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Berea Kentucky
Mutiny in Brazil Ended Working o f
Corporation Law Tennessee Ru
mers Extent of our Folly Parcel s
Post on way Congress toConven °
High Flight Record
A mutiny In the Unullllun Navy
which became quite general and seri
ously thrwUenid the stability of UK
Government has just come to Ion
end by mutual coaoowlonB There It
now great roJololtiK In Rio Janolru
which for several days was thwaUn
ed with bombardment Amnesty was
granted tho mutineers
Tho prc 4nt year the high water
mark has been reached In the amount
of Income by the Government from
taxes on tobaccoes and liquors and
consequently this U the year or
greatest production of thuso articles
Tho figures arc as follows x
Distilled Spirits 103000000 gallons
t Fermented liquors 694S5111 bbls
Cigars 7600000000
Smoking tobacco 402000 HH lbs
Those figures show a vast Increase
over last year Food for svloiia
Tho corporation tax law that has
been In operation now for about a
year has produced 27000000 in Ro
venue Out tho money received by
tho government Is not the greatest
benefit to be derived from the law
t The matter of protection to tho 1r
plo thru publicity Is perhaps the
thing that will commend tho law tho
most Recently tho people have bbcan
swindled out of millions by Irre
sponsible corporations but hereafter
that may be avoided by simply writ
ing to tho Treasury department to
find out tho standing oSt tho particu
lar corporation
Humors ore still afloat that the
Pattorson forces In Tennessee will
not permit Governorelect Hooper to
take his scat According to tho Ton
nessee code the legislature must meet
In joint session to canvass tho vote
for governor and declare an elec
tlon Tho rumored plan Is that the
Patterson forces are to stay away
from this session thus breaking tho
quorum and making it Impossible for
Mj Hooper to take his seat legally
In that event It Is claimed that
Governor Patterson will continue TO
hold office and turn it over at his
pleasure to the speaker of tho Senate
This begins to smack of South and
Central America
Washington reports aro to tho ef
fect that President Taft on tho open
ing of Congress next Monday will
I nominate Charles Evans Hughes now
an associate justice to succeed tho
lato Chief Justice Fuller Senator
Southorland of Utah to succeed Jus
tice Hughes and William S Gum
mere of New Jersey to succeed Justice
Moody There is but little doubt that
tho first appointment will bo made
I tho sonata of course concurring with
out objection or question Out a
Devoted to the Interests of the Mountain People
IThere are but few communities in eastern Keutucky that have
I not felt tho influence of one or more of the many denominational
schools that have been established within the last thirty years
There is nut a single county in all the mountain district that bas not
Ii been blessed with one such school mjd some of them have had and
now have two or three
IAnd these same denominations Lave done great thjngs in other
I ways In some places they have established and maintained
churches in other places they have tided andencouraged churches
already established or again they have simply supported Sunday
schools Everywhere are the evidences of this work It is manifest to the
casual observer who travels through the country in any direction
Here are school buildings structures of wood or of brick Baptist
Methodist Presbyterian Congregational Disciple and Episcopal
Sometimes they are found in the county seats sometimes they are
in smaller villages and sometimes they stand out alone on the heads
of tho creeks
Aud tvhere tho schools are not found the churches may be seen
seldom a log structure more often framed and painted white with
piro pointed heavenward sentinels all of uplift of progress
But the chief evidence of this work of the churches is not
phYlllcal It is spiritual It can quly ho realized fully lIy one
I whoso memory can span the thirty or thirtyfive years who can
compare the then with the now in natters moral intellectual and
aesthetic or by one who must call himself a product of these schools
and churches
churchestit way for those of us who have been born and raised in
the mountains to estimate tho magn tide of the influence for good
exerted upon us and our homes by these two forces the schools and
churches since this movement of uplift began is to imagine its ab
lIonceto picture our lives and communities unblessed by these two
agencies Where wouldwe be tlTll would lie our condition O It
is not anything to boast of as it is but the thought of what it would
have been is one that we do not wantto entertain very long
We are face to face then with a great obligation Our debt is
But the significant thing is not that the schools and churches were
established and have been doing their work The significant thing
is that they were established in nearly every instance by oulsiders
t that they have been officered chiefly by outriders have drawn their
chief support from beyond our borders quite largely from without
