biplane crashed into a fence and
stopped with a crushed wing It was
this wing probably not properly re
paired that gave way and sent the
machine and Its driver to tho ground
Johnstono got away perfectly when
he started his last flight Once or
twice he circled above the admiring
throng then rose to a height of 900
feet Johnstone gave some exhibitions
of aerial rough riding making his
plane dip and rise dip and rise as
though it were borne by some huge
Invisible wave
After seventeen minutes of flight
Johnstono decided to come down He
was making a fancy descent known
to aviators as the aerial spin When
at a distance of about 800 feet from
the ground his machine was noticed
to wobble several times Suddenly
it swerved and the right wing crum
pled The part that had been in
lured gave way entirely and like a
huge bird crippled by a shot It be
gan to flutter to the ground Ap
parently Jobnstone realized Instantly
that death was reaching out for him
for he hurled off his heavy headgear
and seizing the rods sought to clam
ber to the top of the aeroplane evi
dently trying to escape being caught
under the heavy machinery
The machine fell outside Overland
Park at the corner of Iowa and South
Delaware streets where a crowd had
gathered on a knoll overlooking the
park All scampered to safety save
one man who seemed not to realize
tho weight of the machine that was
coming down upon him but stood with
uplifted arms as if to catch the bird
like monster Suddenly he darted
from under and Johnstono crashed to
the ground the machinery all above
him parts of it however driven clear
through his body in which no bone
remained unbroken
Youthful Football Player Dies
Brooklyn N YAI a result of tho
Injuries suffered a week ago while
playing football thirteen year old John
Fisher died in his home Thursday He
was a member of the football team of
a public school
Roosevelts Classmate Drops Dead I
Cincinnati N H Davis president
of the Central Trust and Safe Deposit I
company dropped dead of heart dis
I ease flees Thursday He was fiftytwo
I years old opd u classmate of Theodore
I Roosevelt
EXCEED 10000000
Government Attorneys Declare Losses
Are Far Greater Than Those In
Sugar Swindle
New York Assistant United
States Attorney Whitney declare
that the woolen duties frauds against
which Collector William Loeb Jr
has begun a campaign will prove the
most stupendous swindle yet disclosed
at this port since the government be
gan Its Investigation Into customs
It is said that the losses in duties
claimed by the government will
amount to upward of 10000000
In the sugar cases which previous
ly held first place in tho amount of
money involved the full extent of tho
frauds was never ascertained but the
government obtained restitution of
more than 2000000 from tho Import
The government seeks to recover
all the money claimed to bo lost in
the last five years by alleged false In
voices for importations made by Jo
seph Brooks do Co manufacturers of
woolens worsteds and linings of
Bradford England and this city As
sistant Attorney Whitney said
This Is the biggest case of tho
kind the government has ever had
The frauds involve several woolen
manufacturing firms in England Tho
total amount of the duties which tho
government has lost through these im
portation frauds Is much greater than
in the sugar underwelgblag cases
British Warships Salute United State
Battleships and Latter
Reply In Kind
Portland EnglandThe first di
vision of the American battleship
cruising fleet which Includes Rear
Admiral Schroeders flagship the
Connecticut arrived hero Wednesday
While coming from Tor bay the
American warships passed the second
division of tbo British home fleet
which was passing out Salutes were
exchanged Tho visiting vessels also
made the customary salutes when
they entered Portland harbor
ViceAdmiral Sir William Henry
May commander of the home fleet
entertained the American admiral
and captains on his flagship the
Dreadnought Wednesday evening
The mayor and tho corporation will
give a banquet to the American om
cars while a fancy ball and other en
tertainments for the American and
British bluejackets have been ar
The men of the visiting fleet will
have all tho privileges of tho naval
canteen at Portland and of the sailors
home in Weymouth harbor This is a
courtesy never before granted to men
of foreign ships The naval recrea
tion grounds have been placed at lire
disposal of the Americans and rowing
and sailing matches between crews
of American and British seamen have
been planned
Fear Ocean Steamship la Lost
Baltimore MdAnxiety for the
