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December 29 1910 THE CITIZEN Page Three
Chief Horan and Many Others
Slain at Morris Plant Blaze
in Chicago
LOSS MAY BE 3000000
Assistant Chief Burroughs and Many
Other Officer Are Among Victims
Comrades of Dead Men Dig Fran
tlcally for Dodleo Severe 1 Corpses
Recovered From Ruins
Chicago Dec 23IIro Chief James
Koran Ar lstnnt Chief Burroughs and
Captains Collins and Doyle perished
with 30 other firemen In a flro which
dmtroycd tho beef plant of Morris
Co ul tho stockyards
Scoron of firemen wero injured Tho
property loss may reach moro than
Flro Chief Ilornns body was recov
Nod after repeated efforts to move
tho smoldering debris under which ho
was buried
Tho flames spread so rapidly that
the llromcti worn powerless to save
Chief Horan
the plant The entire stock yards dls
trlct woe threatened
Hugo tanks of tallow stood direct
ly In the path of tho flames and threat
ened to explode
Among the Dead
Company No 09
CAIT IJBNN18 DOYIB of Engine Com
CApaInry No 31
Command of the three engine com
panics mlHslnir and tlloved to have nut
death In tin llamas am
Engine Company No >
MAl CC J pIaICUyLAua lli Cant
Kntfno Company No 30
HtiKlnn Company No 110
nine Company No SI
Company No S >
Hugo tanks of ammonia exploded
and wrecked tho buildings in tho beef
houso of tho packing plant Tho walls
tottered and crumbled burying fire
man beneath tho ruins
Tho deadly ammonia fumes spread
Firemen who wero not killed by the
collapse of tho walls succumbed from
tho effects of the ammonia gases
Scores of other firemen ware injur
ed and are dying In various hospitals
Extra calls were sent In every tow
minutes for additional firofightlng ap
paratus For n Umo it was feared tho
ontlro stock yards would be destroyed
It wall tho most serious conflagra
tion that lias threatened Chicago since
tho big lire of 1871 Hundreds of lives
wero endangered For hours the flro
mon battled with tho flames
Tho entire beef plant was destroy
ed It was hours beforo tho firemen
wero ablo to get within half a block
of the plant
It Is not known how many lost their
lives but the number may roach 50
Tho mon woro at work on the
around floor when n tremennous ex
plosion occurred Instantly the walls
crumbled and fell on them Not a
Htnglo man was able to escape
Immediately afterward huge flames
sprang up and the burled nen had
not chance for their lives
Rescuers Are Driven Bac
Scores of firemen rushed to the res
cue but wore driven back by the In
tense heat and tho deadly funea of
Ono after another was overcome
and fell to the ground Meantime the
walls fell on tho various cldos of the
building and buried firemen who were
Call after call was sent In for rein
forcements A dozen patrol wagons
took the injured to hospitals
Loud cheering greeted the appear
ance of Liout George O Eerkley Pipe
man James F Foster and Engineer
William Halley who were thought to
have been buried in tho ruins
Tho men were supposed to bodcad
but succeeded In fighting their way
through a crevice They had reached
the outsldo when both men fell to
tho ground unconscious and were
dragged to safety by companions
Search for Chief Horan
Tho discovery was quickly made
that Chief Horan was missing but It
was believed ho had succeeded In es
caging A search was made for him
without success Then It became
known that ho had been in the build
Ing and directing the firemen when
tho explosion occurred
An abandoned lead ot hose was
found and then it becamo known that
tho members of engtno company 29
woro missing
This was followed by tho discovery
that tho members of engine companies
39 and C9 wero missing Members of
other companies also could not bo
found and as tho flames progressed It
was reported that tho loss ot Ufo
would probably reach 50 if not more
Groans till tho air Fireman after
roman was dragged from beneath the
ruins It was not believed one of
them would recover All had been
caught beneath the falling walls when
tho explosion occurred
Moro than 100 engines responded to
the various calls and tons of water
wero poured on tho flame tut It soon
becamo evident that tho building was
doomedA water tank at one corner of
tho building showed signs of toppling
oter adding to the horror but after
swaying whllo the crowd looked on
helplessly it held firm A dash was
mado for tho building by firemen and
spectators in an effort to save tho
burled firemen A burst of flamo and
heavy sraoko drovo them back all but
suffocating the front rank ol roe
Floors Fall on the Men
Chief Moran and Assistant Chief
Burroughs woro standing just Inside
tho walls of tho burning building di
recting tho work at the mon of com
panics 69 39 and 29 when tho walls
wero blown out with a report like a
cannon Tho second floor of the build
Ing collapsed burying all tho men
Tho three other floors of tho building
held Again and again tho reaoue partlci
tried to fight u way Into tho debris
but flames and smoke proved tot
much for them A dozen hoso plpef
were turned on tho smoldering mas
