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Royal is the
R toonly baking
powder made
from Royal
Grape Cream
of Tartar
Highest in
Efficiency Leavening
Hot Breads
Mr J 1C linker has bought from
Mr T P Wyatt tho tract of land
just outsldo of tho corporation beyond
tho L N depot The tract orabra
cos ninetyeight acres and sold for
ton thousand dollars In tho transac
tion Mr Wyatt becomes tho owner
of Mr Bakers rcslaenco on tho east
side of Doono Street Mr Baker how
ever will continuo to lIe at his pre
sent resldenco
V Theso transactions wore brought
about by Mr U S Wyatt one of
Boroas real estate agents who him
self has just purchased the ton aero
tract known as the Hart land on
Scaffold Cane Plko at tho edge of
town I
townB II Gabbard was in town last Friday
day and Saturday
Duster Brown caused great excite
mont among the children for a couple
of days last week Ho and his mother
and Tlgo arrived from St Louis on
Wednesday and tho rest of tho day
and Thursday Buster led all tho
youngsters in all kinds of games and
pranks On Thursday afternoon a
splendid performance was given by
hIm and Tlgo In Masonla Hall Tho
room was crowded with spectators
Tho following Christmas greeting
written by a much loved Berca teach
er will speak deeply to her many
And what of cheer as this another
Dawns with its hope and fear
Just this anew no dream can tie
Bears not promise ou its radiant
No pain can crush but In Its freight
ed stay
Prepares tho heart for deeper Joys
to come
No doubt can plow the soul that
leaves not
Furrow for Gods seed to grow
E 11 Yocum
Continued from lint pge 1
Mr Curneglo recently turned over
to a board of trustees constitut
ed at his direction ten million dol
lars Tho interest on this huge sum
is to bo used by those trustees to pro
mote pence Tho sum available each
year will bo about five hundred thou
sand dollars Tho gift has been bail
ed with delight by people everywhere
who are unablo to consider war any
thing elso than a stigma upon our
civilization This gift ought to do
much to put an end to the barbarism
of war
It is said that twothirds of the
ballots in Adams County Ohio are
sold to the highest bidder This is
tho result of investigations instituted
by Judgo A Z Blair who caused thoI
grand jury action which has resulted
In the Indictment of 050 persons and
114 convictions It Is expected that
over 600 arrests will be mado and tho
total number of persons Indicted nuy
reach 2000 or more According to
Judge Blair this practice of buying
I and selling votes linn been going on
for the last thirtyfive years Some
I have already been found guilty and
fined and many have been disfranchis
ad for five years
Private advices received from China
I state that the great famine them is
becoming serious It has so far af
fected 3000000 persons and 1000000
is urgently needed for their aid In l
the northern part of tho KiangSu and
An Hul provinces it is perhaps wore I
i than in other places The Chinese
government and people are generously
contributing teller but It is insuffici
ent Tho International committee or
ganized at Shanghai proposes that
missionaries cooperate with generous
Chinese to ralso funds and distribute
as help must bo carried on at least
until May
Former Boren Student and Magoffin
IFormer Co Boy
J S PenIx a former student of Uo
rea College a young man from Ma
goffin County Is now teaching In tho
public schools of Tennessee being
principal of a school near tho city
of Chattanooga How To Teach A
District School by Prof Dinsmore
of Boren College is tho main book bo
teaches in tho Hamilton County insti
tutes which meet once each month
on Saturdays this book being in
cluded In the reading circle of Tonn
csseo for public schools
Mr PenIx is well known in Berca
having boon a student hero and very
active in the city lie is also well
known in Eastern Kentucky and lov d
as an ablo and industrious teacher
lIe has always boon a very hard work
er and a faithful student and has
managed by his own labor to gradu
ato from the University of Chattanoo
ga Chattanooga Tenn receiving tho
degree of LL B last May I
couldnt begin to compare with
ISAACS Flour Well not say it
makes bread like mother made for
it makes a whole lot better Try
a sack and even the most critical
husband will have nothing to say
about mother and her baking He
will eat your bread and thank his
stars he is married to such a fine
Tho December Cosmopolitan makes
a notable contribution to the growing
list of causes for tho present high
cost of living in an article under
this heading It suggests a euro that
can bo practiced by rich and poor
city and country folks
Every housekeeper will enjoy read
ing Itnnd what is more to the point
she will do some thinking And she
will have more money to spend for
Christmas next year
Do you own a yardstick a set of
good scales or a quart measure Thes
simple things applied to our purchases
would according to tho U S Inspec
tor of Weights and Measures undoubt
edly save us many dollars a year
Too often our ladles go bargain hunt
Ing and in tho effort to save a few
cents get either poor quality or short
quantity They frequently say Now
that 1vo got it home I dont know
what I want with It But it seem
ed such a bargain
How many over measured the mo