tho state And the most significant thing of all is that we have ac
quiesced iu all this We have done morewe have invited it Gladly
have we received tho gifts and the help We have plead and still
plead for them We have almost had our feelings hurt because our
cries were not heard more quickly and our demands more fully met
But the response has been most generous and why ptcuuse
thousands of eolle believed what the papers said about usbelier
belieflx i7 no strongly that they were willing to open their purse strings
for tfllIfere willing to spend their lives with us and for us And
not only did they believe what they heard about us they thought
our cry was sincere they took it for our confession of need
o And it was sincere but wo were slow to see that the plea and the
acceptance of help were a confession and later on thai our great
debt WHS and is our indictment
Every plea for assistance for an individual frr a lurch or lor
a school by us or acquiesced in by us is a confession and every ben
eficiary every church erected or maintained in whole or in part by
outside contributions Missionary Moneyand every Fchcol estab
Ii lib Oll supported or endowed by the benevolent beyond our borders
is our indictment
It is nobodys shame that the work bus been done It is to tho
eternal credit of all the good The shame and the disgrace are ours
not that it has been done but that we did not do it ourselves
Fora hundred years our common schools and our High Schools
ought to have done all the work that the Denominational Schools
have found it necessary to do for us and much more We ought to have
been lIeJC8uprortin and selfgoverning and we ought to be so now
But until we are able to help ourselves or as long as we un
willingly confess and the indictment stands as a true bill against us
for the sake of consistency we shall have to be rather meek under
criticism unless it is plainly mercenary and malicious
This is what the editor thinks on the other side of the question
Cause of Defeat and VictoryFuture of Both Parties
I Special Correspondence
political prospects of Theodore Roos
volt 1
General Answer
This question is usually answered
according to time preconceived opin
Icon and prejudices of the listener
apparently without much thought
and consequently without much judg
mont It is assumed by all the
Democratic press and most of that
party as well as by all that part
of the Republican Party known as
Stan patters that tho vote In Now
Continued on fifth page
Knowledge 1s powerand the
way to keep up with modern
knowledge is to read a good
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change as to tho other two vacancies
may possibly occur
tho report of his department to con
grew will recommend a limited Par
cols Post for the rural routes of the
country Eleven pounds will bo the
maximum package The department
desires In this way to tent tho sys
torn before recommending a general
Parcels Post for tho country There
have never been but four objections te
the Parcels Post the four oxpres
companies This was the torso gum
mlng up of tho opposition by former
Postmaster General John WananmUe
Tho short session or third session
of tho GIst Congress will convene
Monday December Rth ThU will La
tho last opportunity PrmUdent TaCt
will have to suggest legislation to a
Republican congress and his mos
mgo Is looked forward to with a
I Continued on fifth Iage
I1huro aro a jor features of
Time Citizen that we deslro to call
I The first page Ixjglns tho news as
usual This feature is scattered thru
out the paper but page second Is
given up entirely to it
I Wo are particularly anxious that
I every ono who read tho editorial last
week on What docs tho Editor
think about It shall read tho one
on tho other side of the subject
this week and wo shouldnt object
to knowing what Is thought about It
I On the first page will also be
found tho beginning of an article by
one of our contributors that should
not bo ignored by thoso who arc In
terested In politics
ITho Now News of Yesterday on
Pogo seven will bo found Interesting
and tho farmers columns on page six
Two other articles of great Impor
tance are those on tho New Vital
I Statistics Bureau and the Christmas
Salo of Red Cross seals
I And in this issue we have special
pride In our ads Look them over
There is money In It
Hill Top Ky
November 26 1910
To the Editor ot The Citizen
To those of your readers who toko
an Interest In politics and those who
do 1I0tTho Rover has a word to
Bay anent the result of the recent
The First Question
Ono question seems uppermost In
the thought of every mind What ef
feet will the great democratic vic
tory have on tho course and future
Your Boy
Two dollars deposited at 4 per cent inter
est every week in our Savings Department from
the time your boy is born until he is 18 years
of age would amount to over 250000
This would pay his way through college or
Buy him a home when he marries or
Enable him to seize some good business
opportunity when he is of age
