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Page SixTHE CITIZEN December 29 1910
J WEw Yi111 I
II m i I
rI 141
HE custom of celebrating the New
Year by leaving behind In theory
at least ones pet pernicious habit
or besotting sin may be hack
noyed but It certainly Is not en
tirely relegated to tho limbo of
things forgotten or outworn Some
Limo Now Years day when a
quiet moment In the days swirl
offers limo for thought there will
be n hasty taking stock of tho
year that Is gone a recounting of
errors and failures a silent prom
l liRe that this or that will not occur again
I And what docs It nil amount lo after all this
old custom ql revamping threadbare resolutions
or selecting now ones The cynlo will smile and
iw y that It is all Q waste of effort a flash In the
pan a halthearted glossing over of mistakes by
wordy and none too sincere promises of reform
I Tho humorist will havo his litho fling In cartoon
sand witty quip and Jest Ho will gurglo with the
u ardonlo glee ol Robin Goodfellow over tho folly
I for laughter From tho pulpit on Sunday will
sound the admonition of the minister and the
J moralist They will toko good resolutions serl
ously and sot upon them the stamp of divine
approval And whether tho wry sneer of tho
cynic tho mocking grin of the humorist or the
approving smile of ihd moralist prophesy tho fate
iof tho resolutions and their maker it will be true
I jthat even the most momentary Impulses toward
better things will not be entirely wasted
I There was a time when In tho simple faith of
childhood you sot down in black and white your
promises to do better On tho first page of your
new diary a yearly Christmas present you wrote
tin your best Spenccrlan hand wo know none
I totter In those days something like this Dur
jlng this year 1 Cesolve not to lose my temper
1not to bo saucy at hqmo not tg put off doing
r the things I dislike to read my Bible eYery day
DIrect sounding Wows were these on the chain
nail of your besotting Bins of a quick temper a
wickedly sharp lltllo tongue procrastination and
childish irrellglon Behind closed doors lest any
I ode see him In BO meek a moment Brother Dick
was scribbling earnestly I promise myself not
to bo late for dinner not to forget to wash my
neck and oars not to got in debt to father for
fliy allowance and not to play hookey a single
lay Of course you failed both you and Dick
I or the soft penciling of
r the latter bad Itlurred
I Itself into unreprnachful
legibility But < ho ef
I fort wasnt altogether
wasted and tliexo were
cleaner neck and ears
han would olherwfae
I otherwfseI
r Wo grownups miss
as we get older some of
I t the past and gone Aids
to New Years resolves
itrhe day was inca upon
1 a time moro marked by
pleasant social customs
Only In officialdom Is
frlow Years now n slate
jDut It Is not bard to re
call + that a docdda or
two ago there slDl sur
jvived some of tho dig
pity and good cheer that
had attached Itself to
the day Before tho
Christmas fruit cake
or the stono Jars of
small cakes suffered too
severely from tho In
roads of rapacious cbll
l New Yoars day were
e wayC not la
V Eluded in this celebra
lion This was essenUally tho festival of their
1lion Orders to keep from under foot wore
I l frigidly enforced and did you wish to see the
fun no place remained but the secondstory
1I upon the hall below with a strained view of
tho big parlors and nono of the dining room
beyond That It was there and In full work
I ofu
9 It was always great fun to wander up and
down tho principal residence streets as noon
drew near to find out who were to be at
homo and who woro not A basket tied to tho
1 I door knob with gay rod ribbons said for all
tho world to hear Wo arc not receiving to
i k day If you wero a boy and daring later In
1 iLthe afternoon you atolo up on tho step to peep
in and dlsqovcr by the number of cards with
I in the respective popularity of village molds
and matrons Wherever tho door lacked tho
basket you knew that behind the drawn
Hhades there was tho soft glow of candles or
the yellow glare ot gas poor substitute for
t sunlight on snow but presumably kinder to
> + complexions and gowns just a trifle passe
lAnd you know that In each house subject
IIInly to trilling variations of background there
3 would he enacted tho same scenes
Rcenest at the first
touch of tho boll passed a fluctuating stream
of men In holiday attire There wore elderly
41Jenut aplenty in broadcloth that was brushed
rlto the point of perfection smart young dan
dies sporting the newest fashion In ties
awkward beginners not quite used to the