safety of the British steamship Tron
gate was expressed Friday by the
agents of tho vessel here The Tron
gate railed from Boston for Baltimore
November 10
Five Seamen Are Drowned
San Franclsfco Five seamen lost
their lives Friday when a British
tramp steamer the Oraytows Castle
ran Into and sank the tug Sea Prince
Inside tho entrance to the Godef
Official Opening However Remain
January 1 1915Taft GratrHed
at Progress
Panama President Taft wearing
a white flannel suit and flap
pang Panama hat spent several hours
watching the work on tho famous
Gatun dam and was informed that the
canal would be completed December
1 1913
The official dato of tho opening re
mains January 1 1915 Lieutenant
Colonel Coethals desiring one year
In which to train tho canal tenders
and to get tho machinery working
smoothly Ships meantime will be
granted the privilege of tho canal
but at their own risk of delay Incl
dent to Inexperienced operation
In addition it was announced by
the colonel that tho report that Pres
ident Tafts visit was the forerunner
of a request of another 1100000000
from congress was unfounded The
canal will be completed In 1913 he
said within tho 375000000 already
Colonel Goothala has recommended
to President Taft that the canal be
fortified by the military government
of tho Canal zone tho army and
navy to be represented on the forti
Qcatlona board each branch of tho
service to have control of matter ap
pertaining to It
Tho president was pleased at the
outlook for tho early completion of
the great work and congratulated
Colonel Goethals Ho expressed
amazement at the amount of work
accomplished slnco nls visit to the
isthmus In February 1909
President Taft Is gratified over the
results of his three days Inspection
Wednesday he went deep down In the
Culebra cut giving especial attention
to this tho most difficult part of the
Tho president heard delegations of
mechanics and laborers who are ask
ing Increased wages based on In
creases In tho United States
Conditions hero differ from those in
tho United States ns government com
mlscary has been successful In pre
venting tho Increased cost in living
that has been general elsewhere It
in doubtful that larger wages will be
paid in the tone
Indiana Concern la Declared Not
Guilty by Jury Through In
struction of Judge
Jackson TennJudge John E Mo
Call of the United States district court
Thursday Instructed tho jury In the
case of the government against tho
I Standard Oil company of Indiana to
return a verdict of not guilty
Judge McCall sustained tho conten
tion of counsel for the dcfandant that
the United States had failed to prove
the allegations set forth In the Indict
ment The oil company has been on
trial for a week charged with recely
ing freight rate concessions In viola
lion of the socalled Elkins law
The Tennessee suit against the
Standard 011 company of Indiana was
one of a number of federal attacks
based on anti rebate laws to be In
augurated by the department of ins
tlco under the Roosevelt administra
tion and the line of prosecution Poi
lowed In n number of significant de
tails the case In which a 29000000
fine was imposed by Judge Kcneaaw
M Lundla in Chicago only to bo set
aside by the federal court of
President Gives Ex Forester Permis
lion to File Briefs In Connection
With Alaska Claims
Washington President Taft re
sponding to the request of Gifford
Plnchot former forester of tho United
States and his brother Amos Pin
chot for permission to submit a brief
on tho question of Issuing patents In
the Cunningham Alaskan coal land
claims has Informed Mr Plnchot that
he may submit such a brief and ad
vised him to send it to tho executive
office before December 1
Mr Plnchot Is thus Informed in a
letter authorized by President Taft
and written by tho secretary to the
president Charles D Norton which
was mado public Tuesday Tho letter
Is In reply to a recent communication
to the president from Mr Pinchot and
his brother expressing fear that the
interior department will recommend
the patenting of tho Cunningham
claims Robin open Freed
Nashville Tcnn Robin J Cooper
charged with the murder of Senator
Edward Ward Carmack November 9
1908 was Tuesday acquitted In the
criminal court on recommendation of
Attorney General A B Anderson
Thus was brought to a close the final
chapter in one of the most celebrated
cases In tho court annals of Tonnes
Mother Held for Child Murder
Philadelphia Mrs Anna Kelly
thirty five years old but the mother
of 19 children was Friday bold for fur
ther hearing on n charge of killing her
youngest child through neglect Four