lasses that camo in a quart can or
the oatmeal that came in a pack
age How many over bought dress
goods supposed to be 42 inches wide
and found it only 38 inches wide
Mr Gordon says How much do
wo pay for oven at supposedly high
prices that we dont get
But dont blame your local deal
er alone lIe is being cheated too
Ho gets what his customers want
and demand Tho big wholesalers
in our large cities are corrupting
thousands of small dealers throughout
the entire country
Tho article calls upon housekeepers
and retailers to insist on an honest
deal and to do what they can to
help the government In their efforts
to correct these abuses
Katherine S Bowcrsox
Continued from fiat page
In fact it ought to be in tho bands
of every teacher and trustee in tbo
state and It is to bo hoped that it
will be It treats of tho location of
school houses water supply and gen
eral sanitary conditions as well as
furniture heating lighting and venti
lation The bulletin is beautifully
Illustrated with cuts of school houses
illustrating conditions that ought not
cally Ideal in environment and equlp
mont It also has many plans for
buildings as well as outlines for mo
dern heating systems which ought
to appeal to all boards that have in
prospect the erection of new school
houses Tho Citizen commends these
bulletins most heartily
Samuel Hopkins Adams Makes
Strong Plea for Holiday Stickers
Suppose in your newspaper you
wore to see this headline heavy
typed Across tho middle of tho page
A Million More In Desperate Peril
It would startle you wouldnt It
Undoubtedly But the sensational ox
lJre lon of the fact not tho fact
Itself would administer the jolt to
your faculties For tho fact is con
stantly before us all and btartlcs no
body Two hundred thousand Ameri
cans died last year of consumption
Ono million moro are now beset by
tho same peril These in turn are
infecting or will infect their hundreds
of thousands of others All need
less all preventable all a sheer and
terrible waste of life
Possibly you yourself will be one
of tho hundreds of thousands strlck
Knows You
Can Buy
en There is at least ono chance in
nine of it Probably someone near
and dear to you will bo a victim
There Is more than an oven chance
of that p
What are you going to do about It
What can you do about Ill
Buy a Red Cross Seal
Sounds absurd doesnt It In the
face of tho most potent scourge of
tho human race devastation more
swooping than that of war or earth
quake you are invited to do your
part with a penny stamp Well a
stamp isnt much in Itself but it may
typify mighty forces It was a stamp
which typified tyranny lashed this
country in to the struggle for nation
ality And now theso stamps typify
the struggle against the nations
mightiest foe of today Every one
of theso little squares means a cent
for tho campaign Sixty million
havo already been issued and dis
tributed over tho length and breadth
of the country You can get them
from your church from your local
antituberculosis organization from
tho Y M C A or falling these
wry to the National Association of
tho Study and Prevention of Tuber
culosis at 105 East 22d Street Now
York City
Fifty million seals means 600000
What can 500000 do toward saving
a million consumptives Not much it
is true But it can do miracles to
ward preventing tho further spread
of tho disease through eighty mil
lion Americans Every seal means a
warning Every warning may mean
a Ufo saved Education and educa
tion only persistent unremittcnt
lotting in of the lIghtthat and that
alono will wipe out tho Great Whlto
So whether you buy one of the
gay little red and green seals to put
on tho back of an envelope or ten
thousand wherewith to paper a room
you will be doing your part in the
great campaign A million for tuber
culosis is its battle cry and tho red
cross flag on the seal its banner It
li the war of one and all upon a com
mon enemy Get Into tho fight
though it bo only a cents worth
Samuel Hopkins Adams
Report of thb Condition of THE BEREA BANK C TRUST CO
Bank doing business at the town of Berca county of Madison the
State of Kentucky at the close of business on the 15th day of Dec
ember 1910
Loans and Discounts 13842113
Duo from Banks 1081001
Actual Cash on hand 408580
Overdrafts 305800
Current Expenses and taxes paid 005700
Real Estate 1332043
Furniture and Fixtures 882012 1715855
Total 18710108
Capital Stock paid in in Cash f 2500000
Surplus 500000
Undivided Profits 1135820 1035820
Deposits on which interest is paid 3857058
Deposits on which interest is not paid 0216086
Total Deposits 13074044
Cashiers Checks outstanding 238
Notes aud Bills rediscounted 1500000
Total 18710108
County ol Madison I511
I W H Porter President of the above named Bank do solemnly swear that
the above statement in true to the best of my knowledge and belief
W H PORTER President
Subscribed and sworn to before me by W H Porter this 28th day of December I
H C WOOLF Notary Public
Best Patent Flour 65 cents
Best Meal 60 cents
20c Coffee 15c 35c Coffee 25c
20 pounds Sugar 100
4 bars Toilet Soap 5c
2 bars Tub Soap 5c
4 pounds Candy 25c
Vt gal Buckets 10c
2 gal Bucket given free with
50c sale
1 Boker Knives 50c
15 Suits Clothes 9
2 Pants 125
2 Fur Hats 1
Heavy Underwear 39c
Requires Study
The greatest year in the hlstofy