length of their frock coats wo called them
Prlnce Alberta In tho days whon Now Years
calls were In vogueand a sprinkling of sub
I o a tantlal looking business men paying homage
ito tho established custom of society Kvary
body who was anybody In our town paid his
davolre to the Incoming year by making the
4rounds of his friends homos
Onco inside there was the neat maid or
jsolqmn butler to rccalvo the callers card and
J ihclp him with ovcrobat hat and cane and then
I1n dash it r his hostess and her daughters and
I fricnlK jndT the olinnd oilers with the prism
drops Happy Now Year resounded on all
sides In the course of the afternoon the in
defatlgable had seen all their friends had
sampled the choicest types of Christmas bak
log had toasted again and again the Now Year
in punch of varying strength and pungency or
substituted coffee In homes where temperance
principles were popular They had said pret
ty things to popular dames In the stimulating
atmosphere of holly and greon wreaths and
had matched wits with fascinating damsels In
the dangerous vicinity of mistletoe that still
boasted same berries It was all very gay
very informal and very homey AJ no other
lime or on no other occasion did tho holiday
hilarity reach so high a pitch
Id like to do It all over again Is the tes
timony of ono stately lady whose homo twenty
years ago was the scene of yearly Now Years
receptions No other social unction on my
calendar was such fun for the guests and so
little trouble for the hostess Tho decorating
had been done a week before bad a few fresh
flowers were all that were needed Given
bright lights a dozen pretty girts to help en
tertain the simplest cakes and plenty of mild
ly exhilarating punch made from a recipe that
my Kentucky grandfather declared harmless
and success was assured When six oclock
camo you had seen all the nlco men of your
acquaintance undisturbed by the usual Influx
of other women and had sent them away at
peace with the world In general and full of
the spirit of neighborliness e
Meanwhile upstairs In the library window
seats curled tho family small fry watching the
procession as It passed commenting with ju
venue frankness on the toilets of tho callers
counting the visitors as they came listening
to the hum of voices downstairs the girls hug
ging close to the sash tho boys making daring
detours to peek through the balustrade re
turning to report what young ladles wero sit
ting on tho steps with what young men and
even In some cases what they wero saying
Longer tiptoeing prowls down the back stairs
to the lair of a friendly cook led to quick and
jubilant returns with offerings of cako and
Claret cup wherewith tho hours might be be
gulled until six whon twinkling street
lights warned tho callers to retreat
Not it serious way to start the New
Year No but a friendly ono that left
hostesses and callers with a glow of human
friendliness to last as warmth for many a
day And If seriousness were lacking the
samo docnilo that enjoyed New Years call
ing found Itself also at ono with tho cus
tom of vateh night service For In our
town as In yours mayhap It was tho
thing to spend the closing hours of the old
year In tho quiet seriousness of prayer and
sacred song Children had their share In
this for fathers and mothers hail not In
that simpler time learned to fear the giving
of definite religious Instruction to their sons
and daughters It was clear and plain that a
child must be trained In the way ho should
go and watch night was a part of that train
Ing And Indeed no youngster over tried to
beg off Theo was first of all tho jorlof doing
the unusual and tho fun of sitting up past his
bedtime So you bled yourself to the nursery
couch or tho sittingroom lounge after a hot
supper an old fashioned winter supper of sau
sage and fried potatoes or scalloped oysters
and muffins and took a long long nap At
halfpast ten lathe waked you tucked you
Into cap and overcoat and tho family party
started out under the cold stars snow cruncn
Ing under foot to the nearby church
Not so very lone ago the writer camo
across an old chromo of the sort that looks
In a dim and favorable light like a fairly do
cent oil painting In Its day It had doubtless
been the chief ornament of a wellfurnished
comfortable parlor Now It cluttered tho win
dow bt a secondhand shop dingy and out of
sorts with fate But even In tho unflattering
light of a dusty show window It had a certain
charm for the ono who found it It was the
picture ot a watchnight service such as she
had once known so well Bright moonlight
flooded tho scone bringing out In sharpened