And you wouldnt miss the money Fig
ure it out for yourself
Work of State Association for Study
and Prevention of Tuberculosis
What Ten Thousand Dollars from
Red Cross Seals will do in tho check
Ing of consumption In Kentucky Is
explained In a bulletin Issued by the
Kentucky Association for the Study
and Prevention of Tuberculosis
Counting every available bed for
consumptives in Kentucky them are
at the present time accommodations
for hardly 125 tuberculosis patients
This Is just about one bed for every
160 consumptives In the State If
sufficient hospital accommodations
aro provided for only those who are
too poor to pay the full price for
their treatment fully 10000 more
beds in special insttltutlons for tuber
culosis would be needed at once Tho
immense outlay necessary to provide
and maintain so many beds In hos
pitals makes It imperative the Ken
tucky Asosciatlon for the Study and
Prevention of Tuberculosis declares
that such Institutions be erected
from public money either municipal
county or state In order to get ap
propriations for public hospitals for
tuberculosis agitation is accessary
and in order to create a campaign of
agitation organization is demanded
But In order that an organization ma y
carry on an effective campaign funds
are needed
These funds it Is proposed to se
cure in as many communities as pos
sible from tho sale of Red Cross
The State Association cites one
Illustration of the way In which a
small sum spent In education has secured
cured large approplatlons The New
York State Charities Aid Associa
I tion in the three years 1008 1009 and
1910 has spent in the upstate por
e tlon of New York about 55000 In
arousing the people to the dangers
I of tuberculosis As a direct result
of the public sentiment produced by
this outlay the state county and
I municipal authorities have already
Continued on last Pace
If You are and Dont Go We Will Both Lose 7 Money
You Should Always go to
WELCHS and Save the Difference I
i Mine Disaster Contest In 7th Dis
I trictKentucky Corn ShowSupt
Coats Promotion Enters for Gov
Congressman Den Johnson of the f
i Fourth District opened his campaign
for Governor In a speech at Bowling
Green Monday Ho paid his respects to T
McCreary and others In characteristic
Kentucky Democratic fashion which
Is an Indication of what may be ex i
pected for the next year possibly the
reenacting of the scenes and the
wrangle of 1S99
Joseph Wendllng was brought to
trial In the Criminal court In Louis
jvlllo Monday Soma time was con
sumed in securing a jury and it 1st
expected that all the delay tactics pos
1 slblo will bo used by the defense
I The Supremo Court of tho linjtod
States on Monday dismissed tho cuss
I of Charles Richardson against former
I Secretary of State McChesney Tho
j purpose ot this case was to test theI
I constitutionality of the so called
Gerrymander of 1900 by which thf
I legislature rearranged and put to
I gether Democratic counties so as to
i rescntatlves to congress and Republl
can counties as to make as few Repub
Bean representatives as possible the
I chief complaint being as to tho 11th
Congressional District The court did
not pass upon the merits of tho case
but dismissed It because the thins
it sought to remedythe election of
November 8th had already occurred
A terrific explosion in n mine near
Providence Ky entombed ten mln
I ere last Friday Nothing could be t
dono toward their rescue all night
yowing to the escaping black damp
Tho Government rescue car arrived
early Saturday morning and all the <
ten were taken out dead +
Tht rescue officials will remain nt
tho scene of the disaster for some l
days to give Instruction to the min
ers and operators in the use of v =
I helmets and other rescue apparatus
i Agriculture Rankln will contest the
j seat of congressman Cantrlll In the
C2d congress Rankin Was defeated
by Cantrlll In tho Into election The
ground of contest Is said to bo the
old charge of bribery in connection
with the location of tho capitol when
Cantrlll was a member of the State
I Senate
I Tho First annual corn show will be
held at the College of Agriculture
I In Lexington on Jan 3 to G Thero
will be good premiums for various
classes of corn and special premiums
will be provided for members of
I boys clubs that bring exhibits During
the show special lectures will ben
the breeding and cultivation ot corn
Tho committee appointed by tho
I Good Roads Association to outline tl
a bill to bo submitted to the Legis
lature met In Louisville last week
and drew up1a tentative bill The
proposed bill provides for the appoint
anent of a highway commissioner and
two assistants who shall have super
vision and direction of tho construc
tion of all metal roads In the state
The bill also provides for the levy of
a tax not to exceed G coats on flOO
for tho purpose of aiding tho sever
al counties In building roads
I The Good Roads Association will
meet In Louisville Dec 28 and 29th
Continued l on fifth page

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