teen of her children aro dead and five
have been adopted
Dlx Campaign Bill 4372
Albany N Y GovElect John A
Dlx spent 437232 in aid of his cam
paign according to a statement of
election expenses filed with the secre
tart of state Friday
Unique Advertisement of Tombstone
Arizona Saloon Keeper Is Ex
tremely Frank
Tho Medical Journal prints tho fol
lowing and credits It to an unidenti
fled lay exchange
Tombstone Ariz claims to havo
the frankest saloon keeper In the
United States Ho keeps tho Tcmplo
Bar saloon and advertises his business
In a remarkable manner Ho has had
curds printed bearing tho following
wordsFriends and Neighbors 1 am grate
ful for past favors and having sup
plied my store with a flno lino ot
choice liquors allow mo to Inform
you that I shall continue to mako
drunkards paupers and beggars for
tho sober Industrious respectable
part of the community to support My
liquors will exclto riot robbery and
They will diminish your comforts
Increase your expenses and shorten
life I shall confidently recommend
thorn as suro to multiply fatal acci
dents and Incurable diseases
I They will deprive nomo of life oth
cm of reason many of character and
all of peace They will make father
j fined wives widows children or
phans and all poor I will train your
sons In Infidelity dissipation Igno
rance lewdncss and every other vice
I will corrupt tho ministers of re
Ifglon obstruct tho gospel defile the
church and cause as much temporal
and eternal death as I can I will thus
accommodate tho publlcIt may be
at tbo loss of my neverdying soul
But I have a family to support the
business pays and the public eucour
ages It
I havo paid my license and tho
traffic is lawful and If i dont sell It
somebody will I know tho Blblo says
Thou shalt not kill no drunkard shall
enter tho kingdom of heaven and I
do not expect tho drunkard maker to
faro any better but I want an easy
living and I have resolved to gather I
tho wages of Iniquity and fatten on
tho ruin of my species onI
I shall therefore carry on my
business with energy and do my best
to diminish tho wealth of tho nation
and endanger the safety of tho state
As my business flourishes In proper
tlon to your sensibility and Ignorance
1 I will do my best to prevent moralL
purity and intellectual growth L
Should you doubt my ability I
refer you to tho pawnshops the poor
house tho police court tho hospital
the penitentiary and the gallows
where you will find many of my bost
customers have gone A sight of them
will convince you that I dot what I
Allow mo to inform you that you
ore fools and that I am an honest
In Practice and as Principle Is Bens
diction In Its Effect Upon Life
and Character
Wo can point with prldo to the life
work of many men as proof that to
tal abstinence In practice and as a
principle is a benediction direct and
Indirect in Its effects upon life and
character Thousands of men who be
gun life under favorable auspices have
fallen In tho prime of their manhood
without having accomplished their al
lotted work Total abstinence would
have saved thorn Moderate drinking
led them to an untimely end says an
A noted statistician of England aft
or long and careful Investigations
comparisons and observations has cs
lnbllshcd the following facts
Between the ages of fifteen and
twenty where ton total abstainers die
eighteen moderate drinkers dlo Be
tween tho ages of twenty and thirty
ton of tho former and thlrtyono of
tho latter Between thirty and forty
years forty moderate drinkers to ten
abstainers die
That Is A total abstainer twenty
years old has a fair chance of living
fortyfour years longer a moderate
drinker has a chance of living only
fifteen and onohnlf years longer
has a chance of living thirtysix and
onehalf years longer a moderate
drinker at tho same ago only thirteen
and onehalf years longer
At forty n total abstainer has R
chance of living twentyeight year
more and a moderate drinker only
eleven and twothirds
Wo may talk and wrlto as elo
quently as wo will about tho fifteen
hundred millions annually spent In
our own nation for Intoxicating Ilq
uors but half the truth is not told
unless wo add tho actual money value
of tho wasted mental and physical to
sources of thousands
of otherwise
blo and useful citizens destroyed by
moderato drinking
A Great Peril
The peril is great to tho man of
much greater for the
son of that man
who inherits high power without self
control and tho capacity to enduro
hardness Rev William Horace Day
Congregation nil st Loa Angeles Cal

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