detail tho snowladen boughs of drooping elms
and tho Gothic spiro of a small stone church
From stainedglass windows and opened door
came streaming the warm glow of shaded gas
jets From village streets flocked men and
women and children stopping to say a word of
greeting as they passed Into the vestibule The
spell of tho picture took her with tho speed
of the magic carpet or of tho sevenleagued
boots back to the New Years eves of her girl
So she had walked with father and mother
and a sleepy small brother Just so the tree
had looked In the frosty moonlight And just
as warm and softly glowing had been tho
stono church through whose open doom came
tho resonant strains of tho great organ She
remembered with aching vividness tho faces
of those who had fined the I
pews especially that of one
man tho governor of the state
whoso aqulllno profile flashing
eyes and straight glossy black
hair formed n nevortob < forgot
ten personality
Watchnight hymns have a
personality of their own as
thflso of Christmas or Kaster If
not BO widely known They are
naturally serious and n bit fore
boding with a touch of the mel
ancholy that Is associated with
the rapid flight of tlmo
The year In gone beyond Tfcnll
With all tin hopes and fears
Vllh nil Its bright and ifUulilunlnff
With nil Id mourner tears
Is an old Latin hymn to n com
mon meter tune that Illustrates
the tendency of this branch of
hymnology Charles Wesley has
been most prolific In voicing
this thought
Wisdom ascribe anal might and
To Ood who lvnth nn out our days
Who spares ua yet another year
And Bvodttehtre
Is an old favorite Often Just
on the stroke of midnight anoth
er of his voiced the feelings of
the congregation that begin
Join ning nil ye ransomed sou of tract I
And shout to the Ufdreuifr
A praleI
A bit more joyful Is the Blilcndtd quaintly
Come It us anew Mr JW4riey pens
hall round with the yuar
And never stand ull till the Matter
It was easy alter this to go homo filled with
loftiest aspirations ready to begin tho new
diary with ambitious resolves that woro bound
to oerlcnp themselves because of their very
loftiness Thoro was ono watch night when
there drifted Into the ken of the child tho
poem that has since meant to her as It docs
nn th n a l It t fIlftO F n
to many u a eery n p r o r s a 1 rem uu
choir gallery Just before tho midnight hour
came the softened chorus of a strange melody
Then Into the silence of tho vaulted church rose
a wonderful message In a voice that bore con
viction to tho listeners It sang to tho organ
and the hushed accompaniment of the choir
fling out wild belts to the wild skies
Tho flying cloud the frosty light
The year Is dying In the night
IUnB out wild bells and let him die
Through tho whole of the splendid poem It
swept on to the triumphant conclusion
rung In the Christ that Is to be
To tho child tho most dramatic moment of
the evening carne Just on tho stroke the In
coming year While outside whistles blew and
giant crackers exploded bolls clashed and
clanged Inside hands clasped hands while to
gether thoy sang tho good old standby Blest
be tho tin that binds before the hush of thu
benediction and the glad chorus of Happy Now
Years that concluded tho service
There is another sort of quiet ushering In
of tho baby year that Is conducive to thu good
resolve that counts so easily under favorable
conditions Thero wero those In the old days
us thoro are In these who felt that after tho
gala afternoon the happiest way of all was to
sit qulotly about tho fire
chatting with half a
dozen congenial spirits singing a bit If the
spirit moved reminiscing as old times camo
back In tho hush and ending with tho silent
toast and tho dash of sentiment that makes
Auld Lang Syno the fitting song for such a
That some such happy hour may begin little
1911s first appearance is the best wish ono
cah offer to friends
Let the auspicious morning be exprrxsad
With a white stone distinguished from tilt
So tho stately Dryden has put tho saint
thought May it be true of us all
Sunday School Lesson tot Jan 8 1911
Specially Arrented for This Paper
Memory verses 2S30
OOU > KN TKXTTliou limit not make
unto thee any graven ImgoRx Mi
TMK Jeroboam reigned 22 year from
a C 881 the tlnto of the Disruption
PLAIT The Disruption took plnco at
Brhochem between Mounts Kbnl and
rjerlslin He built up this town and made
It lilt capital The two religious centers
or capital were II Bethel 13 milts north
west of Jerusalem which wan an ancient
place of worship n Dan was In the
extreme north also on ancient neat of
worship Bethel on the linn of travel
wits admirably located to Intercept pll