of American agriculture is about to
close The value of the farm crops
of tho United States in 1910 is near
ly nine billion dollars an increase of
about eight hundred million dollars
over 1909 Secretary Wilson of tho
United States department of agricul
ture says this increase is largely due
to tho result of the study of agri
culture as a science Our free schools
high schools and colleges all over
the country aro making agriculture a
part of tho regular course
This is the time of the year for
every young man who is not in
school to plan for a winter course
Tho crops are about harvested and
there is little work to be dono on the
farm for tho first threo months of
tho year
What do the young men on the
farm do during the winter months
1farm a question asked me but a
fow days ago My answer was that
somo of the moro energetic fellows
go away to school or else attend a
winter subscription school some
study read hunt and supply tho wood
dally but a far greater number loaf
around the farm postofflce or loatI
and do very little work and loss read
Ing and study Somo manage to
get work for nearly all tho warm and
pleasant days and again some visit
around among their kinsfolk who
aro doubtless glad to see thorn but
would enjoy the visit moro it it
were not so long
To the young man who spends most
of his lime in the winter working
at nothing let me suggest that life
is too short to lose three months
out of tho year If you do not expect
All Calicos Sc
25C Suiting ISc
Dolls Toys and Nice Presents
for the children father
mother and sweetheart at
half price
Come one come all
A Happy New Year
I R J ENGLE m SONThe place Where Everybody TradesI 1
to teach or take up any other pro
fession you have to choose between
the farm of your own a commercial
business or working for some one
else If you have plenty of money
education and experience you may
find somo commercial business profit
able If you havo little education
and less common sense just plan to
work for somo ono else who can do
your thinking for you But If you
arc not to be a professional lawyer
doctor preacher or something of
that kind if you have not the money
with which to enter business or if
you wish to bo independent the farm
has a call for you
The fact is nearly ninety per cent
of tho young men of Eastern Ken
tucky will spend their lives on the
i I farm Are you nine out of every ten
i preparEd to run a farm as it should
bo run The lawyers and doctors
who study and work hard succeed tho
ones who do not fall The future farm
er who studies and works will suc
ceed ho who does not will fail
Young men of Eastern Kent ckyII
you must study farming or else leave
tho country in less than twentyfive
years Aro you ready to fall out and
leave tho hills of old Kentucky to
the sassafras tho bramble and the
wild animals If so the sooner you
leave the better if not you must not
let this winter pass without taking a
I course in agriculture somewhere
Borea College offers a course this
winter in Soils and Farm Crops al
so one for more advanced students
in Stock Feeding Theso will bo
more fully described in some later
years ahead of you in all probability The point is hovi to use these
years and not waste any of them
About the first aim of a young person in 1911 should be to get
some education I do not say this to draw more students to Berea
We have almost as many as we can possibly provide for now And
I am as sincerely interested in Hindmanand Morehead and Oneida
aud Buckhorn as in Berea But all these schools exist to help
young people I speak for your sake and not for the sake of any
Education will do things for you
the works of God the inventions of man the thoughts of great souls
that have passed through life before you
2 It will draw out your own powers You can never know
what talents you have until you polish them up and compare them
with the talents of others in school
3 It will put tools and strength and skill into your hand for
your calling in life whatever that calling may be
And every calling in these days requires education I am moat
concerned for the education needed in our mountains I am sure
the mountains are the best part of the South and that the people of
the mountains with the right education will be the superior people
of the South Education will double the crop on every mountain
farm and double the joy in every mountain home Many will not
believe this They will let people from outside learn to survey the
land and manage tho business and they will go on in the old ways
or backslide a little But in every place it is only a part of the
people who work for progress and improvement Everywhere we
find on the one hand the fearful negligent people who standstill or
go backward and on the other hand the enterprising courageous
people who go forward There will be enough of these people of
courage faith and unselfish public spirit to make the mountains
move foreward Will you be one of them
I wish you many Happy New Years
Fresh and cured meats Call for what you want
and get what you call for Highest market
price paid for hides furs butter
eggs and chickens
Kidd Building Corner Main and Richmond Streets I
Open for Business DC 19th U Ba ROBERTS PrOp

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