which broke into flames every few
minutes but tho water appeared U
have no effect For more than an haul
tho men battled with tho stubbon
smoldering mass
Ignore Burns In Rescue Work
Burns tnd bruises wore Ignored it
the heroic efforts to tear away tin
redhot brickwork and blazing booms
but whenever tho men fought theli
way to their comrades pyro a burs
j of flames would again drive them
Meantime other firemen had mode
for the other side ot tho building and
were attempting to tear out the wal
there In an effort to got at the burled
men They wero compelled to desist
when It was soon that further efforts
would probably precipitate tho othol
floors on tho debris and thus rendoi
rescue utterly impossible
Battle to Halt Spread
A terrific battle was waged by flro
men to prevent the flames spreading
to Armour Co and other packing
establishments across Loomis street
Constant streams ware kept playing
on tho front of theso structures whllo
tho flames blown In all directions by
tho wind Aided by tho draft created
by their own heat licked tho vory
walls Tho dripping water froze un
ill an Ice sheeting more than an inch
thick was formed The flames how
ever molted this every time a puff of
wind blow them against the buildings
Firemen Rapidly Overcome
Every available firefighting appar
atus was on tho scene and every fire
plug within reaching distance of the
flames was In uso
Men were overcome so rapidly by
smoko and tho heavy vapors from tho
hldo room that ambulances from all
hospitals in tho neighborhood were
called Into requisition and physicians
from nearby aided the hospital doc
tors In tending the half suffocatod fire
menMoro than 2COO mon wero employed
In the three buildings All of these
appeared when the fire started and
aided in checking tho spread of the
flataes to other buildings by mounting
tho roofs and stamping out blazlas
cinders blown there
Efforts to Reach 320 Men Entombed
In English Gallery Have Proved
Bolton England Dec 23Although
rescue parties forked throughout the
night in the Little Hulton colliery
whore an explosion occurred they did
not succeed In reaching the level
where 320 mon aro entombed
Ship and 21 Given Up
Hamburg Dec 23Tho French
steamer Savona owned by Sloman
Co of this city Is bollovcd to have
been lost with her crow of 21 while
bound from this port for Naples The
Savona Is a sister ship of the Palormq
which was recently lost
l New Years Day at White House I I
President Taft Mrs tan I
The social season in Washington
opens nominally with tho assembling
of congress In reality It blooms fully
only with tho Wblto House reception
on New Years day This Is always
ono of tho most beautiful functions of
tho winter The groat conservatories
into which ono enters from a back
door of the Executive Mansion are
rifled for choicest flowers with which
to docorato every room Palms and
ferns add their touch of summer green
hero and there and tho ladles appear
In their freshest toilettes
It is truly tho presidents reception
lIe and his wife aro supposed to be
receiving alone though in point of
fact the wives of cabinet ministers
and othr Il1dlos assist Thoy9tand In
lino In tho oral shaped Blue Room
perhaps the most beautiful of tho
White House parlors in its furnishings
of pale bluo and gold
From eleven in the morning until
half past one or later tho procession
of guests flies by First comes tho
nupremo court in a body headed by
tho chief Justice Then approach tho
members of tho diplomatic corps most
of them far more stately and distin
guished In manner than our plain cltlI
The Old Man
With the Scythe
HE wonderful new year
has a way of coming I
I round once In Jwolvo
months seeming so much
the same when It dawns
upon us as tho ono Just
passed that we hardly realize another
ono has been added to thoso who an
swer to the roll call of Time
When wo do realize it there Is al
ways a bit of silence except with the
childrenwith them everything is
now as wo think of the fresh book of
three hundred and Blxtyflvo leaves
that opens In its whiteness for us to
fill the pages And wo hopo that tho
record will be better than any pre
vious one whether tood or ill And
wo put up a little prayer that wo may
make good our nobler resolves and
measure up toward our high ideals
go that the world shallbo better tor
our having lived this year
It Is a good time to be optimistic
to believe with Drowning that
Gods In His Heaven I Alls well
with tho world when time begins
throwing his white roses at us and
every passing year puts into his laden
wallet a little light from the eyes
a little bloom and softness from tho
checks a little gloss and color from
the hair a little lightness from the
step and bestows upon us in their
stead a varied assortment of odds
and ends which are as to value ex
actly what we choose to make them
It noeds a little moral alchemy to
turn them Into gold and diamonds
pearls and opals but with this trans
forming touch Times gifts area
growing patience which brings sweet
ness and gentleness In tho train And