trrlms to tho tenets who would otherwise
have cone on to Jerusalem
Jorobonm belonged to tho trlbo of
Rphralm Ho was born nt Zorcda In
tho Jordan Valley Ills fathera name
was Ncbat and his mother was Zoru
ph Ho wan one of the common peo
plo as distinguished from Rohoboam
of the royal family and son of one of
the greatest monarchs the world has
known Ho was a man of great abil
ity a selfmade man like so many of
ho greatest men In history So mark
ud na a controller of mcn of such
business capacity and energy did bo
show himself in his work on Mlllo n
fortress of Jerusalem that Solomon
placed him at tho head of tho forced
labor hands of the northern tribes
Thus Jeroboam became acquainted
with the needs and harsh unjust
treatment of tho people just as David
lid during his seven years of exile
Turing the reign of Saul Thus ho had
a splendid opportunity for training In
truo kingship
Jeroboam main tho mistake of start
ing n rebellion against Solomon Hut
Solomon quickly put an end to that
scheme and Jeroboam escaped Into
Egypt whoro It Is Bald that ho mar
died tho daughter of ShUhak tho king
who afterwards invaded Judah The
announcement wall madb In order that
Jeroboam might bo prepared for tho
time when Gods provldonco opened
the way Moses made a similar mis
take when ho began tho deliverance
jf his pooplo by killing an Kgyptlnn
In defense of ono of his countrymen
Ho hud to wait 40 yearn before the
Into camo nut In both ensue the ails
take was overruled for Rood
Jeroboams opportunity lay In the
condition God laid down that ho must
obey God keep his commandments
and uphold tho true religion If hI
would succeed There was no hope
of success In any other way from tho
very nature of things A rollgtnn
that Inspired obedience to God along
could unite tho people alono could
keep thorn from the vices and corrup
Ion which are the sources of ruin
Joroooam in his doelro to retain bin
kingdom Adopted a plan which would
destroy Its very foundations and
make it n house built on the sand and
not on tho rock Ho was a politician
I e one who seeks his own welfare
first not a statesman who makes his
I countrys good supreme Ho trusted
his own wisdom and propound to site
coed by dofylng Gods conditions of
success when ho offered him tho king
dom It was the story of Adam and
Evo repeated
He feared that ho would lowi his
kingdom and the two bo united un
der Ilohoboam If his people should go
up to Jerusalem to attend the annual I
Jewish feasts proscribed hY tho law
of God that unity of religion would
leAd to unity of elate Ho bad also
the excuse that Kehoboum was a bad
man and a cruel oppressor If thu
two kingdoms should unite under him
they would lose all they had Gained
by tho revolt
He mado two calves bf gold They
were probably of considerable size
and rcpresentetd n young but full
grown bull Tim Hobrnws wore fa
miliar with figures of bulls and the
most conspicuous object In the courts
of Solomons temple was Its molten u
sea supported on tho backs of twelve 4
bulls The oxsymbol of God was
most natural for an agricultural peo
pie for whom I the great animal so
powerful yet so docile was the bread
winner a material embodiment of the
divine strength and beneflccree And
he sot tho one in Bethel near tho
southern border of the kingdom And
the other put ho In Dan an ancient
place of heathen worship near tho
northern extremity of tho kingdom
And this thing became n sin The
doing this was a sin and a means of
sin Jeroboam pandered to the rudo
and sensuous instinct which makes
materialism In worship so much more
attractive to all weak minds than
Jeroboams sin was disobedience
The necessity of obodlancowas plain
ly set before him In tho face of this
condition ho disobeyed Ho porauad
od himself that he was obeying Ho
was tempted as Christ was tempted
whoa Satan offered to give him all
the kingdoms of tho world If only ho
would worship him Joroboam was
onsnaiud and yielded to the glittering
temptation In order to keep tho king
dom entrusted to him
Jeroboams greatest wrong to his
nation was the Introducing of bad
things under the names and auspices
of good things In the name of the
religion of God he Introduced the
deadly poison of Idolatry which would
destroy the true religion Ho brought
wolves In sheeps clothing Into the
fold of tho sheep This is ono rf the
most common of Satans devices Wo
ere meeting It all the time In t1 > o
adulterations ot food under pure food
labels Tho dovll of names Is very busy
Out tho greatest danger lies In tho
region of morals and rellcloa

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