all of these things write them
selves clearly enough on ageing
faces sometimes beautifying what
was once almost destitute of charm
and sometimes spiritualizing what
once was beautiful in form and color
but lacked tho loveliness that results
from on equal balanco of mind and
zens and dazzling In their uniforms
decorations and orders
1 Tho officers of the army and nary
rival them however In their gay full
dross uniforms as they come next in
I the line
More soberly clad senators and rep
rosuntativcs and other officials follow
thom and then comes the motley crowd
of tho general public rich and poor
small and great Every ono enjoys a
handshake with tho president and his
wife then passes on Into tho Red
Room and beyond Occasionally one I
hoars a stranger say My father
went to school with your father or iI
knew you when you were a baby Did
you ever hear your mother speak of
Miss Sally Sparks and other quaint
nnd Intimate speeches Sometimes upon
hearing one the taco of the president
lights up and his set conventional
smllo falls like a mask It Is a sight
worth seeing
Never have a more cordial and so
daily accomplished host and hostess
presided over tho White House than
President and Mrs Taft Tho corn
ing Now Years reception thoro may
I confidently bo expected to prove one I
of the most successful in Its history
I Times New Lucky Bag
I Master IDag
I Ot7 JrLJ1 3A
i happy one to you happy to many
more whose happiness depends
on you I So may each year be
happier than tho last and not
tho meanest of our brethren or
sisterhood debarred their right
ful share in what they wero
I formed to enjoy Dlckenss
I Hail and Farewell
A New Years Wish
I wish you happiness throughout
the coming year and tho I may not
always tell you so the thought and
the wish will bo yours just tho same
Whatever joy or success cornea ti
you it will main me glad
r 6
r 11 I
Sheriff Wants to Live Up to Law
Omitted Tax Raise
Frankfort In order to mako some
arrangement with the state officials by
which ho can renew his bond as sher
iff without being held to tho strict let
tar of tho law A M Kmlcr eherifT of
Jefferson county was In Frankfort
with Scott Dullltt county attorney
Frank P James state auditor told Mr
Emlor that tho state officials would
work out eomo satisfactory solution ofI
the problem which Is a novel one
Tho trouble la caused by tho action
to provont tho raise in the asscsment
of the property in Jefferson county
This suit was brought by citizens of
Ixjutevllle and was hung up for some
time in tho courts In tho meantime
the sheriff collected taxes without the
12 per cent Increase
When the courts held that the raise
was legal It became necessary for tho
sheriff to collect tho Increase from all
the taxpayers Ho can not do this
now in time to get his quietus and
give now bond as tho law requires
The auditor said it was an unusual
case but arrangements would be made
so that Mr Ernlcr could give his bond
and go on with his duties
Mother Who Went to Rescue Fatally
Campton Tho 3yearold child of
John Li Tront a farmer of Hirams
Dranch this county was burned to
death The child was loft In the houso
by itself while Its mother went to a
spring nearby to get a bucket of water
and aa sho was returning eho hoard
tho child scream Tho mother ran to
ward the little ono only to find Its
clothes enveloped In flames Whon
tho mother reached the child It was
burned so badly that it only lived a
few moments In trying to extinguish
tho flames on tho childs clothing Mrs
Trent was burned so badly that sho Is
not expected to live
Annual Meeting of Kentucky Members
and Election of Officers
Louisville Tho annual meeting of
the Virginia Society in Kentucky was
held and officers for tho ensuing year
are MaJ John H Leathers presi
dent Judge A E Richards presll
prosldont Charles E Hose second
vice president George H Wilson eec
rotarytreasuror F J Walz record
ing secretary Preparations were
made for tho celebration of George
Washingtons birthday Several well i
known speakers have accepted imita I
tions to be present
IMt Sterling The residence of Da
vid Saylor was burned to the ground
with all tho contents Tho lose 2500
is partly Insured Fire also destroyed
tho residence of Sonny Robinson in
tho same neighborhood entailing a
loss of over 2000 Defective flues
caused both fires
Glasgow Junction Tho fine coun
try homo of Mrs J T B UUomratera
was burned The fire is nupposed to
have started from a defective flue and
tho loss is 5000 with 2500 insurance
This home was known as the DrJ Y
Wilson home and was one of the most I
beautiful in this county
Sharpsburg Clarence Seniors 20
accidentally shot Elijah Jones 18 in
tho thigh at tho home of Seniors
Prison Board Issues a Letter to Coun
ty Officers
Frankfort Instructions to sheriffs
and circuit court officials showing
from what counties prisoners lire sent
to each penitentiary have been sent
out by W F Grayot secretary of the
prison commission On account of
tho contracts which tho state has for
tho labor of the convicts It has not
been possible to put into effect tho
now law creating a reformatory This
Is explained in the letter which also
tells what prisoners ore to bo brought
to Frankfort and what cent to Eddy
Condition of Son of Convict Prompted
the Action
Frankfort Because the son of
Scott Keton a convict from Whltley
county lost his legs in a ral road acct
dent recently Gov Wlllson1 pardoned
Keeton who had but eighteen more
days to servo out a fiveyear sentence
for manslaughter Kooton was a dep
uty sheriff and killed a man whom he
was trying to arrest
Interesting Romance With Usual Hap
py Termination
Frajikfort Reunited through Ute
efforts of Mrs J C C Mayo wife of
tho millionaire coal land owner poll
tician and clubman of Palutsvlllc aft
or an ostrangemcut said to have been
caused by a third person 9 Anna
Adams of Oatlotteburg Mrs Mayos
cousin and Howard S Eatlll a proml
nenttcoal operator ot Lexington wero
mndo man and wife at Cincinnati
Cemo to Cincinnati at onoa You
shall no longer be denied tOO girl of
your heart road a mossago wlrich
Mrs Mayo sent to Mr EstlH
That gontleman was endeavoring to
drown Ms sorrow in business He
tore open the telegram in a business
like manner In loss titan five minutes
an answer was being clicked off by
tho telegraph operator at Lexington
and in a tow minutes later it was do
livered to Mrs Mayo
J J C Mayo Gen Percy Holey and
Congressman C B Slemp wore nastily
summoned and when they arrived in
Cincinnati wero whirled to too Staten
where tho bride and the bridegroom
Mrs Mayo and two men of tho cloth
Rov Dr J R Savage pastor of the
Mctluxllst Episcopal church South of
Covington and tho Rev Dr Cyrus M
Yocum pastor of the Central Christian
church of Cincinnati awaited them
Brothers One a Deputy Marshal Killed
In Kentucky Town
Mt erllngCllnton Alien aoputy
United States marshal and his Iwoth
er Walter were shot to death In u
pistol fight hero with James Tipton a
special policeman anil Michael Gib
bons a saloonkeeper Tho battle took
place in front of Gibbons saloon Ac
cording to witnesses Clinton Allen and
Tlpton quarreled and when the fed
eral officer drew a revolver the police
man took it away from him Walter
Allen then drew a revolver and Gib
bons went to Uptons aid During tlio
battle the brothers were killed Gib
bons and Tipton wore arrested
Whlteuburg Tho suit ot tho Lex
ington Eastern Railroad Co against
James II Frailer a merchant oT this
city for right of way through Fraelers
property near here was tried out in
court hero resulting in a verdict of
25000 for damages to Mr Frazlor
Louisville Announcement Vms
made here that William J Dickinson
or Yonkers N Ybl been elected sec
ond vies president of the Louisville
and Nashville raDrcwd to succeed A
W Morrlss resigned Mr Dickinson
was formerly third vice president and
resigned In 190D For 15 yoors ho waa
connected with the company lit tho
capacity of chief clerk of tho traffic
deportment assistant auditor of re
ceipts and auditor of receipts
Maysvllle Word was received hero
that tho government in building dams
11n the Ohio river lead decided to locate
dam 33 one and onehalf miles below
dated at Wellsburg Theso damn willi
coat nearly 1500000 each and will
give a twentyfive mile pool at water
nine feet deep at this point
Richmond Dr W IL Jones who
accidentally shot his right heel off
while hunting was brought here
where it Is beHoved on amputation ot
tho limb will bo necessary He silt
fered six hours before medical aid was
reached Tho discharge of tho gun
was caused by the hammer catching In
a brush
Louisville Charles Dorst a boiler
maker had a narrow escape from
scalding to death Ho crawled into
ono of the hugo spiral tubes and one
Iiono the workmen at tho engine who
did not know that he was there turn
ed on tho foot water When the first
dash drenched Dorst he hastily scram
bled out Just as the boiling flood rush
ed iiiA delay often seconds would
haw caused his death
Irvine For tho second time Mrs
Amelia Belle Allen of Broathltt coun
ty was placed on trial on a charge of
murder She is alleged to hive env
tered tho homo of Mrs Amelia Tutt
and shot tho latter as she knelt at a
babys cradle On the first trial Mrs
Allen was convicted and sonlencod to
Ufo imprisonment She obtained a
new trial
Louisville Judge Henry S Barker
presidentelect of Kentucky State uni
varsity will assume the active duties
of his office on January 2 and will be
in the presidents chair at the reopen
ing ot the school session after the
Christmas holidays on January 3
Versailles One of tho oldest land
marks in tho county was destroyed
by fire The house which Is situated
in the Big Spring bottom was built
In tho year 1750 by Cant Searcy aa
early settler of this county and at th
time o its destruction was the prop
erty ol ane Searcy of Chicago
Shephordsvlllo In the Bedford
murder case the Jury hung seven be
Ing tor a life sentence and five for
manslaughter carrying with It a term
of from two to twentyone years in the

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